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Sheffey Cemetery

Marion, Smyth County, Virginia

Date of Survey: April 26, 1992
Surveyed by: Renie Hoover Helton
Number of Graves Identified: 25
Date of Earliest Identified Burial: 1843

Sheffey Cemetery, Smyth County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Adams, W.H., Jr. Sep. 29, 1860 July 5, 1899  
Bowen, Henry Apr. 6, 1849 Oct. 18, 1915 s/o R.J. & Susan B. Thomas
Buchanan, Patrick Campbell Feb. 24, 1889 Nov. 10, 1890 s/o B.F. & Eleanor
Buchanan, Frank Nov. 19, 1896 Dec. 17, 1896 s/o B.F. & Eleanor
Haller, Virginia Sheffey Aug. 17, 1850 May 30, 1928 w/o H.B.
Haller, H.B. Apr. 6, 1848 Oct. 18, 1915  
Handyshell, Fanny Apr. 3, 1854 June 8, 1915 d/o Adam & __
Moore, Edwin W. July 30, 1843 Aug. 17, 1843 s/o A.B. & A.M.
Pendleton, Albert G., Jr. May 22, 18_9 Feb. 15, 1900  
Pendleton, J. Sheffey Jan. 1, 1874 Jan. 26, 1946  
Pendleton, Lizzie M. Sheffey   May 10, 1875 aged 33 yrs 4 mo 5 ds; w/o A.G.; d/o J.W. & E.F.
Peters, William E. 1869 1929  
Peters, Mary Sheffey Dec. 8, 1844 June 9, 1906 w/o W.E. (died at UVa)
Peters, William E. Aug. 28, 1829 Mar. 22, 1906 Civil War
Peters, Margaret Oct. 4, 1836 Aug. 29, 1869 w/o W.E.; d/o J.W. & E.F.
Preston, Martha Sheffey Mar. 15, 1840 Nov. 2, 1898 w/o Dr. Robert J.
Rhea, Virginia Sheffey July 28, 1880 Nov. 9, 1883 d/o J.B. & E.W.
Rhea, Joseph Brainerd Apr. 8, 1838 July 7, 1902 born at Blountville, Tenn.
Rhea, Ellen W. Aug. 25, 1843 Jan. 7, 1905 w/o J.B.
Rhea, J.W.S. June 6, 1869 Apr. 9, 1917 s/o J.B. & E.W.
Sheffey, Daniel     s/o J.W. & E.F.
Sheffey, Margaret P. Nov. 14, 1826 July 12, 1851 w/o E.V.
Sheffey, Ellen Fairman Nov. 7, 1812 Jan. 10, 1887 w/o J.W.
Sheffey, James White Mar. 15, 1814 June 27, 1876 died at midnight
Thomas, Joseph A. Sep. 4, 1860 Nov. 13, 1862 s/o J.V. & V.