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Warf, Bowers to Bowers Deed

Courtesy of Judy Alley

Deed book 14, page 263 Carroll County Virginia

Virginia Carroll County to wit:
I Saml Davis a Notary Public for the County and State aforesaid do certify that Lucinda Bowers, Henery Bowers, Legrand B. Warf, Catharine Warf and Emma Bowers whose names are signed to the writing above bearing date on the 8th day of February 1875 have this day acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid and Catharine Warf, the wife of L. B. Warf being examined by me privily and apart from her husband and having the deed aforesaid fully explained to her acknowledged the said writing to be her act declared that she had willingly executed the same and wished not to retract it.
Given under my hand June 22, 1875
Saml Davis N. P.
Virginia; In Carroll County Court February 21, 1881
The foregoing deed was this day presented in court with the certificate of acknowledgment and bearing examination annexed and was ordered to be recorded.
W. H. Sutherland, clerk

This pertains to ” …47 acres be the same more or less with all the appurtenances to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land unto the said Elijah Bowers and his heirs to the sole use and bhoof of him the said Elijah Bowers and the said Lucinda Bowers for herself and her heirs do convanent with the said Elijah Bowers and his heirs forever against the claims of herself and her heirs will warrant and specially defend in witnessth the following signature and seals signed and acknowledged in presents of the year and date first above written.

Lucinda (her mark) Bowers {seal}
Henery (mark) Bowers {seal}
Legrand (mark) Warf {seal}
Catharine (mark) Warf {seal}
Emma (mark) Warf {seal}