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Ashe County, North Carolina Marriages 1801 – 1872

Compiled by Minnie Patrick Osborne and Jeffrey C. Weaver
1989, Ashe County Historical Society, West Jefferson, North Carolina, 28694


The marriage records of Ashe County, North Carolina are incomplete. Some years ago the earliest records were either stolen or burned or both. The 2,100 marriage records presented here are from what remains in the court house in Jefferson, North Carolina; the State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina; the Library of Congress and National Archives, Washington, DC; and other sources, i.e., pension applications and family bibles when available.

Some of these early records are very difficult to read and the best possible transcription has been made. Alternative or modern spellings are given, in the “Comments”, when it seemed necessary for clarity or serious doubt arose. There are conflicting dates on some on the documents, with one stating one thing and another conflicting with that, in such cases both pieces of information are presented with no claim to the correctness of either.

The amount of information given for some marriage records is greater than for others, the pertinent information available is presented, if not, you may assume that it was not given in the original document.

Formatting of this transcript has been something of a problem because there were different types of sources used, therefore some blanks will be found as you search for information.

Source 1 is the marriage register, Ashe County Court House, Jefferson, North Carolina
Source 2 is a collection of loose marriage bonds, Ashe County Court House, Jefferson, North Carolina.
Source 3 is the State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina
Source 4 is other material, pension applications, family bibles, etc.

When searching for marriages in North Carolina (and many other states) prior to 1868, remember it was perfectly legal to be married and have no written record of the event. North Carolina recognized marriage by publication of banns, and common law marriages were not uncommon. In some cases, a common law relationship was established and later a marriage bond was obtained and a formal marriage took place. After Reconstruction and the North Carolina Constitution of 1868, a written record should have been made and probably is preserved. Records after this date may be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Court, Ashe County Court House, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640.

Ashe County, North Carolina Marriages 1801 – 1872
Groom Bride Date Comments Source Administrator Bondsman Witness(es)
Absher, W. C. Blevins, Rhoda 12/17/1876   4      
Adams, Alfred Flannery, Elizabeth 12/18/1839   3   Benet Smith George Bingham
Adams, Allen Green, Peggy 11/26/1827   2,3   Squire Adams David Dugger
Adams, Isaac McCall, Patsy 11/13/1856   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Adams, Talton Ward, Selah 8/4/1824   4   Squire Adams David Dugger, D.
Adkins, Jefferson Dickson, Emily 11/11/1854   3 S. Bowers, J.P.   John J. Sapp, D.
Adkins, John J. Buckley, Susanna B. 9/14/1856   1,3 C.H.Doughton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Aker, Johnson Duvall, Martha 8/28/1867   1,3 James Wagg   E. C. Bartlett
Alexander, William Adams, Patsy 1/1/1827   2,3   Calston Davis David Dugger
Alfred, Riley Gray, Sarah 7/5/1851   1,3 Jesse Farmer   Jno. Ray
Allen, James Lewis, Margaret 10/24/1865   1 C. H. Johnston    
Allen, Samuel G. Anderson, Sophronia D. 8/29/1843   3   John F. Grier John Ray, Clk.
Allison, James Atwood, Jane 9/16/1848   4   Martin F. Hill Daniel Sturgill
Allison, Robert Reedy, Mary 12/2/1847   2,3   James Reedy Daniel Sturgill
Allman, Richard Sheets, Mary 11/21/1854   2,3 Joseph Hudler, J.P.   R. Jones, D.C.
Anders, Henry Hall, July Ann 11/12/1854   2,3 C. H. Doughton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Anders, Jasper Evans, Sally 4/25/1855   2,3 C.H. Doughton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Anders, Merit Stamper, Pansy 8/3/1857 Stamper, Pansy (Tansey) 3 H. R. Vanover   Robert Gambill
Anderson, Churchill Hash, Jesten 12/5/1850   2,3   Lewis Hash Solomon Parsons
Anderson, Elisha Bird, Thursey 6/10/1844   3   James Linesey John Ray, Clk.
Anderson, Floyd Waymon, Margaret 4/3/1853   1,3 S. Smith, J.P.   J. Perkins
Anderson, Freeland Parks, Polly 8/24/1841   3   Thomas H. Anders John Ray, Clk.
Anderson, Henry Hall, Julia Ann 11/12/1854   1 C.H. Doughton, J.P.    
Anderson, Jackson Welshe, Matilda 1/21/1849   2,3   David R. Pugh John Ray, Clk.
Anderson, John Grimes, Jane 3/21/1856   1.3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Anderson, Marion Anderson, Malinda 6/13/1858   1,3 John F. Greer, J. P.   Robert Gambill
Anderson, McCoy Parsons, Mary 1850   2      
Anderson, Riley Landreth, Rachel 8/1/1871   4      
Anderson, Stephen Duvall, Rebecca 11/12/1854   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J. P.   S. Plummer
Anderson, Thomas H. Hagan, Celia 2/17/1842 Hagan, (Haga) Celia 3   Harvey T. Ander John Ray, Clerk
Anderson, Wesley Hash, Margaret 11/24/1844   2,3   James Anderson Solomon Parsons
Anderson, William Jones, Laurie 12/24/1866   3 Elder John Adams Augustus Teague J. H. Carson
Anderson, William Stansbury, Nancy 3/31/1841   2,3   Thos. Ross John Ray, Clk.
Andress, Alfred Blevins, Jane 6/3/1854 Andress, (Andrews) Alfred 1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Andrews, John Pugh, Lindy 5/31/1857 Andrews, (Anders) John 1 H. R. Vanover   John A. Jones
Andrews, Jasper Evans, Sally 4/25/1855   1 C.H. Doughton, J.P.    
Andrews, Newton Osborn, Sarah 9/20/1856   1,3 C.H. Doughton   Robert Gambill
Armstrong, Thomas H. Covington, Anna 7/13/1826   4      
Arney, William F. Winn, Matilda 8/19/1855   1,3 C.H. Doughton, J.P.    
Arnold, J. L. Jones, Catherine 3/1/1897   4      
Arnold, James Day, Mary 2/2/1856   1,3 Samuel Sapp, J.P. James Ashley J. A. King
Arnold, James H. Spencer, Charlotte 3/17/1858   1,3 William Baker   William Baker, J.P.
Arnold, Thomas A. Runels, Mary Elizabeth 11/19/1866   1,3 John Graybeal   Jacob Roten
Arnold, W. C. Ashley, Catherine M. 8/29/1869   4      
Ashley, C. H. Turner, Nancy 7/28/1866   1 Henry Garber    
Ashley, Cary Campbell, Martha 12/4/1865   3     J. P. Ashley
Ashley, Daivd Blevins, Alzina 5/17/1890   4      
Ashley, Francis Toliver, Lucinda 2/6/1847   2,3   James Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Ashley, Harvey Cale, Lavina 1/27/1872   4      
Ashley, John Brown, Catherin 6/16/1867   1,3 James P. Ashley, J.P.   J.P. Ashley, D.
Ashley, William Perry, Christeener 11/30/1845   1,3   Joshua Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Ashley, Willie Weaver, Lockie 4/27/1903   4      
Ashly, Enoch Robberson, Martha 3/12/1867   1,3 J. W. Calhoon   Jacob Roten
Ashly, William Vanzant, Martha 7/20/1868   1,3 J. W. Calhoon, J P   Jacob Roten
Ashly, William Cane, Lucindy C. 3/5/1854   1,3 John Weaver, J.P.    
Atkins, William G. Akers, Lucresa L. 12/15/1846   2,3   George W. Bryan John Ray, Clk
Atwood, Franklin Pew, Aily 1/20/1851 Pew (Pugh), Aily 3   John Atwood  
Atwood, George Cordle, Matilda 11/4/1854 Cordle (Caudill), Matilda 1,3 Jno. A. Jones, J.P.   W. H. Thompson
Atwood, Nathan Hill, Cathany 3/28/1850   2,3   Jordan H. Cox  
Austin, Calvin Taylor, Tincy 6/24/1854   1,3 Jno. A. Jones, J.P.   John Jones
Austin, Edwin Richardson, Louisa 12/25/1856   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Austin, Isaac M. Cornut, Thursey 5/18/1856   1,3 C.H. Doughten   Robert Gambill
Austin, John Leonard, Eveline 11/20/1856   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Ayers, Elicum Lewis, Sarah 2/27/1851   3   Jackson Higgins G. Hagins
Ayers, Granville Dean, Susan 11/8/1857   1,3 J. C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Ayers, John Simmons, Mary 1/27/1857   4      
Ayers, Josiah Younce, Ann 10/14/1854   1.3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Aylott, Adam Flin, Eliza Jane 6/17/1854 (Name probably should be Elliott) 1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edward W. Baldwin
Bab, William Dillard, Fanny 12/27/1827   2,3   David Isaacs David Dugger, D.
Badger, William H. Duvall, Alpha 2/5/1857   3 William Weaver, J.P. James P. Ashley Robert Gambill/J. A. King
Baird, Alexander Vanderpool, Nancy 10/8/1836   3   Bedent Baird David Dugger, D.
Baird, Pittenhous Phillips, Rachel L. 3/24/1849   3   Abner Smith G. M. Bingham
Baker, Adam J. Baldwin, Majah 8/6/1837   2,3 Robert Parsons   John Ray, Clk
Baker, Andrew Hash, Polly 1/3/1840   2,3   Elijah Baker John Ray, Clk
Baker, Calvin Johnson, Katherine 10/11/1843   3   Peter Ernest Hamilton Ray
Baker, Franklin Blevins, Martha 12/28/1872   4      
Baker, Hiram Plummer 12/28/1872   4      
Baker, Hiram McQueen, Martitia 6/24/1867   3 C. K. Miller, M.G.   E. C. Bartlett
Baker, James Baker, Catherine 10/20/1828   3   James Baker A. Mitchell
Baker, James Carter, Catherine 2/23/1862   3     W. A. Wagg, D.C.
Baker, John Eller, Delila 10/31/1854 Eller, Delila (Delia) 1,3 J. A. King, J. P.   J. A. King, D.C.
Baker, Leander Dickson, Rena E. 2/9/1867   1 W. M. Baldwin    
Baker, Phillip Harden, Elizabeth 18__   2      
Baker, William Phipps, Celis 8/25/1856   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J.P. John Jones & William Baker Thomas Wayman
Baker, Zechariah, Jr. Dickson, Zilpha 4/4/1822   3   James Baker, Jr. A. Parkes
Baldwin, John Kilby, Frankey 10/31/1857   1,3 William Sexton, J.P.   R. Jones, D.C.
Baldwin, Noah Blevins, Mahaly 5/14/1857   1,3 A. Blevins Wilson Jones R. Jones, D.C.
Ball, Albert McGrady, Polly 3/8/1883   4      
Ball, Elbert Hash, Liddy 4/6/1862   1,3     John F. Greer, J.P.
Ball, J. W. Hart, Laura 12/26/1895   4      
Ball, James Testerman, Lucinda 11/5/1889   4      
Ball, John A. Reedy, Luticiia 2/15/1876   4      
Ball, Roba Anderson, Morgana 7/9/1895   4      
Ball, William Reedy, Eveline 10/15/1853   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J. P.   S. Plummer
Ball, William J. Thomas, Lucinda 4/26/1862   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer
Ball, William J. Ham, Nessie 10/8/1901   4      
Ballow, Andrew Gabe, Martha 2/22/1868 Ballow (Ballou), (Andrew son of James) 3 John Eller, J.P.   John H. Carson
Ballow, Blake M. Earnest, Patsey 12/21/18__ Ballow (Ballou) 3   Calvin Jones  
Ballow, Napoleon B. Wallis, Martha 5/1/1866 Ballow (Ballou) 1,3 Jackson Blevins   E. Bartlett
Bane, Cleland Carter, Mary 11/6/1856   1.3 Nathaniel Church   C. R. Phillips
Bar, Hugh Koon, Mollie 1/6/1829   3   John Bagler George Bower
Bare, Alford Sheets, Saberry 1/21/1851   3   Stephen Miller Nathan Weaver
Bare, Calvin Miller, Louise 10/7/1866   1 J. B. Miller    
Bare, Daniel Black, Polly 11/2/1852   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   N. H. Waugh, D.
Bare, Eli Sever, Barbary 9/5/1844 Sever (Severt), Barbary 3   Lowry Grimsley John Ray
Bare, Farron Sheets, Rebecca 12/31/1865 Bare, Farron (Farrow) 1,3 J. B. Miller, J.P. Jacob Black E. C. Bartlett
Bare, Felix Sheets, Loretty 3/19/1868   1 J. B. Miller    
Bare, Hamilton Penington, Polley 3/24/1866   3   G. W. Little E. C. Bartlett
Bare, Henry Stamper, Caroline 7/23/1866   1 J. B. Miller, J.P. Wiley Bare E. C. Bartlett
Bare, Henry Harless, Amanda 11/3/1852   3 John Koons, J.P.   N. H. Waugh
Bare, Henry Long, Margaret 1/22/1868   3      
Bare, Jacob Little, Lucinda 8/23/1867 (Jacob son of Hugh), (Lucinda daughter of Isaac) 3 B.V. Idol, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
Bare, Jacob, Jr. Lyall, Dicey 4/4/1822   2,3   James Grimsley A. Parkes
Bare, James Wyatt, Ansley 4/8/1854   3 John Koons, J.P.   Jno Koons, D.
Bare, Jesse Lewis, Nancy 4/3/1871   4      
Bare, Jesse Lewis, Nancy 4/3/1871   4      
Bare, John Lyle, Nancy Caroline 1/24/1858   1 J.P. Waugh, J.P.   J. M. Gentry, C.
Bare, John Lyles, Elizabeth A. 11/20/1854   1 John Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Bare, John Wagoner, Louisa 8/19/1871   4      
Bare, Jonathan Woode, Elisabeth 9/6/1835   2,3   John Koons R. Murchison
Bare, Jourden Bare, Elziny 5/23/1857   1,3 John Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Bare, Porter Henery Harless, Amanda 11/7/1852   1 Jno. Koons, J.P.    
Bare, Rudolph Waggoner, Fanney 2/23/1866   1,3 J. B. Miller, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
Bare, Wilburn Sever, Caroline 4/21/1849 Sever (Severt), 4/21/1849 (47) 2,3   Henry Woodde Nathan Weaver, D.
Bare, Wiley Waggoner, Anna 4/1/1853   1 J. R. Vanover John H. Waggoner Nathan Weaver
Bare, Wiley Morgan, Anna 4/1/1853   1      
Barker, Alfred J. Denny, Cyntha 8/12/1865   1,3   James Denny E. C. Bartlett
Barker, Ambrose Gentry, Mary 9/15/1853   3 D. Smith, J.P. David Smith R. Gambill, Clk.
Barker, Calvin Stuart, Mary 1/12/1860   3 James Smith, J.P.   James Wagg, Clk.
Barker, E. R. Massey, Caroline 18__   1      
Barker, Edward Pendergrass, Mary 9/9/1853   1,3 S. Bowen, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.
Barker, Edward R. Lambert, Caroline 4/13/1861   1,3 J. Hudler, J.P.   J. Hudler, D.C.
Barker, Montgomery Clark, Lydia 8/8/1857   1,3 A. Blevins   S. Plummer
Barker, Noah Pendergrass, Leah __   1     John Eldreth
Barker, Thomas Blevins, Mary 6/22/1858   1,3 H. B. Brown   J. M. Gentry
Barker, William Blevins, Elizabeth 4/18/1846   3   Riley Blevins Peter Ernest
Barker, William Carter, Elizabeth 12/13/1860   1 James Smith    
Barker, William P. Smith, Cyntha C. 11/20/1866   1,3 Jackson Blevins   E. C. Bartlett
Barlow, Mikel Blevins, Nancy 1/23/1864   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   James Wagg, Clk
Barnes, Allen D. Colson, Minervy 4/1/1845   2,3   M. S. Dixon John Ray
Barnhill, John H. Jamison, Mary 8/20/1840   4      
Barr, Jesse Bower, Jane 12/20/1864 Barr, (Burr) Jesse 3 Jacob Koons   S. Bowen
Bartlett, Edwin C. Smittal, Caroline 10/6/1839   2,3   W. C. Parks Jno. Tomlin
Bartley, George W. Leonard, Manerva 3/23/1856   3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Barton, David Parsons, Mary Jane 12/14/1853   1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin   Edw. W. Baldwin
Barton, Franklin Hash, Jane 7/9/1849   2,3   William J. Pasly John Ray, Clk.
Barton, Jahugh Davis, Ruth 2/23/1842   3   Flemming S. Thomas John Ray, Clk
Barton, Jesse Tucker, Elizabeth 12/2/1854   3 J. M. Fisher, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Bass, James Anderson, Fanny 4/4/1829   2,3   John Tomlin  
Bauguess, John Jones, Malinda 1/29/1877   4      
Baugus, Thomas Hagins, Bealy 8/7/1851   1,3 C. Hagins    
Beadwell, Alfred Evans, Eliza Ann 2/15/1855   3 J. W. Fisher, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Beadwell, Isaac Maxby, Lucy 10/22/1856 Maxby (Mosely?), Lucy 1,3 C. H. Doughton    
Beamon, Joseph Church, Melviney 3/11/1856   1,3 James S. Loyd   Robert Gambill
Beaurd, Wiley Pool, Hulda 1/2/1852   1 C.H. DOughton    
Bedsaul, Elisha, Jr. Wilkenson, Priscilla 1/19/1857   1,3     Hiram Higgins
Beeman, William T. Blevins, Carline 12/13/1856 (One source seems to read Hiley Blevins). 1,3 S. Bowen, J.B. David Pepper W. R. Jones, D.C.
Bell, John Tatum, Ann 6/29/1867 (Both persons of color). 1     N. Bledsoe
Bennet, Easter Sexton, Loransey 1847   2      
Bevins, Ralp Krows, Mary J. 4/8/1857 (Probably Blevins and Crouse vice Bevins and Krows). 3 Joshua Long   Joshua Caudill
Billings, Granville Andrews, Margaret 6/16/1853   2,3 C.H. Doughton, J.P.   Morgan Bryan
Bird, Bolden D. Anderson, Nancy 9/20/1846   2,3   Andrew Jones John Ray, Clk.
Bishop, Elbert Madron, Martha 8/14/1858   1,3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Black, Daniel Miller, Louisa 12/27/1866   1,3 J.B. Miller   E. C. Bartlett
Black, John Bare, Rachel 12/26/1849   2,3   Ambrose P. Cox John Ray
Black, Michael D. Brown, Aley 11/28/1854   1,3 John Koons, J.P.   J. M. Gentry
Blackburn, Edmond Hodges, Syntha 12/23/1846   2,3   George W. McN. G. M. Bingham
Blackburn, George Green, Caroline 2/16/1866   1 J. Blevins    
Blackburn, George F. Mikel, Rhoda A. 10/30/1867   1,3     John S. Howell
Blackburn, Isaac Tatum, Martha 3/4/1846   2,3   Golston Davis  
Blackburn, Jeremiah Sanders, Mandy 1/14/1857   1 S. Bowers, J.P.    
Blackburn, Levi Seehorn, Elizabeth 8/6/1857   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Blackburn, Solomon Elrod, Mary 12/21/1843   3     H. Ray & Hiram Elrod
Blackburn, Solomon Barker, Louisa 7/5/1852   1 S. Bower, J.P.    
Blackenbecker, John Williams, Mary 10/12/1840   3   Granville H. Wi. John Ray, Clk
Blackman, Jeremiah Landers, Mandy 1/14/1857   1 S.S. Bowers, J.P. Thos. Barker R. Jones
Blessing, Henry Kesling, Eliza Ann 7/1/1847   2,3   John C. Repass John Ray, Clk.
Blevins, Albert Pennington, Caroline 1/23/1866   1,3 T. J. Jones   William Baker
Blevins, Alfred Sheets, Marjory 12/22/1857   1,3 H. B. Brown   S. Plummer, D.C.
Blevins, Allen Williams, Rachel 10/30/1864   3 John Eldreth, J.P.   James Wagg, Clk.
Blevins, Andrew Greer, Anna 12/31/1868   1 R. Jones    
Blevins, Andrew Clark, Alia 2/8/1874   4      
Blevins, Armstrong Blevins, Susan 11/25/1853   1,3 E. Edmondson    
Blevins, Bartlett Carter, Evalin 12/16/1865   1,3   William Barker E. C. Bartlett
Blevins, C. Childers, Elizabeth 1/9/1872   4      
Blevins, Calton Dunkin, Nancy 5/10/1854   1,3 E. Edmondson, M.G.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Blevins, Calven Price, Mary 12/8/1853   3 Jno. Weaver, J.P. William Blevins R. Jones, D.C.
Blevins, Calvin Wolf, Elizabeth 4/20/1853   4 Thomas C. Douglas, J.P.   C.H. Doughton
Blevins, Calvin Pennington, Easter 2/1/1867   1,3 Jacob Eller   R. T. Hardin, Clk
Blevins, Calvin Simmons, Mary 8/29/1866   1,3 T. J. Jones   William Baker, Clk.
Blevins, Daniel Edwards, Emeline 5/26/1855   3 S. Bowers, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Blevins, Daniel Peacock, Laura 10/18/1866   3 Thomas Jones   William Baker
Blevins, Daniel Edwards, Emeline 5/2/1855   1 S. Bowers    
Blevins, David Buckner, Betsey 3/29/1830   3   James Blevins George Bower
Blevins, David Blevins, Sarah 10/9/1851   1 E. Edmondson    
Blevins, David Jacks, Nancy A.     4 Richard Jacks    
Blevins, Douglass Parsons, Calay 3/28/1866   1,3 Andrew Powers   R. T. Harden
Blevins, E. F. Ball, Liza 1902   4      
Blevins, Edward Blevins, Susan 11/22/1853   3   Edward Blevins J. M. Gentry
Blevins, Eli Ham, Nancy 11/11/1875   4      
Blevins, Eli A. Ingram, Nancy 1/30/1854   1,3     S. Plummer, D.C.
Blevins, Eli W. Carter, Samantha 4/4/1871   4      
Blevins, Elihu Sullivan, Pheobe 2/13/1870   4      
Blevins, F. M. Blevins, Mary A. 7/19/1862   3   Moris Blevins  
Blevins, Fielden Brown, Mary Jane 10/15/1874   4      
Blevins, Filbern Dolinger, Rebecca J. 8/10/1855   1 A. Blevins    
Blevins, Gilbert Dolinger, Rebecca Jane 8/4/1855   3 A. Blevins   R. Jones, D.C.
Blevins, Granville Doughton, Mary 10/8/1849   1,2,3   Silvester Blevins Nathan Weaver
Blevins, Harison Ward, Nancy 8/14/1865   1,3 John Ham, J.P.   R. T. Hardin
Blevins, Isaac Walls, Keziah 2/24/1877   4      
Blevins, J. M. Wilt, Jane 11/18/1871   4      
Blevins, J. R. Perry, Eva Isabelle 9/30/1901   4      
Blevins, Jacob Plumer, Mary 12/28/1857   1,3 S. Bowers, J.P. Joel Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Blevins, James Blevins, Mary 12/7/1872   4      
Blevins, James Baker, Sarah 1/26/1871   4      
Blevins, James A. Blevins, Malinda 11/4/1871   4      
Blevins, James A. Sullen, Louisa 1/22/1875   4      
Blevins, Jehu Patrick, Rebecca 4/5/1877   4      
Blevins, Jesse Stringer, Margaret 12/25/1869   4      
Blevins, John Carter, Evaline 10/16/1869   4      
Blevins, Jonathan F. Findley, Martha J. 1/29/1862   3 Morris Blevins    
Blevins, Joseph A. Weaver, Elizabeth 2/4/1880   4      
Blevins, Leander Hart, Elizabeth 3/19/1874   4      
Blevins, Levi Ham, Evaline 12/22/1876   4      
Blevins, Levi Thompson, Adey 11/24/1855   4      
Blevins, Lilburn Dolinger, Rebecca Jane 8/10/1857   1      
Blevins, Loyall Price, Rhoda 9/17/1869   4      
Blevins, M.D. Blevins, M. E. 8/6/1875   4      
Blevins, Noah M. Dolinger, Catherine 11/1/1874   4      
Blevins, Pine D. Blevins, Lydia 3/29/1856 (Poindexter) 1,3 James S. Loyds   S. Plummer, D.
Blevins, R. Rourk, Lettie E. 7/9/1869   4      
Blevins, Ralph Crouse, Mary 4/9/1857   1 Joshua Long    
Blevins, Riley Barker, Agnus 7/19/1845   2,3   James Bl. Peter Earnest
Blevins, Riley Ham, Ally 12/22/1869   4      
Blevins, Robert Jacks, Mary 5/11/1856   1 S. Bowers, J.P.    
Blevins, Shubal Blevins, M. Ada 10/22/1869   4      
Blevins, Silvester Moxley, Mary 2/19/1848   2,3 Andrew Bl.   William Weaver, Jr., D.C.
Blevins, Sol. Ham, Bertha 11/20/1893   4      
Blevins, Stephen Mink, Jane 8/29/1855   1,3 Reuben Kilby, M.D.   R. Jones, D.C.
Blevins, Thomas Thompson, Christena 12/24/1869   4      
Blevins, W. L. Blevins, Elizabeth 9/19/1872   4      
Blevins, Wells Brinegar, Rebecca J. 3/19/1869   4      
Blevins, Wiley Perkins, Hiley 11/28/1886   4      
Blevins, William Lewis, Martha 7/14/1865   1 Solomon Blackburn    
Blevins, William C. Wyatt, Martha E. 9/20/1870   4      
Blevins, William J. Stuart, Maggie 2/9/1875   4      
Blevins, William M. Thompson, Mary L. 3/12/1870   4      
Boggs, Peter Fowler Weaver, Elizabeth 12/24/1871   4      
Bolen, Aaron Woody, Jane 3/21/1853   1,3 John Koons, J.P.   N.H. Waugh, D.
Bolen, Andy Weaver, Catherine 12/1/1867   3     James P. Ashley
Boren, Stephen Pendre, Martha 7/30/1851   1 C.H. Doughten    
Bouyer, William Greer, Catherine 10/9/1853   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Bowers, Samuel Dolinger, Louisa 9/14/1846   2,3   George Blevins Peter Earnest
Bowlin, Elijah Dillard, Rachel 5/20/1850   3   William Dillard  
Bowman, J. W. Wishon, Margaret 12/2/1866   1,3      
Brackens, Anderson Lyle, Ann 3/4/1840   2,3   James Lyall R. Murchison
Bracket, William B. Osborne, Caroline 9/17/1872   4      
Brackins, Anderson Lyles, Anna 2/26/1866   1,3     E. C. Bartlett
Brannock, James W. Smith, Elisabeth 9/14/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Brewer, Fielding Halsey, Jane 2/17/1859   3 John F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer
Brinager, David Osborn, Sarah 2/28/1857   3 H. R. Vanover   John A. Jones
Brinegar, Calvin Blevins, Eveline 9/11/1845   2      
Brinegar, William Holloway, Mary C. 11/6/1854 (Source 1 says Gaither Bringear). 1,3 Joshua Long, M.G.   John Koons, D.C.
Brooks, David M. Neaves, Frances M. 11/28/1867   1 Solomon Blackburn, M.G.    
Brooks, James H. Blevins, Louisa J. 2/22/1869   4      
Brooks, Leander Eller, Elizabeth 6/7/1866   1 Henry Garber    
Brooks, Meredith Pane, Mehaly 7/15/1840   3     Wiley Sheets
Brooks, Nathan T. Brooks, E. P. 9/7/1851   1 John Weaver, J.P.    
Brooks, Shubal Frazier, Matilda Ann 5/6/1855   1,3 John Weaver, J.P.   John Weaver
Brooks, Sidney Weaver, Bertie 4/30/1897   4      
Brooks, St. Ledger Neeves, Elizabeth 3/2/1854   1.3 S. Bowen, J.P.   J. M. Gentry, D.C.
Brooks, Thomas Beck, Rachel E. 2/12/1842   2,3   Peter Earnest R. Murchison
Brown, Ada Church, Katherine 1/7/1858   1,3 J. S. Tatum, J.P. Lewis Church Robert Gambill
Brown, Benj. Calhoun, Catherine 11/13/1868   1 J. W. Calhoun    
Brown, Fielding Halsey, Jane 2/17/1859   1 John F. Greer    
Brown, George Osborn, Anna 12/24/1868 (s/o George & Abigail), (d/o Joseph & Phyllis), (W: David Younce) 1,3      
Brown, Isaac M. Goss, Elvira 11/6/1868   1 J. W. Calhoun, J.P.    
Brown, Joseph Green, Sally 5/10/1846   2,3   Robert Shearer  
Brown, Major Blevins, Sarah 7/5/1857   1,3 S. Bowers, J.P.   A. G. McMillan
Brown, Susannah Horton, James 4/12/1843   4      
Brown, Walter Hensley, Elizabeth 5/27/1849   2      
Brown, Wesley w. Stamper, Sarah 3/27/1852   4   Jas. W. Shepherd Nathan Weaver
Bryan, Riley O. Nance, Elizabeth 4/26/1853   1 T. Wayman, J.P.    
Bryant, Eli Stamper, Emily 12/31/1840   4      
Bryant, George W. Snavely, Elizabeth Jane 3/10/1846   2,3   Thomas Ross John Ray, Clk.
Bryant, Lewis Phipps, Drucy 12/20/1849   2,3   Lewis Hale John Ray, Clk.
Bryant, William Cox, Emeline 5/16/1857   1,3 H. B. Williams, J.P.   H. B. Williams
Bumgardner, Joseph King, Margaret 1/15/1844   2,3   John Vaught John Ray, Clk.
Bumgarner, George Miller, Sibba 2/19/1852   1 George Patrick    
Burchett, John A. Carter, Isabell 12/21/1878   4      
Burgess, Andrew Patrick, Elzina 12/20/1868   1 W. B. Carson    
Burgess, Catlin Loflin, Margarit 10/1/1856 (Carlton) 1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P. William F. Head R. Jones, D.C.
Burgess, Hugh Mash, Eve 10/21/1851   1,3 J. Faw, J.P.   N. H. Waugh, D.
Burgess, James Patrick, Martha An 3/2/1868 Patrick, Martha An(n) 3     E. C. Bartlett
Burgess, Thomas Mash, Nancy 10/11/1865   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   John Koons, D.C.
Burk, Alexander C. MacGrady, Parsade H. 12/10/1860   3   Hesekiah MacGrady  
Burke, Charles W. Jones, Malvina 3/12/1857   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P. Madison Hart Thomas Wayman
Burke, William E. Drawn, Nancy 5/14/1853 (Draughn) 1,3 John Weaver, J.P. John Ballow Daniel Sturgill
Burket, David Hardin, Katherine 1/15/1855 Burket, David (Daniel) 1,3 Geo. W. Hamilton, J.P.   J. M. Gentry
Burkett, C. A. Hawthorn, Margaret 5/13/1871   4      
Burkett, George Weaver, Catherine 11/16/1872   4      
Burkett, George Hawthorn, Bettie 12/9/1868   1 William Blevins    
Burton, Jesse Tucker, Elizabeth 12/2/1854   1,3 J. W. Fisher Benjamin Phipps R. Gambill
Busic, John Halsey, Adey Ann 10/25/1857   3 H. B. Williams, J.P. L. H. Halsey H. B. Williams
Byland, Green Mikeal, Delilia 11/26/1868   1 A. Mikeal.    
Cahoon, James Wright, Hattie 12/31/1852 Cahoon (Calhoun), James 1 Sam’l Sapp, J.P.    
Calaway, William Aldridge, Rachel 3/3/1825   2,3   Mark Holsclaw David Dugger, D.
Caldwell, Freland ____ 18__   3   Stephen Blevins  
Caldwell, Samuel D. Williams, Susan 12/16/1851   1,3 J.A. Jones, J.P. Js. Caldwell Dan Sturgill
Calhoon, W. K. Osborn, Anna 9/15/1865   3   J.W. Calhoun  
Calhoun, Barnabas Roark, Nancy 1/6/1859   1 A. King    
Calhoun, John Farmer, Elizabeth 9/20/1865   1 John Ham    
Calhoun, John W. Roten, Mary A. 12/26/1875   4      
Callans, William Callans, Margaret 12/10/1829   4      
Callaway, _______ Wood, Martha 2/13/1858   1 R. Jones    
Callaway, J. F. Callaway, Mary Jane 9/26/1857   1,3     Shad. Calley, D.
Calloway, Daniel Z. Baugess, Sarah 3/26/1866   1 Andrew Powers    
Calloway, Harrison Clarke, Jane 12/30/1847   2,3   Golston Davis  
Calloway, Jacob Wagg, Martha 10/25/1866   3 A. B. Cox, M.G.   E. C. Bartlett
Calloway, Miles B. Peacock, Sarah E. 5/22/1867   1,3 C.K. Miller, M.G.   E. C. Bartlett
Camp, Daniel Clemmons, Catherine 6/18/1865   1 James Sapp    
Campbell, George Turner, Susan 11/10/1855   1 S. Bowers, J.P.   John J. Sapp
Campbell, Hilton Turner, E. J. 10/26/1857   1,3 S. Bowers, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Campbell, William A. Houck, Caroline 8/5/1854   3   David Howell John J. Sapp, D.
Camron, John S. Moor, Milly 7/30/1849   2,3   Joseph H. Stall John Ray, Clk.
Cannay, Aaron Blankett, Eliza 2/1/1855   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
Cannon, William F. Shull, Elizabeth 2/28/1844   3   Moses Brooks  
Capehart, F. M. Ray, Eveline 12/17/1853 Capehart, F. M. (F. W.) 1,3 B. C. Calloway, J.P. Jno. Sapp J. M. Gentry, D.
Carico, Joseph Shaw, Sarah 10/19/1857   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Carnut, Hiram Johnson, Sarah 7/29/1829   2,3   Jesse Price Thomas Colloway
Carnut, Samuel M. McCarter, Catherine Jane 4/1/1856   3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Carnutt, Francis D. Austin, Matilda 1/18/1851   3   Lewis H. Perkins A. B. Cox
Carnutt, George W. Cox, Susanar 2/18/1865   3 Joshua Cole, M.G.   James Wagg, Clk.
Carpenter, David L. Jones, Jane 3/19/1872   4      
Carr, James J. Jennings, Martha 10/12/1855   1,3 L. A. White   T. C. Douglas
Carr, Wilborn Jennings, Mary 10/12/1857   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Carrel, Cleavin Triplett, Charlotty 2/6/1840   2,3   Dennis Carrel James Horton
Carrel, Evan M. Smith, Rebecca 8/4/1840   2,3 J. J. Watts, M.G.   R. Jacks, D.C.
Carson, JOhn M. Perkins, Mary M. 12/26/1864   1,3 J. W. Bowman, M.G. J.E. Foster James Wagg, Clk.
Carson, William Boyer, Mary E. 1/29/1865   1,3 J. W. Bowman, M.G. A. J. Grubb & Wm. Carson Thomas Wayman
Carter, Allen Ross, Mary 3/2/1841   3   Adolphus Ross & Allen Carter John Tomlin
Carter, C. M. Ellis, Isabelle 8/24/1865   1 J. Blevins    
Carter, Ira Jones, Angeline 7/13/1879   4      
Carter, Isaac M. Blevins, Hiley 12/24/1864   3   Clarence Carter E. C. Bartlett
Carter, Joel Barker, Amanda 11/25/1866   1 J. L. Forester    
Carter, Osben Hugin, Elizabeth 8/23/1857   1 William Calloway    
Cass, Ebenezer Parker, Nancy Emeline 10/16/1853   1 C.H. Johnson, J.P.    
Cassell, John A. Umbarger, Frances A. 6/7/1847   2,3   Levi Umbarger John Ray, Clk.
Cates, John P. Goins, Martha L. 6/8/1861   3   Hesekiah McGrady Joshua Sturgill
Caudill, Jesse, M.D. Stamper, Charlotte 10/22/1858 Stamper, Charlotte (Caroline) 1,3 H. R. Vanover   Robert Gambill
Caudill, Mark Eller, Rebecca 3/8/1871   4      
Caudle, A. J. Phipps, Ranzymon 1/3/1856   1,3 Henry Vanover   John A. Jones
Cavender, Obediah McMellon, Cinthy 12/15/1846   2,3   George D. Men. John Ray, Clk.
Chambers, Francis M. Blevins, Nancy 12/21/1865   3 R. Jones Solomon Blevins R. Jones
Chambers, James H. Johnston, Elizabeth 7/9/1859   1 S. Bowers, J.P.    
Chambers, Solomon Howell, Tarosea 11/22/1865   1,3   James Denny  
Chandler, Elijah Richardson, Jane 1/12/1842   3   Hardin B. Willi. John Ray, Clk.
Chandler, Francis Baker, Fanny 9/3/1835   2,3   Thomas Ross John Ray, Clk.
Cheek, Richard Jennings, Marthy 1/28/1857   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Chesser, Jonathen Seaford, Leaney 7/30/1827   2,3   Henry Mash Thomas Calloway
Childers, Alford Perry, Millie Ann 4/26/1855 (Source 1 says Hurley vice Perry) 1,3 J. F. Mashburn, J.P.   John Weaver
Childers, George W. Ham, Mary 5/21/1841   2      
Childers, John Testerman, Caroline 9/19/1867   3 J.C. Eller, J.P.   R. T. Hardin, C.
Childers, William Hartzog, Caroline 1/12/1871   4      
Choat, Joshua S. Fender, Margaret 9/16/1854   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Church, James J. Blackburn, Laura V. 5/13/1872   4      
Church, Marion Hilyard, Mary 1/14/1849   2,3   William Prophet  
Church, Pryor Eller, Mary 6/2/1871   4      
Clark, Allen Blevins, Lydia 4/3/1862   1,3 Andrew Powers   Joshua Sturgill
Clark, Jesse H. Brooks, Margaret 5/12/1846   2,3   Samuel Bowers Peter Earnest
Clark, Jonathan H. Hunley, Martha 1/6/1822 (Hurley) 2,3   St. Ledger Brooks A. Parkes
Clarke, James W. Lusk, Susan 12/2/1848   2,3   Harrison Calloway G. M. Bingham
Clary, John Richardson, Elender Jane 2/8/1859   1,3 Joshua Long, D.D.   R. Gambill, C.
Clawson, Ebenezer Wilson, Sarah 11/12/1826   2,3   John J. Whittin David Dugger, D.
Cline, Granvil Grubb, Rachel 1/24/1847   2,3   Henry J. Parson John Ray, Clk.
Cline, Leanderson Ketran, Susan 6/6/1844   2,3   Hezekiah Perkins John Ray, Clk
Cohoon, John Farmer, Elizabeth 9/20/1865   3   B. F. Jackson  
Coldiron, Ambrose P. Little, Sarah 4/7/1851   3   Michael Miller Nathan Weaver
Cole, David F. Sluder, Elizabeth 1/17/1857   1,3 Jesse Farmer, D.D.   Robert Gambill
Cole, James Osborn, Rebecca 4/6/1855   1,3 Jesse Farmer, D.D. Alex Sutherland J. A. King, D.
Cole, Joseph Sluder, Malinda 2/10/1858   1,3 Joshua Cole, L.D.   E. Roark
Cole, Linder Weaver, Dorthula 11/15/1868   1 William Sexton    
Cole, Lorenzo Gambill, Patsy 4/3/1853   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
Coleson, Jehu Norman, Pernina A. 11/6/1856 Coleson, Jehu (John P.) 1,3 S. Isom, J.P.   S. Isom, J.P.
Coley, Thomas Arney, Emaline 7/18/1847   2,3   David Derting John Ray, Clk
Collins, C. H. Andress, Matilda 12/24/1857 (Source 1 says Andrews vice Andress) 1,3 T.C. Douglas   T. C. Douglas
Collins, Currin Woodruff, Caroline 2/15/1854   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas, J.P.
Collins, John Hampton, Phillis 3/4/1858   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Collins, Levi Robeson, Ferraby 7/31/1829   3   Elisha Collins  
Collins, Macajah Bare, Barbara 12/30/1830   3   Andrew Black  
Collins, Wiley G. Brewer, Sarah 11/29/1853   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Collins, William Collins, Margaret 182_   2      
Colvard, T. F. Reeves, L. C. 8/5/1866   1 E. V. Idol    
Colvard, William E. Mash, Martha 9/28/1853   3 B. E. Calloway, J.P.   Jesse Mash & James Gentry
Combs, John Toliver, Tabitha “Bithey” 11/19/1855   1,3 T. C. Douglas   T. C. Douglas
Combs, Sampson _____ 3/1/1857   1 John F. Greer    
Comer, John Perkins, Susanna 11/8/1848   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Comer, Stephen Loveless, Sary Ann 12/23/1852 Loveless, Sary (Mary) Ann 1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer
Comes, Jackson Howell, Martha 6/15/1855   3 James Wagg   J. M. Gentry
Comes, James T. Davis, Amanda 10/22/1857   1,3     T. C. Douglas, J.P.
Cook, Harrison Tucker, Polly Ann 8/24/1866   2 Reuben Kilby    
Cook, Irwin Kelly, Ellen 5/1/1872   4      
Cook, John Miller, Eveline 9/10/1865   2 John Ham    
Cooper, James McGuire, Nancy 12/7/1857   3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Cooper, Lockard Cowen, Mary 2/7/1853   1,3 Jno. Gambill, J.P.   A.B. Cox, D.C.
Cooper, William Clampit, Nancy 12/7/1829   3   Caleb R. Phil. & Wm. Cooper J. Tomlin
Cormey, Aaron Blanchet, Eliza 2/1/1855   3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Cornett, Carpus Anderson, Senia 10/8/1872   4      
Cornett, George Cox, Susan 2/29/1865 2/29(?)/1865 1 Joshua Cole    
Cornett, Samuel M. McCarter, Katherine Jane 4/18/1856   1 C.H. Doughten    
Council, Benjamin Shull, Temperance 7/20/1839   3   John Horton James Horton
Cowles, William H. H. Worth, Rosamond C. 6/1/1870   4      
Cox, Alexander Bishop, Margaret 11/15/1851   1,3 A. B. Cox, J.P. Benjamin Ward A. B. Cox
Cox, Alexander Long, Tabitha 1/1/1859   1,3 Caleb Osborne   John Parson
Cox, Aris Cornett, Amanda S. 8/5/1871   4      
Cox, Calloway Osborn, Nancy J. 4/18/1858   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Cox, Ebenezer Parker, Nancy Emeline 10/16/1853   3 C. H. Johnson, J.P.   Jos. A. King, D.
Cox, Eli Billings, Polly 5/2/1853   1 Thomas C. Douglas    
Cox, Hardin Cox, Emeline 12/25/1853   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robt. Gambill
Cox, Haywood Jennings, Frances 12/25/1852   1 Thos. C. Douglas    
Cox, Hugh Jones, Mary 0/22/1851   3   William Cox G. Hagins
Cox, Isom Strange, Luisey 1/24/1849   2,3   John Halsey John Ray, Clk.
Cox, Jesse Hash, Rosey 4/10/1848   2,3   Lewis Hash John Ray, Clk.
Cox, John Bare, Sarah 5/30/1857   3 John Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Cox, John R. Andress, Mary 11/27/1853   1,3 Thos. C. Douglas, J.P.   Thos C. Douglas
Cox, Joseph Jones, Sinah 10/19/1850   3   Abner Williams G. Higgins
Cox, Joshua Brown, Rode 12/29/1838   3   Thomas Higgins G. Higgins
Cox, Joshua Higgins, Jane 10/27/1850   4      
Cox, Joshua B. Ward, Margaret Booth 1/15/1854 (Both from Grayson Co., VA). 1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edw. W. Baldwin
Cox, Levi Miller, Margaret 4/23/1856   1,3 John Koons, J.P.   Jno. Reeves, D.C.
Cox, Rufus Simcock, Mary Ann 5/2/1858   1,3 J. C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Cox, S. V. Cox, Mary Jane 10/9/1868   1 C. K. Miller    
Cox, Solomon Edwards, Frances 8/11/1850   2,3   Clark Brown Goldman Higgins
Cox, William Poe, Mary 12/7/1868 (s/o Joshua), (d/o John) 3 Joshua Long   G. E. Ketchum
Cox, Wilson Hubard, Eliza 6/3/1840   2,3   John Grimsley Jno. Tomlin.
Crabb, Thomas Walker, Frances 11/13/1856   1 Caleb Osborne    
Crabtree, Solomon F. Nichols, Martha 9/5/1861   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J.P. Garrot Duvall Thos. Wayman
Craggs, David H. Hilton, Katherine 2/9/1852   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
Crawford, William M. David, Edith 7/8/1855   1,3 Spencer Isom, J.P.   Spencer Isom, J.P.
Crigger, Ephraim Phillippe, Barbary 8/6/1849   2,3   Rufus M. Blacka (?) John Ray, Clk.
Crigger, Richard Newcomer, Susan Catherine 8/15/1846   2,3   Granville Cline John Ray, Clk
Crows, Harvy Brown, Rebecca 4/2/1855   1,3 Jno. H. Carson, J.P.   W. H. Thompson
Crows, Henderson Howel, Maryann 3/4/1856   1,3 Jno. H. Carson, J.P.   Robt. Gambill
Crows, John Fry, Margaret Ann 4/22/1855   1 A. Blevins    
Crows, Martin Wolfe, Mary 12/20/1854   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   Thos. C. Douglas
Cullups, W. H. Crocket, Mary E. 10/6/1858   1,3 James Granville, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Curry, William Holaway, Eleaner 10/31/1844   2,3   John C. Pasely John Ray, Clk.
Dancy, Obadiah Martin, Elisabeth 2/20/1846   2,3   Noah Dancy  
Dangerfield, Owen Davison, Matilda 2/7/1855   1,3 C.H. Doughten   Robert Gambill
Darnell, Alexander Sheets, Louisa 9/6/1866     J.B. Miller    
Darnell, Lewis W. Childress, Ruth 2/19/1876   4      
Darnell, Silvester Weaver, Martha 12/6/1872   4      
Darnell, Wade H. Jones, Matilda 3/3/1871   4      
Darnell, William Taylor, Rebecca 1/1/1874   4      
Daugherty, Anthony C. Ford, Deborah 2/26/1843   3   William R. Prop G. M. Bingham
Daugherty, D. B. Bartlett, Ellen 12/5/1867   1 James Wagg    
Davidson, Andrew Freeman, Mary 5/10/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Davis, A. J. Ham, Rachel 5/26/1871   4      
Davis, Amasiah Davis, Jane 2/26/1859   4 J. C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Davis, Andrew J. Wilson, Martha Ann 4/25/1858   1,3 J. C. Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Davis, Calvin Pennington, Matilda 6/25/1861   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   John Eldreth
Davis, D. T. Reves, Mahala 3/9/1856   1,3 J. W. Fisher    
Davis, Dolphin Alston Heath, America C. 7/24/1872   4      
Davis, Eli Standford, Reney 2/5/1852   1,3 Jas. Sturgill, J.P. William Halsey Daniel Sturgill
Davis, Enoch Jones, Sarah 6/14/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Davis, G. Witherspoon, Ellen 1868   1 J. Blevins    
Davis, Granville H. Wilson, Rachel 11/19/1853   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Davis, Henderson Spencer, Caroline 10/9/1862   1,3   Uriah Peak Thomas Wayman, J.P.
Davis, Henry Simcock, Beuly Jane 9/16/1850   3   John Higgins G. Higgins
Davis, Henry A. Taylor, Caroline 4/5/1856   1,3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Davis, James Reedy, Lucinda 3/3/1852   1 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Davis, James M. Price, Mary 4/18/1871   4      
Davis, John Weiss, Mary 3/22/1848   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Davis, John Miller, Sally 11/15/1830   3     William Weaver
Davis, Jordan Blevins, Oma 9/7/1873   4      
Davis, Loranzo D. Kerby, Frances 11/20/1855   1,3 G. Gagins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Davis, Milton Isaacs, Margaret 11/15/1840   2,3   Hiram McBride G. M. Bingham
Davis, Richard M. Davis, Lucy A. 12/24/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Davis, Samuel Hash, Elizabeth 2/2/1840   2,3   Elijah Baker John Ray, Clk
Davis, William H. Miller, Mary A. 2/14/1867   3 A. Blevins   R. T. Hardin, C.
DeBoard, Benjamin Long, Pheba 10/13/1850   3   Jacob DeBoard Daniel Sturgill
DeBoard, David C. Blevins, Marcella 11/23/1874   4      
DeFriece, Elem Malary, Eliza 3/28/1854   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robt. Gambill
Dellure, Wesly Howk, Charity 8/24/1865   1 Jesse B. Meter (?)    
Delp, Levi Pool, Elizabeth 11/3/1844   3   Waid Hackler John Ray, Clk.
Delp, Marshal Anderson, Mary Ann 5/24/1856   1,3 H. B. Williams Hezekiah Pasley H. B. Wms.
Delp, Washington Chadwell, Nancy 6/14/1852   1 C.H. Doughten    
Dempsey, John A. Peek, Sarah 8/28/1858   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J.P. Floid Anderson T. Wayman
Denkin, John Pearce, Ellen 1/4/1846   3   William McCrac. G. M. Bingham
Denny, Calvin Denny, Matilda 8/17/1861   3 John Weaver, J.P.   John Weaver
Denny, Cornelius H. Weaver, Margaret 5/7/1861   1,3 John Weaver, J.P.   John Weaver
Denny, Uriah Denny, Mary 5/23/1858   1,3 William Sexton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Devenport, Jackson Wilson, Betsey 3/29/1841   3   Joseph E. Wilson G. M. Bingham
Dickenson, John E. Grace, Mary 2/18/1855   1,3 E. Edmondson   R. Jones, D.C. & R. Gambill
Dickson, James Senter, Causby 12/31/1870   4      
Dickson, John Colvard, Sibby 1822   2      
Dickson, John A. Carter, Elizabeth 12/28/1865   1 John Adams    
Dillard, Jesse Brown, Ellen 1/7/1868   3     E. C. Bartlett
Dillard, Wesley Houck, Charity 8/23/1865   3 J. B. Miller, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
Dixon, Daniel Dunn, Sorfina 8/7/1871   4      
Dolinger, Franklin Cook, Elizabeth 5/26/1854   1 Reuben Kilby   R. Jones, D. C.
Dolinger, John Caldwell, Elizabeth 2/26/1849   2,3   Samuel Bowers  
Dolinger, Joseph Blevins, Nancy 1/31/1875   4      
Dolinger, Robert Anderson, Seley 7/2/1867   1,3 John Ham, J.P.   John Ham
Dolinger, Robert Powers, Leah 6/2/1856   1,3 Reuben Kilby   R. Jones, D.C.
Dollar, Monroe Pennington, Elizabeth 1/17/1857   1 John Weaver    
Dollar, William H. Jones, Rhoda 9/10/1865   1,3   William Latham  
Dotson, Allen Pearce, Delilah 2/25/1843   2,3   Joseph Pearce G. M. Bingham
Dotson, Jordon Wilson, Mary 1825   2      
Dotson, Reuben Johnson, Sally 1/10/1844   3   Abraham Wilson  
Dotson, William E. Bumgardner, Elizabeth 1/27/1845   2,3   Allen Dotson  
Dougherty, Thomas McBride, Hannah 1845   2      
Doughten, J. H. Jones, Rebecca 3/10/1855   1,3 Jno. A. Jones, J.P.   Jno. A. Jones
Douglas, Giles Bryan, Phebe 3/24/1858   1,3 Morgan Bryan   T. C. Douglas, D.C.
Douglass, Thomas J. Crows, Sarah L. 4/5/1855   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.    
Draughn, Elias Pugh, Rhoda 3/10/1846   2,3   Roderick Murchison Jno. Ray
Dugger, John Arnold, Melinda 7/23/1854   1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P. William Jones & Wm. Henry Arnold. J. A. King
Dugger, William Holsclaw, Elizabeth 1828   2      
Duncan, John Hubbard, Elizabeth 3/26/1864   3   E. F. Foster  
Duncan, Thomas Furches, Elizabeth 4/14/1867   1,3 Solomon Blackburn   E. C. Bartlett
Dunkin, Joseph ___ 2/23/1840   3   John Ross John Ray, Clk.
Dunn, Calaway Wood, Martha 11/29/1857   3 Joseph Hudler, J.P. Jackson Church R. Jones
Dunn, James Dunn, Catherine 11/6/1850   4      
Dunn, Junis Blevins, Milla E. 5/2/1864   3 P. B. Welsh   James Wagg, C.C.
Dutton, James Ward, Susannah 9/22/1854   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P.   James Sturgill
Dutton, John T. Murcer, Nancy E. 4/4/1857   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Duvall, James Ashley, Lucinda 10/12/1858   1,3 William Weaver, J.P.   J. M. Gentry
Duvall, Jarred Wayman, Polly 7/3/1856   1,3 William Weaver   Robert Gambill
Duvall, Joseph Gentry, Amanda 1/8/1867   3 A. B. Cox, M.G.   J. P. Ashley, D.
Duvall, Samuel Pope, Elizabeth 8/8/1852   1 William Weaver, J.P.    
Duvall, William A. West, Martha Jane 2/5/1866   1,3 W. M. Baldwin   William Baker, C.C.
Dyer, William Hampton, Milly 6/24/1819 Hampton, Milly (Hiley) 2,3   Levi Heath David Dugger, D.
Eastridge, Barnabas Pane, Elizabeth 8/21/1859   1 James Sapp    
Eastridge, Davis Williams, Nancy 8/30/1856   1,3 C. H. Johnson, J.P. David Graybeal Jos. A. King
Eastridge, Henry Johnson, Elizabeth 5/11/1855   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   John Eldreth, D.
Eastridge, Joel Rominger, Sarah 4/4/1857   1,3 A. J. Carpenter, J.P.   J. A. King, D.C.
Eastridge, William S. Graybeal, Celia 9/27/1868   1 J. Pennington    
Edwards, Allen J. Fender, Margaret 1/11/1858   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.    
Edwards, Berry Austin, Emaline 9/23/1853   1,3 Thomas C. Douglas, J.P.   Thos. C. Douglas
Edwards, Daniel Killian, Frances 6/24/1850   3   Linville Higgins G. Higgins
Edwards, George W. Ward, Mahala 1/1/1851   3   Thomas Hagins G. Higgins
Edwards, Haywood Carr, Lucinda 10/11/1853   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Thomas C. Douglas
Edwards, Hiram Dickson, Mary Ann 2/15/1855   1 Spencer Isom    
Edwards, Mushal Blevins, Cloe 10/2/1853   1,3 John H. Carson, J.P.   W. H. Stamper
Edwards, Richard Crows, Susannah 1/31/1858   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Edwards, Samuel Todd, Selia 12/22/1855   1,3 T C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Edwards, Senter Choate, Jane 9/10/1852   1,3 Thomas Carr   A. B. Cox, D.C.
Edwards, Vincent Carson, Martha 2/17/1857   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Edwards, William Porter, Martha 1/29/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Edwards, William Brackins, Nancy 3/20/1853   1 John H. Carson    
Edwards, William, Jr. Simmons, Nancy 3/11/1851   4      
Eggers, Abner Venable, Lucinda J. 12/13/1847   2,3   Cleaven Eggers G. M. Bingham
Eggers, Abner Ford, Charlotte 4/16/1839   3   Solomon Isaac(s)  
Eggers, Brazilla Isaacs, Sarah 7/29/1846   2,3   Landrine Eggers G. M. Bingham
Eggers, Cleavlin Wilson, Hannah 9/4/1839   3   Joel Eggers G. M. Bingham
Eggers, Hugh, Jr. Kilby, Alva 8/31/1848   2,3   James Swifte G. M. Bingham
Eggers, Joel Wilson, Sarah 9/21/1830   2,3   Zekiah Smith David Dugger,D.
Eggers, Landrine McBride, Eleanor 9/4/1824   2,3   Hiram Reece David Dugger, D.
Eggers, Washington Harmon, Lucinda 2/23/1849   2,3   Richard Isaacs G. M. Bingham
Eldreth, John Perry, Emilla 7/4/1842   2,3   John Weaver John Ray
Eldreth, John W. Dunn, Arteley 7/28/1871   4      
Eldreth, Levi Dunn, Nancy 10/12/1864 Eldreth, Levi (Lewis) 1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   James Wagg, Clk.
Eldreth, Zachariah Perry, Jane 12/5/1863   4      
Eles, James Ashley, Grasy 2/10/1867   3     Jacob Roten
Elison, Jeremiah Miller, Elizabeth 4/19/1843   3   Jonathan Norris James Horton
Elledge, Joseph Miller, Elizabeth 1/10/1867   1,3 J. W. Ketchum, J.P.   G. W. Ketchum
Eller, Aswell P. Dickson, Nancy 10/22/1857   1,3 John Baker, J.P. Jacob Latham Robert Gambill
Eller, Calvin Dickson, Caroline 11/21/1848   2,3   John Turner R. Murchison
Eller, Calvin Cooper, Zettie 7/17/1877   4      
Eller, David Baker, Katherine 10/31/1852   1,3 William Weaver, J.P.   Josh. Baker
Eller, David Powers, Jane 9/16/1867 (s/o John), (d/o Andrew) 3 Wesley Thompson, J.P.   R. T. Hardin
Eller, David Jones, Samantha 1/26/1875   4      
Eller, F. M. Jones, Celia 9/12/1875   4      
Eller, George Howell, Belinda 3/22/1845   2,3   Hiram Elrod R. Murchison
Eller, Hansford Graybeal, Catherine 7/29/1866   1 John Graybeal    
Eller, Jacob Jones, Ellen 11/24/1853   1 L. Bowers    
Eller, Jacob Stanley, Elizabeth 9/14/1853   1 S. Trivett    
Eller, James M. Vannoy, Louisa 1/31/1867   1,3 A. W. Vannoy, M.G.   E. C. Bartlett
Eller, Jesse Plumer, Sarah Ann 10/13/1866   3 J. H. Carson   E. C. Bartlett
Eller, Luke King, Sarah 3/27/1829   3   Aaron Latham  
Eller, Peter Brooks, Nancy 3/8/1845   2,3   Samuel Bowers Jno. Ray, Clk.
Eller, William Eller, Susannah 7/19/1842   2,3   Hamilton Ray Hamilton Ray
Eller, William Stike, Elizabeth 8/19/1856   1,3 S. Bowen, J.P.   R. Jones, D.C.
Eller, Zachariah Eldreth, Catherine 11/22/1872   3     E. C. Bartlett
Elliott, Jackson Price, Jane 1/15/1856   1 John Weaver    
Elliott, Levy Mullis, Caroline P. 4/22/1865   3 William Callaway, M.G.   S. Bowers, D.C.
Elliott, Shelly Sammons, Sarah 12/3/1846 Elliott, Shelly (Lammons) 2,3   Edmond McConnel H. Ray
Elliott, Stephen Sapp, Elizabeth 10/4/1850   2,3   James Mullis Jno. Ray
Elliott, William Lewis, Nancy 3/22/1871   4      
Ellison, Jeremiah Miller, Elizabeth 4/19/1843   2      
Elmore, Thomas D. Sauls, Emaline 7/12/1848   2,3   Augustus Whitel John Ray, Clk.
Erwin, Thomas Caudill, Sinai 10/7/1854   1,3 Daniel Caudill, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Estep, Daniel Triplett, Sally 1/7/1822   2,3   Martin Kilbourn & Dan. Triplett D. Dugger
Estep, Shadrich Estep, Rutha 10/8/1829   2,3   J. Joel Mast & Geo. Wilson D. Dugger, D.
Estep, William Wilson, Juanar 4/24/1823   2,3   George Wilson David Dugger
Evans, Daniel Welch, Usley 12/13/1857 Welch, Usley (Usby) 1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Evans, David Wiles, Elizabeth 10/12/1856   1,3 J. W. Fisher   Robert Gambill
Evans, David King Grub, Nancy 11/10/1855   1,3 John A. Jones, J.P.   John A. Jones
Evans, John Dickson, Nancy 3/1/1855   1,3 A. B. Cox, M.G.   A. B. Cox, D.C.
Evans, John W. Blevins, Emily 9/5/1857   3 John H. Carson, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Evans, Sanders Krouse, Francis 10/18/1851   1,3 John H. Carson, J.P.   J. H. Carson, D.
Fairchild, Joel E. Phillips, Francis 9/1/1856   1,3 C. R. Phillips   C. R. Phillips
Faircloth, Michel M. Ashley, Clantine 10/11/1868     James Wagg    
Farington, Henry Woody, Franky 6/1/1867   3     E. C. Bartlett
Farmer, Benjamin Romonger, Mary 10/14/1854   1,3 Jesse Farmer, D.D. Wm. V. Farmer J. A. King, D.C.
Farmer, Calvin Graybeal, Nancy Emaline 4/26/1855   1 Jesse Farmer    
Farmer, Calvin C. Thompson, Bethany 2/22/1862   3   Morris Blevins  
Farmer, David Phelps, Rody Ann 3/16/1851   3   Isaac T. Barton Solomon Parsons
Farmer, David C. Johnston, Mary 2/28/1858   3 H. B. Williams, J.P.   H. B. Williams
Farmer, Eli A. Melton, Cena 4/4/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Farmer, Hilton Vinzant, Martisha 6/14/1866   1 J. W. Cahoun    
Farmer, Josiah J. Felps, Matilda J. 3/21/1855   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.    
Farmer, Lewis Sexton, Rhoda 1/19/1871   4      
Farmer, Wilborn Taylor, Susan 12/23/1872   4      
Farmer, Wilson Farmer, Elizabeth 2/28/1867   1,3   Thomas Ross John Ray, Clk.
Farmer, Wilson Wiatt, Susan 2/24/1841   4      
Farmer, Wilson, Jr. Farmer, Elizabeth 2/28/1867   1,3 S. H. Jones   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Farrington, Madison Walters, Sarah 2/20/1867   1 S. Trivett    
Farthing, Dudley Farmer, Ann W. 1840   2      
Farthing, Paul Farthing, Rachel W. 9/13/1848   2,3   William Y. Farthing John Ray
Farthing, Stephen J. Adams, Margaret 2/18/1845   2,3   John A. Farthing G. W. Bingham
Farthing, WIlliam B. Kindall, Ann 10/12/1845   2,3   Paul Farthing G. W. Bingham
Farthing, William Y. Farthing, Ann W. 10/17/1840   3   Dudley Farthing Jno. Ray, Clk.
Faw, Benjamin McNeal, Rebecca 2/13/1859   1,3 John H. Vannoy   Jno. Rives, D.C.
Faw, Jacob Harper, Martha 4/3/1858   4      
Faw, Jonathan Goodman, Martha 3/22/1861   1 William Wilcox    
Faw, Jonathan, Jr. Howell, Peggy 11/20/1841   3   William Willin  
Faw, Reubin C. Weaver, Charity 3/13/1853   1 R. Kilby    
Fender, John A. Austin, Louisa 9/2/1870   4      
Fender, Senter Sperlin, Amelia 3/11/1854   1,3 Goldman, Hagins   Hiram Higgins
Findley, John A. Blevins, Mahala 10/20/1856   1,3 Reuben Kilby William Hart R. Jones, D.C.
Findly, Nye Blevins, Nancy 1/26/1862   3   Joseph Hart  
Finley, Thomas J. Blevins, Phealy 10/22/1856   1,3 Reuben Kilby John A. Finley  
Finley, William R. Rouse, Darcus J. 1/24/1861   4      
Fisher, Alfred B. Fisher, Caroline H. 8/30/1856   1,3 C. H. Doughton, J.P.    
Flanagan, Austin Kinser, Caroline 10/13/1856   3   Fleming, S. Doug. & Joseph Pinnenton  
Fletcher, Beryman Swift, Hiley 12/25/1828   2,3   Golston Davis David Dugger, D.
Floyd, George R. C. Meade, Ellen 10/6/1865   1,3 I. Heidenkamp (Roman Catholic Priest)   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Ford, Smith Adams, Esther 4/11/1839   4      
Forester, J. S. Smith, Elizabeth 2/10/1855   1 Charles Mildres(?), Mi.    
Forkner, Gideon P. Fisher, Martha 12/18/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Foster, E. T. Murchison, Ellen C. 3/24/1857   1.3 R. Jacks   J. M. Gentry, D.
Foster, F. Blevins, Catherine 9/7/1867   1 Thomas Jones    
Foster, George Walker, Polly 8/4/1842   2,3   Golston Davis G. M. Bingham
Foster, John A. Trimble, Rachel 3/6/1815   4      
Foster, Samuel Chapel, Martha 6/8/1856   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Fowler, Henry Wright, Lucinda 5/25/1857   1,3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P. Geo. H. Hamilton R. Gambill
Fowler, James A. Brown, Roda I. 8/22/1867   1,3 James M. Dickson, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
Fowler, Stephen L. Loggans, Syntha 10/8/1865   1,3   Martin Brown  
Francis, David Weaver, Elizabeth 2/18/1864   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer
Francis, John H. Wayman, Cassa 1/10/1867   1 Solomon Blackburn    
Francis, William Tucker, Elizabeth E. 2/28/1844   3   Henry Francis & Wm. Francis Hamilton Ray
Fredeking, Leopold Dickey, Marthy 1/26/1859   1 C.H. Doughten    
Freeman, George Wynn, Elizabeth M. 8/16/1858   1 C.H. Doughten    
Friesland, Henry Wyatt, Melinda 1847   2      
Fulton, Lilburn Cile, Melvina 5/28/1843   4      
Gallion, Noah Cox, Elizabeth 0/19/1851   3   Andrew Rector G. Hagins
Gambill, Robert Jones, Nancy 9/23/1877   4      
Gambill, Silvester Burton, Nancy J. 2/20/1854   3 C.H. Doughten    
Gardnit, Franklin Duncan, Elizabeth 4/28/1855   1 Thomas Wayman    
Garvey, J. H. ____ 11/9/1865   3   Frank Hardin  
Garvey, John Wyatt, Hannah 9/10/1849   2,3   Thomas Callaway H. Ray
Garvey, John T. Johnson, Rachel 1/11/1872   4      
Gentry, Andrew Perkins, Susannah 9/30/1855   ,13 J. C. Calloway, J.P.   M. Bledsoe, D.C.
Gentry, Andrew Howell, martha 2/24/1857   1,3 G. H. Hamilton, J.P. Wm. H. Gentry Robt. Gambill
Gentry, E. J. Calloway, Caroline     1 E. W. Wilcox    
Gentry, Gray Brown, Medie 1/7/1869   1 C. R. Miller    
Gentry, Jas. M. Faw, Mary 11/12/1849   1 James Wagg N. H. Waugh Hamilton Ray
Gentry, John Blackburn, Nancy 3/8/1846   3   Gimel N. Gentry G. M. Bingham
Gentry, John Houck, Jane 10/7/1872   4      
Gentry, Jonathan Long, Emily 4/15/1856   3 Thomas Carr   Robert Gambill
Gentry, Levi C. Hamilton, Mary 3/19/1867 (s/o Abram), (d/o G. H.) 1,3 James Wagg   E. C. Bartlett
Gentry, Marion Furchess, Jane 12/28/1868   1 J. Blevins    
Gentry, Washington Gentry, Franky 12/25/1852   1,3 J. T. Calloway, J.P.   John Ray, Clk
George, James Williams, Emerilla 7/17/1853   1,3 J.W. Sturgill Liniville Williams Daniel Sturgill
Gilham, Wesley Crows, Sarah 12/28/1857   1,3 Wm. Andress, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Gilla, Alford Dickson, Sarah 1/2/1854   3 John Weaver, J.P.   John Weaver, D.
Gillem, Andrew Sharpe, Mary C. 9/2/1860   1 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Gilley, Francis Jones, Darcus 1821   2      
Gilley, James Treadway, Mary Ann 3/1/1857   1,3 John Baker    
Gilley, Jesse Johnson, Polly 11/13/1830   3   Charles Gilley  
Gilley, Marshal Pennington, Martha 3/21/1872   4      
Gilley, Martial Denney, Lucy 10/9/1866   1,3 Henry Garber, M.G.   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Gilly, John Parsons, Hannah 8/11/1855   1 John Weaver    
Gilmore, John Corwin, Susannah 11/4/1844   4   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Gilpin, Elias P. Gortney, Elizabeth 5/16/1871   4      
Goings, Jesse Taylor, Lilly 5/16/1852 Taylor, Lilly (Ruby) 1,3 John A. Jones, J.P.   Jacob Baldwin
Goings, Thompson Stamper, Sarah 5/8/1868   1 E. J. Adams    
Gooch, A. B. Maxby, Polly 9/15/1858   1 C. H. Doughten    
Goodin, Lawson Perkins, Larinda 1/1/1866   1,3 John Osborn, J.P. Lum Goss Jacob Roten, Richard Hardin
Goodman, James J. McGuire, Manda C. 5/31/1862   1,3 NOT MARRIED John Faw James Wagg, Clk.
Goodman, John Hawthorn, Nancy 11/28/1860   1 John H. Vannoy    
Goodman, John A. Dickson, Martha 1/20/1867   3 S. Privett   E. C. Bartlett
Goodman, R. G. Burkitt, Barbara 12/24/1866   1 S. Trivett    
Goodman, William H. Osborn, Melvina 1/23/1858   1,3 Joseph Hudler, J.P.   J. M. Gentry, D.
Gore, John F. Lane, Lucy 4/12/1862   3 John F. Greer   John F. Greer
Gortney, Franklin Dunkin, Elizabeth 4/27/1855   3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Goss, Caplin Miller, Elizabeth 12/28/1830   3   John Miller John Tomlin
Goss, Ephraim Reece, Lydia 1/5/1842   3   Alfred Adams G. M. Bingham
Goss, Isham Graybeal, Elizabeth E. 11/12/1865   1,3 James Wagg   R. T. Hardin
Goss, William Graybeal, Amanda 7/7/1871   4      
Gowings, David Gowings, Elizabeth 5/5/1858   1,3 J. Hudler, J.P.   William Baker
Grabeal, Calvin McCarrell, Sarah Susan 1/6/1856   3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Grabeal, William Farmer, Maryan 9/4/1856   3 Jesse Farmer, D.D.   Robert Gambill
Gragg, Empsey Ford, Sereny 8/12/1847   2,3   Harrison Arnold  
Gragg, Harvey McClaird, Mellinda 6/13/1846   2,3   Nelson Gragg G. M. Bingham
Gragg, John Curtis, Malinda 8/11/1842   2,3   David Curtis  
Gragg, Martin Langley, Nancy 2/24/1829   3   Benjamin Gray  
Graybeal, Calvin Jones, Mary 1/28/1866   1,3 John Pennington, J.P. B. H. Johnson J. Roton, D.
Graybeal, Calvin M. Howell, Lucy 8/31/1865   1,3 J.S. Howell, J.P. D. H. Graybeal E. C. Bartlett, R. T. Hardin
Graybeal, David Robinson, Mary 7/26/1866   1 John Graybeal    
Graybeal, David Ashley, Bethany 11/29/1868   1 W. F. Ashley    
Graybeal, Eli Osborn, Mary 6/3/1866   1 John Graybeal    
Graybeal, Elihu Graybeal, Mary V. 8/11/1868   1 John Pennington    
Graybeal, Jacob Howell, Sarah 12/5/1840   2,3   David Graybeal John Tomlin, D.
Graybeal, John Osborne, Tolitha 8/25/1859   1 James Sapp    
Graybeal, Reuben Maxwell, Jain 2/17/1858   1,3 J. A. King   John Weaver
Greear, Elija Shaw, Mary 2/8/1857   1,3 S. Thomas, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Greear, William B. Pugh, Leanzy 12/15/1841   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Green, Elisha Brown, Elizabeth 3/20/1848   2,3   Thomas Norris G. M. Bingham
Green, Erwin Smith, Sarah 9/19/1846   3   Golston David  
Green, George D. Wilson, Hannah 12/21/1842 12/21/1842 (7?) 2,3   Andrew J. McBri. G. M. Bingham
Green, Isaac Lorance, Martha 2/17/1866   3 J.S. Howell, J.P.   J.S. Howell
Green, John Norris, Eliza 1/6/1846   2,3   Bartlett Brown G. M. Bingham
Green, Jonathan Green, Eliza 3/17/1856   3 William H. Phillips, M.G.   M. Bledsoe, Clk.
Green, Joseph Wilson, Elizabeth 12/9/1848   2,3   Allen Adams G. M. Bingham
Green, Richard Graybeal, Rhoda 6/27/1852   1 C. Elrod    
Greer, Alexander Taylor, Rebecca 8/10/1872   3     Jehu Goss, D.C.
Greer, Andrew J. Grubb, Sadilia 12/20/1865   1,3 J. W. Bowman, M. G.   Wm. Baker, Clk.
Greer, Benjamin Ingram, Eliza 2/10/1840   3   Franklin Morris James Horton
Greer, Benjamin Calhoun, Lydia 11/4/1866   1 John Ham    
Greer, Charles Frank Smith, Elizabeth 9/5/1872   4      
Greer, Eli Pugh, Ann 6/20/1853   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Greer, Hamilton Greer, Jane 5/9/1858   1,3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Greer, James Greer, Fanny 9/27/1849   2,3   Callway Elrod H. Ray
Greer, James Perry, Edy 11/17/1865   1 John Ham    
Greer, John C. Graybeal, Sarah 9/28/1867 (s/o Shadrach), (d/o John) 1,3 James Wagg   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Greer, John C. Graybeal, Joicy 3/10/1853   1 James Wagg    
Greer, Jonathan Greer, Eliza 3/20/1856   1 William Phillips    
Greer, Lewis Pope, Mary E. 5/29/1856   1,3 John H. Vannoy   John Gentry, D.
Greer, Shadrack H. Winkler, Leusey 8/29/1846   2,3   John Trivett & Jordon Greer  
Greer, Thomas Ray, Mary 2/21/1839   3   Franklin _______ James Horton
Greer, Thomas Bledsoe, Mollie E. 10/7/1870   4      
Greer, William B. Pugh, Leanzy 1841   2      
Greer, William K. Houk, Elizabeth 10/7/1872   4      
Gregory, Lafayett Farmer, Martha 12/3/1868   1 J. Blevins    
Griffith, Isaac Evans, Matilda 8/16/1828   3   James Evans A. Mitchell
Griffiths, Hilton DeBoard, Sary 7/22/1852   3   John Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Griffiths, John Sheats, Ela. 4/20/1851   3   Washington, Quil. Solomon Parsons
Griffiths, John C. Mulkay, Mary 2/28/1850   3   John Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Grimes, Edmond Anderson, Caroline 3/17/1847   3   George H. Hamilton John Ray
Grimes, Wesley Forgason, Rebecca 8/27/1844   3   Caswell Ray H. Ray, D.C.
Grimm, Levi Estep, Sally 1838   2      
Grimsley, George Stidham, Sary 7/28/1847   2,3   James Porter Daniel Sturgill
Grimsley, George Wyatt, Evaline 3/25/1858   3 H. B. Williams, J.P. Linville Williams H. B. Williams
Grimsley, James Batfield, Civil 2/28/1855 Batfield (Hatfield), Civil 3 Michael Watson, J.P. Michael Watson Shadrach Howell, Leric Hage
Grimsley, James M. Baker, Nancy 1/9/1853   3   James Porter Daniel Sturgill
Grogan, Henry Werly, Martha 11/26/1858   1,3 J. T. Calloway, J.P.   M. Bledsoe, D.C.
Grogan, Jordan Gentry, Charlotte 8/22/1865   1,3 William Wilcox M. Bledsoe R. T. Hardin
Grubb, Franklin Kegley, Margaret 4/5/1853   1,3 C.H. Doughton, J.P.   C.H. Doughton
Grubb, John Morphew, Martha 2/26/1848   3   Henry W. Ward G. M. Bingham
Grubb, John ______ 5/20/1856   3     Jacob Roten
Grubb, John Sturgill, Mary 4/5/1853   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P.   James Sturgill
Grubb, Samuel F. Huddle, Margaret 1/20/1850 Huddle(r), Margaret 2,3   John R. Grubb G. Higgins
Grubbs, William Hagay, Elizabeth 2/19/1854   3 James Sturgill, J.P.   James Sturgill
Gulbett, Calvin Blevins, Messa 9/8/1859   1 John Eldreth    
Gwin, Levi Estep, Sally 11/6/1858   3   William Grayson, Jr. G. M. Bingham
Hackler, Garfield Halsey, Delpha S. 5/26/1855   1,3 Lowry Grimsley   H. B. Williams
Haga, David Griffith, Rebecca 12/20/1854   1,3 Joseph Hudler, J.P.   S. Plummer
Haga, Lewis Saga, Delilah 12/21/1841   2,3   Jonathan Sage John Ray, Clk.
Hagaman, Isaac Reece, Anne 4/26/1824   3   Jacob Green David Dugger
Hagins, William Andress, Mary 2/26/1852   1 G. Hagins, J.P.    
Hagy, John Cooper, Nelly 11/9/1843   2,3   George Parkes John Ray, Clk.
Hail, Buris Houk, Clarrissy 8/16/1844   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Hail, Jacob L. Tate, Lucinda 9/5/1848   3   Joshua Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Hail, Mastin Perkins, Susan 12/25/1828   3   Stephen Thomas George Bowman
Hale, Alexander Roberts, Sarah 11/6/1853   1 C. H. Doughten    
Hale, John Troy, Susan 8/15/1852   1 C. H. Doughten    
Hale, Leftwich Hale, Elvira 10/3/1853   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Hale, Lorenzo D. Isom, Mary 12/22/1851   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   C. H. Doughten
Hale, Sidney Isom, Sarah 1/27/1859   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Hall, Anderson Bray, Elizabeth Jane 1/7/1858   3 H. B. Williams, J.P. Jno. Burke Robt. Gambill
Hall, Franklin MacGrady, Polly 12/18/1851   3 H. B. Williams, J.P. Jno. Davis H. B. Williams
Hall, Henry Anderson, Elizabeth 11/3/1847   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Hall, Hiram Privett, Matilda 5/6/1855   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P.   James Sturgill
Hall, Robert Richardson, Margaret 9/28/1845   2,3   Drury Richardson John Ray, Clk.
Halsey, Drewry Busic, Nancy 12/10/1851   3   William Halsey Daniel Sturgill
Halsey, Ezekiel Halsey, Fidilla 9/19/1956   1,3 H. B. Williams, J.P.   H. B. Williams
Halsey, Hambleton L. Sturgill, Rebecca 5/2/1841   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Halsey, Henry Thomas, Jane 1/1/1858   1,3 John F. Greer   John F. Greer
Halsey, James Wagoner, Ann 3/5/1852   1 Morgan Bryan    
Halsey, John A. Hash, Maggie Robena 12/25/1891   4      
Halsey, Josiah Parsons, Mary 7/20/1850   2,3   Henry J. Parsons & Lewis L. Hash Solomon Parsons
Halsey, Morris Hash, Sophina 2/10/1847   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Halsey, R. F. Francis, Elisabeth 1/23/1872   4      
Halsey, Silvester Anderson, Caroline 12/24/1848   2,3   John D. Barton John Ray, Clk.
Halsey, Troy Hash, Jane 1/8/1849   2,3   Hugh Hash John Ray, Clk.
Halsey, William Hash, Ludema 5/6/1858   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer
Ham, Enoch Dunn, Delfina J. 10/12/1864   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   James Wagg, Clk.
Ham, Ezekiel Eldrith, Sarah 6/27/1871   4      
Ham, Isaac Brinegar, Mary 2/20/1846   2,3   Calvin Brinegar Peter Earnest
Ham, Jacob Brinegar, Eliza 4/12/1846   2,3   William Barker Peter Earnest
Ham, John Roark, Catherine 1/28/1867   3 John Ham, J.P.   R. T. Hardin
Ham, John Henson, Isabel 2/23/1852   1 John Eldreth    
Ham, John A. Miller, Margaret 4/28/1867   1,3 John Ham, J.P.   John Ham, D.C.
Ham, Joshua Eldrith, Elizabeth 2/25/1852   1 John Ham, J.P.    
Ham, Joshua Welch, Rosey 1/3/1867   4      
Ham, Levi Quillen, Sarah 3/15/1877   4      
Ham, Marion Blevins, Martha 1/24/1870   4      
Ham, Solomon, Jr. Blevins, Mary 12/14/1869   4      
Ham, Thomas W. Perry, Catherine 10/31/1857   1,3 John Eldreth, Esquire   John Eldreth
Ham, Thomas W. Eliot, Elizabeth 12/13/1861   3   John Ham  
Ham, William Ham, Angeline 2/5/1862   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   John Eldreth, D.
Hampton, Alexander Sutherland, Elizabeth 10/2/1852   1      
Hampton, Ephraim Jennings, Sarah 7/17/1854   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T.C. Douglas, J.P.
Hampton, F. S. Jones, Jane 11/28/1866   1,3 S.H. Jones, J.P.   R.T. Hardin
Hampton, John H. Wampler, Jane 11/2/1853   1,3 C.H. Doughton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Hampton, John M. Huddler, Catherine 4/18/1858   1,3 J.C. Higgins, J.P.   H. Higgins
Hampton, S. Blevins, Nancy 1/1/1853 Hampton, S. (Lethereel) 1 Golman Hagins    
Hampton, Thomas B. Collins, Jeston 4/29/1853   1,3 G. Hagins    
Hampton, William Collins, Tamsey 10/25/1857   1 I. C. Higgins    
Hardin, Frank Howell, Roda 3/29/1866   1 James Wagg    
Hardin, James W. Ray, Mary Ann 12/18/1854   1,3 George H. Hamilton, J.P.   C.R. Phillips
Hardin, John Dukes, Margaret 11/15/1858   3   John J. Sapp  
Hardin, Joseph Ray, Jane 9/25/1858   1,3 George H. Hamilton, J.P. John Hardin J. M. Gentry, D.
Hardin, Martin Hawthorn, Polly 10/25/1866   1,3 James Wagg Frank Hardin R. T. Hardin
Hardin, William Graybeal, Mary 12/29/1860   1 William Wilcox    
Hardin, William L. Smith, Frances 12/17/1854   1,3 M. Bryan   T. C. Douglas
Harman, Cutlif Parky, Mary 10/15/1825 (widow of Christian) 2,3   Abner Smith, Eli Harman David Dugger, Hollwand Curtis
Harman, Cutlif Parker, Polly 12/28/1817   2,3   David Holden, B. Baird David Dugger, John Baker, Duke Ward
Harman, Golder Ford, Rebecca 10/18/1833   2,3   Joel Mast David Dugger
Harman, Malden C. Whittington, Melisia 7/15/1840   3   L.D. Whittington James Horton
Harman, Matthias Swift, Nancy 1/29/1831   2,3   Berryman Fletcher David Dugger, D.
Harmon, Wiley A. Eslip, Elinor 12/16/1846   3   David L. Harmon G. M. Bingham
Harmon, William Estep, Rody 1840   2      
Harper, William Miller, Delila 1822   2      
Harris, J. L. Duncan, Margaret 2/28/1867   1,3 R. Jones, M.G.   R. T. Hardin
Harris, Wiatt M. Henderson, Matilda 1/17/1867   1,3 G.W. Ketchum, J.P.   G. W. Ketchum
Harris, William L. Smith, Frances 12/21/1884   4      
Hart, James Jones, Jane 5/3/1840   3   Joseph Dunkin John Ray, Clk
Harte, Riley Powers, Emarey 8/14/1855   1,3 Reuben Kilby, J.P.   R. Jones, D.C.
Harte, Stephen Hufman, Selih 4/2/1867   1,3 John Ham, J.P.   John Ham, D.C.
Hartly, Calvin Mayse, Susanah 12/21/1845   2,3   James Spears  
Hartzog, James Howell, Mary 3/11/1850   2,3   Richard Gentry John Ray
Hartzog, John F. Bower, Ludemy 11/27/1872   4      
Hartzog, Jonathan Bowers, Thursa 2/9/1842   2,3   Simeon Burket R. Murchison
Hase, Granville Blevins, Sarah 2/23/1848   3   Andrew Blevins William Weaver, D.C.
Hash, Abram Stamper, Catherine 6/20/1846   2,3   Joseph Stamper John Ray, Clk.
Hash, Allen Edwards, Elizabeth 7/28/1839   2,3   William Hash John Ray, Clk.
Hash, Andrew Sturgill, Phoeby 9/5/1894   4      
Hash, Eli Welch, Mary 8/16/1856   2,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Hash, Enoch Halsey, Olive 8/16/1856   2,3 G. W. Baldwin, J.P.    
Hash, Harvey Ward, Ruthe 4/3/1841   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Hash, Hugh Bagwell, Mary 12/8/1853   1,3 E.W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edward Baldwin
Hash, Jacob A. Perkins, Mariam 5/21/1840   3   John H. Perkins John Ray, Clk.
Hash, John Hash, Sarah 4/18/1840   3   B. Laur. John Ray, Clk.
Hash, L. A. Porter, Ettie 8/12/1890   4      
Hash, L. W. Cox, Lenora 5/6/1892   4      
Hash, Lazeress Halsey, Polly 12/24/1848   2,3   John Maxwell John Ray, Clk
Hash, Lee Dunn, Zilpha 6/26/1878   4      
Hash, Lee Fields Wilson, Lela B. 1/19/1892   4      
Hash, Lewis Halsey, Polly 9/12/1850   2,3   Solomon Parsons Solomon Parsons
Hash, Malean C. Blevins, Milly E. 9/7/1877   4      
Hash, Thomas B. Spencer, Miza 3/8/1898   4      
Hash, WIlliam Winget, Polly 5/12/1842   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk
Hash, William B. Richardson, Sally 8/29/1848   2,3   John A. Parkes John Ray, Clk.
Hash, William F. Hash, Alice 1/15/1883   4      
Hash, William G. Eastridge, Callie 11/0/1889   4      
Hash, Zebedee Ward, Rosy 12/5/1841   3   Solomon Parsons  
Hately, Henry Tester, Rachel 6/2/1825   2,3   Richard C. Swea. David Dugger, D.
Hatley, Alfred Hatley, Susanna 10/22/1840   3   William Hat. James Horton
Hatten, William Hatten, Rachel 6/22/1840   2,3   William Wilcox John Romlin.
Hawkes, Abram Collins, Susan 10/30/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Hawkins, Burton Taylor, Martha Ann 5/25/1856   1,3 Thomas Carr   Robert Gambill
Hawkins, Freeland Childers, Elizabeth 12/23/1865   1,3 Andrew Powers E. C. Bartlett R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Hawkins, William McBridge, Polly Jane 8/17/1851   3   Peter Hackler  
Hawthorn, Alexander Landerman, Elizabeth 9/8/1860   1 C. D. Elrod    
Hayes, Joseph Hodges, Eliza 10/9/1848   2,3   Ransom Hayes  
Head, Alexander Farmer, Sary J. 2/13/1858   1,3 R. Jones   R. Jones, D.C.
Heck, J.A. Latham, E. J. 4/8/1876   4      
Henderson, William Pennington, Elizabeth 7/15/1866   1 J.M. Bowman    
Hendricks, Samuel Greer, Sarah 12/29/1868   1 William H. Phillips    
Henley, Lewis Spraker, Susanna 8/29/1858 Spraker (Sparks), Susanna 1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Henly, James Akers, Mary Catherine 7/9/1855   3 C.H. Doughton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Henly, William H. Phips, Nancy 9/12/1848   2,3   Stephen Landreth Daniel Sturgill
Hensley, Martin Larrence, Nancy 3/3/1840   2,3   Joshua Weaver John Ray, Clk.
Hicks, Andrew Presnell, Nancy 1847   2      
Hicks, David Asher, Susannah 3/31/1821   2,3   Samuel Hicks David Dugger
Hicks, Harmon Tester, Nelly 1823   2      
Hicks, Jesse O. Jones, Sarah 3/20/1875   4      
Hicks, Lorenzo D. Wiseley, Lucinda 8/11/1846   2,3   John R. Grubb John Ray, Clk.
Hicks, William Tester, Mary 3/2/1831   2      
Higgins, Calvin Roberts, Charlotte 9/12/1854   1,3 Spencer Isom, J.P.   Spencer Isom, J.P.
Higgins, Goldman Hodges, Amanda Jane 1/18/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Higgins, John, Jr. Simcock, Elizabeth 9/19/1849   2,3   Bryant Higgins G. Higgins
Higgins, Thomas Cheek, Sally 2/20/1851   3   Martin C. Simcox G. Hagins
Hill, Hardin James, Jane 1/20/1847   2,3   Martin F. Hill Daniel Sturgill
Hill, Hiram Evans, Synthy 10/21/1848   1,3   William Hill Nathan Weaver
Hill, Maridith D. Caudle, Lydia 10/15/1854   1,3 Henry R. Vanover   John A. Jones
Hillenberg, Austin W. Kiser, Elizabeth Jane 8/29/1858   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Hines, Benjamin H. Bower, Rachel 10/1/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Hinson, James Reece, Rebecca 2/28/1846   3   Alban M. Isaacs  
Hix, Andrew Presnell, Nancy 1/12/1847   3   Noah Johnson G. M. Bingham
Hix, David Hix, Elizabeth 8/30/1842   2,3   Ransom Teaster G. M. Bingham
Hix, Hiram Tester, Jennie 5/28/1830   4      
Hix, Joel Pressly, Sarah 3/26/1846   2,3   Ransom Teaster G. M. Bingham
Hix, William Presnell, Clarice 9/30/1845   2,3   Isaac Moody G. M. Bingham
Hodge, John Pool, Polly Ann 2/28/1856   1,3 T.C. Douglas, J.P.   T.C. Douglas
Hodgeon, William Perkins, Sally 2/25/1846   2,3   George Bower John Ray
Hodges, Gilbert Shurrer, Sally 9/10/1817   2      
Hodges, Robert Ingraham, Margaret 4/5/1846   3   Thomas Hodges G. M. Bingham
Hodges, William C. Crawford, Eliany J. 7/8/1855   1,3 Spencer Isom, J.P.   Spencer Isom
Holder, John Secrease, Rebecca 4/8/1844   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Holderbrook, Washington K. Waggoner, Matilda 11/4/1853   1,3 Thomas C. Douglas, J.P.   T.C. Douglas & Robert Gambill
Holiman, Obediah Chambers, Mary 1/25/1858   1,3 H. B. Brown   S. Plummer, D.C.
Holler, Franklin Daumer, Rebecca 2/23/1844   2,3   James Ward, Jr. G. M. Bingham
Holloway, Daniel Bauguess, _________ 3/26/1866   4      
Holloway, Martin Stamper, Peggy 5/11/1852   1 John A. Jones    
Holston, Thomas J. Tincher, Flory 10/3/1854   4      
Hopkins, George W. Setser, Elizabeth Ellen 4/26/1857   1,3 J. E. Tatum, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Hopkins, William R. Phillips, Rosan 1/11/1852   3 C.R. Phillips   C. R. Phillips
Hoppers, Jacob Waggoner, Charlotte 3/16/1858   1,3 H. R. Vanover   Robert Gambill
Hoppers, Stephen Sizemore, Malvina 6/8/1850   3   Alvitt Blevins Nathan Weaver
Horn, Hilyard Cox, Elizabeth M. 2/9/1854 (Wm.?) 1,3 Edward J. Baldwin   E. W. Baldwin
Horton, Robert Cousins, Lydia A.A. 5/27/1846   2,3   Joshua C. Mitch. G. M. Bingham
Houck, Benjamin Adams, Elizabeth 4/22/1852   1,3 James W. Hardin, J.P.   H. Ray, D.C.
Houck, Henry Graybeal, Susanna 11/15/1829   2,3   John Ray, Faras Callaway Thos. Callaway
Houck, Jacob Greer, Tempy 12/25/1843   3   William Brown John Ray
Houck, Jacob Burkett, Catherine 2/22/1866   2,3 James Wagg Peter Graybeal R. T. Hardin
Houck, Jesse Willcoxson, Cindy 9/14/1839   2,3   William Houck  
Houck, Joseph F. Strunk, Martha 2/25/1847   2,3   E.C. Bartlett John Ray
Howard, Thomas J. Blair, Lucinda 3/2/1853   1 Moran Bryant    
Howell, George Adams, Jane 9/17/1865   1 Solomon Blackburn    
Howell, Henry Blackman, Nancy 1821   2      
Howell, James J. Hartzog, Nancy 6/4/1866   1,3 James Smith, J.P. Edw. McCorm. J. M. Gentry, D.
Howell, Jeremiah Testerman, Nancy 8/7/1865   1,3 William Sexton Jas. Denny R. T. Hardin
Howell, Marshall M. Lorance, Mary E. 2/22/1866   3 J. S. Howell, J.P.   J. S. Howell, D.
Howell, William Garvey, Jane 9/12/1867   1 William M. Baldwin    
Howington, Joseph Pearce, Nancy 4/7/1848   2,3   William Isaacs G. M. Bingham
Howk, Lowray Lowman, Mary 10/4/1866   1 J. B. Miller    
Hubbard, James Lefler, Nancy A. 7/10/1872   4      
Huddler, David Blackman, Jane 1/8/1868   3     William Baker
Hudgins, Henry Wyatt, Sarah 3/14/1851   3   Lofley Wyatt H. Ray
Hudler, David Jones, Sarah 1/30/1862   3 James Hudler, J.P.   William Baker
Hudler, Isaac Blevins, Martha 7/5/1865   1 J. Blevins    
Hudler, John Stitt, Tamsey 10/17/1857   1,3 Jospeh Hudler, J.P.   William Baker
Hudler, Robert Sullen, Margaret 10/20/1859   1 S. Bowers    
Hudler, William DeBoard, Nancy 12/27/1852   1,3   Isaiah Long, S.E. Daniel Sturgill
Hufman, Joel Sturgill, Mary 7/3/1853 (Source 2 says Daughten vice Sturgill). 2,3   Ahart Phipps Daniel Sturgill
Hughes, J. Wesley Turner, Rebecca 9/29/1870   4      
Hurley, Andrew Blackman, Nancy 9/27/1853 (Source 1 says Blackburn vice Blackman) 1,3 S. Bowen, J.P. George Howell James M. Gentry
Hurley, Gasper Hurley, Catherine 8/2/1850   2,3   David Dixon John Ray
Hurley, James Aker, Mary Catherine 7/9/1855   1 C.H. Doughten    
Hurley, William Sullens, Martha 11/19/1867   1,3 Solomon Blackburn   E. C. Bartlett
Hutton, Lenard Slimp, Elizabeth 1846   2      
Idol, Joseph Weiss, Unice E. 1/2/1872   4      
Ingraham, John Farmer, Charity A. 3/16/1862   1,3 Reuben Kilby Isaac Privette James Wagg, C.
Isaacs, Albuen Swift, Elizabeth 4/4/1847   2,3   James Swift G. M. Bingham
Isaacs, Elias Reece, Eliza 2/27/1848   2,3   Elijah Dotson G. M. Bingham
Isaacs, Elijah Holsclaw, Sarah 7/29/1840   2,3   William W. Wh. John Tomlin.
Isaacs, Emsley Aldridge, Jane 8/9/1841   3   John Henson G. M. Bingham
Isaacs, Enos Moody, Jain 4/27/1828   2,3   Solomon Isaacs David Dugger, D.
Isaacs, James Eggers, Nancy M. 2/22/1849   3   John Isaacs G. M. Bingham
Isaacs, Jesse Smith, Polly 6/3/1822   2,3   Richard Isaacs David Dugger
Isaacs, John Eggers, Sally 2/26/1845   3   Gilbert Norris G. M. Bingham
Isaacs, Richard, Jr. Eggers, Clarissa Louisa 3/28/1843   2,3   Cleavlen Eggers G. M. Bingham
Isom, John R. Collins, Sarah 10/3/1855   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Isom, Mineter Hale, Nancy 3/27/1856   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T.C. Douglas, J.P.
Isom, Sowel Edwards, Rosamond 10/19/1858   1,3 J.C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Jackson, Francis Peak, Rosey J. 7/29/1871   4      
Jackson, John Hughs, Jane 8/25/1866   1 James Wagg    
James, David E. Nelson, Eliza E. 11/12/1853   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer
James, Sherwood P. Bell, Eliza Jane 1/18/1859   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P. S. T. Wil. Thos. Wayman
Jenkins, Calvin Sutherland, Nancy 2/12/1853   3     Josh. Baker, D.C.
Jenkins, Joseph Maxwell, Elizabeth 5/11/1829   2,3   Jonathan Faw J. Tomlin
Jenkins, Rush Jones, Sally 5/26/1876   4      
Jennings, Allen Blevins, Adaline 10/8/1857   1 T. C. Douglas    
Jennings, Solomon Hampton, Susanna 10/15/1854   1,3 T. C. Douglas, j.P.   T. C. Douglas, J.P.
Johnson, Andrew Fletcher, Susannah 1/19/1848   2,3   Thomas Swift G. M. Bingham
Johnson, Braxton Hilyard, Jenetta 1845   2      
Johnson, Burton Calloway, Temperance 3/10/1844   3   Emsley Isaacs G. M. Bingham
Johnson, Camel H. Baker, Catherine 1/30/1841   3   John Dickson & C. H. Johnson  
Johnson, Danil Mikel, Lucindey 11/25/1840   2,3   Samuel Bowers John Tomlin, D.
Johnson, Elisha Austin, Lucy 9/27/1850   3   Edward Austin Nathan Weaver
Johnson, Harrison _____________ 1842   3   G. Davis G. M. Bingham
Johnson, Harvey L. Faw, Caroline 1/6/1857 1/6/1857(56?) 1,3 George H. Hamilton, J.P.   J. M. Gentry
Johnson, Henry Richardson, Elizabeth 2/13/1845   2,3   Drury Richard. John Ray, Clk.
Johnson, Lewis Weaver, Elizabeth 7/28/1867   3 John Baker, J.P.   J. P. Ashley, D.
Johnson, Noel Hix, Celia 10/28/1844   3   Amos Ward G. M. Bingham
Johnson, William H. Ray, Nancy E. 1/23/1867   1,3 S. Privett   E. C. Bartlett
Johnson, William H. Ready, Malinda 6/25/1846   2,3   Joseph Spencer John Ray, Clk.
Johnston, Aaron Tomlin, Jane 1/7/1833   3   James M. Nye Thomas Callaway
Johnston, Francis Ashley, Lidia 6/5/1859   1 James Sapp    
Johnston, Joseph L. Jones, Catherine 3/26/1873   4      
Johnston, Thomas A. Paine, Sarah N. 2/18/1859   1,3 Nathan Phillips, M.G.   C.R. Phillips
Joines, Calaway Krouse, Susana 1/7/1852   1,3 John H. Carson, J.P.   John Ray, Clk.
Joines, John Edwards, Emaline 4/16/1856   1,3 John H. Carson, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Joines, William H. Andrews, Candas 8/7/1853   1 T. C. Douglas    
Jones, A. C. McCarter, Emily 1/28/1874   4      
Jones, Abner Moseley, Lucinda 7/12/1855   1,3 C.H. Doughten   Robert Gambill
Jones, Alex Price, Martha J. 11/16/1869   4      
Jones, Andrew Bird, Elizabeth 8/2/1846   2,3   Hiram Standaford John Ray, Clk.
Jones, Andrew Jackson Gage, Sally 9/10/1833   3   Robert Jones Drury Dobbins
Jones, Aswell Graybeal, Martha 3/25/1872   4      
Jones, Calvin Vanover, Rody 6/8/1860   1 John Osborne    
Jones, Churchwell Porter, Margaret 5/31/1857   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Jones, Franklin Finley, Cansada 9/17/1876   4      
Jones, Isaiah Lewis, Maryan Jane 4/21/1855   1,3 J.A. King Samuel Jones J.A. King, D.C.
Jones, J.B. Pennington, Alais 4/9/1851   4      
Jones, J.W. Hardin, Mary 9/23/1868   4      
Jones, James Robinson, Nancy 12/24/1874   4      
Jones, John Reece, Sally 6/5/1847   2,3   Hugh Reece G. M. Bingham
Jones, John Nucholls, Ann Eliza 9/22/1858   1,3 J.C. Higgins   Hiram Higgins, R. Gambill
Jones, John Ashley, Patsy 4/14/1858   1,3 J.A. King John P. Osborne J. A. King
Jones, John Weaver, Zilpha 8/29/1869   4      
Jones, John Calvin Lyall, Sarah 1/7/1888   4      
Jones, John L. Baker, Aley 10/30/1866   3 J. H. Carson, J.P. Lewis S. Jones J. H. Carson, D.
Jones, Joseph G. Perkins, Susana 10/3/1846   2,3   William Hall John Ray, Clk.
Jones, Joseph P. Jullion, Elizabeth 3/11/1844   3   James Halsey John Ray, Clk.
Jones, Lafayette, M.D. Seiverse, Margaret C. 2/16/1846   2,3   Joseph P. Jones John Ray, Clk.
Jones, Lewis S. David, Mary 8/17/1857   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer
Jones, Loyd Waugh, Sarah 9/6/1869   4      
Jones, Mernich Wyatt, Mary E. 12/24/1861   1 J. Hudler    
Jones, Riley A. Graybeal, Selah 3/9/1873   4      
Jones, Robert Bringegar, Martha 6/1/1869   4      
Jones, Roy Presley Roark, Ora Emma 2/2/1903   4      
Jones, Samuel Lewis, Katherine 11/25/1851   1 Jesse Farmer    
Jones, Saunders H. Walkers, Nancy C. 11/23/1872   4      
Jones, Stephen A. Smith, Martha C. 6/27/1866   1,3 William Baker B. P. Baker John H. Carson
Jones, W. B. Stamper, Mary J. 9/25/1869   4      
Jones, W. I. Brooks, Louisa 9/7/1873   4      
Jones, Westly Brown, Laura 3/5/1876   4      
Jones, William Phipps, Nancy 5/21/1867   1,3 Solomon Blackburn   William Baker
Jones, William D. Gambill, Jane A. 10/1/1853   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P. Wm. Gambill Robert Gambill
Jones, Wilson Herrington, Selanena 2/4/1858   1,3 Wm. Sexton, J.P. Drewry Power Robert Gambill, Wm. Sexton
Kegley, Daniel P. Lundy, Scinia 4/18/1858   1,3 J.C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Kegley, Joel Hounshell, Delila 2/3/1851   3   Francies McLaute Solomon Parsons
Kelborn, William Bumgardner, Caroline 5/19/1845   3   Robert Roland G.M. Bingham & Wm. Hanes
Kenada, William Edwards, Amanda 5/27/1855   1 George Douglas    
Kennedy, Johnson Edwards, Sarah 3/9/1852   1 George Douglas    
Key, William Roark, Mary 12/31/1866   1 Henry Garber    
Kilbourn, George Parky, Mary 2/3/1821   2,3   Cutliff Harmon David Dugger,D.
Kilbourn, James Douthan, Elizabeth 7/26/1821   2,3   Jesse Isaacs David Dugger, Jos. Eastep
Kilby, Levi Eldrith, Mary 4/10/1862   1 John Eldreth    
Kilby, Milton Wallace, Hiley 2/17/1853   1 J. Bower, J.P.    
Kilby, Thornton Weaver, Phoebe M. 11/22/1851   1,3 S. Smith, J.P.   J. Perkins
Kilby, William J. Weaver, Mary M. 4/2/1870   4      
Killen, Alfred Whitaker, Lucy 7/4/1852   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
King, Jehu Brooks, Margaret 2/2/1829   3   Simeon Bumpass J. Tomlin
King, Jocephus Brown, Sarah 7/25/1853   1 Thomas C. Wayman    
King, John Wesley Eastridge, Lucy 2/12/1857   1,3 J. A. King, Min.    
King, Leopold Fredde Dickey, Martha R. 1/26/1859   3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Kirby, Jesse Creed, Thursa M. 3/23/1856 Kirby (Kerly), Jesse, 3/23/1856 (11/11/1855) 1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Kirby, Joel David, Jane 5/20/1855   1 G. Higgins    
Krows, Run Edwards, Caroline 11/27/1853 Krows, Run? 1 T. C. Douglas    
Landers, William Dean, Louisa J. 12/16/1858   1,3 J.C. Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Landreth, Samuel Johnson, Jane 9/23/1855   1,3 H. B. WIlliams, J.P. Carter Wade H. B. Williams
Landreth, Wagoner Ham, Mary 10/29/1855   1,3 John Weaver, J.P.   John Weaver
Lane, J. N. Moxley, Elizabeth 12/30/1868   1 W. B. Carson    
Lane, Moses Winget, Elizabeth 1/21/1841   3   William Hash John Ray, Clk.
Langley, James _____________ 18__   3   Jesse Price  
Latham, David Graybeal, Elizabeth 10/4/1856   1,3 John Baker, J.P.   J. M. Gentry,D.
Latham, James Parker, Varches Marish 3/1/1857   1,3 John Baker, J.P.   J.A. King, D.C.
Latham, John Lewis, Nancy 6/8/1856   3   David Roton J.A. King
Latham, Larkin Osborn, Marticia 7/30/1854   1,3 Joseph A. King   Joseph A. King, D.C.
Latham, William Jones, Elizabeth 12/15/1868   1 C.R. Miller    
Laurence, Elijah Dyer, Maria Elvira 4/7/1845   2,3   Hardin Laurence Peter Earnest
Lauter, Rufus Blanchitt, Mariah 9/30/1856   3 C. H. Doughten   Robert Gambill
Lawrence, Henry Gentry, Nancy 11/5/1868   1 William Wilcox    
Laxton, Thomas Pasley, Jane 1/1/1841   3   James Mullins John Ray, Clk.
Laxton, Thomas J. Blevins, Polly 12/14/1854   3 A. Blevins William Francis R. Jones, D.C.
Lefler, Henry Finley, Nancy 6/15/1867   1,3 Reuben Kilby   R. T. Hardin
Leonard, James Blair, Catherine 1/19/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Leonard, Reuben Keterine, Harriet 11/30/1849   2,3   Linville Higgins G. Higgins
Lewis, Alfred Dickson, Elizabeth 9/9/1865   1 John Ham    
Lewis, Andrew Jackson Blevins, Biddie 1/6/1842   4      
Lewis, Calvin Osborn, Anna 9/3/1857 9/3/1857 (54) 1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P.   Joseph A. King
Lewis, Daniel Vanderpool, Elizabeth 1/9/1820   2,4      
Lewis, David Swift, Rhoda 12/15/1844   3   Golston Davis  
Lewis, Enoch Brown, Susey 3/22/1868   3 R. Jones   R. T. Hardin, C.
Lewis, Gideon Sapp, Eva 10/4/1851   1 Jesse Farmer    
Lewis, Henderson Vanover, Nancy L. 7/28/1866   1 John Osborne    
Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Polly 10/12/1865   1,3 C.H. Johnson Andrew Treadway  
Lewis, Isaac Lawrence, Martha 2/18/1866 Lewis, Isaac (?) 1 J.S. Howell    
Lewis, Jackson Farmer, Nancy Catherine 11/12/1854   1,3 Jesse Farmer, D.D. Calvin Farmer J.A. King, Tes.
Lewis, Jacob Williams, Harrete 9/15/1866   1,3   Andrew Treadway John Ray, Clk.
Lewis, John Hamilton Miller, Catherine 6/23/1895   4      
Lewis, Joseph Miller, Jane 8/25/1859   1 Jno. Eldreth    
Lewis, Nathan Pope, Almeda 2/28/1853 (Source 1 = 3/24/1854; Source 4 = 3/25/1853) 1,3,4 C.H. Johnson, J.P.   N. H. Waugh, D.
Lewis, Phillip Rouse, Margaret 3/11/1852 3/11/1852 (58?) 1,3 Wm. Sexton, J.P. Wm. Eller Wm. Sexton
Lewis, Ricahrd Vanderpool, Phebe 4/11/1822   2,3   Abraham Vanderpool David Dugger
Lewis, William Richardson, Elizabeth 7/19/1859   1 John Eldreth    
Lewis, William R. Hufman, Sariah A. 11/15/1861   3   Granville Osborn Joshua Sturgill
Lillard, John L. Worth, Elma Caroline 10/21/1865   1,3 James Wagg G. P. Straley R. T. Hardin
Lillard, John L. Thomas, Mary C. 5/14/1856   1 Joseph Haskerwan    
Linch, Walter Carter, Mandy 12/22/1855   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Little, Ambros Weatherspoon, Datia 7/25/1871   4      
Little, John Bower, Peggy 12/7/1851   1 James Wagg    
Loman, Andrew Sheets, Elizabeth 9/3/1870   4      
Long, Benjamin Phipps, Jemima 7/22/1858   1 Caleb Osborne    
Long, Calvin Woodie, Margaret 1/16/1869   4      
Long, Daniel A. Burgess, Eveline 1/20/1872   4      
Long, Emanuel Lorrance, Tempy 9/1/1839   3   Thomas A. Landr. John Ray, Clk.
Long, Isaiah Plummer, Katherine 6/8/1854   1 S. Bowers, J.P.    
Long, James W. Cox, Margaret 1/1/1859   1,3 Fulton Woody   John Rieves
Long, Joseph N. Ray, Emeline 3/9/1849   2,3   William Willen H. Ray,
Long, Levi Hash, Ann 1/15/1842   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk
Long, Morgan Koons, Catherine 3/19/1871   4      
Lorance, Andrew J. Tatum, Sarah 2/22/1845   3   Samuel Lorance G. M. Bingham
Lorance, George W. Younce, Hannah 1/15/1857   3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Love, James Pennington, Emeline 12/23/1848   2,3   Jonathan M. Smi. G. M. Bingham
Loveless, Andrew Blevins, Rebecca Jane 8/11/1854   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Loveless, Armstead Irvin, Elizabeth 5/25/1850   3   Wilborn Phipps A. B. Cox
Loveless, William Weiss, Rachel 1/7/1847   2      
Loyd, William C. Davis, Frances Ann 4/29/1849   2,3   John G. Jones John Ray, Clk.
Luallen, Calvin W. Pennington, Eliza 3/31/1871   4      
Lunceford, Alfred Wilson, Mary 12/27/1842   3   Allen Dotson G. M. Bingham
Lunceford, James Pennington, Margaret 3/8/1847   2,3   Jonathan M. Smi.  
Lyall, John Duncan, Rachel 2/4/1841   2      
Lyall, Wilborn Houck, Milly 11/2/1865   1,3 J. B. Miller Andrew Brac. E. C. Bartlett
Lyals, Hamilton Patrick, Marthena 4/16/1853   1,3 George Patrick   N. H. Waugh
Madern, George W. Arendell, Elva 7/31/1846   2,3   James Reece  
Madron, Caswel T. Reece, Joannah 9/11/1848   2,3   James Reece G. M. Bingham
Madron, Robert Vanover, Rebecca 8/15/1853   1 John Osborne    
MaGrady, William Hensley, Margaret 11/4/1843   3   Thomas Ross John Ray, Clk.
Mahala, Jesse Osborn, Jane 2/14/1858   1,3 Jesse Farmer, D.D.   E. Roark, D.C.
Main, Calvin Grier, Polly 10/27/1848   3     G.M. Bingham & John D. Potter
Main, Samuel Osborne, Nancy 8/18/1866   1 John Osborne    
Mains, William Bumgardner, Caroline 1845   2      
Malary, Joel Dishman, Mary 12/31/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Mands, Absolem Cormerly, Susan 5/7/1842   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Mariner, James Hart, Nancy 11/15/1865   1 John Ham    
Marsh, William Crutchfield, Ellen J. 2/7/1855   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Martin, Milas Cook, Mary 6/22/1872   4      
Mash, James Bowen, Lawsey 1/6/1851   3   John Little John Ray, Test.
Mash, Jesse Harper, Elizabeth 8/15/1848   2,3   Jackson Brown J. M. Gentry
Mash, Noah Bare, Susanna 8/16/1871   4      
Mash, Thomas Hendrix, Mary 10/25/1865   1,3   J. Calvin Mc. E.C. Barlett
Mash, William Logins, Frankey 3/10/1861   1,3 J. B. Miller Acklen Ketchum J. B. Miller
Massey, Leander Francis, Biddy 4/8/186_   1 Solomon Black    
Massy, John Lambert, Sarah 8/19/1858   1 J. P. Waugh    
Mast, Eli J. Dugger, Celia 11/15/1845   2,3   Leason Mast G. M. Bingham
Mast, Reuben Curtis, Jane 12/24/1839   2,3   David Curtis G. M. Bingham
Mathias, Andrew Gwyn, Lucinda 3/9/1847   3   David Shoak G. M. Bingham
Matna, William H. Scott, Jane 6/10/1843   2,3   Wicks Hail John Ray, Clk.
Maxby, Andrew J. Parks, Mary Matilda 9/22/1858   1 Jno. W. Fisher    
Maxby, Thomas Bare, Louisa 1/15/1857   1 J. B. Miller    
Maxwell, Anderson Mitchell Badger, Roser 3/12/1858   1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P.   J. M. Gentry,D.
Maxwell, Eli Wyatt, Mary Adaline 12/12/1846   2,3   Wol. Wyatt John Ray, Clk.
Maxwell, William Day, Malvina 9/21/1855   1 C.H. Doughten   Robert Gambill
Maxwell, William Parker, Julianna 4/10/1852   1 Jesse Farmer    
May, John Powes, Nancy 12/13/1856   1,3 Stephen Ross Reuben Sexton Robt. Gambill
May, Sanders Wishon, Julany 8/25/1858   1,3 William Sexton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Mayab, Marshel Mink, Elizabeth 3/21/1862 Mayab (Mabe), Marshel 3   Wesley Thompson  
McBride, Berzilla Eggers, Elizabeth 4/20/1840   2,3   Cleavlan Eggers George Bingham
McBride, Hiram Farthing, Mary M. 11/26/1844   2,3   Dudley Farthing John Ray
McBride, James Shupe, Mary Ann 9/14/1844   2,3   Eli J. Mast  
McCandless, Calvert Green, Mary 2/21/1848   2,3   Isaac M. Green G. M. Bingham
McCaroll, Irvin Jones, Mary 1/24/1877   4      
McCarroll, Evan Smith, Rebecca 9/4/1854   1 J. J. Watts, Min.    
McCarroll, John Hawkins, Jane 9/30/1858   1 Thomas Wayman    
McCarter, A. C. Weiss, Hulda J. 1/25/1872   4      
McCarter, G. C. Carter, N. C. 2/26/1879   4      
McClitcher, Macka Ballew, Mary Jane 8/9/1865   3 J. Blevins Lew Ballew E. C. Bartlett
McClure, Henry Howell, Sarah 8/17/1855   1,3 S. Bowers, J.P.   John J. Sapp
McClure, Jasper Barker, Rebecca 3/23/1867   1,3 Poindexter Blevins, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
McCormick, Edward C. Howell, Leah 3/20/1847   2      
McCoy, James Latham, Nancy 4/30/1871   4      
McCracken, William Pearce, Polly 3/21/1840   2,3   Elijah Dotson G. M. Bingham
McDaniel, Darlen Dotson, Anna 11/24/1831 11/24/1831(2) 2,3   George Wilson, Enoch B. Musgrove, John Asher David Dugger, D.
McDaniel, Thomas F. Blackenbeckler, Catherine 2/6/1854 (Both from Smyth Co., VA). 1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin   Edw. W. Baldwin
McEwen, E. C. R. Johnson, Amanda E. 8/10/1867   3     E. C. Bartlett
McEwen, John C. King, Sallie J. 11/11/1867   3     J. W. Todd, D.C.
McGrady, Hesekiah Goens, Rebecca 6/4/1861   3   Alexander C. S. P. Wagg, D.C.
McGuire, A. J. Church, Emaline 10/12/1856   1,3 J. Tatum, J.P.   M. Bledsoe, D.C.
McGuire, G. W. Hale, Elvira 8/13/1853   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   C.H. Doughten
McGuire, James Howell, Elizabeth 9/25/1867   1,3 William H. Phillips   W. Bledsoe
McGuire, James Harvey Stansberry, Margaret 1/29/1847   2,3   George McGuire R. Murchison
McGuire, Joshua Robeson, Prudy 11/5/1856   1,3 Nathan Church   Robert Gambill
McGuire, Solomon Greer, Nancy 11/4/1847   2,3   George McGuire N. H. Waugh
McKnight, Andrew Collins, Dorcas 12/27/1852   3 George Douglas, M.G.   G. Hagins
McMillan, A. B. Ray, Eliner 10/31/1850   3   Wm. J. Parly Daniel Sturgill
McMillan, Alexander Reves, Nancy 4/13/1848   2,3   Wm. B. Carson M. Carson
McMillan, Andrew N. Reaves, Charity 12/21/1850   3     John M. Carson
McMillan, Iredell Dickson, Mary A. 5/27/1871   4      
McMillan, Jesse Reves, Rebecca 9/26/1852   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   John Ray, Clk.
McMillan, John, Jr. Halsey, Salley 2/28/1852   1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edw. W. Baldwin
McNeal, Alford Miller, Caroline 8/26/1865   3 J. B. Miller, J.P. Henry R. Mc. E. C. Bartlett
McNeal, Eli Oliver, Charlotte 2/16/1859   1,3 John H. Vannoy, M.G.   J. M. Gentry
McNeal, Peter Phillips, Mary Ann B. 1/31/1855   1,3 John H. Vannoy, M.G.   J. M. Gentry
Medley, William Mullis, Margaret 12/7/1865   1,3 Wm. Calloway James Mullis E. C. Bartlett
Michael, Thomas Michael, Martha 3/15/1866   1 William Wilcox    
Michel, Thomas Waddell, Elizabeth 3/17/1857 Waddell, Elizabeth (Nancy?) 3 A. Blevins Sampson Privett R. Jones, D.C.
Miers, Malvry Tompson, Lucy 3/19/1848   3   James C. Wilmer John Ray, Clk.
Mikeal, Henry Eller, Sarah 3/12/1856   1 William Andrews    
Mikel, Adam Phillips, Caroline 12/16/1851   3 C. R. Phillips, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Miller, Alfred Wyatt, Milly 4/1/1857   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons, J.P.
Miller, Allen Blevins, America 1/20/1869   4      
Miller, Alpheus J. Phillips, Ann 9/1/1856   1,3 C.R. Phillips, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Miller, George Jones, Ruth 1/3/1849   2,3   William B. Carson M. Carson
Miller, George Lyalls, Rachel 3/23/1853   3 George Patrick   N. H. Waugh, D.
Miller, George W. Mikel, Maryan 10/21/1865   1,3 J.S. Howell, J.P.   J.S. Howell, D.
Miller, Harrison B. Weaver, Pheba 9/7/1865   1 R. Kilby    
Miller, Henry Gilley, America 9/17/1865   1 John Ham    
Miller, Henry, Sr. Roton, Mary 1/9/1821   2,3   Valentine Miller W. L. Aza. Parkes, D.
Miller, Jacob Loman, Elizabeth 3/12/1866   3   Henry Dillard  
Miller, Jesse M. Phillips, Amanda 10/5/1867   1,3 L. A. Yates   J. S. Howell
Miller, John S. Long, Biddy 9/3/1857   1 George Bowers    
Miller, Jonathan Blackburn, Rebecca 10/28/1846   2,3   Golston Davis G. M. Bingham
Miller, Jonathan Blevins, Laura Jane 4/14/1870   4      
Miller, Jonathan M. Weaver, Jane 2/20/1868   3     James P. Ashley
Miller, Joseph Bare, Elizabeth 2/18/1847   2,3   Daniel Bare R. Murchison
Miller, Marean Blevins, Elizabeth 8/20/1857   1 A. Blevins    
Miller, Silvester Duvall, Margaret 11/1/1866   1,3 Jackson Blevins   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Miller, Solomon Williams, Martha 8/12/1852   1 C. Elrod    
Miller, Solomon Miller, Margaret 3/2/1872   4      
Miller, Tivis Ham, Canzada 7/7/1891   4      
Miller, Wells Cazort, Martha 6/12/1844   3     H. B. Miller, D.
Miller, William Miller, Esther 2/29/1848   2,3   Wilson Woodde H. Ray
Miller, William Walters, Susannah 3/15/1856   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons, J.P.
Miller, William Barker, Jane 2/6/1867 2/6/1867(6?) 1,3 R. Kilby    
Millis, James S. Adams, Polly M. 6/6/1847   2,4      
Mink, Amos W. McGrady, Maryann 5/7/1857   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Mink, William H. Perkins, Amandaq 5/16/1857   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer, J.P.
Mitchell, Edenton Dornbush, Nancy 12/5/1848   3   Jonathan M. Smith  
Mitchell, George Hollar, Elizabeth 3/12/1845   2,3   Jacob Townsend G. M. Bingham
Mitchell, George Hallar, Elizabeth 3/12/1845   4      
Mitchell, Marion Alexander, Susanna C. 1/3/1853   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   C.H. Doughten
Mitchell, Thomas Waddell, Nancy 3/17/1857   1 A. Blevins    
Monkers, Joseph Gallion, Nancy 10/8/1850   3   Noah Gallion G. Higgins
Moody, Benjamin Mullis, Matilda 5/26/1827   2,3   William Moody & Bediah Beard  
Moody, Calvin Swift, Massy 3/23/1845   2,3   Golston Davis  
Moody, Jacob Smith, Susanna 4/27/1831   2,3   Jacob Reece David Dugger, D.
Moody, Thomas Trivett, Mary E. 6/12/1871   4      
Moor, Joshua Mash, Roda 1/1/1852   1 B. C. Calloway, J.P.    
Moore, Isaac Swinney, Jane 4/4/1858   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Moore, Joshua Bird, _________ 12/8/1851   1 G. Hagins    
Moran, Thomas L. White, Nancy F. 12/28/1856   1 Thomas C. Douglas    
More, Andrew Hampton Simcock, Zilpha 12/15/1850   2,3   Litrill H. Hampton G. Higgins
More, Ezra L. McBride, Sofina 6/7/1857   3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Moreau, William Garvey, Rebecca 8/31/1844   3   J. A. Fitzsimmons  
Morgan, John T. McNight, Matilda 6/29/1858   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Moxey, Thomas Bare, Lavicy 1/11/1867   3 J. B. Miller G. W. Ketchum, R. T. Hardin  
Moxley, A. J. Parks, Mary Matilda 9/22/1858   3 J.W. Fisher, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Moxley, Thomas Dilliard, Rachel 6/24/1855   1,3 W. H. Thompson   Robert Gambill
Moxly, Granvill Rutherford, Jane 6/11/1853   3   Jackson Rutherford Daneil Sturgill
Mulkey, James Martin, Hetty 1/8/1857   1,3 Jno. A. Joens   Robert Gambill
Mulkey, Robert Caldwell, Susannah 10/9/1853   1,3 Edw. Baldwin   Edw. W. Baldwin
Mullin, Alexander Sheets, Sarah 9/8/1855   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   William Baker
Murcer, Joseph Gore, Belinda 1/8/1854   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   William Baker
Murray, Emanuel Snavely, Margaret 5/28/1854   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   John C. Plummer
Murray, Zachariah Maines, Hetty 2/3/1857   1,3 Jno. Gambill   Robert Gambill
Mursor, Joseph Deen, Emaline 4/15/1868 (s/o Joseph), (d/o G.) 3 William Sexton, J.P.   R. T. Hardin
Mury, Auley Comes, Marthy J. 8/5/1858   1,3 R. Jones   R. Jones, D.C.
Musser, David Musser, Mary 6/26/1848   2,3   Robert B. Cates Jno. Ray, Clk.
Naylor, Wesley W. Carson, Rose Ann 1/13/1851   3   W. B. Carsons M. Carson
Neace, Marshall Smith, Susan 1/21/1852   1,3 Jno. D. Baldwin   S. P. Wagg, D.C.
Neal, Benjamin H. King, Martha C. 2/6/1860 Neal, Benjamin H. (F.) 1,3 Jno. D. Baldwin   S.P. Wagg, D.C.
Neaves, William Barker, Mary 8/15/1865   3   L. Massey Henry Francis
Neece, James E. King, Mary A. 7/29/1864   1,3 A. B. Cox (L.E.M.E.C.S.)   James Wagg, Clk.
Neeves, Henry Waddell, Jane 10/13/1855   1,3 S. Bowen, J.P.   Jno. J. Sapp, D.C.
Nickalls, Jesse L. Nickalls, Susan 2/21/1858   1,3 James Wagg N. G. Lne Robert Gambill, C.
Night, William W. Osborn, Rebecca 7/24/1854   1,3 Jos. A. King, Min.   J. A. King
Norman, Davis Lundy, Frances 5/2/1858   1,3 J. C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Norman, Matthew Creed, Martha 8/12/1855   1 Spencer Isom, J.P.    
Norman, William Estep, Rody 7/3/1840   3   George Wilson  
Norris, Franklin Green, Sarah 2/21/1847   2,3   Jno. Green G. M. Bingham
Norris, George W. Setser, Mary 12/14/1853   1,3 J. E. Tatum, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Norris, Jacob H. Campbell, Sally E. 2/17/1849   2,3   Cleavlin Eggers G. M. Bingham
Norris, John Sutherland, Margaret 10/7/1865   1 William Wilcox    
Norris, Joseph S. Hopkins, Sarah 10/19/1852   1,3 C. R. Phillips   C. R. Phillips
Norris, Reuben Testerman, Rebecca 4/22/1852   1 S. Bower    
Nutty, Jacob Cullop, Mary 1/8/1866   1,3 Reason, Jones, M.G. Augustus Asbury R. T. Hardin, C.
O’Briant, Riley Nance, Isabella 4/3/1853   3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
O’Briant, William Pafford, Mary Jane 5/3/1846   2,3   Wilborn Rich (AR) Jno. Ray, Clk.
Oglesby, Thomas Reeves, Eveline 10/19/1850   1 A. B. Cox    
Ornel, James Johnson, Frances 6/5/1859   3     Jacob Roton, T.E.
Osborn, Alexander Osborn, Polly 10/25/1855   1,3 J. W. Fisher   Robert Gambill
Osborn, C. W. Greer, Elizabeth 2/7/1866   1,3 A. McEwen George Osborn  
Osborn, Calvin Shules, Martha 3/12/1853   4      
Osborn, Clemas Brown, Nancy Caroline 3/18/1855   1,3 C. H. Johnson, J.P.   J. A. King, D.C.
Osborn, David Sheets, Susan 5/11/1867   1,3 J. W. Fisher John Petty G. W. Ketchum
Osborn, David Graybeal, Mary Jane Maxwell 11/17/1866   1,3 John Graybeal   Jacob Roton
Osborn, Eli Austin, Polly 11/11/1854   1,3 Henry R. Vanover   Jno. A. Jones
Osborn, Enoch Dougherty, Hannah 9/2/1855   1,3 J. A. King   Robert Gambill
Osborn, Enoch Sapp, Rebecca 3/18/1859   1 Jno. Eldreth    
Osborn, Enoch Smith Jones, Carrie 6/25/1906   4      
Osborn, F. L. Weiss, Melvina 10/12/1858   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   J. M. Gentry, D.
Osborn, George H. Wilson, Frankey C. 12/17/1866   1,3 George Cole, J.P.   Jacob Roton
Osborn, Granvill Graybeal, Mariann 6/8/1867   1,3 James Wagg   S. Pennington
Osborn, Harrison Price, Dialpha 12/8/1866   1,3 George Cole, J.P.   Jacob Roton
Osborn, Hiram Maddrin, Rebecca Vanover 9/23/1866   1,3 Jno. Osborn, J.P.   Jacob Roton
Osborn, James Miller, Clemenzy 12/23/1865   1,3 J. B. Miller, J.P.   S. M. Carson, D.
Osborn, James C. Burke, Susan 10/15/1865   1,3 Reuben Kilbu   Jno. Eldreth
Osborn, James R. Asbury, Sarildy 5/20/1867   3 Andrew Powers   R. T. Hardin
Osborn, Jesse Farmer, Lucinda 5/13/1848   2,3   William Weaver Nathan Weaver
Osborn, Jesse M. Osborn, Lucindy 8/8/1857   1,3 R. Jones James Osborn R. Jones, D.C.
Osborn, John Jones, Polly 4/10/1853   1,3 Samuel Sapp, J.P.   J. Baker, D.C.
Osborn, John S. Williams, Hannah 9/5/1855   1,3 J. A. King Enoch Osborn J. A. King
Osborn, Jonathan Brown, Nancy 5/2/1861   4 James Sapp, J.P.   Jno. Eldreth, J.P.
Osborn, Jonathan Stamper, Mary 10/14/1849   2,3   Nelson C. Woo. Nathan Weaver
Osborn, Mathias Price, Catherine 12/23/1866   1,3 R. Kilby   R. T. Hardin, C.
Osborn, Noah Dolinger, Nancy 3/27/1861   3 William Sexton, J.P.   S. P. Wagg, D.C.
Osborn, Richard F. Wilson, Nancy E. 12/17/1866   1,3 George Cole, J.P.   Jacob Roton
Osborn, Washington Sheets, Mima 6/6/1853   1,3 Joshua Long Jasper Osborn Nathan Weaver
Osborn, William Lewis, Serena 1/18/1868   3     R. T. Hardin, C.
Osborn, William Cole, Elizabeth 11/3/1851   1,3 Jno. Parsons, J.P. Solomon Parsons Solomon Parsons
Osborn, William E. Osborne, Rebecca Lavina 4/21/1907   4      
Osborn, William H. Clear, Polly A. 12/27/1863   1,3 Andrew Powers   James Wagg, Clk.
Osborn, Zadoch Hopper, Catherine 11/17/1849   2,3   Eli Osborn Nathan Weaver
Osborne, Alexander Cole, Louanna 11/18/1866   1 George Cole    
Osborne, Andrew Eastridge, Mary 9/23/1861   1 John Osborne    
Osborne, Caleb Lewis, Letty 5/23/1851   1 Jesse Farmer    
Osborne, Calvin Sheets, Martha 3/12/1853   3   Jasper Osborne Nathan Weaver
Osborne, Ephraim Osborne, Barbara __   1 John Eldreth    
Osborne, Gideon Lewis Osborne, Margaret 9/8/1877   4      
Osborne, Isom Osborne, Silvia 2/5/1852   1 C. H. Doughten    
Osborne, James Arthur Osborne, Amanda Elizabeth 6/13/1909   4      
Osborne, James R. Ashley, Lucinda 5/30/1867   1 Andrew Powers    
Osborne, John Ashley, nancy 1/10/1870   4      
Osborne, Jonathan Crows, Polly 6/23/1853   1 C. H. Doughten    
Osborne, Joseph Estil Osborne, Zilpha 12/15/1879   4      
Osborne, Robert Caldwell, Mary 9/21/1868   1 R. Kilby    
Osborne, Thomas Brown, Catherine 9/28/1865   1 C. H. Johnston    
Osborne, Wiley Roark, Abigail 12/22/1868   1 J. J. Brown    
Overbay, Harvy Fisher, Mary Jane 9/22/1846   2,3   Jno. Cox John Ray, Clk.
Overbay, William Kidd, Margaret 6/28/1840   4      
Owens, Elijah Brown, Elizabeth 10/30/1858   1,3 James Gambill, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Owens, Hiram Shepherd, Ellen 3/9/1854   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Owens, James Leath, Ann 8/6/1856   1,3 James Gambill, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Owens, John McGrady, Darkis 6/6/1829   3   Robert H. Woods George Bower
Owens, John J. Shepherd, Phebe 2/22/1859   1,3 Joshua Long, D.D.   John Reves, D.C.
Owens, William Church, Jane 3/9/1854   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J.P.   C. R. Phillips
Pafford, William Hutton, Mary Ann 2/3/1845   2,3   Nathaniel Jon. John Ray, Clk.
Paris, W. P. Richardson, Caroline 12/16/1866   3 Jno. Adams, Elder Jno. Thompson J. Taylor, J.P.
Parish, Wesly Tompson, Bethany 10/2/1854   1,3 Jno. A. Jones, J.P.   Jno. A. Jones
Parker, Jessie Ashley, Catherine 3/14/1869   4      
Parker, William L. Lewis, Mary M 2/5/1871   4      
Parkes, Fielding Roberts, Peggy Jane 8/15/1857   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Parkes, Isaac J. Cole, Zilpha 1/7/1858   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Parkes, Jackson B. Hagy, Sary 1/7/1841   2,3   James Livesay John Ray, Clk.
Parkes, John Dun, Martha 8/22/1865 Dun(n), Martha 3 John Ham, J.P.   R. T. Hardin, C.
Parkes, Sampson Comer, Sarah 3/1/1857   3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Parks, James H. Gentry, Cyntha A. 8/24/1852   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
Parks, Washington Comer, Catherine 12/3/1841   3   Pilgrim Parks Jno. Ray, Clk.
Parsons, Alvin B. Toliver, Pheby 4/2/1854 Parsons, Alvin B. (J.?) 1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edw. W. Baldwin
Parsons, George Dixon, Eve 11/14/1858   1 Jno. Weaver    
Parsons, Henry J. Halsey, Seeny 6/28/1846   2,3   William A. Hi. Jno. Ray, Clk.
Parsons, Joseph B. Draughn, Polly 7/24/1856   1,3 William Baker, J. P.   Wm. Baker, Prot.
Parsons, Reuben Valentine, Jane 12/31/1868   1 J. W. Shepherd    
Parsons, Robert R. Richardson, Malinda 12/14/1853   1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.    
Parsons, William C. Halsey, Cindarill 3/26/1846   2,3   Thomas Ross  
Pasley, Hezekiah Hash, Jane 8/9/1849   2,3   Ira Halsey Jno. Ray, Clk.
Pasley, John Calvin Senter, Caroline 5/4/1848   2,3   Jno. A. Parks Jno. Ray, Clk.
Pasley, William J. Strange, Merille 4/11/1850   3   Ira Halsey Daniel Sturgill
Patrick, Andrew Cox, Polly 12/9/1840   2,3   Wilson Cox R. Murchison
Patrick, Jesse Sheets, Matilda 8/21/1848   2,3   George Patrick Jno. Ray, Clk.
Patrick, Morgan Wilcox, Ary 4/12/1841   4      
Patton, Columbus Leonard, Celia 1/19/1854   3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Patton, Mumford Ballard, Elizabeth 8/16/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Patton, Samuel Cline, Barbara 7/10/1845   3   Aaron Townsend G. M. Bingham
Payne, George Gye, Elizabeth 5/11/1856   1 C.H. Johnson, J.P.    
Payne, William R. Brown, Sarah 3/18/1866   1 J.L. Howell    
Peacock, Abraham Hart, Catherine 8/30/1853   3 Reuben Kilby   S. Plummer,D.C.
Peacock, Elijah Aker, Julia 1/31/1872   4      
Peak, John A. Magrady, Salina 4/12/1865   1 J. W. Bowman    
Peak, Uriah Hart, Nealy 5/31/1846   2,3   Elisha Hart Jno. Ray, Clk.
Peak, W. Troy Davis, Matilda 12/23/1858   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Peak, Wilborn Davis, Cansada 10/31/1857   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Pearce, Joseph Dotson, Eady 10/28/1840   3   Elijah Dotson G. M. Bingham
Peeke, Noah Ingram, Celia 3/28/1858   1,3 William Baker, J.P.   Wm. Baker
Peirce, Alexander Shaver, Nancy 11/14/1840   3   Isaac W. Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Peirce, Thomas Bowen, Mahala 3/21/1843   3   Thomas Ross Jno. Ray, Clk.
Pendergrass, Harrison Welch, Mandy 5/26/1867   1,3 Wm. Sexton, J.P.   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Pendergrass, Joshua Faircloth, Hester Ann 12/9/1855   1 Jno. Weaver    
Penington, William Gortney, Cenith Mary 8/29/1866   1,3 T. J. Jones   William Baker
Pennel, Harvey Curtis, Rachel Louiza 12/2/1841   2,3   David Curtis G. M. Bingham
Pennel, Samuel Green, Susan 3/20/1844   3   Harvy C. Pennel  
Pennel, Samuel Green, Susan 3/20/1844   4      
Pennington, Abel Blevins, Emily 10/16/1861   3   Harrison Blevins Joshua Sturgill
Pennington, Andrew Little, Mary 10/30/1857   1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P.   E. Roark, D.C.
Pennington, Andrew Blevins, Hirley 6/23/1857   1,3 J. Hudler, J.P.   Thomas Wayman, D.
Pennington, Calaway Privett, Nancy 12/24/1856   1,3 A. Blevins Andrew Pennington R. Jones, D.C.
Pennington, Cicero Grubb, S. 11/3/1868   1 C. Miller    
Pennington, Daniel Osborn, Elizabeth 12/14/1854   1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P.   Jno. Weaver, D.C.
Pennington, Douglas Blevins, Ann 9/22/1864   1,3 T. J. Jones   William Baker
Pennington, Elisha Anderson, Jane 1/23/1859   1 Thomas Wayman    
Pennington, John Hurley, Manda 2/15/1859   1,3 J. Hudler, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Pennington, Larkin Lewis Lydia 2/11/1857   1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P. Larkin Pennington J. A. King
Pennington, Thornton Comes, Elizabeth 4/19/1856   1,3 Joseph Hudler, J.P. Jackson Testerm. R. Jones
Peppers, James Rudy, Elizabeth 8/28/1846   2,3   Willam Blevins H. Ray, Clk.
Perkins, Allen Maxwell, Rebecca 3/15/1830   2,3   Stephen Thos. George Bowen
Perkins, Ambrose Goss, Lorinda 1/20/1858   3 J.A. King   J. A. King
Perkins, Ansel Draughn, Mary Ann 12/19/1856   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Perkins, David S. Blevins, Caroline 2/24/1857   3 S. Bowers, J.P. Eli C. Stamper Robert Gambill
Perkins, Emory T. Perkins, Lucinda 4/22/1862   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Perkins, Ira Perkins, Joan 4/26/1856   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Perkins, James C.A. Blevins, Haseltine 12/9/1875   4      
Perkins, John H. Young, Lucy 1/6/1842   3   John Calvin Bak. Jno. Ray, Clk.
Perkins, Joseph Phillips, Tilde 2/16/1868   3   Solomon Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Perkins, Rufus Bowin, Martha E. 7/31/1854   1 C.H. Doughton   Robert Gambill
Perkins, Stephen Testerment, Martha Jane 11/20/1847   2,3   Alfred G. Testerment Jno. Ray, Clk.
Perkins, William F. Campbell, Jenny 5/8/1869   4      
Perky, Calvin Parsons, Anna 5/9/1847   2,3   William Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Perky, Calvin Parsons, Anna 5/9/1847   2,3   William Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Perky, Pleasant G. Davis, Sarah 1/14/1841   3   Terrell Cox John Ray, Clk.
Perry, David Ira Baker, Mary 11/4/1851   3   Jonathan Perry Daniel Sturgill
Perry, Henry Rail, Mary 5/13/1848   2,3   Ebenezer Perry Nathan Weaver
Perry, Jonathan Hash, Rebecca 4/5/1849   2,3   Jno. A. Parks Jno. Ray, Clk.
Perry, Richard Ham, Emeline 9/13/1851   1,3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P.   James Wagg, Clk.
Perry, Stephen Eldreth, Nancy 5/22/1854   1,3   Jno. Eldreth R. Gambill
Perry, William Ham, Edy 5/20/1853   1,3 Jno. Parsons, J.P. Wm. Perry & Jno. Eldreth Jno. Ray, Clk.
Person, Thomas Sheets, Rebecca F. 7/15/1867   3     E. C. Bartlett, D.
Petigo, D. Floyd, Dr. May, Sarah A. E. 12/29/1865   1,3 J. W. Bowman, M.G.   Wm. Baker, D.C.
Philips, Wesley Philips, Mary Ann 10/14/1843 10/14/1843 (45?) 2,3   Jos. Whipple Hamilton Ray
Philips, William Philips, Elizabeth 12/29/1865   1,3 J. S. Howell, J.P.   J. S. Howell, D.
Phillips, Alexander Austin, Celia 3/27/1851   1 H. R. Vanover    
Phillips, C. C. Church, H. L. 8/24/1866   1,3 Wm. H. Phillips   M. Bledsoe, D.C.
Phillips, E. E. Johnston, Elvira E. 1/7/1866   1 Jno. H. Vannoy    
Phillips, George Council, Rachel Louisa 12/1/1840   2,3   Jorden Council G. M. Bingham
Phillips, George H. Walters, Martha 3/11/1856   1,3 Jno. H. Vannoy, M.G.   C. R. Phillips
Phillips, Hamilton Mikeal, Mary 4/12/1853   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J. P.   C. R. Phillips
Phillips, Henderson Church, Jane 11/30/1867   1 H. H. Phillips    
Phillips, John Pope, Jane 12/17/1854   1 C.H. Johnson    
Phillips, Nathan Mikeal, Elizabeth 7/7/1855   1,3 Wm. H. Phillips, M.G.   C. R. Phillips
Phillips, Nathan Rouse, Mary E. 2/7/1870   4      
Phipps, Aaron Cooper, Charlotte 7/31/1857   3   Harvey Hash Aras B. Cox
Phipps, Benjamin F. Plummer, Rebecca 3/26/1866   1,3 John Adams Jesse R. Plum.  
Phipps, Eli J. Phipps, Jestin 12/9/1866   3 Elder Jno. Adams Thomas Phipps Jno. H. Carson
Phipps, Enoch Parsons, Rebecca 12/2/1856   1,3 Caleb Osborne, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Phipps, Gaither David Perkins, Martha 11/2/1856   1,3 Caleb Osborne, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Phipps, Hugh Standsberry, Eda 1/20/1842   3   W. C. Parks Jno. Ray, Clk.
Phipps, James H. Weaver, Evaline 4/7/1844   3   Isaac Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Phipps, Jehew Austin, Lucy 10/16/1853 Phipps, Jehew (Johnie), 10/16/1853 (54?) 1,3 Joshua Long, M.G.   Josiah Caudill
Phipps, John Blevins, Luticia 2/18/1874   4      
Phipps, Joseph Busick, Susan 11/16/1854   1,3 J. W. Fisher, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Phipps, Noah McBride, Nancy 3/20/1854   1,3 J. W. Fisher, M.G.   R. Gambill, Clk.
Phipps, Thomas DeBoard, Sarah Ann 10/4/1857   1,3 William Baker, J.P.   Wm. Baker
Phipps, William Mathew, Polly 5/31/1859   1 Jno. F. Greer    
Phipps, Zebudee Busic, Nelly 10/3/1852   3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Jno. Ray, Clk.
Pierce, Thomas Bourne, Mahala 1843   2      
Pike, Alford Perry, Sarah 4/9/1853   3   Jas. W. Shepherd Nathan Weaver
Pikea, John Farmer, Nancy 10/26/1858   1 Thomas Wayman    
Piliaps, Kenelose Maine, Letty 11/11/1865 Piliaps (Phillips?) Kenelose 3   Tom Pope  
Pilkington, Samuel Lunceford, Leethe 7/22/1845   2,3   James Norris G. M. Bingham
Pless, Thomas W. A. Osborn, Jane 5/12/1872   4      
Plummer, Harvey Reedy, Manurvy 1/15/1857   1,3 William Baker, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Plummer, Jesse B. Richardson, Mary Ann 1/22/1855   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   Wm. Baker, Clk. P.R.
Plummer, John C. Barns, Mary Caroline 1/14/1854   1,3     Wm. Baker
Plummer, Joseph Roup, Sarah 4/3/1853   1 James Wagg    
Plummer, Linsey Smith, N. Belinda 8/17/1845   3   Christian Eanes Peter Earnest
Plummer, William Callaway, Syntha 7/18/1855   1,3 Lowery Grimsley   R. Gambill, Clk.
Plummer, William E. Duvall, Nancy Jane 2/5/1866   1,3 W. M. Baldwin   Wm. Baker, Prot.
Poe, Isaac Lewis, Mary 3/11/1855   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jno. Weaver
Poe, John Eller, Jane     1 John Weaver    
Poe, John, Sr. Walters, Elizabeth 10/6/1839   2,3   William C. Parkes Jno. Tomlin
Poe, Lee Little, Amanda 8/1/1868   1 S. Trivett    
Poe, Nathan F. Eldreth, Rachel 8/10/1865   3   Junius Dun E. C. Bartlett
Poe, Reuben Eller, Nancy 11/10/1875   4      
Poe, Timothy Bare, Louisa 3/26/1872   4      
Poe, William Miller, Easter 11/4/1865   3   Jacob Black E. C. Bartlett
Poe, William Coldiron, Mary J. 3/15/1864   3 Jacob Koons Jacob Black E. C. Bartlett, D.
Poe, William Woodde, Patsey 9/15/1849   2,3   Jackson Woodde Nathan Weaver
Poles, John Dunn, Martha 5/22/1865   1 Jno. Ham    
Pool, James Simcox, Lucinda F. 8/30/1855   1,3 Spencer Isom, J.P.   Spencer Isom
Pool, John F. Halsey, Rosey 3/25/1849   2,3   Levi B. Senter Jno. Ray, Clk.
Pool, Riley Elliott, Jane 2/18/1855 Pool, Riley (Roby?) 1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill, Clk.
Pope, George Smith, Patsey 12/19/1865   1,3 J. Blevins   E. C. Bartlett
Pope, Thomas __________ 4/12/1856   3   William Roark  
Pore, Jesse Wyatt, Nancy 1/9/1851   3   William Cole Solomon Parsons
Porter, Allen Grimsley, Eveline 8/28/1851   3   James Porter Daniel Sturgill
Porter, Jackson Porter, Lucinda C. 1/28/1858   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Porter, James Grimsely, Salene 1/10/1848   2,3   James Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Porter, James Duvall, Sarah 9/9/1854   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Porter, Jno. A. Freeman, Mary E. 10/6/1855   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Porter, William R. Davis, Malinda 12/27/1832   3   Allen Porter Daniel Sturgill
Posner, William Huse, Nancy E. 9/22/1864   3     S. Bowers
Posten, Thompson DeBoard, Emela J. 9/2/1858   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P. Stephen T. Ta. T. Wayman, D.
Powel, John Hardin, Elizabeth A. 5/8/1847   2,3   James W. Coun. G. M. Bingham
Powers, Andrew Dolinger, Rachel 2/26/1846   2,3   Leander Mabe R. Murchison
Powers, Harrison G. Johnson, Mary A. 9/18/1872   4      
Powers, James Burkett, Susanna 9/20/1860   1 William Sexton    
Powers, Loamy Anderson, Nancy 10/20/1867   4      
Powers, William Hughs, Ruth A. 11/5/1872   4      
Presnell, Eli Harmon, Louisa 11/5/1845   2,3   Isaac Moody  
Presnell, Miles Hix, Terilda 12/4/1845   2,3   Ransom Teaster G. M. Bingham
Price, Alfred Thompson, Matilda 6/13/1839   3 William Johnson, J.P.   M. Carson, D.C.
Price, David Hawks, Nancy 8/27/1848   2,3   Samuel Lundy J. M. Carson
Price, George Jenkins, Eliza 10/11/1858   1 John Baker    
Price, Harrison Eldrith, Nancy 2/25/1868   3     R. T. Hardin, C.
Price, Hezekiah Osborn, Martha 8/30/1866   1,3 Jno. Graybeal, Esq.   Jacob Roton
Price, Hiram Howell, Nancy 4/11/1851   1 Jesse Farmer    
Price, Jesse ___________ ________   3   James Langley  
Price, John Tompson, Evaline 10/18/1851   1,3 Wm. Johnson, J.P. Alford Price Nathan Weaver
Price, Linville Price, Elizabeth 1/5/1859 1/5/1859 (1/5/1858) 1,3 S. Bowers, J.P.   William Baker
Price, Samuel Roark, Rebecca 11/25/1851   1 Jesse Farmer    
Price, William Ham, Cinda 7/28/1840   2      
Pugh, David Black, Elizabeth 11/16/1851   1,3 A. B. Cox, L.D. Jno. Evans Aras B. Cox, L.D.
Pugh, Elbert Wells, Serilda J. 9/30/1855   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   William Baker, Clk.
Pugh, Herold Ward, Hannah 8/31/1845   2,3   Joshua Ward Jno. Ray, Clk.
Pugh, Jonathan F. Phipps, Jane 9/3/1843   2.3   W. T. Ross R. Murchison
Pugh, Lee W. Barker, Martha I. 11/20/1866   1 Thomas Brooks    
Pugh, Masten Young, Marinda 3/13/1856   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Pugh, Stephen Perkins, Mahala 6/29/1848   2,3   Jno. T. Pugh Jno. Ray, Clk.
Quesenberry, Miles Row, Elizabeth 12/23/1847   2,3   William Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Quillan, Spencer Reedy, Louisa 2/11/1858   1,3 Wm. Baker, J.P. Ely Reedy Wm. Baker, Test.
Rannels, Samuel Eliot, Rebecca 10/4/1866   1,3 Wm. Calloway R. T. Hardin, C. R. T. Hardin
Ray, George Ray, Louisa 3/3/1867   3 Henry Hardin, J.P. Hiram Higgins R. T. Hardin
Ray, George W. Dixon, Mary An. 5/24/1855   1,3 James Wagg   C. R. Phillips
Ray, H. H. Ray, Cynthia 7/3/1871   4      
Ray, Hamilton Burkett, Elizabeth 7/18/1855   1,3 George H. Hamilton   J. M. Gentry
Ray, Hiram Ray, Amanda 2/15/1868   3     A. Bledsoe
Ray, Hiram, Jr. Parks, Catherine 9/23/1840   2,3   William Ray, Sr. George Hamilton
Ray, J. F. Woodey, Catherine 9/11/1865   1,3   David H. Gray E. C. Bartlett
Ray, James Severt, Barbara 4/22/1857   1,3 William Wilcox   J. M. Gentry, D.
Ray, Jeremiah Hodges, Nancy 3/7/1853   3 J. T. Calloway, J.P.   Jno. Ray, Clk.
Ray, R. C. McQueen, Calla 6/24/1867   3 C. R. Miller, M.G.   E. C. Bartlett
Ray, Samuel Baker, Mary 3/31/1847   2      
Ray, Thomas C. Ray, Levisey 8/31/1854   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J.P.   Jno. Ray, Clk.
Ray, Wilborn Dickson, Nancy 2/21/1846   2,3   Hamilton Ray Jno. Ray, Clk.
Ray, William Ray, Catherine 9/2/1871   4      
Readaford, Jefferson Readaford, Elizabeth 6/20/1846   3   Andrew Readaford Jno. Ray, Clk.
Ready, Calvin Briant, Mary 6/21/1857   3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Reaves, Andrew Reaves, Mahala 12/31/1865   1 A. B. Cox    
Rector, Enos Andrews, Abye 2/18/1858   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Reda, James Black, Jane 1/17/1846 (Reedy) 2,3   James Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Reece, Daniel Smith, Lucretia 6/14/1821   2,3   Hiram Wilson David Dugger, D.
Reece, Hiram McCall, Patsey 8/27/1832   2,3   William Grayson David Dugger
Reece, Hiram Smith, Rhoda 1817   2      
Reece, Isaac M. Greaves, Cintha 11/17/1840   3   Asa Reece G. M. Bingham
Reece, Jacob Smith, Elizabeth 13/16/1825   2      
Reece, James Madern, Nancy 12/6/1842   2,3   Isaac M. Reece G. M. Bingham
Reece, John V. L. Isaacs, Syntha 1/25/1842   2,3   Boyd Wilson David Dugger, D.
Reece, John V. S. Isaacs, Cynthia 1/25/1842   4      
Reece, Samuel Church, Lusidia 3/9/1834   3   Jorden Church David Dugger, D.
Reed, Andrew J. Richardson, Caroline 9/1/1867   1,3 John Richardson, J.P.   G. W. Ketchum & R.T. Hardin
Reed, W. H. Richardson, Matilda 5/18/1866   3   A. D. Reed  
Reedy, Alvin Lewis, Anna 1/4/1852   1 William Weaver, J.P.    
Reedy, Chrisley Adams, Caroline 10/30/1865   1 Reason Jones    
Reedy, Christopher Plummer, Malinda 3/27/1853   1,3 Reuben Kilby   S. Plummer, D.C.
Reedy, David Elbert Reedy, Malvina 6/14/1864   3   Isaac Walton Thomas Wayman
Reedy, George W. Phipps, Eda Mandy 9/1/1867   1,3 William Sexton, J.P.   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Reedy, Granville Quillen, Johannah 11/18/1854   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Reedy, Jacob Parsons, Franky 1/29/1856   1,3   James Blevins  
Reedy, Jacob Phipps, Thursey Ann 2/22/1857   1 Jno. Greer    
Reedy, James W. Cain, Elizabeth 7/10/1853   1,3 William Weaver, J.P.   Josh. Baker
Reedy, John Workman, Rebecca 2/18/1822   2,3   Chris. Workman A. Parkes
Reedy, Peter Henderson, Nancy 8/22/1853   1 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Reedy, Solomon Woodridge, Sarah 11/8/1851   1,3 D. Smith, J.P.   H. Ray, D.C.
Reeves, Enoch B. Cox, Peggy An. 3/2/1851   1 A. B. Cox, L.D.    
Reeves, Jesse Cox, Mary 1/1/1856   1,3 Jno. A. Jones   Jno. A. Jones
Reeves, William B. Alexander, Elizabeth L. 8/23/1858   1,3   Talton Woodde A. N. McMillan
Retheford, Alen Daniels, Pega 10/31/1850   2,3   Joseph Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Retheford, Thomas M. Retheford, Malviny 9/29/1852   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P. James J. Ruther. Daniel Sturgill.
Retherford, Timothy Mitchell, Rebecca 7/14/1853   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P. James Hash Daniel Sturgill
Reves, David Whittaker, Frances 10/8/1854   1m3 J. M. Fisher Thos. J. Carson Robt. Gambill
Reves, Horton Alexander, Nancy 9/20/1856   1,3 H. R. Vanover, M.G. Hardin Reeves Robert Gambill
Reves, Jesse B. Johnson, Alvey 7/1/1855   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Reves, John Miller, Alva 7/10/1872   4      
Reves, Richard Sheets, Riley 5/13/1851   3   Talton Woodde Nathan Weaver
Reynolds, Henry H. Roark, Nancy 12/11/1876   4      
Richardson, Alvin Sturgill, Elizabeth 4/8/1855   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P.   James Sturgill
Richardson, Andrew Isom, Leah 11/13/1851   1 Spencer Isom, J.P.    
Richardson, Canada Loggins, Sarah 5/26/1855 5/26/1855(65?) 1 John A. Jones    
Richardson, Canaday B. Cox, Sarah 10/15/1853   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   A. N. McMillan
Richardson, Daniel Dickson, Adeline 11/17/1850   3   John Sturgill Daniel Sturgill
Richardson, Drury MacGrady, Nancy 4/9/1842   4      
Richardson, George W. Ray, Louisa 3/3/1867   1 Henry Hardin    
Richardson, Isom Crows, Jane 8/5/1857 Crows (Crouse), Jane 1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.    
Richardson, James Wilcox, Deboarah 1/18/1855   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jno. Weaver, J.P.
Richardson, John Redy, Elizabeth 1/23/1842   2,3   Jonathan Pugh Jno. Ray, Clk.
Richardson, John Nance, Elizabeth 11/28/1856   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jno. Weaver
Richardson, Joseph B. Taylor, Jane 7/16/1853   1,4 William Johnson    
Richardson, Mathias Elliott, Mary Ann 5/25/1866   3 Henry Garber, M.G.    
Richardson, Nathan Dickson, Jane 4/4/1854   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.    
Richardson, Richard Sturgill, Nelly 5/4/1850   1,2,3 Jas. Sturgill, J.P. Eli Chandler M. Carson, D.C.
Richardson, William Sharpe, Nancy M. 10/10/1852   1 E. W. Baldwin, J.P.    
Richardson, William A. Richardson, Nancy 12/29/1849   3   Daniel Richards. M. Carson
Riddle, Samuel Harper, Eliza 4/14/1867   4      
Riddle, William Sawyers, Mary 9/21/1860   1,3 Rezin Jones John Pender. R. Jones
Ridge, Isaac Isaacs, Elenor 3/7/1825   2,3 Thos. Wayman, J.P. Holden Davis David Dugger
Right, VanBurin B. Gullion, Ludema Jane 1/7/1855   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Rigsbee, Henry M. Hodgens, Ann N. 10/6/1839   2,3   R. Murchison  
Roan, J. A. Lundy, Elizabeth 8/18/1850   3   Josiah Lundy G. Hagins
Roark, Absolem Vanover, Delphia 6/25/1853   1 C. H. Johnson, J.P.    
Roark, Alexander Roten, Emeline 11/24/1862   4      
Roark, Alvin Brooks, Mary 1/19/1861   1 Jno. Osborne    
Roark, Calvin Lewis, Melinda 10/24/1854   1,3 C.H. Johnson Absalom Roark J. A. King, D.C.
Roark, Calvin Cooper, Maria 4/13/1876   4      
Roark, Charles Ham, Mary 12/27/1854   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jno. Weaver
Roark, David Price, Emaline 5/8/1858   1,3 C.H. Johnson, J.P.   E. Roark, D.C.
Roark, David Peasley, Elizabeth 5/24/1837   2,3   Noah C. Baldwin Jno. Ray, Clk.
Roark, Enoch Taylor, Sarah Jane 12/13/1895   4      
Roark, Harvy Lewis, Mandy 6/2/1862   1 Jno. Osborne    
Roark, Isaac Roton, Mary 9/20/1856   1,3 J. A. King   Jos. A. King, D.
Roark, Jesse Ham, Nancy 3/5/1859   1 Jno. Eldreth    
Roark, Jonathan Vanover, Elizabeth 8/15/1862   1 Jno. Osborne    
Roark, Joshua Reedy, Rosey 11/9/1851   1 John Weaver, J.P.    
Roark, Justan Eastridge, Sarah 5/23/1863 Roark, Justan(?) 1 John Osborne    
Roark, Solomon Ham, Catherine 5/21/1857   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jno. Weaver, J.P.
Roark, Timothy Mahala, Kesiah 1/3/1852   1 Jesse Farmer    
Roark, William Hughes, Lucinda 3/12/1866   1 Rev. W. Calloway    
Roberds, William Taylor, Pheribe 5/9/1841   3   Solomon Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Roberts, Adam Bartlett, Winea 9/12/1867   3 William Calloway, M.G.   E. C. Bartlett
Roberts, Curren Bartlett, Frances 12/3/1854 12/3/1854(5?) 1,3 Goldman Hagins   Hiram Higgins
Roberts, John Powers, Mary Elizabeth 2/12/1868   3     E. C. Bartlett
Roberts, Milenter Comer, Fama 2/14/1843   3   Zachariah Parks Jno. Ray, Clk.
Roberts, William Hurley, Orlean 6/29/1856   1,3 Jos. Hudler, J.P.   R. Jones, D.C.
Robertson, Elias B. Cornett, Peggy 10/15/1854   3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Robertson, Oliver Jones, Anjaline J. 7/19/1856   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Robinson, Benjamin F. Vanzant, Sarahan 6/28/1861   1,3 James Sapp, J.P.   Jacob Roten, D.
Robinson, Henry M. Greer, Nancy 10/5/1854   1,3 Jno. Weaver   Jno. Weaver
Robinson, Samuel Williams, Margaret E. 7/1/1857   1,3 Thos. Wayman, J.P. Jno. Faris Thos. Wayman, D.
Rock, John Eldreth, Mary 4/6/1847   2      
Roe, William Bonham, Rebecca 3/19/1863   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Rogers, Nathaniel Westbrooks, Charlotte 12/23/1820   4      
Roland, Andrew Ashley, Nancy F. 1/13/1878   4      
Roland, Jacob Poe, Charity 1/20/1867   1 Henry Garber    
Roland, Robert Ford, Elizabeth 3/20/1829   2,3   Holden Davis David Dugger
Rominger, Emory L. Southerland, Jane 9/24/1854   1,3 Jesse Farmer, D.D. Calvin Farmer J. A. King
Roop, Abraham Hart, Katherine 9/1/1853   1 Reuben Kilby    
Roop, Elihu Blevins, Catherine 5/16/1874   4      
Roop, John Osborn, Sarah 8/30/1857   1,3 Jno. Reves, J.P.   Josiah Caudill
Roope, Jacob Pritchet, Marion 3/26/1854   1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edw. W. Baldwin
Rose, Bryant Wyatt, Rosy 1/10/1850   3   Zebidee Phipps A. B. Cox
Rose, Thomas Pratt, Elizabeth 7/11/1852   1 Thos. C. Douglas, J.P.    
Rose, Wyatt Wood, Hesperam 2/12/1855   1,3 William Weaver, J.P.   J. M. Gentry
Rosenburn, Adam Jones, Mary 1/29/1857   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Ross, Eli McMeans, Elizabeth 1840   2      
Ross, W. P. Hash, Elizabeth 12/0/1843   3   Robert Phipps Jno. Ray, Clk.
Roten, George Washington Roark, Cora Elvira 9/9/1888   4      
Roten, Jacob Ashley, Elizabeth 8/1/1852   1,3 William Weaver   A. H. Waugh, D.
Roten, James Elliott, Nancy 3/14/1857   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jno. Weaver
Roten, John Roten, Mary 10/5/1868   1 S. Trivett    
Roten, John Howell, Mily 10/10/1858   4      
Roten, John Wesley Roark, Martisha 11/13/1887   4      
Roten, Josiah Calhoun, Sarah 3/15/1867   1,3 Jno. Osborne, J.P.   R. T. Hardin, C.
Roten, Sanders Graybeal, Catherine 10/17/1867   3 Jno. Pennington, J.P.   Jacob Roten
Roten, William Jacks, Sary 7/4/1862   1,3 Eli Graybeal   James Wagg
Roten, William Miller, Martha 10/4/1865   1 Jno. Ham    
Roton, Alex Greer, Franky 12/17/1857   1,3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Rouse, John C. Fry, Margaret A. 4/22/1855   4      
Rowe, Robert Greas, Sarah E. 11/15/1856   4      
Rudy, Jacob Parsons, Franky 1/30/1856   4      
Sadem, Harvy Taylor, Emelina 6/4/1850   4      
Sage, Andrew Carnut, Matilda 10/2/1845   4      
Sage, Eli W. Johnson, Nancy 2/4/1877   4      
Sage, Jonathan Roberts, Rosemond 2/3/1842   4      
Sage, Stephen W. Blackman, Amanda 1/13/1867   4      
Sammons, George W. Samons, Nancy J. 7/30/1872   4      
Sammons, William J. Blevins, ________ 8/8/1872   4      
Sanders, Henry Billings, Alley 9/11/1858   4      
Sapp, David, Jr. Shepherd, Isabella 1/18/1868   4      
Sawyer, James Allin, Jane 9/20/1854   4      
Sawyer, Wm. Greer, Katherine 10/9/1853   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
Sawyers, John Retherford, Caroline 7/24/1848   4      
Scott, F. W. Gentry, Nancy 11/18/1858   4      
Seats, Robert Shepherd, Phebe 10/22/1851   1,3 C. R. Phipps    
Segraves, Franklin Blevins, Samantha 11/9/1872   4      
Segraves, Louis McClure, Jane 8/12/1865   4      
Sehorn, C. E. Ray, Nancy E. 6/15/1861   3     W. M. Bledsoe, D.C.
Sells, Jackson Mayable, Jane 2/7/1867   4      
Sells, William H. Adams, Sarah 8/29/1846   4      
Senter, William E. Blevins, Franky 2/18/1867   1 Solomon Blackburn    
Severt, Enoch Mash, Mara 9/15/1865   1,3      
Severt, Frederick Faw, Juliana _____   1 Jno. H. Vannoy    
Severt, Silas Oliver, Caroline 2/7/1854   1,3 George Patrick Geo. Patrick J. M. Gentry
Severt, Wiley Wyatt, Mary 12/9/1854   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons
Sexton, Archibald Eller, Mary 1/21/1860   1 J. Hudler    
Sexton, Calvin Spencer, Elizabeth 7/21/1857   1,3 C.H. Doughten   R. Jones
Sexton, David Hawkins, Ruthy 7/10/1867   3 Jos. Hudler, J.P.    
Sexton, George W. Powers, Tamsey 8/7/1867   1,3 Wesley Thompson   R. T. Hardin
Sexton, John H. Evans, Manda 12/7/1867   1,3 Thos. C. Douglas   T. C. Douglas
Sexton, John S. Sexton, Charlotte 12/16/1855   1,3 T. C. Douglas   T. C. Douglas
Sexton, Joseph Wiatt, Marnevy 1/11/1858   1,3 Wm. Sexton William Francis Robert Gambill
Sexton, Levi Waggoner, Martha 10/10/1852   3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   C. H. Doughten
Sexton, Loransy Bennet, Easter 1/24/1847   3   Solomon Parsons  
Sexton, Martin Sexton, Jane 2/6/1854   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.    
Sexton, Thomas Blevins, Polly 12/14/1854   4      
Sexton, William Nelson, Martha Jane 7/21/1858   1,3 C. H. Doughten,J.P.   Robert Gambill
Sexton, William, Jr. May, Tansey 12/30/1868   1 William Sexton    
Sharp, J. W. B. Turner, Mary 12/13/1872   4      
Shaw, W. M. Pennington, Mary 12/8/1867   3 John Pennington, J.P.   Jacob Roten
Sheets, Albert Shatley, Elizabeth 12/24/1868   1 J. Blevins    
Sheets, Alfred Osborn, Mary 11/27/1856   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   Jno. Koons
Sheets, Calvin Kimbell, Elizabeth 9/28/1851 Kimbell, Elizabeth (Polly) 1,3 D. Smith, J.P.   J. Perkins
Sheets, David Osborne, Martha Jane 10/4/1865   1,3 Henry Garber, M.G. J. B. Miller E. C. Bartlett & R. T. Hardin
Sheets, Emanuel Osborn, Charity 10/28/1865   1,3 J. B. Miller, J.P. David Sheets R. T. Hardin
Sheets, Franklin Hurley, Mary 4/19/1846   2,3   Larkin Sheets Peter Earnest
Sheets, Harvy Patrick, Polly 6/19/1858   1,3 Talton Woody   Jno. A. Jones
Sheets, Jackson Reedy, Mary 9/18/1857   1,3 Reuben Kilby   S. Plummer, D.C.
Sheets, James Peak, Nancy 3/18/1849   2,3   Wm. Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Sheets, John Blevins, Lucy 11/14/1845   2,3   Larkin Sheets Peter Earnest
Sheets, Jordan Miller, Esther 11/24/1857   3   John Miller R. Gambill
Sheets, Larken Peppers, Lydia 12/7/1845   2,3   John Sheets Peter Earnest
Sheets, Solomon Darnel, Elizabeth 10/11/1855   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   John Koons.
Sheets, Wesley Wyatt, Mary 10/17/1860   1 James Wagg   S. P. Wagg, D.C.
Shepherd, George Austin, Margaret 1/20/1868   3     G. W. Ketchum
Shepherd, James W. Jones, Elizabeth 9/18/1852   1,3 Joshua Long James Weaver Nathan Weaver
Shepherd, John Eastridge, Nancy 3/4/1868   3 J. Pennington, J.P.   Jacob Roten
Shepherd, William Farmer, Mary Ann 9/6/1868   1 John Pennington    
Sheppard, William Hicks, Emaline 10/5/1853   1,3 Thos. C. Douglas, J.P.    
Shoof, Payton D. Roody, Martha 7/29/1852   1 C.H. Doughten, J.P.    
Shotley, Henry S. Bowers, Matilda 9/14/1872   4      
Shown, Alfred P. Roton, Franky 4/8/1859   1 John Baker    
Shuler, Nataniel C. Green, Mira 12/22/1846   2,3   Abram Johnson G. M. Bingham
Shuler, Philip L. Gallehan, Easter E. 11/3/1857   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   Jno. F. Greer
Shumaker, Calvin Richardson, Sarah 11/15/1856   1,3 Talton Woodde, M.G.   Jno. Reves, D.C.
Shupe, Abraham Whisman, Sarah 1857   2      
Simcock, Martin Poole, Charlotte 2/10/1853   1 M. Spencer Isom, J.P.    
Slate, James Hagston, Caldona 11/12/1858   3 Jno. Eldreth   Robert Gambill
Sluder, David Graybeal, Joicy 1/14/1866   1 Jno. Pennington    
Sluder, Harrison Tucker, Caroline 2/12/1866   1 John Osborne    
Sluder, Johnson Lewis, Elizabeth 9/10/1871   4      
Smallwood, Hugh Birket, Rachel 5/7/1856   1,3 A. Blevins Edward Blevins R. Jones, D.C.
Smith, Absolum M. Andress, Abi 9/2/1852 Andress, Abi (Sue) 1,3 G. Hagins G. Hagins G. Hagins
Smith, Alex Anderson, Martha Ann Luticia 3/4/1877   4      
Smith, Andrew B. Parsons, Elizabeth J. 8/2/1866   1,3 T. J. James, M.G.   R. T. Hardin
Smith, Bennet Moody, Elizabeth 12/20/1824   2,3   Squire Adams David Dugger, D.
Smith, Bennet Fairchild, Rachel 3/14/1844   3   Zekial Smith G. M. Bingham
Smith, Elisha Bradley, Nancy 4/9/1843   2,3   Mark Holsclaw G. M. Bingham
Smith, Francis M. Vestal, Sarah 8/2/1855   1 C.H. Doughten    
Smith, James G. Dickson, Lucy C. 12/21/1866   1 James Wagg    
Smith, Jeheil Dugger, Elizabeth 9/11/1833   2,3   Henry Dugger David Dugger
Smith, Mark Taylor, Phebe 1846   2      
Smith, William G. Perkins, Sally 2/15/1844   2,3   Henry Hodgson Jno. Ray
Smith, William S. Ketran, Mary 2/5/1846   3   James Brown Jno. Ray, Clk.
Smoot, Gabriel S. Hail, Rena 2/21/1844   2,3   Jno. Mc. Phipps Jno. Ray, Clk.
Snider, Alexander Southerland, Margaret 2/15/1847   2,3   Reuben S. Southerland G. M. Bingham
Snider, Laudin Price, Delily 3/29/1866   3   A. Osborn Jacob Roton, Test.
Snider, William Sprinkle, Mary T. 5/24/1845   2,3   William Killinger Jno. Ray, Clk.
Snow, Richard F. Shepherd, Sally 6/18/1853   1,3 G. Hagins   G. Hagins
Soctt, James A. Ray, Elizabeth 4/11/1857   4      
South, Clark Davis, Sophiah 9/4/1851   1      
South, Eli Taylor, Mary 1821   2      
South, G. Sexton, Sally 1/25/1852   1      
South, Gideon Sheets, Sealy 2/22/1868   3 G. W. Ketchum, J.P.   G. W. Ketchum
Speaks, Isaiah Blevins, Rachael 2/10/1859   1,3 S. Bowen, J.P.   Quincy F. Neal
Spencer, Joseph Pennington, Lucy 1/0/1842   2,3   Solomon Spencer  
Spencer, William Weaver, Aly 6/3/1857   1,3 Reuben Kilby   S. Plummer, D.C.
Spurlin, William C. Isom, Nancy 7/6/1856   1,3 Jno. Gambill, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Stamper, Eli Perkins, Anjaline 10/8/1848   2,3   James Stamper Jno. Ray, Clk.
Stamper, Hiram T. Brown, Milly 12/9/1852   1,3   Adam Waggoner Nathan Weaver
Stamper, Hiram T. Osborn, Mima 12/13/1865   1,3   Jonathan Stamper R. T. Hardin
Stamper, Ira T. Blevins, Joysey 3/14/1866   1,3 T. J. Jones, M.G. Elihu Stamper Jno. H. Carson
Stamper, John Painer, Loran 8/26/1865   1 John Adams    
Stamper, Jonathan Shepherd, Jane 12/13/1865   3   Hiram T. Stamper G. W. Ketchum
Stamper, Jonathan Osborn, Matilda 4/21/1862   3   Solomon Parsons Jno. Ray, Clk.
Stamper, M. D. Dixon, Catherine 10/1/1867   3     G. W. Ketchum
Stamper, Nathaniel Stidham, Nancy 12/20/1850   2,3   John Williams Daniel Sturgill
Stamper, Nathaniel Tilley, Elizabeth 11/29/1854   3 Jno. A. Jones, J.P.   James Sturgill
Stamper, Tobias Reatherford, Rebecca 9/27/1847   2,3   Richard Stamper John Ray, Clk.
Stamper, Wilborn Sizemore, Kathany 10/16/1852   3   Wesley Parrish Nathan Weaver
Standaford, Hiram Howel, Elizabeth 5/7/1844   2,3   Joseph Hash Jno. Ray, Clk.
Stansbary, Aaron Anderson, Celia 1/14/1840   3   John F. Greer Jno. Ray, Clk.
Stansbary, Joshua S. Brown, Mary 9/6/1858 9/6/1858(9?) 1,3 J. T. Calloway, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Stansbary, Nathan W. Howell, Olie 1/15/1858   1,3 J. T. Calloway, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Steadham, Calvin Lane, Susannah 1850   2      
Stedham, Harvy Taylor, Emeline 1/4/1850   2,3   Elijah Phipps M. Carson
Stedham, William Heath, Elizabeth 5/7/1853   3 James Gambill, J.P. Tobias Taylor Daniel Sturgill
Steelman, Enoch Landreth, Rachel 11/26/1853   3 Jno. A. Carson, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Stewart, Jackson Francis, Hyla 8/1/1844   4      
Stewart, William A. Francis, Sarah A. 8/2/1865   1 Solomon Blackburn    
Stidham, Enoch Landreth, Rachel 11/6/1853   1 John H. Carson    
Stidham, Samuel Taylor, Martha 10/31/1851   1 James Sturgill, J.P.    
Stike, William Testerman, Mary 11/12/1856   1 S. Bowers, J.P.    
Stikeleather, Joseph Eller, Tamsey 6/7/1856   1,3 S. Bowers, J.P.   J. M. Gentry, D.
Stikeleather, Moses Stikeleather, Elizabeth 7/18/1830   3   George Phillips George Bower
Stikeleather, Moses Bowers, Caty 4/21/1845   3   R. Murchison  
Stoe, Isaac P. Blevins, Lodema 9/20/1866 Stoe, (Stone) Isaac P. 1,3 Jackson Blevins   E. C. Bartlett
Stone, William B. Sutherland, Elizabeth 10/1/1851   1 C. H. Doughten    
Stow, Isaac P. Turner, Susannah 4/20/1845   2,3   Stanford Turner M. Carson
Strange, John R. Davis, Amanda 9/9/1863   1,3 Jno. F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer
Stringer, Jefferson Johnson, Catherine 3/24/1856   1,3 Wm. Johnson, J.P. Elisha Pennington, Jefferson Stringer. R. Jones, D.C.
Stringer, L. D. Spencer, Dema 4/2/1871   4      
Stringer, Missouri B. Wagginer, Sally 4/18/1861   1,3   Henry D. Wagg J. B. Miller
Stuart, Joseph Wright, Amanda 10/18/1866   1,3 Jackson Blevins   E. C. Bartlett
Stuart, Joseph Francis, Sarah 7/11/1841   2,3   Newell Stuart Jno. Tomlin
Stuart, Washington Barker, Jane 1/24/1867   1 Solomon Blackburn    
Sturgill, F. Marian Testerman, Orfey 12/31/1866 12/31/1866 (1/3/1867) 1,3 William Sexton,J.P.   R. T. Hardin, C.
Sturgill, Francis Weaver, Phebe 1803   4      
Sturgill, James Buman, Elizabeth 9/2/1852   1 E. W. Baldwin    
Sturgill, John DeBoard, Mary 12/19/1854   1,3 Lowry Grimsely   James Sturgill
Sturgill, John DeBoard, Jane 4/17/1839   3   Daniel Sturgill Jno. Ray, Clk.
Sturgill, John Cox, Margaret Jane 3/30/1857   1 H. B. Williams    
Sturgill, Joseph Jones, Matildy 4/20/1857 Jones, Matildy (Malinda) 1,3 M. Carson, J.P. John Williams M. Carson, D.C.
Sturgill, Joshua Weaver, Phoebe Marildy 11/30/1865   3 Reason Jones   R. T. Hardin, C.
Sturgill, Levi B. Chandler, Narsisia Elizabeth 3/4/1858   1,3 Jno. A. Jones James R. Ri. Joshua Sturgill
Suderth, William Hardin, Jane E. 4/7/1852   3 George H. Hamilton, J.P.   Jno. Ray, Clk.
Sullen, Joab Brinegar, Belinda 8/22/1842   2,3   David Dickson  
Sullivan, David Ross, Mary 6/5/1871   4      
Sullivan, Eli Lewis, Ellen 10/4/1868   1 W. B. Carson    
Sullivan, Eli Taylor, Elizabeth 3/20/1854   1 William Johnson, J.P.    
Sullivan, Hardin Johnson, Franky 12/26/1852   1,3 M. Carson, J.P. Edwin Austin M. Carson, D.C.
Sullivan, Jordan Hanks, Mary 4/19/1866   1 Wm. Sexton    
Sullivan, William Bowers, Susannah 11/29/1840   2,3   R. Murchison Jno. Tomlin
Surage, M. Wood, Lydia 5/7/1855   1 Lowry Grimsley    
Sute, Johnson Sebastian, Nancy 7/31/1852   1 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Sutherland, Samuel Sutherland, Jane 5/24/1852 Sutherland, Samuel (?) 1 William Baker, J.P.    
Sutherland, Thomas Grant, Mary 7/8/1866   1 M. H. Spencer    
Suthers, William P. Hardin, Jane E. 4/8/1852   1 George H. Hamilton    
Sutton, John Phillipe, Sophiah 9/18/1847 Phillipe(s), Sophiah 2,3   Ambrose Cri. John Ray, Clk.
Swearingain, Richard C. Absher, Milea 7/17/1823   2,3   Henry Haley David Dugger, D.
Swedy, Meshack Woodde, Lidy 5/6/1855   3 Lowry Grimsley   Shad Calley, D.
Swift, Elias Addams, Elizabeth 9/5/1833   2,3   Wellborn Swift & Barnet Yelton David Dugger
Swift, James, Jr. Wallace, Elizabeth Ann 7/19/1848   2,3   Morgan Swift G. M. Bingham
Swift, Samuel Thompson, Martha E. 11/8/1846   3   Alban M. Is. G. M. Bingham
Swift, Thomas Green, Lucinda 2/24/1844   3   Golston, Davis  
Swift, Wellborn Yelton, Sarah 8/25/1831   2,3   Berryman Fletcher David Dugger
Swindle, Martin Patton, Elizabeth 6/28/1857   3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Swindle, Wesley Phipps, Polly 7/14/1845   1,3 Aras B. Cox, L.D. W. L. Hutchens A. B. Cox, D. C.
Swinney, Edward Myers, Sarah 4/23/1848   2,3   John G. Spencer J. M. Gentry
Swinney, Saniel Estep, Nancy 3/23/1842   2,3   Berry Lidwell G. M. Bingham
Swinny, Henry Moxley, Sally 10/30/1849   1 A. B. Cox, L.D.    
Taylor, Andrew Bledsoe, Fanny 10/27/1849   2,3   David Hart Nathan Weaver
Taylor, Calvin Tilley, Sesga 11/1/1850   3   Tobias Taylor Daniel Sturgill
Taylor, Calvin Plummer, Rebecca 11/25/1850   3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Taylor, David Wiles, Jane 7/9/1854   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   A. N. McMillan
Taylor, Elijah Adams, Lou D. 8/15/1872   4      
Taylor, Harison Cook, Emeline 6/15/1861   1,3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P.   Jno. Eldreth, D.
Taylor, Henry L. Holoway, Fisady 11/28/1854   1 J. W. Fisher, M.G.    
Taylor, Jacob Lyons, Jane 7/4/1854   1,3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P. Abraham Miller Robert Gambill
Taylor, James M. Taylor, Millie 9/29/1880   4      
Taylor, John Cook, Eadith 11/18/1858   1,3 Jno. Eldreth   Robert Gambill
Taylor, John Crowder, Jane 7/29/1855   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Taylor, John R. Stidham, Neter 4/26/1853   1,3 James Gambill, J.P. Tobias Taylor Daniel Sturgill
Taylor, Jonathan F. Heathron, Amasa 5/2/1854   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J.P. Peter McNeil J. J. Sapp, D.C.
Taylor, Lawerall Blevins, Elena 10/1/1871   4      
Taylor, Robert Holoway, Sady 11/28/1854   3 J. W. Fisher, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Taylor, Simon Eldrith, Sarah     1 John Eldrith    
Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Rebecca 8/17/1828   3   Benjamin Lan. R. Gentry, Tes.
Taylor, Westly Black, Patsy 5/4/1829   3   William Mash Thomas Calloway
Taylor, William Sapp, Mary 4/2/1858   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Taylor, William L. Hayworth, Octavia 3/28/1872   4      
Teague, Joab Pope, Sarah 6/22/1829   2,3   Isaac Teague Thomas Calloway
Teague, William Hatten, Livena 10/2/1843   3   Jacob Goodman R. Murchison
Teastor, Ransom Hix, Fanny 10/27/1841   2,3   Hiram Hix G. M. Bingham
Teastor, Robert Hix, Margaret 1/19/1842   3   Hiram Hix G. M. Bignham
Tester, Benjamin Fortner, Polly 12/3/1827   2,3   William Lynn. David Dugger, D.
Testerman, Hamilton Barker, Tamsey 6/7/1841   3   John Reeves John Tomlin
Testerman, Hugh Hash, Margaret 8/16/1865 Hash, Margaret (Hawks?) 1,3 Wm. Sexton Calvin Testerman  
Testerman, James Majah, Milla 1/12/1857 Majah (Mabe), Milla 1,3 Reuben Kilby Robert Deli. R. Jones, Test.
Testerman, John Jones, Ellen 8/28/1876   4      
Testerman, Marshel Anderson, Mahuldy I. 6/8/1867   3 Andrew Powers   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Thomas, John R. Long, Nancy Elizabeth 10/8/1848   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Thomas, Joseph Wilson, Margaret 10/1/1847   2,3   Alexander Wilson G. M. Bingham
Thomas, Lorenzo G. Hash, Elizabeth Jane 10/26/1854   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P.    
Thomas, Robert Maxwell, Elizabeth 12/23/1872   4      
Thompkins, Alfred Coose, Sally 2/15/1852 Coose, Sally (?) 4      
Thompson, Alfred Brown, Sarah 10/30/1846   2,3 William Johnson, J.P.   William Weaver, D.C.
Thompson, Calvin Welch, Elizabeth 7/30/1867   1,3 William Sexton, J.P.   R. T. Hardin, Clk.
Thompson, Christopher Reedy, Ruth 2/25/1858   1,3 William Baker, J.P.   William Baker, Pro.
Thompson, Isom Osborn, Jane 1/1/1852   1,3 A. B. Cox, L.D. Harvy Plummer & Isom Thompson Aras B. Cox, T.
Thompson, James H. Harris, Susan 6/9/1848   2,3   Robert B. Allen John Ray, Clk.
Thompson, Riley Pennington, Elizabeth 5/11/1874   4      
Thompson, Sanders Austin, Phebe 1/6/1853   3   Edwin Austin Nathan Weaver
Thompson, Wesley Powers, Amanda 2/3/1853   1 R. Kilby    
Tilley, Hugh Blevins, Elizabeth 1/1/1873   4      
Tilley, James Tilly, Letty 12/25/1858   1 James Gambill    
Tilley, William Stedham, Hanner 12/2/1850   3   George Grimsley & William Tilley Daniel Sturgill
Tilson, Hugh B. Meak, Margaret 8/22/1846   2,3   Enoch Stafford Jno. Ray, Clk.
Todd, Joseph W. Waugh, Sallie J. 9/3/1867   1,3 Charles K. Miller   E. C. Bartlett
Toliver, Allen Hill, Nancy 10/6/1853   1,3 H. R. Vanover    
Toliver, Enoch B. Pritchett, Adaline 2/2/1851   1 James Sturgill, J.P.    
Toliver, Jacob Higgins, Milinda 10/1/1851   1 Spencer Isom, J.P.    
Toliver, Jacob F. Wyatt, Orvan 10/4/1853   1 J. W. Fisher, M.G.    
Toliver, James F. Crowse, Sarah 11/10/1853   1,3 J. W. Fisher, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Toliver, Jesse Toliver, Louisa 6/1/1856   1,3 C.H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Toliver, John Edwards, Matilda 4/3/1856   1,3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
Toliver, Willie Richardson, Mary 10/16/1853   1,3 Edw. W. Baldwin, J.P.   Edward W. Baldwin
Tomelson, Hiram Blackburn, Elizabeth 12/3/1853   1,3 C. R. Phillips, J.P. Jacob Goodman J. M. Gentry, D.
Townsend, Lewis Seford, Sally 11/7/1848   2,3   James Townsend G. M. Bingham
Treadway, Hardin Lake, Sarah 11/22/1867   3 J. W. Cahoon, J.P.   Jacob Roton
Treadway, JOhn Mayab, Elizabeth 8/5/1862   3   F. H. Powers  
Treadway, John Magrady, Kesiah 11/29/1835   2,3   Henry Poe  
Treadway, Jonas Wallace, Emeline 5/13/1871   4      
Triplett, Asa Elrod, Belinda 11/9/1841   3   William Elrod G. M. Bingham, Te.
Trivet, Isaiah Hatten, Susa 11/18/1852   1 J. Tatum, J.P.    
Trivett, John Hodges, Patsy 10/23/1858   3 C. D. Elrod Thos. Blackburn Coonrod Elrod
Trivett, John Greer, Lucy 9/3/1845   2,3   James Harvey Jno. Ray
Trivett, Lewis Green, Phebe 1/15/1853 Green (Greer), Phebe 1,3 C. Elrod   N. H. Waugh, D.
Trivett, Nathan Greer, Hannah 4/1/1858   3 William Wilcox   Robert Gambill
Trivett, William McGuire, Amanda 12/21/1844   4      
Trivitt, RIley Hilyard, Louisa 8/6/1848   3   Wilborn Trivett G. M. Bingham
Trivitt, Welborn Shupe, Elizabeth 1845   2,3   Calvin Hartly G. M. Bingham
Trivitt, William H. Tatum, Emeline 3/2/1858   1,3 Joseph Tatum, J.P.   Joseph Tatum
Tucker, Elihu Blevins, Sarah H. 8/6/1871   4      
Tucker, John Sexton, Lissey 7/4/1856   1,3 Reuben Kilby   R. Jones, D.C.
Tucker, John W. Goss, Martha 5/30/1867 (s/o David), (d/o Jehew) 3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
Turner, A., Jr. Jones, Rachel 1/15/1840   2,3   Noah Testerman Jno. Tomlin
Turner, Andrew J. Fowler, Mary 12/9/1855   1,3 George H. Hamilton, J.P.   R. N. McMillan
Turner, Hugh Burkett, Mary Ann 8/9/1866   1 James Wagg    
Turner, James Campbell, Jane 12/22/1856   1,3 George H. Hamilton, J.P.   J. M. Gentry
Vannoy, A. M. Miller, Adeline 5/6/1866   1 Jno. H. Vannoy    
Vannoy, Anderson Marshall, Lucrecia J. 4/16/1866   1 J. W. Bowman    
Vannoy, Andrew J. Reeves, Mary 1/7/1847   2,3   R. Murchison H. Ray
Vannoy, James H. Walters, Rebecca 10/28/1865   3 Eli Graybeal, J.P. W. O. Vannoy R. T. Hardin
Vannoy, Jesse F. Phillips, Rebecca J. 1/4/1856   1,3 James McNeil, M.G.   C. R. Phillips
Vannoy, Lewis W. Burkett, Levisa 12/30/1861   3   John H. Vannoy  
Vannoy, Preston Long, Elizabeth 3/28/1841   2,3   Samuel Peasly Jno. Ray, Clk.
Vanover, Calvin Osborn, Isabell 10/7/1872   4      
Vanover, Charles Taylor, Elizabeth 3/25/1822   2,3   Isaac Jones A. Parkes
Vanover, Charles Main, Elender 11/6/1856   3   William Lewis J. A. King
Vanover, Richard Vanover, Susan 8/27/1853   1,3 Jno. Weaver, J.P.   Jehu Goss, D. C.
Vanzant, Leander Roten, Martha 1/23/1858   1,3 Jno. Eldreth, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Vaughn, Clark Bird, Cassa 7/5/1846   2,3   Granvill Griffit(h) Jno. Ray, Clk.
Vaughn, John W. Thomas, Sarah Ann 1/26/1859   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Vaughn, Nicholas Wheeler, Emily 2/9/1858   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Vaught, Stephen E. Vaught, Marian 8/31/1857   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Viers, John, Jr. Taylor, Nancy 9/11/1853   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Vinzant, Starlin Roten, Marticia 9/22/1861   1 James Sapp    
Waddell, Charles Duvall, Nancy 1/16/1853   1 E. W. Baldwin, J.P.    
Waddell, Jefferson Richardson, Rube 5/19/1850   1,3   Solomon Parsons Solomon Parsons
Waddell, John Church, Rebecca 3/11/1858   1,3 William Sexton, J.P. Wm. R. Church R. Jones, D.C.
Waddell, S. H. Jones, Martha 2/6/1868 (s/o Burgess), (d/o David) 1,3 S. V. Cox, J.P.   J. W. Ketchum
Waddle, Charles Plummer, Sally 10/15/1854   4      
Waggoner, Adam Caudill, Nancy 3/7/1855   1,3 Jno. H. Carson, J.P.   W. H. Thompson
Waggoner, Henry Gambill, Frances 9/7/1856   3   Henry A. Davis  
Waggoner, Isom Cheek, Jane 9/15/1853   1,3 M. Bryan Henderson, Che. R. Gambill, Clk.
Waggoner, John Bare, Charlotte 4/9/1853   1,3 Jno. Koons, J.P.   Nathan Weaver
Waggoner, Martin Peden, Martha 1/21/1849   2,3   Anderson Sizemo. M. Carson
Wagoner, Daniel Ross, Marthy 12/11/1848   2,3   James Callaway Nathan Weaver
Wagoner, Martin Worth, Marticia C. 6/1/1858 6/1/1858(9?) 1,3 Daniel Kitsmuller, M.G.   J. A. King, D.C.
Walis, William Raus, Susana 9/17/1857   3 Wm. Sexton, J.P. Abednego Daval R. Jones, D.C.
Walk, Amos Ayeres, Katherine 12/24/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Walker, John Ward, Rebecca 5/13/1846   2,3   Harold D. Joh. G. M. Bingham
Wall, Augustus B. Nubblefield, Lucy Ann 8/16/1856   1 G. Hagins    
Wall, John D. Dakin, Ruth E. 6/13/1854   1 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Wall, Sion McGrady, Elizabeth 4/26/1856   3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.C.
Wallace, Albert Jones, Mary 2/16/1878   4      
Walland, Lion McGrady, Elizabeth 4/26/1856   1 Thomas Wayman, J.P.    
Wallen, Bower Miller, Clerisa 5/28/1838   2,3   Jacob Blevins J. M. Gentry
Walls, Melvin Lefler, Mary A. 9/3/1868   1 B. Jones    
Walters, George Ray, Jane 4/11/1846   2,3   Jesse E. Cold. H. Ray
Walters, William Sawyer, Elizabeth 8/15/1851   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Jno. Ray, Clk.
Walton, Isaac Pendergrass, Lydia 1/3/1866   1,3 William Sexton, J.P.   William Baker
Walton, Wiley Plummer, Delila 1/24/1861   1 Thomas Wayman    
Wampler, David Muercer, Terracy 9/28/1853   1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Ward, Calvin Hix, Clarice 1/26/1847   3   Isaac Moody G. M. Bingham
Ward, Calvin Presnell, Mary Ann 3/19/1849   2,3   James Presnell & William R. Ward.
Ward, David Ward, Manerva 1/1/1846   2,3   Solomon Parsons  
Ward, Duke Teaster, Lucy 8/4/1846   2,3   Cutlif Harmon David Dugger, D.
Ward, Floyd Wood, Eliza 12/4/1867   3 Hiram Weaver   John Ham, D.C.
Ward, Hiram Wilson, Lydia 3/28/1854   1,3 Hiram Higgins   Hiram Higgins
Ward, Isaac Davis, Mary Caroline 2/16/1867   1,3 J. W. Cahoon   R. T. Hardin
Ward, James Shull, Sarah 4/15/1818   2,3   Phillip Shull David Dugger, D.
Ward, Joshua Hash, Nelly 5/25/1847   2,3   Jesse Cox John Ray, Clk.
Ward, Joshua Cornett, Mary E. 6/1/1872   4      
Ward, Loransey Murry, Nancy 11/27/1845   2,3   Hiram Standaford John Ray, Clk.
Ward, Riley Osborn, Rebeccah 1/23/1853   1,3 Joseph Sturgill, J.P. John Hash Daniel Sturgill
Ward, Stephen Toliver, Anna 9/14/1851   1 C. H. Doughten, J.P.    
Ward, Zachariah Richardson, Sarah 10/9/1853   1,3 James Sturgill, J.P.   James Sturgill
Ward, Zachariah Billings, Nancy 10/17/1850   2,3   Timothy J. Hold Solomon Parsons
Warden, Andrew J. Austin, Nancy 5/15/1856   1,3 Caleb Osborne, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Waters, John P. Treadway, Elizabeth 1/14/1868   3 Marion Miller, J.P.   John Ham, D.C.
Watson, Benjamin F. P. Porter, Tharsey 6/24/1852 Porter(?), Tharsey 1 C. H. Doughton, J.P.    
Watson, Samuel Price, Uzene S. 8/29/1842   3   Jared M. Price James Horton, T.
Watson, William Crows, Lucy 10/12/1851 Crows (Crouse), Lucy 1 Jno. H. Carson, J.P.    
Waugh, N. H. Rominger, C. F. 1/25/1866 Rominger, C. F. (F. C.?) 1,3 James Wagg J. H. Gentry R. T. Hardin, C.
Waugh, Samuel C. Stike, Martha C. 9/16/1853   1,3      
Weaver, Abraham Hart, Rebecca 11/28/1890   4      
Weaver, Andrew Weaver, Malinda 4/23/1843   4      
Weaver, Eli, Jr. Ashley, Mary 1/16/1862   1,3 John Eldreth, J.P.   John Eldreth
Weaver, Elihu Jones, Nancy 5/27/1866   1 Reuben Kilby    
Weaver, Gideon Ham, Phebe 9/25/1858   1,3 John Eldreth   Robert Gambill
Weaver, Hiram Ashley, Zilpha 2/18/1840   2,3   Spencer Ashley R. Murchison
Weaver, Hiram Graybeal, Marthy Jane 3/12/1867   1,3 R. Jones   R. T. Hardin
Weaver, Isaac Lewis 8/6/1801   4 Geo. Koons    
Weaver, James Harvey Burkett, Jenny 12/24/1872   4      
Weaver, John Denny, Lucinda 4/2/1861   3 John Weaver, J.P.   S. P. Wagg, D.
Weaver, Nathan Shepherd, Lucinda 4/21/1847   4      
Weaver, Noah Briant, Rosamond 4/19/1859   1 John F. Greer    
Weaver, Silas Roark, Cora E. 8/28/1917   4      
Weaver, William Faw, Unice B. 6/10/1854   1,3 James Wagg, J.P. Cicero D. Mur. Robert Gambill
Weaver, William Sturgill, Rebecca 12/20/1811   4      
Weiss, Franklin Reedy, Sarah 5/28/1846   4      
Weiss, John Pennington, Mariah 7/31/1848   2,3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Welch, James Blevins, Malinda 6/6/1874   4      
Welch, Owen Ashley, Eveline 1/31/1873   4      
Welch, William Sexton, Violet 2/10/1856   1,3 A. Blevins Wm. Blevins R. Jones, D.C.
Welsh, Philip B. Gambil, P. 2/12/1852   1 John Weaver, J.P.    
West, George R. Anderson, Celia 1/3/1858   1 John F. Greer    
West, Stephen Parkes, Kesiah 4/21/1844   2,3   George W. Parks John Ray, Clk.
West, William Plummer, Martha Ann 10/19/1854   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer
Whelor, Jackson Oaks, Sary Ann 1/9/1855   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   T. Wayman, J.P.
Whittaker, William Scott, Mary 4/21/1855   1,3 J. W. Fisher, M.G.   Robert Gambill
Whitting, W. W. Church, Sarah E. 8/11/1861   1 I. T. Calloway    
Whittington, Lorenzo D. Curtis, Nancy 9/25/1844   2,3   John J. Whittington G. M. Bingham
Wiatt, Carlton Treadway, Delial 11/14/1866   1 Eli Graybeal    
Wilbar, J. R. Colvard, Rachel 7/10/1853     James Wagg    
Wilcarson, I. B. Smith, Elizabeth 10/2/1855   1 Morgan Bryan, J.P.    
Wilcox, J. O. Wayner, M. C. 12/9/1868   1 C. R. Miller    
Wilcox, William Hatton, Vina 10/10/1839   2,3   Johnson H. Per.  
Wilcox, William Phillips, America A. 8/25/1866   1 H. Phillips    
Wilcoxen, J. B. Smith, Elizabeth 10/2/1855   4      
Wiles, John Price, Celia 8/2/1854   1,3 John H. Carson, J.P.   W. H. Thompson
Wilkerson, Samuel Bell, Martha 6/7/1854   3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Willcocks, Samuel Houk, Barbary 8/16/1839   2,3   R. Murchison  
Willcocks, Samuel Houck, Barabara 8/16/1839   4      
Willey, Levi Edwards, Celia J. 12/23/1858   3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas, J.P.
Willey, Samuel Holbrook, Matilda 9/5/1858   3 T. C. Douglas, J.P.   T. C. Douglas
William, Henry John Weaver, Mary 1/1/1843   4      
Williams, Abner Chapel, Mary 10/21/1853   1,3 Spencer Isom, J.P.   Spencer Isom
Williams, Cockan Erwin, Martha 9/25/1858   1,3 John A. Jones, J.P.   John A. Jones
Williams, Crocket Richardson, Nancy 12/16/1855   1,3 William Johnson, J.P.   John A. Jones
Williams, Hardin B. Davis, Eave 5/16/1858   1,3 Andrew Powers T. Hilbert A. F. R. Jones, D.C.
Williams, Hardin B. Privitt, Rebeccky Jane 5/17/1855   1,3 Armstrong Blevins   R. Jones, D.C.
Williams, John McGrady, Lity 4/11/1842   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Williams, Larkin Graybeal, Susan 6/1/1856   1,3 J. A. King   J. A. King, D.C.
Williams, Lewis Vugent, Malinda 3/9/1852 Vugent?, Malinda 1 George Douglas    
Williams, Samuel James, Elizabeth A. 1/17/1859   1 Thomas Wayman    
Williams, W. A. Smith, Rebecca J. 12/11/1872   4      
Willis, Nathaniel H. Isick, Maryann 10/1/1836   2,3   Thomas Ross John Ray, Clk.
Willy, John Moxley, Elizabeth 12/20/1854   3 T. C. Douglas, J.P. B. H. Thompson & Robert Gambill  
Wilson, Abraham Dotson, Rachel 8/17/1841   2,3   Joseph Pearce G. M. Bingham
Wilson, Alexander Snyder, Nancy 10/9/1847   2      
Wilson, David Rominger, Victory 7/6/1889   4      
Wilson, George Esteep, Elizabeth 3/12/1817   3   John Esteep David Dugger, D.
Wilson, Henry Thacker, Rachel 1819   2      
Wilson, Isaac Greer, Caroline 3/24/1849   2,3   Abner Smith G. M. Bingham
Wilson, James Ball, Luiza G. 3/23/1858   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   S. Plummer, D.
Wilson, John Estep, Polly 12/27/1828   2,3   Enoch B. Musgra. David Dugger, D.
Wilson, William Rice, Cinderella 11/21/1843   3   Joel Eggers G. M. Bingham
Winebarger, Levi Knight, Luzena 2/11/1859   1,3 Joshua Cole, M.G.   E. Roark
Winget, John Hash, Peggy 6/10/1847   4      
Winget, Wright Wiatt, Martha 2/7/1841   2,3   William C. Pa. John Ray, Clk.
Wingler, Elijah Wingler, Elizabeth 3/1/1857   1,3 John Koons, J.P.   John Koons, D.C.
Wisely, Isaac Tartar, Sarah Catherine 6/3/1858 (Source 1 says Foster vice Tartar). 1,3 C. H. Doughten, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Wolf, Martin Lintacum, Linda 4/24/1847   3   William Fudge John Ray, Clk.
Wolfe, Allen Cox, Catherine 3/15/1850   2,3   John S. Taffa John Ray
Wolfford, Jacob Wilbourn, Nancy 10/7/1849   2,3   Pascale Talley John Ray, Clk.
Wood, Henry A. Key, Sarah Jane 2/16/1856   1,3 John Eldreth   Robert Gambill
Wood, James Rufus Gentry, Sarah 3/5/1866   3 A. B. Cox, J.P.   R. T. Hardin
Wood, Thomas M. Wood, Elizabeth A. 10/17/1856   1,3 J. W. Fisher   Robert Gambill
Wood, William Eldrith, Catherine 5/3/1853   1 John Eldrith    
Woodde, Simeon Black, Katherine 8/28/1852   3 Jno. Koons, J.P. Calvin Woodde Nathan Weaver
Woodde, Talton Bare, Leuany 4/3/1859   1 Talton Woodde    
Wooddy, F. M. ___________ 12/30/1865   3   Jacob Black E. C. Bartlett
Wooddy, Henry Bare, Elizabeth 2/8/1847   3   H. B. Woodde R. Murchison, T.
Woode, Washington Cox, Margaret 11/6/1848   3   Nelson Woodde Nathan Weaver
Woodey, Tarlton Garber, Mary M. 3/31/1862   3   Levi E. Lane  
Woodie, James M. Cox, Nancy 5/18/1861   1,3 William Johnston   Jno. Koons, D.C.
Woodring, Lawson Bryant, Polly 10/13/1845   2,3   Ephraim Miller David H. Noble
Woods, Burgess Seagraves, Machen 11/2/1828   2,3   Curtis Seagraves George Bower
Woods, James Morris, Nancy J. 11/1/1851   1,3 D. Smith, J.P.   H. Ray, D. C.
Woods, Robert H. Perkins, Samantha 6/2/1846   2,3   Hiram Elrod John Ray, Clk.
Woody, Calvin Bare, Amanda 1/2/1853   1,3 John Koons   N. H. Waugh, D.
Woody, F. M. Barr, Millie 1/3/1866   1 G. Koonce    
Woody, Theophilus Bryon, Frances 11/23/1821   2,3   James Wooddee A. Parkes
Wooten, William A. Black, Sibby 6/20/1855   1,3 John Koons, J.P.   John Koons, D.
Worley, Samuel Moore, Matilda 10/6/1865   1 William Wilcox    
Wright, Dennis Cornett, Rosamond 1842   2      
Wright, Franklin Church, Charity 10/6/1854   1,3 Samuel Bowen, J.P. Andrew Graybeal J. A. King
Wright, Miles Elliott, Rebecca 10/14/1824   3   Myles Elliott Henry Wills
Wright, Miles Adkins, Rody 6/22/1856   1 Hiram Higgins    
Wright, R. W. Jones, Mary 8/16/1858   1,3 J. C. Higgins, J.P.   Hiram Higgins
Wright, W. M. Wayman, Elizabeth 2/22/1868   3 J. Eller, J.P.   James P. Ashley
Wyatt, Aaron Sheets, Susan 10/20/1829   3   John Wyatt  
Wyatt, Calvin Stamper, Pheby 12/4/1857   1,3 Joshua Long, D. D.    
Wyatt, Eli Wells, Mary 4/29/1848   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk
Wyatt, S. Jones, Sela 1/10/1853   1,3 Thomas Wayman, J.P.   N. H. Waugh, D.
Wyatt, Wilson Fowler, Alif 10/16/1855   1 George H. Hamilton    
Yates, Eli C. DeBord, Rosa 2/23/1871   4      
Yates, Jesse F. Hudgins, Sarah Ann 12/28/1865   1,3 J. S. Howell, J.P.   E. C. Bartlett
Yeats, John D. Owens, Lucinda 11/13/1865   1,3   J. J. Jennings E. C. Bartlett
Yost, George W. Bourne, Harriet 12/3/1858   1,3 C. H. Doughton, J.P.   Robert Gambill
Younce, A. J. Greer, Emeline 10/5/1851   1 Joseph Tatum, J.P.    
Younce, C. Jackson, Mollie 10/14/1868   1 J. Pennington    
Younce, Elijah Greer, Charlotte 3/14/1821   2,3   James Hawthorn A. Parkes, D.C.
Younce, Phillip Musgrave, Margaret 11/2/1844   3   Hyram Jones  
Young, John B. Plummer, Rebecca 12/26/1852   1 T. C. Waters, Min.    
Young, T. F. Osborn, Laura E. 3/3/1872   4      
Young, Thomas Stansburry, Polly 2/26/1842   3   Solomon Parsons John Ray, Clk.
Young, William Senter, Eveline M. 12/12/1857   1,3 John F. Greer, J.P.   John F. Greer, J.P.
Young, William Hash, Catherine 2/20/1840   2,3   Jacob A. Hash John Ray, Clk.
Young, William P. Fisher, Elizabeth C. 1/12/1866   1,3 J. W. Bowman, M.G.   Wm. Baker, Prot.