1870 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List

Government Tax File

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1870 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List

Upper District

Jack Hockett: 30 Dec 2004 Final

Note: Check the 1870 Census of WCV, Saltville Township, especially and compare it against this PPTL. You will see the degree of deficiency of the subject census. Hence, this list is a good supplement to the deficient census. This transcription was done in great haste with no time for verification and recheck, so please consult the film or original to make any final judgments or personal interpretations. My comments are placed in italics and parentheses, take or leave.

Key: No. white males who have attained 21 years (listed only if other than 1); no. colored males above 21 years (in parentheses).Note that when more than one of a surname occurs in a row, the surname is listed only once and all the given names thereafter (my shortcut)!

ALLISON, Robert C.; ANDERSON, Thomas, (1); AKERS, James M.; ALLISON, William; Same Guardian of Emely & Ellen A. CLARK, 0; Same Guardian of John A., Thos. C. & Wm. B. CLARK, 0; ASBERY (Asbury), Mansfield; ASBERY, Lensy D.; ARNETT, James, William L., James F.; AKERS, Oscar; AYERS, John P., Thomas L.; ASTROP (Aistrop), A. J. (Andrew Jackson); ANDERSON, Philip & Joseph J.; ARDEN, Abram; ANDERSON, Richard, (1); ASBERY (Asbury) & Curtis, 0; ARNOLD, W. S.; ABEL, William D.; ARNOLD, Reed; ALDERSON, George W., Dr. Christopher; ASTON & KINDRICK; ASTON, Augustus W.; ALLISON, Samuel D., John B.; ALDERSON, C. W.; AKERS, Harvey; ABEL, Valentine, Alexander

BUCHANAN, Berry K., 2, Miss Jane P., 0, Matthew, James & Robt., 3; BAILEY, Robert; BIDDLE, William; BLACKWELL, John D.; BUCHANAN, M. H.; BLACKWELL, M. R.; BRANCH, Robert (Col.) (1); BROWN, B. J.; BROWN, Charles, (1); BUCHANAN, Nancy L., 0; BYARS, A. H.; BAILEY, Samuel; BALDWIN, Noah B.; BUSKELL, Alexander; BUCHANAN, James S., Same Admr. of Robt. HENDERSON Est., 0; BRANCH, John, 1; BEATTIE, Absolon, Robert F.; BYARS, William B. Senr.; BROADY, Joseph, John, David; BROWN, William, (1); BUCK, Mary, 0; BONDURANT, J. J.; BRONSON, Moses S.; BLACKWELL, Elbert; BURK, William; BOWMAN, Samuel; BLACKWELL, Joseph D.; BROOK, C. C.; BROADY, James; BUCHANAN, William (of B. K. B.); BOYD, James; BROWN, Henry, (1); BUCHANAN, John L.; BLEVINS, Jonathan, John, Eli; LEE, Jesse; LOYD; BLANKENBECKLER, John E.; BYARS, William B. Jr.; BENTLY, E. E.; BROWNING, Jessee, BROWNING & ASTON, 0; BENHAM, J. M.; BANKE, Thomas, (1); BRADLEY, John, (1); BLOOMER, Dixon, (1); BOWERS, Alexander, (1); BROWN, Jack, (1); BYARS, James M. & Samuel A.; BUCHANAN, James; BARBERY, Smittick & Gunby; BUCHANAN, William H., Philip & Columbus; BEATTIE & JACKSON, 0; BERRY, Thomas; BARLOW, John Sr.; BUMGARDNER, Adam & Peter; BERRY, A. R.; BROWN, E. A. S.; BAILEY, George M. D., James K.; BROWN, Reuben, (1); BISHOP, Reuben, Sebeuias (Sabius?), Elizabeth, 0; Maddison, Samuel D.; BOWDER, James, (1); BRANCH, Andrew, (1); BISHOP, Jane, 0; BROADY, Thomas, (1); BOWERS, William. John R.; BUSKELL, James; BAILER, E. R.; BROADY, Duncan, (1); BYARS & HALL, 2; BEATTIE, C. W.; BAUGH, Caleb; BRANCH, Peter; BEATTIE, Madison, George A. O.; BUCHANAN, James A., John A.; BUELL, Duglass; BRYAN, L. O., Robert O., John W., Lafeyette M.; BULTERN, Wellcher (Wilshore Bullin, 1870c); BLEVINS, Polk; BLACKWELL, John, (1); BERRY, Thomas B.; BERRY, David F.; BROWNLOW, Joseph, (1), Alexander, (1): BLACK, Miles, (1); BUTLER, July, (1); BROWN, Henry, (1); BRANCH, Jack, (1); BROADY, Charles, (1); BUCHANAN, A. E.; BOWERS, George; BLACKBURN, John W.; BUCHANAN, John D.; BARLOW, Lafeyette; BUTT, William A.; BAUGH, B. F., P. H.; BERRY, Thomas P.; BARNETT, Berry; BURNETT, Daniel M.; BLACKWELL, William; BUCHANAN, Rosana, 0, William R.; BAKER, Isaac; BUCHANAN, Mary A., 0; BEATTE (sic), Elizabeth, 0; BARROW, William M., Furd; BEATTIE, Washington, (1); BROOKS, Solomon; BETTS (Butts?), William H.; BAILEY, Benjamin C.; BLACKWELL, Leonidas; BAILEY, James A.; BURKLEY (Berkeley), William W.

COUNTIS, Peter; COLE, Ferman P.; CALDWELL, R. J., Martha, 0; CONEWAY (Conway), Mrs. R. E., 0; CLARK, M. R.; CROW, Arthur H.; CLARK, David B.; CARMACK, D. C.; CLARK, Robert; COBBS, Thomas N.; CLARK, Robert (at Glade Springs), William D., James B.; COLLEY, William E.; CHAPMAN, James; COOK, John T.; CHAPMAN, Andrew, Isaac; CARDWELL, John (in Poor V.); COLLINS, Matthew; COLLEY, John C., Jno. H.; CAYWOOD, Stephen T., Jno. M., William, Jno., Helan, 0, Thomas; CRAIN (Crane), Nathaniel; CAMPBELL, Mrs. Jemima, 0; CROSSWHITE, Golden; CARTER, Nathan; CROSSWHITE, Robert; COLLINS, David A., James K.; CRABTREE, Joseph; COLLIVER, Charles, (1); CHAPMAN, David G.; CASY, James, Samuel, Wesley; COLE, James L.; COLEGATE, John F.; CATTRAN (Catron; Kettering; Ketron), Mary B., 1; CATRON, James E., Sarah J., 0; CALDWELL, Jesse H.; CATRON, Frank S.; COLEGATE, William; CALDWELL, James S., Jno. M., Samuel T.; CASEY, James; CAMPBELL, Jefferson; COLLINS, John, Frank, Jeff J.; CAMPBELL, James L.; COLLINS, James; CATRON, Christopher S.; CLARK, James A. (of Robert), Daughton, (1); CRAWFORD, O. S.; CROCKETT, Sampson; CASEY, Thomas J.; COX, George W.; COPENHAVER, Hugh; COLE, Eliza, 0, Lilburn (of A.), Levi (of A.); CLARK, Isabela, 0, James H., Thomas C., Robert (on Ceder Creek); CARPENTER, James; COLLEY, Lewis W.; CLARK, James Senr., James (of James); CALLAHAN, Andrew; CARTER, Fred. (1), Abram, (1); CLEMMINS, Alfred; CARTER, Jerry, (1); CUNNINGHAM, Miss Polly, 0; CLARK, Isaac G. C.; CROW, James; CAMPBELL, Robert L. C.; CORNETT, Hiram; CAMPBELL, D. A. P., Same Admr. of Hugh M. CAMPBELL dec., 0; CLARK, Jonathan H., Samuel; CARTER, Thomas, (1); CUDDY, Henry T.; CALDWELL, William S.; CUNNINGHAM, W. G. E.; CUDDY, David; CALLAHAN, Jesse; CLARK, Peter, James P., John M.; CANNOY, John J.; CLARK, John B., John P.; CURTIS, B. W.; CUNNINGHAM, Miss Polly, 0; CRUSENBERRY (Quessenberry), Willoughby; CASSELL, Samuel A., Adam; CUDDY, Lilburn B.; CLARK, Andrew D.; CAMPBELL, John (of Jno.); COLE, James L.; CLARK, John J. Jr., 2; COUNTIS, George W.; COLLEY, C. M.; CAMPBELL, Mrs. Ann, 0, John W.; COLE, Andrew (of James), Josiah; CRAWFORD, John; COLE, Thomas V.; CREASY, George; COLE, James (of Andrew); COWDEN, Stephen, (1); COWDEN, Campbell, (1); COOK, A. L.; COUNTIS, J. F., Lucy, 0, James M.; COSBY, Rev. L. F., Thompson L.; COUNTIS, John (of Lenick), Lenick; CLARK, Robert E.; CARTER, Samuel, (1); CHILDRESS, James J.; CAMPBELL, Faroline E., 0; CLARK, David Esqr.; CLARK, Mary; BOWEN, Isaac; CAMPBELL, William, (1), Jackson, (1); CALLAHAN, Eziel; CAULDWELL (Caldwell), John L.; CRAWFORD, Benjamin; COLE, Martha, 0, Francis; CROW, William R., John C.; COPENHAVER, James; CLARK, Frank S.

DAVIS, Nathan, (1); DAVENPORT, Julius T., Peter, Alven; DEBUSK, Isaac E., L. WIDENER, Exors of John DEBUSK decd., 0, Sallie, 0 , Christopher; DAVENPORT, Dr. Henry, Thomas, S. R., L. H., DAVIS, James A.; DOLLINGER, Rachael, 0; DUNN, Dr. Samuel; DYE, Hugh; DICKINSON, William B.; DRAKE, Allen, (1); DARNELL, James Sr., James Jr.; DUNCAN, Gabriel, John J., Joseph, Henry; DUFF, John A., M. S.; DEBUSK, Dorcas, 0, John, James, Jacob, Jacob Jr., Thomas (of Jacob); DORSE (Doss, 1870c), Henry; DEBUSK, David E. (C.? A David S., 1870c?); DENTON, James D.; DUFF, John M.; DAVENPORT, James N.; DENISON, Robert P., 2, William P.; DEBUSK, David J.; DAVIS, Adam, (1), Wm.; DEBUSK, Isaac E.; DUNN, John F.; DINWIDDIE, Robert B.; DODD, Thomas; DUNN, William L.; DUFF, Thomas J.; DALE, William; DUKE, James L.; DAVIS, William P.; DUNN, Dr. Thom. E.; DINDMORE (Dinsmore), James; DUKEAUME, Philip; DEBUSK, Ira, Same Admr. of Isaac DEBUSK, decd., 0; DAVIS, Thomas J. Sr., William M., Thomas J. Jr.; DUNCAN, James K. P.; DECKER, Charles; DAVIS, James H., Joseph W., Same Exor of Thomas CATLETT decd., 0, Charles W.; DUNNINGS, Thomas N.; DUNN, William A.; DAVIS, William A.; DENTON, David; DUFF, Samuel H., Stephen B., Jno. N. B.; DONALLY, William W.; DAVIS, John A, Arthur C. (O.?)

EARLES, Jesse L., James A., Jackson; EDMONDSON, Mrs. Jane A., 0, Wm. B., Mrs. Nancy D., 0, Martin V.; ECHOLS, Mc. H.; EDMONDSON, David; EDWARD, Daniel; ESTRIDGE (Eastridge), William; EAKIN, Rebecca, 0; EDMONDSON, Thomas, Robert, Margaret J., 1; EADS, James; ERNEST, Mrs. Amanda J., 0; EDMONDSON, A. B.; EDWARD, Mitchell, (1); EDWARD, Andrew, (1); EDMONDSON, Thomas; EDROD, David, Harrison E.; EDMONDSON, William C.; ELLIOTT, Samuel, (1); EADS, Josiah T.; ESTELL, Alexander, (1); EAKIN, W. F.; EAVANS (Evans?), Richard, (1); EPPLING, Hanly; EVANS, Elliott; EDMONDSON, Isaac; EAKIN, James; ELLIOTT, Charles; EDMONDSON, William M., 2, John W.; ELROD, Wiley; EDMONDSON, Saml. P., Jno. B., Jno. D.

FRONTLY, Harris, (1); FRACTION, Samuel, (1); FULLBRIGHT, Henry, (1); FEATHERS, James; FULTON, Andrew, (1) & Quint (1) (as stated, but check other lists: Quint FULLEN; 1870c, Quint Fulton); FUDGE, Conrad; FITZPATRICK, Jno.; FULLEN, Spot, (1), Taylor, (1); Mark, (1); Buell, (1); Cass, (1); Charles, (1); Washington, (1); FRANSICOE, Lewis M.; FULLEN, Andrew, William; FATEN (Fulton?), James; FARRIS, Jacob M., Julius; FULTEN, Jno.; FRAZIER, Andrew; FRENCH, Richard; FARRIS, James; FULLEN, Whitley; FOSTER, Dock, (1); FULLEN, Henderson, (1); FOX, P. F.; FREEMAN, Alexander, (1); FIELDS, Major; FOSTER, Joseph; FLANAGAN, Jno.; FADDIS, Jno.; FARNSWORTH, William; FULCHER, James; FORTNER, S. G.; FARRIS, William; FRYE, Robert; FINDLEY, A. J.; FOSTER, Jno., (1); FUQUA, Robt. H.; FEATHERS, George N.; FARMER, Alfred; FERREN (Foran), William B.; FORBIS (Forbes), Geo. W.; FIELDS, Nathaniel, (1); FULLEN, Lewis, (1); FERREN (Foran), David

GEASLER (Geisler), Jacob, Jacob Admr. of R. M. BLACKARD, 0; GRUBB, Jacob H.; GOODMAN, Patrick; GARRISON, Harvey, Joseph O., Henry C.; GRAY, Charles P.; GROGON (Grogan), Dillard; GOFF, Wilson F., Lafeyette M.; GALLIGER, William; GRACE, Frank M.; GIER (Geer; Greer), Thomas M.; GIVENS, Isaac; GARDNER, Thomas E.; GRANT, J. A., George J.; GLENN, Jno. & Brothers, 3; GOFF, James, (1); GRAY, James; GRANT, Archibald; GARRETT, Elias; GILLON, Cyrus (on Middle F.); GALVIN, Theodore; GILPIN, Frank; GRANT, Gardner (Black Hawk?); GRINSTED, B. F.; GRANT, James Sr.; GROSECLOSE, Stephen; GARNS (Garnes), B. F.; GREGORY, Jacob; GALLIGER, Wm. J.; GRIFFIN, Robert, (1); GREEN, William, (1); GREEN, Cisaroe; GALLIHER, M. P.; Joal (Joel) A.; GREGORY, Philip; GRUBB, Pat. F., William H.; GILES, Pope; GREORY (as written), Walker S.; GRACE, Thomas J. (or I.); GRAY, Daniel E.; GRACE, George; GRAHAM, George; GRANT, Dr. R. G.; GLENN, Ben; GATHER, Margaret M., 0; GILLIAM, Alexander; GREENWAY, James C.

HAND, Wm. A., Wm. D.; HARRIS, Jno. E.; HUTTEN (Hutton), R. S. C.; HARRIS, A. M., John M.; HALL, William H.; HOWARD, Thomas H.; HOLMES, James; HOGSTEN (Hogston), James; HOME, Isaac, William; HAGY, James V., Joseph; HUTTEN, A. D., Same Exor. of A. C. HUTTEN, 0; HARRIS, William J.; HAND, James (of Wm.); HUFMAN, Uriah; HUTTEN, Robert; HUNTER, Alfred, (1); HUTTEN, John, (1); HUTCHISON, Lilburn & Eliza, 1; HYTER (Hayter), Elener A., 0; HOCKETT, Jno. Sr., Jno. Jr.; HILEMANN (Hilman) , David; HAZE (Hayes), Henry, (1); HANKLE, S. F., Armistead; HUTTON, Samuel C., Wm. A. H.; HARRIS, John D.; HUTTON, Arthur, James D., Samuel J.; HAYTER, Saml. E.; HAYTEN (Hayton), Thomas J.; HELTON, Bryant A., James C., Jasper M.; Jno. W.; Reuben, Henry; HENDERSON, William C.; HOLMES, Nathan, James; HELMENSTUTTER, W. K. W.; HENDERSON, Robert; HOCKETT, Isaac, Daniel, Elenor, 0, Joseph M.; HERENDON (Herndon), Eward (as written), Aaron; HENDERSON, William, James; HELTON, George; HOLMES, N. J. Dr.; HOLLEY, David, M. Y.; HERREN, Jesse S.; HAMMONS, Wm. H. H.; HOFF (Huff), Robert; HENDERSON, Whitley F., Hiram F.; HAINES, Thomas; HARTIS (Harless; Hargis?), George, (1); HILL, Felix; HERALD, ?. (Hugh, 1871 PPTL?); HENDERSON, Aaron; HOCKETT, William; HOPE, James C.; HAYTER, Wm. D., James E., Same Admr. of Aaron W. HAYTER decd., 0; HANNER, James; HASKEW, Joseph, 2; HARRISON, Anderson, 1; HUNTER, Leenville E.; HUTCHISON, Philip, (1); HARRISON, Thomas, (1); HILL, Garnett, (1); HUBBERD (Hubbard), George; HUTCHISON, Philip; HAYWOOD, Henry, (1); HENDERSON, Edmund, (1); HANKLE, Jno. A.; HILL, Robert, (1); HOGSHEAD, A. L.; HICKY, Matthew; HEAD, Frank; HAMMONDS, Jerry, (1); HYDEN (Hayter; Hayton?), John C.; HELTON, Elizabeth, 0, Ewell; HAMILTON, Thomas; HAGY, William C., 2; HAYTON, Samuel; HAYTON, Camp. H.; HUNTER, Giles, (1); HUSTON (Houston), James, Martin B., HAWTHORN, James, Andrew F.; HEATH, Scott; HAYTON, William J.; HAYTON, Israh J.; HENDERSON, James A.; HOGUE, Richard; HAINS, Frank; HAINE, William P.; HAGY, Jacob (of Jacob), William F., David C.; HAYTEN, Thomas J.; HAYTER, Andrew, Jasper; HAYDEN, John W.; HAGY, Martin Esqr.; HAYS, Calvin, (1); HOGE, John; HAMMONS, Milton; HAGY, Martin (of Jacob), Martin V., Samuel D.; HILL, Noah M.; HURT, John; HAYS, Henry, (1); HILLIARD, Samuel; HAWTHORN, B. D., 2; HUGHES, William; HARTSOCK, Emanuel; HALL, Hiram; HAWTHORN, David S.; HUGHES, Robert W.; HUMES, James W., F. A., John N. Sr.

INGRAM, Jacob; IRESON, Mary A., 1, Absolom L., James L.; IVIT (Evitt), Tobas

JEFFERSON, Adam; JACKSON, A. P.; JEMMERSON (Jamison;Jameson), Calvin B.; JOHNSON, John C., Joseph H.; JACKSON, Jacob; JONES, John Sr., John Jr., Dicy, 0, Sheffy; JOHNSON, William R.; JEFFERSON, Philip, (1); JOHNSON & HALL, 0; JONES, Rebecca, 0; JACKSON, Philip; JONES, Owen, (1); JOHNSON, George W., James, John, Andrew, (1); JACKSON, Edmund, (1), Andrew Sr., (1), Andrew Jr., (1); JOHNSTON, Hon. Jno. P. W.; JOHNSON, Berry; JAMES, James, John, Jno. T.; JACKSON, Robert (Col.), (1); JONES, C. R., 0; JOHNSON, C. C., Alexander, C., (1), Jno. R. (as written; John R. Jackson?

KEEF (O'Keefe), Thomas, James B.; KELLY, James Esq., Jonas, 0, (1), Jane, 0; KENDRICK, Thomas, (1); KELLY, Mrs. Nancy J., 0, William; KESTNER, Jacob; KELLY, Fulton, KEYS, Robert Sr., James; KELLY, James E. Jr., James E. Sr., Andrew, James & Wm. B. McKEE, Admrs. Of A. J. McKEE; KEYS, Robert Jr.; KELLY, John, Jane & Martha, 0; C. L., Wm. R.; KENT, Jacob B.; KING, Elijah, Lafayette; KELLER, John, Jacob A.; KITZMILLER, Rev. David; KESNER (Kestner), Philip, John C.; KELLER, Joseph; KIDD, John J.; KINGSOLVER, David J.; KELLER, Lee J.; KELLY, Aaron, (1); KESNER, John, William; KINGSOLVER, David; KESNER, Washington, John Jr.; KING, Lunden (Landon), (1); KIDD, Robert J.; KEYS, James, 2; KELLER, George, 3

LOVERIN (Lovering, 1870c), T. H.; LARIMER, Robert Sr.; LOGGIN, Levi; LARIMER, James, A. J., J. F., Wm. G., A. W., A. M.; LOVES, Robt. F.; LEACH, Jonathan; LESTER, L. J., James B.; LARIMER, James (At HORNES), Jno.; LOGGINS, Naman; LOVE, Freelove, 0, Joseph R.; LOVE, James C.; LETTICOE (Lethcoe), Archibald, David, (1), Andrew, (1); LAMBERTSON, Jno; LITZE, John K.; LOYD, Nancy; LOWERY, Wm. G. G., Findley, Robt. S., James Sr.; LANDRUM, Thomas W.; LUTTRELL, Wm. A.; LITZE, Mrs. Margaret, 0; LUSTER (Litz), David; LIGGEONS, Benj. D.; LONGLEY, Edmund; LUSER (Luster? Lester), Ryland, Wm. C.; LOGAN, Caleb J., Saml. D., Robert (of Caleb); LOYD, James R.; LOGAN, James W.; LINDSEY, Jessee; LUNDIS, Richard, (1); LOCKETT, Frank, (1); LOGAN, J. N.; LOCKETT, William, (1); LOGAN, Joseph, Robt. R., Mark, (1); LITTON, Mrs. Liddia, 0; LITTLE, Branson; LITCHFIELD, George V.; LILLY, Isaac, (1); LANGLY (Longley?), James; LANDRUM, James; LEWIS, Beverly, (1); LOYD, Saml M.; LINDER, Abram; LILE, George W.; LYLE, Jackson; LUTRELL, Sylvester; LEONARD, I. S. (J. S.?); LONGLEY, Selden; LOVE, Julius S.; LYNCH, R. H.; LONG, W. C.; LONGLEY, WM.; LEWIS, James, (1); LOGAN, Robt. P.; LILLY, Henry; LEE, Emory H., James M.; LARIMER, Robt. E.; LOVE, A. K.; LOWRY, Jno. M.; LONG, Wm. C.; LARIMER, Wm., Robt. J.; LOGAN, L. T.

MOOR (Moore), James D., James C.; MONTGOMERY, Thomas, James; MALLICOTE, A. R., Dr. J. N.; MIDDLETON, Conrod; MEADOWS, James & Abner, 2, Elizabeth, 0; MOOR (Moore), James, Hiram; McNEW, Elbert; McCLOUD, David R.; MENEFEE, George; MONTGOMERY, Lilburn; MAIDEN, Danl. W.; McCLELLAND, Saml.; MILLER, Isaac, Osker; MORELL, Jacob; McNEW, Wheeler; McCALL, Arthur, Jno. (in the Gap); McCORMACK, Micajah; MILLER, Barney, (1); McNEAL, Austin D.; MILLER, Saml. A.; McNEW, George, Jno. (of George), Elisha; MAIDEN, Henry A.; MILLER, Adison; MAIDEN, Jno. M., M. A., Saml. L.; McNEW, John B., Edward; MORRISON, J. L.; McNEW, John T., Jas. Esqr. & son, 2; MORGAN, Verlin; McCORMACK, S. W.; McCLOUD, Andrew; MEEK, Stephen D.; MOOR, James H.; MURDOCK, Harrison, (1); MAIZE (Mays), Wm. A.; MUSSELWHITE, Worley; McNEW, Alexander; MOSLEY, Wm., (1); McNEW, John Senr.; MOOR (Moore), Wm. A.; MOSES, Russell, (1); McNEW, S. W., W. H., James P.; McGRAW, John; McCOLLUM, Zack.; McNEW, Julius, Samuel; McGEE, Joseph; MOCK, Henry M.; MONTGOMERY, John; McCANN, James, Isaac; MAST, Noah; MINK, James; McCALL James; MOOR (Moore), Wm. (in the Forks); MILLER, Jacob; MILLER, Wm. H. & Robt. A., 2; McGINNIS, Lewis S.; MONTGOMERY, Thos. P.; MELTON, John; MILLER, James, James H., Isaac K.; MOCK, Elias; McCALL, Robt. L.; MOCK, Peter B.; MOOR (Moore), Stephen; MOUNTAIN, Jesse C.; McCALL, Wm. H.; MURRY, Wm., (1); McCRACKEN, Robt.; MOCK, Daniel W.; MOCK, Peter; MOCK, John W. (of M.); MOCK, Joseph G., (1); MOCK, James C., Henry; McCALL, Saml. M., John M.; McGEE, John E.; McKEE, Sallie, 0, Wm. B.; McDAUWEL (McDowell), Gabriel; MEEK, Charles, Catherine, 1; McFENY, John; MORRIS, M. M.; MILES, Black, (1); MURRELL, C. C.; McCORMACK, P. S.; McREYNOLDS, Stephen P.; McCAULEY, F. M.; McCALL, Wm. B.; MOOR, Wilson; MULLEN, John S.; McQUOWN, Isaac A., James F.; MOOR (Moore), Madison; McGLOCKIN, Henry; McCRADY (McCready), W. F.; MAGEE, Joseph C.; MOSLEY, Charles; MOOR (Moore), James W.; MYERS, Henry; McCULLOCK, James L.; MAIDEN, Wm. H.; McCALL, John; Same admr. of Wm. McCALL Decd., 0; MEDE (Meade), Zede, (1); MORRISON, Isom, (1); MUNCAS, Floyd; MOSLEY, Jerry, (1); McCLURE, Patience, 0, James; Same admr. of Jas. McCLURE, 0, Margaret A., 0, Nathaniel, Lilburn, Nathaniel (Guardian) of Mary E. LARIMER, 0; McCLANAHAN, Edward, (1); MINNICK, John P.; MUSICK, Eve, 0; McNEW, A. E.; MARTIN, John H.; McCLELLAND, James L.; MAGEE, J. B.; MAIDEN, Wm. L.; MASON, Charles; McCALL, Saml. (of James); MONTGOMERY, John B.; MINK, Wiler; MAHAFFEY, James S.; MAHAFFEY, Frank (of James S.), James (Do.); MILNOR, Wm. P.; MEDLEY, F. M.

NEFF, Andrew M.; NUNN, John, NAFF (Neff; Naeff), W. T.; NEEL, Mrs. Fanny; NEELEY, Isaac, John; NEFF, Jacob, John, John W.; NEEL, Jno. (of Tenn.); NUMAN (Newman), John; NICHOLS, Edmond; NEEL, William; NOALD (Noell?), Henry, (1); NYE, John R.; NYE, Andrew H.; NILSON (Nelson; Nielson?), James W.; NEEL, W., (1); NORRIS, Isiah; NEEL, Caleb, Baker D., Wm. G.

ORFIELD, Preston; OVERTON, Howard; OAKS, Mrs. Levi, 0; O'NEIL, John; ORR, Thomas, Arthur, Campbell E., Miss Emieley E., 0, OREAR (Orr?), Jno. C.; OWENS, Charles, David C., Moses C.; ORR, A. S.

PEW, Cazar (Cesar), (1); PICKLE, Daniel; POWERS, James; PINCNEY (Pinckney), Coram; PRICE, Wm. H.; PATERSON, Samp. C., Thos. E.; PRESTON, Samuel, Jno.; PALMER, Thomas, Thomas Jr.; PEARSON, Rufus; POOL, Charles, (1); POWELL, Reuben; PENNINGTON, Saml.; PATTERSON, Elizabeth, 0; PALFORD (Pafford), M. W.; POWERS, Alfred, (1); POWELL, Albert, (1); PENNINGTON, Andrew, Abel; PICKLE, Wm. B.; PENNINGTON, Jackson, Eli, Hiram; PAGE, G. F.; PENDEXTER (Poindexter), Robt. W. (1); POOL, Claiborne, (1); PRATER, Wm.; POOL, Simeon, (1); PORTERFIELD, L. B.; PRICE, J. H. (W.?); PERKINS, A. J.; POSTON, Joseph; POSTON, Sallie & Ann, 0; PATRICK, Jacob, John, Morgan; PRUNER, Wm. W.; POOL, John R.; PAGE, David, (1); PHILLIPS, Jefferson, (1); PINE, Lavis, (1); PRESTON, Tobias, (1); PILES, David H.; POLK, Charles; PERDUE, Robert, Andrew G.; PENDLETON, Mace; PILE, John; PAUL, Nathan; PORTERFIELD, James C.; PRESTON, Reuben B.; PRESTON, Thomas M.; PORTERFIELD, James C.; PEOPLES, Wm. J. & M. T. PEOPLES, 2; PAINTER, William; PRESTON, Robt. & Saml. A., Robert A.

ROBERTS, Wm. W.; RICHARDS, Jno. B.; RAMBO, David; ROSENBALM (Rosenbaum), Lafayette, 2; RAMSEY, Catharine, 0; ROSENBALM, Joel, Hiram J., Alfred, Aaron, Andrew, (1), George (1); RAMBO, Isaac C., A. F., Matilda; REID, James; ROMNEY, Nathan; REID, Benj. Jr.; ROE, E. T.; RHEA, Jno. W., Francis G.; ROODY (Rudy?), Saml.; ROSS, Alexander; REMINE, Harvey B.; RHEA, James; RITCHIE, James L.; REID, David B.; REMINE, Rachel, 0; ROSENBALM, David, Same Admr. of Elijah WIDENER, 0; ROSENBALM, Andrew D., Asa; ROBERTS, Jno. F., Jno. W. L.; ROUSE, Isaac; ROE, Arthur S., Thomas J.; REID, Benj Sr.; ROSENBALM, Parker S.; ROMNEY, Henry; RICKETTS, E. D.; ROE, Jno. E.; ROSENBALM, Jno.; RUTLEDGE, Anthony; RUTLEDGE, Michael; Roe, Edmond; RAMBO, Wm. D.; REDAN (Redman?), Daniel (on M.F.); ROSENBALM, Daniel, Joel F.; RUTLEDGE, Mathias; RAMSEY, James; RHEA, Jacob H., Hetta, (1); ROSENBALM, John E., Jno. (Tiger); ROBINSON, James, 2, Mahala, 0; ROSENBALM, Valentine, Same Admr. of John S. ROSENBALM, 0; ROBINSON & BUCHANAN, 0; ROSS, Lewis, (1); RODEFER, Jacob; RYBURN, Wm. Mc., Wm. B.; ROE, Sydney; RODDY, James, (1); REDIX, James (1); RYBURN, James V.; RICKMAN, John; ROBERTS, Chapman, James; ROBERTS, Wm.; RODMAN, Robt. S.; RYAN, James; RYAN, James P.; RYBURN, Wm. S.; ROBERTS, Rebecca, 0; ROBERTS, James; RATLIFF, John; RAFFY (Riffy), Wm.; RIFFY, Wm., David, George; RYAN, Boman; RICHARDSON, Wm.; REDIX, Wm., (1); ROBINSON, Harvey S., Parker S., A. E., Same Admr. of Nancy KELLEY decd., 0; REID, J. H.; RAMBO, James K.; RYAN, Daniel C.; RATLIFF, Jesse, (1) (See Radcliffe, 1880c.); REID, Hugh, 2; ROUSE, Paul Sr.; ROSE, John D.

SMITH, Wm. J., Jno. R.; ST. CLAIR, Leander; SHUFFIELDS (Sheffield), Benjamin; SNODGRASS, Joseph, 2, Wm. (of Black Joe); SEXTON, Thomas J.; SMITH, C. A.; SULLIVAN, Wiley; SNODGRASS, Wm. (of Jno.); SHEER (Shearer?), A. W.; SHARP, Benj. B., Thomas J., Nancy R., 1, Jno. M., Wm. M.; SWEET, Henry S., Farman P.; SMITH, Wm. R.; STROTHER, James P.; SNIDDER (Schneider), Wm. B.; SHERWOOD, Levi; SHAVER, Henry; SCOTT, Robt. & Wm., 2; SALMAN (Solomon?), Jno. R.; SHARP, James L.; SMITH, Avens C.; SHUFFIELD (Sheffield), Jno.; SHUPE, A. K., A. J., Wm. F.; SEABRIGHT, Jno. A.; SNODGRASS, John; SCOTT, Campbell, (1); SLAUGHTER, Pleasant, (1); SMITH, Ann R., 0, Anderson, (1), SULEER (as written; Surber?), James; SMITH, Jno. B., D. D., W. W., SHUPE, George; SMITH, Jonas, 2; Mary K., 0; SCOTT, Robt. H.; SHEFFY, James W., 0; SNAPP, P. B.; SMITH, F. M., Wm.; SANDEFER, Samuel; SCOTT, Thomas Sr.; SMITH, Amon, (1); SNEAD, N. B. (Napoleon Bonaparte), Philip; SANDS, Jno. M., Joseph; SMITH, Abram Sr.; SNODGRASS, Joseph; SCOTT, Alexander, Elizabeth, 0, Gay, Thomas Jr.; SANDERS, James; SCOTT, Amanda & Malinda, 0; SMITH, Robert; SCOTT, Joseph; SPANE, Thomas; SNODGRASS, Charles W.; STUART, Mrs. Gen Flora, 0; STURGEON, Saml.; SMITH, Abram Jr.; SCOTT, James C.; SLATE, Frank; STUART, David M.; SMITH, Edward H., (1); SHERRER, Jno.; SANDERS, Stephen D. Jr.; SCOTT, Moses, (1), Wm.; SHUGART, C. L., Zack. O., Moses C.; SMITH, Givens, (1); SHUPE, David F.; STEAGALL, Alfred Jr. Sr.; SNEAD, Mrs. Betsey (Scott, wid. of Nickerson), 0; SCOTT, Matthew; SMITH, Robt. F., Claiborne; SPRIGGS, Carey; STUART, James, (1); SHEFFEY, Washington, (1); STANFIELD, Jno. C.; SHULTZ, Adam M.; SYRA, Wm; SANDERS, Crockett, (1); SCHWARTZ (Swartz), Jno.; SMITH, David, 91); SPEER, Wm.; SWEENY, David, Thomas, Baker, John; SULLENS, Russell, Train, David, Preston, Jefferson; SISK, Timothy; SCOTT, Josiah B.; STATTLY (Statley), James, (1); SASHER, Charles; SEALS, Dred, (1), Philip, (1), Philip; SWINGLE, Pollie, 0; SMITH, Samuel, (1); STOVALL, Hugh; SHEATTS (Sheets), James; SMITH & PRESTON, Exr. of Parker SMITH's Est., 0, Albert, (1), SAVAGE, Granville, (1); SMYTH, Tobias & Sons, 4, Wm., SHORT, Wm., SALTS, Wm.; SMITH, Andrew, (1), James K.; STOCTON (Stockton), Wm.; SNODGRASS, Benjamin, Wm. M.; SHAKER, Stephen; STRINGER, Thos. N.; SHEATS (Sheets), David H.; SCOTT, Benj., (1); SNODGRASS, Wm.; SHEATS (Sheets), Wm.; SYDNOR, Thos. L.; SNODGRASS, Joseph (White)

TILSON, Stephen J.; THOMAS, Ed.; TRENT, Lewis; THOMPSON, Adam, James H. Jr., John; TILSON, Lucretia, 0; TERRY, William; TILSON, T. J.; TRENT, Claiborne, (1); THOMAS, Charles; TOMLINSON, Wm.; TUAL (Tuell), James; TILSON, James, Sampson; TROXELL, George W., Green B., Francis; THOMAS, David (of Reub.); TRIGG, Kendrick; TALBERT, Bazell, Rhodes, Charles, Thomas, David M.; TAYLOR, A. J., Jno. L.; TALBERT, B. S.; THOMPSON, James K. Sr.; TALBERT, Paul, Sydney; THOMAS, James M., Jno. (of Reub.); TAYLOR, Ned. Sr., (1), Ned, (1); THOMAS, George W., Wm. G.; TUCKER, Jno.; THAHER (Thayer), James; TRIGG, J. E. C.; TRAINHAM, C. C.; THOMPSON, H. V.; TAYLER (Taylor), Isaac, Henry; TADLOCK, Wm. C.; THOMPSON, James A., Alexr. G., Andrew G.; TALBERT, Mariah, 0; TRENT, Joseph, Isaac; TAYLOR, Thomas C.; THAYER, Robt. B.; TRIGG, Jno., (1); THOMAS, Isaac; TRAVIS, Wm. H.; THOMAS, Andrew J.; TURNER, Henry; THOMAS, Moses; TALLEY, Wm. J.; TYLER, Sallie G., 0; TUNNELL, H. B.

VESTAL, Neel H.; VANHUSS, James; VAUGHTER, C. E.; VANCE, James A.; Virginia Plaster Company, 0; VENABLE, Wm., David; VANHUSS, Anthony; VESTAL, James T., Jesse, Bartholamend; VANHUSS, Daniel H., John, Valentine; VERMILLION, James

WOODS, Joseph, (1); WILLIAMS, Amos; WRIGHT, Overton; WILLIAMS, Thomas; WIDENER, Selby; WHITE, Wm. Y. C., 2; WESLEY, James L.; WHITE, William, 2, Jno., (1); WOODWARD, Isaac; WILLIAMS, Jno. W., (1); WIDENER, Reuben, Elijah, Saml. E., Saml. A.; Joel Sr., Jno. M. C.; WHITE, Jno. (of Spencer); WOODARD (Woodward), Joseph; WHITE, Spencer (of Jno.); WILLIS, Sterling; WOODARD (Woodward), Hiram; WHITE, Spencer, Washington; WOODARD (Woodward), Jacob; WIDENER, Saml. B., Joel Jr.; WHITE, Wm. B.; WOODARD (Woodward), Joseph (son of A.); WASHINGTON, Tobias, (1); WITT, Fullen; WEBB, Charles W., Ota H.; David J.; WARD, Ota H. Jr.; WOODARD, Abram; WHITE, H. M.; WHITE, James L.; WYATT, Givens, (1); WORREN (Warren) & WILEY, 0; WRIGHT, John; WILLOUGHBY, John, (1); WATKINS, Allen; WHITE, Alexander, (1); WILLOUGHBY, John, (1); WEBB, Thomas, (1); WITT, Wm.; WEBB, John; WHITAKER, Rufus A., Moss Sr., Moses Jr.; WEBB, Wm., L. A., Charles O. (V.?), John, F. N., Jno. A., A. H.; WHITAKER, Calvin; WASHAM (Worsham), Wm.; WATSON, Thomas, (1); WASHAM (Worsham), Robt. R.; WHITAKER, Wm., (1); WEEKS, Peter, (1); WALDEN, Mrs. Jane, 0; WATSON, James C.; WYATT, Thomas, (1); WORLEY, David; WASHAM (Worsham), A. R.; WOLF, Wm., Jacob; WORREN (Warrren), Thomas J.; WILEY, E. E, Wm. H.; WIDENER, Elias, Felix (No. Pole), Abram (Exempt), 0; TIMOTHY, Isaac, Wm. E., Jacob (Grinner), Jno. W., Stephen; WOOTON, Jno. W.; WILSON, Elizabeth, 0, David R.; Isaac B.; WATSON, Miss Martha, 0; WRIGHT, Jno. (of No.); WIDENER, Jacob B.; WRIGHT, Robert Sr., Thomas, Thomas M.; WIDENER, Nelson; WRIGHT, Robert, Wright & Rhea, 0, James H., Dr. A. K., D. S. K.; WILSON, Hesekiah, Jno.; WILLIAMS, Harvey; WIDENER, Wm. (of E.), James J., Mrs. A. (of Elijah), 0, Jno. M.; WOOTEN, J. F., Mrs. Charity B., 0; WATERFORD, Henderson, (1); WRIGHT, Saml H., Wm.; WEEKS, David, (1), WIDENER, Benj. (of P.); WILSON, Henry, (1); WHITE, James; WYSEN (Wysong?), L. P.; WOLF, Andrew; WIDENER, John, Henry, Ryburn, 2, Philip, William M., Charles M., Noah B., Lilburn; William R.; WHITE, Joseph, (1), John (on Ceder Creek); WILLIAMS, Wesley W., John A.

YATES, John M., Mark A.; YODER, J. S.; YATES, J. D., William; YOUNG, Edmund

Recapitulations: 1285 whites 21 and above; 184 colored above 21 years old. DAVID CAMPBELL, Commissioner certifies he has fulfilled his duties. Sworn before GEORGE B. (?R) DUNN, Justice, 31 Oct 1870. Certified delivered to JAMES FIELDS, Sheriff of WCV, 24 Oct 1879 - DAVID CAMPBELL

End of PPTL, Upper District, WCV, 1870.