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Wythe County, Virginia Petition October 17, 1793

Ro. Crockett to the Governor, October 17th, 1793


In conformity with the wish of the people on this frontier, I enclose you a petition praying for further protection on this part of the Southwestern frontier. I have no news to communicate at this time, except the body of Indians that was encamped below Knoxville are removed, part of whom towards Powell’s Valley.

Would thank you to write me by the bearer, Mr. Whitten, & if convenient, enclose me a newspaper.

Sir I am with real Esteem,
Your Ob’t Serv’t.

To the Honorable the Speaker, and House of the General Assembly of Virginia:

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the frontiers of Wythe County humbly sheweth, that since the first settling of the said frontier, your petitioners have laboured under great inconveniences by reason of the oppressive depredations committed on us by the Hostile Indians; that your petitioners have long expected a peace would have been effected either by the sword, or a General Treaty, before this day, which along has induced your petitioners to maintain our ground against their hostile incursions so many years as we have done.

That notwithstanding the negotiation of the late proposed Treaty a period in which we had a right to have expected peace, but their depredations on our frontier during that time was as frequent as ever. A short statement of which, since the first of March, your petitioners beg leave to represent to your humble body.

On the 8th of the said month of March, a certain John Davidson was killed and some valuable horses carried off. On the 8th of April a certain John Allsup was shot thro’ the shoulder, not far from his own house. On the 28th of this same month, upwards of forty Horses were carried off. On the 24th of July, one of Capt. Crockett’s men was killed, and one other taken prisoner. On the 10th of September six horses were carried off by a small party of Indians.

From the above statement of the hostilities committed on our frontier, from our peculiar situation being cut off from the body the said county at a considerable distance by several large mountains, and from the present warlike disposition of the hostile tribes of Indians, your petitioners do humbly pray that your honorable body would take our grievances into consideration, and continue our present system of defence, it being the only one that has ever been productive of our safety, and which is to expire on the first of December next.

And your petitioners will pray, &c.

Joseph Davidson
William Smith
Lawrence Murray
William Davison
John Davidson
John Stinson
James Waller
David Wallis
Robert Wallis
James Bailey
John Bailey
John Lastly
James Shannon
James Cecil
William Shannon
Oliver Wynne
John Thompson
Wm. Brooks
Henry Mains
William Cecil.
Thos. Bruster
John Maxwell
Jno. Graham
Henry Cartmail
John Cartmail
John Compton
Solomon Stratton
Henry Stratton
Richard Bailey
Rubein Bailey
Richard Bailey, Jr.
Thos. Cartmail
Cornelius McGuire
Richard Elkins
Christopher Morris
William Thompson
William Speriton
David W. Bulley
Rich’d Pemberton
Rich’d Hiton
William Owens
Wm. George
David Allsup
Rich’d Brooks
Reuben Owens
John Allsup
John Whitten
Stephen Batten
William Whitten
Jer. Whitten
John Greenup
Thos. Greenup
Archy Thompson
John Brooks
Wm. Owens
Jas. Peay
John Young
Ebenezer Bruster
English Ross
Marshall Milenor
Robert Smith
And’w Thompson
James Maxwell
John Peay
William Mairs
John Laird
George Stump
James Day
Thos. Peary
Charles Bradley
William Hitten
James Slone
Jno. Allsup, Sr.
Wm. Wynn
John Peery
James Peery
Israel Young
Siah Wynne
Josiah McGuire
Obadiah Fulks
Jer. Whitten
John Follett
Comfort Bruster
Sam’l Ferguson
John Peay
Harmon Wynne
Robt. Whitley
Sam’l Dubb
Jacob Waggoner
Absalom Stafford
Wm. Murray
Wm. Peary
Thos. Harrison