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Minutes of the Jefferson Baptist Association — 1856

Eighth Annual Session

Held with The Church at Liberty Chapel
Commencing September 4th, 1856

Annual Sermon by Elder S. Ross


Liberty Chapel, Sept. 4th, 1856

The Association convened for the purpose of transacting the business of its Eighth Annual Session pursuant to the appointment, and after the delivery of the Annual Sermon by Elder S. Ross, was called to order by the Chairman.

  1. Delegates presented letters from eight of the Churches which were read by the Clerk and the names of the delegates enrolled. Delegates appeared from the other Churches and informed the Association that they had been duly appointed, but that their letters had been misplaced; when, upon motion, they were received, with the understanding that the Clerk is to be hereafter furnished with the statistics.

  2. Proceeded to the election of Officers. Eld. S. Ross was chosen Chairman, and J. H. Perkins, Secretary.

  3. On motion, the Secretary was chosen Treasurer.

  4. Called for newly constituted Churches. Received one by the name of “Old Land Mark,” situated in Ashe Co., N.C., and represented by the following brethern: Jackson Blevins, A. Barker, James Testerman and Wm. Barker.

  5. It was announced that another newly constituted Church desired admittance, but the members appointed to bear the letter not being yet present, the matter was deferred until their arrival.

  6. On motion, called for correspondence. Received as follows: From the Holston Association, Bro. W. B. Gambill, Eld. J. B. Stone. From the Brier Creek Assoc., Eld. W. J. Chapel, Bros. Wm. Brotherton and John Sale. From the Yadkin Asso.–Eld. William G. Brown.

  7. Invited transient Ministers to seats. H. B. Brown and Esquire Trivet accepted.

  8. On motion, agreed that all select committees be appointed by the Chairman.
    1. Appointed A. G. Testerman, A. Blevins, and James Blevins, with the Chairman and Secretary a Committee of Arrangements, and invited corresponding delegates and transient Ministers to aid them.
    2. On Religious Services.–Wm. Young, Benj. S. Brown and Wm. Sheets, together with the Pastor and delegates from this Church.
    3. On Finance.–D. Sheets, J. B. Young, D. Blevins.

[At this point the copy I have ends. Except for the statistical table, which follows]

Church Counties Date Est. Delegates
Apple Grove Ashe, N.C. 1854 Elder A. Blevins, Edward Blevins, D. Blevins, A. Pennington
Baptist Chapel Ashe, N.C. 1842 J. Blevins, E. Francis, W. Thompson, Eli Blevins
Baptist Union Grayson, Va., 1842 Elder S. Ross, P. L. Shuler, A. T. Testerman, S. Perkins
Friendship Grayson, Va., 1852 S. F. Ross, Thomas Handy
Liberty Chapel Ashe, N.C. 1847 E. Pope, C. Campbell, J. Garvy, J. Walters
Mount Pleasant Ashe, N.C. 1849 Elder J. S. Loyd, D. Blevins, S. Blackburn, J. Green
Old Landmark Ashe, N.C. 1856 Jackson Blevins, A. Barker, J. Testerman, W. Barker
Pleasant Home Johnson, Tenn. 1856 R. W. Hawkins, R. Perdew, J. Gilbert, E. Dixon
Sugar Grove Smyth, Va. 1842 Wm. Sheets, Hugh Cole
Union Ashe, N.C. 1853 W. Roark, B. S. Brown, N. Estridge
White Top Grayson, Va. 1847 W. Blevins, Uriah Huffman, J. Lewis, E. Hart
Young’s Chapel Grayson, Va., 1845 D. Sheets, J. B. Young, Wm. Young, J. H. Perkins

Statistical Table
Church Meeting Baptisms Letters Applications Restored Dismissed Excluded Deceased Fellowship Contribution
Apple Grove 2 1 1 30 2.00
Baptist Chapel 1 5 1 16 7 82 3.55
Baptist Union 1 1 2 2 1 98 3.35
Friendship 4 2 1 14 0.90
Liberty Chapel 4 2 25 1.60
Mount Pleasant 3 6 6 1 45 1.50
Old Landmark 4 22 1.25
Pleasant Home 3 1 4 17 1.00
Sugar Grove 3 14 7 1 1 68 2.10
Union 2 22 1.50
White Top 4 4 1 18 32 2.00
Young’s Chapel 2 2 4 50 3.10
Totals 32 9 7 1 45 17 1 505 23.85