Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Virginia - Grayson County Lodges - 1933

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1933 Report of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Virginia

Grayson County Lodges

J. C. Padgett

This Information has been abstracted from Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, 1933. J. C. Padgett of Independence was Grand Master for the Grand Lodge, William S. Pettit of Richmond, was Grand Treasurer; and James M. Clift, of Richmond, was Grand Secretary. This report is about 500 pages in length, but only those lodges pertaining to Grayson County are presented below.

District No. 43
Lodges Nos. 68, 129, 193, 202, 217

I hereby submit my report for District No. 43:

I have visited each of the lodges, some them several times. Want of transportation has been and expense and a handicap. It has been a great pleasure to mingle with the brethern and to extend to them my services. Most of the lodges are well officered. There is, however, a very noticable lack of interest, especially as concerns attendenace and Masonic information. The two go hand in hand. I am expecting the pledges for the Masonic Herald to reach forty to fifty subscriptions-- a fine record.

The Grand Master paid our district a visit in August, which was much enjoyed by those who were so fortunate as to attend. Only the short notice kept back a full attendance and a delighted audience.

Fraternally submitted,
Jos. F. Delp, Elk Creek.

District No. 53
Lodges Nos. 219, 223

As District Deputy Grand Master of District No. 53, I wish to report that there have been no special events and no unusual developmens in the district during the year.

I have been very much disappointed that the brethern, owing to the depression and scarcity of money, have not been more liberal in their subscriptions to the Masonic Herald. As a result of this condition, the lodges in this district have done but little work.

Fraternally submitted
E. L. Robbins, Volney

  • Old Town Lodge, No. 68

    Old Town Lodge, No. 68

    Chartered, December 10, 1847, District No. 43, Post Office Galax
    Meets at Galax on the second Tuesday of every month


    E. F. Cox, W.M. J. C. Kyle, S. W. V. I. G. Hampton, J. W.
    W. R. Ballard, Treas. James L. Morris, Secy Gray Anderson, S. D.
    W. F. Worrell, J. D. J. R. Johnson, Chapl. Louis Perleman, Tiler

    Past Masters

    Dalton, O. S. Felts, Gordon C. Reavis, C. C. Vass, D. S.
    Dickerson, R. L. Miller, J. G. Anderson, Garland, Woltz, A. W.
    Early, Harry E. Perelman, Louis Vass, Pose L. Smith, Early
    Morris, Jas. L. Jones, R. E.

    Honorary Members

    Reavis, C. C. Padgett, J. C.


    Alderman, W. A. Cox, R. Kyle Lawson, A. S. Smith, Chas. L.
    Anderson, A. G. Cox, Wm. J. Lenox, E. B. Smith, Early
    Anderson, C. E. Crabill, M. R. Liddle, Lester W. Smith, E. P. T.
    Anderson, Gray Dalton, O. A. Lineberry, B. C. Smith, Glenn
    Anderson, Ned Dickens , N. L. Lineberry, E. E. Smith, John H.
    Ballard, Ned Dickerson, R. L. Lineberry, J. A. Smith, L. E.
    Ballard, C. W. Early, George B. Lowe, Hasten Stoneman, S. R.
    Ballard, W. R. Early, Harry E. Lundy, Flem. Strader, Chas. W.
    Beamer, Alphonso M. Edwards, J. G. Lundy, Isaac E. Stultz, H. M.
    Beamer, B. D. Farmer, F. W. Martin, C. W. Surrat, R. G.
    Beasley, Wm. D. Felts, Gordon C. Matthews, J. Ed. Sutherland, Horace
    Bedsaul, Roby M. Gallimore, J.W. Matthes, T. Jeff Todd, H. M.
    Berry, Wm. T., Jr. Galloway, R. C. Mayhew, W. M. Todd, L. J.
    Blair, W. W. Gardner, Arthur B. McCollom, D. H. Vass, Guy M.
    Boaz, H. W. Gardner, E. F. McGree, Richard Vass, D. S.
    Boggs, E. B. Gardner, W. R. Meador, E. B. Vass, I. G.
    Bolen, Dr. D. W. Giersch, W. B. Miller, J. G. Vaughan, B. C.
    Bolen, Dr., J. W. Gillespie, E. C. Morris, James L. Vaughan, L. D.
    Bowers, H. W. Gillespie, George R. Morris, R. V. Vaughan, Taylor G.
    Boyer, K. S. Gillespie, T. W. Nelson, R. L. Wamper, W. F.
    Boyles, Burt Green, William Nichols, John Waugh, Chas. P.
    Burnett, H. P. Hackler, E. C. Padgett, J. C. Waugh, Dan B.
    Busic, J. L. Hackler, Onnie B. Painter, T. A. Waugh, J. B.
    Busic, Dan B. Hampton, Bernie Parks, R. L., Rev. Waugh, Swift
    Caldwell, E. C. Hampton, Kemper Parsons, Dexter M. Webb, Collin
    Caldwell, R. P. Hampton, R. A. Parsons, H. E. Webb, J. V.
    Canada, Robert Hampton, V. I. G. Parsons, Joe W. Webb, J. H.
    Carrico, Harry B. Hawks, Bruce V. Perelman, Louis Welsh, Homer E.
    Carrico, J. P. Haynes, J. Everett Potolsky, Nathan Williams, B. P.
    Chapell, E. E. Higgins, McCammett Powers, H. J. Williams, Norman
    Childress, A. G. Hortenstein, J. W. Quillin, Roy K. Williams, F. W.
    Choate, F. E. Jenkins, Brady L. Reavis, C. C. Wilson, J. Edgar
    Coates, Joseph Johnson, Claude S. Reavis, Chas. A. Wilson, Victor
    Collier, C. A. Johnson, J. R. Reid, F. L. Winesett, J. E.
    Combs, Ambrose e. Jones, J. B. Ring, E. C. Witherowe, B. G.
    Combs, Wm. D. Jones, Elmer S. Roberson, W. C. Witherowe, J. H.
    Cornett, J. S. Jones, R. L. Robbins, E. L. Woltz, A. W.
    Cox, E. J. Jones, R. E. Roberts, Fred J. Woodruff, T. N.
    Cox, Emmett F. Jones, S. E. Roberts, T. F. Worrell, George P.
    Cox, J. H. Kapp, Paul Schooley, C. L. Worrell, W. F.
    Cox, J. Lee Klor, R. A., Dr. Swartz, H. P. Wright, Rex R.
    Cox, Omar C. Kyle, J. Cliff Stanley, Clyde W. Wright, S. T.
    Cox, Robert M. Lampkin, John W. Stanley, D. W. -
    Cox, S. C. Landreth, S. F. Stanley, J. W., Jr. 174 Members

    Raised - Gray Anderson, H. W. Bowers
    Affiliated - J. C. Padgett
    Withdrawn - J. Mack Kirby
    Suspended for n.p.d. O. B. Winsett, C. L. Fringer, Coy G. Hampton, Ira S. Atkinson, J. S. James, E. E. Vaughn, French Wampler, Elbert G. Frye, M. J. Delp, Guy O. Hawks, J. J. Allen, T. P. Apperson, Jr., A. C. Magee, D. Terry Martin, W. S. Stringham, Billie Anderson, Forest Dalton, H. A. Dalton, T. W. Patton, W. G. Pinion, A. M. Gentry

    Died - L. C. McMillan, J. H. Rhudy

  • Independence Lodge, No. 129

    Independence Lodge, No. 129

    Chartered, December 10, 1890, District No. 43, Post Office: Independence
    Meets at Independence on the third Saturday of every month.


    Letcher C. Wingate, W. M. R. J. Rudolph, S. W. Joe W. Parsons, J. W.
    W. J. Elliott, Treas. Bays M. Todd, Secy. C.C. McKnight, S. D.
    C. J. Todd, J. D. John L. Gentry, Chapl. M. F. Lyons, Tiler

    Past Masters

    Baker, W. W. Cox, H. A. Gentry, John L. Todd Bays M.
    Elliott, W. J. Dickenson, L. C. Padgett, J. C. Wingate, Letcher C.

    Honorary Members

    Padgett, J. C.


    Andrews, J. D. Cox, Enoch N. Lyons, M. F. Stone, E. V.
    Baker, W. W. Cox, H. A. McKnight, C. C. Taylor, W. E.
    Barker, C. C. Dickenson, L. C. Padgett, J. C. Todd, Curtis J.
    Barbery, W. S. Elliott, E. Scott Painter, D. T. Todd, B. M.
    Bowers, D. H. Elliott, W. J. Parsons, Joe W. Weaver, H. C.
    Bryant, I. B. Fine, Ed. Ring, C. W. Wingate, L. C.
    Boyer, L. D. Gentry, John L. Rudolph, R. J. Wingate, Wright M.
    Cornett, T. C. Kirk, A. M. Smith, H. T. Young, R. M.
    Cornett, J. C. Kirk, Paul Smith, O. O. -
    Cox, Gayle J. - - 36 members

    Raised - Curtis J. Todd
    Restored to Membership - Enoch N. Cox
    Suspended for n.p.d. - E. C. Koontz, P. L. Harrington, J. C. McMickle, E. C. Smith, W. L. Wright, T. R. Windsor

  • Fulton Lodge, No. 193

    Fulton Lodge, No. 193

    Chartered, December 15, 1863, District No. 43, Post Office Hillsville
    Meets at Hillsville on the fourth Saturday night over every month.


    Walter W. Edwards, W. M. Evert T. Gardner, S. W. Harlis, P. Hicks, J. W
    B. P. Goad, Treas. Geo. F. Blankenship, Secy. G. M. Goad, S. D.
    Lyman Stockner, J. D., C. B. Nuckolls, Chapl. J. R. Gallimore, Tiler

    Past Masters

    Edwards, Glenn Nuckolls, C. B. Turman, A. E.
    Goad, B. P. Goad, Dexter Bolen, M. M.

    Honorary Members

    Carper, J. C.


    Akers, R. W. Faddis, S. C. M. Jackson, O. C. Quesinberry, Malachi
    Akers, R. S. Faddis, John A. Jackson, J. E. Quesinberry, Saford
    Akers, W. M. Farmer, S. A. Jackson, R. L. Quesinberry, Samuel
    Allen, Troy J. Foster, Frank James, R. V. Quesinberry, B. O.
    Barnes, S. O. Franklin, B. O. Jennings, C. B. Quesinberry, Thos. C.
    Blankinship, R. M. Franklin, H. D. Jennings, R. C. Quesinberry, C. G.
    Blankinship, G. F. Franklin, H. L. Jett, E. M. Rankin, John T.
    Bolen, M. M. Gallimore, A. B. Joyner, S. E. Rankin, C. D.
    Branscome, J. B. Gallimore, John R. Kemp, D. R. Reece, J. C.
    Branscome, F. A. Gallimore, R. P. Kirby, Fred R. Rickman, R. H.
    Branscome, L. J. Gardner, B. E. Largen, J. W. Robinson, S. M.
    Branscome, Raymond Gardner, J. Rhea Largen, Reuben Rorrer, T. R.
    Branscome, W. F. Gardner, Eugene Largen, Martin Semones, C. C.
    Carper, J. C. Gardner, Floyd Lindsay, Guy O. Semones, L. R.
    Childress, C. T. Gardner, E. T. Lindsay, L. E. Semones, M. M.
    Childress, H.J. Gardner, E. E. Lindsay, W. A. Smith, James F.
    Childress, I. M. Gardner, M. A. Lyon, H. L. Smith, D. B.
    Cochran, Posey Gardner, W. L. Mabry, Wm. N. Smith, J. P.
    Cochran, F. L. Gardner, Charlie R. Martin, Joe Smith, James W.
    Cochran, L. L. Goad, Clyde Martin, J. W., Sr. Smith, S. A.
    Cooley, Geo. L. Goad, B. P. Martin, J. W., Jr. Stanley, C. C.
    Cox, Hamilton Goad, G. M. Martin, W. L. Surratt, B. B.
    Cox, J. Glenn Goad, Paul T. Marshall, Green Surratt, J. B.
    Crabill, A. K. Goad, Steve Marshall, Richard B. Surphin, J. L.
    Creasy, W. L. Goad, Rush R. Mitchell, B. D. Sutphin, J. B.
    Cruise, Claud R. Graveley, C. L. Mitchell, R. C. Tompkins, Jas. L.
    Dalton, Bartie Guynn, G. E. Montgomery, E. H. Tucker, G. M.
    Dalton, C. C. Hawks, W. A. Moore, John F. Turman, A. E.
    Dalton, Paul V. Henley, R. H. Morris, T. W. Turner, Robt. H.
    Dalton, J. M. Hicks, E. F. Nester, G. L. Utt, Worth
    DeHaven, Foy E. Hicks, Harlis P. Nester, John C. Utt, Herman
    Duncan, John R. Hines, Dillard Nester, C. R. Vass, M. M.
    Duncan, James F. Horton, Denny C. Nuckolls, N. R. Weddle, S. B.
    Duncan, F. E. Horton, Delmar L. Nuckolls, C. B. Weddle, N. R.
    Early, J. Roe Howlett, C. M. Nuckolls, C. R. Wilcox, J. C.
    Early, J. N. Hurst, Oscar T. Ogle, E. W. Worrell, J. W.
    Edwards, Kennie Hylton, C. S. Patterson, E. D. Worrell, Ivan B.
    Edwards, Guy M. Hylton, H. E. Quesinberry, Arnold Worrell, N. J.
    Edwareds, Geo. E. Hylton, Jesse Quesinberry, F. L. Webb, Conner
    Edwards, W. W. Jackson, Ausville Quesinberry, E. Webb, J. Fred
    Edwards, Glenn Jackson,, Robt. P. Quesinberry, I. J. Wright, B. M.
    Edwards, H. S. Jackson, E. B. Quesinberry, J. S. -
    Edwards, Ora Jackson, N. O. Quesinberry, Roy -
    Faddis, Fred J. Jackson, J. S. Quesinberry, Lester 180 members
  • Dixie Lodge, No. 202

    Dixie Lodge, No. 202

    Chartered, 1902, District No. 43, Post Office Fries
    Meets at Fries on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.


    Sutherland, M. B., W. M. Hines, J. M., S. W. Taylor, S.O, J.W.
    Elkins, F. L., Treas. Robinson, Ernest A., Secy. Rhudy, Thomas F., S. D.
    Whitsell, S. M., J.D., Vaughan, T. C., Chapl. Hutchinson, M. T., Tiler

    Past Masters

    Andrews, J. C. Elkins, F. F. Padgett, J. C. Whitaker, J. I.
    Boyer, C.H. McLean, J. W. Sutherland, M. B. Powell, C. P.
    Cox, Carl E. Lane, D. S. White, Jno. W. Haynes, Jefferson
    Robinson, Ernest A.      

    Honorary Members

    Padgett, J.C.


    Andrews, J. C. Hutchinson, M. T. Phipps, Jno. C. Taylor, W. W.
    Boyer, C. H. Harper, E. C. Poe, J. O. Thorp, Jno.
    Bolton, J. W. Holdway, H. G. Porter, Geo. M. Vaughan, Robert Lee
    Bolton, Wm. B. Handy, R. C. Porter, W. T. Vaughan, Jim W.
    Byrd, R. D. Hawley, W. A. Powell, C. P. Vaughan, T. C.
    Carrier, J. A. Haynes, Jefferson Porter, George French Vaughan, Jno. B.
    Carrier, W. L. Holcomb, W. L. Porter, H. M. Vaughan, H. D.
    Carico, R. L. Jordan, J. A. Robinson, G. C. Vaughan, C. M.
    Copeland, S. S. Joyce, C. R. Robinson, Ernest A. Wood, W. P.
    Cox, Carl E. Lane, D. S. Rector, J. L. Whitaker, D. J.
    Davis, F. B. Lane, H. T. Roberts, R. O. White, John W.
    Dobyns, Wm. F. Martin, J. D. Rhudy, B. C. Wright, D. B.
    Durham, L. J. Munsey, I. N. Rhudy, Thomas F. Whitaker, J. I.
    Dickenson, R. R. McBride, C. L. Rhudy, O. D. Whitsell, S. M.
    Elkins, F. F. McBride, P. G. Southerland, M. B. Williams, J. W.
    Elkins, F. L. McLean, J. W. Spangler, P. B. Woodruff, J. W.
    Fender, M. E. McLean, E. F. Scott, S. S. Wylie, R. L.
    Ferrer, Carlos A. Padgett, J. C. Taylor, S. O. -
    Hines, J. M. - - 72 members

    Raised - Thomas F. Rhudy
    Withdrawn - C. C. Vaughan
    Suspended for n.p.d. - G. M. Cornett, Geo. K. Fielder, G. L. Rector
    Died - Dan Killinger, J. M. Smith

  • Grayson Lodge, No. 217

    Grayson Lodge, No. 217

    Chartered, December 12, 1886, District No. 43, Post Office Elk Creek
    Meets at Elk Creek on the Saturday before the first Sunday of every month.


    McLean, F. M., W. M. Moore, W. T., S. W. Hale, Camet R., J. W.
    Cornett, G. W., Treas. Rhudy, G. C., Secy Rhudy, L. A.
    Parsons, O. L., J. D. Ward, J. H., Chapl. Fielder, R. C., Tiler

    Past Masters

    Cornett, Leon C. Rhudy, W. F. Williams, G. M. Ward, J. H.
    Rhudy, A> C. McLean, F. M. Williams, G. T. Ward, G. F.
    Delp, J. F. - - -


    Andrews, Geo. F. Ellis, W. M. McLean, F. M. Roberts, A. B.
    Bailey, W. E. Fields, L. Y. Moore, W. T. Roe, Chas. R.
    Bennington, Harry Fielder, R. C. Parsons, O. L. Troy, Geo. W.
    Bourne, A. M. Hale, R. C. Porter, L. M. Ward, J. H.
    Cornette, W. A. C. Hale, W. S. Poole, G. J. Ward, Glen F.
    Cornett, V. E. Hale, E. S. Rhudy, W. F. Williams, G. M.
    Cornett, Leon C. Hale Raymond Rhudy, A. C. Williams, G. T.
    Cornett, G. W. Hale, Camet R. Rhudy, G. G. Williams, C. M.
    Cornett, C. M. Hall, C. H. Rhudy, G. C. Wiendell, W. J.
    Cox, B. M. Jordan, Geo. T. Rhudy, L. A. Watson, Leo. M.
    Delp, Jos. F. Kirby, Fred R. Roberts, W. W. 43 members

    Raised - R. C. Fielder
    Restored to Membership - A. M. Bourne, W. E. Bailey
    Suspended for n.p.d. - M. S. Russell
    Died - June P. Hale

  • Troutdale Lodge, No. 219

    Troutdale Lodge, No. 219

    Chartered, March 12, 1913, District No. 53, Post Office Troutdale
    Meets at Troutdale on the fourth Thursday of every month.


    Harrington, R. H., W. M. Jenkins, J. M., S. W. Long, Fred, J. W.
    Long, S. F., Treas. Long, S. F., Secy McGrady, J. B., S.D.
    Stamper, A. W., J. D. Wright, J. A., Chapl. Delp, Jas. W., Tiler

    Past Masters

    Reedy, E. C. Wright, J. A. Wright, W. F.


    Bateman, G. N. Greear, Phleet McGrady, Booker Taylor, M. P.
    Brooks, Spoor Harrington, C. W. Pasley, Arthur Taylor, W. L.
    Bruner, G. J. Harrington, R. H. Pennington, W. M.Thompson, Virgil Calhoun,
    Calhoun, James H. Halsey, Blaine Pennington, R. H. Ward, J. L.
    Cox, J. C. Halsey, W. G. Pugh, W. H. Wells, J. L.
    Cox, Isom C. Hash, Joe Reedy, E. C. Woods, C. L.
    Currin, J. A. Hudler, W. W. Roberts, E. R. Woods, J. W.
    Delp, Jas. W. Jenkins, J. M. Roberts, C. M. Wright, J. A.
    Duncan, Mack Long, C. H. Ross, E. L. Wright, W. F.
    Greear, A. M. Long, Fred Stamper, Arlie -
    Greear, H. B. Long, S. F. Stiles, W. H. 42 members
  • Mouth of Wilson Lodge, No. 223

    Mouth of Wilson Lodge, No. 223

    Chartered, December 12, 1866, District No. 53, Post Office Mouth of Wilson
    Meets at Grassy Creek on the second Saturday of every month at 7 p.m.


    Duvall, E. R., W. M. Jones, S. F., S. W. Sexton, H. R.
    Hale, S. P., Treas Hale, S. P., Secy Parsons, D. J., S. D.
    Dickson, J.A., J.D. -- Lovelace, J. R., Tiler

    Past Masters

    Robbins, E. L., Duvall, E. R. Weaver, W. A.


    Anderson, R. L. Hale, S. P. Parsons, A. E. Sexton, H. R.
    Ball, J. A. Halsey, I. L. Parsons, J. V. Spencer, J. O.
    Blackburn, R. W. Hudler, Herbert Perkins, L. B. Shumate, J. R.
    Dickson, J. A. Jones, S. F. Rihorn, W. P. Weaver, H. O.
    Duvall, E. R. Johnson, Chas. P. Reedy, O. M. Weaver, H. C.
    Grace, Claude LaRue, W. C. Robbins, E. L. Weaver, W. A.
    Garvey, Paul J. Lovelace, J. R. Ross, W. A. Weaver, J. E.
    Graybeal, J. A. Parsons, D. J. Sexton, E. V. 31 members

    Restored to membership - H. O. Weaver
    Suspended for n.p.d. - Lester W. Blevins
    Died - C. Sebastian, Marshall Mabe