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Deposition of James Keys

Preston Papers, Draper Collection

Washington County, Virginia

I James Keys being called on to state the services of the late Col. William Edmondson of said county in the Revolutionary war which is as follows to wit: in the month of September in 1776 I served a two month tour with hmi against the Cherokee Indians. He acted as a Captain under Col. William Christian 1777. I served with him in an expedition against the Cherokee Indians for the term of two months said Edmondson acted as a Captain in 1778. I served with said Edmondson’s tour of six weeks in the county of Grayson and in the county of Ashe in North Carolina against the torys said Edmondson then acted as a Captain under Col. William Campbell in 1780. I served with him two months against the British & Toryes at Kings Mountain said Edmondson acted as a Major in that expedition. I was with said Edmondson on several other small expeditions but the time we served I do not recollect.

December 15th, 1834

James Keys

I do certify that James Keys was duly sworn before me to the above statement given under my hand this 15th day of December, 1834.

Wm Buchanan, J. P.