1871 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List - Saltville

Government Tax File

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1871 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List

Saltville Township

Jack Hockett: 29 Dec 2004 Final

Note: Again, notice the difference in the 1870c (Saltville Dist.) and the names in this tax list. The recording of this PPTL was accomplished in great haste, so please be sure to check the original source (film or original). Contents in italics and parentheses are my own take or leave.

Key: Name of person taxed; number. white males who have attained age of 21 or greater (figure transcribed only if other than 1); number colored males above 21 listed in parentheses.

ARNETT, James F.; ARNETT, James Sr.; ARNETT, William L.; AUSTON (Austin), James, (1); AYRES, Thos. P.; AKERS, Osker; AISTROP, A. J. (Andrew Jackson); ANDERSON, Richard, (1); ASBURY, W. L. (M(ansfield?); ALLISON, Josiah; ALLISON, Samuel D.; AUSBORN (Osborne), Mary, 0; ASBURY, Francis (Snead), 0; ASBURY, L. D.; ASBURY, J. S.; ALLISON, W. S., Guardian for Emely & Elenor A. CLARK, 0; ALLISON, W. W., Guardian for John A. & W. B. CLARK, 0; AYERS, John P.

BLACKWELL, Elbert; BLACKWELL, Joseph; BISON (possible Henry Brown, 1870 PPTL?), Henry, (1); BROWNLOW, Joseph, (1); BOYD, Perry; BUCHANAN, B. K.; BAILEY, Robert; BRYANT, John J.; BURK, William; BRIGGS, William J.; BARNETT, William; BOOTH, James; BLACKWELL, William (Blacksmith); BEATIE, Robert F. & Absalom, 2; BUCHANAN, J. S.; BUTLER, July, (1); BALDWIN, Noah C.; BUCKLEY, J. S.; BROWN, David, (1); BYARS, W. B.; BROWN, B. F.; BYARS, A. H.; BUCHANAN, Nancey, 0; BROWN, Charles, (1); BRANCH, John, (1); BEVERLY, Alvin, (1); BUCHANAN, Mathew, Jas. & Robt., 3; BRANCH, Jacob, (1); BRANCH, Anderson, (1); BUNCH, John, (1); BUNCH, Aggy (Broady), 0; BROADY, John, (1); BROOKS, C. C.; BUCHANAN, William; BUCHANAN, Jack; BUSKELL, Alexander; BOYD, James; BROWN, Henry, (1); BLACKWELL, M. R.; BLACKWELL, J. D.; BONDURANT, J. J.; BLACKWELL, William; BENNETT, D. M.; BARNETT, Benjamin; BRAUDY (Broady), David; BRANSON, Moses; BRAUDY (Broady), James; BRAUDY (Braudy), John; BRANDON, D. A.; BROWDER, James, (1); BLACKWELL, Joseph D.; BUCHANAN, M. H.; BRIGGS, William

CLARK, Jonathan H.; CARTER, Samuel, (1); COLDWELL (Caldwell), John L.; COLE, F. P.; CONAWAY (Conway), Rebecca, 0; CROCKETT, Rushy, (1); CLARK, Samuel; CASEY, Maria, 0; CLARK, Alexander, (1); CARAMACK, D. C.; CLARK, Robert, (1); CLARK, Robert of James; CLARK, W. D.; COBBS, T. (Thomas) N.; CROW, A. H.; CLARK, James B.; CLARK, D. B.; COUNTIS, Peter; CLARK, Robert E.; CLARK, M. R.; COOK, A. F.; COOK, J. T.; CROSSWHITE, Golden; CARTER, Nathaniel, (1); CROSSWHITE, Robert; COLLEY, William E.; CAYWOOD, Mary, 0; COUNTS, Linick; COUNTS, Jacob; CHAPMAN, James (Exempt), 0; COUNTS, John; CAYWOOD, Helen, 0; CAYWOOD, Stephen; CARDWELL, William J.; CHAPMAN, Isaac; CHAPMAN, Andrew; COLLEY, John C.; COLLEY, John; COLLEY, D. W.; CAYWOOD, John M.; CAYWOOD, John; CARPENTER, Mathias; CARPENTER, Andrew; CAYWOOD, Thomas; CRABTREE, Joseph; COLLINS, D. (David) A.; COLLINS, J. K.; CAYWOOD, W. W.

DAVENPORT, Thomas; DAVENPORT, L. H.; DAVENPORT, S. R.; DAVENPORT, A. T.; DAVENPORT, J. T. (Julius Terry); DAVENPORT, Henry; DUNCAN, John J.; DUNCAN, Gabriel; DONELSON (Donaldson), Robert, (1); DENNEY, G. S.; DAVIS, James A.; DUNN, W. L.; DUNN, Dr. Saml.; DICKENESON, W. B.; DAVIDSON, James; DOLINGER, D. M.; DOLINGER, Rachel, 0; DORTON, Wesley, (1); DAVIS, W. A.; DAVIDSON, Rebecca, 0; DORFERTY (Daugherty; Dority), John; DARNELL, James; DANIEL, Simon C.; DUNN, Thomas E.; DUNCAN, Joseph; DAVENPORT, Peter; DAVENPORT, Daniel T.

EPPS, John, (1); EADS, J. T.; EDMONDSON, M. V.; EDMONDSON, Wm. B.; EDMONDSON, David; ECHOLDS (Echols), M. H.; EVITT, Tobias; EARLES, J. L.; EARLES, Z. T.; EARLES, J. A.; EASTRIDGE, William; EASTRIDGE, Andrew; EDMONDSON, W. C.; ELLIOTT, Daniel (1)

FUDGE, Conrad; FULLEN, Quint, (1); FEATHER, James; FOSTER, John, (1); FRENCH, Richard; FULLEN, Andrew E.; FULLEN, W. D.; FULLEN, James; FULLEN, Whitley, FULLEN, Peter, (1); FULLEN, Henderson, (1); FULLEN, Buron, (1); FULLEN, Lace, (1); FRACTION, Samuel, (1); FARRIS, William; FULBRIGHT, Henry, (1); FUDGE, John; FURGUSON (Ferguson), William; FRY, R. (Robert Frye, 1870 PPTL) N.; FRY, John; FRY, William; FRENCH, Richard; FERN (Foran), Lilburn; FARRIS, David; FARRIS, Julius; FULTON, John; FOSTER, Dock, (1); FRY, George N.; FITCHPATRICK (Fitzpatrick), John; FULLEN, Charles, (1); FULLEN, Mark, (1); FULLEN, Taylor, (1); FULLEN, Lewis, (1); FRANCISCO, Louis M.

GIESLER, J. J. (Jacob?); GARRISON, H. C.; GOODMAN, Patrick; GWINN, Wyatt, (1); GRINSTARD (Grinstead), Margaret, 0; GOLLIHON, James H.; GILPIN (Gilpen), Frank; GARDNER, Thomas E.; GUINN, Isaac; GARNES, B. (Benjamin) F.; GALLIHER, William; GROGAN, Allen; GRAHAM, Isaac, (1); GRACE, F. M. (Frank?); GREER, T. (Thomas) M.; GOFF, W. (Wilson) F.; GROGAN, Dillard; GOFF, Lafayett Mc.; GUINN, Levi; GUINN, Lossing (Lawson?); GREER, Sicero (Cicero)

HOCKETT, Samuel; HOCKETT, Isaac; HOCKETT, Ellenor, 0; HOCKETT, J. M.; HOCKETT, J. N.; HOLLY, M. (Matthew) Y.; HOCKETT, John; HOCKETT, William; HAYTER, T. J.; HAYTER, W. D.; HAYTER, Ellenor, 0; HAYTER, Edmondson, Jr.; HOCKETT, John Sr.; HUNTER, John, (1); HUNTER, Alfred, (1); HAWKINS, Pleasant; HENDERSON, William; HERNDON, Aaron; HENDERSON, James; HENDERSON, H. F. (Hiram Fullen); HANNAH, James; HERNDON, Edward; HAYS, Henry, (1); HUTCHINSON, Phillip, (1); HOCKERSON, A. M.; HOCKENS (Hawkins?), J. B.; HAMMONS, W. H.; HANKLEY, W. H.; HANKLEY, S. F.; HANKLEY, Armstead; HILL, Alexander, (1); HUTTON, Samuel; HUTTON, William; HUTTON, Arthur; HUTTON, Arthur & James, 0; HUTTON, J. D.; HUTTON, Samuel J.; HARRIS, Thomas, (1); HUTTON, J. A. P.; HARRIS, J. B.; HALL, Mary, 0; HAYTON, Thomas; HUNTER, Giles, (1); HARDY, Miles, (1); HAYNES, S. P.; HICKEY, Elisabeth, 0; HOLLEY, David; HEAD, W. F.; HICKEY, Mathew; HELTON, J. W. (John Wesley); HELTON, Bryant A. (Archibald); HICKEY, Robert; HELTON, Henry; HERRON, Jessee; HAYTON, John; HAYNES, Thomas; HAYNES, Auston; HURT, John; HAYTON, Champ H.; HENDERSON, Robert; HAYTON, Francis; HELTON, Thos. C. (Claiborne); HOMES (Holmes), James; HELTON, James; HARDIN (Arden), Abram; HENDERSON, W. C. (William Campbell); HENDERSON, James; HUTTON, Samuel; HERRELL, Hugh; HENDERSON, W. F. (Whitley Fullen); HELTON, Elisabeth, 0; HELTON, Ewell; HELMSTUTTER, William H.; HOGSTON, John; HILL, Noah

JEFFERSON, Adam; JOHNSON, James; JOHNSON, George; JACKSON, John; JOHNSON, John; JONES, Jefferson, (1); JONES, A. (Andrew) M.; JACKSON, Andrew, (1); JONES, Charles, (1); JONES, Stephen, (1); JOHNSON, Joseph; JOHNSON, G. (George) W.; JOHNSON, John C.; JAMESON, C. D.; JENKINS, Henry; JACKSON, A. P. (Alfred Preston); JOHNSON, B. B.

KELLEY, Nancy J., (1); KELLEY, Fulton; KELLEY, William; KING, London (Landon), (1); KINDRICK, Thomas, (1); KELLEY, Jane, 0; KELLEY, James; KELLEY, Jonas S.; KINGSOLVER, David; KEITH, James; KEITH, J. B.; KEEFA, (O'Keefe), Thomas; KELLEY, John C.

LOGAN, Robert R.; LOGAN, Joseph; LEWIS, Beverly, (1); LANDRUM, J. A.; LOGAN, J. N.; LOCKETT, William, (1); LOGAN, L. T.; LOGAN, J. W.; LOVE, Julius; LOGAN, C. J.; LOGAN, Robert; LANGLY, William; LITTLE, Alex; LITTON, Lydia, 0; LITTLE, Branson; LANDRUM, T. W.; LUSTER, David; LITZ, Margaret, 0; LITZ, James; LIGGEON (Liggon/Ligon), B. D. (Benjamin Davis); LOVEN, Henry; LEACH, Jonathan; LUSTER (Lester), Ryland; LEWIS, Richard, (1); LOGAN, Mark Jr., (1); LOGAN, Mark Sr., (1); LENARD (Leonard), David; LOCKETT, Francis, (1); LITTERELL (Luttrell), Sylvester; LITTERELL, Flem; LILES (Lyles), George; LONG, W. C.; LITTON, Lafayett

McNEW, Elisha; McNEW, S. (Samuel) W.; McNEW, George; MINICK, Rosannah, 0; MOORE, William; McNEW, John; McNEW, Margaret A., 0; MORELL, Jacob; MAIDEN, Danl. W.; MAIDEN, John W.; MOSBY, Jerry, (1); McNEW, Julius; McCALL, Arthur; McCALL, John of Arthur; McCORMACK, Micajah; MILLER, Barney, (1); McCRADY (McCready), Elisbeth, 0; McGLOFLIN (McGlothlin), Henry; MONTGOMERY, Lilburn; MENAFEE, George; MILLER, Isaac S.; MILLER, Osker; McNEW, Elbert; MOORE, James (Carpenter); McCALAHAN, Washington, (1); McNEW, J. M.; McNEW, Wheeler; McNEW, J. (John) Trigg; MURDOCK, Harrison, (1); MORRISON, J. L.; MORRISON, James; MONTGOMERY, William; MOORE, John; MONTGOMERY, James; MONTGOMERY, T. K.; MAIDEN, Henry A.; MOORE, Hiram; MOORE, James; MEADOWS, Jas., Abner & John, 3; MUSSLEWHITE, Worley; MORGAN, Henry L.; MORRIS, James R., (1); MEEK, Stephen D.; McCALL, John; MUSSER, Joseph & Walter, 2; MILLER, James; McNEAL, Auston D.; McNEW, David; MUSSLEWHITE, John H.; MEIRZE (Myers), Wm. A.; MORGAN, Verlin; McNEW, John B.; MAIDEN, Samuel L.; MAIDEN, John C.; MAIDEN, William L.; MAIDEN, William H.; MAIDEN, A. H.; MAIDEN, John M.; MILLER, Samuel; MOORE, William A.; McNEW, Samuel; MOORE, W. G.; MAIDEN, Morgan U. (W.?); McCULLOCH, J. L.

OWENS, David C.; OWENS, Charles; ORFIELD, Preston

PRESTON, Tobias, (1); POOL, Claiborne (listed col. 1870 PPTL); PRATER, William; PATRICK, John; POOL, Simeon, (1); PATRICK, Morgan; POSTON, Joseph Jr.; PAGE, E. J.; PAGE, G. F.; PORTERFIELD, L. B.; PRICE, Samuel, (1); PATRICK, Jacob; PRICE, J. M.; PILES, John W.; POPE, Giles, (1); POSTON, Joseph Sr.; POSTON, Sally, 0

RICHARDSON, Bird; REMENTER (Reminter), John; RYBURN, William Mc.; RYBURN, J. O.; RYBURN, W. B.; ROBERTSON, Major, (1); RYAN, B. G.; ROWDY (Roddy, 1870 PPTL), James, (1); RIFLIS, Reuben, (1); ROE, Hannah S., 0; ROE, S. M.; REDDICKS (See also Redix), James, (1); ROBERTS, William; ROBERTSON & BUCHANAN, 0; RIMMER, William; RICKMAN, John; RATLIFFE, Jessee Jr., (1); ROBERTS, Chapman; RATLIFFE, Armstead, (1); RATLIFFE (See Radcliffe, 1880c), Jessee Sr., (1); RUSSELL, Moses, (1); RICKMAN, George; RICKMAN, James

SMITH, David, (1); SMITH, William; SHUPE, George; SNIDER, F. M.; SMITH, A. K.; SMITH, Tobias & sons, 5; SMITH, M. K., 0; SMITH, Jonas; SMITH, J. C.; SMITH, Andrew, (1); SUITT, :Pleasant; SMITH, F. M.; STEELMAN, L.; SMITH, Robert; SIRA, Fountain; SMITH, R. F.; SKINNER, Samuel; SCHWOTZ (Swartz), J. J.; SURBERT, J. R.; SAVAGE, Granville, (1); SMITH, Henry, (1); SCOTT, Matt; SNAPP, P. B.; SHAVER, William, (1); SMITH, T. L., (1); SMITH, Joseph; SPARKS, Ephraim; STURGEON, Samuel; SHINE (Shire?), William, (1); SANDS, J. M.; SMITH, Abram; SMITH, A. B.; SNODGRASS, Joseph; SCOTT, Thomas; SANDS, Joseph; SNEAD, Phillip; SWORD, Michael; SISK, Timothy; SPAIN (See also Spane), Thomas; SCOTT, Elisabeth, 0; SANDIFER, S. M.; SANDERS, James; SMITH, George, (1); SLATE, Francis; STUART, Flora, 0; SMITH, John; SASHER, Charles; SCOTT, Joseph S.; SCOTT, Malinda, 0; SCOTT, James C.; SCOTT, Alexander; SCOTT, Thomas; SNEAD, N. B. (Napoleon Bonaparte); SHARP, Benjamin; SMITH, Aaron H., (1); SNODGRASS, C. ( Charles) W.; SCOTT, J. B.; SMITH, Jas. D., (1); SCOTT, R. H.

THOMPSON, John; THOMPSON, Adam F.; TALBERT, Maria, 0; TRIGG, Kindrick, (1); THOMPSON, H. V.; TAYLOR, Thomas; TAYLOR, Edmond, (1); TALBERT, David M.; TALBERT, Basil; TALBERT, Thomas; TALBERT, Road (as written); TAYLOR, Andrew; TALBERT, Charles

VESTAL, Henry; VAUGHN, Peter; VINSON, David; VENABLE, William; VENABLE, David

WOLFE, William; WHITE, Sawney(Tawney), (1); WITT, William; WOLFE, John; WHITE, Joseph, (1); WOLFE, Jacob; WEBB, Osker; WEBB, L. A.; WHITT, F. H.; WHITAKER, Moses Sr.; WHITAKER, Moses Jr.; WHITAKER, Rufus; WATSON, J. C.; WHITE, Thomas, (1); WALDEN, Sarah J., 0; WALDEN, Jacob R.; WEEKS, Howard, (1); WASHINGTON, Tobias, (1); WOODWARD, Joseph of Abram; WEBB, William; WOODWARD, Joseph; WORLEY, David; WEBB, A. H.; WHITE, Jane, 0; WARREN, John H., (1); WASHAM (Worsham), Mary, 0; WASHAM (Worsham), Robert; WASHAM (Worsham), Alfred R.; WATSON, Thomas, (1); WHITAKER, William, (1); WRIGHT, Overton, (1); WOODWARD, Jacob; WHITAKER, Calvin; WEBB, Newton (under age), 0; WEBB, John; WEBB, John A.

YOUNG, Alfred, (1); YODER, J. S.; YOUNG, Edmond

Recapitulation: 449 white males 21 or above; 100 Negro males above 21, 817 Horses, Mules, etc.; 2156 cattle, 1817 sheep, 1930 hogs

A quick glance at the 1872 PPTL, WCV, Saltville Dist. Reveals most of the same names a very few notes: 

ARNETT, James F.; ARNETT, James Sr.; AISTROP, Thomas H.; EASTRIDGE, William, Poor Valley; EASTRIDGE, Ephraim, Poor Valley; FULLEN, Quint, (1), Morells Mill; FURGUSON, Charles, Tumblin Cove; FITZPATRICK, John, do.; FULLEN, Spott, (1), do; FULLEN, Mark, (1), do; FULLEN, Lilburn, (1), do; FULLEN, Jasper, (1), do.; FULLEN, Taylor, (1), do; FULLEN, Lewis, (1), do; FULLEN, Buron, (1), Poor Valley; FULLEN, Cass, (1), do; FULLEN, Henderson, (1), do; FULLEN, Whitley, Poor Valley, FULLEN, Peter, (1), do; FULLEN, Andrew, River; FULLEN, James, River; FULLEN, Wm. D., River; HENDERSON, Robt., W. Co. Saltville; HELTON, Elizabeth, Saltville; HOCKETT, John Sr., Morells Mill; HOCKETT, Samuel A., Rich Valley; HOCKETT, Isaac, do.; HENDERSON, William, Rich Valley; HOCKETT, J. M. & J. N., do.; HOCKETT, John, do.; HOCKETT, William, Tumblin Cove; HELTON, Bryant A., do.; HELTON, James, do.; HELTON, J. W. & T. C. & Reuben, Poor Valley; HENDERSON, Wm. C., Poor Valley; HELTON, Jasper, do.; HELTON, Henry, do.; HENDERSON, James, do.; HELTON, George W., do.; HELTON, Ewell, do.; HELTON, John, River; HENDERSON, Wm. J., Poor Valley; HENDERSON, Whitley F., do.; HENDERSON, Hiram F., do.; HOCKETT, Daniel, Rich Valley; JACKSON, John R., Saltville; JACKSON, Jacob (tax 1871), do; JACKSON, Jacob, do.; JACKSON, A. P., River; PRATER, William, Saltville; PRATER, Thomas, do.; PRICE, John M., Rich Valley; POSTON, Sallie & Ann, River; POSTON, Joseph, do