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James Cornutt Will 1824 Born 1760

(Will Book 1 page 291 Grayson County August Court, 1824)

The Will of James Cornutt

I James Cornutt of Grayson County do hereby make my last will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say. 1st. I desire that all my just debt be paid out of perishable part of my estate.

2nd. After the payment of my debts and funeral expense, I give to my wife Molly Cornutt one third part of my estate both real and personal for and during her natural life and if my perishable property should prove more than sufficient to pay my just debts I desire that my wife should have the over plush during her natural life.

3rd. I give to my son Archelous all my home tract of land that I now live on together with all its appurtenances and also a survey that I bought of Col. Dickinson of 100 acres more of less and I desire that Archelous should have full and peaceable possession after the death of his mother.

(Note: The individual copying the Will into the County Records omitted “4th”)

5thly. I give to the children of my daughter Milly namely Polly James and Rhonda And Aughlive one equal share of my perishable property to be equally divided amongst them three by my Executors at the arrival of lawful age.

6thly. I give to my sons John and Jesse the tract of land I bought of Silas Pease for them to have and to hold forever and I wish Reuben and John to mark off the conditional line between John and Jesse as was contemplated betwix Reuben and John.

7thly. I wish all my personal property after my just debts is paid and after the death of my wife to be equally divided amongst all my children and,

Lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my friends William and Archelous Cornutt Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former will heretofore by we made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the April 22, 1824.

Signed Sealed in the presents of us.
Attest. Stephen Hail Jr.
Attest. John P. Comer
His James X Cornutt (Seal) Mark

Grayson August Court 1824

This last Will and Testament of James Cornutt decd. was presented and proven by Stephen Hail and John P. Comer subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and William Cornutt and Armholes Cornutt came into Court and entered into bond and Qualified as Executors according to law.

Test. M. Dickinson CC

(Will Book 1, Page 292, Grayson County August Court, 1824)

In September, 1824, a W. Hail and Stephen Hail presented an Inventory and appraisment of James Cornutt’s person property. I think the date was September 4th, but am not sure. Listed below is his personal property and the appraised value of each item.

1 lot 11 cows at 8$ $88.00
2 lot 8 yearlings 28.00
3 lot 4 calve at 8.00
one lot 17 head sheep 22.00
one lot 14 hogs 22.00
one lot calves 12.00
one brown filly 35.00
one bay mare 25.00
one plantation wagon, hind gees (sic) and cover 60.00
one chestnut sorrel horse 75.00
one sorrel horse 50.00
three negross 2 women & one man 1000.00
one loom 5.00
two scythes and snide 2.00
three bee stands 7.50
twenty five guess 9.37 1/2
one crosscut saw 3.50
one hand saw 2.00
one broad ax 3.00
two sets of dog irons 3.40
one smoothing iron and fireshovel 1.00
one clock and case 25.00
two sets of spools and a pare of warping ears or mills 4.50
three poles three sifters bred tray and churn 3.00
three poles and one large pot 5.00
three crocks and tow tubs .75
one hogshead and fat tub 1.25
one side saddle and bridle 13.00
pair of compasses and crows and 2.00
two pair of log chains and 4.00
a set of hip straps 1.50
two hogsheads 1.50
one shot gun and sot bag 3.50
two cotton wheels and one pair cards 3.50
one flax wheel 1.50
two trunks 7.00
one tub and box .75
two beds and bed clothing one table 2.00
six black bottles and honey pot 2.75
twenty nine pounds feathers 10.87 1/2
one box of glass 2.00
one pair of slitters 2.00
twenty pounds of cotton 4.00
one table 1.00
a parcel of seed for slagmaking 10.00
a bed 8.00
one chest 1.00
twenty one chairs 7.00
one clock real 1.25
table and furniture 15.00
three pots one oven and two skillets 6.00
two pot racks 3.00
one dresser 6.00
one candle stick, inkstand and snuffers .75
a set of iron harrow teeth 4.00
sixty weight of iron 4.00
three bull tug polis 3.00
one shovel, cutting knife and pitch fork 1.12
five polish 1.50
three hoes 2.25
three (blank) and a scow cases 3.00
one counter and snare 1.00
one cutting knife and box 1.50
two old cradles .50
one grind stone 1.00

(sad) W. Hail 
(sad) Stephen Hail sec.