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Fisher’s Gap Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Low Gap, Surry County, North Carolina

Contributed by Complied byJalanda York Smith &Julia Williams Kodak

(Partial List)

Full names are used when known although the full name may not appear on the tombstone. All married females are listed by maiden names.

BRANNOCK, Delphia Lona b Mar 20, 1892 Daughter of William Seymour Brannock and Lelia Ett Goodson. Wife of Gollie Thomas Lowe.

BRANNOCK, Myrtle April 6, 1902-November 9, 1978 Wife of Porter G. Goodson.

CREED, Amanda (Mandy) August, 1848-July 3, 1936 Daughter of Edward M. Creed and Talitha Cockerham, wife of Wetherow Lowe. (Joined Fisher’s Gap Primitive Baptist Church at age 17.)

CREED, Arnold Gwyn April 19, 1915-February 26, 1993 Son of McVestal and Tula L. Lowe Creed. Husband of Beatrice Lowe.

CREED, Columbus February 17, 1927-October 15, 1998 Son of Leonard D. Creed and Emma Jane Norman.

CREED, Effie Lavina September 18, 1883-December 18, 1965 Daughter of Hugh B. Creed and Malissa Norman. Wife of Charlie Eckles Lowe.

CREED, Leonard Dewey March 2, 1902-January 15, 1993 Son of Matthew Creed and Frankie Goodson. Husband of Emma Jane Norman.

CREED, Lovona Althea 1915-1963 Daughter of Matthew Creed and Frankie Goodson. Wife of Charlie Price.

CREED, Matthew Edward November 15, 1875-February 12, 1956 Son of Hugh B. Creed and Malissa Norman. Husband of Frankie L. Goodson.

CREED, McVestal (Vess) February 20, 1879-May 5, 1957 Son of Hugh B Creed and Malissa Norman. Husband of Tula Lucinda Lowe.

EVANS, Rosia Ida July 9, 1884-June 16, 1937 Wife of Mahlon Lowe.

GALYAN, William “Bill” February 18, 1853-May 25, 1925 Son of Bennett Galyan & Martha Jane Sykes. Husband of Candis Snow.

GALYEAN, Foy November 14, 19190-April 13, 1986 Husband of Lona R. Galyean.

GALYEAN, Iveris Carl September 21, 1904-May 1, 1961 Son of Kirby Sawyer Galyean & Mary Susan “Mollie” Sandefur. Husband of Grace Elsie Smith.

GALYEAN, James Toliver April 8, 1882-January 5, 1959 Son of Houston Galyean & Temperance Snow. Husband of Alice Lowe.

GALYEAN, Laura Belle November 27, 1874-March 19, 1961 Daughter of William “Billy” Galyean & Candis Snow. Wife of Roby Goodson.

GALYEAN, Lelia October 18, 1889-April 9, 1963 Wife of F. Clyed Lowe.

GALYEAN, Lona R. October 26, 1911-September 5, 1969 Wife of Foy Galyean. Maiden name unknown.

GALYEAN, Ralph F. June 9, 1914-February 3, 1989 Husband of Nessie V. Lowe.

GOODSON, Clifford W. July 26, 1912-July 9, 1941 Son of Roby Goodson & Laura Belle Galyean. Husband of Margie Hodge.

GOODSON, Frankie Lanore January 12, 1878-April 1, 1956 Daughter Of Train Goodson and Mary Jestin Bedsaul. Wife of Matthew Creed.

GOODSON, Jane March 2, 1856-February 16, 1941. Daughter of Leander & Nancy Brannock Goodson. Wife of Samuel (Sammy) Lowe.

GOODSON, Onnie T. September 9, 1896-January 31, 1976 Son of Roby S. Goodson & Laura Belle Galyean. Husband of Judy Lowe.

GOODSON, Porter G. August 2, 1902-June 12, 1949 Son of Roby Goodson & Laura Belle Galyean. Husband of Myrtle Brannock.

GOODSON, Roby S. April 21, 1872-November 26, 1961 Son of Train R. Goodson & Mary Jestin Bedsaul. Husband of Laura Belle Galyean.

HOLYFIELD/HOLDERFIELD, Lelia 1884-1922 Daughter of George Washington Holderfield & Julia “Julie” McRoberts. Wife of William Isaac Lowe.

LOWE, Alice June 15, 1889-September 5, 1968 Daughter of Riley Lowe & Martha Thompson. Wife of James Toliver Galyean.

LOWE, Attice D. September 30, 1902-July 3, 1930

LOWE, Beatrice November 10, 1918-March 31, 1991 Wife of Arnold Creed.

LOWE, Charlie Eckles July 9, 1883-January 25, 1955 Son of Hilrey Lowe & Effie Lowe. Husband of Effie Creed.

LOWE, Dora G. February 20, 1924-February 20, 1998 Mother of Aubrey, Avery, and Randy Lowe.

LOWE, Dunk (Duncan) January 5, 1899-February 13, 1982 Son of Kirby and Ella “Ellie” Ramey Lowe. Husband of Melba Candis Goodson.

LOWE, Eddie V. October 4, 1884-June 25, 1942 Son of Samuel “Sammy” Lowe & Jane Goodson. Husband of Matilda Wilson.

LOWE, F. Clyed July 21, 1889-April 27, 1957 Husband of Lelia Galyean.

LOWE, Gollie Thomas December 13, 1891-November 5, 1968 Husband of Delphia Lona Brannock.

LOWE, Harvey December 26, 1897-January 20, 1980 Husband of Trusty Lowe.

LOWE, Jestin May 7, 1848-April 19, 1923 Daughter of Samuel F. “Sambo”, Jr. Lowe & Jane/Julia William. Wife of Charlie Goodson.

LOWE, Judy July 25, 1895-November 22, 1984 Daughter of Wetherow Lowe & Amanda Creed. Wife of Onnie T. Goodson.

LOWE, Leander Kirby “Lee” March 28, 1879-March 2, 1968 Son of Samuel “Sammy” Lowe & Jane Goodson. Husband of Cora Wilson.

LOWE, Loy Marvin October 14, 1920-December 1, 1983 Husband of Lena Wilson.

LOWE, Loy Thomas June 27, 1944-April 25, 1996

LOWE, Mahlon June 1, 1873-September 8, 1953 Son of Wetherow Lowe & Amanda Creed. Husband of Rosia Ida Evans.

LOWE, Nessie V. December 29, 1911-July 27, 1990 Daughter of Burlie & Clarice Rebekah Lowe. Wife of Ralph Galyean.

LOWE, Riley Died July 24, 1912 at 65 years. Son of Samuel F “Sambo” Lowe and Jane/Julia William. Husband of Martha Thompson.

LOWE, Samuel (Sammy) March 28, 1857-January 14, 1843 Son of Kirby & Rebekah “Becky” Galyean Lowe. Husband to Jane Goodson.

LOWE, Samuel Sanders October ll, 1900-July 9, 1968. Son of Leander Kirby “Lee” & Cora Wilson Lowe. Husband of Tilda Norman.

LOWE, Trusty April 23, 1897-February 12, 1953 Wife of Harvey Lowe.

LOWE, Tula Lucinda February 25, 1881-April 1, 1956 Daughter of Charlie and Sarah Jane Lowe. Wife of McVestal Creed.

LOWE, Wetherow November 22, 1851-May 6, 1931. Husband to Amanda Creed. LOWE, William Isaac “Little Ike” 1882-1958 Son of Samuel “Sammy” Lowe & Jane Goodson.

McROBERTS, Sarah Margaret Jane “Sally” August 19, 1902-March 17, 1986. Daughter of Steven Thomas McRoberts & Celia Ann Brannock. Wife of Guy Duncan Norman.

NORMAN, Emma Jane September 18, 1906-May 31, 1991 Daughter of William and Sarah Norman. Wife of Leonard Dewey Creed.

NORMAN, Guy Duncan April 11, 1903-March 12, 1966 Son of William & Sarah Norman. Husband of Sarah Margaret Jane “Sally” McRoberts.

NORMAN, Tilda N. March 24, 1899-January 2, 1987. Daughter of William & Sarah Jane Norman. First married to Mitchell Lowe. Wife of Samuel Sanders Lowe.

PERRY, Elisha Co.C, 8th VA Cav., CSA

PRICE, Charlie 1904-1982 Husband to Lovona A. Creed

SMITH, Grace Elsie November 2, 1904-September 16, 1955 Daughter of Thomas Smith & Rebecca Lowe. Wife of Iveris Galyean.

SNOW, Candis July 18, 1858-April 24, 1920 Wife of William Galyan.

THOMPSON, Martha November 21, 1852-June 16, 1916 Wife of Riley Lowe.

WILSON, Cora L. December 3, 1881-June 27, 1934 Wife of Leander Kirby Lowe.

WILSON, Matilda September 8, 1885-July 30, 1927 Daughter of Kenny Wilson & Nancy Lowe. Wife to Eddie Lowe.