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Maple Springs Primitive Baptist Church

Nella, Ashe County, North Carolina 1880-1897

The Maple Springs Primitive Baptist Church was organized on February 7, 1880 at the home of Jason Weaver in Nella community, Ashe County, North Carolina. Jason Weaver was a deacon at the Big Helton Primitive Baptist Church, and served as such in the new organization, as well as church clerk. Elder Calvin C. Davis was a minister and was first pastor of the church. This organization was disbanded in 1897 with members going to other churches. The following is a transcript of the church's constitution preserving the original spelling and punctuation. Following this is a roll of the members of this church.


Of the Regular Primitive Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Maple Springs was constituted in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & eighty February 7th day Being a part of Big Helton and Little Horse Creek Being in number 19 (nineteen). We was called and examined and set apart a Church of Jesus Christ on the Orthodox faith of the Gospel.

  1. We believe in one true and living God, the first cause of all things sin excepted.
  2. We Believe Jesus Christ to be the equal Son of the Father.
  3. We Believe the Holy Ghost to be the ministering God of all grace & the conforter that was promised to come into the world and these Three are one & we believe Adam by transgression fell under the curse of God's holy law & involved all his unborn race.
  4. We believe that man is not able to extricate himself from that dialema that he is in.
  5. We Believe that God give them grace in his Eternal Son before the foundation of the World and man is justifide by grace alone.
  6. We Believe in the final preseverace of the saints.
  7. We Believe that baptism by immersion to be the gospel mode.
  8. We Believe in a general resurrection of those bodies and a final judgment of the just and unjust.

We was solemly set apart a Church of Jesus Christ with all the power and privildges of a Church.

By the Presbytery.

Harrison B. Miller
J. R. Baldwin

Membership Roll

1. C. C. Davis, Dismissed by letter
2. Matilda Davis, Dis. by letter
3. Rebecca Davis, Dis. by ltr.
4. Seaneth Davis
5. Wm. J. Caudill, Dis. by ltr.
6. Sarah Caudill, Dis.
7. A. P. Davis, Died Aug. the 30th, 1881
8. Rachel Davis, Dis. by letter
9. Jason Weaver, Died March the 18th, 1892
10. Matilda Weaver
11. H. G. Cook, Dis. by letter, come back, excluded
12. Zilla Blevins
13. Mary Davis, Dis. by letter
14. Elisha Roop, Dis. by letter
15. Manda J. Roop
16. Wm. Weaver, Died May 10, 1925
17. Wesley Blevins, Dis. by letter
18. Wm. B. Jones
19. Catherine Jones
These being the number that went into a new constitution at Maple Springs Church.

20. Wiley Dolinger, Dis by letter
21. Marilda Emeline Dolinger, Dis. by letter
22. Elizabeth Blevins, Died Nov. the 21, 1895
23. Polly Blevins
24. Elexander Blevins, Deceased April, 1888
25. Phebe Davis, Died Jan. the 10, 1893
26. H. H. Tedder, Ex.
27. Emeline Tedder
28. Martha Blevins
29. Nancy Blevins
30. Materson Blevins, Dis by letter
31. Mary Davis, Dis by letter
32. Daniel Price, Dis. by letter
33. Mela Price, Dis. by letter
34. Charlotty Baldwin, Dis. by letter
35. Jane Davis, Dead
36. Elizabeth Boggs, Dead
37. James Mulles, Ex, received back, ex.
38. Evaline Price, Dis. by letter
39. Jane Mabe, Ex.
40. Phebe Thompson
41. Milly Hash
42. Stephen Thompson, Dismissed
43. Peggea Thompson
44. John Davis, Dis. by letter
45. Martha Pennington
46. John Cave, Dis by letter
47. Rebecca Cave, Dis. by letter
48. Thomas Davis, Dis. by letter
49. Manda Davis, Dis by letter
50. Mary C. Davis
51. James Blevins, Ex.
52. Phebe Blevins, Ex.
53. Henderson Hart, Ex.
54. Martha Hart, Dec'd.
55. Elizabeth Dolinger
56. Hiram Baldwin, Dec'd.
57. Jesse Davis, Letter
58. Andrew Hash
59. Wilda Davis, Ex.
60. Thomas Blevins, Ex.
61. Alen Stuart
62. Maryann Blevins, Letter
63. Grant Blevins, Dec'd.
64. Cloey Blevins
65. Mise Caudill, Dis.
66. Riley Edmisten, Dec'd.
67. Catherine Weaver
68. David Sullivan, Dis. by letter
69. Charity Sullivan, Dis. by letter.