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Grayson County, Virginia, World War Memorial

The Grayson County, Virginia memorial to her sons who lost their lives in World War I and World War II is located at the southwest corner or the Historic 1908 Courthouse lawn.

Independence Historical Marker
This bronze tablet is near the Independence Town Historical marker.

Independence Historical Marker

The names inscribed on the Grayson County World War Memorial Marker are:

World War I
Lee Adams John A. Farmer Posey L. Lamkin Woody Sage
Warrick Anders Everett M. Guynn Emmett Nichols Sidney L. Sexton
Roscoe C. Atkins Leon E. Hale Jas. K. Pennington Lundy Shumate
John Barker Kyle C. Hash Benjamin B. Phipps Curren F. Stoneman
Daniel J.Bourne Jones A. Hawkins Roscoe C. Poe George H. B. Sutherland
Bays F. Boyer David Henderson Edgar Reedy Hurley Wheatley
Coy Cheek John W. Ingersoll Everett K. Reedy Mack B. Wiles
Harvey E. Cornett Stuart Isom George F. Rhudy Ralph Williams
Robert G. Cox John P. Jones Guy Richardson.  
Otto M. Daniel Estell L. Kister Munsey Rose  

World War II
Walter R. Anders Robert A. Cox Carl E. Huffman Darrell T. Richardson
Ralph H. Anderson Otis L. Crigger Curtis E. Isom William T. Roberts
William E. Anderson, Jr. Herbert A. Davis Blane Johnson Curtis L. Sebastian
Robert L. Ausborne Curtis D. Delp John D. Joines Odell Shepherd
Marshall W. Bailey William G. Dickens Burchell D. Jones Charlie W. Shores
James J. Baker Dan Edwards Ray S. Kegley Oscar G. Shupe
George W. Baker John O. Emerson Jack C. Lampkin Kasper K. Simms
Clifford H. Bartlett Paul E. Evans Benjamin S. Landreh Leslie J. Sizemore
Jesse L. Barnes Fred J. Faircloth Noah D. Lowe Edgar G. Smith
John V. Barton Edwin C. Funk Romey E. Lowe Arnold E. Stamper
James A. Blevins Roy E. Galyean Glenn W. Mabe, II Eldon D. Sutherland
Otis R. Boyer Russell J. Gilley John M. Mauney Ellis G. Sutherland
Sam. J. Boyer Fred W. Goad Charles P. Mayberry Sherman C. A. Sutphin
George G. Brewer Stephen A. Grabovich Harold R. Mickey William R. Sutphin
Quinton R. Bucham James W. Graybeal Arlin Miller Robert J. Swayne, Sr.
Rush H. Burcham Francis E. Grubb William G. Noblett Edward C. Thomas
Clyde B. Butcher Glen B. Halsey Eugene F. Parsons Joseph B. Vaughan
Oliver S. Byrd Kyle J. Halsey Woodrow W. Pennington Dan J. Weatherman
Dempsey J. Carrico Rupert L. Hampton Letcher C. Phipps Edward M. Weaver
John G. Cates Albert M. Handy James A.Pinion Willie W. Weaver
Charles H. Caudell Charlies H. Hart Rex W. Powers James C. Webb
Boyd Cockerham Carl H. Hash James R. Price Louis E. Winsett, Jr.
Olen Cornett Emmett Hash, Jr. John D. Pugh  
Everett C. Cooter Bert W. Higgins Edward B. Reavis  
Roald B. Cox Fred C. Hill Dale C. Reedy