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Murder of Allie Glade Anderson – 1948

Contributed by Stephanie Graves and Researched by Chuck Burress, Editor of the Galax Gazette

Published by The Gazette
Galax, Virginia
April 19, 1948


Funeral services were conducted Sunday for Glade Anderson, victim of the “goat shooting” which occurred near Grubbs Chapel community earlier last week.

Vester Jones, a neighbor, remains in the custody of Muncy Wingate, sheriff of Grayson county, pending the filing of formal charges which are apt to be murder.

The shooting was the outcome of an argument that developed over some of their stock. Jones is reported to have stated that Anderson came to the Jones home and a discussion followed a question over goats. Anderson, according to Jones, allegedly threatened to kill Jones and was said to have made mannerisms that led Jones to believe Anderson was armed.

Jones, according to the investigation officers, went into his home and cradled his twenty gauge shotgun. He returned and fired two shots at Anderson.

Following the incident, Jones gave himself up and reported the shooting to Sheriff Wingate. Investigation officers reported that Anderson had no gun in his possession and had apparently been bluffing if the Jones story is found to be authentic. Anderson was rushed to Wytheville for medical attention, while Jones was confined in the county jail.