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American Legion, COLONEL TOWNSEND F. DODD POST NO. 130 — 1924


An informal meeting was called at this Post at 7:30 P. M. this date upon invitation of representatives of the Elmer J. Wallace Post of Fort Monroe, Va., and the Braxton-Perkins Post of Newport News, Va.

It was unanimously decided to organize a Post of the American Legion

at this place to be known as the Colonel Townsend F. Dodd Post of the American Legion. Temporary officers elected as follows: Commander, Comrade Isaiah C. Davies; finance officer, Comrade Walter R. Lawson; Post adjutant, Comrade E. G. Costelle.

A charter was signed by the following: Comrade W. R. Lawson, Comrade N. G. Loupes, Comrade R. E. Boyd, Comrade R. C. McNalley, Comrade Hammer, Comrade E. G. Costelle, Comrade C. Haymes, Comrade Peters, Comrade I. C. Davies, Comrade McAlke, Comrade L. R. Cartier, Comrade Sharpe, Comrade Quiulivan, Comrade Sterling, Comrade W. Arnold.

November 3, 1920, motion was carried to make temporary officers elected on October 20, 1920, permanent for ensuing year (1921) .

1922 – Commander, Comrade Hamlin; Post adjutant, G. C. Dailey.

1923 – Commander, Comrade L. D. Bradshaw; Post adjutant, Comrade F. L. Norris.

1924 – Commander, Comrade H. A. Chapman; Post adjutant, Comrades H. H. Curtis to May 1st and C. E. Bergbom from May 1st.