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Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List — 1868


John D. Blackwell, Assessor of Saltville Township swore that he had fulfilled his duties on 02 Sep 1874.

Jack Hockett: 01 Jan 2005 Final

The 1860 census of WCV appears to be rather complete; not so with at least the NE portion of the county for the 1870 census. I have transcribed quickly (Please be sure to consult the original or a film thereof to make your own judgments. There are a few names in this list which I know need further study.), but I hope it, along with the transcribed 1862 PPTL Upper District, WCV, between the 1860c and 1870c of the Upper District of Washington County Virginia.

Key: No. white males above 21 (if no listing, then assume 1); No. male Negroes above age 21 (parentheses)

ARNETT, James F. (Fletcher); ARNETT, James F. Jr.; ALMANY, James M.; ALMANY, Valentine; ARDEN, Abram; ANDERSON, Richard, (1) In the Cove; ABEL, Joseph; ASTROP (Aistrop), A. J. (Andrew Jackson); ALDERSON, Geo. W.; ABEL, Alexander; ASBERRY (Asbury), W. L.(G.?); ASBERY (Asbury), L. D. (Lorenzo Dow); ALLISON, Wm. W.; ASBERRY (Asbury), Mansfield; ALLISON, Samuel D.; ALLISON, Robt. C.; ALLISON, James, (1); ALLISON, John B.; ARNETT, Wm. L.; AYRES, John P. (Preston); AUSTON (Austin), James, (1); ALLISON, Joseph & Israil (Israel), 2; AUTHENREATH, Lewis, 2; ADAMS, David, (1); ALDERSON, Charles; ALDERSON, Christopher; ANDERSON, Thomas, (1); ANDERSON, Wesley; ANDERSON, Philip; ANDERSON, Jos. J.; ABEL, Valentine; ARNOLD, Melvin S.; AKERS, Oscar; ADKINS, James; ASTON, Augustus W.

BROADY, Charles, (1); BROADY, John (1); BERRY, David F.; BUSKELL, James; BLACK, Wm. D. W.; BERRY, Thos. B.; BOWMAN, Samuel; BAILEY, Benjamin C.; BIRD, David, (1); BOOTH, James; BENNETT, Daniel; BARNETT, Wm.; BARBROU (Barbrow; Barbreaux), Eli; BROWN, Ruben, (1); BRANCH, Peter J.; BOYD, Perry; BAUGH, Wm.; BEATTIE, J. N.; BLACKWELL, Josep(h) D.; BRAUDY, David; BRAUDY (Broady), Joseph; BEATTIE, Robt, 0; BRAUDY (Broady), John (at Jos.); BRAUDY (Broady), James S.; BLACKWELL, Wm.; BUNCH, David, (1); BEVERLY, Alvin, (1); BLACKWELL, Leonidas; BAILEY, Robt; BOLLS (Boles; Bowles), Geo. W.; BUCHANAN, Nancy L., 0; BLACKARD, Charles; BOYD, Charles, (1); BUCHANAN, James S.; BROWN, Charles, (1); BAYLOR, E. R.; BLACK, R. N.; BOWERS, Alexander, (1); BUCHANAN, B. K.; BOANSON (Branson?), Moses; BURK, Wm.; BROWN, Wm., (1); BRANCH, Jacob, (1); BLACKWELL, Matthew R.; BURNES, John; BLACKWELL, George; BUCHANAN, Wm. (of B. K.); BONDURANT, J. J.; BILL, Phillip; BUCHANAN, Matthew & Brothers, 3; BEATTIE, Absolem; BEATTIE, Robt. F.; BEATTIE, Madison, 2; BLACK, Miles, (1); BUCHANAN, Randolph; BUTLER, July, (1); BUCHANAN, John L.; BROOK, Charles C.; BRAUDY (Broady), Moses, (1); BRAUDY (Broady), Daniel, (1); BUCHANAN, James A.; BUCHANAN, John A.; BLAIR, Robt. L.; BOWERS, Phillip; BAILEY, James A.; BUCHANAN, Andrew C.; BISHOP, John J.; BROWN, Charles, (1); BROWN, B. F.; BYARS, A. H.; BUCHANAN, M. H.; BARROW, Wm. M.; BARROW, A. F.; BARROW, John A.; BLEVENS (Blevins), James K. P.; BEATTIE, Elizabeth, 0; BUCHANAN, Mary A. G., 0; BENTLEY, Wm. F., 2; BERRY, Alexander R.; BRYAN, Missouri, 0; BUCHANAN, John D.; BUCHANAN, David H.; BRAUDY (Broady), Thomas, (1); BRYAN, J. D.; BROWN, John; BROOKS, Solomon; BRYAN, Landen C.; BRYAN, John W.; BROWN, N. T.; BRYAN, Robt. C.; BARKER, John; BROWN, Jackson, (1); BUTLER, Wilcher; BROWNING & ASTON; BROWNING, Jessee; BISHOP, B. W. S.; BYARS, Wm. B. Snr., 2; BLOOMER, Richard, (1); BEVERLY, Calvin, (1); BRIGHT, John, (1); BARLOW, Joseph; BARLOW, Andrew J.; BARBERY, Smittick; BARBERY, P. J.; BROWN, Henry, (1); BYARS, Wm. B. Jr.; BYARS, John B.; BYARS, H. C.; BLEVENS (Blevins), Jessee; BLEVENS, Wm. B.; BLEVENS, Eli; BLEVENS, John; BLEVENS, Jonathin; BUCHANAN, Rosanna, 0; BUCHANAN, Wm. R.; BIRD, Josiah; BUCHANAN, Phillip; BUCHANAN, James E.; BUCHANAN, Nancy M., 0; BRANCH, Robert, (1); BUCHANAN, Columbus; BUCHANAN, Wm. H.; BETTS, Wm. H.; BYARS, James M.; BERRY, Thos. T.; BUMGARDNER, Adison; BRANCH, Madison, (1); BROWN, John Snr.; BEATTIE, Washington; BISHOP, Siberias; BUTT, Wm. A.; BROWN, Alexander; BISHOP, Rachel, 0; BARBERY, Quinby; BARBERY, James H.; BISHOP, Madison; BENHAM, Isaac M.; BLANKENBUCKLER (Blankenbeckler), John E., 3; BOTTLES, John Snr.; BOTTLES, John Jr.; BILL (Bell?), Richard, (1); BLACK, Campbell, (1); BLACK, James, (1); BRANCH, Andrew, (1); BEATTIE, John, (1)

CAULDWELL (Caldwell), John L.; CAMPBELL, R. L. C.; CARTER, Thomas, (1); CAMPBELL, Mrs. Ann & D. A. P., 1; CAMPBELL, John W.; COUNTS, James M.; COUNTS, Jacob F.; CHAPMAN, Andrew; CHAPMAN, James; COUCH, David; CAMPBELL, Faroline E., 0; CLEMENS, Craven; CAMPBELL, Hugh M.; CURNOW, Richard; CLARK, David; COLLEY, C. M.; COX, Susan T.; COLLEY, Jno. Jr.; CHURCH, Isaac; COLLEY, John Snr.; CROSSWHITE, Robt.; CARTER, Nathin, (1); CURTIS, Benjamin W.; COOK, J. F.; COOK, John; CAYWOOD (Cawood), Helen, 0; CAYWOOD, John; CRABTREE, Joseph; CAYWOOD, Stephen T.; CHURCH, John; CAYWOOD, Stephen W.; COUNTS, John; CLARK, Thomas, (1); CARTER, Samuel, (1); CALAHAM, Jessee; CLARK, Robt., (1); CAMPBELL, Collin, (1); CLARK, Robt. (of Robt.); COUNTS, Linick; COUNTS, John; CASEY, James; CASEY, Samuel (of James); COUNTS, Thomas; CHILDERS, James J.(I.?); CROSSWHITE, Golden; CARPENTER, Andrew; CARPENTER, Jorden; COLLENS (Collins), Wm. E.; COLLINS, David A.; COLLINS, James K., 0; CARTER, Thomas, (1); CLARK, M. R.; COUNTISS, Peter; CLARK, David B.; CLARK, Mary, 0; CLARK, John J. W.; CLEMENS, Alfred; CLARK, James A. (of Robt.); COOK, John T.; COOK, A. F.; CAULDWELL (Caldwell), Wm. S.; COSBY, Rev. L. F.; CUMMINGS, Wm., (1); CONEVEY (Conway?), Mrs. R. E., 0; COWAN, Isaac; CATRON (Ketron; Kettering), Wm. R.; CLARK, Jonathin H.; CLARK, Samuel of Jonathin; CASEY, Mariah, 0; COLE, Ferman P.; CARTER, Jerry, (1); CARTER, Lewis, (1); CLARK, Wm. H.; CARMACK, David C.; CLARK, Peter, 2; CLARK, James P.; CLARK, John M.; CLARK, John B., 2; CORNUTT (Cornett), Hiram; CROW, Arthur H.; CROW, Robt. G.; COLE, Thomas V.; CUDDY, David; CUDDY, L. B.; CUDDY, Henry T.; CUNNINGHAM, Mary, 0; CROW, Wm. R.; CRAWFORD, John; CLARK, Frank S.; COLE, John W.; CROCKETT, Squire, (1); CROCKETT, Ruben, (1); CRAWFORD, Orr S.; CATRON (Ketron; Kettering), C. S., 2; CATRON, A. P. R.; COPENHAVER, James; CASEY, Thos. J.; CLARK, Isabella B., 0; CLARK, James H.; CLARK, Wm. (of D.C.); CAMPBELL, John G.; COUSENBURY (Quessenberry; Cruesenberry)), Willoughby; CLARK, Robert (on Cedar C.); CASSELL, Adam; CASSELL, Samule A.; COPENHAVER, Rebecca, 0; COOK, Margaret, 0; CARTON (?smeared; Catron?), James C.; CALARK (as written; Clark), John A.(?); CLARK, James Snr.; CLARK, James A. (of James); COLLEY, Louis L.; CALLAHAM (Callahan), Susan, 0; COPENHAVER, Hugh B.; CARPENTER, James; COWDEN, Stephen, (1); COWDEN, Campbell, (1); COLE, Eliza, 0; COLE(?), James L. Jr.; CATRON, Frank; CROW, James; CAMPBELL, Jefferson; CAMPBELL, James L., 2; COLLINS, James; CAULDWELL (Caldwell), Jesse H.; COLEGATE, Wm. H.; COLLINS, John; COLLINS, Francis L.; COLLINS, Jefferson J.; CLARK, Andrew Q. (T.?); CLARK, Isaac G.; COLEGATE, John F.; CATRON, Sarah J. (of P.), 0; CARRICOE, Henry H.; CASEY, James; CAULDWELL, James S.; CAULDWELL, John McC.; CAULDWELL, Samuel T.; CAULDWELL, Mrs. Martha, 0; CAULDWELL, Robt. J.; CATRON, Francis K., 3; COLE, Andrew (of James); COLE, James of Andrew; COLE, Josiah; CREASY, Nimrod; COLE, James L. Sen.; COLE, Martha, 0; CLARK, Wm. D.; CLARK, James D.; CLARK, Pleasant D.; COUNTS, G. W.; COUNTS, Peter; CRAWFORD, Benj.; CUNNINGHAM, Wm. E. G.; CALIVER (Coliver), (1)

DAVENPORT, Peter J.; DICKENSON, Rebecca, 0; DAVENPORT, Alvin T.; DAVIS, Wm. M.; DAVIS, Thomas J.; DAVIS, Joseph W.; DAVIS, Joseph B.; DUFF, John N.; DENTON, James D.; DUFF, John S. B.; DAVIS, Arthur C., 0; DUFF, Stephen B.; DARNALL (Darnell), James Jr.; DARNAL, James Snr.; DAVIS, Wm. A.; DAVIS, John J.; DINSMORE, James; DUNN, Samuel; DUNN, Wm. L.; DOLINGER, John; DOLINGER, Rachel, 0; DUFF, Samuel H.; DOWELL, James; DUNCAN, Henry; DUNN, Thos. E.; DAUGHERTY, John; DYE, Richard; DALE, Wm.; DUNCAN, John J.; DUNCAN, Joseph; DUNCAN, Gabrel; DONILSON (Donaldson), Robert, (1); DAVENPORT, Julius; DAVENPORT, Henry; DAVENPORT, Thomas; DAVENPORT, L. H.; DAVENPORT, Solomon R.; DUTTEN (Dutton), John J.; DUTTEN, Wm.; DAVIS, Wm. P.; DAVIS, Thos. J. Jr.; DINWIDDIE, Robt. B.; DICKENSON, Wm. B.; DAVENPORT, James N.; DAVENPORT, John R.; DUNN, John (of Pollie); DUFF, Mike H.; DAVIS, James A.; DENNISON, Robt.; DEBUSK, Drocus; DEBUSK, David; DUNLAP, Robt. S.; DUNLAP. John G.; DUNLAP, Wm. M.; DODD, Thomas; DENNISON, Robt. P.; DENNISON, Andrew; DEBUSK, Ann, 0; DEBUSK, David J.; DUNGAN, Thos. N.; DOSS, Henry; DOSS, Henry Jr., 0; DEBUSK, James; DUNN, Wm. A.; DEBUSK, Ira; DEBUSK, Sallie, 0; DUFF, Thomas J.; DODSON, Wm.; DENTON, David; DEBUSK, Isaac; DEBUSK, Christopher; DEBUSK, David E.; DEBUSK, Isaac (of Dr. John); DEBUSK, Thomas; DEBUSK, Timothy; DEBUSK, Jacob; DEBUSK, Jacob M.

EASTRAGE (Eastridge), Wm.; ELMORE, James; EAVANS (Evans), Edward; ECHOLS, McHenry; EDMONDSON, Wm. B.; EDMONDSON, Martin V.; EDWARDS, Mchill, (1); EAKIN, Wm. F.; EARLES (Earle), Jessee L.; EADS (Eass? Smudged), Henry; EPPS, John, (1); EDMONDSON, Wm. C.; ESTLE (Estill), James, (1); EYE(?), Wm.; EADS, John; EARNEST, John; EDMONDSON, John W.; EDMONDSON, Wm. M.; EDMONDSON, Wm. Col.; EDMONDSON, Robt. Jr.; EVANS, Richard, (1); EAKINS, James; EDMONDSON, Matthew R.; EDMONDSON, Robert Snr.; ELIOT (Elliott), Samuel, (1); ELLIOT, Alfred, (1); ELLIOTT, Charles; EDMONDSON, David; EDWARDS, Andrew, (1); EADS, John; EDMONDSON, Andrew B.; EDMONDSON, Isaac; EDMONDSON, Samuel P.; EDMONDSON, Rosanna, 0; EDMONDSON, John B.; EATON, Wm.; ELROD, Wm.; ELROD, David; ELROD, Henry; EDENBURY (Edenburg?), Wm., (1); EAKIN, Rebecca, 0; EDMONDSON, John D.; EDMONDSON, John H.; EPLING, H. H.; EDMONDSON, Thos; EDMONDSON, Robt. C.

FRITZE (Fritz), Daniel; FITZPATRICK, John; FULLEN, Taylor, (1); FULLEN, Jasper, (1); FULLEN, Washington, (1); FULLEN, Liborn (Lilburn), (1); FULLEN, Mark, (1); FULLEN, Spot, (1); FULLEN, Cass, (1); FULLEN, Buell, (1); FULLEN, Lewis T., (1); FULLEN, Taylor, 0; FURREN (Foran), David; FRANCISCOE, L. M.; FULLEN, Andrew; FULLEN, James (of A.); FULLEN, Wm. (of A.); FINDLAY, Thomas; FINDLAY, Thos. K.; FRENCH, Richard; FULTEN (Fulton), John; FRY, Robt.; FORGESON (Ferguson), Wm.; FOSTER, John, (1); FOSTER, John Jr. (1); FADIS (Faddis), John; FULLEN, Whitley; FULLEN, Peter, (1); FULLEN, Henderson, (1); FARRIS, Wm. B.; FARRIS, Julius; FARRIS, David; FARRIS, James; FIELDS, Nathaniel, (1); FUDGE, Conrad; FRY, John; FULLEN, Jackson, (1); FUDGE, John; FINDLAY, Alexr. J.; FELTY, Michael; FELTY, Charles; FULCHER, Jame T.; FULCHER, James; FORENSWORTH (Farnsworth), Wm. B.; FRACTION, James, (1); FRACTION, Samuel, (1); FURGASON (Ferguson), John A.; FLANAGIN, John; FOSTER, Joseph; FIELDS, Major; FARMER, Alfred; FOX, Peter F.; FRITZE (Fritz), Jacob; FULCHER, Wm. T.

GARDNER, Thomas E.; GARNES, Benj. F.; GRACE, George; GRACE, Elijah; GRACE, Thomas; GOFF, Lafayett Mc.; GOFF, Wilson F.; GALES, Henry, (1); GOBBLE, John G.; GARRETT, Thomas H.; GARRETT, Houston; GRAHAM, George; GREGORY, Jacob; GREER, Thomas; GRAY, John; GRACE, F. M.; GILPIN, Uriah; GILPIN, Frank; GREENFIELD, G. G.; GREGORY, Phillip; GUINN, Losson; GUINN, Levi; GALLEHER, Wm.; GRUBB, Jacob H.; GRUBB, Prudence; GRUBB, P. F.(T.?); GREER, Joshua; GLENN, Benjamin; GOODMAN, Patrick; GREEN, Wm. (1); GRUBB, Wm. Y. C.; GANAWAY, Alexander, (1); GREEN, Pleasant, (1); GRANT, Gardner; GATHER (Gaither), Margaret, 0; GRANT, Arch. M.; GARRETT, Nancy J., 0; GARRETT, Henry C.; GALLIHER, Joel A.; GALLIHER, Wm. J.; GOFF, Moses, (1); GOFF, Wm., (1); GLENN, John & Brothers, 3; GANAWAY, Nathaniel, 0; GRAY, James; GRANT, James; GRIFFIN, Robert; GRINSTED (Grinstead), B. F.; GRINSTED, Andrew; GOLD, Robt.; GOLD, James; GRAY, Charles D.; GROSECLOSE, Stephen; GARRETT, Elias (of H.); GREENWAY, James C.; GARRISON, Harvy; GARRISON, Rufus; GARRISON, Henry C.; GEISLER, J. J.; GOFF, James, (1); GRANT, Robt. G.; GORDEN, Charles, (1); GORDEN, Albert, (1); GRANT, Isaac A.; GRANT, Gardner (of J. A.); GANAWAY, Harvy, (1);

HUGHES, Robt. W.; HUTTEN (Hutton), Robt. S. C.; HILLIARD, Wm.; HILLIARD, Robt E.; HILLIARD, Farman (Fairman) R.; HOUSTON, Samuel; HOUSTON, John (of Samuel); HOGSHEAD, A. L.; HALL, Jack; HARRIS, Alexr. M.; HAWTHORNE, David S.; HUTTEN, E. S.; HUTTEN, Linville; HALL, Wm. H.; HILLIARD, Samuel; HAGY, James V.; HAGY, Joseph; HUTTEN, John; HASKEW, Joseph Rev., 2; HAWTHORNE, Mary (of Wm.), 0; HEATH, Wm.; HORNE, Wm. T.; HORNE, Isaac; HENDERSON, J. L.; HENDERSON, James; HUBBORD, George; HUFF, Uriah; HANKLEY, John A.; HANKLEY, James H.; HORNE, John E.; HAWTHORNE, B. D.; HUFFMAN, George; HOWELL, Hartgrove; HEATH, John; HOWARD, George W.; HOWARD, Thomas; HAND, Wm. A.; HAND, Wm. D.; HAND, James Jr.; HAND, James Snr.; HARRIS, John E.; HARRIS, John M.; HAGY, Martin (of J.); HAGY, Samuel D.; HAGY, Martin V.; HAWTHORNE, James; HAWTHORNE, A. E. F.; HOUSTON, James; HAYTER, James E.; HAYNES, Henry, (1); HENRY, Squire M., (1); HENDERSON, John; HURT, Ann, 0; HUTCHERSON, Lilborn, (1); HOGUE, John; HAYSE (Hayes), Calvin, (1); HUTCHERSON, Phillip, (1); HITE, Wm.; HUTTEN, Samuel C.; HUTTEN, Jos. S.; HUTTEN, James D.; HAYWOOD, Henry, (1); HUTTEN, Arthur; HUTTEN, Samuel J.; HEARTSOCK (Hartsock), Thursey; HAYNES, S. P., 0; HAMMONS, Milton; HENINGER, Hiram; HALL, Wm.; HOCK, Fred D.; HERRENDEN (Herndon), Edward; HAMMONS, Alfred; HUNTER, Alfred, (1); HOPE, James C.; HUTTEN, A. D.; HALL & BYARS, 2; HILL, Robert, (1); HAGY, Martin Esq.; HAYTER, Eleanor A., 0; HAYTER, Wm. D.; HOCKETT, John Snr.; HENDERSON, Wm.; HAYNES, Jonathin G.; HAYNES, Wm. W.; HALL, Hiram; HENDERSON, Wm. C.; HOLMES, Nathin; HOLMES, Wm.; HOLDER, Jefferson; HOLMES, James; HELTON, Ewell; HICKEY, Matthew; HELTON, John W.; HELTON, Thomas C. (Claiborne); HELTON, George; HELTON, Bryant A. (Archibald); HELTON, Ruben; HENDERSON, James; HICKEY, John; HENDERSON, Whitley F. (Fullen); HOLEMAN, Wilson, (1); HELTON, John (of A.); HAWTHORNE, James; HAWTHORNE, J. S.; HAGY, David C.; HAMILTON, Thomas; HUMPHREYS, John; HELTON, Samuel; HUDSON, Wm..; HAYTON, Champ; HAYTON, Samuel; HAYTON, Thomas; HARDY, Miles, (1); HARRIS, John B.; HOCKETT, Eleanor, 0; HONLEY (Hunley), Jack, (1); HOCKETT, Isaac; HUNTER, Giles, (1); HAMMONS, Charles, (1); HOCKETT, John Jr.; HUDSON, Samuel; HUNTER, Alfred, (1); HENRY, Edwards, (1); HAMMONS, W. H. H.; HUTCHERSON, Phillip, (1); HENEGER (Henniger; Heninger), James H.; HENEGER, John L.; HAYTON, Thos. J.; HOWARD, Wm.; HAYTON, Wm. J.(I.?); HAYTON, Isaiah R.; HILL, Noah M.; HOPKINS, Noah B.; HAYTER, A. J.; HAGY, Jacob; HAGY, Wm. F; HILL, Felix G.; HILL, Joseph; HENDERSON, Hiram F. (Fullen); HAYS, N. B.; HOCKETT, Wm.; HARLESS, Elisha; HELMENSTUTLER, Wm.; HARRIS, Marion; HOLLEY, M. Y.; HOLLEY, David; HAYNES, Frank; HAYNES, Wm. P.; HEAD, Frank; HALL, Thomas, (1); HUTTEN, Robt.; HUMES, James W.; HUMES, John N.; HAGY, Wm. C.; HAGY, George S.; HAGY, Mrs. Catharine, 0; HARRIS, George, (1)

IRESON, Mary A., 0; IRESON, Absolem S.; IRESON, James S.; INGRAHAM (Ingram), Jacob; IVIT (Evitt), Toby

JOHNSON, Henry, (1); JAMES, John T.; JAMES, Thomas; JAMES, Andrew; JAMES, John; JONES, Rebecca, 0; JACKSON, Henry, (1); JOHNSON, Moses, (1); JOHNSON, John, (1); JOHNSON, John (at Cedarvile); JONES, Owen, (1); JONES, John Snr.; JOHNSON, Charles; JAMES, James; JACKSON, Edward, (1); JENKINS, James, (1); JOHNSON, Robt, (1); JOHNSON, Moses, (1); JONES, Ephraigm, (1); JONES, James P., (1); JONES, Jefferson, (1); JOHNSON, Joseph; JONES, Andrew M.; JOHNSON, John; JOHNSON, Wm. R.; JACKSON, A. P.; JOHNSON, John C.; JOHNSON, Joseph H.; JAMERSON (Jamison; Jameson), Calvin D.; JONES, Wm.; JEFFERSON, Adam; JACKSON, Phillip, (1); JACKSON, Robt., (1)

KELLER, John W.; KELLER, John; KEITH, James B.; KAYLOR, Isaac; KINGSOLVER, David J.; KELLEY, Jonas S.; KELLEY, Jonas S. & James, 0; KENDRICK. Robt., (1); KELLER, Abram B.; KING, Landen, (1); KELLEY, Fulten; KELLEY, Mrs. Jane, 0; KELLEY, Wm.; KITZMILLER, David; KIDD, John E.; KINGSOLVER, Charles J.; KISTNER (Kestner), Jacob; KELLEY, Nancy J., 0; KELLEY, Wm. B.; KEYS, Andrew; KEYS, Benjamin; KEYS, Robt. J.; KELLEY, Sallie, 0; KELLER, Joseph, 2; KESTNER, Phillip; KENDRICK, A. F.; KIDD, John J.; KELLER, Leander J.; KINGSOLVER, David; KELLER, Charles J.; KELLEY, C. S.; KELLEY, Jane & Martha, 0; KELLEY, John; KELLEY, James E., 2; KELLEY, Wm. R.; KEYS, Rev. James; KEYS, Robt. Snr.; KEYS, James (of R.); KELLEY, James E. Jr.; KETCHEM, John H.; KELLEY, James Esq.; KENDRICK, Thomas, (1); KELLER, George Snr., 2; KENT, Jacob B.

LOGGONS, Simeon; LITTLE, Branson; LITTLE, Wm.; LOE (Lowe), Wm. F.; LUTTRELL, Wm. A.; LONGLEY, James; LONGLEY, Wm.; LORENCE (Laurence; Lawrence), Benj. P.; LOGON (Logon), Mark, (1); LOVERN (Lovins?), Henry P.; LEACH, Jonathin; LIGGONS, Benj. D.; LESTER, David; LESTER, Wm.; LOGON, John H.; LOGON, Cabb J.; LOGON, Samuel D.; LOGON, John; LEWIS, Beverly, (1); LITZE, Mrs. Margaret, 0; LEE, Emory H.; LITTON, Mrs. S. E., 0; LEONARD, Frank; LOGON, S. T.; LOGON, James W.; LOCKETT, Frank, (1); LOCKETT, Wm., (1); LOWRY, Wm. F.(T.?); LEE, Calvin; LUSTER (Lester), Ryland; LELL (Lee?), Robt; LOGON, Joseph; LOWRY, John M.; LEWIS, James, (1); LOYD, Samuel N.; LONGLEY, E.; LANDRUM, T. W.; LOGON (Logon), Joseph; LOYD, James; LYNCH, Richard H.; LINDER, Abram; LARIMER, Sallie, 0; LARIMER, Wm.; LARIMER, Robt. J.; LOWRY, James; LEACH, John, 0, exempt from Poll Tax; LUSTER, Wm.; LUSTER, James; LUSTER, Levi; LOVE, A. K.; Love, Joseph R.; LOGON, J. N. LOVE, Mrs. Freelove, 0; LOVE, James C.; LARIMER, Robt. E.; LARIMER, Robt.; LEE, James M.; LOVE, Robt.; LARIMER, Wm. G.; LARIMER, Jeremiah F.; LOGGONS, Lewis; LARIMER, Andrew M.; LARIMER, Alexr. W.; LAMBERTSON, John; LETHCOE, Andrew, (1); LETHCOE, Wm., (1); LETHCOE, Arch; LETHCOE, David, (1); LARIMER, James M.; LETHCOE, Wm. J., (1); LOYD, Mrs. Nancy E., 0; LEWIS, Richard, (1); LEWIS, Naman; LOGGINS, James; LOGGONS, Wesley; LITCHFIELD, Geo. V. Snr.; LITCHFIELD, Geo. V. Jr.; LILLEY, Isaac, (1)

MILLER, John W.; McNEW, Elisha; MAIDEN, Noah S.; MOOR (Moore), Wm. P.; MOOR (Moore), Joseph E.; MERRETT, Wm. S.; MORRISON, Isom, (1); McREYNOLDS, Stephen P.; MONTGOMERY, Wm.; MUSSER (Mercer), Joseph; MUSSER, Walter; McNEW, Alexr. A.; MILLER, Add.; MILLER, Samuel; MOSBY, Godfrey, (1); MONTGOMERY, James S.; MONTGOMERY, Wm. H.; METCALFE, S. P.; McNEW, James, 2; McNEW, John T. (Trigg); McNEW, John C. S.; McNEW, Wheeler; McNEW, Leander; MOOR, John E.; McCRACKEN, Clark, (1); McCRACKEN, Mat.; MORRISON, Mrs. J. C.; MONTGOMERY, S. N.; MOOR, James; McNEAL, Auston; McCARTY, C. M.; McNEW, John B.; McNEW, Edward; MOOR, Joseph (of Jno.); McNEW, George Snr.; MOOR (Moore), Wm. (of E.); McNEW, John; MOOR, Wm. A.; McNEW, Samuel W.; McNEW, Wm. H.; McCORMACK, Micajah; MOORE, James, (1); MILLER, Marney, (1); McCLELLAND, Samuel A.; MAIDEN, Daniel W.; McCLELLAND, James; McCLELLAND, Robt; MOORE, James W.; MOORE, Stephen, (1); MEAD, Charles, (1); McREYNOLDS, John , (1); MORRIS, George, (1); MONTGOMERY, James; MONTGOMERY, Thos.; McNEW, Julius; McGRAW, Jackson; McCOLLEM (McCollum), Zach.; McNEW, James P. (Patton); MOOR (Moore), James; MOOR, Hiram; MEADOWS, James, 2; MEADOWS, Elizabeth, 0; MUSSLEWHITE, James M.; McCORMACK, Sam. W.; McNEW, Alexander; MENIFEE, George; McCRACKEN, Dick, 0; MILLER, Isaac S.; MILLER, Oscar; McLOUD (McCloud), David A.; McLOUD, Andrew; McLOUD (McCloud), John, 0; McNEW, Elbert S.; McNEW, Samuel; McNEW, George W.; MEEK, Stephen D.; McCALL, Samuel L.; MILNOR, Wm. P.; MILNOR, W. P. Jr.; MONTGOMERY, Thos. P.; MONTGOMERY, Jonithan K.; MULLEN, John S.; MILNOR, John P.; MORELL, Jacob; McCALL, John; MAIDEN, John M.; MAIDEN, George H.; MAIDEN, Wm. S.; MAIDEN, Samuel S.; MALLICOTE, A. R.; MALLICOTE (Mallincote), A. S.; MIDDLETON, Conrad; MORELL, Lewis; McCAMPBELL, James; MARTIN, James H.; McGLOCKEN (McGlothlin), Henry; MINNICK, Eve; MINNICK, John P.; McCAULEY, F. M.; MOORFIELD, James; MOORFIELD, Wm. A.; MURDOCK, Israiel G.; McGEE, Joseph; McCORMACK, Edward; MAST, Noah; MAST, H. P.; MONTGOMERY, John B.; MINK, James; McCALL, Samuel; MILLER, Nelie; McQUOWAN, Isaac A.; MEHAFFEY (Mahaffey), James S.; MEHAFFEY, James E.; MORELL, Charles; McGINNIS, George C.; MASON, Charles; McCALL, Robt. S.; McGEE, John; McCRACKEN, Mat; MOSER, Edward; McCALL, Arthur; MOUNTAIN, Jesse C.; MORRIS, M. M.; MURELL, C. C.; MANTZE, Perry B.; McKEE, Wm. B.; McKEE, Sallie, 0; McHENRY, John; McCORMACK, Pleasant; McCORMACK, Wesley; MACELROY (McElray), Harrison, (1); MOOR, Wm. (of Ann); McCALL, John M.; MORRISON, Nathaniel; MILLER, Isaac R.; MILLER, James H.; MESSEEMITH (Messersmith), John; MOCK, Emanuel; McCALL, Joseph; McGINNIS, Lewis S.; McCRACKEN, Robt.; MOCK, H. M.; MOCK, Henry Senr.; MOCK, John W.; MOCK, Peter; MOCK, Peter B.; MOCK, Daniel W.; MILLER, Jacob; MILLER, John; MILLER, Wm. H.; MILLER, Robert; MILLER, James; McCANN, James; McCANN, Eliza, 0; McCANN, Isaac; McCLURE, Patience, 0; McCLURE, James; McCLURE, Nathaniel; MARSHALL, Garrett; MOCK, James A. Exempt from Poll Tax, 0; MONTGOMERY, Dorcus, 0; MOCK, Joseph, (1); MOCK, Jerry, (1); MOORE, Mattie, 0; MOCK, Peter; MOCK, John W.; MEEK, Catherine, 0; MEEK, Charles; MAIDEN, Henry A.; McNEW, Toby; McGEE, John B.; McCLANAHAN, Edmond, (1);

NYE, John R.; NORRIS, Isaiah; NELSON, Reece; NEEL, Caleb; NEEL, Isaac B.; NOELL, Joseph, 0; NUMAN (Newman), John; NELSON, James; NUNN, John; NEFF, Jacob; NEFF (Naeff; Naff), John; NEFF, Wm. T.; NYE, Andrew H.; NEELY, John; NEELY, Isaac; NUNN, James; NICHOLS, Edmond; NICHOLS, James

ONEAL (O’Neill), John; ORFIELD, Preston Jr.; ORFIELD, Preston Snr.; OKEIFF (O’Keefe; See also Keith), Thomas; ORR, E. E. Miss, 0; ORR, A. S.; OAKS, James, 0; ORR, Campbell E.; OWENS, Moses C.; ORR, James A.; OWENS, David C.; OSBORN, Wm.

PRESTON, Mrs. Agnes G., 0; PEW (Pugh), Caecar (Caesar), (1); PEOPLES, Wm. J.; PEOPLES, Wm.; PEOPLES, Wm. F.; PERDUE, Robert; PRESTON, Samuel; PRESTON, John; PERKINS, A. J.; PATRICK, Isom; PATRICK, Andrew; PASTON (Poston), Sallie & Ann, 0; POSTON, Joseph; PHIPPS, James; PRATER, Wm.; PRESTON, Toby, (1); PEACE, Wm. A.; POOL, John; POOL, Claiborn; PORTERFIELD, L. B.; PATTERSON, Stephen, (1); POOL, Simeon, (1); PAINTER, John E.; PRESTON, Thomas M., 2; PAINTER, Wm.; POWERS, Alfred, (1); POWELL, Alfred, (1); PEARSON, Rufus; PAFFORD, M. W.; PATTERSON, Thos. E.; POOL, Charles, (1); PATTERSON, Sampson C.; POWELL, Calvin; PRESTON, Samuel, (1); PRICE, W. H.; PATTERSON (? Smeared), Elizabeth, 0; PRINCE, Wm. D.; PALMER, Thos. Jr.; PALMER, Thos. Snr.; PRUNER, W. Wm.; PORTERFIELD, James C.; PENINGTON (Pennington), Andrew; PENINGTON, Hiram; PENINGTON, Abel; PENINGTON, Eli; PENINGTON, Samuel; PARKS, Wm. S.; PRESTON, Samuel & Robert, 2; PEARMAN, John; PAGE, G. F.; PHILLIPS, Fenias, (1)

RICKMAN, James G.; RICKMAN, John; RICHARDS, George, (1); ROBERTS, Wm. (of Jas.); ROSS, Lewis, (1); RICHARDS, John B.; RABBE (as written; Ruble?), Julius; ROBERTS, Chapman; ROBERTS, Wm.; RUBLE, Joseph; RYBURN, James O.; REDIX (Reddicks), Wm., (1); REDIX, James, (1); REDIX, John, (1); ROE, Richard; ROE, Sidney; ROE, Robt. S.; RYAN, James; RYAN, Daniel C.; RODEMAN, Robt. S.; RYBURN, Wm. B.; RIFFIE (Riffey), George; RIFFIE, Wm .; RIFFIE, David; RICKETS, E. D.; ROBENSON (Robinson), A. E.; RICHARDSON, Thos. P.; ROCK, B. C.; REID, James; RHEA, Jacob H.; REID, Benj. Jr.; RUMNEY (Romney), Henry; ROBERTS, John; RICHARDSON, Thos., (1); RUTLEGE, Baxter, S.; REECE, Smith; ROBERTS, Rebecca, 0; ROBINSON, Mary (Many?), 2; RAMBO, James K.; ROBINSON, Mahala, 0; ROBINSON, James, 2; ROBINSON, John E.; ROE, John E.; RICHARDSON, John, (1); RAMBO, Samuel K.; ROUSE, Isaac; ROUSE, Palser; ROSENBALM (Rosenbaum), John; REID, David B.; RAMSEY, James; RAMSEY & Morison, 0; ROSENBALM, Valentine; RHEA & SHARP, 2; RAMBO, David; RICHIE, James L.; RYBURN, Wm. S.; ROSENBALM, Jacob, 2; ROSENBALM, David; ROSENBALM, Andrew; ROSENBALM, Asa; RUTLEGE, Anthony; RUTLEGE, Mathias; ROE, A. S.; ROE, Thomas; RUTLEGE, Michael; RYBURN, Wm. Mc.; REID, Benj. Snr.; RUDY, Samuel; RAMBO, Mrs. M., 0; RAMBO, Isaac & Andrew K., 2; RHEA, Hetty, 0; ROE, Edward T.; ROSENBALM, David; ROSENBALM, Joel F.; ROSENBALM, Matthew H. B.; RHEA, John W.; RHEA, Fanny, 0; ROSENBALM, Rachel, 0; ROSENBALM, Aaron; ROSENBALM, Joel; ROSENBALM, Amanda, 0; REID, Jehugh; RAMBO, Wm. D.; REID, Hugh; REID, Arthur; ROSENBALM, Parker S.; REMINE, Henry B.; ROSE, John D.; REMINE, Wm.; REMINE, S. M.; REID, John, (1); ROSENBALM, Andrew, (1); ROSS, Alexander

STURGEON, Samuel; STROTHER, James P.; SCOTT, Thomas; SCOTT, Alexander; SCOTT, Joseph; SMITH, Joseph; SMITH, Wm. (of J. N. O. or Jno.?); ST. JOHN, Rachel, 0; SHOEMAKER, David V.; SISK, Robert; SMITH, Wm. H.; SCHORTGE (as written), John; SNODGRASS, Charles W.; SNODGRASS, Joseph R.; SNODGRASS, David; SNODGRASS, Samuel; SMILEY, James; SANDS, John M.; SANDS, Joseph; SIFERS (Scyphers), Aaron S.; SNEAD, Phillip; SNEAD, Napolion; SHULTZE, Adam M.; SULLENS, Joseph; SPAYNE (Spane; Spain), Thos.; SMITH, Emanuel; STANDFIELD (Stanfield), John C.; STANDFIELD, James W.; SMITH, Robert; SMITH, John; SCOTT, Benjamin, (1); SCOTT, Wm., (1); SPOON, David; SCOTT, Thos. Snr.; SMITH, Aaron, (1); SWEENEY, Thomas; SCOTT, James C.; SCOTT, Samuel; SMITH, Wm. (at Allison); SMITH, Abram Jr.; SMITH, Thos. (of A.); SHUPE (Shipe?), Wm., (1); SANDOE, George; SHEFFEY, James W. Jr.; SPENCER, Edward; STRINGER, Thos. H.; SWAN, Stephen, (1); SMITH, Alexander, (1); SAWYER, Caward; SHUPE, George; SMITH, David, (1); SMITH, Francis M.; SYRA, Thomas; SANDERS, James; SHROYERS, John; SMITHSON, Samuel M.; SCOTT, Joseph T.; SUTHERLAND, James K.; SCOTT, Wm. E.; SPEER, Alfred W.; SNODGRASS, James; SMITH, W. J.; SMITH, Cavans; SHORT, James S.; SHUFFIELD (Sheffield), Benj. B.; SHUFFIELD, Thos. M.; SWEET, Henry H.; SMITH, James R.; SMITH, Wm. C.; SHORT, Wm.; SHORT, Leander; SWEET, Farman (Fairman) P.; SHARP, Wm. C.; SHUFFIELD, John; SULIVAN (Sullivan), Wiley; SMITH, Solomon; SHUFFIELD, Witney; SUTTON, John; SHEARER, John; SMITH, Wm. R.; SMITH, Thos. N.; SOUTH, John C.; SANDERS, Stephen; SANDERS, John; SOUTH, Clark A.; SOUTH, John M.; SHUPE, Kenley; SHUPE, A. J.; SHUPE, Frank; STEWART, Robt., (1); SMITH, Mary (of P.); SAULES (Saul), Samuel; SURBER, James M.; SNODGRASS, Margaret, 0; SNODGRASS, Wm. L. (S.?); STEWART, David M., 2; SPRIGGS, Andrew J.; SPEER, Joseph M. W.; SPEER, John E.; SPEER, Wm. SNODGRASS, Wm. (Long); SNODGRASS, John (of W.); SHEETS, David H.; SNODGRASS, Benj.; SNODGRASS, Jos. (white); SHELL, George; SNEAD, Dr. Nic.; SCOTT, Campbell, (1); STONE, Reece; SNIDER (Schneider), John H.; SMITH, Parker; SMITH, D. O.; SHERWOOD, Levi; SNIDER; Wm.; SPRAKER, Stephen; SNODGRASS, Wm. (of Marga.); SHARP, Thos. J.; SHELTON, Nathaniel; SNODGRASS, Wm.; SYRA, Fountain; SMYTH, Robt. F.; SCOTT, Moses, (1); STEWART, Thomas; SMITH, Mary K., 0; SNAPP, Phillip B.; SEALS, David, (1); SEALS, George, (1); SHUPE, David; SMITH, Jonas; SMITH, John C.; SMITH, James K.; SMITH, Tobias & sons, 4; SENTAR (Senter), Wm. T.; STANTON, Beverly, (1); SCOTT, Elizabeth, 0; SCOTT, Robt. H.; SULLENS (Sullins), David C.; SULLENS, Preston; SULLENS, Elisha; SHENER (Shines?; Skiner?), Charles, (1); STANVALL, Hugh; SHUGART, Claiborn L., 2; SKINNER, Samuel; SCHWORTZE (Swartz), Jacob; SMITH, Samuel, (1); STORY, Dr. John C.; SNIDER, Frank; SULLINS, Russell; SULLINS, Train; SHEETS, Wm.; SHEFFEY, James W. Snr.; SAVAGE, Granville, (1); SMITH, Thomas, (1); SANDERS, Stephen D. Jr.; SMITH, John B.; STEAGALL, A. J. Snr.; STEAGALL, A. J. Jr.; STEAGALL, George W.; SWINGLE, Mary, 0; SHAER (Shaver?), Wm., (1); SMITH, Samuel, (1)

TALBERT, David M.; TRIGG, John, (1); THAYER, James; TAYLOR, A. J.; THOMPSON, James H. Sen.; THOMPSON, James H. Jr.; THOMPSON, A. F.; THOMAS, George; THOMAS, Wm.; TAYLOR, Isaac; TURK, James, (1); TRIGG, Jos. E. C.; TALBERT, Mary, 0; TALBERT, B. S.; THOMPSON, A. G.; THOMPSON, Wm. M.; TRIGG, Jos C. (smeared); THOMPSON, James A.; TAYLOR, John M., (1); TATE, M. B.; TUCKER, John; THOMPSON, John; THOMPSON, Lesley C.; THOMPSON, H. V.; THAYER, Robt. B.; TALENTS, Sidney; TURNER, WM.; TALBERT, Charles; TALBERT, Rhode; THOMAS, David (of Rube); TRIGG, Kendrick, (1); TAYLOR, Ned, (1); THOMAS, Charles M.; TILSON, Stephen J.; TYLER, Sallie G., 0; TALLEY, Wm.; TILSON, Wm. TURNER, Henry, (1); TERRY, Wm.; TADLOCK, Wm. C.; THOMAS, Saml. B. (Exempt from Poll Tax); TAYLOR, Thomas C.; TURNER, James, (1); TROXELL, Geo. W.; TROXELL, Francis; TROXELL, Green B.; TOMBLINSON, Samuel; THOMAS, Henry; THOMAS, Moses; TOMBLINSON, Wm.; TRENT, James, (1); THOMAS, John; TRIGG, A. F.; TILSON, David; TILSON, Sampson C.; TRENT, John; TRENT, Claiborn, (1); THOMAS, James M.; THOMAS, George; TRAVES (Travis), Wm.; TRENT, Lewis; TRIGG, Anna M., 0; TRENT, Isaac; THOMAS, Edward; THOMAS, John C.; THOMAS, Isaac; TAYLOR, Jacob, (1); TUCKER, Albert, (1)

VANHUSS, Anthony; VANHUSS, Valentine; VENABLE, Wm.; VENABLE, David; VINSEN (Vincent? Vernon?), David; VIRMILLION (Vermillion), James W.; VANCE, James A.; VANDERPOOL, Pleasant; VESTAL, James T.; VESTAL, Jeffeson; VESTAL, Bartholamew; VESTAL, Jessee; VANHOY (Vannoy), Yancy; VESTAL, Henry; VANHUSS, John M.; VANHUSS, David H.

WEBB, John A.; WOODARD (Woodward), Joseph; WOODARD, Jacob; WOLF, William; WOODS, Joe, (1); WOODS, Martial(?), (1); WOODARD, Hiram; WIDENER, Michael; WIDENER, Eli; WIDENER, Margaret (of Mike), 0; WHITAKER, Calvin M.; WHITE, Spencer; WHITE, Washington; WHITE, James; WHITAKER, A. R.; WEEKS, Daniel, (1); WHITAKER, Moses Snr.; WEBB, Joseph; WEBB, Harry; WEBB, William; WEBB, David J.; WEBB, S. A.; WEBB, Charles W., 2; WHITE, Wm. B.; WEBB, Charles O.; WEBB, A. H.; WEBB, John; WASHINGTON, Tobias, (1); WATSON, Benjamin; WOODARD, Jos. Jr.; WILLOUGHBY, John, (1); WEEKS, Howard, (1); WISE, Henry; WORLEY, David; WADKINS (Watkins), L. P.; WATERFORD, Charles, (1); WISE, Samuel, (1); WILLIAMS, Samuel, (1); WHITE, Wm. Y. C., 3; WHITAKER, Wm., (1); WASHAM (Worsham), A. R.; WASHAM, Robt. R.; WOODARD, John; WASHINGTON, George, (1); WOLF, Alfred; WILLIAMS, Amos; WASHAM, Wm.; WHITE, Henry M.; WILLIAMS, George W., (1); WILLIAMS, Lee, (1); WATERFORD, Joseph, 0; WILEHY (Wiley), E. C.; WILEY, Wm. H.; WYATT, Pincney (Pinkney) W.; WYATT, Givens, (1); WEEKS, Peter, (1); WATSON, J. C.; WALDEN, Jane Mrs., 0; WHITE, Samuel, (1); WADE, C. M.; WATERFORD, Henderson, (1); WIDENER, Jacob R.; WHITE, Wm., 2; WIDENER, Valentine B.; WHITE, Thomas; WHITE, Thos. Jr.; WHITE, John; WHITE, James; WIDENER, Nelson; WATSON, Martha, 0; WOOTON, John; WIDENER, Palser; WRIGHT, Elijah; WRIGHT, Isaac; WHITE, Rev. Henry M.; WILLIAMS, W. W., 2; WIDENER, Ryburn; WRIGHT, William; WIDENER, Lilborn; WIDENER, Stephen; WIDENER, Wm. R.; WIDENER, Elijah; WIDENER, Joel; WIDENER, John M. C.; WRIGHT, Samuel H.; WIDENER, Jacob (of John); WIDENER, Jno. W.; WIDENER, David; WIDENER, Isaac; WIDENER, Wm. E.; WIDENER, Wm. M.; WIDENER, Ruben; WIDENER, Phillip; WIDENER, Noah B.; WIDENER, Abram (Exempt from Poll Tax), 0; WIDENER, Timothy; WIDENER, Elias, 2; WIDENER, Elias Snr.; WRIGHT, A. K.; WRIGHT, John; WILSON, Joseph; WILSON, Henry, (1); WILSON, David R.; WIDENER, Samuel B.; WIDENER, Henry; WIDENER, Joel of Samuel; WIDENER, Farman P.; WATSON, Jehugh T.; WOOTON, John W.; WHITE. Mary, 0; WIDENER, Samuel E.; WRIGHT, Robt. Jr.; WRIGHT, Jacob E.; WIDENER, James J.; WIDENER, Mrs. Acheh, 0; WIDENER, Wm. (Elijah); WIDENER, John M. (of Andrew); WILSON, Hosekiah; WRIGHT, James H.; WRIGHT, James H.; WRIGHT, David S. K.; WRIGHT, Robt. Snr.     

YODER, Joseph

End of PPRL, Upper Dist., WCV, 1868.


HENDERSON, Whitley F. (Fullen), Wm. J., Wm. C., William, Hiram F. (Fullen), James; James A., Robert, Connally T. (Trigg?), John C.; HELTON, Reuben Jr., Reuben, Wm. L., John L., John, Bryant A. (Archibald), James; J. W. & S. C., George, George; Ewell, Henry, Jasper


HELTON, James; HELTON, Bryant A. (Archibald), Head Poor Valley; HELTON, J. W. (John Wesley) & T. C. (Thomas Claiborne), 2; HELTON, John L.; HELTON, W. (William) King; HELTON, Newtown (Newman); HELTON, Elijah; HELTON, Henry; HELTON, Euel (Ewell); HELTON, George; HENDERSON, Wm. C. (Campbell); HENDERSON, Jno. of Whitley; HENDERSON, Whitley F. (Fullen); HENDERSON, James; HENDERSON, Wm. J. (James); HENDERSON, Robt.; HENDERSON, Conley T.; HENDERSON, Wm.; HENDERSON, Wm. son of James; HELTON, James; HELTON, John

Conclusion: Reuben Helton/Hilton (Sr.), b. 1799 or 1800, died after 1874 PPTL, WCV and before the 1875 PPTL. (circa late 1874 or early 1875).

The wife of Reuben Helton (Nancy Burnett), does not appear on the 1875 PPTL as Mrs. Nancy Helton. She might have died prior to 1874, or she might have been in the household of one of her sons (as was Reuben in his last years.)