1860 Wythe County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

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1860 Wythe County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

1860 Wythe County, Virginia Mortality Schedule
Name Age Sex Race Free Md. POB Month of Death Occupation Disease Days Ill
Kent, Ellen 14 F M S Wythe Co. March House servant Not known 10
Kent, Sarah 36 F M S Wythe Co. Jany. House Servant Not Known 21
Wohlfudson, Harriet 40 F W F M Ireland Jany. None Inflamation of the spine 2
Crockett, Mary D. 43 F     M Tenn. Jany. None Consumption 380
Rider, Eugene M. 2/12 F       Wytheville May None Not Known 1
Coffer, David 55 M B S   VA Feby House Servant Dropsey 180
infant 1/12 M       Wytheville Oct None Not Known 7
Seacat, Eliza 5 F       Wytheville Aug. None Pneumonia 14
Seacat, Eliza 8 F       Wytheville Sept. None Hooping Cough 10
Miller, Ann 23 F B S   VA Dec. House Servant Brain Fever 1
Litz, Emeline 13 F M S   VA March House Servant Inflamation 90
Noulin, Harriett 16 F B S   VA June House Svt. Pneumonia 70
Henderliter, Jesse 50 M M S   VA Aug. Field Hand Dropsey 150
Heuser, Wm. D. 3/12 M       VA Sept. None Cholora infection 10
Kent, Mona 1/12 F M S   Wytheville Oct. None Not Known 2
Patterson, Emma M. 56 F     M Wytheville Mar.   Eraciiphalus 45
Bevill, Mary E. 12 F       VA Jan.   Disease of the Heart 14
Stuart, Fannie 19 F M S   VA Aug. House Svt. Consumption 60
Scott, Osker H. 3 M       VA Nov.   Not Known 1
Fry, Charlotte 226 F B S   VA Feb House Svt. Unknown deaf & dumb 21
Creger, Rufus 1/12 M       VA Oct. No ne Unknown 4
Kegley, Sallee 28 F     M VA Apr. Non e Unknown 60
Wisely, Florence 1 F B S   VA Apr. N one Pneumonia 4
Crockett, Delsey 70 F B S   VA Aug. House Svt. Apolexy 21
Newberry, Elizabeth 1 F       VA Jun   Croup 2
Shartz, Polly A. 84 F     W VA Sept. None Not known 360
Tate, William 1/12 M       VA March   Not Known 1
Doleman, Mary 35 F B S   VA Feb. House Svt. In Childbed 42
Hilten, William 1 M       VA Oct.   Croup 3
Crawford,Geo.W. 1 M       VA Sept.   Flux 7
Halsey, Stephen 19 M       VA May Laborer Fever 7
Jones, John 1 M       VA May   unknown 1
Crockett, Judith 70 F B S   VA Feb. Field Hand Unknown 7
Horne, Jacob 19 M       PA Dec. Farmer Derangement 100
Newland, Crockett 1 M M S   VA March None Not known 71
Cassell, Sidy 1 F M S   VA June   Hooping Cough 21
Tarter, H. A. 24 M       VA April   Dropsey 1000
Staley, John 78 M       VA July Farmer Turning in the bowles 90
Huddle, Mary C. 69 F     W VA March None Heart Dropsey 130
Cregar, Ann 22 F       VA April   Consumption 380
Jonas, Caroline 1/12 F       VA Dec.   Inflamation of bowels 3
Hardum, Catherine 1/12 F       VA March   Cold 7
Infant 1/12 M       VA Dec.   Not Known 1
Newman, Lander 1/12 M       VA June   Flux 7
Infant 1/12 F       VA Oct.   Unknown 1
Walter, P. O. 34 M     M VA March Constable Dropsey 100
Murphey, Edward 64 M M S   VA Jan. Field Hand Rheumatism ??
Sluphey, Rosanna 71 F     W VA June   Dropsey 180
Lambert, Michael 77 M     M VA March Farmer Crassiphales 10
Wesley, William 59 M       VA Oct. Farmer Unknown 22
Trigg, Syrus 25 M M S   VA May Field Hand Drowned -
Jackson, Mary 2 F M S   VA April   Scarlet Fever 28
Catron, Michael 3 M       VA Sept.   Fever 14
King, Jacob 72 M       VA May Farmer Paralasis 7
Neff, George 80 M     W PA April Farmer Cancer 800
Infant 1/12 M       VA May   Unknown 1
Ward, Charlotte 22 F B S   VA March Cook In Childbed 180
Infant 1/12 F B S   VA March None Born dead  
Stuart, Zachariah 1 M M F   VA Feby   pneumonia 14
Vaughan, Melvin 8/12 M       VA March   Bronchitis 5
Pendleton, Emory 1 MM       VA Nov.   Consumption 100
Sutton, Sohpia 15 F     M VA Feb.   Pneumonia 14
Neff, Wiley 1 M       VA Sept.   Croup 1
-----------, Herman 1/12 M       VA Apr.   Unknown 21
Tarter, Abraham 26 M       VA Apr. Physician Dropsey 24
(illegible) 1/12 F       VA May   Unknown 4
Umbarger, Emily 6 F       VA May   Unknown 1
Tibbs, Eliza 16 F       VA Feb.   Unknown 21
Repass, F. S. 1 M       VA Sept.   Unknown 50
Groseclose, Solomon 39 M       VA May None Consumption 180
Infant 1/12 M       VA March   Unknown 2
Kimberland, John 1 M       VA Feb.   Frits 4
Infant 1/12 M       VA Aug.   Unknown 1
Cassell, Ellen 1 M       VA Sept.   Unknown 1
Wadale, Pernilia 26 F       VA Oct.   Nervousness 1050
Carver, Mary 3 F B S   VA Jan   Nervousness 21
Graham, Rachel 20 F B S   VA Sept. Hse. Svt. Unknown 14
Grayson, John P. 25 M       VA Oct. None Typhoid fever 18
Grayson, Rachel 20 F B S   VA Sept. Hse. Svt. Unknown 14
Hart, Valentine 90 M     M VA Sept. Farmer Unknown 21
Brown, Margarietta 16 F       VA April None Fever 64
Catron, James R. 1 M       VA Jany None Croup 3
Infant 3/12 M M S   VA Feby. None Hooping Cough 30
Futner, James 2 M       VA Nov.   Scarlet Fever 19
Patterson, Wm. W. 1 M       VA July   Flux 14
Hoge, Julia 50 F     M VA Aug. None Hemorage 2
Bruce, Sarah 61 F     M VA Nov.   Consumption 365
Infant 1/12 M       VA Aug.   Hories 3
Suther, James 2 M       VA Oct.   Fits 4
----, Elizabeth 2 F       VA Mar.   Unknown 1
Davis, Mary 64 F       VA Aug.   Dropsey 93
Brown, Hugh 1/12 M M S   VA Nov.   Unknown 7
Infant 1/12 F       VA Aug.   Unknown 1
Infant 1/12 F       VA Feb.   Unknown 1
Infant - M       VA May   Unknown 1
Stuart, Nancy 2 F B S   VA March   Drowned -
Hoback, Jane 20 F     M VA March None Inflamation of Bowels 8
Infant 2/12 F       VA Sept.   Unknown 50
Courtney, Mary 50 F       VA March   Unknown 21
Chaffin, Elizabeth E. 48 F     M VA Oct.   Fever 14
McGavock, Polly 50 F       VA Oct.   Not Known 90
Jackson, Isabelle 4 F       VA April   NotKnown 7
McKennon, Mary 5/12 F       VA Jan.   Croup 21
Dougherty, Virginia C. 9 F       VA Dec.   Inf. Brain 14
Ally, Virginia 1 F       VA Feb   Scarlet Fever 7
Porter, Mary 30 F       VA April Cook Pneumonia 21
Shepherd, Charles 3/12 M M S   VA March   Scarlet Fever 7
Caw, John 60 M B S   VA April Miller Pneumonia 7
Infant 1/12 F       VA Sept. None Yellow jaundice 7
Infant 1/12 F       VA April   Not known 7
Highly, Thomas, Sr. 96 M     M VA Aug. Hammerman at Forge Paralasis 8
Highly, Martha 90 F     W VA April None Unknown 7
Stuart, Henry 28 M B S   VA May Blacksmith Pneumonia 7
Elrod, Sarah 3 F       VA March   Sorethroat 13
Feazle, Joseph 6 M       VA Feb.   Croup 3
Jackson, Charlotte 46 F     M VA July Housekeeper Flux 20
Jackson, Francis 15 F       VA July None Flux 28
Hendrick, Robert 50 M     M VA Feb. Farmer Pneumonia 3
Infant 1/12 M       VA Feb.   Unknown 2
Surratt, Caroline 18 M?       VA April   pneumonia 8
Warren, Bettie 1 F       VA April   Hooping cough 21
Porter, James 21 M       VA Dec. Laborer pneumonia 10
Wineset, Samuel 22 M     M VA Dec. Laborer Bilious fever 90
Wineset, Isaac 3 M       VA Nov.   Quinsey 14
Eversole, Elizabeth 37 F     M VA May   In Childbirth 9
Goode, Rush 3 M       VA April   Croup 1