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William Canter Deed

Note from John Koehler: Here is what I found …These documents are believed to be dated in 1862. William Canter, age 38, A Farmer, served with Goodman’s Company of the 105th Virginia Militia.

This deed made this 9th day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine between Joseph Perrigan of the County of Clinton, and State of Kentucky of the one part, and James Henry and Joseph Alexander Canter, twin sons of William Canter and Elizabeth, his wife of the County of Washington, and state of Virginia, of the other part. With respect that the said Joseph Perrigan for and in the consideration of the natural love and affection he hath for his nephews tho said James Henry and Joseph Alexander Canter doth give and grant unto them one Sarret Mare about twelve or thirteen years old and any and all future increase of the said mare. To have and to hold the same unto them and their heirs forever. Far from the debts obligations of their father the said William Canter in any manner whatever. This gift is for the benefit of the said children exclusively. Should either of the above named children die before he obtains his maturity then and in that event the property and the increase of the same is to rest in the surviver, and should they both die before they attain their majority then the said property and increase is to go to and vest in the other children of the said William Canter and Elizabeth, his wife equally and the said Joseph Perrigan covenants that he will warrant generously the property hereby conveyed. Witness to the following signature and seal Joseph Perrigan, his mark.

In the clerk office of the County Court of Washington the ninth day of November, 1859.

This deed of gift from Joseph Perrigan to James Henry and Joseph Alexander Canter was acknowledged on the day above mentioned before John G Areger ( ?) clerk of the said county by the said Joseph Perrigan as his act and admitted to record.