Plattsburg, New York Training Camp, 1917

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Plattsburg, New York Training Camp, 1917

Note: This information has been abstracted from The Plattsburger, Copyright, 1917, Plattsburg, New York. This was a World War I training camp in upstate New York on the banks of Lake Champlain.

Plattsburg, New York was the site of the National Army's Officer Candidate School in 1917. This camp was established in 1911 and held courses for prospective officers intermittently until the entry of the United States in the war in Europe. The Regular U.S. Army at the time was very small, and totally insufficient for the prospects of fighting in Europe. The National Guard augmented the Regular Army, but still the totals were insufficient. The United States Government decided upon a course of conscription of men for a "National Army." These draftees would need officers to train and lead them, thus the reason for the facility at Plattsburg, New York.

The officer candidates listed in the rosters in this presentation were members of the second class of 1917, conducted in August, September, October and November, 1917.

The facility was commanded by Colonel P. A. Wolf. Camp Adjutant was Major J. A. Baer. The Headquarters staff is shown in the following photograph:

Sitting Left to Right: Major Baer, Colonel Wolf and Colonel Williams
Standing Left to Right: Lieut. Fulcher, Lieut. Brown, Capt. Lawes, Capt. Waterman, Lieut. Dyar, Major Long, Lieut. McCatty, Capt. Bull.

The Camp's Organizational Chart is shown in the following graphic:


As can be seen from this chart, the prospective candidates were divided into three Provisional Training (P.T.) Regiments. The first, the 17th P.T. Regiment was composed of men from New England; the second the 18th P.T. Regiment was composed of men from New York; and the third organization, the Artillery P. T. Regiment was composed of men from the northeastern portion of the United States. The companies were consequtively numbered rather than designated by a letter.

Officers of the 17th Provisional Training Regiment
Standing Left to Right: Lieut. C. N. Lowrie, Lieut. B. H. Kellogg, Lieut. L. Nichols, Capt. C. M. Abbott, Capt. P. A. Merriam, Major B. Joy, Capt. J. C. Shaw, Jr., Major Schoonmaker, Major G. B. Stebbins, Major A. B. Collins, Major Ralph Lowell, Capt. F. M. Sawtell, Capt. J. P. Cole, Capt. R. H. George, Capt. R. O. Barton, Capt. M. Stearns, Capt. R. A. D. Ford, Capt. J. F. Rhodes.
Sitting Left to Right: Capt. D. H. Hunter, Major J. McConnell, Capt. J. M. Murphy, 2nd Lieutenant F. S. Long, Major W. Kirby, Capt. G. E. Goodrich, Capt. Maxon F. Lough, Captain R. C.Booth, Capt. A. Kendall, Capt. C. K. Clarke, Lieut. R J. Hammerslag.

Company 1, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Edmund Q. Abbott, Leonard L. Abott, James F. Ackerman, Lesley B. Allen, John M. Barnard, Henry D. Ballou, Forrest E. Billings, Raymond A. Bond, Bert L. Breed, James A. Brennan, Wade L. Bridgham, Frank L. Buckley, William W. Burke, Philo C. Calhoun, Angus W. Campbell, Harold G. Campbell, Russell Carr, Thomas J. Carey, Archibald F. Cheney, Leo L. Cleveland, Sidney Clifford, Dennis F. Collins, Edward F. Collins, Chester W. Cook, Frank M. Coombs, John C. Coughlin, Raymond I. Cowles, Gifford Cutler, Myron G. Darby, Walter S. Dillon, Daniel A. Donaoghue, William H. Eckert, Irvin C. Elmer, Edward R. Elwell, Samuel G. Enders, Roland W. Estey, Heman S. Fay, Jr., John D. Fearhake, Eugene R. Fellows, Stephen E. Fitzgerald, Ashley R. Flood, Ralph T. Foye, Henry A. Frothingham, Richard S. Fuller, Robert M. Gilson, Abraham S. Goldman, Arthur Grant, Arnold J. Grant, Granville C. Gray, Martin G. Griffin, Walter W. Gross, Sydney T. Guild, Harry D. Guthrie, Sheldon B. Goodrich, John H. Hall, Jr., Kenneth S. Hall, Martyn L. Hall, Albert B. Hart, Jr., John P. Hartigan, William D. Hassett, Walter Hatfield, William A. Hitchcock, Albert D. Holbrook, Eugene P. Hubbard, Arthur W. Hunt, Albert E. Hutchins, Fernald Hutchins, Andrew G. Jenkins, Wilbur W. Jenkins, Emery E. Johnson, Paul T. Kearney, Vincent L. Keating, Adam J. Keele, James J. Kelley, Gelston T. King, W. M. Kirkpatrick, John A. Leakins, John W. Lee, W. M. Leonard, Jr., Walter E. Lewis, Sidney H. Lincoln, Herbert E. Lord, Robert M. Loring, Philip W. Lowry, John D. MacCalla, Everett H. MacLeod, John J. Maginnis, John A. Markham, William H. Mason, Joseph J. Matthews, William F. McCann, George F. McCanna, Clarence G. McCarn, Charles J. McLaughlin, Arthur B. Merriam, Amos G. Merry, Enoch R. Moody, John E. Moore, Harold F. Moulton, John J. Murphy, John F. Noxson, Jr., Henry Parkman, Jr., Earl F. Perry, Geo. E. Plaisted, Jr., Edmund T. Price, Corrado Ratti, Timothy J. Reardon, Edward J. Renehan, Gerald K. Richardson, Charles Roehrig, Hans F. B. Roessler, Charles P. Rugg, Ernest L. Saxton, Everard D. Seely, Thomas H. Smith, Parke H. Struthers, Homer V. Sullivan, Lloyd J. Thayer, Ernest O. Thomas, Jones R. Trowbridge, Ralph Thrall, John E. Ward, Albert P. Ware, Wentworth Williams, Lewis K. Wilson, Lawrence A. Whitley, Evan A. Woodward, Richmond Young.

Company 2, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Herbert W. Aiken, John L. Ames, Robert J. Anderson, Roland K. Armes, Leo W. Banks, George A. Barnes, William L. Barry, Carl R. Beckert, Albert Beliveau, William Berman, Edward H. Bond, Edmund R. Boucher, Scearle M. Brewster, Eugene L. Brine, Wesley G. Brocker, Francis J. Buckley, Albert A. Buell, Frederic M. Brunham, William H. S. Callahan, Gerald J. Callahan, Jean C. Campopiano, Roland P. Carr, Elmer C. Carrier, Walter Channing, Jr., Colby M. Chester, Jr. Ernest W. Codaire, Frank C. Cooper, Walter W. Comings, Maynard Craig, Ralph H. Cram, Archie W. Crandall, William T. Crawford, Harold S. Cutler, John L. Daneker, Ralph M. Darrin, James R. Dearden, John C. Dinsmore, Clarence A. Doak, Eleazer J. Dole, Lofton L. Dudley, Rockwood S. Edwards, Dean A. Emerson, Emmons B. Farrar, Arthur Fay, George M. Ferris, Eugene B. Floyd, Benjamin A. G. Fuller, Morris E. Franklin, Louis Goldman, Franklin E. Halsey, Charles F. Hamilton, John L. Hannan, Harold B. Henley, Robert Highley, Frank B. Hills, Donald R. Hinds, Edwin L. Hopkins, C. A. Huntington, Jr., James M. Hynes, Daniel B. Jones, Arthur T. Kelly, Frank F. Kendall, George E. Kendall, Furbert M. Libby, Robert T. Linehan, Dustin S. Lucier, James H. Mahoney, Jr., Justus C. Martin, William T. May, Jr. Guy McClusky, John F. McInnes, Henry M. Merrill, Enos J. Montague, Frederick W. Moore, Arthur H. Morse, John L. Murphy, Gustaf A. Nielson, Walter H. Nolan, John H. O'Brien, Maurice M. Osborne, James C. Osburn, Amos T. Pagter, Aurin E. Payson, Dudley L. Pickman, Jr. Sidney T. Pollard, Arthur N. Potter, Edmund F. Potter, Franklin D. Putnam, Robert S. Quimby, John E. Redmond, Howard W. Robnbins, Hiram D. Rogers, Earl A. Ross, James H. Russell, Edmund M. Rutledge, Charles A. Schirm, John Seery, Earle H. Segur, Clement G. Slattery, Charles G. Smith, Percival L. Smith, George C. Stookey, John A. Sullivan, Harvey H. Sunderland, Charles W. Tartre, Wilfred J. Taylor, Robert E. Thayer, William F. Upton, Jr., Charles H. Vaughan, James R. Webb, Aaron D. Weld, Sargeant H. Wellman, Arthur E. L. Westphal, Harry L. Wiggin, Carlos F. Williams, W. H. Wilson, Carl G. Whitaker, Harold P. Willett, Grafton L. Wilson, Bernard J. Wolf, John G. Wright.

Company 3, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Russell Allen, Frank O. Alley, James F. Armstrong, Harvey P. Barnes, Lawrence J. Barton, Geoffrey H. Beals, Edward E. Benson, Charles D. Bourcier, Milton A. Brann, William L. Brumby, Frederick Burns, Norman R. Clark, Alfred T. Crane, Emanuel Davis, Frederick B. Dodd, William B. Doggett, Joseph D. Donovan, Alpheus T. English, Leo F. Farrell, Harold P. Faisneau, Clayton E. Fisher, Edward Fitzgerald, Edward J. Flynn, John Foster, Francis H. Foy, Charles P. Garland, Wallace H. Garrett, Frank Gleason, Bertram E. Goodman, Frank J. Googins, Roland L. Greene, Edward Gunnerson, William L. Hamilton, Charles E. Hartford, Harold H. Heltzen, George K. Hendrick, Henry C. Hicks, Stanton Higgins, Harlan W. Holden, Herbert A. Horgan, John P. Hoyt, Roger J. Hudson, Lewis G. Hunton, James J. Ingoldsby, Donald A. Ingraham, Volney G. Jenkins, Paul D. Jones, Lloyd W. Jordan, Arthur W. Joyce, David T. Keay, William V. Killion, G. W. Knowlton, Jr., Waldo J. LaCrosse, Remick H. Laighton, John H. Leeming, Alexander F. Lippitt, Clarence C. Little, Hubert H. Lord, John J. Loughlin, James S. Love, Fred B. Lund, Jr., William F. Manley, Fred T. Marsh, George T. A. Matthews, George H. McCaffrey, James J. McGuire, Edward A. McLean, Albert F. McMackin, John S. Montgomery, Patrick F. Moran, Edward W. Mudgett, Lawrence H. Nichols, Gustave W. Oberlin, Charles M. O'Brian, James C. Oliver, Soran K. Ostergaard, Charles Palmer, John W. Peterson, Daniel W. Patterson, Frank B. Pigeon, Kenneth P. Pond, Joseph E. Pooler, David Potter, William G. Powell, Thomas W. Proctor, Thomas F. Quinn, Jeremiah T. Reardon, Albert J. Redway, Jr., Joseph M. Reilly, John W. M. Richardson, John R. Ridlow, Reginald L. Robbins, Harry E. Root, Nestor S. Rowland, John P. Ryan, George A. Sagar, William A. Sergeant, Charles W. Sawyer, Richard T. Schlosberg, William J. Schmidt, Edward L. Shaw, Walter H. Simpson, Caleb A. Slade, Charles F. Smith, Stuart P. Speer, Henry V. Spurr, Foster W. Stearns, Howard A. Stevens, Walter P. Stewart, Emmons J. Stockwell, Roland M. Stover, Jeremiah Sullivan, William B. Taylor, Rene P. Thalmann, Gardiner Thompson, Harold N. Tryon, Bayard Tuckerman, Jr., George W. Tupper, Newman C. Wade, John C. Warren, Louis V. M. Washburn, Walter W. Webster, Ashbel R. Welles, Halleck Welles, George D. Wheatley, Horace H. White, Hollie L. Whittemore, Edward B. Wood.

Company 4, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Norman L. Adams, Jr., Maynard R. Alexander, Albert E. Anderson, James S. Armstrong, Frederick M. Atwood, John W. Baker, Frank M. Barney, Chauncey C. Batchelor, Frank E. Bel, Charles R. Bell, William P. Berry, Joseph F. Blake, Carl H. Blocklinger, Joseph Bower, Mitchell Braff, Phillip H. Brass, Lawrence L. Brooks, Arthur J. Bryant, Howard L. Butler, Wilbur D. Canaday, Bernard L. Chapin, Henry Chapin, Roy W. Chase, Robert R. Clark, Donald S. Clark, Albert G. Clifford, John A. Connell, John Coonan, Hoard S. Crane, Isaac A. Crapo, Lorne L. Cupples, John G. Daiger, John C. Dalgish, Eugene M. Darling, Reginald R. DeLacour, William T. Donegan, Charles Douglass, Herbert C. Eggleston, Walter A. Fenning, Max C. Fisher, Stephen S. Fitzgerald, John J. Flynn, Frank D. Frazier, Patrick J. Grandreau, Arthur W. George, John T. Gibbons, Earl W. Gooding, Roger F. Goss, William T. Granfield, John W. Grant, Bruce J. Graydon, Herbert F. Guenther, Stanislaw A. Gutowski, Bartholomew J. Haley, Everett A. Ham, Russell L. Hammons, Henry B. Harris, Williard H. Hasey, West B. Haskell, Ernest R. Hedstrom, Clarence P. Houston, Cyril M. Hollander, Charles J. Hurley, Jr. Philip Hurley, Robert G. Hutton, George E. Ingram, Edward N. Jesup, Harold T. Johnson, Robt. J. Kelleher, Edgar O. Kennerly, George P. Kimball, Ronald M. Kimball, Durant F. Ladd, Kenneth H. Lanouette, Joseph A. Levy, James M. Lenahan, Charles J. Lennihan, Felix Lepage, Theodore R. Lockwood, Thomas C. Lull, Herschel Lutes, Donald S. Mackay, William S. Maulsby, Thomas F. McCarthy, James McDonnell, William J. McKenna, William N. MacKenzie, Albert C. MacLellan, George L. Meyer, Jr., Alexander C. Middleton, Stuart Montgomery, George W. Morris, Perry J. Monihan, Warren H. Munsell, Armand L. Murdock, Leo M. Murphy, Joseph Meyrscough, Joseph G. Nathanson, William J. Nolan, Ralph M. O'Brien, Richard J. O'Brien, Robert P. Osborn, Chase K. Pevear, Shepard Pond, Vincent F. Pottle, John H. Pratt, Jr., Joseph R. Proctor, Donald Ramsey, Leslie P. Reed, Roger S. Robbins, William H. Russell, George S. Ryan, Thomas P. Shea, Edward O. Shepard, William J. Smith, Lewis W. Spaulding, Wesley A. Sturges, Wyckliffe O. Sullivan, Wendell P. Turner, Harvey C. Waugh, Hobard S. Weaver, Caleb West, James F. Winston, Franklin Wyman, Roland H. Verbeck

Company 5, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Glenn M. Ainsworth, Ellis J. Bardsley, Cadella I. Barrows, Wesley E. Barrows, Harold M. Bates, Max A. Bengs, Jos. B. Bisbee, Jr., Chas. B. Blanchard, Walter L. Bouve, Chapin Brinsmade, Philip M. Brown, Ray W. Bryant, Fred C. Bubier, Morris E. Bumpus, Harry E. Burroughs, Edwin G. Burrows, John G. Butler, Daniel J. Canty, Jas. H. Carroll, Roland H. Cobb, Sheldon C. Collins, Roy E. Connor, Lincoln B. Copp, Thomas L. Cornell, Wm. B. Cornell, Maxime J. Counellier, Wm. E. Crabtree, Morton S. Crehore, Jr., Martin L. Curley, Jr. Harry H. Denning, Clifford E. Dennis, Dwight C. DeYette, Lloyd J. Dill, Harold M. Donovan, Wm. T. Dooley, Philip Doremus, Arthur R. Ellis, Harold G. Elrod, John F. Fenton, Geo. O. Ferguson, Harold F. Flynn, Arthur E. Gardner, James M. Gillin, Nathaniel J. Glover, Ivers A. Hackett, Alfred Hansen, Harold G. Harman, Thos. L. Heffernan, Ralph H. Higgins, Chas. P. Howard, Edward Hurst, Robt E. Jackson, Ralph E. Jones, Thos. F. Joyce, Winthrop W. Kenny, John C. Ketcham, John M. Kingsley, Frank McCabe, Bertram T. McCarter, Rayond A. McDonald, Francis E. McGuire, Henry P. McKean, Arthur H. Middlemass, Wiliam M. Milliken, Langdon E. Morris, Louis Moore, John J. Murphy, Geo. E. O'Brien, Edward J. Owens, John m. Parker, Chas. Parsons, Walter CC. Peck, Loren R. Pierce, Harold L. Pinkham, Ellsworth J. Piper, Walter E. Pond, Arnold S. Potter, Robert E. Price, Lyle M. Prouse, Frank E., Punderson, Howard R. Randall, John Arnold Regan, James J. Regan, Donald L. Richards, Ralph P. Robinson, Edwin S. Ross, Ernest B. Rowe, Geo. W. Ryley, Ralph Sanborn, Lawrence B. Sargeant, Lawton G. Sargeant, Michael A. Scanlon, Herbert Scoville, Jos. R. Sheehan, Clinton E. Sherwood, Norman A. Small, Francis A. Smith, Robt. J. Sniderwind, Fred. W. Stafford, Harry Stanley, George A. St. Clair, Geo. E. Stephenson, Edward P. Streeter, Wm. H. G. Teague, Robt. J. Thrall, Chas. M. Toole, Erland C. Torrey, Lewis R. Twitchell, Jas. H. Volkmann, Everett E. Walker, Overton S. Webb, Stephen Weiler, Ellery H. Wheeler, Harry F. White, Philip M. Wiggins, Wm. H. Wiley, Kenneth H. Wilson, Chas. P. Winship, Alonzo F. Woodside, Harold P. Wright, Kenneth Y. Wright.

Company 6, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Hector P. Auray, Norman A. Aldrich, Charles E. Bacon, Capt. Q.M.C.; Elmer R. Baker, Oscar C. Beckert, Harry A. Benwell, Albert E. Binks, Lawrence R. Bowler, Nelson P. Bump, John J. Burns, John T. Brandy, Royal W. Caldwell, Leon S. Cohen, Arthur C. Cole, Thomas T. Conway, J. C. Corliss, Charles R. Crossett, James E. Cummiskey, Frederick B. Cushman, Frank C. Damon, Ripley L. Dana, Earle B. Dane, Carlton P. Davenport, George L.Dermier, Roy W. Dickinson, Karl E. Dimick, Malcolm Dodd, Jerome I. H. Downes, Lorenzo Doten, Archibald S. Downey, Edward C. Dufficy, Gustavus A. Dunshee, Wendall J. Dunston, George H. Eggleston, Alcott F. Elwell, Walter L. Estabrook, Mervyn F. Falk, Frederick J. Flaherty, Bernard A. Flynn, Melvin D. Ferguson, James D. French, Carlton P. Frost, George W. Furbush, Jr., Samuel B. Gildersleeve, James B. Gillen, Earl C. Goodwin, Harold M. Gore, John M. Gorman, Edwin H. Grater, Frank E. Greenhaigh, Joseph H. Hagar, Daniel I. Hayes, Jesse B. Hannon, Walter L. Hardenbrook, Walcott B. Hastings, Kenneth M. Hartman, Thomas F. Hickey, Clark Hopkins, John K. Howard, William C. Hubbell, Percy E. Inman, Charles H. Jacobs, Harold P. Jackson, Frank T. Joyce, Walter E. Kelley, Albert B. Kellogg, Norman H. Kerr, John E. Knotts, Louis U. Labine, Harold M. Lamper, Earl S. Lewis, James W. Linnehan, Alfred E. Little, James F. Loughlin, George W. Lusk, John M. Lynch, Fessenden D. Manson, William T. Maybury, Michael F. McAleer, Frank L. McCarthy, Joseph V. McKenna, Robert W. Milburn, Thomas S. Milliken, Robert M. Moberly, George M. Moore, Lewis E. Moore, Frederick Morris, Jack F. Mullcahey, William Murray, Donald V. Newhall, Francis J. O'Brien, Rowland E. Packard, Charles E. Patten, Harold T. Patten, Charles B. Peck, Jr., Charles F. Pelham, Richard C. Piblad, Emmett Pishen, Francis Pooler, Lawrence J. Purcell, Edward J. Quinn, Alfred E. Rankin, Julius F. Ransom, William E. Remby, Herbert M. Rigney, Henry B. Rising, Ernst G. Rowell, Harvey R. Saftel, William H. Samborn, Robert H. Schauffler, Percy C. Seymour, Gerald H. Segar, Herbert T. Shanley, Allan B. Shepard, Hoyt Sherman, Carlton F. Small, Ralph C. Smith, Winter N. Snow, Charles S. Stanley, Joseph N. Staunton, Arthur E. Stevens, Edward E. Swaim, Edwin A. Thompson, Elisha C. Wattles, George A. Wiggins, Henry M. Williams, Mount S. Willard, John A. Worthington.

Company 7, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Chas. W. Alexander, Henry C. Bacon, George V. Baker, John M. Bartlett, Adolf A. Berle, Jr. Thomas C. Bradford, Maurice T. Bresnahan, Eugene E. Bryant, Warren H. Buffum, Charles C. Burke, Harry A. Burnes, John D. Clarke, Paul L. Coble, James E. Cogan, John J. Cooley, Charles F. Crowley, Frank A. Deroin, Albert T. Dewey, Rowland S. Dodge, Kenneth C. Downing, Harold R. Drew, Laurence Emmerton, John H. Field, Jr., Raymond G. Flynn, Clement R. Ford, Henry A. Garrow, Warren F. Gould, Stephen H. Greene, James F. Herlihy, Kenneth D. Hindsa, Leonard C. Howe, Thomas F. Jackson, Dwight I. Jacobs, Kenneth C. Johnson, Clifford G. Kershaw, Robert P. King, William F. King, Henry C. Kittredge, Phillip H. Kron, Napoleon A. Langlois, Josiah Lasell, 2d, Cyril M. Littlejohn, William F. Littlejohn, Fred W. Lounsbury, John C. Lynch, Albert W. MacCarthy, John F. McCormikc, Donald R. McIntyre, Joseph H. McNally, William W. Marcum, Joseph H. Main, Herman F. Mann, Charles E. Mason, Gardner C. Means, Auguste A. Messier, Harold A. Miller, Benoni Moore, John T. Morris, Henry L. Morrisey, Dennis P. Murphy, Jonah J. Newton, Horace C. Nowlin, Frank T. O'Connell, Patrick J. O'Reilly, Robert K. Osborne, Whipple H. Parker, Roland H. Peacock, Charles H. Pearce, Stanley F. Pelchar, Louis A. Perkisn, Albert W. Perody, James P. Pinkerton, Samuel D. Pope, Paul Potter, Charles P. Purdy, Eugene P. Ramsay, Endicott Rantoul, James H. Ray, Franklin S. Raynes, Norman B. Read, John H. Reed, Norman Renne, Joseph Riseman, James L. Rochford, Leland L. Rowe, Carl J. Sandberg, James M. Scheley, Jr., Malcom C. Sherman, Walworth Simpson, Francis B. Small, Alfred D. Snively, Walter B. Spencer, Henry A. Starret, Louis C. Steady, George R. Stevens, Jr., Winthrop A. Stiles, Arthur W. Sullivan, William M. Sullivan, Jireh Swift, 3d, Samuel S. Swift, Fred H. Thompson, Cushing Toppan, Clarence W. Trendell, Arthur G. Upston, James E. Vance, Charles E. Van Riper, Carl A. Wainwright, Byron B. Walker, Frederick J. Warnock, Herbert L. Wayman, Simon D. Weissmann, Kyle C. Westover, Merle M. Weymouth, Eugene L. White, Paul A. Wilks, John H. Winslow, Arthur D. Wood, Clarence I. Worcester.

Company 8, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Harold V. Adams, Roger U. Allard, Walter B. Almeda, Francis L. Andrews, George W. Andrews, Donald G. Babbitt, Harold G. Baldwin, Robert J. Barr, John Barron, John J. Barry, Charles H. Barton, John W. Brewer, Harold L. Briggs, James S. Brooks, Harold S. Brower, Fred N. Brown, Harry D. Brown, Edward S. Burns, Jr., Edmund J. Cafferty, James Callahan, Benjamin H. Cappe, William W. Carman, Jr., Arthur F. Cater, Frank W. Chapman, Gerald Chittenden, Warren Clear, Roger C. Clement, U. Samuel Coan, Ralph Cobb, Orville T. Colby, William C. Collins, Paul G. Courtney, Wayne W. Cowan, Benedict A. Coyle, Fred J. Cummings, J. W. Cummings, Frank E. Cutter, Harold P. Dahlquist, Sidney I. Daniels, Harvey B. Davenport, George DeMerell, Thomas W. Desmond, Leonard C. Dewing, John A. Doherty, Edward F. Dolan, John W. Dole, James Dooley, Carroll K. Dunham, Francis S. Dunn, James W. Dwyer, H. Leslie Eddy, M. G. Estabrook, Jr., James B. Felton, Clarence M. Finch, Francis M. Glanagan, Charles K. Flanders, Edward L. Ford, Alvin E. Foss, James G. Geddes, Harold A. Gibbs, James W. Gibson, Harry E. Glover, John K. Gowen, Jr., Walton A. Green, Francis X. Hagerty, Henry S. Hall, Jr., Leo McA. Harlow, Philip C. Hawley, Griswold S. Hayward, William P. Henenway, Carl W. Hill, Ulmont W. Holly, Neale W. Hooker, Paul Hughes, William Hurlin, Constantine Hutchins, Arthur Irish, Raymond T. James, Levi R. Jones, Thomas J. Kavanaugh, Frank R. Keating, Samuel J. A. Kelley, Edward L. Kickham, Raymond T. King, Frank L. Lingbeil, John H. Larned, Reginald D. Leach, Herbert A. Lewis, Freeman Light, Edwin L. Lindman, Charles A. Lodge, Wallace W. Malley, Alan R. Martin, Ralph G. McCarthy, Arthur W. McFarland, Harold E. McGaffey, Joseph G. McGeer, Samule Mixter, John M. Morrison, Frank E. Noyes, Norman N. Pearson, Harold A. Peckham, Samuel N. Pierson, Harold L. Porter, William L. Raymond, Harold L. Reed, Jackson L. Reynolds, Robt. L. Richardson, William H. Robinson, H. F. Roche, Edwin A. Russell, Edward G. Shepherd, George W. Smith, Harold G. Soule, William W. T. Squire, Walter A. Stoddard, Jacob C. Stone, Thomas E. Sullivan, Charles B. Thompson, Fred H. Warner, Jr., Ernest A. Watson, Vernie E. Weymouth, Edgar J. Whelpley, Myles S. Wilder, Ralph L. Willner, Charles P. Winsor, Edward A. Winsor, Clyde H. Witham, Fred P. Woolley, Jr. Robt. J. H. Worcester.

Company 9, 17th Provisional Training Regiment

Earl Dudley Austin, Kenneth Nott Bailey, Paul Russell, Baird, Ariston K. Barrows, Chas. J. Bellamy, Robrt Everson Briggs, Williard E. Barrows, John Edmond Carney, Truman F. Chipman, Francis Wm. Clemmey, Frederick H. Cogswell, Carroll A. Cole, Joseph Wm. Cummings, George B. Currier, George Henry Daniels, Frederick Bryon Dight, Henry Weston Earle, Chase Eastman, Lauencek Ebbs, John Spalding Elliott, Jeremiah M. Evarts, Leland Leroy Fitz, John Joseph Flanagan, Leon Frederick Foss, James Aloysius Geehan, Paul Lawrence Gould, Chas. P. Greenough, 2nd, Frank Edward Grimes, Charles A. Hagman, Cecil John Hall, Ernest James Hall, Amost F. Hamburger, Francis D. Harrigan, Alexander W. Harbison, George E. Hayes, Rosseau Forby, Haynes, John Blackmar Healey, Lawrence Hemenway, Harold Dunn Hersum, John Tuttle Hubbard, Leon Henry Jeffers, Arthur Jenkins, Lester Adelbert Jenks, Russell C. Johnson, Rolland Frederick Judd, David R. Kearney, Philip John Kelley, Frederic G. Kileski, Ernest S. Knowlton, James McL. Langley, Lyman Jefferson Lanier, Jerome Robt. LaVigne, James Abram Lewis, Frank J. Linehan, Jr., Rodney M. Lowe, Arthur Kenney Lowell, Amherst R. Maccartney, William A. MacFarland, Paul Gardner Macurda, Arthur Madison, William John Malone, Ralph Monroe Manter, Charles Holley Martin, Richard Gage Mattice, Robt. Baker McDowell, Chas. Dennett McDuffie, James Thos. McGahhey, Thos. Straton McGinley, Chas. R. McKenney, John Thomas Melville, Ed. Knox Mitchell, Jr., John Arthur Moir, Wiliam Moore, Eugene Evans Morton, Charles Ralph Myers, Wm. A. Neilson, Jr., John D. Nichols, Theodore Millard Noyes, Clarence Percy Oakes, Wm. Slocum O'Gorman, John Joseph O'Leary, Jos. Henry O'Neil, Jr., Gordon Dickson Orr, James Palache, John M. G. Parker, Reginald S. Parker, Joel Farist Penfield, Aristides E. Phoutrides, Francis Wilcox Potter, Herbert Sears Potter, Francis William Pratt, Milo Amasa Putnam, H. K. Raymenton, Horace Robt. Reynolds, Forbes Rickard, Jr. Francis Aloysius Rogers (Boston), Francis Aloysisus Rogers (Bridgeport), Harrison S. Royce, Edwin M. Sampson, Chas. Whitney Savage, Victor R. Schmidt, Vernon L. Spickelmire, Squire Aflect Sharpe, James Henry Shortell, Procter Smith, Wm. Davies Schier, Jr., Kenneth George Stone, Henry Joseph Sullivan, John Sunderland, Jr., Ralph Lee Talbot, George Wilson Taylor, Winthrop B. Tewksbury, Eugene L. Tougas, Lloyd B. Van Da Linda, William Ward Vars, Melvin Wallace, Frank Spalding Welsh, Liews Grant Whipple, George Monroe White, James R. Whitmore, Wm. Fred Wilkie, Jr., Pett Sawyer Willand, Shepherd F. Williams, Allan Sheldon Willis, Basil Gibson Woods, Harland Noyes Worthley.

18th Provisional Training Regiment

Standing Left to Right. 1st Lieutenant Stackpole, 1st Lieutenant Eagan, Capt. Burdell, Capt. Foss, Capt. Wallace, Capt. Olyphant, Capt. Lang, Capt. Bennett, Capt. Hodges, Capt. Pritchett, Capt. Fleet, Capt. Lehmkuhl, Capt. Newson, Capt. Harrington, Capt. Stilwell.
Sitting Left to right: Capt. Shell, Capt. Draper, Capt. Bowman, Capt. Ware, Capt. Shaw, Capt. Ewell, Capt. Shurtleff, Capt. Adler, Capt. Williams

Company 10, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

Ralph R. Adams, Richard J. Ambler, Charles S. M. Asinari, Walter E. Baker, William Baumet, John D. Bennett, James A. Blakely, William D. Boykin, William W. Byrne, Arthur C. Busch, Victor N. Camp, George A. Campbell, Thomas L. Casey, Marcus L. Chasins, Charles W. Comiskey, Frederic Conger, James H. Cooke, Derby Crandall, Jr. Walter F. Cunningham, Charles Cutajar, Jefferson Deevy, Jr., William J. Deevy, Herbert C. Dickinson, Edmund L. Dougherty, Clinton S. Downes, Francis L. Durk, Maxmillian Elser, Jr., John D. Eylters, William G. Falconer, Hilary F. Farrel, David F. Finnerty, Edwin S. Frost, Jr., William L. Gay, Rufus W. Gaynor, John J. Gleason, William L. Glenn, John J. Gorman, Poultney Gorter, Laurence H. Green, Dayton K. Haight, Allen H. Hall, Robert A. Harbeson, Thomas J. Harding, Alfred J. Hayhurst, Ludwig B. Heeren, Carl Helm, William M. Herz, Herbert Hilder, Albert J. Hoffman, Cyrus W. Horton, Jr., Charles F. Hughes, William E. L. Hunter, Edward A. Hurd, Howard W. Hyne, Henry Iselin, Frank H. Johnson, Henry E. Kelly, Harry S. Kelly, John C. King, Karl B. King, Roland W. Kluepfel, Thomas P. Knapp, Leo G. Kney, Merle L. Langel, Anthony B. Langer, Thomas H. Lee, Louis Lorch, Jr., Douglas Macduff, Thomas R. MacFarlane, Maurice McKee, Samuel McKee, Jr., Walter J. McLaughlin, Robert P. Manly, John S. Martin, John Melcher, Charles E. Merrill, Jr., Joseph F. Mollere, Luther E. Morrison, George E. Morrissey, Isidor K. Moyse, Russel Murray, William P. Murray, Arthur T. Noone, Jacques C. Nordeman, Jesse Oppenheimer, Henry O'Reardon, John E. Peters, Kenneth V. Preston, Franklyn L. Rabineau, Maurice S. Revnes, Maxine E. Richards, John A. Riley, William D. Riley, William F. Rodihan, Paul L. Russell, Thomas J. Ryan, Amos C. Schermerhorn, George S. Scott, Irving P. Seery, Carl A. Senter, James H. Shipley, Jouett F. Singleton, Robert R. Sizer, Jr., Conrad F. Sjoberg, Willett D. Smith, William H. Smith, William C. Steinmetz, Richard E. Sumner, Wilfred A. Surber, Harold S. Thomas, Roberts B. Thomas, Francis C. Trainor, Edgar V. Treacy, Evelyn E. Valentini, Beverly M. Value, Henderson E. Van Suydam, Edward C. Wagner, Oliver L. Walsh, Cresap P. Watson, Frederick H. Werrin, John Willard, Frank Willetts, Louis A. Withers, Francis Woodbridge.

Company 11, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

John F. Adams, Simon Allen, William D. Allen, Jr., Oscar H. Baker, Roy G. Baker, Fred W. Beck, Donald Beers, John P. Benkard, Howe Bennett, Julius Bien, Jr., Warren Bigelow, Robert B. Bloom, Gordon Boyd, Edgar B. Bronson, Jr., Herbert S. Brussel, Francis A. Busby, Frederick W. Busk, Harry G. Cahill, Philip G. Cammann, Duncan Campbell, Alfred H. Chappell, Herbert W. Clock, James W. Cobb, Edward Collins, William O. Cooley, John F. Crawford, Henry Cunningham, Jr., John Curtin, John W. Daly, Arthur Y. Dalziel, Frederick P. DeLemos, Warren E. Diefendorf, William S. Doscher, Donald Durant, David J. Ely, Joseph M. Fallon, Jr., Sidney W. Fish, Wiliam L. Forrest, Montgomery L. Francis, Frank A. Fritz, James D. Gabler, Curtis W. Gates, Frederick L.Gayton, Roland B. Gordon, William F. Gorman, Carl F. Greene, Ernest N. Hall, John T. Harman, William H. Hayes, Warren B. Heilman, Gerard J. Hernon, Charles R. Hickox, Arthur J. Horton, Archibald Hughes, Earl C. Hughes, Arthur S. Hyde, Clarence E. Johnson, Wilfred C. Johnston, George B. Keller, Andrew B. Kelly, Charles P. Kelly, John F. Kelly, Jr., Joseph D. Kidder, Frank P. Kieser, Thomas F. Kilroe, Otto Kinkeldey, August Klipstein, Jr., William H. Knight, Harold S. Lassell, Mario Lazo, Thomas J. Lewis, Albert C. Lord, James A MacIlvaine, Henry J. McCadden, William L. McCarty, Herbert McDermott, Jr. Morris H. McIlwain, Arthur J. McSherry, Peter Malah, Luther B. Marchant, Lawrence N. Martin, Alexander A. Martiney, John F. Manly, Paul G. Mehlin, Donald Moffat, Claude E. Moore, Walter J. Nally, John Nelson, Charles K. Niblack, Charles E. Norlin, Edward G. O'Neill, John N. Outwater, Charles D. Parker, Harry O. Payne, Harold C. Perry, E. Alexander Powell, William H. Pratt, Vern Priddy, Joseph Quittner, Isaac B. Reinhardt, Henry Reynaud, Thomas W. Rikeman, Edmund M. B. Roche, William B. Roe, Hervey L. Russell, John H. Servis, Roger Sherman, William S. Shipman, Hyman Siegel, Harry Dew Slater, Walter Smithers, Lloyd R. Stark, Charles W. Stephens, Edward E. Stowell, Paul D. Surber, Frank S. Thomason, Sanford M. Treat, Peo Ughetta, Cecil K. Van Auker, Frank J. Wagner, Francis P. Walsh, Walter K. Watkins, Harold G. Webb, James McB. Webster, Robert M. Werblow, Jr., Harry West, James F. White, William F. White, LeRoy M. Wightman, William Wildfeuer, Colley E. Williams, Carl W. Wirths.

Company 12, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

William L. Adams, Joseph B. Armstrong, Floyd B. Augustine, Frederick S. Bain, Warren R. Baldwin, Ben M. Barron, Louis M. Bautz, Carl Below, Helmer W. Bergman, George W. Bishop, Wayland P. Blood, Ferdinand M. Blun, Raymond W. Bowdoin, Donald E. Boyle, Horace E. Brinckerhoff, John B. Brittain, Herman Browser, George C. Buchtenkirch, James A. Burton, Harry B. Campbell, Daniel J. Carney, William F. Carroll, Edmund R. Castellucci, James P. Chapin, Herue G. Chasseaud, Samuel J. Chesebro, James N. Clinch, William Constable, Wallace E. Cox, Gaston E. Crosby, Wm. D. Cunningham, Joseph A. Davis, Stephen W. Dawes, Maurice B. Deschler, Peter W. Dornhecker, Donald D. Duncanson, Elmer T. Eustis, Thomas H. Ferriss, Henry J. Feiger, Donald Ford, William A. Fox, Joseph A. Francis, Thomas S. Garrett, Alexander J. Gillespie, Frederick Gilman, Harry R. Gordon, Wilbur M. Griffith, John J. Hanrahan, Gardner L. Harding, Jeremiah J. Hayes, Percy R. Henry, Thomas Henry, Walter H. Hick, Gardner B. Hoyle, George H. Hubner, Edward B. Johns, Michael A. Kiely, Robert N. Landreth, Loyd Leale, Isaac H. Levy, Julius G. Levy, Llewellyn Loyd, Joseph B. Lockey, Edward A. Lyon, Peter J. McCoy, Jr. John C McNamara, Jr. Harold L. Mahon, Nathanl Malefski, Austin M. Malone, Laurence G. Meads, Vincent D. Mee, Harold P. Mills, Louis H. Millsaps, Russell D. Morrill, John O. Murphy, Joseph M. Murphy, William W. Neilson, William New, Leonard D. Newborg, Ellis A. Noland, Jr., Robert R. O'Keeffe, William M. Olhaber, Victor G. Paradise, Charles E. Peck, Americo C. Perella, William R. Quinn, John Rachek, Archibald Reid, Curtis D. Richards, Harold Rigelman, John W. Reily, Harry D. Robinson, Stephen W. Royce, Henry J. Rusk, John H. Ryan, Albert E. Scarlett, Joseph E. Schader, Frank G. Schrenkeisen, John M. Schwerin, Edward A. Segaitz, Lawrence H. Shepard, Romaine Shepard, Malcolm R. Sills, Leo Silverstein, Harold V. Smith, Walter E. Soltmann, Leon A. Stansfield, Charles H. Stoddard, George T. Stokes, James S. Sullivan, David S. Tait, William H. Taubert, Hugh J. J. Teaney, Rufus S. Tilden, Peter A. Tulp, John J. Tuohy, Moore C. Tussey, Ralph T. Tyreel, Francis B. Upham, Jr., Edward C. Viner, David H. Wallace, Ernest T. Warshaw, Frederick D> Wendel, Albert Wertheim, Parkhurst L. Whitney, Walter G. Wiechmann, Walter Q. Wilgus, George R. Wilson, Chester B. Winans, William K. Zucker, Manning G. Williams.

Company 13, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

Edwin DeW. Ackerman, Charles L. Adams, Frederick M. Allen, Sanford T. Anderson, Lorenzo M. Armstrong, George Irving Baily, Charles D. Baker, Jr., Henry J. Beggins, John B. Bellinger, 2nd, Elliott Stuart Benedict, John H. Bennett, William P. Berry, Walter Hough Bertron, George Bicklehaupt, Ernest W. Blackburn, Robert P. Bliss, Jr., Paul S. Brinsmade, Chalres B. Brodrick, Frederick A. Brooks, Jacob Jac. Bullusky, Byron Turner Burt, Elbert F. Burton, Bernard Cain, Edmond N. Carples, Charles R. Carruth, Jr., Morris Skinner Clark, Rhodolphus P. Clark, Wiliam B. Clayton, Michael D. Clofine, Gardiner Coogan, Joseph Patrick Corboy, George K. Cox, Sidney Hayes Cox, James Charles Craft, Frederick G. Cunningham, Frank P. Currier, Herbert R. Davis, Elsworth H. Dederer, Jack Devereaux, James E. Dorsey, Albert A. Dunn, Vincent L. Dunne, George Eichelman, Jr., David S. Eitzel, Hjalmar A. Ekman, Carlos DeVere Empie, Walter G. Evans, John Fagan, John B. Ferris, Thomas S. Fillebrown, Harold C. Finn, Robert B. Fisher, Irving Folks, Samuel Frinedle, Jr., Frederick W. Garnjost, George F. Garrity, Joseph S. Gillow, Max Ginsburg, Homer K. Gordon, Martin Groves, Thomas F. Gurry, Jr., Walter A. Hamilton, Thomas J. Hanley, John J. Hannigan, George T. Hawxhurst, John Henno, Wilmer E. Herr, Joseph G. Holcombe, Jr., Frank Robert Howe, Charles A. Hoyt, Andrew J. Hudson, Samuel B. Jacobson, Andrew B. Johnson, Edwin Kane, Charles R. Kearr, Daniel H. Kiely, James B. Kilburn, John J. Krieg, John A. Krug, Gabriel A. Landry, Sidney P. LeBoutillier, Walter S. Levy, William Lewis, George A. Linton, Harold B. Logan, Joseph M. McAndrews, Sydney F. McGreery, Donald S. McNulty, Leon Malraison, John J. Monohan, James A. Moseley, Harry Murray, Harry B. Nassoit, Norman November, Samuel O'Keefe, Jaffrey Peterson, Livingston Platt, Joseph W. Powell, John H. Quirk, Wood L. Ray, Carleton Reynell, Muarray Ringold, Royal E. T. Riggs, Joseph W. Rink, Francis G. Russell, William T. Ryan, Milton Samuels, Archibald Scrymgeour, Henry Seton, Leroy F. Sineath, Frederick J. Sheppard, Gordon W. Scholar, Frank V. Smith, Goerge L. Smith, Theodore E. Smith, Jr., James L. Snedecor, Whiteny W. Stark, Ellsworth A. Stone, Clarke S. Sutherland, Edward Stephens, Thomas A. Twomey, George B. Van Buren, William H. Vollmer, Robert Warwick, Louis C. Wagner, Jr. Edgar A. Walz, Jr., Lawrence A. Wechsler, Charles A. H. Wennerholm, Edwin A. Wetzler, Henry J. Whitehouse, John A. Willers, Kenneth B. Wood, B. Clark Wright.

Company 14, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

Reub Abrams, James G. Affleck, Jr., Lawrence J. Ayers, Malcolm B. Ayers, William Bailey, Peter Van O. Barkelew, Henry D. Barmore, Othel Baxter, William W. Bell, Stuart Benson, Alexander Black, Herbert G. Blankford, Louis B. Bock, Russell Bonynge, James L. Bresnan, Harlow B. Bristol, Robert Rea Brown, Edward L. Burrill, Jr. Osborne C. Butcher, Charles S. Butler, Howard L. Campion, James J. Carpenter, Joseph C. Chamberlain, Charles J. C. Clarke, Allan F. Cohn, Bernard F. Connolly, Robert S. Cooke, Maxwell B. Coorman, Albert S. Cummings, Combs O. Davis, James F. Delany, Guy M. DeMauriac, Henry V. DeMontguyon, Henry H. Dimon, Edward T. Doyle, Felix Halpin Duffy, William H. Dwyer, William Eastman, Harold T. Edwards, Warren H. Emens, Kenneth B. Erkenbrack, Morris Fellman, Joseph P. Fleming, Benjamin Frank, Mortimer E. Freid, Gilbert W. Gabriel, Edwin S. Gard, Jr., Robert S. Gill, Charles R. Goddard, Irving E. Goldsmith, Ernest P. Gosling, Gordon M. Grant, William J. Greene, Ludlow Griscom, Marshall B. Hall, Joseph B. Handy, Benjamin S. Hart, Herbert S. Havens, Birch Helms, William Henel, Jr., Edwin Hess, John C. Hildebrand, Jr., Charles M. Horton, Harry Hosford, Douglas H. Hilliker, James Imbrie, Christian A. Jacob, Jr., Harry P. Jaenike, Joseph P. Jeffords, Henry F. F. Kane, William H. Kelleher, John M. Kelly, Chester M. Kerr, Carl G. Kinscherf, Frederick L. Kopff, Joseph I. Lawrence, William Lazriowich, Winfred E. Lent, Oscar Levine, Jesse A. Levinson, John J. Lilly, Emanuel J. Livingston, Devereaux Lord, Edmund J. MacIvor, David N. McCauley, Jr. Henry M. McCormack, Edward J. McLaughlin, Wm. H. McIntryre, Jr., John A. Magee, Joseph J. Marino, John W. Masterson, John Miller, Ellist Van Z. Montague, Louis F. Morse, Thomas F. Mulvey, Jackson B. Nelson, Charles Nemser, William Nicoll, Charles J. Nolan, Walter E. Ogilvie, Jr., Charles M. Pendelton, David H. Picker, Haorld R. Pouch, Jonathan D. Reed, Stanley L. Richter, Paul C. Rock, Charles R. Rowland, Carl O. Sayward, Basil J. Scott, Louis W. Severy, Jerome G. Sewell, Lawrence D. Seymour, David J. Sheeran, Romer L. Silleck, Chester W. Spaulding, Herman Stennkamp, Schuyler B. Sterling, Spenser J. Sutherland, Otto F. Taylor, Harry Titlebaum, Arthur B. Tritschler, Joe F. Trounstine, John M. Van Horson, Richard A. Wagner, Richard E. Warfield, Charles D. Weed, Philip H. Welch, Karl R. Whitmarsh, Gordon Williams, David S. Wilson, Cecil D. Wilson, Burnett B. Wright.

Company 15, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

Charles R. Ace, George T. Adee, Olly E. Allard, Milton J. Ayers, Francis L. Berry, Robert W. Blair, Gustave J. M. Blessman, Hanson Booth, Ludlow E. Bretz, Harry M. Brown, Percy St. G. Browne, Clinton S. Burr, James W. Burrows, James Butler, Jr., Edward Carpenter, Noel Chamberlin, Peter W. Coleman, Elvin H. Church, John N. Connolly, Alonzo M. Covert, Joseph F. Cunneen, Henry F. Davis, Arthur J. Delany, Lambert Dorflinger, James A. Doyle, Walter F. Dyett, Henry K. Eilers, Thomas Emery, Frederick J. Esteves, Robert Dyett, Henry K. Eilers, Thomas Emery, Frederick J. Esteves, Robert S. Farley, Sidney E. Fletcher, Leroy E. Gahris, James B. Gallahger, David M. Goodrich, Vance A. Goss, Harry E. Grant, John H. Greenwood, Leslie H. Groser, Otho Hamilton, Joseph F. Hanley, Arthur E. Hartzell, James J. Hennessy, Joseph T. Higgins, Alfred R. Hofler, Edwin K. Hollinger, Justus A. Hovey, Scott Hughes, Royston Jennings, Harold D. Johnson, Robert N. Kastor, Herbert B. Kennedy, Joseph A. Keyes, William H. Kirk, Frederick Kopper, Jr., Edwin F. Korkus, Herman E. Krauss, George W. Krug, Paul A. Kleinfelder, Robert C. Latimer, Howard G. Lambert, Maxwell F. Lawton, Morton W. Leon, Chester C. Leis, Martin S. Loughborough, Charle E. Lynch, Harry A. McCorry, Daniel S. McMillan, Francis J. McNamara, Edward E. McNally, Clyde F. Marion, James C. Marks, Charles A. Marshall, William Matthews, Alfred L. Maurer, Gustave A. Messall, Leo E. Miller, Samuel R. Morse, John L. Mousley, John J. Murphy, Laurence I. Neale, Robert P. Nessler, Raymond A. O'Brien, Eugene R. O'Connell, Remsen B. Ostrander, Russell M. Page, William E. Palmer, Roy K. Patterson, Edward H. Pearson, Winfred K. Petigrue, Charles L. Phillips, Garrett C. Pier, Goerge H. Pigott, Russell Pope, Ernest A. Powers, James V. Reddy, George A. Reeder, John B. Reynolds, Julian A. Ripley, Walter G. Robins, Edwin D. M. Rowland, E. Lawrence Sampter, Jacob Sanford, William J. Scanlon, Arnold Schmidt, William W. Schneebeli, Leslie P. Scott, Edwin D. Shaw, Chalre F. Shields, Kenneth L. Sills, George R. Smith, Henry R. Stern, Patrick J. Sulivan, Eli L. Sutton, William B. Taylor, Henry C. Thorn, Jr., Clark W. Tobin, William E. Trubee, William R. Tullis, Alfred Tyson, Homer L. Van Aken, Alfred Van Horn, Jr., H. Barentson Van Inwegen, Richard R. Vincent, Frederick G. Wagoner, Richard H. Waldo, Fred E. Walker, Harvey T. Warren, Robert B. Wheelan, Frank J. Whitcomb, Arthur Whitney, Jr., Virginius V. Zipris.

Company 16, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

James R. Agar, Willliam E. Annin, Robert P. Babcock, Elbert H. Bagley, Paul J. Banker, Samuel W. Barkelew, William R. Bell, Walter G. Berger, Frank A. Bernero, Daniel J. Birmingham, William H. Blandy, Patrick A. Bolger, John F. Bonner, William McK. Brandon, Chesleigh H. Brisoce, Roger M. Brown, John J. Burke, Grant Burns, William S. Burns, Pierce H. Butler, Storrs W. Butler, Edward H. Carle, Merriam O. Chadbourne, Watt W. Clinch, Robert L. Coleman, George B. Compton, Kevork Costikyan, George M. Davis, Jr., George H. DeKay, Alfred P. Delcambre, Chas. D. Deuchar, Charles F. Donnelly, Boswell J. Drake, John T. Eagleton, Robert H. Eaton, Allyn McC. Eddy, Carl. B. Erck, Lee V. Farnum, Sidney B. Fitzgerald, William A. Flanigan, Colman D. Frank, Albert C. Fredman, Judson P. Galloway, Robert D. Gibson, Thomas F. Githens, William H. Glover, Aaron N. Goldberg, Maurice A. Golden, Allan C. Gottschaldt, Eugene G. Grant, Henry B. Greisen, Robert S. Grinnell, Frank L. Halls, Arthur J. Hamblen, Robert A. Hastings, Louis S. Higgins, Albert Hoffman, Everett D. Hood, Gerard B. Hoppin, Wycliffe C. Jackson, Arthur R. Jones, Francis P. Kenny, Philip C. Lindsley, Henry G. Littau, Charles E. Livingston, Andrew W. Loebl, Arthur C. Lowenthal, Abraham A. Lustig, John W. McCabe, William F. McClelland, Paul A. McLaughlin, James N. MacLean, John W. Marsh, Geoffrey C. Maxwell, Hyman S. Miller, Joseph P. Mulvey, Robert R. Nelson, Edward H. Nicoll, Richard B. O'Connor, Donald O. Page, William N. Paine, Jacob O. Parisette, Joseph D. Peet, Benjamin W. Pelton, William S. A. Pott, Auguste R. Pottier, Edward J. Price, Herbert Reed, Lynn P. Reed, Charles H. Reimerth, Clarence Renouard, Lawrence Richmond, Charles E. Roach, John N. Roach, William J. Roberton, Clarence S. Roome, George L. Rooney, Robert Rosenbluth, Allen C. Rowe, Edward Saphir, Edwar L. Satterlee, Frank Isaac Schechter, Carleton B. Scofield, Pauyl G. Schuman, William Shea, Theodore L. Shear, Arthur H. Smith, Edmund T. Smith, Chester G. Stewart, Frank M. Stewart, James S. Timothy, William Tinsely, Owen C. Torrey, Thomas E. Tousey, Albert J. Tucker, Richard W. Tucker, Tracy E. Tuthill, James A. Vaughan, Rafael Vega, George S. Walden, Thomas W. Warfield, Irving Weintraub, Walter M. Weis, Leon H. Wheeler, Watson White, Forsyth Wickes, Manolo M. Weichers, Albert B. Wilson, Thomas H. Young.

Company 17, 18th Provisional Training Regiment

George F. Alces, Ralph L. Baggs, Edmun E. Barrett, Fitzharding Berkeley, Thomas J. Blake, Edward D. Bolton, Ben. J. Breckenridge, Emil Breitenfeld, Leon D. Brown, Paul D. Brown, Albert E. Brundage, Charles C. Bull, William R. Burlingame, Fritz O. Burgland, Robert W. Butler, Howard N. Cappell, Edwin F. Carey, Oscar E. Cartaya, William L. Caten, Jr., Jay E. Cates, Andrew J. Cheritree, Pierson E. Clair, Dorsie J. Clark, John L. Clark, Walter M. Collins, John J. Cullinan, George A. Currie, Justus S. Davidson, Carl H. Davis, John B. Delehanty, Matthew W. Del Gaudio, Benjamin H. Dobbin, James H. Donaldson, Frank S. Donnelly, Emlen M. Drayton, Charles Dreschel, Bernard W. Druillard, Percy J. Ebbott, Frederic W. Ecker, Benjamin M. Edgerton, Roy R. English, Doddridge Farrell, Thomas J. Farrell, Harry J. Fee, John J. Fitzgerold, James E. Fitzgibbon, J. Wesley Flamman, Benedict Fox, Duncan Fraser, Wm. F. Gallagher, Jr., Herbert B. Glover, Sameul I. Goldberg, Gullie B. Goldin, Stanley J. Grace, Arthur W. Graef, James B. Graham, John E. Griffin, Thomas F. Griffin, Herbert Grosebeck, Jr., Lorenzo F. Hagglund, John B. Hahl, Roy E. Hallock, Milton C. Ham, Lewell W. Hammon, Joseph F. Hanrahan, Leigh W. Harrington, Willard C. Hatch, Albert H. Henderson, Charles A. Hill, Gerald T. Hills, Elbert C. H. Hoag, Bayard C. Hoppin, Phillip K. Houston, Robert I. Huyler, Charles C. Jabureck, Lester Jacobson, Marquis James, J. Curtis Joyce, John B. Judson, Jr., Martin J. Keogh, Jr., Edward L. Killion, Cortlandt K. Krams, Arnold E. Kupfer, Charles W. Kusche, Robert B. LaFarge, Douglas E. S. Laughlin, Edward J. LaVoice, Joseph J. Lese, Dudley G. Lester, Edward H. Litchfield, Charles E. Lund, Alexander McClintock, Robert B. McClure, Josepht T. McMahon, John J. McManus, Jay Madden, Jacob Mann, Aubrey R. Marrs, Frank Marsh, William F. Mason, Allen G. Maxwell, Clive B. Meredith, James F. Milde, Ethan A. Mildeberger, Edmund F. Mulholland, Gerard A. Mulliner, Francis X. Mulry, Charles F. Newman, Jr. Nathaniel Newman, Samuel W. Oppenheimer, Carlton B. Overton, Harold D. Ovington, Irving H. Patterson, William J. Pedrick, Jr., Clinton A. Reed, Frederick G. Rita, Harry Rose, Benjamin Rosenberg, Ralph Sanger, Frederick J. Scheld, Harry L. Schoenfeld, Ely T. Scott, Michael F. Scully, Thomas A. Shaw, Joseph Sidorowicz, Alfred W. Smart, Snell Smith, Henry Soss, George P. Southworth, John V. Timoney, George A. Turley, Augusts A. Van Deventer, Jr., Samuel C. Webster, Chester E. Wheeler, William H. Willis, William C. Wrenn.

Provisonal Artillery Training Regiment

Standing Left to Right: 2nd Lieut. Daughtery, Capt. Platt, Capt. Untermyer, Lieut. Bodley, Capt. Gammell, Capt. Barstow, Lieut. Bateson, Lieut. Caldwell, Capt. Verbeck, Capt. Dana, Capt. Hincks, Lieut. Howe, Lieut. Simmons, Capts. Trumbull, 2nd Lieut. Walsh, 2nd Lieut. Peppin, Capt. Harwood, 2nd Lieut. Euchmann.
Sitting Left to Right: Capt. Gordon, Lieut. Kelley, Major Hadley, Capt. Randol, Capt. Dunnigan, Lieut. Chapman.


1st Battery Field Artillery

F. E. Gignoux, Major O. R. C. [Officer Reserve Corps], George C. Adams, Arthur W. Allen, Harold E. Anderson, Edward B. Anschutz, John L. Aney, John H. Bachelder, Hugh Bain, Raymond G. Bartlett, John H. Beck, S. A. Beckwith, Ralph G. Belcher, Philip Benton, Claudius F. Black, Roy Brackett, Harold A. Braman, James E. Breslin, Harold W. Bridge, Edwin H. Brown, Kingsbury Browne, George F. L. Bryant, Llewellyn M. Buell, George W. Burke, Frederick W. Carran, Sheridan R. Cate, Horace Chadbourne, George D. Chase, Oscar F. Chase, John F. Choate, Alvord B. Churchill, Dana E. Clark, Levi S. Conant, Joseph Connolly, Robert Crosbie, Alfred C. Dalmas, Arthur J. Dalot, Gerald H. Dempsey, Thomas J. Donovan, Maximillan P. Eames, John M. Elliott, Daniel H. Fenton, Warren C. Foote, Robert T. Gannett, John C. Geran, Lorenzo Hamilton, Clayton F. Hawes, Eugene A. Hecker, Albin Hedlund, John M. Holcombe, Jr., Carl A. Hope, George W. Howe, Edwin H. Jose, Philip W. Joslin, Horace L. Kenny, Robert W. Kent, Edward E. Kern, Hugh J. Kinsman, Joseph E. Kline, Lloyd W. Knight, William W. Little, Chester R. Longwell, Nelson C. McCormick, Harold J. McDonald, Douglas G. McGrath, David H. Maynard, William F. Merrill, Ralph L. Moore, Harry Mosley, Clarence F. Murray, George W. Nelson, Charles W. Page, Jr., Sanford F. Palo, Paul S. Phalen, Edward T. Pike, Frederick C. Cpolhemus, George H. Pratt, Harold M. Prescott, Milton D. Proctor, Charles W. Quimby, William E. Reynolds, Allen P. Richmond, Edward Risegari, James S. Rodwell, Nicholas L. Rogers, Alfred H. Sharon, Nathan S. Sharp, Maxwell C. Shattuck, David C. Simmons, Perley B. Sleeper, James B. Slimmon, Herbert U. Smith, Oscar T. Smith, Lawrence Southard, Paul R. Squires, Leo C. Stebbins, Harvey L. Thomas, Richard Thomas, John E. Tucker, George L. Wade, Clifford S. Watrous, Donald C. Watson, J. Watson Webb, John L. Weld, Charles F. Weeden, Jr., Harold N. Welch, Eugene F. Wermuth, Arthur F. Whalen, Henry D. Wild, Charles H. Wood, Stanley B. Wright.

2nd Battery, Field Artillery

Walter L. Allen, Arthur R. Atwood, Richard H. Bacon, John Baker, Gordon H. Banchor, Henry C. Banks, Francis Barrett, Robert V. Bean, Isaac Berman, Raymond W. Bissell, Maurice A. Blackmur, Charles E. Blake, William W. Blanchard, Thomas S. Blumer, Edward F. Bowman, Newton C. Brainerd, Robert E. Bryant, Robert Burrell, Hibbard S. Busby, Frederick A. Calkin, Richard H. Campbell, Kip I. Chace, Raymond O. Chaffee, C. J. Chamberlain, Morgan G. Chamberlain, Robert K. Chandler, Robert M. Chase, Allen L. Cleveland, Philip P. Cole, Frederick G. Crane, Elton G. Cronk, William G. Cummings, John J. Danaher, Joseph J. Devine, Daniel G. Donovan, Arthur Drinkwater, Norman L. Duncan, Harold R. Espey, Elizur K. H. Fessenden, Phillip S. Foisie, Oliver A. Fuller, Albert B. Gardella, Thomas J. Gilbert, Ralph B. Glines, John C. Goldwaite, Richard S. Gozzaldi, Charles F. Guild, George A. Hagedorn, Walter G. Hauser, Warren Hayford, 3rd, John A. Heath, Jr., Merrit Hemingway, Edward E. Hildreth, John D. Hogarth, Percy C. Judd, Cyrus S. Kaufmann, Milton S. Kimball, John M. Latham, Andrew J. Lloyd,, Ernest P. Lull, Richard T. Lyons, Daniel J. Marshall, W. W. Mansfield, Jr., W. R. McAllaster, Bernard J. McLaughlin, Donald C. McRae, Samuel G. Mitchell, Ralph H. Mosher, Charles C. Murphy, Walter G. Nagle, Emerson R. Newell, Thomas J. O'Connell, Thomas S. Parker, Sydney H. Perley, Henry T. Perry, Frederick A. Peterson, Jacques J. Pollock, Howard H. Quinham, Charles A. Reynolds, Durell S. Richards, John R. Roberts, William O. Robinson, Francis W. Rollins, Leverett Saltonstall, Willis H. Sargent, Chester E. Sargent, John B. Schmidt, Walter H. Shaw, Reginald Sigel, Curtis R. Smith, John F. Sullivan, Emerson H. Swift, Aldrich Taylor, R. De St. M. Thebaud, James P. Thurber, Francis B. Todd, Waldo Tucker, Henry B. Valieant, T. W. Van Derveer, Peter Visconti, John S. Vorhees, George W. Washburn, John Wells, William R. Wheeler, Jr., Frazar B. Wilde, Harold Wilkinson, Frederick W. Willey, Henry C. Williams.

3rd Battery Field Artillery

Charles E. Allen, Warren A. Baker, Charles E. Barber, Louis A. Barcelo, Austin D. Barney, Frederick C. Beebe, Allen H. Boardman, Roland S. Boardman, C. B. Fisk Brill, Amos H. C. Brown, Simmons Brown, Philip F. Broughton, Marshall S. Buell, George C. Cantwell, George C. Capen, Louis E. Carboni, Harold D. Carey, Francis C. Carleton, Howard C. Carter, Joseph S. Carusi, Henry P. Chandler, Richard W. Chapman, King Collins, Stanley W. Colt, Theobald E. Conway, John H. Corridon, Matthew J. Cummings, James W. Cunningham, Daniel J. Curran, Donald E. Currier, Gordon Curtis, Maurice F. Devine, Raymond C. Dimon, Wilfred K. Dodworth, George M. Drakeley, Ray P. Dunning, Norman E. Emmons, Stanton E. Eustis, Harry E. Fannon, William B. Farmsworth, Alfred A. Farwell, Samuel P. Fay, Edward Foster, Bertrard C. French, Clarence J. Frink, Max H. C. Gersumky, Cass Gilbert, Jr., Warren Gleason, Leon E. Glouskin, Manson Glover, Martin E. Glynn, Francis C. Gray, Addison B. Green, Charlton R. Gulick, James Hale, William F. Hallstead, Barge L. Hartz, Arthur W. Hodges, Alexander Holmes, Louis L. Holmes, George F. Holmquist, Roland S. Hotchkiss, George G. Hunnard, Henry C. Hutchins, Carl Johnson, Solon C. Kelly, Jr., Fred H. Kinsbury, Miles E. Langley, Arthur J. Lesieur, John K. Lewis, Theodore Lilley, Charles T. Lovering, George V. Lovering, George C. Mather, Edwin H. May, Arthur M. McCormick, George A. Middlemas, Floyd I. Miller, Hoard B. Morse, Hallam L. Movius, Willis Monro, Bartlett S. Norcross, Robert C. Padley, Francis T. Phillips, Frank E. Phillips, Joseph E. Pierce, Theodore B. Pitman, Frederick W. Pollard, Claude C. Prouty, Leon H. Richmond, Eugene B. Ripley, Harold R. Robinson, Preston B. Rowe, Alexander H. Scott, Frederic M. Seeger, Clarence W. Seymour, Horatio L. Small, Albert R. Speare, Milton S. Stearns, R. M. Strickland, Guy A. Swenson, Homer D. Swihart, Chalres H. Terry, Theodore L. Tewksbury, Ralph S. Townsend, Herbert A. Trombly, Perley S. Turner, Guy R. Varnum, F. J. Wall, Alan W. Waite, Raymond J. Wamester, Frederick A. Westphal, William J White, Jr., Emmons J. Whitcomb, William M.Wilson, Victor A. Wolff, Whitney Young.

4th Battery Field Artillery

John W. Grout, 2nd Lt., O.R.C. [Officer's Reserve Corps], Leon Abbett, Jr. Benjamin F. Abrams, Howard R. Aldridge, Edmund H. Alexander, Lindsay C. Amos, John T. Anderson, Tristan Antell, Harold E. Anthony, Ralph M. Arkush, Walter J. Barcus, Earle C. Bailie, Harold S. Bareford, Albert K. Barnes, George H. Beardslee, Russell D. Bell, Lee H. Berliner, Mortimer B. Bernstein, Edward Blaker, Thomas G. Brennan, Hentry P. Bristol, Richard T. Bright, Richmond L. Brown, Samuel R. Brown, Stanley D. Brown, C. F. Busch, Richard B. Catton, Arthur P. Colligan, Thomas W. Constable, Robert E. Coulson, Richard J. Cullinan, Thomas H. Dugan, Jr., George M. Ferguson, William H. Friend, Arnold S. Furst, Alfred C. Gallagher, Edward W. Farnier, Harry Gertz, Carleton B. Gibson, Jr. Arthur B. Gilkes, H. Gillilgan, E. T. Gregory, Hartwell L. Hall, Ralph E. Hemstreet, Isham Henderson, Wallgrem Hendric, Harold P. Hennessy, Earle F. Henry, Lawrence R. Hills, Richard S. Jannopoule, Vitold A. Jasionowski, Henry P. Kirkham, George W. Krick, John J. Kuhn, George S. Laing, Arthur B. Lawrence, Albert M. Levert, Philip W. Livermore, George de Forest Lord, James E. Lunny, Frank J. McConnel, C. P. McMorrow, William F. McMorrow, Cedric A. Major, Norman J. Marsh, Jr., L. K. Marshall, Robert T. Maxwell, Thomas M. Milley, Kirk Moore, Charles J. Moore, Alwin S. Morgenroth, Cornelius O'Connor, George F. O'Connor, Paul G. Pennoyer, John T. Philips, Norman W. Pinney, Samuel G. Rea, Robert J. Reichert, Frank T. Richard, Lloyd Richards, John B. Ridley, Arthur A. Robinson, Thomas L. Ryan, Lawrence L. Shenfield, Carl E. Siebecker, John I. Sowdon, William Spoerle, Walter M. Sternberger, Thomas N. St. Hill, Levi S. Stockwell, George S. Strehan, Theron R. Strong, Henry B. Sullivan, Charles J. Spiecher, Frank J. Tappen, Ralph W. Thomas, Henry K. Tootle, William B. Tuerck, George L. Trumbull, Frederick Vieweg, Jr., Frederick W. Wahlers, Ernest Walbridge, Frank Waldo, Joseph B. Wardwell, Paul M. Weidmann, Samuel A. Welldon, John N. Wheeler, Newell B. Whitcomb, E. R. Whittingham, Harry J. Wieler, William P. Willis, Charles S. Young, William Zelenko.

5th Battery Field Artillery

C. H. Adams, Lt., O.R.C. [Officer's Reserve Corps]; Harmon Ackerman, John Hart Allen, Jr., John P. Allen, C. C. Arthur, Lee Wheeler Baldwin, Harry C. Bates, Herbert Betts, John Bister, Jr., Max Blitzer, Alexander Blum, William Robert Blum, Almon N. Bowes, Henry W. Boyce, Reuben Birney, Charles H. Brophy, Joseph V. Callahan, Walter M. Carlebach, Gordon Case, H. B. Charos, Raymond Chauncey, J. Christea, Mortimer Cobb, Nathaniel R. Coleman, Norman W. Cook, Donald F. Crane, H. C. Dayton, L. J. Dibble, James J. Dooling, Howard E. Duryea, Howard Eisenback, S. D. Eldredge, Walter E. Ernst, W. M. Evarts, A. M. Fillot, Solomon P. Finklestein, Wallace Fleming, Henry N. Flynt, Robert L. Fowler, Oswald Fowler, William F. Fowler, T. A. Green, T. F. Harkins, James C. Heminway, Howard J. Herbert, F. C. Holbrook, Wilbur K. Holmes, Herbert M. Holton, James W. Hughes, John A. Ingersoll, Charles R. Jackson, Horace H. Johnson, Robert E. Jones, Lanfare B. Jordon, Walter M. Keenan, John V. Lamberton, James C. Lewis, Jr., Henry Logan, W. J. Logan, John W. Love, Leonard L. Lyons, Leonhard A. Mannhardt, Robert McC. Marsh, Robert P. Marshall, Chas. E. Martell, Frank W. McCarthy, Patrick J. McNicholl, William S. Mitchell, Lewis S. Morris, Raymond Morris, I. F. Morrison, Harold H. Nute, Carleton H. Palmer, Harry O. Parsons, Edwin O. Perrin, Weyland Pfeiffer, Rollin G. Plumb, Francis L. Plummer, Chester A. Posey, Jos. G. Quinn, John W. Ramsey, Richard Remsen, Stephen B. Robinson, Edward F. Rochester, John Rutherford, John H. Schafer, Ahrand O. Schierenbeck, R. Sealy, Raymor L. Shipman, T. Sizer, Harold A. Smith, Royal D. Smith, Roger P. Smith, Waldo Smith, Francis M. Stanton, Carl G. Stearns, E. A. Sterling, Mark P. Sullivan, Willis D. Sutton, Robert I. Stout, Edward C. Sullivan, Harry C. Tenny, Gilbert H. Thirkield, Dallas S. Townsend, William E. Vofelback, Julius T. Von Eltz, Carl J.Von Kokeritz, Wm. B. Wallace, Wm. O. Walsh, Allen M. White, Robert A. White, Victor G. White, Edgar Williams Gerald W. Worden.

6th Battery Field Artillery

C. Hayes, 2nd Lt., F.A. O.R.C., Harry M. Addinsell, Carl A. Anderson, Charles L. Anderson, Robert H. Baldwin, Augustus F. Beach, George C.Benze, Henry Bland, Everard H. Boeckh, Walter W. Brainard, Henry L. Brainerd, Raymond W. Bristol, Innis Brown, Charles A. Buckley, William J. Buckley, Maurice L. Buell, Herbert O. Burden, Addison Cammack, Garritt S. Cannon, Walter E. Caten, William H. Cater, N. Cholmeley-Jones, William B. Cist, Jacob Cohen, Joseph M. Cormack, J. L. Crosthwaite, Jr., Charles E. Danforth, Jr., Nicholas Danforth, Gillespie B. Darrah, Harold B. Davidson, Marion G. Donk, Augustus C. Downing, Joseph W. Drake, W. G. Dunnington, Jr., C. W. Fairchild, Franklin C. Fairchild, Herman L. Falk, Francis B. Farley, Bud Fisher, Edmund J. Fixman, Dudley F. Fowler, Cedric C. French, George Gaines, Joseph C. Gefvert, Acton Gerlach, Royal L. Gervais, Fisher Goodhue, Charles L. Hanscom, John E. Heintz, Edward H. Hemingway, Frederick C. Hewlett, Leverett F. Hooper, Elwood Horton, Langdon W. Howard, Kingsley E. Humbert, Jonathan Hunt, Ervin H. Igoe, Frank C. Jones, Rowland Jones, John G. Kilbreth, Edward E. Kirby, George F. Kurzman, Lewis S. Latimer, Word Leigh, Chester F. Leonard, Robert Loder, Roy H. Magwood, William C. Mayer, William J. McKeown, S. Clifford Merrill, Devereux Milburn, Charles B. Moore, Hastings S. Morse, Benjamin F. F. Needham, Henry F. Osborn, Roswell C. Otheman, John D. Peabody, E. S. J. Phillips, Jr., William A. Prime, Edmund D. Purcell, M. G. Reynolds, Jr., George F. Roesch, Daniel Stafford, Otto Schulein, Nahum E. Shoobs, Charles H. Shons, Harold R. Sleeper, T. C. Slosson, Howard J. Smith, Gustavus N. Snow, Harold E. Snow, Harold S. Stiles, Arthur T. Strecker, Edward E. Sullivan, Harold G. Telford, John M. Thompson, Frederick C. Thomson, Francis G. Walthew, Egbert H. P. Ward, Charles C. Whaley, John R. Whelan, Gilbert H. Wilkins, Jr., Clinton R. Williams, Sydney K. Wolfson, Frank Worsnopp, James W. Yates.