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Cemeteries of Pulaski County, Virginia

Cemetery Index for Pulaski County, Virginia

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order. Family cemeteries are listed based on the surname, given name is used in the cemetery title. Note many cemeteries are known by more than one name.

Cemetery Index for Pulaski County, Virginia
Cemetery Graves Year Location
Allison Cemetery 77    
Calfee-Lindsey Cemetery 42   This cemetery is located in the Hiwassee Area, of Pulaski County, Virginia.
Carnell Cemetery 7    
Cox, Ham Cemetery 7    
Kersey-Graham Cemetery 9   Cemetery located on private property on a hill top overlooking Max Creek where it connects with Clater Lake, Pulaski County, Virginia.
Panorama Acres Cemetery 24    
Smith Cemetery 36  
Web-Cox Cemetery 12 Located off Webb Rd., Hiwassee District, Pulaski County, Virginia.
Windle Cemetery 5