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Cranberry Christian Church Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Pipers Gap District

Location: Cranberry Community.

Directions: Beside the Cranberry Christian Church, at the intersection of Rt. 722 (Cranberry Road) and Rt. 723 (Trapper Drive).

GPS Coordinates: N 36.685551 W 080.860761

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson; Updated 06 Sep 2009:

Comments: The cemetery is in excellent condition. The church is quite old, established in 1892, but it appears that the cemetery was not opened until 1950. A small stream, Cranberry Creek, flows nearby. I was once told that it got this name because people used to raise cranberries there. Apparently the church and the surrounding community got their names from the creek. Information in [brackets] is not on the stone.

Cranberry Christian Church Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
MANNING, Franklin J. 07 Nov 1944 18 Oct 1990 Franklin James; s/o James P. Manning &Voda Mae Atkins
Row 2
MANNING, James P. 01 May 1900 23 Feb 1969 Shared stone with next; s/o William Harrison Manning & Sarah Kegley
MANNING, Voda A. 28 Jul 1909 24 Jun 2000 Voda Mae Atkins; d/o V. E. Atkins; w/o James P. Manning & unknown Tucker
Row 3
BRANNOCK, Hubert D. [12 Jun] 1915 [29 Sep]1968 Shared stone with next; Hubert Douglas; s/o I. Reid Brannock & Lola B. Hale
BRANNOCK, Rachel E. [13 Feb] 1916 [27 Jan] 1977 Rachel Elizabeth; d/o Coon Boyd Thomason & Laura Julery Ellen Hayzee; w/o Hubert Douglas Brannock
Row 4
CORNELL, Thomas H. 17 Jul 1923 03 Jul 1980 Thomas Harold; s/o Joe Thomas Cornell & Minnie Blevins; h/o Wanda Mae Lineberry
HARENZA, Michael Joseph 29 Aug 1925 12 Nov 1998 B M 1 U. S. Coast Guard: “Hobo”; s/o Joseph Michael Harenza & Agnes Luckosh; h/o Wanda Mae Lineberry
LINEBERRY, William Carson 06 Oct 1904 28 Dec 1983 Shared stone with next: s/o Elbert Marion Lineberry & Rhoda Elender Russell
LINEBERRY, Mamie Ethel 03 Jul 1912 13 Sep 1982 d/o I. Reid Brannock & Lola B. Hale; w/o William Carson Lineberry
MARSHALL, Glenn Pierce Infant [1988] Unmarked; s/o Glenn Pierce Marshall & Lisa Carol Webb
LINEBERRY, Donna Jane Infant 14 Sep 1955 d/o William Carson Lineberry & Mamie Ethel Brannock
Row 5
FARMER, Roby J. 14 Apr 1898 31 Oct 1983 Shared stone with next; Roby John; s/o Eli L. Farmer & Polly Lineberry
FARMER, Candace W. 11 Apr 1894 12 Nov 1984 Candace Ruth Williams; d/o Phillip Stanford Williams & Mickey E. Kenny; w/o Roby John Farmer
Row 6
RECTOR, Howard Eldean 01 Apr 1935 07 Oct 2002 Shared stone with next; SP 5 U. S. Army; s/o Robert Chapman Rector & Mallie Jane Anders
RECTOR, Hope Bedsaul 10 Jun 1938 Eleanor Hope; d/o Enoch Elisha Bedsaul & Lena Blanche Jones; w/o Howard Eldean Rector
Row 7
ANDREW, James 07 Mar 1890 17 May 1957 Ohio Pvt. Co. A 131 Engineers WW I; s/o John Andrew & Susan Myers
ANDREW, Elba A. 08 Mar 1897 02 Nov 1964 Elba Andre; Shared stone with next; Ohio Pvt. U. S. Army WW I; s/o John Andrew & Susan Myers
ANDREW, Tina J. 08 Mar 1895 18 Feb 1988 Tina Elva Jones; d/o McNeily Jones & Mary Frances Smith; w/o Elba Andre Andrew
EDWARDS, Dana Lynn 02 Jul 1960 22 Nov 1997 d/o Earnest John Edwards & Peggy Mae Warf
EDWARDS, Earnest John 24 May 1928 13 Dec 2003 2004 on stone; s/o John B Edwards & Sibbie Lawson; h/o Peggy Mae Warf
GOLDING, Faye B. 27 Feb 1937 24 Dec 2005 Mary Faye Bedsaul; d/o Enoch Elisha Bedsaul & Lena Blanche Jones; w/o C. W. Golding
JONES, Bessie E. 19 Jun 1891 29 Apr 1989 Bessie Ellen; d/o McNeily Jones & Mary Frances Smith
BEDSAUL, Blanche Jones 02 Oct 1903 23 Jul 1976 Lena Blanche; d/o McNeily Jones & Mary Frances Smith; w/o Enoch Elisha Bedsaul
JONES, Mary S. [26 Aug] 1865 [16 Feb] 1956 Shared stone with next; Mary Frances Smith; d/o Allen James Smith & Lurany Kester; w/o McNeily Jones
JONES, McNeily [13 Nov] 1862 [13 Jul] 1950 s/o Matilda Jones