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Cranberry Christian Church, Carroll County, Virginia

Singing School ca. 1916

Submitted by Buford C. Wilson
Singing School Group at Cranberry Church
Singing School Group at Cranberry Church

This picture of a singing school group at Cranberry Christian Church was taken on the last day of a week-long school taught by Tom Whittington in 1916 or 1917. Whittington taught the froup the notes and basics of music. This photo was probably made by Mike Bryant who ran a small photography business at his home and as the only photographer in the area. Those pictured are: (from left) Front, Garnett Carpenter, Elmer Walker, Gray Walker, John Montgomery, Edgar Walker, Charlie Boaz, Arthur Galimore, Carr Jones, Glen Jones, Emmet Rider, Martin Edwards, Curtis Bedsaul, Bertha Bedsaul Sexton, Ruby Carpenter Amburn; second row, John Waite, Sterling Hanks, Walt Walker holding son Howard Walker, Hill Gallimore, Dempsey Edwards holding Calvin Edwards, Laura Edwards, Betty Whitting Wilson, Luther Wilson, with his sons Harry and Clayton Wilson at his knees, Grace Lundy Brinkley, Stella Duncan, Flora Duncan Bryant, Neva Gallimore Cook, Oscar Smith, Joe Russell, Emeline Russell, Ollie Manning Chapman, Stella Jones Bolen, Bertie Rider, Myrtle Manning, Galligher, Vaughta Boaz Cole, teacher Tom Whittington, Ida Boaz Manning, Mamie Smith Jones, L__tha Smith, Rachel Whittington Smith, Tina Jones Andrew, Laura Smith Spurlin, Ethel Bedsaul Faddis, Lee Faddis; fourth row, Tom Jones, Troy Jones, Jim Boaz, Bertha Jones, Rhoda Bedsaul, Mandy Boaz, Frannie Whittington Gallimore, Carlos Gallimore, Addie Edwards Sumner, Florence Edwards Bartlett; fifth row, Clevie Jones, Pearly Jones, Sidney Jones, Verna Kyle, Charlie Jones, Otey Redd.