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Freemont Church of the Brethern Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Laurel Fork District

Location: Freemont Community

Directions: At the intersection of Rt. 820 (Freemont Road) and Highway 58 (Danville Pike).

GPS Coordinates: N 36.761330 W 080.683060

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson; 15 March 2012;

Comments: The cemetery is in excellent condition. Information in [brackets] is not on the stone.

Freemont Church of the Brethern Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
RING, Donald Martin 13 Dec 1945 31 Aug 1966
SOWERS, S. Ray 30 Jan 1928 23 Jan 2010 Shared stone with next; Silas Ray; s/o Jedda Bernerd Sowers & Sarah Edith Alderman
SOWERS, Opal O. 21 Jun 1927 14 Jul 2004 d/o Lee Ogle & Maude L. Spencer; w/o Silas Ray Sowers
SOWERS, Jedda B., Eld. 12 Feb 1874 25 Sep 1953 Shared stone with next; s/o Tazewell Edgar Sowers & Mary Ann Spangler
SOWERS, S. Edith 27 Apr 1897 20 May 1976 Sarah Edith; d/o Wesley George Alderman & Martha Joanna Beasley; 2nd w/o Jedda Bernerd Sowers
ALDERMAN, Wesley G. [28 Jul] 1872 [17 Sep] 1958 Shared stone with next; Wesley George; s/o Chesley Monroe Alderman & Rachael C. Gardner
ALDERMAN, Martha J. [30 Nov] 1872 [24 Sep] 1951 d/o Richard R. Beasley & Lucy T. Cochran; w/o Wesley George Alderman
DENNY, Myrtle D. 05 Apr 1904 23 Nov 1956
BEASLEY, James Russell, Jr. 19 Sep 1965 s/o James Russell Beasley & Ethel Lee Oreen
BEASLEY, James Russell 15 Jan 1934 06 Mar 1980 Shared stone with next; U. S. Army Korea; s/o Robert Cochran Beasley & Nannie Mabel Sowers
BEASLEY, Ethel O. 29 May 1935 14 Apr 2004 Ethel Lee; d/o Walter Oreen & Nellie Pearl Rash; w/o James Russell Beasley