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Northwest North Carolina World War II Deaths

This is a list of U.S. Army and U.S. Army Air Corps personnel who died in World War II of disease, wounds, or directly in battle. These individuals listed Northwest North Carolina counties as their home of record.

Abbreviations Used
KIA - Killed in Action
DNB - Died Non-Battle
DOW - Died of Wounds
DOI - Died of Injuries
FOD - Finding of Death (Used where someone was missing and presumed killed in action)
MIA - Missing, circumstances undetermined

  • Alleghany County

    Andrews, Claude, Tec4, KIA
    Barrett, Levi T., CPL, DNB
    Blevins, Walter, Tec5, DNB
    Caudill, Leff J., Pvt., KIA
    Crouse, Charlie M., Pvt., KIA
    Gant, John H., Sr., PFC, KIA
    Irwin, George E., Pvt., KIA
    Jolly, Ross S., PFC, KIA
    Landreth, Robert S., Sgt., DNB
    LaRue, Charles C., Tec5, DNB
    Miles, Vernon C., PFC, DNB
    Miller, Wade L., CPL., KIA
    Osborne, Sam W. SSG, KIA
    Presnell, Audie L., Jr., PFC, DOW
    Richardson, Samuel E., PFC, DNB
    Shaw, Eugene E., PFC, KIA
    Spurlin, Romie L., PFC, KIA
    Taylor, William B., 1st Lt., DNB.
    Wagoner, James T., PFC, KIA
    Wagoner, Robert C., Sgt., DNB
    Wolfe, Earlie L., 2nd Lt., DOW

  • Ashe County

    Bare, Clell C., Pvt., KIA
    Bowen, Charles H., CPL., KIA
    Brown, Lida A., PFC, KIA
    Burkett, Lawrence A., Pvt., KIA
    Crepps, Francis H., PFC, KIA
    Davis, Gale M., PFC, KIA
    DeBord, Frank M., Pvt., DOW
    Eller, Blanco, PFC, KIA
    Fowlkes, Marvin W., PFC, DOW
    Gentry, Ray A., SSG, FOD
    Goodman, Raymond A., Pvt., KIA
    Greene, Raymond E., Pvt., DNB
    Greer, Ford E., PFC., DOW
    Grogan, Ellis D., PFC, DOW
    Herron, Elmer O., 1st Lt., FOD
    Holcombe, James E., SSG, DNB
    Holman, George C., PFC, KIA
    Holton, Gilmer H., Sr., 1st Lt., FOD
    Hopkins, James G., PFC, KIA
    Houk, Wallace G., SSG, DOW
    Jones, Vance, SSG, DNB
    Krider, J. C., PFC, KIA
    Miller, Roger F., PFC, KIA
    Moretz, Alonzo D., PFC, KIA
    Mullis, Earnest D., PFC, KIA
    Oliver, Carl E., Sgt., DOW
    Oliver, Earl, Pvt., KIA
    Osborne, Grover C., PFC, DNB
    Osborne, James H.., Pvt., KIA
    Osborne, John H., PFC, KIA
    Osborne, Junior A., Pvt., KIA
    Phillips, Richard B., Sgt., MIA
    Rash, Paul W., Pvt., DOW
    Richardson, Cecil W., Sgt., DOW
    Roberts, Herman C., Pvt., KIA
    Roten, James C., Pvt., KIA
    Russ, James C., Capt., DNB.
    Severt, Claude R., Pvt., DOW
    Shamburg, Kenneth F., Pvt., KIA
    Shepherd, Verna R., Pvt., KIA
    Stansberry, William L., PFC, DNB
    Testerman, David H., Pvt., DOW
    Vaught, Thomas E., PFC, KIA
    Viers, Rex, Pvt., DNB
    Walters, Charles H., Sr., Pvt., KIA
    Witherspoon, Larkin L., 1st Sgt., KIA
    Wood, Charles T., PFC, DOW
    Wyatt, Lester, PFC, KIA
    Wyatt, Thomas N., Pvt., KIA
    Yates, James V., Pvt., KIA
    Yearick, John H., Sgt., DOW
    Younce, James R., Pvt., DNB
    Young, Edwin B., SSG, DNB

  • Avery County

    Buchannan, Harry R., Pvt., KIA
    Buchannan, Jack E., Pvt., KIA
    Bumgarner, Carl T., Capt., DNB
    Burleson, Bernie E., PFC, KIA
    Burleson, Henry F., Pvt., KIA
    Burleson, Jack B., Pvt., KIA
    Calloway, Jack M., PFC, KIA
    Calvert, Wm. E., Pvt., KIA
    Cantrell, Charles W., Tec5, DOW
    Cuthbertson, Tommy, PFC, KIA
    Davis, Ernest, CPL, DNB
    Fields, Willard R., SSG, DNB
    Guy, Carson M., Sgt., DNB
    Haga, David L., SSG, KIA
    Harmon, Albert R., SSG, FOD
    Henson, Thurman L., Pvt., KIA
    Hicks, Lawrence E., Sgt., DNB
    Hopson, Jim, PFC, DNB
    Horny, George W., PFC, KIA
    Houston, William G., 2nd Lt., DOI
    Hughes, Jerry W., Pvt., KIA
    Johnson, Jewell, Tec5, DOI
    Joiner, Robert L., Sgt., DNB
    Keller, Earl D., PFC, KIA
    King, Ray S., Pvt., DNB
    Lisbon, William C., Pvt., DNB
    Michael, James L., Pvt., DNB
    Norman, Robert R., Cpl., KIA
    Perry, George L., Cpl., DNB
    Phillips, Howard J., Tsgt., KIA
    Prather, Liston A., Pvt., KIA
    Rolfe, Jesse, PFC, KIA
    Shoemaker, Wm. E., 1st Lt., MIA
    Stamey, Earl K., 1st Lt., FOD
    Sudderth, William H., PFC, KIA
    Swift, Paul T., Pvt., DNB
    Tollie, James L., Pvt., DNB
    Vance, Dayton H., Pvt., KIA
    Vance, Elbert J., PFC, KIA
    Walters, Rondha L., Pvt., KIA
    Wiseman, Joseph L., SSG, FOD

  • Watauga County

    Ashley, Fred M., PFC, KIA
    Ashley, Ray G., Pvt., DNB
    Baird, Mitch A., SSG, KIA
    Brown, Ralph M., Pvt., KIA
    Calloway, John H., SSG, KIA
    Caudill, Wm. M., SSG, KIA
    Combs, Ralph O., PFC, KIA
    Conway, John J., 1st Lt., DNB
    Curry, Stanley A., PFC, DOW
    Davis, Lemuel K., PFC, KIA
    Edmisten, John M., PFC, KIA
    Eggers, Carroll D., Sgt., KIA
    Eggers, George R., PFC, DNB
    Eggers, Emsley M., 1st Lt., FOD
    Greene, Olma D., PFC, KIA
    Greer, Noah J., Tec4, DNB
    Hagaman, Paul D., SSG, DOI
    Hayes, Bynum E., Pvt., KIA
    Hicks, Gordon A., Sgt., DNB
    Hallifield, Jay B., Sgt, KIA
    Johnson, John D., Pvt., KIA
    Lookabill, Benjamin F., PFC, KIA
    Mast, Frank T., PFC, KIA
    Moody, James R., Pvt., DNB
    Norris, Walter E., PFC, DNB
    Potter, Delmer M., Pvt., KIA
    Presnell, Ernest E. K., PFC, KIA
    Proffitt, Henry G., PFC, DNB
    Simmons, Robert C., PFC, FOD
    Stokes, Roger W., Tec5, DNB
    Storie, Clyde J., Cpl., KIA
    Triplett, Dillard L., PFC, KIA
    Vines, William H., PFC, KIA
    Ward, Harry W., MSG, DNB.

  • Wilkes County

    Benge, Lars C., PFC, KIA
    Bentley, William W., St., Tec4, DOW
    Bishop, Steward L., PFC, KIA
    Blevins, Clarence E., 1st Lt., KIA
    Bowers, Edgar D., PFC, KIA
    Bowers, King O., PFC, KIA
    Brooks, Glenn W., Pvt., KIA
    Brookshire, Grover E., Pvt., DNB
    Byrd, John T., Pvt., DNB
    Chambers, Harold M., PFC, DOW
    Chandler, Fred L., Pvt., FOD
    Church, Hansford T., Pvt., KIA
    Church, James R., Pvt., KIA
    Coffey, Elmer J., Pvt., DOW
    Colvard, Ben J., Sgt., KIA
    Crowder, Hubert W., PFC, KIA
    Cox, Glennie T., Pvt., DNB
    Curry, Talmadge S., PFC, DNB
    Dancy, Isaac H., PFC, DNB
    Davis, Clegg M., SSG, DNB
    Davis, Fred O., Pvt., KIA
    Dillard, Charlie L., Tec5, KIA
    Dillard, Lloyd W., PFC, KIA
    Dowell, Audry B., PFC, DNB
    Ellide, Ralph J., Pvt., KIA
    Eller, Percy H., PFC, DNB
    Estep, Charles R., PFC, KIA
    Ferguson, Howard L., Pvt., KIA
    Finley, Robert W., Capt., KIA
    Gambill, Hugh M., PFC, DOW
    Griffin, Purcy, PFC, KIA
    Hampton, Wade, PFC, DNB
    Handy, Minton M., Pvt., KIA
    Handy, Walter W., PFC, KIA
    Hanks, Charles W., SSG, KIA
    Harrold, Willie R.., PFC, DOW
    Hawkins, Millard C., Pvt., DNB
    Hayes, Henry C., Pvt., KIA
    Haynes, James P., PFC, KIA
    Haynes, Willie L., PFC, KIA
    Holcomb, Linville, Pvt., KIA
    Holleman, Charles L., Tec5, KIA
    Hooper, L. V., Pvt., DOW
    Hubbard, Eli L., Pvt., KIA
    Johnson, Fred, PFC, KIA
    Keaton, Liston J., Pvt., KIA
    Key, Luther T., Pvt., DNB
    Kilby, James G., Tec5, KIA
    Love, Burl W., Sr., Pvt., KIA
    Love, James D., Pvt., KIA
    Marley, George F., PFC, DOW
    Martin, John V., 2nd Lt., KIA
    Mastin, Baxter D., PFC, KIA
    Mastin, Edgar J., PFC, KIA
    Mathis, John S., Jr., Sgt., DN
    McGee, Julius L., SSG, DNB
    McHone, Warren F., PFC, DOW
    Meade, Lewis W., Cpl., DNB
    Miner, Elbert C., SSG, KIA
    Mitchell, James P., SSG, DNB
    Nelson, Filmore, Pvt., KIA
    Oliver, Charles B., PFC, KIA
    Palmer, Lloyd W., PFC, KIA
    Painter, Lloyd J., Pvt., DNB
    Parker, Andrew C., SSG, KIA
    Pearson, Joe H., PFC, KIA
    Pennell, Chadcie L., Pvt., DNB
    Roten, Pozy, SSG, KIA
    Royal, Geter _, DNB
    Royall, Dayton C., PFC, KIA
    Sale, Robert B., Tec5, DOW
    Schubert, Otto J., PFC, KIA
    Shaffner, Troy L., Tec5, KIA
    Shell, Ben F., Pvt., DNB
    Shew, John W., Pvt., DNB
    Shumate, Ivy J., PFC, KIA
    Shumate, Roby O., Pvt., KIA
    Simmons, Aubrey C., Pvt., KIA
    Smoak, Sam, Tsgt., FOD
    Smoot, Ira H., Pvt., KIA
    Souther, Earl C., PFC, KIA
    Sprinkle, Cyrus R., Pvt., KIA
    Staley, Wayne H., PFC, FOD
    Taylor, Dean, PFC, KIA
    Templeton, Edward M., Pvt., KIA
    Thompson, Raymond, Tec4, DOW
    Tomlinson, Archie B., 2nd Lt., FOD
    Transou, Ray R., PFC, KIA
    Triplett, Carter C., Pvt., KIA
    Triplett, Howard B., Pvt., KIA
    Ward, Robert L., Sgt., DNB
    Wilborn, George, PFC, KIA
    West, Chalcie C., Pvt., KIA
    Whittington, James A., Pvt., KIA
    Wiles, Curtis L., Pvt., KIA
    Wilmouth, Carl, PFC, KIA
    Yates, Roby P., PFC, KIA