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Grayson County, Virginia World War I Veterans

Thirty eight men, marked thus ** are known to have died in service in action, of disease or accident.

There are 617 men listed below. Some of them were found to have filed their discharge in the Grayson County Court House, some others completed questionnaires from the Virginia War History Commission, all were residents of Grayson County at some point, prior to the war or immediately thereafter (before 1922).

Adams, Earl Thomas
Adams, Elonzo E.
Adams, Frank
Adams, Fred
Adams, Lee**
Adkins, Roscoe Conkling
Allen, Lawrence V.
Anders, David C.
Anders, Grover C.
Anders, James W.
Anders, Warrick Alexander
Anders, Wiley H.
Anders, Willie Lloyd
Anderson, Fred Lee
Anderson, Friel Alexander
Anderson, George W.
Anderson, George Mack
Anderson, Glenn Pruner
Anderson, James R.
Anderson, John E.
Anderson, Lee Arthur
Atkins, Roscoe C.**
Baldwin, Cleve
Baldwin, John Henry
Baldwin, Lee C.
Baldwin, Lester P.
Baldwin, Philip Lester
Baldwin, Walter
Ball, Orley D.
Ball, Willie Wade
Barber, Arthur Mormon
Barbery, Thomas Albert
Barker, Courtney L.
Barker, Grover Lester
Barker, James Elza
Barker, John**
Bartlett, Clayton Columbus
Bartlett, George W.
Bartlett, Tonie Episico
Barton, Carl Lee
Beamer, George Madison
Beamer, John Henry
Beamer, Otto Garneth
Beamer, Philip Lee
Bedwell, Hobert H.
Bedwell, William H.
Bennett, James Allan
Berry, Robert D.
Billings, Cicero C.
Blackburn, Elisha
Bledsoe, William Lida
Blevins, Andrew
Blevins, Ezra Ward
Blevins, Fielding L.
Blevins, Jerome
Blevins, Oscar
Blevins, Thomas
Bobbitt, James E.
Bonham, Arthur Lee
Bonham, Carl Madison
Bourne, Albert
Bourne, Daniel F.**
Bowman, Enoch W.
Boyer, Bane Clinton
Boyer, Bays Felts**
Boyer, Bruce Bida
Bradley, Doctor F.
Brewer, Clarence Keith
Brewer, Ernest Claude
Brewer, John Kirk
Brewer, Walter Eugene
Brooks, Monroe
Brown, Joe., 155th Depot Battalion, Camp Lee.
Brown, John
Bryant, Walter Scott
Bryson, Orvie Bryant
Buig, John Entsminger
Burnett, Claude R.
Burnett, Henry Prince
Busic, Scott S.
Byrd, George B.
Byrd, George Ballard
Caldwell, William Robert
Calhoun, Elihu Spencer
Calhoun, Quincy A.
Calloway, Homer Reeves
Calloway, John Booker
Carico, Harry Bourne
Carico, Harvey Ray
Carico, James Franklin
Carico, Samuel Andrew
Carico, Thomas Dalton
Carrier, Warren Lester
Carter, Marvin Henderson
Catron, Harley Estel
Caudill, James**
Caudle, Clay B.
Caudle, Croner G.
Chandler, Eli Harvey
Chappell, George Lafayette
Cheek, Coy**
Choat, Carlie A.
Choat, Mat
Choat, Willis
Christian, William Gordie
Clark, Ambrose
Clark, William Aaron
Cline, John Jacob
Cockerham, Quincey
Cole, Samuel
Collins, Jacob Lester
Collins, Mac Wayne
Combs, Robert
Combs, Walter H.
Combs, Wiley L.
Comer, Balford Vance
Comer, Garneth
Comer, John Michael Lester
Comer, John M. Lester
Connoy, Thomas Olen
Cooly, John E.
Cornett, Eley R.
Cornett, Everett Floyd
Cornett, Harvey E.**
Cornett, Joseph Stanley
Cornett, Vester Clay
Cornett, Worley S.
Cox, Ben Franklin
Cox, Camet Barron
Cox, Chap Hampton
Cox, Claude Doughton
Cox, Claude Swanson
Cox, Creed Fulton
Cox, Daniel Edgar
Cox, Ernest M.
Cox, Fred Graham
Cox, Garnett
Cox, Harden Neal
Cox, Joe Catron
Cox, Joe C.
Cox, Joe Hurley
Cox, Kyle T.
Cox, Lennie Lee
Cox, Muncy
Cox, Robert Grover**
Cox, Samuel Montreville
Cox, Walker Bryan
Cox, Willie
Crigger, William C.
Crouse, Coy O.
Crouse, George
Crouse, Lester
Crowder, Grover
Daniel, Otto M.**
Daniel, Robert D.
Davis, Alexander Mathew
Davis, Carl E.
Davis, Marion
Davis, William Monroe
Day, Wheeler L.
Deboard, Beb
Delp, Ralph P.
Delp, Walter James Baxter
Dickenson, Robert Ray
Dobyns, William Frazier
Doss, Fred E.
Dowdy, Carl Erwin
Dowell, James Calloway
Duncan, Thomas Eugene
Edwards, John Dickerson
Eller, Floyd Jackson
Eller, Thomas F.
Emerson, Hallie J.
Emerson, John C.
Farmer, Garfield
Farmer, Gideon
Farmer, John Monroe**
Farmer, John Andrew
Farmer, William Lida
Farmer William
Felts, Gordon Carel
Fender, Andrew J.
Fender, John Thomas
Fielder, James Worley
Fields, Claude Swanson
Fields, Frazier Dobyns
Fields, Lethan Young
Finley, James Lester
Fox, Andy
Fulton, Herman Reid
Funk, Elbert S.
Funk, Lon Jack
Galyean, Coy Joseph
Galyean, G.C.
Gaultney, Hershel
Glascoe, Carl
Goodson, Mitchell C.
Goodson, Mitchell Alan
Gore, Wayne
Graham, D
Greear, Howard Blan
Green, Rufus M.
Green, Thomas H.
Greer, Charles Preston
Greer, Clarence Freeland
Greer, James Blaine

Greer, Lester Dennis
Greer, Phleet
Griffith, Robert W.
Guynn, Everett M.**
Hackler, Ola Aster
Hackler, Vernon
Hackler, William K.
Haga, Dewey C.
Haga, James Floyd
Hale, Gwyn
Hale, Leon E.**
Hale, Lindsey
Hale, Lon Lee
Hale, Samuel Wythe
Hale, William Jennings
Hale, Worley
Hall, Doc
Hall, Lewis V.
Hall, Robert Hurley
Hallaway, Joe M.
Halsey, Ellis Paul
Halsey, French W.
Halsey, Louis Bruce
Halsey, Thomas C.
Halsey, William K.
Halsey, William Kyle
Hampton, Bernie Hickman
Hampton, Clayton B.
Hampton, Coy Granville
Hampton, Fred
Hampton, Gene Walter
Hampton, Kelly Gray
Hampton Tyre G.
Hampton, Tyre Glenn
Harell, Sidney G.
Harrington, Beauregard Maiden
Harrington, Bradford Arnold
Harrington, Maiden B.
Harrington, Robert Hale
Harroll, Sidney G.
Hart, Mahone
Hash, Bryon
Hash, Ellis Isom
Hash, John Earnest
Hash, Kent C.
Hash, Kyle C.**
Hash, Poke
Hash, William Fleming
Hawkins, George Washington
Hawkins, James H.
Hawkins, Jones A.**
Hawthorne, Robert McCoy
Haynes, Charlie Edgar
Haynes, Claud Cox
Henderson, Arthur Clyde
Henderson, Claude Holbrook
Henderson, David**
Henderson, Willie Wade
Higgins, Ernest William
Hill, Lawrence D.
Hines, Claybie Mitchell
Hines, William Arthur
Hobleth, Mack Kyle
Hodge, Andrew F.
Hodge, Claude
Holbrook, Tiray
Holcomb, William Lee
Holdaway, Arthur C.
Holderfield, Griggs
Hooker, James William
Houk, William A.
Huffman, Edger
Huffman, James Floyd
Ingersoll, John M.**
Ingram, Jesse Geoffrey, Camp Humphreys, Va.
Isom, Stuart Lafayette**
Jackson, Carlie Cleveland
Jackson, Wampler Horace
Jackson, William
James, John
Jarvis, Colonel B.
Jefferson, Early
Jefferson, Floyd E.
Jefferson, John Oscar
Jefferson, Panco (?)
Jennings, Thomas H.
Jennings, Thomas
Johnson, Claude Swanson
Johnson, Hurd
Johnson, Joshua Ray
Jones, Claude Swanson
Jones, Elmer Sterling
Jones, John P.**
Jones, John #2
Jones, John #1
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Robert Luther
Kapp, Paul H.
Kegley, Willie
Kilby, Clayborne
Kilby, Clobe
Kilby, Wilborn Clay
Killinger, Daniel Franklin.
Kinney, Fred
Kiser, Estell Lafayette**
Kyle, Glen
Lamkin, Posey L.**
Lane, Hobert Thornton
Lane, John
Leanford, Billie K.
Leath, Clarence Charles
Leath, Floyd Bruce
Lemmons, Edd
Leogans, Clarence W.
Leogans, Robert Bruce
Leonard, Larenzo David
Leonard, Leff
Liddle, William Lester
Long, Lee H.
Long, Wiley Clinton
Lovelace, Basil Edgar
Lowe, Geedy
Lundy, Guchy (?)
Lundy, Melvin
Lyons, Roy Mathew
Mabe, Edd L.
Martin Carlyle
Martin, Sloan
Massie, Lida Lee
Mastin, Ervy Garrett
Maxwell, Hobert
McBride, Claude Swanson
McCarter, Van Bryan
McCloud, Shelva M.
McCormick, Olen M.
McKinney, William Leonard
McMillan, Hershell Lester
McMillan, John L.
McMillan, Wiley E.
McMillan, William
Mikel, Joseph Cline
Miller, Charles G.
Miller, Christopher C.
Miller, Luther L.
Miller, Walter Kyle
Miller, William Fosel
Mink, Edward Fields
Moore, French Hale
Moore, Joseph Talmadge
Moreann, Anton
Morton, Camant
Moxley, Roy David
Murphy, Edwin Calvin
Murry, Cammett
Myers, John Kent
Nelson, Mack Cager
Nichols, Emmett David**
Nobleth, Mack Kyle
Nuckols, Clark Hale
Osborne, Brack McKee, Co. L, 304th Inf., 76th Division
Osborne, Charlie M.
Osborne, Claude, Co. G, 388th Inf., 91st Division
Osborne, Fred Cole
Osborne, Harvey
Osborne, James Carl
Osborne, Jesse Frank
Osborne, Loy G.
Owen, Marty E.
Painter, David Temple
Painter, James O.
Paisley, Stephen L., Co. G, 314th Inf., 79th Division
Paisley, William Bryan
Parks, Arthur L.
Parks, Arthur Lincoln
Parks, Barnett Isaac
Parks, John Riley
Parks, Lucious McKinley
Parks, Shelby
Parsons, Dexter
Parsons, Joe Wheeler, Aviation Section, Signal Corps.
Parsons, Joseph Wheeler
Parsons, Thomas X.
Parsons, Vasso W.
Parsons, William P.
Patton, Elbert
Patton, Eugene Monroe
Patton, Lawrence S.
Patton, Mitchell
Patton, Reece M.
Pennington, Jas. K.**
Pennington, John A.
Pennington, John Harrison
Perkins, Wiley
Perry, Loy G.
Phillips, Fred Alexander
Phillips, Permie (?) C.
Phillips, Robert Harley
Phipps, Alex Rex.
Phipps, Arthur Bryan
Phipps, Benjamin Breece**
Phipps, Charlie Jackson
Phipps, Crockett C.
Phipps, Daniel W.
Phipps, Dock S.
Phipps, Ike
Phipps, Joseph Guynn

Pierce, Charley Vester
Pierce, Marshall Wesley
Pierce, Walter
Plummer, Arlie Lee
Plummer, Robert Stinson
Plummer, Walter Jackson
Poe, Roscoe C.**
Poe, Staley Edgar
Pollard, Grover
Poole, James David
Poole, Maiden
Powers, William Henry
Price, Benjamin Harrison
Pugh, Charlie G.
Pugh, Gaither M.
Pugh, Gwyn
Pugh, Otto
Pugh, Samuel
Rector, Ray Van
Rector, Roy Vass
Reedy, Charley Swanson
Reedy, Edgar**
Reedy, Evertt**
Reedy, Harlow W.
Reedy, James F.
Reedy, John Edward
Reedy, Joseph Marshall
Reedy, Thomas
Reedy, Walter
Reeves, George Worth
Reeves, John M.
Reeves, Preston Roscoe
Reeves, Wiley C.
Rhudy, Claude Carson
Rhudy, Early S.
Rhudy, George W.**
Rhudy, Glen Samuel
Rhudy, James Lawrence
Rhudy, Jim Ted.
Rhudy, Leland Cornett
Rhudy, Lester Gleaves
Rhudy, Rob Roy
Richardson, Guy**
Richardson, Henry Ivan
Richardson, Orley Mack
Richardson, Wilbain Thelbert
Robbins, Carlis McKinley
Robbins, Millard Winton
Robert Tolly
Roberts, Claude Maiden
Roberts, Daniel Cleveland
Roberts, Fred Jackson.
Roberts, Howard Wickon
Roberts, James Walter
Rose, Richard Lee
Ross, David Early
Ross, Earl Clifton
Ross, Emmett Columbus
Ross, Geoffrey Carl
Ross, McKinley Cleveland
Ross, Roscoe C.
Ross, William Walter
Ross, Wilmar Garnett
Rudolph, Ralph Jennings
Rutherford, Lonnie Isom
Rutherford, Robert
Rutherford, Virgil Leon
Sage, Lester
Sage, Lester, Co. A, 155th Depot Battalion, Camp Lee, VA
Sage, Roscoe, Wagoner, 467 Engineer Train, Camp Humphreys, VA
Sage Woody**
Sawyer, Charlie C.
Sawyer, Rufus Eledridge
Sexton, Charlie Wiley
Sexton, Sidney L.**
Shaver, Bruce S.
Shaver, Harve Layton
Shaver, Melvin Hurley
Sheets, Thomas A.
Shoemake, Lundy Monroe
Shumate, Lundy**
Shupe, Bennie H.
Shupe, Clark Johnson
Shupe, Claude Andrew
Shupe, Lester
Shupe, Roy Morris
Simpson, Seab B.
Slabey, Daniel
Smith, Burley Lane
Smith, Garnett Friel
Smith, Hagar
Smith, Harvey
Smith, William C.
Speaks, Daniel L.
Spence, Claude Victor
Spencer, Walter Wade
Stanley, Wesley Cole
Stanley, Wesley Cole
Stone, Lester Kirby
Stoneman, Curren F.**
Stuart, Lester S.
Stultz, Hass M.
Sturdivant, Lynn Watson
Sullivan, Felix Monroe, Co. C, 317th Inf. 80th Division.
Sutherland, Baxter**
Sutherland, George H. B.**
Taylor, Allen Floyd
Taylor, Charley
Taylor, Clarence Waldo
Taylor, James B.
Taylor, Thomas H.
Taylor, Wiley Edgar
Taylor, Willie James
Testaman, Cleveland
Testaman, William Garnett.
Thomas, Clute
Thomas, Murray S.
Thomas, Orrin Melvin
Thomas, William Rush
Thomason, George W.
Thompkins, Dixie N.
Thompkins, Roscoe
Thompson, Quiller C.
Thornton, Luther
Threat, Roy R.
Todd, Garnett Hardin
Todd, Joseph Earl
Todd, Ralph L.
Toliver, Robert Lee
Tomlinson, James Howard
Tomlinson, Paul
Tompkins, Gilmer Wetherly
Trimble, Cop John
Trimble, Daniel Martin
Trimble, Samuel Ray
Tucker, John B.
Tucker, Walter Emory
Valentine, Sidney
Valentine, William
Vanhoy, Fred
Vass, Guy Martin
Vaughan, Ballard C.
Vaughan, Dixie
Vaughan, Edgar Clement
Vaughan, Edgar Elmer
Vaughan, Fred Garland
Vaughan, Lilburn M.
Vaughan, Radley Buford
Vaughan, Thomas J.
Vaught, George L.
Wagoner, Calvin G.
Walls, Aaron Terry, Co. B, 317th Infantry, 80th Division
Walls, James Calvin
Walton, Booker W., Rejected after going to camp.
Walton, Charlie S.
Walton, Sidney Vester, Co. C, 317th Infantry, 80th Division
Ward, Dwight Marvin
Warrick, Samuel E.
Warrick, William Lloyd
Watson, Leo Martin
Waugh, William Swift
Weaver, Arthur Fred, Co. M, 315th Inf., 79th Division.
Weaver, Edgar Blaine
Weaver, Robert A., Co. E, 21st Engineers, Camp Humphreys, Va.
Weaver, Roby, Co. B, 317th Infantry, 80th Division
Weaver, Wade W.Co. A, 215th Engineers, Camp Logan, Texas
Weaver, Walter Pruner
Wells, George
West, Arthur J.
West, Roscoe
Wheatley, Hurley**
Wheatley, J. Ken**
Whittaker, Glie Thomas
Wiles, Mark B.**
Williams, Allie K.
Williams, Card Madison
Williams, Claude S.
Williams, Garnett Troy
Williams, James Fred
Williams, John R.
Williams, Kellie
Williams, Ralph Eugene**, 317th Inf., 80th Division, KIA 10/9/1918.
Williams, T. W.
Williamson, Luther Richard
Wilson, Everett Clark
Wilson, Farley Hobert
Wilson, James Clayton
Wilson, Kemper Coy
Winesett, Paul Lemuel.
Wingate, Joseph H.
Wingate, Luther
Wood, Arthur
Wood, Grover Cleveland
Woods, Ralph Hicks
Wright, Floyd
Wright, James Walter.
Wright, Joseph A.
Wright, Ralph Edward.
Wright, Robert Wiley.
Wright, Tolbert R.
Wyatt, Leonard
Yonce, Robert L.
Young, John Dean.
Young, Lea B.
Young, Robert Lester
Young, Roy