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Bristol, Virginia Death Records

By Jack Hockett, Collegeville, PA

Bristol: Annie Mae NAVE, Negro female, single, b. 08 May 1916, 6y 2m 16d, d. 24 Jul 1922 of hemorrhage intestinal typhoid fever, d/o Bert NAVE & Virginia BROWN, bur. Citizens

Bristol: Arthur JOHNSON, Negro male, married, b. 15 Aug 1848, VA, 73y 3m 16d, s/o Edw. ASHBY, VA & Harriet CRAFT, VA, Mrs. Kittie JOHNSON, Informant (prob. wife), d. 03 Dec 1921, bur. Citizens Cemetery

Bristol: Charlotte SIMON, Negro female, widow, b. 05 May 1860, 61y 7m 19d, d/o Edmond GIRTY, b. VA & do not know, d. 26 Dec 1921, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: Edward BANKS, Negro male, single, b. 20 Mar 1923, BRVA (Bristol, VA), 3m 25d, s/o J. B. CALLMAN, b. VA & Nannnie (?) BANKS, b. VA, d. 16 Jul 1923, bur. Citizen’s Cem.

Bristol: Frank Marion BICKLEY, white male, single, b. VA, 49y, s/o Anne L. BICKLEY, d. 25 Dec 1922, bur. East Hill Cem.

Bristol: Hiram MOORE, white male, widower of Elizabeth SCOTT, 86y, farmer,, d. 08 Jan 1923, s/o Hiram MOORE, b. VA & Nancy DINS_(cut off; Dinsmore Jh), d. of paralysis & old age (Hiram Moore, 26, s/o Hiram Moore & Nancy (Dinsmore —jh), m. in WCV, 08 Dec 1865, Elizabeth Blackwell, wid., d/o James & Amelia Scott

Bristol: James Crawford WASHINGTON, Negro male, married, b. 15 May 1866, 55y 10m 15d, b. Smyth Co. VA, s/o Edw. WASHINGTON, b. VA & Thursa J. ROZAN, b. VA, d. 30 Mar 1922, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: James WHITE, Negro male, married to Louise (?) WHITE, d. 09 Jul 1922, s/o Peter WHITE & Susan WILSON, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: Jno. Roby DICKEY, white male, married to Julia DICKEY, b. 1856, 67y, b. 1856, 67y, b. Independence, VA, s/o S. M. DICKEY, b. Independence, VA & Jane PHILIPS, b. Independence, VA, d. 12 Oct 1923, bur. East Hills Cem.

Bristol: John GRISSOM, Negro male, married, 24y, d. 28 Jul 1922 of gunshot wound (to) chest — supposed to be accidental cont. (? Caught?) gun in hands of wife (?), bur. Citizens

Bristol: John SMITH, colored male, widower of Angeline SMITH, about 56y, b. 1866, VA, don’t know parents names, d. 05 Mar 1922, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: John W. DISHNER, 1915 Mass. Ave., Bristol, white male, married to Martha J. DISHNER, b. 11 Feb 1865, d. 11 Jan 1923, s/o Wm. DISHNER, b. VA & (blank?) HAN (?), b. VA, worked at Columbia paper mill (

Bristol: Jzell (?) G. WRIGHT, white male, (married or widower?), 61y, occupation: medicine, b. IL (?), d. 30 Dec 1924, s/o Richard WRIGHT, b. Miriland (Maryland —jh) & Joeanna PASCAL, b. TN (?), bur. East Hill

Bristol: Lucresy ROBERTS, Negro female, widowed, approx. 75y, b. Mt. Airy, NC, parents Unk., d. 15 Dec 1921, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: Mable EADES, white female, single, 5y 6m 13d, d. 30 Jul 1922 of diabetes mellitis, d/o J. R. EADS & Betty GREER, bur. Bristol, VA

Bristol: Mary William NEIGHBORS, wife of J. W. NEIGHBERS, white female, married, b. VA, 54y, d/o S. A. OSBORNE, VA & Meilenda (?) IRVINE, b. VA, d. 31 Aug 1924, bur. East Hills Cem.

Bristol: Missouri ROBINSON, Negro female, married, b. 12 Aug 1878, TN, 49y 7m 2(?)d, d/o Rufus PATTERSON, b. NC & Susan CLAVIS (or Clanis?; Chavis?), b. NC, D. 07 Jun 1919, bur. Colored Cem., Bristol, VA.

Bristol: Mrs. Clara SAWYERS, Negro female, married to Nelson SAWYERS, 70y, b. VA, parents not known, d. 05 May 1924, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: Mrs. E. T. JONES, white female, widow, 67y b. VA, d/o J. BUNTING Sr., VA & Mary LINDSEY, A, d. 20 Dec 1922 (Bristol, VA)

Bristol: Mrs. Ester TETIS, Negro female, married to Jas. TETIS, 50y, b. RCV, d. 20 Jul 1922 of apoplexy, d/o Anderson HARRIS & unk., bur. Citizens (Cem.)

Bristol: Mrs. Mollie BUNN (Burn — Buren?), Negro female, widow, approx. 69y, b. VA, d/o Ned (?) PARKS, d. 05 Sep 1921, bur. Citizens Cem.

Bristol: Ralph Daprato HUGHES, white male, single, b. 11 May 1907, Bristol, VA, s/o John V. HUGHES, b. VA & Florinda DEPRATO, b. VA, d. 03(?) Aug 1924, bur. East Hills Cem.

Bristol: Rufus PENN, Negro male, married, b. VA, June 1857, 66y, 4m, s/o did not know father or birthplace & Ruth HUGHES, b. VA, d. 31 Oct 1923, bur. Citizens Cem. (Bristol, VA)

Bristol: T. J. NEWMAN, white male, married to Jennie Preston NEWMAN, 80y, b. VA, d. 11 Oct 1924, parents ?, bur. Bristol, TN

BRISTOL: Abner CHESLAR, Fairmont Ave., Bristol, white male, widower, 73y, b. 184(cut off), d. 11 Jan 1923, b. Russia, parents names not given, both b. Russia

Bristol; Mrs. Mary A. BYERS, white female, widow of Birt Jas. M. BYERS, 85y, b. VA, d/o Parham MOON/MOOR(?), b. VA & Susan NORTH, b. VA, d. 21 mar 1922, bur. E. Hills Cem. (Bristol, VA)