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History of Buffalo Baptist Church

Ashe County, North Carolina

Buffalo Baptist Church was organized sometime in 1868 or 1869 in a log school house near the stie of the present church building. It was organized by the Rev. Aaron Johnson, who was assisted by Mr. James Eller.

Some of the charter members included, Hilton Ray, Levi Elliott and wife, Buck Elliott, Melvin Campbell, Macager Lewis and wife Francis, James Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, John and Lou Langley, Caleb Campbell and wife Betsy, Anderson Harless and Phoebe Campbell.

During the first revival there were twenty-two conversions. Twenty-two were baptized although 12 inches of ice had to be broken on the creek. Some of the baptized were: Calvin Hodgson and wife, Millie Ray, Relida Ray, Richard Harless and wife Jane and Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Hodgson. (Above information was given by Wiley Harless and Wiley Hodgson).

On August 13, 1869, and entry in the minutes of the United Baptist Association read, “on motion Buffalo a newly constituted church was received into the union of the association.” The church had sent its Pastor, Rev. Aaron Johnson and M. Campbell as representatives and reported 42 members and $1.50 finances.

In 1872 Buffalo Church was a member of the Brushy Mountain Association and had 41 members; it was to remain a member of this association until it became a charter member of the Ashe and Alleghany Association. The Ashe-Alleghany Association, forerunner of the two associations by their respective names today, was organized at the Buffalo Baptist Church in 1886. The minutes of the Brushy Mountain Association in 1886 tells us that “letters of dismission were granted to Bethel, Buffalo and Friendship Churches to go into the organization of a new association.”

Rev. Aaron Johnson was the first pastor of the church (1869-1876), being succeeded in the pastorage by Rev. I. W. Thomas, who served until 1881, when Rev. T. M. Duncan, a son of the church who had been ordained in 1878, became pastor. In 1891 he was succeeded by Rev. J. F. Stanley, a state missionary. Rev. J. Walton served in 1894 and Bro. Duncan returned for a second pastorate that was to last until 1898 when G. W. Eller was called by the church. Beginning with 1900, G. W. Eller was still pastor; following was L. A. Wilson (1901-1902); E. Blevins (1903-1904); R. L. Shoaf (1905); P. H. Haire (1906-1909); Roby Burkett (1910-1914); W. H. Michael (1915-1920); S. C. Blackburn (1921-1928); G. L. Trivette (1929-1932); T. A. Farmer (1933-1938); Grady Hamby (1939-1940); W. T. Whittington (1941); H. M.Winkler (1942-1943); S. S. Graybeal (1944-1946); Jay Younce (1947); Paul Phipps (1948-1950); Keene Roark (1951-1956); Frank Tucker (1957-1964); Elwood Goodman (1965-1966); Lynn Powers, Interim (1967); G. C. Burkett (1968-1970); Glen South (1970-1972); Bruce South (1973-1978); Johnny Goodman (1979-1990); David Blackburn (1990-1997); Dean Watson (1997 _).

Over the years several men have been licensed and ordained by Buffalo Baptist Church, Rev. Elijah Duvall, Rev. Joseph Houck, Rev. J. F. Hodgson, and Rev. John Goodman, Rev. Jim Rash, Rev. Chris Goodman, Rev. Russell Hart, Rev. Kenneth Furches, Steve Viers.

For over 130 years the Buffalo Baptist Church has set on the banks fo Buffalo Creek to carry out the work of our Lord and Savior and minister to the needs of the community.

A church where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord!

From a church document prepared for their 130th anniversary – 1999.