Grayson County, Virginia Deaths in World War II

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Grayson County, Virginia Deaths in World War II

Transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver, September 7, 1998
"Grayson County, Virginia Deaths in World War II"
Name Rank Next of Kin Town
Anders, Walter R. Pvt. - -
Anderson, Ralph H. Pvt. Mother Lelia Etta Anderson Grant
Anderson, William E., Jr. Cpl. Mother Mrs. Ina Anderson Volney
Ausburne, Robert L. Pvt. Wife Mrs. Sadkie J. Ausburne Galax
Ayers, Gordon W. Sgt Mother, Mrs. Jennie B. Ayers Galax
Bailey, William Marshall CBM Wife, Mrs. Sammy Imogene Bailey Galax
Baker, James J. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Sarah Baker Galax
Bartlett, Clifford H. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Maude V. Bartlett Galax
Barton, John V. PFC Mother, Mrs. Sarah Y. Barton Fox
Blevins, James Alfred PFC Mother, Mrs. Margaret Matisha Blevins Troutdale
Boyer, Otis R. Sgt. Father, C. W. Boyer Fries
Boyer, Sam J. PFC Wife, Mrs. Frances L. Boyer Independence
Brewer, George G. - - -
Burcham, Quinton R. PFC Sister Mrs. Ruby Burcham Galax
Burcham, Rush Hampton PFC Wife, Mrs. Flora White Burcham Galax
Butcher, Clyde B. Pvt - -
Byrd, Oliver Sydney PFC Wife, Mrs. Elva M. Byrd Fries
Carrico, Dempsey J. PFC Wife, Mrs. Lena R. Carrico Fries
Cates, John G. S/Sgt. Mother, Mrs. Ida Lou Cates, Statesville, NC
Caudell, Charles H. PFC Wife, Mrs. Opal E. Caudell Galax
Cockerham, Boyd PFC Mother, Mrs. Eunice Cockerham Galax
Cornette, Olen Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Ida T. Cornette Grant
Cox, Roald B. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Imagne O. Cox Rugby
Cox, Robert A. 1st Lt. Father, Roy Cox Bridle Creek
Crigger, Otis L. PFC Mother, Mrs. Annie D. Crigger Galax
Davis, Herbert A. Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Elva B. Davis Oldtown
Delp, Curtis Dale 2nd Lt. Mother, Mrs. Lester C. Delp Galax
Dickens, William Glenn PFC Mother, Mrs. Naomi C. Dickens Galax
Edwards, Dan S2C Parents, Mr. & Mrs. John D. Edwards Oldtown
Emerson, John O. S/Sgt. Mother, Mrs. Daisy C. Emerson Grant
Evans, Paul E., Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Sybal J. Evans Fries
Faircloth, Fred J. Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Mae N. Faircloth Whitetop
Funk, Edwin E. PFC Mother, Mrs. Myrle E. Funk Fries
Galyean, Kyle M. PFC Sister, Mrs. Blanche G. Jennings Galax
Galyean, Roy E. PFC Mother, Mrs. Elise Mandy Galyean Baywood
Gilley, Russell James PFC Mother, Mrs. Oda Gilley Fries
Goad, Fred W. S/Sgt. Mother, Mrs. Mary E. Goad Galax
Grabovich, Stephen A. Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Mildred E. Grabovich Galax
Graybeal, James W. S/Sgt. Sister, Mrs. Ruth Stamper Independence
Grubb, Francis E. PFC Mother, Mrs. Minnie Grubb Preston, NC
Halsey, Glen B. T/5 Mother, Mrs. Myrtle L. Halsey Mouth of Wilson
Halsey, Kyle J. Sgt. Father, Jack Halsey Mouth of Wilson
Hampton, Rupert Lee MM2c Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Calvin Hampton Galax
Handy, Albert M. S/Sgt. Mother, Mnrs. Minnie R. Handy Fries
Hart, Charlie H. Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Beula C. Hart Whitetop
Hash, Carl Harold Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Anna M. Hash Comers Rock
Hash, Emmett, Jr. PFC Mother, Mrs. Edna F. Hash Fox
Higgins, Bert Woodie PFC Wife, Mrs. Lizzie A. Roberts Higgins Galax
Hill, Fred C. S/Sgt. Parents, Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Hill Fries
Huffman, Carl E. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Allie C. Huffman Troutdale
Isom, Curtis Eugene Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Lottie I. Montgomery Isom Galax
Johnson, Blane PFC Mother, Mrs. Ennis Johnson Volney
Joines, John D. Pvt. Father, Carlton R. Joines Independence
Jones, Burchell D. PFC Mother, Mrs. Ollie B. Jones Comers Rock
Kegley, Ray S. PFC Mother, Mrs. Claudie Kegley Galax
Lampkin, Jack C. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Gertie Lampkin Galax
Landreth, Benjamin S. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Ollie V. Landreth Galax
Lowe, Noah D. PFC Mother, Mrs. Delphia Lowe Galax
Lowe, Romey E. PFC Mother, Mrs. Floss Lowe Galax
Mauney, John M. - - -
Mayberry, Charles Pressley Pvt. Wife, Mrs. Charles P. Mayberry Statesville, NC
Mickey, Harold Robert PFC Mother, Mrs. Daisy E. Spivey Mickey Galax
Miller, Arlin S/Sgt. Father, Charles Miller Whitetop
Newman, James L. PFC Mother, Mrs. Mildred J. Newman Galax
Noblitt, William G. AvC Father, L. B. Noblitt Sweetwater, TN
Parsons, Eugene F. PFC Mother, Mrs. Carrie Parsons Troutdale
Pennington, Woodrow W. Cpl. Mother, Mrs. S. J. Pennington Troutdale
Phipps, Letcher C. PFC Mother, Mrs. Lou Helen Phipps Fox
Pinion, James A. PFC Father, Gwyn L. Pinion Independence
Powers, Rex W. PFC Mother, Mrs. Bertha Powers Whitetop
Price, James R. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Lelia Price Troutdale
Reavis, Edward Bruce ARM3c Wife, Mrs. Imagean Maxine Reavis Galax
Richardson, Darrell F. Pvt. Sister, Mrs. Viola Spencer Rugby
Roberts, William T. Cpl. Parents, Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Roberts Mayodan, NC
Sebastian, Curtis L. 2nd Lt. Father, Fitzhugh L. Sebastian Grant
Shepherd, Odell PFC Mother, Mrs. Lettie Shepherd Whitetop
Shores, Charlie Woodrow PFC Father, John H. Shores Galax
Shortt, Swanson Troy Lt. Mother, Mrs. M. R. Evans Galax
Shupe, Oscar G. Pvt. Father, Ben Shupe Galax
Simms, Kasper K. S/Sgt. Mother, Mrs. Bertha M. Simms Comers Rock
Sizemore, Leslie Jean PFC Wife, Mrs. Kathleen Sizemore Galax
Smith, Edgar G. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Annie A. Smith Galax
Stamper, Arnold E. PFC Wife, Mrs. Virgie L. Stamper Independence
Sutherland, Aldon D. - Father, Chap Sutherland Comers Rock
Sutherland, Ellis G. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Mary Rhudy Sutherland Galax
Sutphin, Sherman Charles Arthur Sgt. Wife, Mrs. Beatrice Lee Sutphin Galax
Sutphin, William Randolph Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Mary Magdline Waller Fries
Swayne, Robert J. Sgt. Wife, Mrs. Mildred R. Swayne Galax
Thomas, Edward C. Pvt. - Independence
Vaughan, Joseph B. Pvt. Mother, Mrs. Madge Vaughn Independence
Weatherman, Dan J. PFC Mother, Mrs. Laura Weatherman Galax
Weaver, Edward M. S/Sgt. - -
Weaver, William W. PFC Mother, Mrs. Pearl Weaver Rugby
Webb, James Cecil S1c Mother, Mrs. Eddie Webb Stone Comers Rock
Winesett, Louis Eli, Jr. PFC Wife, Mrs. DeEtta Vondaforst Winesett Galax