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Will of R. B. Whittaker

In the name of God, Amen. I, R.B. Whittaker being of sound mind and deposing memory give my sole to God who gave it, and my body to be buried in a christian like manner, and being desirous to dispose of my worldly effects in the following manner do hereby publish this as my last will and testament. 1st I direct that my funeral expenses and all of my just debts be paid as herein after directed.

2nd I give to my wife Annice J. Whittaker and my three children Mattie E., Lizzie H., and Martie L. Whittaker, all my lands that I have lawfully seized and possessed of, provided if my wife should re-marry, then and that uninstates her interest in said lands shall divide to my three children mentioned above.

3rd I give to my 2 children Mattie E. and Lizzie H. Whittaker two beds and bedsteads, with the necessary bed clothing, and also one sewing machine, one cupboard, with a curtain numbered ? cupboard, and one cook stove with the cooking utensils to the same, one trunk and one sofa that is I ? to say the property that came to me by their mother, and the same is to be used by those who have charge of their raising and the division of said property is to be made by my executor share and share alike that is ratable according to its intrinsic value.

4th I give to my wife, Annice J. Whittaker all my household and kitchen furniture that I have not given to my two children mentioned above. I also give to my wife , Annice, my gun and four bee stands marked A and all of my farming implements, including one of my handsaws and N ?sythe and cradle. I also give to my wife Annice all of my wheat on hand and all of my growing crops, not as yet gathered to be used for the benefit of my family. I also give to my wife, Annice my horse named “Morgau?” and my milch cow called “Red” and all of my hogs, 6 in number, also I give to my wife my chopping ax, crosscut saw, and one iron wedge, all of which is to be used for the benefit of my family. I bequeath to my daughter Helen, my heifer cow in order that she may raise herself a milch cow. I bequeath my wife one half interest in one ? will.

5th I give to my son David Whittaker three bee stands marked D. and I also give to my son Willie Whittaker one bee stand and my old sythe and cradle.

6th I direct my executor sell at private or public sale my wagon and carpenter tools, and apply the proceeds arising from such sales to the satisfaction of my funeral expenses and just debts, and also to collect the amount due me from John Allison and apply the source or so much of it as will be sufficient to pay U.C. Oliver the amount I owe said Oliver.

7th My will last wish is that whenever it becomes necessary for my executor to ????? do so and look after the interest and welfare of my family so far as practical and possible. Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint Abraham Whittaker my executor to this last will and testament moving right of said executor giving bond on the probating this will given under my hand and seal calling upon U. C. Oliver and A. J. Hall to witness my execution of this my will this 16th day of September A.D. 1898 signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of:

U. C. Oliver
A. J. Hall
R. B. Whittaker (seal)

The foregoing will was presented to the County Court of Washington County Trustee at its October term 1898 and proven by the oath of U.L. Oliver and A.J. Hall the two subscribing witnesses here to and there being no exceptions taken, the same was admitted to probate and ordered to be entered of record. Chas? Mason?.