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Floyd County Description — 1886

Population 1880: White-11,981, Colored-1,274, total 13,255
County Seat, Jacksonville (Floyd C.H.) – Population 500
Vote of county, November 2, 1886- Democrats 587, Republicans, 1,314

Value of real estate, 1886: $849,034.61
Value of personal property: $326,494.00
State Tax on real estate: $3,411.09
State Tax on personal Property: $1,310.18
Captation Tax–White 2,388, colored, 196

This county was formed in 1831 from Montgomery and named in honor of John Floyd, the then Governor. It is bounded north by Montgomery and Roanoke, south by Patrick, east by Franklin, and west by Pulaski and Carroll, and lives between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany mountains ranges. The surface is generally mountainous and well adapted to grazing. The products are tobacco, corn, rye, oats, wheat, buckwheat–in which it stands first–and the grasses. The orchard and diary productions are large and valuable. The Little river, a branch of New River, and its several forks, water the county. The minerals are gold, iron, copper, lead, manganese, asbestos, plumbago, and soapstone.

For the last few years the gold excitement has been at a very high pitch, and recent investigations by northern capitalists has shown that gold is to be found in quantities, and, in fact, sales of land and leases have already been made at marvelous prices. Many of the peaks of the mountains afford excellent views of surrounding country, and particularly the famous Buffalo Knob, which is frequently visited by excursion parties.

Jacksonville, the county seat, is near the centre of the county, and is a thriving inland town of near 500 inhabitants. Hylton is a prosperous little village, situated eleven miles west of the county seat. Graysville, Copper Hill, and Turtle Rock situated in the northern and western portion of this county, are villages of growing importance. The area of the county is 378 square miles, or 242,296 acres, and the land has an average assessed value of $3.54 per acre.


Abraham – Levi W. Hylton
Alum Ridge – Sarah F. Reed.
Amos – Miss E. M. Shelor
Basham – Miss Calla E. Basham
Beauford – Beauford Cox
Broad Shoals
Burk’s Fork
Camp Creek – Miss Agnes Howell
Check – C. A. Conner
Copper Hill – Milton Aldridge
Copper Valley
Eastview – Mary I. Earle
Floyd C.H. – Wm. Pendleton
Graysville – John W. Wertz
Haycock – Elkannah Hatcher
Howery – M. E. Yeatts
Hylton – S. G. Conduff
Indian Valley – C. S. Dobyns
Jack’s Mill
Little River
Mira Fork – Ira H. Slusher
Pizarro – R. O. Harvey
Showalter – H. B. Showalter
Terry’s Fork
Turtle Rock – P. F. Huff
Vaughn – Julia A. Vaughn
Walcott – Margaret Walters


The Circuit Court of the Fourteenth circuit meets at Floyd Coury House on the 3d of May and 16th of November.

Judge: Henry E. Blair
Clerk: B. P. Elliott

The County Court meets at the Court House on the second Monday in each month. Quarterly terms, March, June, August, and November.

Judge: W. L. Howard
Clerk: B. P. Elliott

County Officers

Sheriff: T. W. Williams
Treasurer: R. M. Simmons
Surveyor: J. A. Sowers
Coroner: Matthew Scott
Commissioners of Revenue: W. C. Lester, and J. E. Ridinger
Commonwealth’s Attorney: B. S. Pedigo
Superintendent of Poor: Jonathan Brannan


Floyd Courthouse: B. Akers, N. J. Agnew, N. B. Smith
Indian Valley: John M. Hall, B. F. Ould, and Thomas H. Turpin
Burk’s Fork: Z. Keith, J. F. Shelor
Little River: A. J. Hoback, W. J. Pedigo and Pink Wood
Locust Grove: Moses Kelly, M. J. Aldridge, J. I. McNeil
Alum Ridge: R. S. Sumpter, D. L. Stower, and Enoch Hill


R. B. Williams, Floyd Court House; G. M. Hall, Simpson’s; Peter Cannaday, Turtle Rock, Lewis Akers, Indian Valley; A. Harman, Burke’s Fork, and Thomas Sowers, Posey.

Attorneys at Law

Dobyns, Z. T. – Floyd C.H.
Howard, W. L. – Floyd C.H.
Merrit, John – Floyd C.H.
Morgan, W. H. – Floyd C.H.
Pedigo, B. S. – Floyd C.H.
Tompkins, J. L. – Floyd C.H.
Vaughan, W. D. – Floyd C.H.

Booksellers and Stationers

Scott, M. L. – Floyd C.H.
Pendleton, Wm. – Floyd C.H.

Cattle Dealers

Bishop, Asa – Floyd C.H.
Burnett, A. – Indian Valley
Cundiff, John T. – Hylton
Edwards, F. W. – Floyd C.H.
Harman, Wm. H. – Little River
Howard, P. L. – Floyd C.H.
Phlegar, Joseph H. – Floyd C.H.
Scott, Samuel – Floyd C.H.

Coach and Wagon Builders

Akers, Wm. B. – Huffville
Alderman, B. – Burk’s Fork
Alderman, Thomas – Burk’s Fork
Altemann, Levi – Hylton
Basham, W. H. – Burk’s Fork
Bond, Asa – Turman
Bowers, David – Camp Creek
Collins, J. M. – Check
Conner, J. R. – Check
Dickerson, R. – Walcot
Duncan, G. R. – Ego
Epperly, Wm. – Floyd C.H.
Foster, G. A. – Copper Hill
Hughitt, Stephen – Turman
Keith, A. P. – Hylton
Lemmons, Isaac – Haycock
Mayberry, Joseph – Indian Valley
Mitchell, James – Mira Fork
Reed, Thomas H. – Floyd C.H.
Richard, S. R. – Huffville
Shelor, G. W. – Amos
Shelton & Roof – Barham
Slusher, F. B. – Myra Fork
Stickler, John H. – Little River
Swain, Lewis – Hylton
Temmons, Isaac – Haycock
Tice, C. D. – Floyd C.H.
Tice, J. W. – Hylton
Vaughan, C. J. – Mira Fork
Wagner, Samuel – Howerys
Yeatts, Wm. A. & B. S. – Little River


Bowman, J. C. & Co. – Hylton
Bowman, S. D. – Mira Fork
Poff, W. B. – Huffville
Potter, J. A. – Vaughan
Potter, W. C. – Vaughan
Price, Wm. – Barham
Robertson, S. G. – Camp Creek
Walters, Joseph – Check


Basham, M. F. – Basham
Cannaday, Z. T. – Amos
Collins, M. J. – Jack’s Mills
Cox, F. P. – Indian Valley
Cox, W. S. & Co. – Ego
Dulaney, E. – Alum Ridge
Graham, C. L. – Little River
Hall, B. R. – Floyd C.H.
Hall, P. P. – Turtle Rock
Hall, W. L. – Floyd C.H.
Harman, Wm. H. – Little River
Harris, James – Vaughan
Harris, J. G. – Mira Fork
Hert, H. H. – Check
Lain, John – Broad Shoals
Lester, Johnson – Broad Shoals
Lester, Robert E. – Posey
Lester, W. C. – Floyd C.H.
Mills, J. T. – Copper Hill
Martin, C. – Floyd C. H.
Montgomery, M. C. – Beauford
Morton, John W. – Flint
Phillips, Jefferson D. – Mira Fork
Phillips, John T. – Ego
Poff, Wm. H. – Jack’s Mill
Poff, W. J. – Copper Hill
Short & Robinson – Floyd C.H.
Swiney, E. K. – Turtle Rock
Via, H. J. – Mira Fork


Conner, P. & Son – Check
Pendleton, William – Floyd C.H.
Swains, & Co. – Hylton
Weeks, C. C. – Burk’s Fork


Dickerson, Mrs. E. A. – Hylton

General Merchants

Aldridge, P. B. – Copper Hill
Barringer & Hurd – Burk’s Fork
Basham, J. I. – Basham
Bolt, A. – Mira Fork
Bowler, William – Turtle Rock
Boyd, J. M. & Co. – Floyd C. H.
Conduff & Willis – Hylton
Conner, H. – Simpson’s
Conner, P. & Son – Check
Dalton, Wesley J. – Mira Fork
Dobyns, F. O. – Indian Valley
Dobyns, F. O. & Co. – Floyd C.H.
Earls, John – Eastview
Fiege, C. – Camp Creek
Hall, Jesse W. – Simpsons
Harman, Wm. H. & Son – Little River
Harvey, R. O. – Pizarro
Hooker, Vaughan & Co. – Hylton
Howard, P. L. & Co. – Floyd C.H.
Huff, P. F. – Turtle Rock
Hylton, Vaughan & Co. – Beauford
Martin, L. A. – Camp Creek
Martin, S. M. – Floyd C.H.
Poff & Ridinger – Huffville
Proffitt, J. P. & Co. – Floyd C.H.
Reed, George W. – Ego
Reed, H. D. & Co. – Alum Ridge
Ridgeway, J. V. – Copper Hill
Shelton, P. F. – Basham
Sisson, D. – Simpson’s
Slaughter & Co. – Burk’s Fork
Stephens, C. P. – Hylton
Turner, S. T. – Turtle Rock
Weaver, G. F. – Walcot
Weaver, J. M. – Walcot
Weeks, C. C. – Burk’s Fork
Wertz, J. W. – Graysville
Willis & Howard – Hylton
Wimmer, H. A. – Huffville
Winston, F. A. – Floyd C.H.
Young, E. T. – Floyd C.H.

Gun and Locksmiths

Scott, Matthew – Floyd C.H.
Spangler, Wm. – Floyd C.H.


Central – M. C. Dickerson – Floyd C.H.
Howell, Samuel F. – Camp Creek
Jett, J. T. – Floyd C.H.
Lee, A. J. – Floyd C.H.
Slusher, A. T. – Mira Fork
Smith, James – Simpson’s
Willis, S. P. – Hylton

Insurance Companies – Fire

Virginia Fire and Marine – A. J. Trice, agent – Copper Hill

Iron Founders

Agnew, J. T. – East View
Ketterman & Agnew – Floyd C.H.
Reed, Isaac – Alum Ridge
Shank, P. A. – Floyd C.H.

Land Agents

Hylton, H. P. – Hylton


Darnall, R. F. – Floyd C.H.

Mills–Corn and Flour

Akers, B. – Ego
Bower, Robt. – Howery’s
Cannady, Otho – Howery’s
Duncan, B. – Beauford
Duncan, Joshua – Turman
Epperly, Henry – Little River
Fowler, N. T. – Copper Hill
Harman, John – Amos
Harman, Wm. H. – Little River
Harris, J. W. – Burk’s Fork
Harvey, R. O. – Pizarro
Howard, J. L. – Floyd C.H.
Howell, Wm. – Camp Creek
Howery, R. O. – Turtle Rock
Huff, Byrd, Copper Hill
Hurt, J. W. – Alum Ridge
Hylton, P. N. – Hylton
Lemon, J. H. – Jack’s Mill
Link, Albert – Flint
Link, Joel H. – Flint
Martin, Moses – Little River Martin, Wm. B. – Floyd C.H.
Moses, J. B. – Floyd C.H.
O’Neal, J. W. – Mira Fork
Phillips, H. C. & N. – Turman
Phillips, Noah – Showalter
Phillips, T. D. – Phillips’
Potter, C. – Burk’s Fork
Potter, W. C. – Vaughan
Price, J. T. – Jack’s Mill
Ridinger, A. – Basham
Scott, Mathew – Floyd C.H.
Short, A. D. – Turtle Rock
Simmons, O. – Amos
Simpson, Wm. A. – Howery’s
Siner, Peter – Copper Hill
Slusher, A. – Burk’s Fork
Slusher, J. B. & Co. – Mira Fork
Smith, Alex – Phillips’
Smith, J. W. – Simpson’s
Spangler, Geo. – Hylton
Spangler, Solomon – Duncan’s
Spence, Lewis P. – Indian Valley
Stuart, C. W. – Camp Creek
Turman, E. – Mira Fork
Wade, Noah – Alum Ridge
Walters, John – Walcot
Wertz, J. W. – Graysville
Whitlock, D. F. – Camp Creek
Williams, G. M. D. & Bro. – Floyd C.H.
Wimmer, F. B. – Huffville
Young, Thomas – Indian Valley


Akers, B. – Beauford
Akers, Dan – Ego
Boothe, G. B. – Alum Ridge
Carmody, John H. – Turtle Rock
Duncan, B. – Beauford
Duncan, F. M. – Duncan’s
Duncan, John – Phillips’
Duncan, Joshua – Turman
Epperly, John W. – East View
Fowler, N. T. – Copper Hill
Goodson, Thos. – Camp Creek
Hall, James – Howery’s
Harman, Wm. H. – Little River
Harris, J. W. – Burk’s Fork
Howell, S. F. – Camp Creek
Hylton, H. P. & Co. – Hylton
Lemon, J. H. – Jack’s Mill
Link, Albert – Flint
Link, Joel H. – Flint
Mayberry, Jackson – Burk’s Fork
Martin, Wm. B. – Floyd C.H.
Phillips, Randolph – Phillips’
Phillips, T. D. – Phillips’
Poff, Jacob – Check
Potter, W. C. – Vaughan
Rakes, John – Floyd C.H.
Reed, G. D. – Alum Ridge
Ridinger, Amos – Basham
Scott, Mathew – Floyd C.H.
Scott, Winfield – Floyd C.H.
Slusher, Henry – Burk’s Fork
Slusher, Z. T. & J. B. – Mira Fork
Smith, Daniel – Duncan’s
Spangler, Lafayette – Duncan’s Spangler, S. – Beauford
Spence, Preston – Indian Valley
Stuart, John – Camp Creek
Turman, C. – Mira Fork
Turman, Geo. H. – Mira Fork
Wade, Eli T. – Abraham
Walters, John – Walcot
Weddle, Andrew – East View
Whitlock, Albert – Booth’s Mill
Whitlock, D. – Camp Creek
Wimmer, F. B. – Huffville
Young, Thomas – Mira Fork

Mills – Woolen

Eller, Geo. – Posey
Vaughn Brothers – Mira Fork
Vaughn, C. P. & Bro. – Vaughan


Condiff, G. W. – Camp Creek
Darnall, R. F. – Floyd C.H.
Dickerson, Riley – Walcot
Duncan, Geo. R. – Alum Ridge
Duncan, L. – Duncan’s
Ekiss, J. D. – Little River
Epperly, John – Huffville
Fowler, N. T. – Copper Hill
Goodson, T. M. – Camp Creek
Howell, Samuel – Camp Creek
Keeth Zebrana – Burk’s Fork
Knouff, R. W. – Check
Mitchell, John H. – Indian Valley
Phillips, T. D. – Phillips’
Purvater, C. T. – Flint
Ramon, Y. D. – Terry’s Fork
Slusher, Landon – Mira Fork
Sowder, Wm., Jr. – Copper Hill
Stuart, John – Camp Creek
Wall, Daniel – Little River
Whitlock, Thomas – Camp Creek
Wimmer, Hosea – Terry’s Fork

Mines – Gold

Brush Creek, – Huffville
Cummings, W. R. – Little River
DeForrest & Co. – Huffville
Harman, Wm. H. – Little River
Harvey, W. J. – Flint
Holley, J. B. – Camp Creek
Shelton, P. F. – Barham
Sumner, Joel B. – Camp Creek
Sumner, Miles – Camp Creek
Walters, John – Huffville
Walters, Joseph – Check

Mines – Iron

Turpin, W. C. – Showalter

Mines – Silver

Powhatan, P. Williams & Co. – Floyd C.H.


Floyd Enterprise – David W. Sowers – Floyd C.H.

Patent Medicines

Pendleton, Wm. – Floyd C. H.


Akers, R. T. – Alum Ridge
Canaday, A. H. – Copper Hill
Cummings, H. C. – Walcot
Cousens, W. – Ego
DeForest, C. W. – Walcot
Ervin, T. G. – Hylton
Gordon, J. G. – Alum Ridge
Hartwell, J. E. – Basham
Hartwell, G. W. – Camp Creek
Headers, Wm. – Turtle Rock
Hoback, A. J. – Little River
Howard, T. H. – Floyd C.H.
Kersey, Lynch – Indian Valley
Mullen, P. H. – Floyd C.H.
Potter, W. C. – Floyd C.H.
Simmons, John W. – Floyd C.H.
Stigleman, C. M. – Floyd C.H.
Thurman, J. W. – Pizarro

Saddle and Harnessmakers

Boothe, G. E. – Ego
Dobyns, G. M. – Floyd C.H.
Leake, James – Hylton
Lesueur, F. C. – Basham
Lesueur, Martel – Camp Creek
Mayberry, W. S. – Burk’s Fork
Paul, C. W. – Camp Creek
Phlegar, J. P. – Walcot
Reed, John F. – Copper Hill
Rierson, D. L. – Check
Rust, John W. – Ego
Simpkins, D. B. – Showalter
Stephens, Andrew – Floyd C.H.
Swain, Lewis – Indian Valley
Thompson, Floyd – Mira Fork

Schools and Academies

Albright, J. B. – Burk’s Fork
Altizer, A. – Mira Fork
Jacksonville Male Academy – Geo. W. Owens, principal – Floyd C.H.
Mountain Normal – J. B. Wrightsman – Hylton
Oxford Seminary – Rev. W. R. Coppege, Principal, – Floyd C.H.
Pleasant Valley – Alum Ridge

There are 78 white and 7 colored public schools in this county. Superintendent G. A. Willis, Hylton


Boyd, W. E. – Ego
Cunduff, Willis & Co. – Hylton
Dobyns, George M. – Floyd C.H.
Draper, M. M. – Floyd C.H.
Howery, John – Camp Creek
Kirby, A. J. – Floyd C.H.
Lesueur, F. C. – Basham
Lesueur, Martin – Camp Creek
McNeil, Sidney – Flint
McNeil, Wm. B. – Little River
Phlegar & Lawrence – Walcot
Reed, John F. – Copper Hill
Stephens, A. – Floyd C.H.
Turman, A. E. – Mira Fork
Vest, James S. – Howery’s
Zentmeyer, Geo. B. – Floyd C.H.


Collins, James M. – Check
Earls, H. H. – Booth’s Mill
Fowler, N. T. – Copper Hill
Gray, James M. – Simpson’s
Hall, James M. – Floyd C.H.
Holley, John B. – Camp Creek
Lawrence, Charles – Walcot
Moore, Isaac – Camp Creek
Moses, John – Floyd C.H.
Tice, C. D. – Floyd C.H.
Weeks, C. E. – Hylton
Williams, Eli – Little River

Wool Dealers

Bishop, J. C. – Ego
Boyd, James M. & Co. – Floyd C.H.
Phillips, Preston – Indian Valley
Williams, Eli – Little River

Principal Farmers

Abraham – Lafayette Phlegar, R. H. Hylton, Ananias Harmon, M. M. Hylton, Silas Hylton, A. W. Harman, Wisor Duncan, Burwell Duncan, Peter Hylton

Alum Ridge – Isaac Reid, Rufus O. Shelton, Daniel Dulaney, Humphrey Duncan, George Wade, Harvey D. Carter, George R. Duncan, Robert Lester, General Weeks, Samuel Cooper, Willis D. Reed, G. M. Reed, William D. Reed

Amos — W. D. Vaughan, C. A. Howard, W. M. Shelor, Noah Smith, D. Hylton, Obediah Simmons, J. F. Shelor, B. P. Keith, W. A. Balinger, Harvey Weddle, E. L. Dillon, T. G. Shelor, C. M. Phlegar

Basham–Benjamin Basham, Ellis L. Basham, J. B. Skelton, Jas. Boothe, C. W. Stuart, Wm. J. Price, W. R. Argabright, J. E. Ridinger, Amos Ridinger, Peter F. Shelton, Birdine Dickerson, W. T. Epperly.

Beauford — W. S. Cox, Maston Cox, G. B. Duncan, Wm. Conner, A. Akers, S. W. Dulaney, A. Cox, Crockett Duncan

Burk’s Fork — Jonas Harman, Ben Helms, C. F. Page, Joseph Ward, J. Willis, Cyrus Keith, G. D. Weeks, Henry Slusher, T. Sutphin, William Bird, W. P. Mayberry, Jack Harris, Z. Keith, Owen Barnhart, Matthew Weeks, Austin Harman, George W. Pratt, J. C. Weddle, Thos. Knowles

Camp Creek–Martel Lesueur, Pled Howery, B. P. Sumpter, Joel Sumner, H. D. Wells, C. Feige, Geo. Hungate, Peter Bowman, Asa Sumpter, Ward Stump, Wm. Howery, Wm. Watkins, W. O. Sumner, Josiah Graham, A. A. Graham, G. W. Hartwell

Check–F. Poff, E. H. Furrow, Albert Conner, S. S. Conner, Johnson Poff, Jesse A. Furrow

Eastview–John Earls, John Epperly, J. M. Stigleman, George W. Weaver, Benj. Harman, Geo. Epperly, James Lemon, David Epperly, Caleb Weddell, Andrew Weddle, W. S. Boyd, F. M. Weddle, J. T. Balinger, A. S. Nixon, M. Jenkins, A. F. Stigleman, Peter Hancock, C. Martin, B. Bolin

Ego –John W. Akers, H. C. Hall, J. C. Bishop, G. H. Akers, Andrew Akers, Ira E. Boyd, Giles Coffee, William Fincham, M. Wilson, William Young, John L. Moore, Arch Akers, Russ Dobyns, W. B. Dulaney, Matt Buxton, E. T. Dalton, Jas. Wade, Wm. Duncan, John M. Hall

Floyd C.H. – John Ballinger, Wm. Dickerson, Floyd Dickerson, G. M. Whitlow, C. Barnard, C. Martin, Wm. Martin, D. W. Sowers, James Sowers, C. Dickerson, Thos. L. Nixon, John B. Moses, Joseph Sumpter, Spruel Jones, L. S. Weeks, G. G. Peterman, C. P. Graham

Haycock–Jno. Boyd, L. T. Thomas, C. C. Rakes, Jno. Ashworth, N. J. Short, Green Ashworth, R. R. Moomick, P. Cochran, Jeff Allen, Ellen Boyd

Howery’s — J. L. Howery, Arthur Howery, Robt. Camer, F. P. Rutrough, Jas. Board, F. G. Yeatts, E. Whitlock, J. H. Austin, L. O. Terry, L. M. Lawrence, John D. Yeatts, C. M. Hoback, Jackson Claytor, Saml. A. Vest, Isaac Spangler, Homer Strickler, C. F. Strickler, James Wright, John T. Retrough

Hylton — J. M. Castle, W. H. Castle, Floyd Slusher, J. T. Conduff, M. M. Martin, Wm. Quesenberry, Mathew Dickerson, H. P. Hylton, L. D. Weddle, Peter Hylton, Monroe Slusher, F. M. Hylton, E. W. Hylton, John Harman, John Quesenberry

Little River–Phelp Bower, Daniel Bower, James H. Black, Lewis Blackwell, A. G. Blackwell, Elk Blackwell, Z. T. Bower, Pleasant Cole, Harvey Cole, John A. Conner, John J. Clower, Pleasant C. Clower, G. L. Cannaday, Jas. W. Crockett, Moses Dickerson, B. C. Dobyn, Philip S. Epperley, Adison Epperley, Wm. H. Epperley, Abner Ferguson, Wm. B. Graham

Mira Fork –Alexander Gardner, Harvey S. Wade, James M. Turman, Hamilton Helms, Wm. A. Weeks, David Quesenberry, T. P. Jones, H. C. Jones, P. J. Wade, D. W. Sutphin, D. C. Hylton, Thomas Reed, C. L. Sutphin.

O’Neal–Leander O’Neal, Green Vaughan, Everet Vaughan, Marion Hylton, Henry Hylton, Arch McPeak, Nat Burwell, Jeff Sutphin

Pax – Austin Hylton, Joseh Hylton, James Harris, Joseph Helms, Wm. Slaughter, Sam’l Herd, N. G. Bolling, James Slaughter

Phillips’ – James Quesenberry, F. P. Turman, Hyram Cock, T. J. Cock, Wm. C. Hollandsworth, John C. Hollandsworth, Frederick Quesenberry, Joseph P. Turman, John Turpin, J. D. Phillips

Pizarro–T. B. Cannaday, W. A. Cannaday, T. H. Cannaday, Asa Foster, J. B. Headen, T. T. Graham, T. L. Roberson, Robt. Lancaster, John Thurman, David Butler, Samuel Swinney, Edward Swinney, Peter E. Hill, Monroe Hill

Showalter–H. B. Showalter, Jno. Showalter, J. L. Turpin, J. T. Phillips, J. Kenley, T. J. Warden, H. T. Turpin, John Holinsworth, W. W. Otey, Henry Stevenson, W. C. Turpin, W. D. Turpin

Simpson’s–Samuel J. Connor, Jr., Wm. P. Conner, Jonathan Conner, Jr. Jonathan Conner, Sr., Timothy Craghead, James B. Craghead, James T. Hall, C. W. Hall, C. M. Hall, C. M. Jewel, Joseph King, Harvey A. King, Robert W. Kropf, H. L. Keeton, John S. Link, Jas. J. McNeil, W. W. Maxey, Robert E. Miles, James W. Sisson, G. W. Sisson, Wm. A. Simpson, Wm. M. Vest, Peter Vest, D. L. Walton, James W. Walton, D. T. Whitenack, Jonathan Whitenack

Terry’s Fork — G. W. Vest, Wm. H. Whitenack, P. R. Vest, W. R. Wilson, John L. Boone, Fleming Cole, A. F. Ferguson, Harvey Wilson, W. B. Graham, Wm. H. Cannon, Wm. M. Vest, C. W. Vest, Chas. H. Huff, James P. Poff, Isaac Poff, James I. McNeil, John Light

Turman–Bryant Phillips, C. P. Montgomery, Enoch Phillips, Sidney A. Smith, F. P. Turman, Asa Galimore, James R. Phillips, G. W. Quesenberry, Mahlon Philips, Ross Hollandsworth, E. G. Turman, R. Phillips, J. M. Phillips, Joseph Turman, Edward Quesenberry, Jeff Cock, Hiram Cock.

Turtle Rock — David T. Hall, Geo. Wood, Jacob Moses, John Smith, A. Foster, John Huff, Dan Bowler, J. Holins, A. J. Graham, Monroe Huff, Jacob Lawrence, L. H. Cannaday, Asa D. Short, Richard J. Wood, Jefferson P. Wood, Isaac P. Williams, Peter P. Hall, Peter Cannaday, W. T. Turner

Vaughan–J. W. Hylton, J. B. Hylton, Jno. Sowers, A. J. Keith, Zachariah Smith, Bethel Hylton, Marion T. Hylton, F. H. Thompson, S. G. Hylton, Green Vaughan, A. T. Hylton, A. J. Hylton, Flournoy Potter, C. P. Vaughan.

Walcot–Rev. J. L. Weaver, Jacob E. Lawrence, James E. Lawrence, Jno. Walters, W. M. Bugg, H. P. Cummings, J. C. Akers, J. S. Smith, S. F. Lawrence, J. M. Weaver, Robert Bugg, George W. Meadows, B. R. Meadows, T. B. Wingfield, J. H. Wingfield, John Clator