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World War I — Virginia — Medical Advisory Boards

  • Medical Advisory Board No. 1-Members: J. H. Hiden, M.D., Pungoteague; G. L. Fosque, M. D., Onancock; H. R. Nevitte, M. D., Temperanceville; R. J. White, M. D., Keller; G. L. Sledge, M. D., Parksley; S. B. Ward, D. D. S., Belle Haven. Jurisdiction-Accomac County. Chairman-O. R, Fletcher, M. D, Sanford. Headquarters-Sanford.
    Note-W. F. Kellam, M. D., served December, 1917, to January, 1918; Frank Fletcher, M. D., served December, 1917, to January, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 2-Members: 3. M. Lynch, M.D., Cape Charles; G. F. Floyd, M. D. Bridgetwon, J. G. Goode, M. D. Cheriton; W. B. Widgen, D.D., Nassawadox. Jurisdiction--Northampton County. Chairman--G. W. Holland, M.D., Eastville. Headquarters-- Eastville.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 3--Members (Board 3-A): J. W. Rawles, M.D., Fairmount Park, J. F. Woodward, M.D., Norfolk; J. W. Hunter, M.D., Norfolk (released to enter military servie November 13, 1918); Wm. B. Newcomb, M.D., Norfolk, M. T. Doyles, M.D., Norfolk, E. P. Beadles, D. D.S., Norfolk. Chairman--Kirkland Ruffin, M.D., Norfolk. Headquarters -- Norfolk.
    Note--J. J. McCormick, M.D. served December 1917 to February 1918; T. S. Carey, M.D., served March to November 1918; L. T. Royster, M.D., served December 1917, to February 1918; R. E. Whitehead, M.D., served December, 1917, to February, 1918.
  • Members (Board 3-B)-E. E. Field, M. D., Norfolk; Warren White, M. D., Norfolk; N. G. Wilson, M. D., Norfolk; A. II. Wilson, M. D., Norfolk; C. Lydon Harrell, M. D., Norfolk; W. H. Pearson, D. D. S., Norfolk. Chairman-B. A. Hatton, M. D., Portsmouth. Headquarters-Norfolk.
    Note--R. I. Payne, M. D., served December, 1917, to March, 1918; Bernard Lankford, M. D. (released for military service), served December, 1917, to April, 1918; W. W. Sylvester, M. D., served December, 1917, to January, 1918; W. B. Driver, M. D., served December, 1917, to March 1, 1918; C. T. Parrish, M. D., served December, 1917, to March 1, 1918; C. W. Doughty, M. D., served December, 1917, to February, 1918.
  • Members (Board 3-B)-Joseph Grice, M. D., Portsmouth; H. L. Corbell, M. D., Portsmouth; T. S. Cook, M. D., Portsmouth; Everitt A. Land, M. D., Portsmouth; Wm. H. Haller, D. D. S., Portsmouth; F. S. Hope, M. D., Portsmouth; A. A. Bilisoly, M. D., Portsmouth; B. H. Claud, M. D., Portsmouth. Jurisdiction-Norfolk and Princess Anne Counties and Cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth. Chairman- C. H. Barlow, M. D., Portsmouth. Headquarters-Portsmouth.
    Note-Board organized March 2, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 4-Members: H. H. Pretlow, M. D., Suffolk; Dr. J. F. Morrison, Suffolk; J. B. Hawles, M. D., Suffolk; Rea Parker, M. D., Smithfield; H. L. Seward, M. D., Isle of Wight; H. W. Campbell, D. D. S., Suffolk. Jurisdiction-Nansemond County, City of Suffolk, Isle of Wight County. Chairman-J. M. Gibson, M. D., Suffolk. Headquarters-Suffolk.
    Note-J. B. Phillips, M. D., served December, 1917, to August 1, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 5-Members: 3. A. Grizzard, M. D., Drewrysville; H. L. Haiford, M. D., Sedley; H. H. Cobb, M. D., Franklin; B. M. Parker, M. D., Emporia; Wm. B. Barham, M. D., Newsoms; W. P. Adams, D. D. S., Emporia. Jurisdiction-Southampton and Greensville Counties. Chairman-W. T. McLemore, M. D., Courtland. Headquarters-Courtland.
  • Medical Advisory Board No.6--Members: G. H. Carter, M. D., Boydton; W. D. Kendig, M. D., Kenbridge; B. H Connelly M. D.; Alberta L. G. Walker, D. D. S., Kenbridge; J. W. Davis D D S Kenbridge, W. H. Lewis, M. D., Lawrenceville; T. C. Harris M D Kenbridge Jurisdiction-Mecklenburg, Brunswick and Lunenburg Counties Chairman H. M. Snead, M. D., South Hill; Headquarter-Kenbridge
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 7-Members H. S. Belt M. D., South Boston, J. D. Hagood, M.D., Scottsburg; Chas W Tucker M D Drakes Branch J. B. Bailey, M. D., Keysville; Wm. S Lovelace M. D., Houston. Jurisdiction-Halifax and Charlotte Counties. Chairman-Geo. A. Stover, M. D., South Boston. Headquarters-South Boston.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 8-Members: Peter Winston, M. D., Farmville; J. D. Terry, M. D., Rice Deport; J. W. Smith, M. D, Farmville, R. F. D.; Carter Weisiger, M. D., Cumberland; P. W. Beckham, D. D. S., Farmville. Jurisdiction-Prince Edward and Cumberland Counties. Chairman-Paulus Irving, M. D., Farmville. Headquarters-Farmville.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 9-Members: W. R. Warriner, M.D., Crewe; C. C. Tacker, M D., Blackstone; James Habel, M.D., Jetersville; R. F. Taylor, M.D., Mannboro; R. Irvin Stith, D.D.S., Blackstone. Jurisdiction--Nottoway and Amelia Counties. Chairman J. H. Young, M.D., Burkeville. Headquarters Burkeville.
    Note--W. R. Putney, M.D., served December 1917 to January 26, 1918; released to enter military service.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 10--Members: E. L. Gill, M.D., Petersburg; J. B. Jones, M.D., Petersburg; D. D. Wilcox, M.D., Petersburg; H. E. Henry, M.D., Petersburg; J. M. Williams, M.D., Petersburg, W. F. Drewry, M.D., Petersburg; Wm. Pilcher, M.D., Petersburg; J. R. Beckwith, M. D., Petersburg; H. A. Martin, M. D., Petersburg; J. M. Burke, M. D., Petersburg. Jurisdiction-Dinwiddie County and City of Petersburg. Chairman-J. D. Osborne, M. D., Petersburg. Headquarters- Petersburg.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 11-Members: 3. C. Bodow, M. D., Hopewell; D. F. Buiteed, M. D.. Hopewell; \V. C. Webb, M. D., Burrowsville; P. A. Ward, M. D., Disputanta; F. H. Tolley, D. D. S., Petersburg. Jurisdiction-Prince George County and City of Hopewell. Chairman-L. P. Milligan, M. D., Hopewell. Headquarters-Hopewell.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 12-Members: C. S. Dodd, M. D., Petersburg; C. C. Townes, M. D., Waverly; J. H. Parker, M. D., Dendron; J. F. May, M. D., Waverly; W. D. Prince, M. D., Stony Creek; T. F. Jarrett, M. D., Jarrett; S. B. Ellis, M. D., Wakeileid; Lewis D. Pucher, D. D. S., Petersburg. Jurisdictioa-Surry and Sussex Counties. Chairman-W. W. Seward, M. D., Surry. Headquarters-Surry.
    Note-W. L. Devaney, M. D., served December 1917, to January 24, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 13-Members: J. T. Buxton, M. D., Newport News; Aaron Jeitrey, M. D., Newport News; C. Porter Jones, M. D., Newport News; C. K. Vandersuce, M. D., Phoebus; E. J. Applewhite, D. D. S., Newport News; H. B. Gary, M. D., Newport News; W. F. Cooper, M. D., Newport News; W. H. Aylett, M. D., Newport News; W. E. Croxton, M. D., King William C. H.; W. S. Snead, M. D., Newport News. Jurisdiction-Elizabeth City County and City of Hampton and Warwick County. Chairman--S. W. Hobson, M. D., Newport News. Headquarters-Newport News.
    Note-S. L. Stallard served June 19, 1918, to September 13, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 13-A-Members: C. W. Brown, M. D., Williamsburg; Geo. A. Hankins, M. D., Williamsburg; A. M. Snead, M. D., Toano; C. H. Davis, M. D., Williamsburg. Jurisdiction-James City and York Counties. Chairmnn-J. D. King, M. D., Williamsburg. Headquarters-Williamsburg.
    Note-Board organized June 19, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 14-Members (Board 14-A): Stuart Michaux, M. D., Richmond; 3. B. Warriner, M. D., Richmond, H. F. D.; J. A. White, M. D., Richmond; Thos. W. Murrell, M. D., Richmond; D. D. Talley, M. D., Richmond; J. K. Hall, M. D., Richmond; B. T. Blackwell, D. D. S., Richmond. Chairman-McCaw Tompkins, M. D., Richmond.
  • Members (Board 14-B) -Douglas Vanderhoof, M. D., Richmond; B. G. Williams, M. D., Richmond; W. F. Mercer, M. D., Richmond; Lawrence T. Price, M. D., Richmond; Chas. M. Hazen, M. D., Bon Air; B. B, Tucker, M. D., Richmond; N. Thos. Ennet, M. D., Richmond; C. F. Ellet, D. D. S., Richmond. Chairman-A. Murat Willis, M. D., Richmond.
  • Members (Board 14-C)-H. M. Taylor, M. D., Richmond; Roy K. Flannagan, M. D., Richmond; B. P. McGavock, M. D., Richmond; Mark W. Peyser, M. D., Richmond; John Dunn, M. D., Richmond; E. M. Gayle, M. D., Richmond; C. A. Sprinkel, D. D. S., Richmond. Jurisdiction--Henrico, Chesterfield, Charles City, New Kent, Hanover. Goochland, Powhatan Counties and City of Richmond. Chairman- Manfred Call, M. D., Richmond. Headquarters-Professional Building, Richmond.
  • Medical Board No.15-Members: A. S. Hudson, M.D., West Point; J. N. DeShazo, M.D., Center Crossl W. L. W. Ferry, M.D., Miller's Tavern; W. S. Cox, M.D., Little Plymouth; Claybrook Fauntleroy, M.D. Dragonville; W. W. Bennett, M.D., Cologne; J. E. Kelly, D.D.S., West Point; T. P. Latane, M.D., Stevensville, Jurisdiction-Essex, King and Queen, and King William Counties. Chairman--Hawes Campbell, M.D., Enfield. Headquarters--Enfield.
    Note--F. E. Steere served December 1917 to January 27, 1918; B.B. Bagby, M.D., Served December 1917 to January 1918; Frank Garrett, M.D., served December 1917 to January 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 16-Members: C. C. Christian, M.D., Urbanna; A. C. Palmer, M. D., Urbanna; J. W. Smith, M. D., Hayes Store; F. F. Davis, M. D., Sassifras; A. M. Marchant D. D. S., Mathews; H. H. Walker, D. D. S., Norfolk. Jurisdiction-Middlesex, Gloucester and Mathews Counties. Chairman-C. M. Rains, M. D., Bohannon. Headquarters-Bohannon.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 17-Members: A. M. Brent, M. D., Heathsville; J. A. Rice, M. D., Heathaville; L. E. Cockrell, M. U., Lancaster; F. D. Brent, D. D. S., Heathsville; M. C. Oldham M D., Lancaster. Jurisidiction-Lancaster and Northumberland Counties Chairman F. W. Lewis, M. D., Morattico. Headquarters Morattico.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 18-Members: C. C. Pierce M U Nuttsvllle, B. H. B. Hubbard, M.D., White Stone; W N Chian M D Hague- Chas. Hutchinson, U. U. S., Warsaw; A. C. Fisher M U Emmerton Jurisdiction-Westmoreland and Richmond Counties. Chairman B A Middleton, M.D., Emmerton. Headquarters Emmerton.
    Note-C. B. Cifford, D. D. S., Norfolk served December 1917 to January 23, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 19-Members: H. M. DeJarnette, M. D., Fredericksburg; T. M. Dew, M. D. Lewiston; C. S. Webb, M. D., Bowling Green; L. J. Head, M. D., Ferrell; F. P. Dickenson, M. D., Fredericksburg; F. T. Cassidy, M. D., Fredericksburg; Jno. P. Stiff, D. D. S.. Fredericksburg. Jurisdiction-City of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, 8tafford, King George and Caroline Counties. Chairman-H. J. Payne, M. D., Fredericksburg. Headquarters- Fredericksburg.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 20-Members: C. H. Moncure, M. D., Orange; J. W. Scott, M. D., Gordonsville; H. W. Porter, M. D., Louisa; H. W. Judd, M. D., Mineral; H. M. Harris, D. D. S., Orange. Jurisdiction- Orange and Louisa Counties. Chairman-J. T. Walker, M. D., Barboursville. Headquarters-Barboursville.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 21-Members: A. S. Rixey, M.D., Culpeper; W. J. Strother, M. D., Culpeper; Otis Marshall, M. D., Culpeper; R. L. Taliaferro, M. D., Madison Mills; M. L. Dudley, M. D., Brandy Station; J. W. Humphries, M. D., Viewtown; H. C. Lewis, D. D. S., Culpeper. Jurisdiction-Culpeper, Madison and Rappahannock Counties. Chairman-H. T. Chelf, M. D., Culpeper. Headquarters-Culpeper.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 22-Members: S. W. Maphis, M. D., Warrenton; H. W. Cnrnett, M.D., Warrenton; Thos. F. Gill, M.D., Marshall; Richard Mason, M.D., The Plains; W. N. Hodgkin, D. D. S., Warrenton. Jurisdiction-Fauquier County. Chairman-M. C. Douglas, M.D., Warrenton. Headquarters-Warrenton.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 23-Members: Wm. M. Smith, M. D., Alexandria; Hugh McCuire, M. D., Alexandria; Wade C. Payne M. U., Gainesville; W. I. Robey, M. D., Herndon; M. D., Delaney, M. D., Alexandria; Llewellyn Powell, M. D. (1), Alexandria; Jno. T. Ashton, D. D. S. (2), Alexandria. Jurisdiction- City of Alexandria, Fairfax and Prince William Counties.Chairman-C. T. Klipstein, M. U., Alexandria. Headquarters-Alexandria.
    1. Entered military service December, 1917.
    2. Entered military service December, 1917.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 24-Members: H. A. Spitler, M. D., Middleburg; Wm. C. Orr, M. D., Leesburg; W. H. Janney, M. D., Leesburg; W. D. Sydnor, M.D., Hamflton; A H. Penuel, D. U. S., Leesburg; J. W. Marshall, M. D., Waterford; A. B. Householder, M. D., Lovetteville. Jurisdiction--Loudoun County. Chairman-C. F. Simpson, M. D., Purcellville. Headquarters-Lessburg.
  • Board No. 25-Members: E. C. Stuart, M.D., Winchester; H. H. McGuire, M.D.. Winchester; R. C. Randolph, M.D., Boyce; A. B. Osborne, M.D., Berryville; W. R. Meyers, D.D.S., Winchester. Jurisdiction--City of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties. Chairman--W. P. McGuire, M.D., Winchester. Headquarters--Winchester.
  • Medical Adviuory Board No. 26--Members: H. T. Hopewell, M.D.., Strasburg; W. F. Driver, M. D., New Market; R. B. Cullers, M.D.., Bentonville; K F. Hansbrough, M. D., Front Royal; B. F. Maphis, D. D. S., Strasburg. Jurlsdiction-Shenandoah and Warren Counties. Chairman-W. C. Ford, M D., Woodstock. Headquarters-Woodstock.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 27-Members: E. H. Miller, M.D., Harrisonburg; L. H. Lewis, M.D., Elk ton; E. G. Brumback, M.D., Luray; W. L. Hudson, M.D., Luray; Marvin U. Switzer, U. U. S., Harrisonburg. Jurisdiction-City of Harrisonburg, Hockingham and Page Counties.Chairman-J. M. Beidler, M. D. (1), Harrisonburg. Headquarters-Harrisonburg.
    1. Resigned September 28, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 28-Members (Board 28.A): T. M. Parkins, M. D. (released for military service), Staunton; W. S. Whitmore, M. D., Staunton; J. L. Alexander, M.D., Staunton; F. McChanger, M. U., Staunton; H. H. Jones, M. D., Doe Hill; A, Hume Sprinkel, M. D., Staunton; W. C. Roller, M. U., Fort Defiance. Chairman-Kenneth Bradford, M. D. (released for military service), Staunton. Headquarters-Staunton.
    Note-A. L. Tynes, M.D., released for military service, served December, 1917, to November, 1918; H. H. Bell, K U., released for military service, served December, 1917, to February 26, 1918.
    1. Released October 11, 1918.
  • Members (Board 28-B): O. H. McClung, M. D., Lexington; B. W. Switzer, M.D., Lexington; F. W McCluer, M.D., Lexington; R. F. Davis, M. D., Lexington. Jurisdiction Cities of Staunton and Buena Vista, Augusta, Rockbridge, and Highland Counties. Chairman-Robt. Glasgow, M. D., Lexington. Headquarters-Lexington.
    Note-Board organized March 1, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 29-Members: W. B. Bray, M. D., Charlottesville; H. S. Hedges, M. D., Charlottesville; M. L. Rea, M.D., Charlottesville; E. M. Magruder, M. D., Charlottesville; Robt. F. Compton, M.D., Charlottesville; W. D. Macon, M. D., Charlottesville; H. L. Page, M.D., Batesville; H. L. Smith, D. D. S., Charlottesville; C. W. Beauchamp, D. D. S., Charlottesville; S. H. Watts, M.D., University; J. S. Davis, M.D., University. Jurisdiction- City of Charlottesville, Albemarle, Nelson, Buckingham, Fluvanna and Greene Counties.Chairman-J. C. Flippen, M. D., Charlottesville. Headquarters-Charlottesville.
    Note-Harry T. Marshal, M.D., served December, 1917, to March 14, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 30--Members: Henry Rawlings, Lynchburg; H. K Taliaferro, M.D., Lynchburg; James M. Morrison, M.D., Lynchburg; W. H. Dew, M.D., Lynchburg; H. Lemon, M.D., Lynchburg; J. A. Rucker, M. D., Bedford City; Edward Sandridge, M. D., Amherst; F. O. Plunkett, M.D., Lynchburg, R. F. D.; D. R. Phelps, D. D. S., Lynchburg. Jurisdiction-Campbell, Bedford, Appomattox and Amherst Counties and City of Lynchburg.Chairman-A. W. Terrell, M.D., Lynchburg. Headquarters-Lynchburg.
    Note-Thos. K. Terrell, M. D., Lynchburg, served December, 1917 to February 26. 1918; D. A. Christian, M.D., served December 1917 to January 16, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 31--Members: Wm. S. Sayers, M.D., Roanoke; J. W. Preston, M.D., Roanoke; S. S. Gale, M.D., Roanoke; W. B. Foster, M.D., Roanoke; J. G. Garrett, M.D., Robt. H. Latane, M.D., Buchanan; Wm. B. Reese, M.D., Taylor's Store; Frank Clark, D.D.S., Roanoke; E. B. Stone, M.D., Roanoke; Everett Watson, M.D., Salem. Jurisdiction-- Roanoke, Botetourt, and Franklin Counties and City of Roanoke. Chairman--Geo. B. Lawson, M.D., (1), Roanoke. Headquarters--Roanoke.
    1. Released November 14, 1918 to enter military service.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 32-Members: B. H- Tatum, M.D., Clifton Forge; G. F. Bagby, M.D., Covlngton; C. K Thomas, M.D., Healing Springs; J. E. A. Pole, M.D., Hot Springs; J. W. Wallace, M.D, Covington; J. S. Earman, D. D. S., Covington. Jurisdiction City of Clifton Forge, Alleghany, Craig and Bath Counties. Chairman-John C. Wysor, M.D., Clifton Forge. Headquarters-Clifton Forge.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 33-Members: I. C. Harrison, M. D., Danville; H. B. James, M. D., Danville; J. M. Robinson, M. D., Danville; L. A. Robertson, M.D., Danville; Chas. B. Harper, D. D. S., Danville; L. O. Crumpler, M. D., Danville; W. O. Lee, M. D., Danville; Thos. W. Edmunds, M. D., Danville; Chas. W. Pritchett, M. D., Danville. Jurisdiction- Pittsylvania County and City of Danville. Chairman-L. E. Harvie, M. D. (1), Danville. Headquarters-Danvllle.
    1. Died June 1, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 34-Members: K E. Hundley, M. D., Martinsville; D. H. Mason, M. D., Ridgeway; L. C. Dickerson, M. D., Stuart; Jas. B. DeShazo, M. D., Hidgeway; H. V. Price, D. D. S., Martinsville. Jurisdiction-Henry and Patrick Counties. Chairman-J. W. Simmons, M. D., Martinsville. Headquarters-Martinsville.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 35-Members (Board 35-A): P. B. Elliott, M.D., Blacksburg; G. G. Howery, M. D., Hiner; Wm. E. Henderson, M. D., Blacksburg; Jas. B. Lester, D. D. S., Christlansburg; H. B. Chumbley, M.D., Radford; A. M. Showalter, M. D. (1), Christiansburg; W. W. Rangeley, M. D., Christiansburg. Chairman-W. B. Fuqua, M. D., Radford. Headquarters-Radford.
    1. Released to enter military service September 30, 1918.
    Note-Chas. K. Burnett, M.D., Willis, served December, 1917, to March, 1918; J. W. Harman, M. D., Floyd, served December, 1917, to February 18, 1918; H. D. Ribble, M.D, Blacksburg, served December, 1917, to February 26, 1918.
  • Members (Board 35-B): J. C. Rutrough, M. D., Willis; J. L. Harvey, M.D., Simpson; J. W. Thurman, M.D., Pizarro; J. W. Harman, M.D., Floyd; W. G. Hylton, M.D., Floyd. Jurisdiction-City of Radford, Montgomery and Floyd Counties. Chairman-Chas. K. Burnett, Willis. Headquarters-Willis.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 36-Members: G. G. Painter, M.D., Pulaski; H. H. Wooling, M.D., Pulaski; John A. Tipton, M.D., Hillsville; G. B. Nuckolls, M.D., Hillsville; F. S. Givens, M.D., Newport; C. E. C. Peyton, M.D., Pulaski; Wm. S. Gilmer, D. D. S., Pulaski; Harvey G. Johnson, M.D., Pearisburg. Jurisdiction-Pulaski, Carroll and Giles Counties. Chairman-W. W. Chaffin, M.D., Pulaski. Headquarters-Pulaski.
    Note-F. S. Givens, K U., Newport, served December, 1917, to November 15, 1918; J. L. Kent, M.D.. (released for military service), Pulaski, served January 11, 1918, to October 23, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 37-Members: W. H. Ribble, Jr., M.D., WythevIlle; J. T. Graham, M.D., Wytheville; P. B. Green, M.D., Wytheville; J. A. Wagner, M.D., Bland; J. V. Haller, D. D. S., Wytheville. Jurisdiction- Wythe and Bland Counties. Chairman-J. B. Tartar, M.D., Wytheville. Headquarters-Wytheville.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 38-Members-H. B. Hughes, M.D., North Holston; B, H. Henderson, M.D., Marion; R, L. Shuler, K U., Marion; B. L. Caudill, M.D., Troutdale; B. S. Dobyns, M.D., Fries; W. P. McGinnis. D. D. S; Marion; Geo. A. Wright, M.D., Jurisdiction-Smyth and Grayson Counties. Chalrman--J. L. Earley, M.D., Saltville. Headquarters-Saltville.
    Note--M. E. Copenhaver, M.D., Marion, served December, 1917 to February 18, 1918; E. L. Branscome, M.D., Galax, served January 29, 1918, to his death, September 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 39--Members: H. B. Frazier, M.D.,Graham; Isaac Pierce, M.D., Tazewell; R. B. Gillespie, M.D., Tazewell; W. B. Crockett, M.D., Tazewell; E. Brancroft, M.D., Davenport; W. E. Ritter, M.D., Whitewood; R. P. Copenhaver, D.D.S., Tazewell; Jurisdiction-Tazewell and Buchanan Counties. Chairman-W. R. Williams, M. D., Richlands. Headquarters-Richlands.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 40--Members: W. H. Rogers, M. D., Bristol; H. L. Bowyer, M.D., Emory; T. D. Hutton, M D., Glade Spring; P.S. Smith, M.D., Abingdon; T. S. Staley, M. D., Bristol; B. C. Hamilton, D. D. S., Abingdon; J. W. Cummings, M.D., Abingdon. JurisdictionWashington County and City of Bristol. Chairman-S. H. Yokeley, K D. (1), Meadow View. Headquarters-Abingdon.
    1. Released September 30, 1918, for military service.
    Note-F. H. Smith, M. D., Abingdon, served December, 1917, to August 26, 1918; released for military service; P.S. Smith, M. D., Abingdon, served January 26 to August 26, 1918; released for service in the navy.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 41-Members: J. H. Cox, M.D., Honaker; O. S. Burns, M.D., Lebanon; C. B. Greer, M.D., Honaker; H. L. Phipps, M.D., Clintwood; T. C. Sutherland, M.D., Tiny; J. M. Allen D. D. S., Lebanon. Jurisdiction- Dickenson and Russell Counties.Chairman- L. C. McNear, M.D., Dante. Headquarters-Dante.
    Note-W. M. Sexton, M.D., Lebanon, served December, 1917, to February 26, 1918; released for military service; T. G. Smith, M.D., Lebaton, served December, 1917, to July 8, 1918.
  • Medical Advisory Board No. 42- Members: C. E. McNeal, M.D., Pennington Gap; J. A. Gilmer, M.D., Big Stone Gap; W. A. Baker, M D., Big Stone Gap; P. D. Pence, M.D., Darbyville; A. M. Wallace, M.D., Gate City; E. K Corns, M.D., Gate City; D. F. Orr, D. D. S., Big Stone Gap. Jurisdiction- Lee, Scott and Wise Counties. Chairman-C. B. Bowyer, M. D., Stonega. Headquarters-Stonega.