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The Wilkes County, North Carolina Directory – 1883

Population in 1880 19,181
   White 17,257
   Colored 1,927
Value of real estate, 1882 $ 697,158.00
Value of personal property $ 223,792.00
Tax on Real Estate $ 418.28
Tax on Personal Property $ 243.85
County Levy $ 7,094.52
County Levy for Schools $ 5,863.42

Wilkes County was formed in 1777, from Surry county, and was named in honor of John Wilkes, a distinguished member of the English Parliament, and a zealous friend of the American cause in the Revolution.

It belongs to the Middle Division, in the northwest portion of the State, and is situated on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge, which forms its northern and western boundary and separates it on the north from Alleghany and Ashe, and on the west from Watauga counties. Surry, and Yadkin counties bound it on the east, and Caldwell, Alexander and Iredell on the south. It has an area of 615 square miles (393,596 acres), and the land has an average assessed value of $1.72 per acre.

Wilkesboro, the county seat, is 172 miles from Raleigh. Population 200.

Surface: Hilly, mountainous, with dark sandy, loamy soil
Products: Corn, wheat, rye, oats, grasses, tobacco and potatoes
Fruits: Apples, peaches, pears, grapes, cherries and berries
Timbers: Oak, pine, chestnut, hickory, walnut and poplar.
Minerals: Copper, gold, mica, manganese with several mineral springs

1883 Post Office Locations
Location Location Location
Absher’s Hay Meadow Ozark
Boomer Hendrix Ready Branch
Briar Creek Hunting Creek Reddie’s River
Brushy Mountain Lewis Fork Roaring Gap
Burcham Lovelace Roaring River
Byrd Maple Springs Round Mountain
Clingman Meadow Hill Springfield
Delaplane Miller’s Creek Stony Hill
Dockery Moravian Falls Trap Hill
Elkville Mt. Zion Wilbar
Goshen Mulberry Wilkesboro
Hall’s Mills New Castle Yellow Hill
Hanes Osbornville Zimmerman

County Officers
Clerk of Superior Court: Isaac S. Call
Commissioners: R. W. Colvard, W. M. Absher, W. H. Hubbard
Register of Deeds: H. C. Sebastian
Sheriff and Treasurer: Milton McNeil
Solicitor: Joseph Dobson
Standard Keeper: S. J. Gennings
Surveyor: L. C. Brooks
County Superintendent of Public Instruction: R. W. Barber

Superior Court meets on the first Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September.
Judge: J. F. Graves
Clerk: I. S. Call

Boomer – E. B. Phillips
Brier Creek – L. Martin, G. W. Sale
Brushy Mountain – J. M. Mitchell, Harold Hoys
Clingman – R. W. Wooten
Delaplane – W. F. Ward, Smith Johnson, M. C. Armstrong, T. T. Mastin
Dockery – W. M. Absher, T. M. Joines, H. C. Spicer
Hunting Creek – W. H. Somers, E. F. Anderson, B. F. Tidder
Lovelace – A. A. Martin, James Combs
Maple Springs – J. H. Baker, L. B. Carlton, M. L. McNeil
Mount Zion – W. F. Hendrix
Mulberry – A. B. Dancey, P. R. McGrady
Osbornville – Alfred Warren
Ozark – J. I. Parks, B. F. Carter Ready Branch – A. N. Proffett, J. W. Church, M. McGlamery
Reddies River – R. W. Colvard, A. A. Whittington, T. C. B. Whittington
Roaring River – D. R. Edwards, N. D. Alexander
Trap Hill – J. D. Hunt, W. Joines, J. F. Gentry
Wilkesboro – C. N. Hunt, H. C. Pennell, J. A. Crysel, J. H. McNeil, James Gray, L. J. Jennings, W. H. Hubbard, T. J. Gilreath, T. B. James, Anderson Winkler, W. B. Transou
Yellow Hill – E. K. Walsh, Pickens Carlton

Baugus, R. J. – Trap Hill

Attorneys at Law
Barbner, W. W. – Wilkesboro
Cowles, W. H. H. – Wilkesboro
Cranor, J. S. – Wilkesboro
Dula, T. J. – Wilkesboro
Ewin, S. J. – Wilkesboro
Folk, G. N. – Elkville
Wellborn, H. M. – Wilkesboro
Wellborn, I. C. – Wilkesboro
Witherspoon, L. L. – Wilkesboro

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
Atkins, D. P. – Maple Springs
Blackburn, John – Maple Springs
Burchett, J. W. – Roaring River
Gilbreth, Melvin – Mulberry
Gilnath, Andy – Wilkesboro
Higgins, H. – Mulberry
Martin, George – Clingman
Shipwash, John – Roaring River
Waddill, Burgess – Dockery
Walker, Wilson – Dockery
Webster, J. L. – Wilkesboro
Winkler Bros. – Elkville

Boarding Houses
Adkins, A. – Hall’s Mills

Carpenters and Builders
Barnett, Mack – Elkville
Barns, R. S. – Moravian Falls
Blalock, J. R. – Mulberry
Caudill, J. J. – Dockery
Chance, J. W. – Elkin
Gould & Co. – Hall’s Mills
Higgins, Silas – Mulberry
Holbrook, R. M. – Trap Hill
Kilby, James – Dockery
Lowe, J. C. – Trap Hill
Rains, J. R. – Wilkesboro
Rogers, W. B. – Wilkesboro
Spooke, E. – Roaring River

Cattle Dealers
Finly, A. W. – Wilkesboro
Hall, W. F. – Ready Branch
Horton, D. L. – Elkville
Hunt, C. N. – Wilkesboro
Reeves, W. H. – Roaring River
Thomas L. – Elkville
Triplett, J. – Hall’s Mills

Mahaffy, J. F. – Roaring River
Reid, E. & Son – Elkville

Green, W. C. – Wilkesboro

Distillers – Whiskey
Adams, W. V. – Mulberry
Anderson, W. & E. F. – Wilkesboro
Combs, J. R. – Hunting Creek
Cooper, W. M. – Osbornville
Ebs, F. – Hall’s Mills
Ebs, H. – Hall’s Mills
Greenwood, S. J. – Roaring River
Harris, L. – Hall’s Mills
Hoys, J. L. – Miller’s Creek
Rives, W. H. – Roaring River
Sanders, William – Wilkesboro
Sparks & Gray – Clingman
Tinsley, J. C. – Mulberry
Whittington, J. L. – Wilbar

General Merchants
Absher, George W. – Abshers
Absher, W. M. – Dockerty
Adams, W. V. – Mulberry
Billings Bros. – Dockery
Brown, M. F. – Mulberry
Church, L. L. – Ready Branch
Combes, James – Lovelace
Cooper, J. A. – Delaplane
Cooper, W. M. – Osbornville
Cottrell Bros. – Elkville
Denny, J. A. – Ready Branch
Dyer, W. – Ready Branch
Felts, E. M. – Lovelace
Ferguson, J. T. – Wilkesboro
Gibbs, & Co. – Goshern
Green, J. S. – Clingman
Hall, D. M. – Hall’s Mills
Hall, J. B. & W. S. – Stony Hill
Hall, W. F. – Ready Branch
Hampton, W. W. – Clingman
Hanks Bros. – Trap Hill
Hendren, W. O. – Brushy Mountain
Hunt, J. D. – Trap Hill
Jennings, S. J. – Wilkeboro
Jennings & Dancy – Mulberry
Lonsford, L. W. – Lovelace
McCann, J. – Trap Hill
Parkes, L. D. & Son – Roaring River
Parks, A. A. – Roaring Gap
Parlier, G. F. – Maple Springs
Parlier, T. P. – Moravian Falls
Privett Bros. – Wilkesboro
Reves, G. R. – Trap Hill
Reves, W. H. – Roaring River
Rouseau, J. O. & Co. – Wilkesboro
Spainhour, R. A. – Moravian Falls

Staly House, J. H. Staly, Wilkesboro

Mills – Flour and Grist
H. Church – Mulberry
R. F. Hackett – Wilkesboro
J. A. Hall – Trapp Hill
J. M. Hall – Hall’s Mills
D. M. Hall – Hall’s Mills
J. Hawley – Ready Branch
H. Hays – Brushy Mountain
Jabez Hendren – Brushy Mountain
R. L. Hix – Moravian Falls
T. C. Hix – Moravian Falls
Holbrook Bros. – Trap Hill
R. D. Horton – Elkville
William Hubbard – Maple Springs
Wesley Jones – Trap Hill
Joynes & Lyon – Trap Hill
James M. Mitchell – Lovelace
W. A. Pardue – Clingman
J. T. Peden – Wilkesboro
Calvin Rash – Mulberry
W. H. Rives – Roaring Gap
E. L. Smoot – Trap Hill
Benjamin Sparks – Clingman
J. D. Tinsley – Mulberry
James D. Walker – Dockery
A. A. Whittington – Reddie’s River
A. Wiles – Mulberry

Mills – Saw
T. J. Broyhill – Moravian Falls
R. B. Bryan – Trap Hill
H. Church – Mulberry
R. F. Hackett – Wilkesboro
J. A. Hall – Trap Hill
J. Hawly – Ready Branch
H. Hayes – Brushy Mountain
Jones & Lyon – Trap Hill
J. T. Peden – Wilkesboro
W. H. Reves – Roaring River
E. L. Smoot – Trap Hill
J. D. Walker – Dockery

Dimette, J. & Sons – Roaring River
Gould, J. – Ready Branch
Meadows, W. C. – Moravian Falls
Smoot, E. L. – Trap Hill

Harris, James – Wilkesboro
Isbell, J. B. – Elkville

Carter, G. A. – Elkville
Carter, J. H. – Elkville
Cockerham, D. – Clingman
Cook, C. L. – Clingman
Gordon, E. S. – Wilkesboro
Hackett, R. F. – Wilkesboro
Hall, D. M. – Hall’s Mills
Reves, W. H. – Roaring River
Triplet, J. B. – Wilkesboro
York, Tyra – Trap Hill

Saddlers and Harnessmakers
Cheatwood, William – Trap Hill
Wallace, E. – Wilkesboro

Fair View – C. A. Horton – Elkville
Moravian Falls Academy – G. W. Greene – Moravian Falls
Mount Zion – L. Hendrix – Mount Zion
Roaring River Academy – Miss Donna Smith – Roaring River
Stony Fork – J. B. West – Ready Branch
Trap Hill Institute – C. W. White – Trap Hill

Cooper, J. A. – Wilkesboro
Eller, J. M. – Wilkesboro
McGlamery, L. M. – Wilkesboro
Transou, W. B. – Wilkesboro

Tobacco Manufacturers
Green, J. S. – Clingman
Rines & Foote – Wilkesborbo

Principal Farmers

Brushy Mountain – Mastin Laws, E. E. Hendren, Jabez Hendren, E. C. Moore, R. B. Queen, E. B. Hendren, John Ball, J. C. Ball, Isham Hubbard, Wilburn Marlow, W. C. Harris, G. W. Parlier, A. E. Hendren, Adolphus Baty, C. L. Marlow, L. Hayes, E. B. Hayes, James Hayes, John Hayes, James More, J. F. Parlier, Sidney Parker, J. M. Mitchell, S. J. Thornburg, H. Hayes

Clingman – W. W. Hampton, John Gilliam, A. L. Hendrix, John Greenwood, Simon Caudle, J. B. Martin, William Sale, George Sale, J. C. Armstrong

Dockery – J. N. Myers, William Myers, Z. S. Myers, J. S. Walker, W. Wiles, J. N. Wiles, T. B. Wheatley, A. A. Wheatley, A. A. Fels, J. B. Gariss, J. P. Walters, J. J. Bilings, M. Harrold, J. H. Harrold, W. C. Wiles, J. F. Wood, Smith Johnson.

Elkin – R. G. Hickerson, James Gwyn, James Hickerson, J. I. Parks, L. H. Carter, R. G. Phillips, George Wilcoxen.

Elkville – D. L. Horton, W. L. Horton, R. D. Horton, H. Gearman, C. P. Jones, J. W. Winkler, James C. Horton, Nathan Horton, E. K. Walsh, J. H. Brown, W. F. herndon, George Hendrix, Thos. Barlow

Hall’s Mills – W. T. Ferguson & Bro., Joel Triplett, J. C. Land, J. S. Messick, L. H. Triplett, E. Dyer, B. Walsh, L. Ferguson, D. Byers

Maple Springs – T. D. Hall, E. Dyer, J. W. Church, E. Simmons, E. W. Foster, William Hubbard, G. F. Parlier, W. Rose, I. Shepherd, Wilson Fairchilds, William Laws, William Church, Lee Jones, J. B. Miller, J. W. Dyer, G. H. Dyer, A. M. Foster, J. F. Holman, E. Dockery, L. Hanley, E. Triplett, L. Triplett, W. P. Long, L. Bishop

Moravian Falls – R. L. & T. C. Hix, W. H. Hubbard, D. A. Leech, N. B. Parlier, Jacob Smith, T. J. Gilreath, J. P. Gilreath

Mulberry – A. J. Absher, George Wyatt, J. D. Tinsley, Vickory Wyatt, F. M. Adams, Presley Brown, Alfred Elledge, Abraham Brown

Reddies River – R. W. Colvard, Lee Whittington, D. F. Shepherd, Noah Snyder, Enoch Vannoy

Roaring River – W. H. Reves, L. D. Parkes, S. J. Greenwood, Mrs. D. L. Edwards, Mrs. Elizabeth Adams

Trap Hill – H. S. Holbrook, J. N. Holbrook, J. A. Hall, Dr. Tyra York, J. Q. A. Bryan, Wesley Joynes, J. S. Holbrook, L. C. Broosk, J. M. Holbrook, S. C. Spicer, R. J. Burgess, Austin Lyon, R. B. Bryan

Wilkesboro – A. W. Finly, J. T. Finley, C. N. Hunt, J. R. Henderson, H. C. Pennell, A. Winkler, W. B. Transou, J. T. Peden, R. F. Hackett, A. C. Rosseau, H. Curtiss, E. S. Blair, A. Rosseau, J. A. Crysel, W. A. Winkler, J. T. Privett, Jesse Duncan