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Annual Catalogue of Hamilton Institute For the Year Ending May 13th, 1880

Board of Trustees

J.M. Hamilton, President
J. T. Martin, M.D., Vice Pres
W. F. Price Sec’y
J. R. Hill, Asst. Sec’y
J. H. Fleenor, Treasurer
W. S. Stickley
Joel Kaylor
I. A. Worley
William White, M.D.
Nathan Dickenson
R. G. Netherland
Joseph Fugate
John D. Blackwell

Committee of Visitation and Reference

R. M. Page, Abingdon, Va.
U. L. York, Goodson, Va.
Rev. Robt. E. Smith, Bristol, Tenn.
W. F. Hickman, Estillville, Va.
Charles Gilmer, Hansonville, Va.
Rev. A. L. Hogshead, Abingdon, Va.
Capt. H. B. Clay, Rogersville, Tenn.
Rev. Nathan Baxter, Sullivan Co., Tenn
J. H. Brunner, D. D., Hiwassee College, Tenn.

Examining Committee

Prof. P. A. Scott, Greendale, Va.
Prof. J. P. Hodge, Stony Point, Tenn.
Rev. M. L., Clendenen, Wallace’s Switch, Va.
Prof. Eli Kelly, Rose Hill, Va.
W. H. Ruffner, State Sup’t, Richmond, Va.


H. H. Hamilton, Professor of English
H. S. Hamilton, A. B., Professor of Mathematics
H. W. Bellamy, A. B., Professor of Languages
Miss Clara A. Worley, Teacher of Music
Miss Mima E. Sproles, Teacher of Primary Department


Name Post Office
Anderson, M. D. Fair View, Va.
Anderson, R. A. Rogersville, Tenn.
Barb, James Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, C. T., Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, F. C. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Henry Medota, Va.
Barker, J. M. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, J. W., Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, James Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, John Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Oliver Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barrett, T. N., New Canton, Tenn.
Bellamy, N. S. Estilville, Va.
Blackwell, _____ Hamilton Institute, Va.
Blair, John Estilville, Va.
Bowlin, John Fair View, Va.
Brogdon, J. C. Sweetwater, Tenn.
Comer, G. W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Couch, L. M., Estilville, Va.
Cowan, T. B. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Cowan, W. M. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Crawford, Dow Hamilton Institute, Va.
Crawford, John Hamilton Institute, Va.
Crumley, T. J., Alum Wells, Va.
Cunningham, E. C., Willow Springs, Va.
Davidson, T. C. Abington, Va.
DeBusk, R. S. Glade Spring, Va.
Dickenson, C. H. Estilville, Va.
Dickenson, E. W. Estilville, Va.
Dickenson, R. H. Estilville, Va.
Dotson, J. T., New Canton, Tenn.
Eaton, Willie Hamilton Institute, Va.
Ellington, James Hamilton Institute, Va.
Eversole, J. E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Eversole, W. G. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, F. L. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, Kirby Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, R. M. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, S. M., Mendota, Va.
Fleenor, W. C. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, W. W. Greendale, Va.
Fleenor, William Hamilton Institute, Va.
Ford, T. J. D. New Canton, Tenn.
Forkner, Daniel Sweetwater, Tenn.
Fugate, J. W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Gamble, John New Canton, Tenn
Gibson, C. H. D. Castle Woods, Va.
Gibson, Charles Gibsonville, Va.
Gibson, G. M. Gibsonville, Va.
Gibson, James Gibsonville, Va.
Gibson, John Gibsonville, Va.
Gibson, Nathan Gibsonville, Va.
Glen, E., Fugate’s Hill, Va.
Godsey, A. C. Nickolsville, Va.
Graham, C. L. New Canton, Tenn.
Grant, H. M. P. Abingdon, Va.
Gray, D. A. Wallace’s Switch, Va.
Hagy, J. E. Abingdon, Va.
Hamilton, B. D. Rogersville, Tenn.
Hamilton, C. A. Nickolsville, Va.
Hamilton, E. B. New Canton, Tenn.
Harris, G. W. Greendale, Va.
Hendricks, G. W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hensley, W. A. New Canton, Tenn.
Hill, Bennett Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hill, James Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hobs, A. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hockett, J. E. Alum Wells, Va.
Horn, C. F. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Ierson, R. E. Wallace’s Switch, Va.
Jamison, J. M. Fair View, Va.
Johnson, J. N. Hamilton’s Institute, Va.
Johnson, R. A. Hamilton’s Institute, Va.
Kaylor, J. B. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Kaylor, T. B. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Lane, J. J. New Canton, Tenn.
Lane, T. W. New Canton, Tenn.
Lawson, I. Fair View, Va.
Looney, E., Rogersville, Tenn.
Looney, S. A. Rogersville, Tenn.
Lunsford, W. J. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Mabe, M. S. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Marcum, G. H. W. Fugate’s Hill, Va.
Marcum, Z. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Martin, Charles Bristol, Tenn.
Mead, E. W. Dickensonville, Va.
Mead, W. H. Dickensonville, Va.
Mead, Willie Dickensonville, Va.
Metcalf, O. A. Holston, Va.
Moore, W. W. Bristol, Tenn.
Myres, W. R. New Canton, Tenn.
Owens, C. H. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Owens, H. F. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Owens, S. L. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Page, Edward Hamilton Institute, Va.
Patrick, G. W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Patrick, Henry Hamilton Institute, Va.
Pippin, C. C. Smith’s Creek, Va.
Pippin, J. N. Alum Wells, Va.
Quillin, R. S. Estillville, Va
Redwine, Ballard Nickolsville, Va.
Redwine, R. R. Nickolsville, Va.
Repass, J. W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Repass, S. M. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Rice, W. A. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Richardson, J. W. Church Hill, Tenn.
Robinett, C. F. T. Pattonsville, Va.
Robinett, E. G. Pattonsville, Va.
Salyers, E. S. Nickelsville, Va.
Sample, T. M., Sweetwater, Tenn.
Scott, J. W. Oceola, Va.
Self, W. S. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Shelton, W. L. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Shoemaker, F. W. Hansonville, Va.
Shupe, A. J. Montgomery, Va.
Smith, W. D. Nickelsville, Va.
Smythe, R. L. Estillville, Va.
Snow, M. C. Rotherwood, Tenn.
Sproles, A. J. Alum Wells, Va.
Sproles, J. K. Mendota, Va.
Sturgill, W. B. Louisville, Ky.
Tate, J. M. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Tate, N. B. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Tate, R. F. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Tate, W. E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Thayer, E. C. Abingdon, Va.
Thomas, J. W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Vermillion, T. J. Estilville, Va.
Vicars, A. L. Gibsonville, Va.
Vicars, J. F. Gibsonville, Va.
Vicars, Joseph Hamilton Institute, Va.
Vicars, William Hamilton Institute, Va.
White, Nelson Mendota, Va.
White, W. H. Fugate’s Hill, Va.
Williams, H. F. Fugate’s Hill, Va.
Williams, R. F. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Wolf, D. C. Estilville, Va.
Wood, Jonathan Nickelsville, Va.
Zora, Nathan Hamilton Institute, Va.

Female Department

Name Post Office
Barb, Martha E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Flora Mendota, Va.
Barker, Laura Mendota,Va.
Barker, Maggie Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Malissa A. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Mattie C. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Mollie L. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Barker, Sallie W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Crawford, Virginia Mendota, Va.
Eaton, Augusta Mendota, Va.
Eaton, Ellen Mendota, Va.
Eaton, Martha J. Mendota, Va.
Ellington, Lina E. Mendota, Va.
Fleenor, Emma I. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, Mattie W. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fleenor, Mollie F. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fugate, Laura R. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Fugate, Mollie E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Gibson, Hattie V. Castle Woods, Va.
Gibson, Laura V. Nickelsville, Va.
Gibson, Sallie D. Castle Woods, Va.
Gilliam, Emma L. Mendota, Va.
Gilliam, Laura I. Mendota, Va.
Gilliam, Mollie E. B. Mendota, Va.
Glen, Rebecca E. Willow Springs, Va.
Gobble, Emma Hamilton Institute, Va.
Harlow, Eliza A. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hendricks, Alice Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hendricks, Carrie Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hendricks, Jennie Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hendricks, Sadie E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Hill, Amanda Hamilton Institute, Va.
Keys, Mattie Abingdon, Va.
Kindrick, Almeda Hamilton Institute, Va.
Kindrick, Amanda Hamilton Institute, Va.
Kindrick, Mollie E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Livingstone, Sallie A. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Marcum, Cintha A. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Marcum, Martha Hamilton Institute, Va.
Marcum, Nannie V. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Marcum, Rebecca E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Morrisson, Mary K. Estilville, Va.
Moss, Alva Hamilton Institute, Va.
Moss, Mollie Hamilton Institute, Va.
Necessary, Mollie E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Owens, Emma Hamilton Institute, Va.
Rice, Mollie Hamilton Institute, Va.
Shankle, Cornelia Mendota, Va.
Shankle, Mellissa A. Mendota, Va.
Smythe, Hester E. Estilville, Va.
Sproles, Mima E. Mendota, Va.
Tate, Molllie E. Hamilton Institute, Va.
Vicars, Paulina Hamilton Institute, Va.
White, Abbie G. Mendota, Va.
White, Adel Mendota, Va.
White, Bettie Mendota, Va.
White, E. G. Mendota, Va.
White, Lida Mendota, Va.
Wright, Laura Mendota, Va.
Total 203

Foundation of Hamilton Institute

The founders of this Institute were mainly the members of Mendota Lodge, whose design was to furnish all those of moderate means an opportunity to obtain a thorough and practical education.

The building is a handsome brick structure 40 by 60 feet, with four separate apartments below for males and females, and a spacious Masonic Hall above for public exercises.

The school has been in successful operation under its present managers for four consecutive years; beginning with twenty-six pupils, September 3rd, 1876 and ending with an enrollment of 203 during the scholastic year, closing May13th, 1880.


It is healthfully located in Washington County, Virginia near the North Fork of Holston River, in a beautiful valley, girdled by mountain scenery, and abundantly supplied with mineral springs. No less than five different varieties of water within reach of the Institute.

Away from the disturbance and contaminating vice incident to many city schools, having the advantage of the salutary influence of a community noted for piety and morality, it is emphatically a place fitted for the development of mind and morals.

Primary Department

Arrangements have been made whereby special care will be given to this department in the future. We regard it as the nursery of Science, and the utmost attention will be given in order to make it a success.

Department of English

The course of instruction in English is designed to be thorough and practical. Its importance is felt and will not be overlooked.


Here theory and practice must go hand in hand and nothing will be left undone that will tend to the development and comprehension of the one, or the proficiency of the other.

Latin and Greek

The method of instruction in these two great classical languages aims at the acquisition of the greatest amount of useful and practical knowledge, in the least possible time.


This ever progressive science is taught in the most pleasing and attractive manner, the instructress devoting her whole time and attention to this one work of refinement and culture.


Spelling Book and Readers, Holme’s; English Grammar, Harvey; Geography, Mitchell; United States History, Butler; Composition and Rhetoric, Quackenbos; Philosophy and Chemistry, Wells; Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, Cutter; Arithmetic and Algebra, Davie’s; Geometry and Trionometry, Loomis; Land Surveying, Gillespie; Latin and Greek, Harkness.


Primary Department for term of twenty weeks $5.00
First Academic Department $7.50
Second Academic Department $10.00
Collegiate $12.50
Music $15.00
Contingent Fee $.50

All fees payable in advance. This rule will be strictly adhered to in the future. Pupils will be charged from the day of entrance, and no deduction made, exception in cases of protracted sickness.

Boarding can be had at from six to eight dollars per month.

Terms and Vacations

The scholastic year consists of two terms of twenty weeks each. The first begins on the third Monday in August. Recess at Christmas of one week. There will be no vacation between the first and second terms.

Literary Societies

There are two Literary Societies connected with the Institute, Anthrionian and Anthranatonian, which have weekly meetings for debate.


Mild but firm discipline will be strictly maintained and enforced.


Students are required to attend chapel exercise daily, which consists of reading the Scriptures and Prayer.

General Remarks

There is no Institution, perhaps, in the State whose growth has been more rapid than that of Hamilton Institute. Providence has blessed the efforts that have been made for its upbuilding, and for the advancement of mind and morals. Parents and Guardians who have the care and oversight of the young, would do well to examine our terms and advantages, before sending elsewhere. They may rest assured that no vigilance will be spared in guarding their interests in every way. No pupil will be allowed to visit another without special permission from some one of the Faculty.

Dr. J. T. Martin, who resides in our village, is a physician of acknowledged ability, and can be called upon in case of sickness, at all hours. We have a Post Office, and Stores where students can purchase such articles as they may need at a reasonable cost.