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Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List — 1883
Lower District

Lower District: Thomas P. Hendricks, Commissioner of the Revenue

Jack Hockett: 01 Oct 2009

Key: No. White male tithables 21 or above (If no number, assume 1); widows: assume 0 unless stated; No. Colored males 21 or above in parentheses. [Note: The handwriting of the initials is particularly and frequently difficult and for debate. Please check the name against other PPTLs and the 1880c, WCV to make your own judgment. Multiple given names in sequence after a surname are provided with the surname written only once in this transcription.)

p. 1: ANDIS (Andtes), Jas., ARNOLD, Jno. W.; ANDIS, Newton (at Jake JOHNSONs); Abingdon Bank 0; ANAIS, Jno. J. (Jack JOHNSONs), Henry D.; ASHBY, John (Henry PRESTON) (1), Edward (ditto) (1); ADAMS, Jefferson (J. HORTENSTINE); ARNOLD, Jacob C., Wm. C., Gabriel T., James D., Wm., Jacob R., James T.; ANDERSON, E. B.; AMMOND, E. D.; AYERS, Miss Sue L.; ARNOLD, Massydonia (Dr. McCHESNEY) (1); ANDERSON, Jasper (1); ADAMS, James (Jno. B. McCROSKEY); AKERS, James A., Wm. T., Thos.; ARNETT, James F. (Fletcher); ARNOLD, John (J. BRADLEYs); ANDRIS, Jonathan D.; ADAMS, Sr., James; ARNOLD, Jno. W.; ADAMS, James (N. K. WHITE); ALFRED, James C.; ARNOLD, Wm. K., Jacob J. Sr. (Robt. CUMMINGS); ASHBY, Andy (Montgomery SMITHs) (1); ALLEN, Wingfield (Allen ABELL); ANDERSON, Frank (1); ATWELL, Lozendo (prob. Lorenzo) D./// p. 2: ANDES, Jasper; AKERS, Jno. S., Nathan W.; AUTHENREITH, Lewis; AUSTIN, Preston (1); ANDERSON, William (1), George (1), Charles (1), Leslie S. (1), Thomas (1); ADDISON, William; ADAMS, John Q.; ANDERSON, Pink (1), Edmund (1); ASHBY, Peter; AVEN, Samuel W.; ASBERRY (Asbury), P.; ANDERSON, Rogan; AKERD, Wm. D.; ADAMS, R. R.; ARNOLD, Wm.; ANDERSON, Noah (1); ANDIS, Mike D.///

p. 3: BURNS, John; BURSON, Zack L.; BICKLEY, Hiram A.; BONDURANT, James; BETTERTON, Thos. J.; BAILEY, David F.; BUNTING, Dr. J.; BYRNS, Charles; BAYS, Joel B.; BOLTON, L. N.; BLANCHARD, A. H.; BENHAM, J. B.; BACHELOR, Rosetta; BUCKNER, Jessee A.; BIRDWELL, Alfred D.; BOARDWINE, John H.; BOYD, Wash (1); BUCKNER, R. K.; BRANCH, Nelson; BUCKLES, Harvey G.; BOOHER, Benjamin M.; BROWN, Fletcher (1); BALDWIN, Wm. T.; BOYD, Alfred (1); BROOKS, Wm. J.; BROWN, Stephen (1), John, (1); BARNETT, Thomas; BIRD, Alexander (1); BARKER, Wm. T.; BOOKER, Wm. O.; BOOHER, Chris S.; BARB, Lacy J.; BONDURANT, Marion M.; BOARDWINE, Lewis; BOOHER, Abram B.; BOARDWINE, Joshua Est.; BRUMMETT, William/// p. 4: BOTT, William, John Jr., Geo. W., John Sr.; BARR, John S.; BARKER, Elbert L., Almus C.; BARB, Jacob, Catherine; BELL, James; BOOHER, Joseph; BRANSON, Absalom; BEGLEY, Abner C.; BROWN, J. H. (1); BOYD, Anderson (1); BRUMMETT, Melton; BRADLEY, Jos. H.; BOOHER, Martin, John A. M.; BORHER, Elizabeth; BOOHER, Jacob; BYARS, Wm. B.; BLACK,(? Obscured); BOND, Anderson J.; BOWMAN, Tyra; BERRY, James S.; BLAND, Wm. H.; BOOHER, Isaac; BOTTLES, Jno. W.; BROWN, James; BRANCH, William; BEACHBOARD, Charles; BURCH (See also, Birch), Wesley (1); BOND, David S.; BRANCH, James C.; BROADY, Harey (Harvy?) (1); BLEVINS, Washington (1); BAILEY, James K./// p. 5: BOYD, Sandy (1); BOWMAN, Teman; BUTT, James H., James F., Rev. Henry C.; BRANSON, Wm. O.; BUTT, Joseph M., Abigal; BROWN, Thomas (1); BAKER, Walker (1), Wm. W.; BECKELHEIMER, Daniel; BURKHART, Geo. D.; BELLAMY, Jas. M., Wm. M.; BAKER, Dr. J. A. P.; BOWERS, Margaret; BEVINS, James M., Geo. W., Harvey P.; BRIDGEMAN, Wm.; BROWN, Mark (1), Miles (1); BLEVINS, Elkanah; BULLOCK, James; BREWER, Eli; BOOHER, Wm. K.; BYARS, L. O.; BUCKLES, James; BRADLEY, John L.; BERRY, ,Stuart R.; BUCKLES, Jno. M.; BERRY, Wm. C., Hugh; BOWLIN, Andy J., Wm. G.; BUSKELL, Richard; BOYD, Jno. D./// p. 6: BRUMMET (Brummett; Brummit), Samuel B.; BRISCOE, Rev. J. P; BIRD, Lacey A.; BOYD, Geo. W.; BROGAN, John; BARBER, Jno. W.; BREWER (? Bruver?), Davis; BARKER, Jos. G.; BOARDWINE, Henry; BOTT, John L.; BRANSON, David W., Henry L.; BOOHER, Leonard A.; BROWN, William (1); BROOKS, Patrick M.; BOOHER, Wm. C.; BARKER, Daniel S., Henry, Cicero, Silas, Flander C., Solomon L.; BROWN, Richard (1); BARKER, Andrew, James M., Campbell, William, Robert R.; BALTHIS, John S.; BAILEY, Wm. BARKER, Geo. W. M.; BOWMAN, Robert; BROWN, Wiley; BAILEY, John W.; BARKER, Martin V.; BOYD, Hugh; BAKER, Wm. J./// p. 7: BROOKS, Golden (1); BUCHANAN, J. L.; BRANCH, Floyd (1); BROOKS, Lee (1); BURRELL (Burwell), Alex (1); BARLOW, Frank, Joseph; BRANCH, Cummings (1); BOWSER, Hobson (1); BLACK, Adam (1); BROWN, Geo. S.; BUCK, J. M.; BROYLES, J. J.; BLAIR, John (1); BLACK, David (1); BROWN, John, (1); BARR, D. W. F.; BIRD, David (1); BURKS, Thomas; BARRON, John A.; BROWNLOW, F. B.; BARR, Paul E.; BASKERVILLE, Chas. E.; BURCH, Jno. W.; BANKS, Mitch (1); BROADY, Emma (listed in white column); BYARS, Bott (1); BRYANT, Aaron (1); BOYD, Wash (1), Landon (1); BARNY, Tobe (1): BOWERS, D. C.; BROWNLOW, John; BARNES, S. F.; BAKER, James B.; BROOKENS, Wilson (1); BROWN, Jas. L.; BOW, Rev. Geo. R./// p. 8: BAKER, Isaac; BROWN, Abram; BARKER, John B.; BUCHANAN, Jno. P., Moses H., R.; BALLANY (Bellamy), Henry W.; BRANSON, Moses S.; BARSON, Jno. E.; BREEDLOVE, Lewis; BREWER, Wm.; BROADY, Samuel (1); BLACK, Robert G., Wm. D. W.; BRADLEY, A. Mc.; BARR, F. T.; BROUN (Brown; Braun?), W. J., Rev. Thomas; BARR, John W., Mrs. F. V., Mrs. M. J.; BANK Greenway Bros. & Co. 0; BOYD, Wm.; BURK, Jos. F.; BARKER, Jonathan R.; BOWLIN (Bowlin; Bolling), David B.; BLALOCK, Samuel; BARKER, Wm. L.; BOOHER, Alfred; BUMBARGER (Baumgardner; Bumgardner), W. S.; BARKER, Stephen E.; BAINES, Samuel; BARRETT, David R.; BAUGH, Leonidas; BOOHER, Jacob H.; BARKER, Edmund; BARKER, John; BAILEY, Jas. R./// p. 9: BROOKS, Andrew F.; BLACK, Beverly; BENTON, John (1); BRUMETT, Edmund; BERRY, John B.; BALONY (Bellamy?), Robt. J.; BRIDGEMAN, David M.; BARRETT, Henry F.; BURKLEY (Berkley), James W.; BRYANT, Jerry; BUCHANAN, Jos. W.; BARKER, Abram F.; BARB, Francis M.; BARKER, Peter L., Wm. B.; BUCHANAN, Jno. A.; BROOKS, Mrs. Nannie; BRAUDY (Broady), William (1); BERRY, David L.; BLEVINS, Timothy///

p. 10: CONLY (Conley), Dan; COCKE, Geo. W.; CREAGER (Creggar; Crigger; Kreggar), E. A.; CALLAHAN (See also, Callaham), Mrs. N. A., L. J.; COMBS, Jos. W.; CARNER, Jos. H.; CLAY, Henry (1); CALAWAY (Calloway), James (1); COMBS, J. S.; CARRINGTON, W. C.; COCKE, R. M.; COCKE, G. J.; CALAHAM, Jas. H.; CLEMENS, George (1); CARRELL (Carroll), Geo. W.; CALAHAN, O. F.; CANTER, Wm. H.; COALMAN, Jno. F.; COTTON, Henry (1); CONLEY, Stephen; CAYLOR (See also Kaylor), Michael C.; CUNNINGHAM, Edmond D.; CARMACK, Jno. W.; CLICK, Henry; COOPER, Chester B.; CROSS, Berry H.; CUMBOW, Geo. B.; CHAPMAN, Jason; CRUMBEY, E. A.; CUMBOW, Henry; COLSTON, Thos. J.; CARMACK, Isaac, Saml. E. G.; CAMPBELL, David J., Ota H.; CLAYMAN, Geo. W. M., Jonathan R. Jr./// p. 11: CAMPBELL, Wm. B. Sr., Wm. B. Jr., Jno. W., Jacob T.; CADLE, Chas F.; CANTER, James; CHAPMAN, Geo. W.; CROSS, Wm. T.; COOPER, John, James; CALDWELL, Wm. K.; CLARK, Benjamin T.(L.?); CAMPBELL, Jno. H.; CUBINE, Geo. H.; CAMPER, Samuel P., Henry; CROSS, Asa; CARMACK, Jos. T., Wm.; COLLINGS (Collins), Abram T.; COMBS, Jno. L.; CANTER, Robert, Jos. E.; CAMPBELL, Robt. M.; COX, Benjamin; COLLINGS (Collins), Wm. T., Henry J.; COLE, Isom; CLARK, Jos. H., David; CHAPMAN, Robt. L.; CARPENTER, Jno. R. & wife; CAMPBELL, James; COUNTS, Thos. W.; CAMPBELL, Jacob Sr.; CARLTON, Jno. H.; CAMPBELL, Robt. B.; CRARY (Try also, McCrary; Cary), Robt. C./// p. 12: CLARK, Chas. B., David; CLAYMAN, Peter M., Geo. J. A.; CUNNINGHAM, Thos. B.; CRAIG, Robert; CONLEY, John; COLLINGS (Collins), Thomas; COOKE, Wm. W., Esq.; CARMACK, John; CLARK, James Est. 0, John H. Jr., John H. Sr.; CRABTREE, Geo. W.; CUNNINGHAM, Rufus, W. B., Jessee C.; CRAWFORD, Warren; CUMBOW, James W.; CLIFTON, Thos. L.; CRUMLY, Rev. Harman J.; CLIFTON, Jas. E., Elias; CASTEEL (Try also Castle), Jno. R.; CAMPBELL, Wm. (1); CUNNINGHAM, Jos. E., Jno. W.; CAMPBELL, Joseph (1), Wm (1); COOK, James W.; CANTRELL, Wm. R.; CARMACK, Columbus & D. F. BAILEY on Farm 0; CARTER, Jno. E.; CROSS, Jas. A.; COLLINGS (Collins), Geo. W.; COUNTS, Lenox H.; CLICE (Clece?), Wm. A./// p. 13: CARSON, Col. R. P.; CUMMINGS, Robt. E.; COOLEY, James (1); CUMMINGS, Arther C., David C.; CORNELIUS, Geo. P.; CLARK, Thomas (1); CECIL, A. J.; COLLUP, W. H.; CUMMINGS, Chas. J.; CONNER, Wm. H.; CRAFT, Arthur (1); CAMPBELL, Mrs. Ellen S., Judge Jno. A.; CRUMP, Geo. (1); CAMPBELL, David T.; CUMMINGS, Dr. Jas. W., Jno. C.; CRUMP, Charles (1); CLARK, Jno. G., Jno. G. & Co. 0; CAMPBELL, Collins (1); COLLOWAY (Calloway), Wm. (1); CRUTCHFIELD, Henry (1); CUMMINGS, R. P.; CAMPBELL, J. C. Esq., D. C. Jr.; CARTER, John; CAGSWELL (Cogswell), James (1); CLARK, Eliza, Jackson L.; CAREY, C. H., Rev. (1); CURTIS, Augustine (1); CARROLL, Henry (1); CARROWAY, D. T. (1); CLARK, Polly (0), Geo. R.; CARNAHAN, S. W./// p. 14: CHAPEL, Wyatt (1); CALLOWAY, Jacob (1); CLARK, John; COX, Allison; CARROLL, Wm. L.(T.?); COX, James; CRUMLEY, Anderson R.; CARROLL, James; CLARK, Edward L.; CARROLL, Frank; CAYLOR (See also, Kaylor), Jno. L.; CRABTREE, Zachariah, John T.; CARSWELL, A.; CLAPP, John M., Theophilus M.; COX, Wm. J.; CHAPMAN, Jno. W.; CLARK, Peter G.; COX, Jos. A. C.; CROWN, S.; CARLETON (Casleton?), Rebecca; COUNTESS (See also, Countiss), Chas. C., Emmett H.; CANTER, James W.; COLLINGS (Collins), Geo. W. Son of Henry; CANTER, Isaac; CAMPBELL, Wm. H.; COUNTESS, Jno. F.; CANTER, Wm. H.; COLE, Dennis F., Haskew B.; CLAPP, Jerry W.; CECIL,, Wm. C.; COWAN, Richard W.; CONLY, Wm.; CUBINE, Wm. J. B.; CONNER, Siles A./// p. 15: CUNNINGHAM, Walter G., Wm. C., Joseph, Washington; COX, John W.; CARMACK, Augustus; CAMPBELL, Mrs. A. E. T.; COOKER, Jacob W.; CARDWELL, David W., Jno. R.; COSBY, L. T.; CRAFT, Geo. W. Jr.; COOKER, Alfred; CARMACK, Alexander; CUNNINGHAM, Henry (1); COMBS, Mrs. Priscilla, Jno. L.; CUNNINGHAM, Andrew Jr., exempt; CARRINGTON, Samuel H.; CAMPBELL, Edward K.; CRUMBEY, Cass P.; CHAPMAN, John; CRAFT, A. J.; CUMBOW, Thomas L.; CRAFT, Geo. Senr.; COX, Joseph; CONLEY, James E.; CAMPBELL, Ed. M.; CASTLE, Wm. A.; CARTER, Joseph (1); CHILDERS, Charles (1); CANTER, Bradley///

DELAP, Charles; DISHMAN, Jno. A.; DELAP, Madison/// DOVE, Boley; DAVIS, Thomas J.; DIXON, Geo.; DICKERSON (Dickenson; Dickinson), Mongle, Thos. E.; DOVE, James; DICKERSON, Edmond C. (1); DAVIS, Mary V.; DINKINS, Jerry (1); DISHMAN, Jno. D.; DUNN, Isaac B.; DAVIDSON, Isaac G. W.; DIGGS, H. M.; DENTON, K. H.; DIVUS (Divers?), Ferd (1); DEBOSE, James (1), Wm. P. (1); DAMORON (Damron), Rev. H. C.; DAVIS, Chas. E.; DYE, Archie V.; DENTON, James D.; DINKINS, Andy; DUNMAN, Wiley D., Jas. B.; DAVIDSON, Geo. N., Cyrus M., Beverly R.; DAVIS, John; DIXON, John; DENNY, Henry H.; DUNN, Isaac B. Jr.; DISHNER, Samuel, Wm. J. H., B. F. C.; DENTON, David A.; DROKES (Drakes?), Isaac D.; DECKARD, Joseph; DECK, John B./// p. 17: DECK, Joseph Esq., Simon P.; DENTON, David; DICKERSON (Dickenson; Dickinson), Thos. J., Humphrey; DIXON, Chas. B.; DICKERSON (Dickenson; Dickinson), Wm. H.; DULANEY, Henry H.; DIXON, Moses L.; DISHNER, Robert; DAVIS, Isaac W. M.; DISHMAN, Wm. K.; DIXON, Henry; DAVIS, J. Wesley (1); DUFF, Jeff L.; DAVIS, Henry (1); DEWITT, Frank (1); DICKY, Jno. R.; DILWORTH, Charles; DELANEY, John; DINGLER, J. M.; DAVIN (Davis?), Patrick; DEPROTO (Deprato? Delprato?), A.; DAVAULT (Duvault), Milton T., Geo. H., Mrs. S. E.; DELANY, Wm. T.; DORIOT, V.; DOVE, J. R.; DAUGHERTY, R.; DISHNER, Wm. A.; DAVIS, J. G. R.; DYE, Silas W., Chas. M.; DOYLE, Albert; DICKERSON (Dickenson; Dickinson), Samll.; DISHNER, Edward T.; DYE, Creed F./// p. 1: DEADMORE, Jas. R.; DEATON, J. S.; DICKSON (See also, Dixon), Sarah (0); DAVIDSON, M. H.; DICKSON (Dixon), Jack (1); DEBOSE (Dubose), Collins (1); DAVIS, John (1); DORTON, Wesley (1); DUNN, L. M.; DEADMORE, David; DICKSON (Dixon), Marmion (1); DOSS, D. (R.?) H.; DEBOSE, Robose (Dubose?) (1); DIXON, Robert (1), Joseph (1); DISHNER, John; DIXON, Cal (1); DAVIS, Wm. G.; DIXON, Elbert H.; DISHNER, Wm.; DIXON, Edward; DENTON, Geo. W., Joshua E.; DIXON, Wm. T.; DUCKWILEY (Duckwilerl Dutwiler)), Chas (1); DAGGS (Digges?), John; DEBTOR (Detter?), Nicholas W.; DISHNER, John, Isaac E.; DISHMAN, Jas. C.; DEARY, Leton (Layton); DENTON, Newton W.; DELAP, James (1); DISHNER, Andrew K.; DENTON, Leander///

p. 19: ELLISON, Clarence (1); EAST, Jackson; ELKINS, Alfred H.; EDEN, Jno. P.; ESTEP (Eastep), Lander (Leander?) D.; EDWARDS, Jos. W.; ESTEP, James F.; EDMONSON, George; EADS (Eades), William, Melvin; EADS, Jno. W.; EWING, Robt. W.; ELLINGTON, Francis M.; EVERETT, J. H.; ESTEP, J. C.; ELLIOTT, O. B.; ECHOLS, E. T., John; EMMETT, E. S.; EDWARDS, Thomas; ENGLISH, John (1), Berry (1), Joe (1); EADS, Eli W., W. K.; ELLISON, Joseph (1); ELLIOTT, Alfred (1); ELLISON, John (1); ESTILL, Geo. (1) EPPES, John (1); ELAM, James H.; ELLIOTT, Dan (1); EATON, William; ESTEP, Jos. H., Robt. J.; ETTER, Martin; EVERSOLL, Leander; ETTER, Jno. P.///

p. 21: FARRIS, Johnson P. (only name on this page)/// p. 22: FLANNERY, Martin; FORTNER, Granville; FARIS (Farris), J. F.; FLOURNOY, W. H.; FILLINGER, W. H.; FICKLE, Jno. W.; FARLEY, J. D.; FLAIR, W. A. J.; FAIDLEY, E. B.; FULKERSON, A.; FLEENOR, Isaac G.; FERRIN (Foran), James; FLEENOR, Alfred P., Joel, Wm., John B., Adam B., Allen; FIELDS, Chas. B.; FOSTER, Alfred; FARIS, Edward F.; FULLEN, John; FIPPS (Phelps), Elijah; FULLER, Jno. W., Abram; FLEENOR, Moses L.; FICKLE, Reuben B.; FLEENOR, Zachariah J.; FOUST, Jacob H.; FLEENOR, Jno. L., Joseph; FICKLE, Ephraim; FLEENOR, Wm. P.; FOUST, Alfred P.; FULLEN, Hiram G.; FLEENOR, Lilburn A., Robert, Milton/// p. 23: FELTY, Russell; FLEENOR, M. C.; FELTY, Jno. H., Wm., Geo. L.(S.?); FEATHERS, Jackson; FLEENOR, Jacob Jr., Jno. S., Robert Jr.; FEATHERS, Jas. H.; FLEENOR, Elijah; FELTY, Jno. J.; FURGESON (Ferguson), Jacob (1), Wm. L. (1); FELTY, Malan (Mahlon); FLEENOR, Jas. N., Jasper S., Gilson M., Wm. G.; FULPS (Phelps), Greene; FLINCHAM, Thos. T.; FLEENOR, Elijah, Jacob Sr., Wm. H., son of Jacob, Newton W., Jeremiah, Jacob, William, son of Sampson, James M., Thos. W., Milton W., Thos. D. W., Robert, Jno. R., Ota H.; FRACTION, Moses (1), John (1); FUQUA, Thomas (1)/// FLETCHER, Andrew J.; FILLINGER, A.; FOWLER, I. C. (J. C.?); FINCH, C. E.; FLEENOR, Marion, David C., David; FITZGERALD, John; FOUSE, Geo. W.; FLEENOR, Saml. E.; FELTY, Wm. Jr.; FLEENOR, Arnold P., Daniel, Henry S.; FELTY, Wm. Sr.; FLEENOR, Jno. J., Wm. W., Rufus, Wm., David, Jno. H., Martin Z., Elmore H., Geo. W., Jas. H.; FIELDS, Geo. L.; FLEENOR, Preston, Andrew K., Abel G., Joe H.; FLEIET (Fleet?), J. B. B.; FULLN (Fullen), Jas. C.; FINDLAY, Miss C. L. 0, Thos. K.; FRENCH, Wm. A., J. L. M.; FIZER (Pfizer), Jos. E.; FIZRS (Pfizer?), Floyd S./// p. 25: FLIPPIN, Wm.; FIELDS, James, Geo. H.; FULLER, Thos. J.; FELTY, James, Mike, FARNSWORTH, Joseph S.; FIELDS, Ros; FLEENOR, Jasper, Oscar L.; FUGATE, Henley; FARRIS, Floyd; FLEENOR, Wm. S.; FLEENOR, Franklin P.; FELTY, Samuel H.; FINDLAY, Frank S.; FLEENOR, Robert R., Wm. W., Henry D.; FEREN (Foran), Martin L.; FERIN, Henry H.; FEREN, Isaac///

GALLIHER, A. S.; GORD, Mrs. H.; GALLOWAY, Samuel (1); GOADMN (Goodman), Jno. D.; GILLENWATERS, Elijah G.; GREGG, John G.; GIRTY, Edmond (1); GOODMAN, W. W.; GOBBLE, Elijah J.; GIBBONS, Thomas (1); GILLINWATERS (Gillenwater), Washington; GARDNER, Jno. W.; GOBBLE, Chas.; GOODMAN, Henry W.; GREEN, Richard (1); GOBBLE, Wm. C.; GRAY, Wm. H.; GILLINWATERS, Louisa; GARRETT, Laurence; GOBBLE, Archimides D.; GUESS, John; GILLINWATERS, Julius D.; GARETT, Geo. C., Henry S., Jno. R., Joseph L.; GOLD, Robert P.; GODSEY, Joseph P.; GRANT, David; GARRETT, Joshua; GILES, Benjamin L.; GOODMAN, Isaac; GRAHAM, James; GRAY, John C., Jno. F., Wm. M.; GANNAWAY, Nathan (1); GRAY, Jonathan S./// p. 27: GRAY, Robert H.; GOBBLE, Jno. G.; GANETT (Garett?), Peter J. (I.?); GILES, Isaac B.; GENTRY, Miles; GILMER, Wyndham R.; GARRETT, Mrs. Elizabeth; GOODMAN, John Jr.; GRAVES, Seten L.; GOLLIHON, Geo. W.; GOODMAN, James P.; GOLLIHON, James H.; GARRETT, Geo. A; GRUBB, Samuel; GOODPASTURE, John; GARRETT, Abram; GAMMON, George; GOODMAN, John Sr.; GRANT, William, Albert; GOBBLE, Wm. M.; GREEN, James M.; GRAHAM, Hugh; GOODE, Edmund, (1); GALLIHER, Henry; GARNES, Benjamin F.; GREEN, John L.; GLENN, Saml. S.; GALLIHER, Leander; GILES, Jessee F.; GARRETT, Thomas H.; GIBBONS, Henry C.; GILES, Joseph M., John F.; GRANT, Hugh M.; GRAVES, Thomas J.; GAMMON, A. A.; GOODMAN, Marshall D./// p. 28: GILLIAM, Wm. A., Jno. L.; GILLINWATERS, Geo. S.; GREENWAY, James C. & Co. 0; GOBBLE, Jeremiah, Dr. B. H., Jonathan, Wm.; GUMM, Baker; GILLENWATERS, Alex (1); GILL, Jno. W.; GANNAWAY, Seymour (1); GRIFFIN, Martha (0); GRAVES, W. P. (1); GINFFUR(?), William (1); GANETT, Itacia (0); GOODALL, Walker (1); GARY (Gany?), Geo. N.; GOLD, W. W.; GREGORY, W. J. (I.?), Jacob; GREGORY, Gus (1); GRAHAM, Wm. T.; GREENWAY, Jas. C. Admr. Mrs. M. C. GREENWAY 0, David C.; GILES, Peter (1); GAINES, Frank (1); GRIM, D. S.; GREEN, Henry (1), Frank (1); GRIM, D. S.; GREEN, Henry (1), Frank (1); GORDE, Wash (1); GREGORY, James; GRIFFIN, Robert (1); GILPIN, J. P.; GIBSON, Mrs. Eliza; GOLD, Dr. E. T.; GOBBLE, John Sr., John Jr./// GENTRY, James; GALLIHER, Henry; GRAY, Robert E.; GALLIHER, Leander; GILLINWATERS, David J.; GOODSON, Marshall D.; GARTH, Nimrod G.; GOODMAN, James B.; GRANT, John; GALLIHER, James; GRAY, Cornelius (1); GOILES (Goines; Goins?), Charles (1); GUINN, Wm. (1); GRAY, David A.; GOINGS (Goins), Isaac, Geo; GRUBB, Susan M.; GRAY, Thomas; GOBBLE, Stephen, Jno. J., Wm., Martin, Abram, James, John, Robert C.; GILDRSLEVE (Guildersleeve), B.; GOBBLE, David, Samuel Sr., Samuel C.; GARRETT, Houston; GRAVES, Thos. J.; GOODMAN, Wm. H.; GARRETT, Andrew J.///

p. 30: HEADRICK, Henry (1); HODGE, S. C.; HULSE (See also, Hulsey), W. P.; HARMELING, C.; HUDGINS (Hudgens), S. H. W., Wm. J.; HARTSOCK, James; HORNER, J. L., J. E.; HILLIARD, John; HARRISON, M. L.; HEARON (Herron), D. S.; HAMLET, R. T.; HELLEMSTUTLER (Helmenstutler), W. H. H.; HAMILTON, W. P.; HUGHES, Peter; HARNER, A. R.; HICKMAN, G. G.; HARRISON, A. J.; HASPER (Harper?), E. A. (1); HENDERSON, H. (1); HALL, George; HODGES, L. E.; HENDRICKS, Moses (1); HOWINGTON, Noel Jr.; HENSLEY, Andrew; HOOVER, Andrew; HAM (Hamm), Enoch J.; HUGHES, James E.; HILL, Joseph M.; HUGHES, James T.; HALE, Geo. W.; HARLEY, Alexander; HOBBS, Jefferson; HOSS, Samuel E.; HAYTON, John P.; HORN, Elbert S., Wm. H./// p. 31: HURT, Floyd B.; HOLT, Isaac; HOBBS, Elkanah; HAMILTON, Geo. W.; HOUSMAN, Jno. P.; HAYTON, Jno. M.; HELTON, Jno. E.; HITE, Nick; HOLLIDAY, Ransom; HARRIS, Harvey, Harvey W.; HUNTER, James C.; HENSLEY, Henry; HINES, Montefull S.; HARLEY, Alexander; HAMMETT, Geo. W.; HUNTER, Simon; HARTSOCK, Isaac; HAMER (Hammer; Hanner?), Alfred (1); HUTTON, Joseph L.; HARLEY, Wm. D.; HOBBS, Harrison Sr.; HOOVER, Isabel 1; HAYES, Robert; HOWARD, John (1); HILL, Garrett (1), Geo. B. (1); HOBBS, Isaac W.; HALEY, Benjamin F.; HOPKINS, Daniel (1); HARDEN, James G. (1); HAYNES, Jonathan G., Francis T.; HOBBS, Hugh L.; HALEY, Jno. C.; HARR, David W.; HAYES, D. B.; HARRIS, Isom (Isham)/// p. 32: HOLT, David; HYLER, Jno. G.; HAMILTON, W. H.; HANBY, James F.; HAYWORTH, Olinthers T.; HARR, Oliver, David, Jno. D.; HILLIARD, James T.; HOLLY, Henry C.; HARTSOCK, Chas. F.; HOBBS, Sheffey; HAGY, James H.; HARLAM, Jos. W. L.; HOBBS, Jerome; HUTTON, Wm. L.; HUNTER, Harvey (1); HAMILTON, Jno. R.(M.?), Robt. C.; HARLESS, William; HOBBS, Alfred; HALL, Wm. H.; HERAL (Herald; Herrell; Harold), Jos. H.; HELTON, Jno. E.; HOBBS, Henderson, Washington; HARTSOCK, Abram J.(I.?); HAWKINS, Pleasant; HILLARD, Robt. A.; HUGHES, Arch; HOBBS, Craig; HUGHES, Elbert; HAMILTON, Thos. (1); HALL, Ham C.; HORN, Abel J.; HENSLEY, James P., Geo. W., Joel B./// p. 33: HUNASUCKER (Hunsucker; Hansicher), Abram; HENSLEY, Wm. H.; HOOVER, Valentine; HARLOW, Elbert M.(?); HAMILTON, Saml. D.; HOLT, James H.; HORN, Mrs. Melvina; HARLOW, Jno. W., Robt. H.; HOBBS, Emmet; HOUSER, Alfred, Jessee; HENSLY, Lode; HUNSUCKER, James J.; HOCKETT, Andrew; HARLOW, John; HAWKINS, Thos. T.; HILL, Jno. R.; HAWKINS, Chas. M.; HARRISON, Jesse J.; HUGHES, Abel L.; HICKMAN, R. M.; HAMILTON, Jno. B.; HAGY, Jas. S. p.; HAGY, J. Alex; HAWKINS, Fred (1); HOUSTON, Archie (1); HONAKER, S. W.; HOOFNAGLE, T. P.; HONAKER, J. P.; HAYNES, Peter I.(J.?); HINES, Robert A.; HOWARD, Phillip (1); HAGY, Jno. A.; HARRIS, Charles; Henrize, Wm.; HURT, Saml. F.; HAZELMYER, H. W./// p. 34: HOUNSHALL, W. J.; HARRIS, Gilbert (1); HOOFNAGLE, Milt; HARDEN, Geo. (1); HOGUE, Richard; HUTTON, F. B.; HALE, F. P.; HARRIS, W.(K.?) H. (1); HUGHES, Chas. W.; HEIGHLY, David (1); HAGY, Aker; HONAKER, A. C.; HOLLIDAY, A. Q.; HAGY, Pleasant M.; HOWINGTON, Heiram; HORTENSTINE, Joel W.; HAWKINS, Wm.; HONAKER, Martin H.(K.?); HARLAN, no. E.; HESSE, Mrs. Elizabeth; HAMILTON, Brandon; HENDRICKS, Thos. P., Geo. W.; Holston Tobacco Co.; HOBBS, Harvey; HARLAN, Wm. H.; HEAD, Anthony; HOWINGTON, Wm. M.; HUMES, Frank A.; HICKCOCK, Chas. H.; HARRINGTON, Dan (1); HILLIARD, Joel; HARRIS, R. P.; HOPE, Peter J., Thomas A.; HARRINGTON, Edward (1), Alexander (1), Ephraim (1)/// p. 35: HARR, Jacob; HENSLEY, Wm. H.; HAYTON, Saml. J., Harvey L.; HUGHES, James H.; HUGH, Robert R.; HUGHES, Oliver H.; HARLOW, Charles; HILLIARDS, Thomas; HARRIS, Lilburn H.; HUGHES, Wm. K.; HAYTER, Gasper N.; HUGHES, Jno. L. B.; HINES, Thos. R.; HUFFMAN, Frank (1); HAMILTON, Harvey H.; HENSLEY, Jeremiah; HUDGINS, Saml.; HARRINGTON, Moses /// p. 36: HONAKER, S. N. (guardian) 0 (only name on page)///

p. 37: IRESON, Edward M. C., James L., Wm. D., L.; INGLE, Joseph, Jno. W., Anthony H.; IRESON, Charles, Wm. L., Absalom W., Absolom L., William; INGLE, Anthony Jr.; INGHAM (Ingram?; Ingerham?), Wm. B.///

p. 38: JONES, Peter; James, Wm. W. Sr., Wm. W. Jr., S. J.; JONES, G. W.; JORDAN, J. T.; JOHNSON, J. T. (1), Wm. (1), Sam (1); JETT, Jno. W.; JONES, Wm. R.; JONES, Peter M.; JORDAN, Axley C.; JOHNSON, Jno. H.; JONES, Wm. H.; JACKSON, James R., Joseph R.; JOHNSON, James D., Henry V., Thos. P.; JONES, Benjamin (1); JOHNSON, Wiley J. (1); JONES, Geo. W., Henry, Marshall M.; JACKSON, Levi J.; JOHNSON, Thomas (1), Peter (1); Alexander (1), Arther (1); Beverly; JESSUP, Columbus (1); JOHNSON, Habrand, Julius (1), Walter & Thomas 2; JACKSON, Wm. A.; JONES, Jno. D.; JOHNSON, Harry (1)/// p. 39: JOHNSON, Jacob H.; JONES, W. Wilson; JOHNSON, Flem (1), Bev (1); JACOBS, Samuel; JONES, Ed. T., D. A.; JACKSON, Mrs. S. S., S. A.; JOHNSON, Thos. C., Miss Polly; JONES, W. W.; JOHNSON, Floyd (1), Thomas (1); JAMISON, Wm., Mrs. E. A.; JONES, Chas. E., Jack; JEFFERSON, Nath (1); JOHANSON, William (1); JACKSON, John (1), Dam (1); JEFFERSON,, Henry (1); JOHNSON, Wm. R.; JENKINS, Calvin (1); JONES, J.(I.?) F.; JENKINS, Joel; JOHNSON, Chas. H., Isaac, Henry (1), Samuel (1), Phillip (1); JOINER, John; JACKSON, Andrew (1); JONES, Ned (1)///

p. 40: KAYLOR (See also, Caylor), Jno. W.; KENADY (Kennedy), Jeriel D; KISTNER (Kestner), Jno. P.; KELLY, Wm. B.; KAYLOR, Joel; KISTNER (Kestner), Isaac N.; KIZER (Kiser), John, 1; KENNADY, Sidner J.; KISTNER (Kestner), Wm. H.; KAYLOR, James W., Catherine, Hiram; KEYS, John; KINDRICK, Marion; KISTNER (Kestner), Lilburn H.; KINDRICK (See also, Kendrick), Henry M.; KLUG (Krug?), James A.; KELLER, Chas. F.; KING, Jonathan B.; KAYLOR, Jno. D.; KITCHEN, Jno. W. & Son, 2; KESEE (Kessee), Jno. R.; KENT, William; KATRON (Catron [Kettering]), John; KEITH, Wm. A., Thos. G., Geo. M.; KEYS, Saml. M.; KELIA (Kelly?), Benjamin; KAYLOR, Elisha W., Thomas; KISTNER (Kestner0, David H.; KREGER (also, Cregger), John G.; KINDRICK, Emmit B.; KELSEY, Drury; KNOTT, James H.; KISH, Daniel; KENNEDY, Wm. P./// p. 41: KETCHUM, Edward; KRIGGER, Michael; KELLER, J. B.; KIRBY, M. R.; KISTNER (Kestner), S. M.; KELLY, Mat; KILLINGER, P. G.; KEEBLER, V.; KAYLOR, Daniel; KETRON, Ausl. M., Elknah; KENNEDY, Elisha; KAYLOR, Joel C., Wm. M.; KINDRICK, Andrew L., Abram; KREGER, Reuben P.; KELLER, Geo., Martin H.; KUNTZ, Daniel G.; KELLER, Lemuel G.; KINDRICK, James; KAYLOR, Littleton P., Francis F.; KENNEDY, Mark J.; KERR (See also, Carr), Wm.; KENNEDY, Thos. W.; KESEE (Kessee), Christopher C., Lewis, Robert, Wm. F.; KISTNER (Kestner), Lilburn, Wm. Jr., Ira, Chas., Calvin, John; KAYLOR, Lafayette Mc./// p. 42 (blank)

p. 43: LAFLAND (Laughlin), Dorcas; LITTREL (Luttrell), Sylvester; LORD, J. C.; LANCASTER, Mrs. John; LITTRELL, Flem; LAYNE (See also, Lane), James D.; LEONARD, Walter; LOWRY (Lowrey), Alexander G.; LITTON, William; LEE, Restus; LATHAM, Moses H.; LYON, Jno. R.; LARGE, Amos; LANCASTER, Dr. Ed. R.; LEONARD, Andrew H., Joseph H., Dulany; LARGE, Isaac; LYNCH, Connally H.; LOWRY, Andrew C.; LEONARD, Robert, James, Mary, Jno. H., Isaac; LETHCO (Lethcoe), Wm.; LENARD (Leonard), Isaac B., Walter P., Zach T., James J.; LAYNE, Thomas; LATHAM, Edward; LITZ, David W.; LETHCO, Lindsey; LEWIS, Alfred P.; LOWRY, David : LAYME (Lane; Layne?), Wm. E.; LATHAM, Moses R./// p. 44: LATHAM, Sarah M.; LOWRY, David P., James K.; LEONARD, William, Jourdan; LYON, Zachariah; LATHAM, Edwd. A. C.; LESTER, Calvin T.; LATHAM, John C.; LOE (Lowe), Edward; LARGE, James, Wm. T.; LEONARD, Andrew, Jno. A., Floyd A.; LOVE, Thomas; LETHCO, Wm. J.; LEE, David O.; LUNSFORD, Wm. A., Emit; LEONARD, Andrew J.; LILLY, Hardy W., Jno. H.; LEONARD, Franklin; LINDER, Jeriel D.; LONG, Ellen, David; LEWIS, Charles (1); LEONARD, Jos. P.; LITZ, Walter, Wiley B.; LEWIS, Christopher A.; LEWIS, Carlos H.; LOWRY, John; LEWIS, Chas. H.; LEW (Lowe; Lewis; Lea? obscured), Jno. W.; LYON, Josiah; LEONARD, Peter H./// p. 45: LEONARD, Isaac, Frederick; LAYNE, Isaac; LEONARD, Edward S.; LANDRUM, Thos. W.; LOWRY, Jno. F.; LIVINGSTON, James (1); LITTRELL, Alfred; LINDER, Elijah G.; LYON, Stephen J., Wm. J.; LEONARD, Rufus S.; LAYNE, Philander J.; LARGE, Elkanah; LUCHINIA (Luchini), Martin; LITTRELL, Elias; LEONARD, Martin, Rev. Joseph; LEWIS, Robert G.; LEONARD, Jonathan, Robert; LUNSFORD, Alexander; LEONARD, Geo. W.; LONGLEY, John (1); LINDSEY, Mathew J.; LONGLEY, Aaron (1); LOGAN, Ben (1); LOWRY, W. G. G.; LOVE, John W.; LLOYD, Rev. Jno. J.; LOGAN, John (1); LITCHFIELD, Connally T.; LOVE, Sarah K. & Jno. W. 0; LANDRUM, Paul C.; LEWIS, John, Andrew L.; LARGE, Emmit; LILLY, Abram/// p. 46: LAMBERT, Allen; LIGGON, Winston (1); LYON, Jno. A.; LOE (Lowe), Samuel; LEONARD, David J., Wm., Peter, Isaac; LEGARD, Samuel P.; LITCHFIELD, Geo. V.; LINDSEY, Wm. G.; LEONARD, Jno. Jr, Sr. (as written), 1, Wm. A.; LILLY, Joel, Hardy; LYNCH, Mrs. Mary Est. 0; LOE (Lowe), Abram H.; LILLY, Chas; LARGE, Samuel; LEE, Henry; LOW, Andrew (1)///

p. 47: MINOR, Wm. D.; MILES, A. F.; MINOR, C. C.; MONTAGUE, Wade; MORRIS, James H.; MATTOX, Geo. H.; MILLARD, Y.; MORRISON, Ned (1); McNEIL, A. S.; MATTHEWS, Job; MADISON, Syrus (1); MILLER, Thomas (1); MATTOX, Ned (1); MORRISON, Edward (1); MARTIN, Charles (1); MURPHY, Tom (1); METCALF, Saml. R.; MORRIS, Geo. W.; MUSICK, Wm. Y. C.; MURPHY, Geo. (1); MATNEY, R. S. (1); McMILLAN, A. (1); McCLANAHAN, R. W.; MERGMAN, J. H.; MILLER, William; MACK, Henry (1); McGUIRE, David; MORT, Edwd. W.; MANN, William; MATTOX, Saml. B.; MEED (Meade), Henry M.; McGUIN (McGuire?), Uriah W.; MOORE, Elbert; McCRACKEN, Isom A.; MOSS, Tobias A. (1); McCRAY, Chas.; McCHESNEY, Lee M.; MITCHELL, W. R./// p. 48: MILLER, Felix G.; MOORE, Abram; MURRY, Ephraim G.; MONGLE, James F.; MOORE, Isaac; MORRIS, Wm. H.; MINNICK, Jno. C., Jacob; MILLER, James M.; MOORE, Wm. H.; METCALF, Orrick A.; MASSINGILL, Richard H.; MARTIN, Wyndham R.; MALONE, Delany; MILLER, Glen M.; MALONE, Abram B.; MUMPOWER, Elosen L.; MOORE, Isaac B., Henderson F., Thomas; McCHESNEY, Samuel J.; MOSS, Washington; MUMPOWER, Abram; McCLELLAND, Jno. P.; MULLIN, John; McCRADY (McCready), Winfield; MOORE, Edmond (1); MUMPOWER, Elosen Jr.; MOOREFIELD, Jurenil M.; MONTGOMERY, R. P.; McCHESNEY, Thomas J.; McHAFFEY (Mahaffey), Jas. G.; McGUIRE, Oliver D.; McCROSKEY, Chas. F.; MEEKS (Meek), Jno. W.; MILLER, Jno. M., Jessee, T. C., Geo. H./// p. 49: McCHESNEY, Thomas G.; MINNICK, David K.; McCHESNEY, Wm. L.; McCLELLAND, Jacob H.; MARLEY, Geo.; McCROSKY, Robt. C.; MOBLEY, Wm. W.; MINNICK, Benj. A., Franklin; McCHESNEY, Jefferson B.; McCHESNEY, Eliza. C.; McDANIEL, Jos. A.; McMINNICK (prob.. Minnick), Andrew J.; MINNICK, Walter J., Leander J.; MOORE, John E.; McGEE, James; MOCK, Milton F.; McCONNELL, A. A.; McGEE, Wm. H.; MEHAFFEY (Mahaffey; McHaffey), E. C.; McCONNELL, Geo. W.; McCAULEY, James L.; McCROSKY, Wm. M.; MOORE, James; MUMPOWER, Phillip S., Wm. H.; MALCOM, Isaac B.; MARTON (Martin), Stephen S.; MOORE, Wm. M.; MONTGOMERY, Chas.; MAYS, Wm. P.; MUMPOWER, Isaac B.; McCROSKY, Jno. B., Washington; McCRACKEN, Thos. J.; MOORE, Sarah (no marks); MILLER, Emmett E./// p. 50: MILLER, Andrew J.; MOOREFIELD, Wm. F.; MITCHEL, Hardy; MOOREFIELD, Stephen C.; MUSICK, Jno. H., Robt.. L.; MANTZ, Perry G.; MONGLE, Mrs. Frances A., Col. Abram; McCRACKEN, Jno. D.; MYERS, Jerry M.; MORRIS, Charles; McCHAIN, Mrs. Jane; McCONNELL, Thomas G.; McDANIEL, Geo. R., Jno. A.; MILLARD, Hugh M.; McCAUL, Thomas; McGOLDRICK, Thomas; McCONNELL, Abram; MITCHEL, Jno. M.; MILLARD, John; MONROE, Robt. (1); McCABE, Penn (1); MOORE, Wm. C.; McGUIRE, Robt. W.; MEED (Meade), Jno. E.; MOORE, Samuel; MILES, Jno. J.; MOORE, Frank Jr.; MATNEY, David; MILLER, David W., Henry H., John, Jessee Jr.; MITCHEL, Mrs. E. F.; MONGLE, Jerry B.; McCRACKEN, Jessee/// p. 51: MUMPOWER, David; McCROSKY, James M.; MABE, Calvin; MOORE, Richard H.; MAYO, Flemming; MOORE, Floyd; MYERS, James; MADISON, D. P. (1); MILLER, G. G.; MUSSELWHITE, Jas. M.; McCLANAHAN, Stuart (1); MOSES, Mitchell (1); MYLER, John H.; McLAVY, A.; MOELICK (Morlick?), J. R. Mc. D.; McCLANAHAN, Winston (1); MORRISON, B. P.; MOORE, Wyndham (1); MUSSER (Mercer), W. H., David; McCARMICK (McCormack), Geo. H.; McREYNOLDS, Jno. (1); McCLANAHAN, Allen (1), Washington Jr. (1); MOORE, Frank (1), Madison; McCLANAHAN, Washington Sr. (1); MORRISON, Gilbert (1); MILLARD, Alfred, Jonathan F.; MAYS, John; MARKS, Jaspar; McLIN (McLean?), Margaret; McCAUL (Mccall), Robert L., Samuel; McCONNELL, Wm. T.; MINNICK, Jno. W.; McCOLLUM, W. W./// p. 52: MILLER, Wm. M.; McCAULEY, Leander M., Francis F.; MONTGOMERY, David K.; MINNICK, Wm. L.; MORGAN, Wm., James; MITCHELL, Wm. H.; MOORE, John son of Frank, James; MONTGOMERY, Wm. Exempt; MOORE, John son of Joseph, Joseph, Isaac; MYARS (See also, Myers), James H.; MUMPOWER, Saml. P.; McCRAY, Rufus; MALONE, Geo. W.; MORGAN, Isaac L.; MORTON, Daniel D.; McCAULEY, Thos. F.; MOORE, Robt. E.; MATHERLY, Iam (Ian?) J.; MUMPOWER, James; McGUIRE, Gabriel, Isaac, Geo., Josiah; MURRY, Geo. W., Jno.; MAIDEN, Geo. W.; MOORE, Richard H. Jr.; MARKHUM (Markham; Marcum), Wm. B.; MINNICK, Geo. W.; MILLIARD, Jno. P.; MUSICK, Jas. R.; MINNICK, Wm.; MORRIS, Martin/// p. 53: MARTIN, Dr. Jas. T.; MITCHEL, Michail, Levi; MINNICK, Peter W.; MOORE, Joseph E.; MITCHEL, Wesley; MORRISON, Jno. A.; McFADDEN, Geo. W., Francis; MOORE, Miles (1); McCRACKIN, Jno. H.; MABE, Samuel; MARTIN, Wm. F.///

p. 54: NEWLY, Alexander Sr.; NEEL, L. R.; NEWMAN, John; NUTTY, David T. & mother 1; NEAL, Joseph R.; NUCKELS (Nichols), Joseph R.; NUNLY (Nunley), James H.; NEWTON, Willis I. (J.?); NUNLY, Chas. A.; N NASH, John; NEWMAN, Jas. T.; NECESSARY, Wm. H.; NICELY (Knicely), Samuel; NUCKOLLS, Eugene G., Richard Esq., Richard F.; NARLES, Jacob J. (1); NUTTY, Sidney W.; NORRIS, William; NEFF, W. H. W.; NICKOLS & WOOD 0; NEWTON, Wroley E.; NICKOLS (Nichols), Chas. W.; NECESSARY, Jas. S.(? obscured); NEWTON, Thomas J.; NECESSARY, Thomas J., Thomas J. (as written), Harvey G.; NEWTIN (Nowtin? Newton?), Joe (1); NICK, Frank (1); NIDERMAIER (Neidermeyer), L. J.; NEWTON, Jordan (1); NICKELS, Samuel; NAFF (Neff; Naeff), John E.; NUNLY, Aixder Jr.; NICHOLAS, R. H.; NUNLY, John W., John, Anderson/// p. 55: NUNLY, Chas. R., Sarah C.; NOWLIN, George (1), Isaac (1)

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p. 56: PURDY, Geo.; PEPPER, J. H.; PILE, Robert; PEPER (Pepper), R. E.; POWERS, John, James; PIERSON, Ballard (1); PRICE, Fleournoy, Elisha F., Robt. N.; PETERS, Lewis (1); PARKER, Whitfield; PIERSON, Bird (1); PHILLIPS, John; PIPPIN, Willis J.; PIERSON, George (1); PIPPIN, Clark E., Jno. C., Robt. P., Ben. E., Elbert H.; PURNER, Jno. C.; PIPPIN, Thomas, Robert Jr., Wm. M., Jno. H.; PITTS, Arthur, John; PIPPIN, Chas. C., Campbell B.; PERRY, John (1); PERRAGIN, Alfred, Jno. R.; PIPPIN, James C., Benjamin; PHILLIPS, William; PHIPPS, Elijah; PERRAGIN, Edmond/// p. 57: PERRAGIN, Melvin; PIPPIN, James; PETERS, Martin L., Adam; PRUITT, Samuel; PARRIS, Alexander, Geo. M.; PEMBERTON, Ben. F., Wm. B.; PARKS, David, D. J.; POORE, James; PHIPPS, Leander; PARKER, Walter F.; PRESTON, Samuel F., Francis; PRICE, Drury; PEPPER, A. P., Jno. A.; POPE, James B. H. (1); PRICE, Joseph S.; PAUL, David, Doc L.; PRICE, Benjamin W.; PATRICK, David; POWERS, Peter, Joseph; PURKEY, Wm. C.; PHILLIPS, Christopher E.; PRESTON, James B., Miss Jennie F.; PRATER, William; PUCKETT, Wm. M.; POPE, Buck (1); PRATER, Henry C.; PRESTON, Robt. F. Jr.; PHIPPS, Isaac; PAGE, David (1)/// p. 58: PHIPPS, Dr. W. M.; PHELPS, Jno. P.; PRESTON, Robert F., James T.; PATE, Charles; PRICE, Geo. W.; PIERSON, Albut (1); PIPPIN, Patton; PAGE, James; PRIVETT, Chester B.; PRICE, James W.; PIPPIN, Joseph; POOLE, Menniter; PAULIN, J. W.; PAGE, William; PARKER, Isaac (1); PERRY, William (1); POWERS, Harveys (1); PRESTON, Mrs. Kate, Dr. R. J.; PERRY, Adam (1); PAGE, R. M.; PRESTON, Tom (1), H. S.; PRICE, James T.; PENN, Geo. E.; PERRY, Jupiter (1); PAGE, Henry (1); PRESTON, Walter G.; PICKEN, Arch J.; PATTON, M. T.; PRICE, Ota H.; PIPPIN, Robert C.; PIPPIN, Solomon, Isaac N.; PHILLIPS, Meredith; PIPPIN, Charles; PETTYJOHN, Geo. W./// p. 59: PHILLIPS, Robeson G.; PILE, John; PARROTT, Rufus M.; PRICE, Wm. F.; POOLE, Harrison; POWERS, Jno. B., David A.; PATRICK, James H.; PHELPS, Newton K., Martin S., James; PRICE, Geo. C., Thos. C.; PHELPS, Mrs. Melinda (no marks); PIPPIN, Robt. C.; PHELPS, John, Wm. R.; POLK, Eldridge (1); PERRAGIN, Henry; PRESTON, Henry (Sr.), Henry (Jr.), Dr. Jno. C.; PRICE, Daniel E.; PHIPPS, Ambrose///

p. 60: QUESSENBERRY, Jno., Lewis; QURILS (Quales?), John

RHEA, Robert L.; RUSH, Jerry; RINGLEY, Abram, Jeriel D. Est., 0; RUTTER, Stephen; RHEA, Louisa M.; RINGLEY, James C.; RUTTER, Ezekiel; RUTHERFORD, Joseph; RAMSEY, Ben P.; ROBERTS, John; RUST, Geo. W.; ROUSE, James; ROBINSON, Joseph C.; RODEFER, Ed. C.; RUST, Valentine, Isaac, Daniel; RECTOR, Geo. W.; REVIS, Jno. P.; ROBERTS, Geo., Jno. W.; ROUSE, James H.; ROGERS, Jno. K., Thursy; RUSH, Jno. W./// p. 61: ROGAN, S. H.; ROHR, Rev. Phillip; ROGAN, Jno. W.; ROBERTS, Wm. Y.; ROBERTSON, E. S.; RIAN (Ryan), Wm.; RUSH, Mrs. M.; ROBERTSON, Caleb (1); RICE, Jno. D.; RODEFER, Emanuel, James D.; RHEA, Hon. W. F.; ROSS, Isaac (1); ROPP, David P.; RUST, David Jr., Emmit, Jerry C., Jno. C., Andrew J., James, John C.; ROVIAN, Geo. (1); RUSH, Emmet B., Robt. W.; ROSENBALM, Joseph; ROBERTS, James; ROSENBALM, Henderson; RICHARDS, Andrew, Amos Sr.; RADER, Wm. A.; ROSS, Israel (1); RUTHERFORD, Geo. S.; ROBERTS, Saml. J., Wm. E.; ROMINE (Remine), Andrew J.; ROBERTS, Henry; RUSH, Geo. D.; ROBERTS, Henry B.///p. 62 ROGERS, Charles (1), Elijah (1); ROSENBALM, John; RAMSEY, Lander; RIDGEWAY, Absalom, Jno. B.; RUSH, David C.; RUST, Jeremiah; ROUSE, Geo. W.; RINGLEY, Aden C.; RUST, William; RACHEL, Henry A.; RICE, Oscar A.; REYNOLDS, Ira; RINGLEY, Elert J.; RUMLEY, Geo. W.; RADER, Wm.; ROSENBALM, Jno. W., James, Jas. H.; RINGLEY, David J.; ROUSE, Jno. C.; RINGLEY, Jno. M./// p. 63: ROONEY, James; ROBINSON, Lewis (1); RODEFER, Jacob; ROE, David; ROBINSON, John (1); ROSE, Lewis W.; RODEFER, J. B.; ROBINSON, Marshall (1); ROBERTSON, Frank S.; RUST, Henry; ROBERTSON, Wyndham; REPASS, Robert; RUTHERFORD, Joseph; RITTER, Geo.; ROCK, Rashel J.; RHEA, Edwin R.; ROE, Elisha; RATCLIFF, James A.; ROBERTS, Milton W.; RICHARDS, Amos Jr.; RACHELS, James J.; RUTHERFORD, Mrs. Jane; RAINWATER, D. P.; ROBRTS (as written; Roberts), Alexander; RICHARDS, William; ROBERSON (Robinson), Wm. F.; REUBLE (Ruble), Thomas; ROADMAN, R. S.; ROSE, J. M.; REPASS, Jos. W., S. M.; REYNOLDS, Wm.; ROBINSON, H. C.; ROYSTER, Morten (1); ROSS, Alexander; RUTHERFORD, Robt. A.; RYBURN, Wm. J.///

p. 64: STATZER, Martin; SMITH, Robert V.; STARKS, Wm.; STEVENS, Wm. J. E.; SHELTON, Jacob, Wm. (1); STEVENS, Amos W.; SLAGLE, Geo.; SORAH (Sometimes written, Zora; Zorah), John; SMITH, Moses B.; SHARRETT, Robt. W., Conrad; SPROLES, Wm. W.; SHAFFER, Thos. J.; SOURBEER, Isaac E.; SENTER, Wm. J.; SAUL, Wm. D.; STUART, Thomas, Exempt; SHEFFEY, Chas. M.; SHARITZ (Sharritz), Guy; STAMPER, Wm. D.; STUMP, Granville, Wesley C.; STATZER, John Q.; STONE, James M.; SHARP,. Benj. F.; SPROLES, Chas. B.; SINGLETON, Henry I. (J.?); SMITH, James C.; STOUT, Samuel; SPROLES, Wm. J.; SORAH, Henry F.; SPEARS, Thomas J.; SAUL, S. L.; SMITH, J. L. C.; SHEA, Joseph; SHARRETT, Andrew J.; SHOEMAKER, Wm. D./// p. 65: SHELBY, Thomas; SHARF, C. B.; SNAPP, Wm. B.; SIMMONS, Ham (1); SAWYERS, Nelson (1); SHOEMAKER, Lewis (1); SIMMONS, John (1), Romulous (1); SMITH, John (1); SENEKER, Elijah H.; SMITH, Alvin (1); SHANKS, Geo. (1); SAWYERS, Nathan; SWEET, T. E. A.; SHOUSE, Frederick L.; SINGLETON, Bev. R.; STATZER, Abram; SPROLES, Peter J.; SCOTT, Thomas; SPROLES, Andrew J.; SMETSER (Smeltzer), Nelson; STEGALL, Alfred J.; SHARRATT, Benjamin, John H.; SPOON, Wm. D.; STOUT, Jno. A.; SCOTT, Solomon; STOUT, J. G. R., James W.; SOUTH, David C.; SHARRATT, James E.; SULLIVAN, Jno. W.; SIMPSON, Chesley W./// p. 66: SIMPSON, Valentine; SHEFFEY, Robert F.; STEEL, Henry F.; SMITH, Geo. P.; SUTTON, Jno. F.; SMITH, James; SHEFFEY, Jas. D. C.; SCOTT, James M.; SISK, Wm.; STOUT, Wm. B.; STONE, Lee L.; STOUT, Alfred A.; STEEL, David M.; SAUL, John; SHAFER (Shaeffer; Shaffer), John; SHOWALTER, Geo. W.; SHAFER, Zachariah, Jessee J.; SMITH, John A.; SOURBEER, Arthur J.; SHANKLE, Jno. M. Jr.; SHUFFLEBARGER, John; SHAFFER, Wesley, Thomas; SHUFFLEBARGER, Wm.; SHETTERS (Shutters), Ambrose; STAGLE, James C.; SWINNEY, Thomas; SPROLES, Joseph; SPOON, Cyrus; SCOTT, Wm. H., Humberson L./// p. 67: SCOTT, Geo., John H.; SEXTON, Ephraim G.; SHARRATT (Sharritts [Sharitz]), Wm. R.; SHAFFER, Wm. L.; SAWYERS, Frank; SHETTERS (Shutters), John; SAUL, Joseph; SHARITZ, Joseph; STROM, Henry M.; SPURGEON, Bruce D.; SELLS, Wm. W.; SCOTT, Jacob (1); SMITH, Jno. W.; SMITH, Joseph; SCOTT, Winfield & D. R. J. PRESTON 1, James L.; SIPHUS (Cephus), Jno. R.; SIMONS, W. H.; SHARRAW (Sharritz?), P.; SMITH, David; SPROLES, Moses L.; SMITH, Franklin, Wm. J.; SHILLING, Riley; SPAHR, Jno. R.; SHUFFLE, Ed C.; SPROLES, Joseph R.; SHUFFLEBARGER, Jno. A.; SHAFFER, Daniel; SPAHR, Isaac J., E. C./// p. 68: SPAHR, Thos. J., Geo. W., Millard F., Mrs. Polly; STATTON, Henry M.; SHEPARD (Shephard), Patrick H.; SHOUSE, Isaac L.; SMITH, Aaron (1); SHELLY, Adam, Jno. C.; SHANKLE, Wm. K., Ann; SPROLES, Elbert; STATZER, Isaac F.; SHEPLEY, Ambrose; SPROLES, Jno. M., Samuell, Harrison; SUSONG, Jas. B., Malon; SYPHERS (Scyphers), Jno. P.; SUSONG, Jacob H.; STOUT, David; STEVENS, Russell B.; STEVENS, Elbert; SAUL, Thomas H.; SHAFFER, Wm. J. G. M.; STEVENS, Jonathan L., Leander C.; SHAVER, Sylvester; SHIPLEY, Ambrose; SMITH, Jno S.; SCOTT, Jno. W.; SALOMON (Solomon?), Mrs. Martha M.; STEVENS, Andrew A., John; SHARRATT, John, Abram G./// p. 69: SANDOE, D. P.; SMITH, W. F.; SANDOE, W. M. G.; Joseph B., Jno. K.; SHEAFF (Shuff?), W. R.; SAUNDERS, Mike (1); SAUL, Lacey (1); SCOTT, Lardy (1); SIMPSON, Henry (1); SINGLETON, Richard (); SMITH, Francis; SCOTT, N. H.; SMITH, John (1); SCOTT, S. L.; SMITH, Peter (1); STANLY, D. W., E. L.; SANDOE, Geo.; SCOTT, Marmion (1); SOUTH, David; SMITH, F. A. Albert (1), D. F.; SINGLETON, Peter (1); SHEAFF, John; SMITH, Chas. H.; STOUT, Geo. W.; SLAUGHTER, Jas. L.; SPROLES, Jacob; STROUP, Jno. C., Theophilus C.; STOUT, Thos. J.; SIMMONS, Augustis (1); SPROLES Thomas B., James I. (J.?), William, Noah/// p. 70: SPROLES, Francis; SHAFFER, Wm. W.; SNODGRASS, Wm. L.; SPROLES, Elisha C.; SORAH, James O., Francis C. Ml; SHANKLE, Geo. L.; STROUP, Jas. E.; SUSONG, Jackson (1); SMITH, James (1); SCOTT, Samuel (1); SMITH, Barnet (1); STERIT (Sterritt), Wm. D.; SLAUGHTER, Geo. W.; SWINK, Peter; SAUNDERS, Morris (1); SMITH, Wm. V., Jos. R.; STROU (Strow?), Joseph; SMILEY, David; STRATTON, James; SCOTT, John J. Ser., Jas. F. L. C.; SLAUGHTER, Jno. J.; SHERMAN, Leroy S.; SLAUGHTER, Baker D.; SEXTON, Jno. M., Ephraim; SISK, Albut; SNODGRASS, Lilburn H.; SINGLETON, Wm.; SIMMONS, Robert A.; STANFIELD, Jas. W.; SCOTT, Jessee F.; SPROLES, Saml. P. son of Noah; SHUPE, David F., Andrew/// p. 71: STONE, Daniel T.; SULLIVAN, Wm.; STUFFLE (Stophel), Isaac E.; STUART, Rev. S. D.; STEWART, Jackson; SULLINS, David; SMITH, Robert; STICKLEY, Jas. H.; SHELL, Geo. W.; SCOTT, J. J. Junr., Martin, Geo. W.; SMITH, Francis M.; SHEPARD, James A.; STICKLEY, W. T.(?); STARKS, Wm. D.; SCYPHERS, Aaron, Amos J., Jno. T.; SPROLES, Solomon; SAMPLES, Rev. Wm.; SEXTON, Dow; SHEFFEY, Dr. E. N.; SOUTH, William; SPROLES, Joseph (1); SHEFFEY, Henry L.; SNOW, Ingham & Co. 0; SAWYERS, Francis (1); SHUPE, Floyd; SPROLES, Sarah; SNOW, Albert J.///

p. 72: TERRY, Jno. F.; TAYLOR, Wm. M.; TRAMMELL, Jams (as written) M.; TAYLOR, Henry P.; TEMPLIN, J. B.; TRAMMELL, Wm. H.; TATE, Austin B.; TRIGG, Joseph C.; TRAMMELL, Wm. G.; TINDLE, James; THAYRE (Thayer), Andrew J.; TATE, Drury; TRANBARGER, David; TURNER, Joseph; THOMAS, James P.; TRIGG, Charles (1); THAYRE, Thomas; TRIGG, Alexander F.; TRIGG, George (1); TEETER, Jno. M.; THOMAS, George J.; TATE, Kennady J.; TALBERT, Geo. W.; THAYER, Thompson M.; TALBOTT (Talbert; Tolbert), Jno. H.; THOMAS, William (1); TATE, John; TATE, Freeman W.; THOMAS, Jno. W.; TATE, Jno. C., Jno. R., Newton; THOMAS, Lewis R., Joseph; TORIAN, Albert; TURNER, Robert, Zachariah, Hezekiah/// p. 73: THOMAS, Geo. E.; TAYLOR, Miss Sarah; TRIGG, J. E. C.; THURSTEN (Thurston), N. B.; TRIGG, Lilburn; THOMAS, Andrew, Houston (1); TURK, Ailsey (0); TRENT, William (1); TURNER, Joseph (1); TAYLOR, Geo. E., Lilburn (1); THOMAS, D. G.; TRIGG, Byrd, James Jr. (1); TRIGG, T. P.; THOMASON, J. O.; TAYLER, James Sr. (1); TAYLOR, Ned (1); TILLISON (Tilson), James K.; TURNER, John (1); TILLISON, John; TATE, Spencer W.; TRIGG, Daniel; TOWNSEND, Wm. H.; TODD, Isaac N.; TIPTON, Wm. M., James M.; TRIGG, Thos. K.; TATE, Francis; TAYLOR, Jeriel D.; TALBERT, Austin; TRAMMELL, Wm. D.; THOMAS, Robert, John; TALBERT, Rode; TAYLOR, Edgar G.; THOMAS, Charles/// p. 74: TRIGG, Conley F.; TAYLOR, Saml. P.///

p. 75: VAUGHN, Thomas (1); VANCE, James; VANHOOK, Howard W.; VEST, Berry W.; VANCE, Peter H.; VANHOOK, Chas. T.; VICKERS, Jno. G.; VANCE, Nicholas J.

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RECAPITULATION: 1017 White males 21 and over; 175 Colored males 21 and over; 968 Horses, Mules, etc.; 1815 Cattle; 1677 Sheep; 1662 Hogs; 227 Pleasure Carriages, etc.