Virginia School Commissioners — 1846


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Virginia School Commissioners — 1846

The Virginia School Commissioners were the antebellum equivalent of the modern school boards. This listing was abstracted from Document No. 4 of the Governor's Message and Annual Reports of the Public Officers of the State, and Boards of Directors, Visitors, Superintendents, and other Agents of Public Institutions or Interests of Virginia Printed under resolutions March 18, 1847, Samuel Shepherd, Public Printer, Richmond, 1847.

Virginia School Commissioners - 1846
County Commissioners
Accomack County George H. Bell, George S. Savage, William L. Major, William P. Moore, Senr., William Parramore, John R. Drummond, George Warner, William Riley, Thomas Parramore, James Fletcher, Oliver Logan, John Massey
Albemarle County James O. Carr, D. R. Goodman, D. M. Jarman, David Hays, J. D. Maddox, John B. Douglass, William Dunkum, N. M. Page, E. H. Moon, James Fritz, Caleb S. Abell, E. Aimes, George W. Harris
Alleghany County Alexander Rayhill, Charles King, Andrew Damron, Sampson Sawyers, Henry Smith, John M.'D Mann. Isaac Steele, James Warren.
Amherst County Henry L. Davies, William Staples, Henry Loving, William Wright, Charles A. Penn, Zachariah Drummond, William E. Coleman, William Dillard, William S. Claiborne, Robert Wingfield, William Kent, Edwin S. Rucker, Pitt Woodruff, John Pryor, Robert H. Carter.
Appomattox County Benjamin P. Walker, William D. Christian, David Robertson, Henry C. Patterson, James M'Dearmon, Daniel Franklin.
Augusta County D. W. Patterson, William Withrow, Jun'r. Alexander S. Hall, James M. Stout, Thomas P. Wilson, Theophilus Gamble, James A. Cochran, Benami Irvine, William Guy, Robert M. White, John A. Tate, Elijah Hogshead, James Berry, A. A. M'Pheeters, D. Sterritt.
Braxton County Charles Mollohan, S. Triplett, Thomas P. Frame,. John Rogers, Felix Sutton, Asa Squires, John B. Byrne.
Barbour County J. H. Woodford, Thomas Proudfoot, Thomas Hall, Abraham Hudkins, James Dilworth, Abram Roger, Melker J. Martin, Felix Ryan, William Johnson, Lair D. Morrall, Abel Morrall. Noah E. Corley.
Bedford County William M. Burwell, William Leftwich, Jr., John Claytor, Kobert [sic] M. Claytor, George P. Luck, James A. Early, William W. Reese, William M'Cabe, William Mead, John P. Hurt, Willis Poindexter, James P. Steptoe, Bernard Rucker, Hiram Cheatwood, William A. Wharton.
Berkeley County Jacob Myers, Edward Williams, Silas Harlen, William Pendleton, Robert V. Snodgrass, Robert K. Robinson, John Hutsler, John Tabb, John Ernest, Alfred Ross, William Maslin, Samuel D. Campbell, John Boyer, Charles J. Faulkner.
Brooke County Thomas Orr, John F. Counsylm, Talbot Hammond, Joseph Rose, Samuel Archer, John Gardner, John C. M. Cowan, James S. Porter, Robert Bane, Joseph Applegate, E. Pennington
Botetourt County Joseph Hannah, John S. Waskey, John Leffel, Jacob Stover, Madison Gilmore, Andrew L. Boyd, James M'Dowell, Thomas Shanks, Charles T. Beale, John Hammon, Morgan Utz.
Buckingham County N. A. Holman, William H. Tapscott, James Harris, E. G. Hanes, Robert T. Hubbard, Fr. Thornton, George W. Kyle, Lewis W. Cabell.
Brunswick County Nathaniel Mason, John P. Atkinson, R. W. Field, Ish. Trotter, B. B. Wilkes, Edward Clayton, A. Mallory, F. W. Green, W. C. Harrison, D. Huff, R. R. Jones.
Clarke County Samuel Bonham, John W. Page, Samuel Bryarly, Squire Bell, John Marshall
Charles City George W. Chancy, Ro. C. Willis, Joseph Gentry, William Folkes, Edmund T. Christian
Cabell County John Harman, John Laidley, John Morris, John Samuels, James M'Comas, Solomon Thornburg.
Campbell County Henry J. Brown, Ralph Smith, H. A. Alexander, William Organ, William W. Mathews, James F. Calloway, Joshua Thornhill, Henry J. Brown, William L. Lambeth.
Caroline County Pichegru Woolfolk, Thomas G. Bell, Hugh Chandler, Barton W. Morris, William A. Moncure, Lovel P. Todd, John Washington, Thomas J. West, Hugh R. White, Henry B. Gouldman, Robert Hudgin.
Charlotte County Joseph M. Daniel, John D. Spragins, William T. Scott, John O. Armistead, Henry T. Redd, John Broocks, William G. Friend, Claiborne Clements.
Carroll County Lewis Starr, Joshua Hanks, John Vaughan, James W. M'Clure, Daniel Carlan, George W. Cloud, William C. Hall, Robert Mitchell
Culpeper County George Ficklen, R. G. Ward, H. Shackelford, O. N. Pemberton, G. Gray, W A. Martin, William Hurt, Edmind Broadus, J. Slaughter, W. Emison
Dinwiddie County William F. Thompson, William D. Young, Daivd F. Hoy, Thomas B. Hamlin, Winston Sutherland, James P. Boisseau, John Smith, L. W. Perkins, Albert Dabney, M. R. Griswold, H. H. Lewis, A. H. Reames
Essex County J. C. Clopton, Richard Baylor, Richard Rowzee, Thomas W. Lewis, Robert G. Haile, Richard L. Covington, James Croxton.
Elizabeth City County Elijah Phillips, Dr. Francis Mallory, Joseph Phillips, John H. Winder, Robert A. Armistead.
Fayette County Charles Hughurt, John Hill, William Carnefix, George Dickson, John Rodes, Alfred Beckley, Fielden Phipps, C. Vaughn.
Franklin County Moses Greer, Samuel H. Woods, James Cannaday, Patrick Hix, Richard M. Taliaferro, Solomon Pasley, Andrew S. Brooks, Samuel Hairston, John S. Burwell.
Fairfax County John Millan, Silas Burke, Charles F. Ford, William S. C. Moore, Thomas B. Love, William Ball, John Gunnell, Dennis Johnston, Robert M. Newman.
Fauquier County Philip A. Klipstein, Rice Hooe, James Payne, Charles Hunton, William R. Smith, R. E. Peyton, J. W. Foster, J. B. Armistead, M. Eskridge, J. B. Downman, William M'Coy, Inman Horner, Francis Payne, James Hume, B. R. Bradford, Thomas Ambler.
Frederick County William Stephenson, Jacob Hieronimus, Mahlon S. Lovett, Henry Richards, George Wright, William Kerr, Joseph S. Carson.
Floyd County Isaac Moore, Valentime Thrash, Thomas Banks, Thomas M'Cabe, Johm W. Helms, Henry Bishop.
Fluvanna County William Rock, James Magruder, Barrett G. Payne, John Noel, John M. Haden, Martin B. Shepherd.
Grayson County S. Cox, Stephen Ross, Robert Vaughan, Samuel M'Camant, Eli Cornutt, "and another."
Greene County John Graves, Alfred J. Twyman, Robert Pritchett, Oliver Finks, James M'Mullan, Granville Kenedy, William T. Chapman.
Greenbrier County Robert Stephen, P. Beirne, M. Mathews, E. M. Brown, John Miller, William Rodgers, William Renick, John Burr, John Erwin, David Hanah.
Greensville County Edward P. Scott, Thomas Johnston, Mordecai Jones, Jabez Morris, Mark M. Harwell, S. R. Murfee, Henry Maclin.
Giles County Isaac Epling, John Miller, Charles King, Madison Allen, William C. Charlton, Samuel Pack.
Gilmer County T. H. Beall, C.B. Conrad, S. L. Hays, John G. Springston, Ephraim Sayre, P. G. Hays, Lemuel Stump, Joseph Knotts.
Goochland County William Ford, John M. Trevilian, Ro. B. Haden, George Mayo, William J. Hunter, Thomas James, Jesse A. Miller, T. W. Pleasants, C. F. Pope, Martin Key.
Gloucester County A. G. Taliferro, Seth Pointer, R. P. Jones, H. Chapman, C. S. Jones, A. Bland, Thomas Sears, S. D. Puller, Joel Hayes, Jefferson Stubbs, J. W. Hughes, J. C. Hughes, William F. Lewellin, William R. Stubbs, Edward Sears.
Halifax County John T. Clark, Thornton Puryear, E. Barksdale, Senr, E. Barksdale, Jr., William C. Tucker, George P. Richardson, Thomas R. Renick, John L. Jennings, Edward Bruce, Beverly R. Fleming, John R. Edmunds, David Chalmers.
Hampshire County William Vance, James Allen, Frederick Sheets, Henry Trout, James B. Heiskell, Isaac Pancake, John M'Dowell, David Gibson, John Carson, John Ronnells, Robert B. Sherrand, Robert Carmichael, Joseph Smith, Eli Beale.
Hardy County Gabriel Fox, William N. Scott, S. H. Alexander, Miles Parsons, William Snodgras, John Inskeep, John Burch, Henry Smith, William Branson, F. Idleman, James Duval, Joseph Miller, Joseph Williams, J. K. Chambers, "and another."
Harrison County George Swiger, M. Winters, J. D. Wilson, E. Kayser, E. Stewart, Moses Shinn, John Goff, J. Gossman, N. Goff.
Hanover County James Winston, J. H. Ernest, William H. Curtis, Ed. Sydnor, G. M. Hardin, William B. Green, William Palman, J. B. Wood, N. C. Crenshaw, Jesse G. Yarbrough, P. Nelson, J. J. Pleasants, W. C. Shelton, Alfred Duke, P. H. Price.
Henry County George Gravely, William A. Taylor, William A. Dandridge, George K. Jones, Hardin Nance, Richard G. Lamkin, Robert J. Hankins, E. B. Turner, William J. Hamlett.
Henrico County Walter Leake, William Carter, Jesse F. Keese, Albert J. Smith, Walter Leake [two in the list], S. G. Waldrop, Francis Staples, William Gay, Richard S. Cauthorn.
Isle of Wight County James M. Jordan, N. W. Norsworthy, Irvine W. Duck, Monroe Clements, Lucien E. N. Wills, Albert G. Moody, Henry H. Womble, Jacob H. Duck, M. W. Darden, James P. Jordan.
James City County H. B. M. Richardson, George C. Richardson, Thomas Harris, John T. Marston, F. D. Piggott, H. L. Taylor, William T. Lindsey, Robert Morris, Richard C. Wynne.
Jackson County E. S. Evans, Andrew Flesher, D. W. Sayre, Thomas Coleman, William Shepherd, William Sheppard, S. B. Seaman, Thomas Boggs, George Stone, Jesse Carney, G. Bozzle, Jonathan Casto.
Jefferson County John Humphreys, Charles Harper, Jacob Morgan, William G. Butler, Jacob Hess, M. Helm, Gerard D. Moore, Isaac Henkle, G. B. Stephenson, Sebastian Eaty, George Eichelberger, Richard Williams, H. N. Gallaher, William Grantham, J. C. R. Taylor.
Kanawha County J. Robinson, Adam Coon, Alexader W. Quarrier, William Millan, John Hansford, Jr., Alexander W. Handley, John C. Thomas, F. Thompson, John P. Streete, J. Shrewsbury, Sen., William King, Allen M. Smith
King and Queen County William Bird, Roderick Bland, Francis Smith, Ro. F. Stubbs, James T. Boyd, Carter Trice, Benjamin P. Cooke, James C. Roy, Edward S. Acree, James R. Fleet, J. H. Skelton, David P. Wright.
King George County William Greenlaw, Abram B. Hooe, Michael Wallace, James G. Taliaferro, Th. B. B. Baber.
King William County William S. Ryland, E. W. Saturwhite, Martin Drewry, George Edwards, Archee Brown, Thomas Starke, Th. W. S. Gregory.
Lancaster County Ralph Edmonds, John Chowning, J. B. Bramham, Samuel Gresham, Charles H. Leland, James Simmons, Cyrus Doggett, Addison Hall, Joseph P. Flippo.
Lee County V. A. Woodard, Joshua Ewing, Isaiah Jones, Benjamin F. Habern, William Richmond, Ro. W. Wynn, John Smith, Samuel H. Duff, Isaac Crumley, Charles Couk, John Miller, George F. Ely, John Fulkerson, Samuel Ewing, Hugh Houston "and another."
Lewis County Thomas Bland, David H. Smith, M. G. Bush, Vincent Alexander, John W. Westfall, Alfred Morgan.
Logan County James P. Christian, Anthony Lawson, James H. Ferguson, Reece Browning, William Straton, John Cooke, C. S. Stone, John Hill "and another."
Loudoun County Joshua Pusey, F. W. Luckett, Benjamin Maulsby, William Grubb, Alexander D. Lee, George Marlow, Jonas P. Schooley, Joel Nixon, Noble S. Braden, Hamilton Rogers, Thomas J. Marlow, John M. Harrison, Thomas Nichols, Abner Gibson, Newton Keene.
Louisa County Col. William O. Harris, Charles B. Hopkins, Hiram Sanders, Charles C. Jennings, John R. Quarles, William D. Mansfield, William J. Pendleton, Samuel A. Guy, Archibald Anderson, John S. May, Robert M. Kent, Thomas Shelton.
Lunenburg County George L. Bayn, Robert W. Bragg, Colin Stokes, William A. Stone, John C. Epes, Elisha M. Watson, John R. Manson, William Wilkerson, Joel M. Ragsdale, G. O. Hardy, and "one other."
Marshall County George Dowler, William Clanson, Robert M'Conaghy, Henry Lockman, William M'Farland, John T. M'Creery, Jacob Keller, Walter Gray.
Mathews County Isaac Foster, W. M. Brownley, A. K. Shepard, William Shultice, John R. Billups, Mat. J. Davis, Robert Billups, Richard B. Brownley, Walter G. Lane, Leo. Richardson.
Marion County Benjamin Fleming, William Swearingen, Thomas A. Little, William Meredith, Hillery Boggess, John Price, Enoch W. Dudley, David Cuningham, William Lucas.
Mason County William Stephenson, S. G. Shaw, T. G. Hogg, Thomas Ball, L. L. Branaugh, A> Bryan, J. W. Beale, M. D. Brown, David George.
Mercer County William White, Elijah Peters, Syms Thompson, Chrispy A. Walker, A. W. J. Caperton, Daniel Strailey.
Mecklenburg County James M. Harwell, James C. Gregory, J. B. Dupuy, R. H. Baptist, C. S. Hutcheson, Daniel Middagh, David Shelton.
Middlesex County William L. Gatewood, John P. Bristow, Mark W. Towill, Zach. Street, Robert Mackan, Lewis Jones, Hierom Walker, Lewis A. Seward, Robert Healy.
Morgan County Jacob Brosius, Jacob Ash, Cromwell Orrick, Peter Dyche, Samuel Mendenhall, Isaiah Buck, Samuel Abernathy, George Aulabaugh, Andrew Michael, Jun'r, Aaron Harlow, Isaac Baker.
Monogalia County William Lantz, Aaron Barker, Alfred Bowen, Joseph W. Stewart, John Watts, Elijah Tarleton
Monroe County John Holsapple, Richard V. Shanklin, Andrew Allen, James Francis, Charles R. Hines, John H. Vawter, Owen Neel, James M. Brynside, F. F. Neel, John B. Hogshead.
Montgomery County Richard Brockingham, William C. Taylor, John R. Charlton, John Peterman, George Earheart, Redmon Eakin, Henry Taylor, R. D. Montague, Jacob Kent.
Nansemond County Jacob C. Cohoon, William D. M'Clenny, Jesse Perry, H. H. Kelly, William H. Godwin, P. N. Phillips, Jethro Riddick, E. Smith, Edward B. Hunter, James H. Godwin "and another."
New Kent County Richard P. Cooke, Charles C. Crump, Isaac Tyrer, N. Saunders, A. T. Parkinson, J. L. Poindexter, Melville Vaiden, William P. Richardson, Benjamin Timberlake.
Nelson County John W. Dickinson, Harlow W. Heath, Ryland Rodes, N. F. Cabell, Wilson Peters, Frederick M. Cabell, Guthridge Thurmond, H. Jones, Daniel L. Wright.
Nicholas County Robert Kelly, Edward Campbell, Henry Jones, James Dyer, John Duffy, John Brow, Robert Hamilton
Northampton County John Adams, George Brickhouose, Thomas Fisher, Smith Nottingham, L. B. Nottingham, George P. Fitchett.
Nottoway County William Thomas, John L. Morgan, George A. Cralle, Thomas Jackson, John H. Knight.
Norfolk County Not named
Norfolk City H. B. Reardon, J. H. Robertson, Nicholas W. Parker, Benjamin Pollard, S. Hartshorn "and others."
Northumberland County John H. Harding, William Henderson, Hiram Claughton, Th. S. Sydnor, Edwin Nelms, William Blackwell, Alexander Blackwell, William P. Boothe, Cyrus Harding
Orange County Elhanon Row, W. S. Frazer, Richard Richards, James B. Newman, Robert W. Brooking, George W. Morton, John Willis, Lewis B. Williams.
Ohio County David Atkinson, Benjamin F. Kelly, John Brady, Joseph Yates, William Gregg, Thomas Thornburg, Joseph Carson, Samuel H. B. Carter.
Patrick County Martin Cloud, A. Stewart, Charles Smith, George C. Dodson, Stpehen Thomas, John Hancock, George W. King, Jesse Carr, A. A. Moir, John Tuggle, Thomas Penn, James Brammer, P. P. Penn, John Shellar, John W. Hancock, Richard Thomas
Page County Jacob Brubaker, John Leonberger, Reuben P. Bell, John Beaver, Jacob Strole, Peter Price.
Pendleton County William M'Coy, Peter Hall, Thomas Jones, Benammi Hansel, Josiah Hiner, Campbell Masters, Harry F. Temple, William H. Dyer, Cyrus Hopkins, Andrew W. Dyer, John Boggs, Jacob F. Johnson, James Boggs, Emanuel Arbogast, John Bird.
Petersburg Lewis Mabry, Robert Ritchie, William Lea, Francis Major, Samiel Mordecai, A. G. M'Ilvaine, George W. Bolling, William Magee, John Bragg, Hugh Nelson, Thomas Branch, D'Arcy Paul.
Preston County James M'Grew, John Feathers, Jacob Crane, Jesse Hall, Joseph N. Miller, John C. Wetring, Israel Baldwin, Jacob Miller, William H. Grimes, William Brandon, S. R. Trowbridge.
Prince Edward County James H. Wilson, James Venable, William B. Baker, L. C. Jeffress, John W. Redd, John A. Scott, Thomas O. Rowlett, George W. Daniel, Jos. Phillips.
Prince George County R. B. Batte, Thomas H. Daniel, P. C. Marks, William E. Proctor, C. Proctor, James S. Gee, Fabian Armistead.
Prince William County John Fitzhugh, Jesse Ewell, William J. Weir, Allen Howison, R. W. Wheat, Jos. Janney, C. H. Hunton, I. E. Weems.
Princess Anne County H. B. Woodhouse, David Corprew, Walter S. Way, Tully H. Whitehurst, Davidson Morris, Jonathan Hunter, William Roberts, John H. Dey, Major P. Pitts.
Pittsylvania County Jeduthan Carter, William C. Grasty, William L. Pannill, James A. Mitchell, George S. Sutherland, William Womack, Drury Blair, Richard T. Walden, Reuben Bennett, John W. Guerrant, John D. Hunt, George W. Coleman, Henry W. Barksdale, Coalman D. Bennett, Joseph E. Anderson, Robert Wilson.
Powhatan County John J. Watkins, John J. Flournoy, Robert K. Dabney, Thomas Brown, Josiah Smith, Chastain Cocke.
Pocahontas County Patrick Bruffey, Isaac Moore, Henry M. Moffett, Preston Moore, Josiah Beard, Thomas Hill
Pulaski County Isaac Hudson, Aziel Snow, John Calfee, G. Shepherd, John Caddall, John Glendy, John H. Vermillon.
Rappahannock County William Slaughter, Elijah Amiss, Robert Eastham, Franklin Turner, Reuben Slaughter, John Hopper, Mark Reid.
Randolph County A. Crouch, Charles C. See, David Goff, Squire Bosworth, Levi Ward, John Taylor, Jacob W. See.
Ritchie County James Martin, James M'Gregor, Lewis Bond, Andrew Law, Purviance Murphy, D. Rexroad, Richard Wanless.
Richmond City John Dove, James Sizer, Thomas H. Ellis, James H. Grant, George M. Carrington, James E. Heath, Samuel Reeve, Archibald Pleasants, William Rowlett
Richmond County Robert W. Carter, William H. Tayloe, L. Shackleford, John Mayo, F. W. Pendleton.
Rockbridge County A. B. Stuart, John W. Hamilton, William B. Sterritt, Dr. D. G. Houston, John S. Leech, A. Gilmore, John C. Laird, William G. White, John M. Wilson, Henry B. Jones, John M'Bride, Robert Sterrit.
Rockingham County Edward H. Smith, W. G. Stevens, John Vigar, A. Hopkins, Jesse Ralston, William C. Harrison, Jacob Trumbe, William G. Thompson, Reuben Moore, Joseph H. Conrad, George W. Kemper, Jonathan Peale, W. H. Harris.
Roanoke County Elias Thompson, James Kyle, William B. Preston, J. F. J. White, Henry Shaver, P. H. Huff.
Russell County Larkin Herndon, James P. Carrell, Robert Fugate, Christian Easterly, Samuel Gibson, Thomas Dickinson, George W. Johnson, William D. Hurt.
Stafford County Thomas Hill, Thomas Norman, Burkett P. Bowen, James Tolson, Samuel S. Brooke, Robert Kendall, John Swetnam, John Irvine.
Shenandoah County David Stickley, William S. Newill, William Bahn, W. W. Magruder, David Crawford, Henry Cullers, George M'Inturff, George Grandstaff, Israel Rinker, Levi Rinker, Jacob Noel, Joseph R. Sibert
Smyth County William Scott, Sr., William Porter, William Scott, Jr., James Cole, James B. Sanders, Thomas T. Hull, James F. Pendleton, Joseph W. Davis, Martin Davis, P. C. Buchanan, T. G. Pearson, Andrew Shannon, Theo. G. Pearson.
Scott County Dale W. Carter, Isaac C. Anderson, Henry A. Morrison, Robert Spur, Thomas Strong, George M'Connell, William Bickley, Elijah Hart.
Spottsylvania County Reuben T. Thom., Thomas D. Smith, William Beazley, James R. Holladay, Lewis A. Boggs, Thomas Bullock, Charles Beazley, Sanford Chancellor, Gabriel Long.
Southampton County Simon Murfee, Th. B. Worrell, Benjamin Divany, William D. Hoover, Howell Harris, Theo. Trezvant, Josha Presson, Alexander Myrick, James Maget, William G. Stephenson, James Holmes, Barham Wrenn, William A. Jones.
Sussex County William H. Pegram, John Owen, John W. Potts, William S. Thornton, William Thornton, William T. Barham, Cyrus F. Dillard, Henry W. Eppes, John J. Prince.
Surry County William H. Edwards, William P. Underwood, Jacob Faulcon, David Hargrave, James Carroll, Bolling Ellis, James Harris.
Tazewell County A. Hall, Henry B. Harman, A. Crockett, E. G. Harman, G. C. Thorn, Samuel Cecil, William Thompson, William Barnes, C. A. Spotts, John Cecil, Samuel Witten, A. A. Spotts.
Taylor County Solomon Ryan, Benjamin Sinclair, Lewis Haymond, James Knotts, J. H. Potts, S. Blue, M. H. Johnson
Tyler County Joseph Archer, James Birckhead, John Bullman, William Anderson, A. S. Core, Jer. Williams, William Underwood, Jacob Thomas, Benjamin Wells, William Wells, James Stealey, Friend Cox.
Washington County Jonathan King, Edward Latham, Robert F. Preston, Jacob Lynch, Abram Mongle, William M. Gobble, John M. Ropp, David Campbell, Joseph Miller, John W. Price &c.
Wayne County Hiram Chadwick, John Bromley, Anthony Plymale, John Atkins, Walter Queen, Hugh A. Bowen.
Warren County John S. Davison, John Rust, Marcus C. Richardson, Daniel Cloud, and Robert Turner.
Williamsburg Ro. M'Candlish, Lemuel J. Bowden, J. C. Sheldon, Ro. M. Garrett, John M. Galt.
Wythe County John Stanger, John A. Sanders, George Kincanon, Anderson Howard, John G. Graham, John P. Mathews, George Stuart, Christopher Brown, George Hudson, John Grayson
Wood County T. Boulware, John Taylor, George Compton, Samuel Hammett, John M'Farland, John Hannaman, John Barnett, Jr., Barnes Beckwith
York County Not stated.