North Carolina Military Deaths in World War I

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North Carolina Military Deaths in World War I


KIA = Killed in Action
DOW = Died of Wounds
DOD = Died of Disease
DOA = Died from Accidental Cause
Men with no rank listed, may assumed to have been privates,

There are 1610 men listed in this record,

North Carolina Military Deaths in World War I
Name Rank Home How Died
Adams, Alfred   Elon College DOW
Adams, John D. Mechanic Wilson DOW
Adams, Richard B. Corp. Asheville DOD
Adams, Robert T.   Nolina DOD
Adcock, Cyrus P.   Fayetteville KIA
Adcock, David Curran   Norlina DOD
Ader, Anderson L.   Tyrell DOD
Albertson, Thomas   High Point DOD
Alderman, Jacob R.   Magnolia KIA
Alexander, Virgil V. Corp. Raleigh KIA
Alford, Rufus Wellington   Freemans KIA
Allen, Beverly M.   Raleigh KIA
Allen, Thomas Monroe Sgt. Bessemer City KIA
Alley, James   Sparta DOA
Allred, Daniel W.   Randelman DOA
Allred, George W.   Franklinville DOD
Alston, Lewis   Saxaphaw DOD
Alston, Robert Lee   Littleton KIA
Alston, Maceo T.   Greensboro DOD
Ammons, Junie   Clinton DOD
Anderson, Clint   North Wikesboro DOW
Anderson, Edward   Charlotte DOD
Anderson, Elbert   Wilkesboro DOD
Andrews, Robert L.   Roanoke Rapids KIA
Andrews, Henry   Bethel DOD
Andrews, William H.   Robinsonville DOD
Anglin, Don   Burnsville DOD
Anthony, Everett   Scotland Neck DOD
Armstrong, Clyde B.   Gum Neck DOW
Armstrong, Derry   Burgess DOD
Arnette, James H.   Charlotte KIA
Arrington, Henry H.   Waynesville KIA
Arrowood, James W.   Arden KIA
Ashe, Willie W.   Halifax DOD
Ashley, Charlie S   Warrensville KIA
Ashworth, Junious C.   Durham DOW
Atkins, Rufus S.   Winston-Salem KIA
Atwaters, Rowland   Raleigh DOD
Ausbom, Lloyd Lawaon   Robersonville DOD
Austin, Judge E. Lt. Unionville DOW
Austin, Silas L.   Norwood DOD
Austin, Enoch L.   Asheville DOD
Auten, William A.   Bellmont KIA
Autry, Calton L..   Autryville DOD
Avant, John R.   Albemarle KIA
Avery, Jesse   Duke DOW
Ayscue, Albert G.   Alert KIA
Bailey, Graham T. Sgt. Raleigh KIA
Bailey, Wiley L.   Williamston KIA
Bailey, William C. 1st Lt. Woodsdale KIA
Bailey, Caryle   Mars Hill DOD
Bailey, Earnest C.   Roxboro DOD
Bailey, Maine   Selma DOD
Baker, Robert   Meadows DOD
Baldwin, George Barton   Chapel Hill KIA
Ball, George A. 1st Lt. Monroe KIA
Ballance, Lucian   Elizabeth City DOD
Banner, Thomas Blaine   Banners Elk DOD
Barber, Herbert H.   Elon College DOW
Barbour, William C.   Smithfield DOW
Bare, Cecil Wagoner   DOW
Barham, William J.   Raleigh KIA
Barkley, Jesse L.   Woodleaf KIA
Barnes, Charles P.   Rocky Mount KIA
Barnes, George Grady   Boone KIA
Barnes, Jimmie D.   Baileys DOD
Barnett, Filmore Sgt. Heaton KIA
Barnett, Daniel G.   East Fruitland DOD
Barr, Henry   Redsprings DOD
Barrett, William   Kings Mountain KIA
Barrett, Willie R. Bugler Garysburg DOW
Basemore, William Lt. Aposkie KIA
Basey, James D. Capt. Tyron DOW
Bass, Fred Corp Edenton KIA
Bass, Joseph B.   Pikeville KIA
Bates, Everett R. Corp Needmore KIA
Battle, Kelly E.   Jacksonville DOD
Battle, Lewis   Battleboro DOW
Bazemore, William M. Lt. Wilmington KIA
Beach, Newton Lewis Corp. Morganton KIA
Bean, John   Seagrove DOD
Beasley, Walter C.   Murfreesboro KIA
Beasley, Jesse F.   Francisco DOD
Beason, James M.   Climax KIA
Beaver, William H.   Kannapolis DOW
Beck, Charlie R.   High Point KIA
Beckwith, Robert N. Sgt. Lake Landing DOD
Bennett, Jim   Wadesboro DOD
Benton, Charlie D.   Corapeake DOW
Benton, Roscoe   Goldsboro DOD
Berry, George E.   East Wilmington DOD
Bess, Lawrence   Lowell DOD
Best, Rexford   Princeton KIA
Best, Andrew   Goldsboro DOW
Best, Isaac   Tarboro DOD
Bethea, William   Reidsville DOD
Bird, Willie   Durham DOD
Bishop, James A.   Hayne KIA
Bishop, Simpson S   Horse Shoe DOD
Bissett, Wiley C. Lt. New Bern KIA
Bizzell, Bud   Warsaw DOD
Blackwell, Carl Corp. Oxford KIA
Blackwell, Robert L.   Hurdles' Mill KIA
Blake, Carl Wagoner Vass DOD
Blake, Rubbie B.   Leesville KIA
Blakeney, James A.   Taxaham DOD
Blalock, John F.   Hamlet KIA
Blaylock, James H.   Freemont KIA
Blevins, Bruce L. Corp. Goldsboro KIA
Bodford, Edgar   Windom KIA
Boggs, James R.   Claremont DOD
Bolling, Clyde W.   Winston-salem DOW
Bond, Armstead   Woodward DOD
Bond, Edward G. Lt. Edenton DOW
Bond, Lynn   Edenton DOD
Bonner, Gilbert B. Sgt. Bonnerton DOD
Bonner, Joseph   Ransomville DOD
Bonner, Theodore P. Jr. Sgt. Hickory DOD
Booker, Floyd W.   Greensboro KIA
Boone, Atlas   Garland DOD
Boone, Homer A.   Seaboard DOW
Boone, Isaac N.   Stokesdale KIA
Boone, Jacob O. Corp. Spray DOW
Borwn, Truman Lazarus   Merry Hill KIA
Bowdin, Will   Magan DOD
Bowen, Robert L.   Maadenville DOD
Bowers, Aaron B.   Moxley DOW
Bowman, John R. Corp. Toledo KIA
Boyd, Bennie F.   Pinetown DOW
Boyd, David H.   Pinetown KIA
Boyd, Henry   Youngsville DOD
Boyd, Simon Corp. Winterville DOD
Boyles, Livie R.   King KIA
Bracy, Godwin   Roxobel KIA
Bradshaw, William C.   Salisbury DOD
Brady, Benjamin W. Mechanic Hope Mills KIA
Brafford, Mbert B.   Goldston DOD
Brand, Wade H.   Reidsville KIA
Branson, Levi C.   Bentonville KIA
Brantley, Dudley B.   Middlesex KIA
Bratton, William R. Mechanic Charlotte DOW
Breece, Alonza K. Corp. Sneads Ferry DOW
Brick Kell, William W.   Halifax DOW
Brickhouse, James M.   Columbia KIA
Bridgeman, John   Weldon DOD
Bridges, Claude O. Corp. Mayworth KIA
Briley, Jasper   Conetoe KIA
Brim, William   Dobson DOD
Brinkley, Elbert   Enfield DOD
Britt, William A. Army Field Clerk Asheville DOD
Britton, David G.   Rich Square DOD
Britt, Edmund W.   Lumberton DOD
Broadway, George W.   Albemarle KIA
Brock, Walter Stephen   Seagate KIA
Brooks, Benjamin H.   Cnrhett DOD
Brooks, Rosa Corp. Spurgeon DOW
Brothers, William F.   Elizabeth City DOD
Brown, Archie   Taylorsville KIA
Brown, Clint   Statesvile DOD
Brown, Demps Musician Statesville DOD
Brown, George W. Corp. Shulls Mills DOW
Brown, Henry B.   Charlotte DOW
Brown, Houston Gordon   Davidson DOD
Brown, Isaac L.   Winston-salem DOD
Brown, James Clarence   Kannapolis DOD
Brown, John   Speeds DOD
Brown, Lex C.   Roiboro DOW
Brown, Presley R. Lt. Morganton KIA
Brown, Robey Alonzo   Lenoir DOD
Brown, Roscoe   Hallsville KIA
Brown, Ezra   Richardson DOD
Brown, Henry   Rosehill DOW
Brown, Joe   Whiteville DOD
Bryan, James L. Corp. Catherine Lake DOW
Bryan, James L. Corp. Catherine Lake DOD
Bryant, Irvin   Goldsboro DOD
Bryant, Willie M.   Abbottsburg DOD
Bryant, Willis H.   Bethel DOD
Bryson, Henry L.   Wahutty KIA
Buchanan, Brown   Hawk KIA
Buchanan, David V.   Relief KIA
Buck, Charlie   Neuse KIA
Buff, Ellis   Valdese DOW
Bulla, Thomas Macon Lt. Fayetteville DOW
Bullard, Chester N.   Whitville KIA
Bullock, Thomas J. Lt. Wilmington KIA
Bullock, Henry   Bailey DOD
Bullyboy, Roy L.   Greensboro KIA
Bumpass, Luther   Roseboro DOD
Bumpus, Joseph J.   Enfield KIA
Bunting, Chambers L. Jr. Corp. Asheville KIA
Bunting, Jesse T.   Oak City DOD
Burleson, James   Boonford KIA
Burnett, Sidney   Alert KIA
Burns, Elbert T.   Conley Springs DOW
Burrell, Charles Burton   Hayesville KIA
Burress, Robert M.   Crusoe DOD
Burris, James B.   Concord DOW
Burtner, Henry K.   Greensboro KIA
Burton, Pinkey H. Corp. Greensboro DOD
Butler, Levi H.   Tryon KIA
Buvden, John   Asheville DOA
Byrd, Akrie G. Corp. Duke KIA
Byrd, Nathan Cook Fayetteville DOD
Byrum, Charlie Corp. Ayden DOD
Cabaniss, Esley O.   Shelby DOD
Cabe, Fred C.   Canton KIA
Cahoon, David L.   Columbia KIA
Calidle, Sam J.   Norwood DOD
Callum, John B.   Greensboro DOW
Calvin, Cobb Pitt   Pinetops KIA
Campbell, Robey Edward   Lenoir KIA
Canady, Alvin R. Corp. Bughill DOW
Candifer, Oble B.   Hester KIA
Canipe, Guyser   Cherryville DOD
Cannon, Claude   Charlotte KIA
Capps, Calvin L. Lt. Lucama DOW
Care, Elbert F.   Lenoir KIA
Carlisle, John W.   Miilbranch DOD
Carlton, Lee   Turkey DOD
Carpenter, Henry O. Sgt. Gastonia DOW
Carpenter, Thaddeus C.   Hickory DOW
Carpenter, Fred   Albemarle DOD
Carpenter, Ira N.   Wadesboro DOW
Carran, Valley Patan   Fletcher KIA
Carroll, Charlie W. Mechanic Greensboro KIA
Carroll, David T. Sgt. Manson DOD
Carroll, John R. Sgt. High Point KIA
Carroll, Willie   Parkenburg KIA
Carter, Buck Anderson   Ingold KIA
Carter, David   Wilhelm DOD
Carter, James A.   Pungo DOD
Carter, Luby   Ayden DOD
Carter, William H.   State Road DOD
Carter, Ben F. Corp. Red Springs DOW
Carver, Lox C. Sgt. Rutherfordton KIA
Case, Louie M.   West Asheville DOD
Casey, Frederick   Seven Springs DOD
Cason, Tom   Wadesboro DOD
Cates, Hubert   Louisburg KIA
Cates, Chandler J.   Hillsboro DOW
Cathey, Charlie   Smokemont DOD
Cathey, Joe   Mecklenberg DOA
Caulder, John   Laurel Hill DOD
Cauthren, Charlie W.   Lornax DOD
Cavanaugh, Macon E.   Rose Hill DOD
Chalmers, Arkansas R.   Raleigh KIA
Chambers, John   Dadesboro DOD
Chambers, Sam   Winston-salem DOD
Chamlmers, Tom B. Corp. Raleigh KIA
Chapman, James B.   Taylorsville DOW
Chason, Carson B.   Lumber Bridge DOW
Cheek, Charles   Winston-salem DOD
Christopher, Ervin   Culberson KIA
Church, James   Congo KIA
Clapp, Benjamin Deloris   Whitsett DOD
Clark, Charles   Aberdeen DOD
Clark, Fred L. Mechanic Oxford KIA
Clark, James W.   Everette KIA
Clark, Walter A.   Bolton DOD
Clark, Elijah   Bayboro DOD
Clark, Willard A.   Chapel Hill KIA
Cline, Frank E.   Hiekory DOW
Clinton, Richard   East Fruitland KIA
Cobb John Walter, Jr. Sgt. Charlotte DOD
Cobb, Carile A.   Angler KIA
Cochran, John P.   Concord DOD
Cochran, John T.   Alarka KIA
Cockerham, Marcus W. Corp. Crumpler KIA
Coffey, Rone L.   Shulis Mills KIA
Coffey, Alfred L.   Shulls Mills DOA
Coggins, Edgar L.   Marion KIA
Coleman, Julius H. Corp. Reidsville KIA
Coleman, Albert L.   Merry Mount KIA
Coley, Thomas   Dover KIA
Collins, Charlie A.   Kipling KIA
Collins, Cortelyou D.   Biltmore DOD
Collins, Robert   Hendersonvifle KIA
Collins, Andrew J.   Lakesville KIA
Collins, Jesse J.   Smith DOD
Colston, John Q.   Wadesboro DOW
Colville, Thomas H.   Lillington DOW
Combs, Edgar H.   Call KIA
Conley, Roy Pearl   Andrews DOD
Connelly, Horace B. Sgt. Winston-salem DOD
Cook, Charlie C.   Thomasville KIA
Cook, George E   Elon College DOD
Cook, Grover C. Corp. Concord KIA
Cook, James Asbury   Winston-salem DOW
Cooke Shem B.,   Franklinton DOW
Cooper, Dolphus C.   Jacksonville DOW
Copeland, Thrie   Edenton DOD
Corbett, Walter H.   Currie DOD
Corder, Hard Tinier   Chinquapin DOD
Core, Frank H. Corp. Charlotte DOD
Corey, Benjamin J   Ayden DOD
Corey, George W.   Washington DOD
Cornelius, Bennett   Thomasville KIA
Corpening, Albert T.   Lcnoir DOW
Correll, William J.   Kannapolis KIA
Cotton, Ruffus   Bynum DOW
Could, Mossie L.   Ansonville DOD
Cousin, Jess   Roxboro DOW
Cowan, Charles K.   Hickory KIA
Cowell, Horace B Capt. Washington KIA
Cox, Edd   China Grove KIA
Cox, John T.   Winterville KIA
Cox, Marshall   Hendersonville KIA
Cox, Roland S Corp. Mount Olive KIA
Cox, Fred N.   Grassy Creek DOW
Crabtree, Raymond B. Sgt. Henderson KIA
Craddock, Willie J.   Spray DOW
Cranford, Brack Wagoner Asheboro DOD
Cranford, Reid D.   Davidson DOW
Cratt, Charles S   Rosemary KIA
Craver, Floyd F.   Ramseur KIA
Creakman, Fritz A. Bugler Palmerville DOW
Creech, Wesley J.   Bolton KIA
Creeci!, John   Golsboro DOW
Crews, William   Siloam KIA
Cribbs, Quincy Cook Fair Bluff DOD
Crisp, Lester M.   Macclesfield KIA
Crocker, Alexander   Blacksburg DOD
Cromartie, Godfrey   Whiteville DOD
Croom, John L.   Kinston DOD
Crouse, David Leroy   Rock Creek DOD
Crowell, Henry   Monroe DOD
Crowell, John   Gold Hill DOD
Cruse, James J.   Durham DOW
Crutchfield, Oswald M.   Sanford DOW
Ctiappell, Oliver J.   Winfall DOD
Cunningham, Severe   Wilmont KIA
Curries, Jacob T. Corp. Enfield KIA
Curtis, Rufus C. Sgt. Hickory DOW
Cwils, Bennie O.   Cove City KIA
Dail, Benjamin A.   Snow Hill DOD
Dale, Marion Corp. Morgantown DOW
Dale, Marion Corp. Morganton DOA
Dallinger, George N.   Charlotte DOW
Daly, Harry   Charlotte DOD
Daniel, Parrott F.   Elm City DOD
Daniels, Marion L. Sgt. Goldsboro KIA
Daugherty, John Glen   Newbern DOD
Daughtry, Leon Lee Sgt. Newton Grove KIA
Davidson, William C.   Mount Ulla KIA
Davis, Alfred G.   Washington DOD
Davis, Amy A.   Asheville KIA
Davis, Charlesy Sgt. Washington KIA
Davis, Chuck Bert Sgt. Asheville DOW
Davis, Clyde R.   Mcfarlan DOW
Davis, Foster C. Bugler Wake Forest KIA
Davis, Frank   Louisburg DOD
Davis, Henry   Macon DOD
Davis, Hosea W.   Catherine Lake DOD
Davis, Olen L.   Charlotte DOD
Davis, Peter   Williamston KIA
Davis, Rueben E.   High Point KIA
Davis, Warren G. Lt. Wilmington KIA
Davis, William A. Corp. Seaboard KIA
Davis, George Ralph   Maiden DOW
Davis, John E.   Lillington DOD
Davis, Peter   Wllliamston KIA
Dawson, John F.   Ogden KIA
Dearen, Charles Fl.   Apex DOD
Deese, Joe R.   Wadesboro KIA
Demeron, Henry P.   Brookford KIA
Denny, Hoyt M.   Durham KIA
Dickens, Loftus V.   Littleton DOD
Dickson, Earnest   Rocky Mount DOD
Dillard, William   Sylva DOD
Dillingham, Ernest J.   Dillingharn DOW
Dillon, Loyd H.   Jerry KIA
Dixon, Ben F. Capt. Gastonia KIA
Dixon, George H.   Alliance DOW
Dixon, George T.   Franklinton KIA
Dixon, Roland   Magnolia DOD
Dodson, William T.   Sandy Ridge KIA
Donnerson, William V.   Dover KIA
Dortch, Gaston L. Lt. Wilmington KIA
Dosher, David L. Cook South Fort DOD
Doss, James M.   Campbell DOD
Doty, John S   Clennmons KIA
Doughty, Edward S   Washington KIA
Douglas, Lester M.   Piney Creek KIA
Douglas, Otis R.   Tayloreville KIA
Dowdle, Erwin Patton   Prentiss DOD
Dowdy, Percy G.   Shawboro DOD
Downes, Joe Burton Corp. Asheville DOD
Downey, Ashby J.   Roanoke Rapids KIA
Dozier, Robert A.   Fountain DOW
Drewetf, Charles Lee   Seaboard DOW
Drewett, Paul   Seabord DOA
Driver, Carl   Raleigh KIA
Driver, James O.   Selma KIA
Drum, Tally A.   Stony Point DOW
Dry, Wofford A. Corp. Richfield KIA
Duck, Robert L.   Gates DOD
Duke, Walter   Albemarle KIA
Dunbar, Merritt Lt. Walnut KIA
Dunlap, Charlie W.   Steeds DOW
Duprie, Roy   Macclesfield DOD
Durham, Cornie   Riggsbee DOD
Durham, Jesse Capers   Roscoe DOD
Durham, Adie O.   Kenley DOD
Duschkin, Isidore   Salisbury KIA
Duval, Neal. Sgt.   Dysartville DOW
Eakes, Beanie A.   Oxford DOW
Early, Joe   Bostic KIA
Eason, Lon   Four Oaks DOD
Easter, John H.   Lindwood KIA
Eatman, Millard O. Sgt. Gary DOD
Eatmon, William M. Sgt. Bailey KIA
Eckard, Robert L.   Tayloruville KIA
Edmundson, Arthur L.   Snow Hill KIA
Edwards, Elisha   Macclesfield DOD
Edwards, Lee   Concord KIA
Edwards, William F.   Scotland Neck KIA
Edwards, William Z.   Chicod KIA
Edwards, Garde Calvin   Highlands KIA
Edwards, Jake   Lumberton DOW
Edwards, James T.   Fountain KIA
Elam, Joe C.   Statesville DOD
Elkins, Joseph M.   Murphy DOD
Eller, James A.   Robbinsville KIA
Ellington, Charles D. Sgt. Franklinton KIA
Elliott, Adam   Marion DOD
Elliott, Andrae H. Corp. Charlotte DOA
Elliott, Raymond V.   Winston-salem KIA
Ellis, Artie   Huntersville DOD
Ellis, Walter B. Sgt. Burlington KIA
Ellis, Wess R.   Clarrisa DOW
Ellis, Ben C.   Advance KIA
Ellis, Henry   Wilson DOW
Ellison, Major   Vanceville DOD
Ernhardt, Fred L.   Mount Pleasant KIA
Erwin, Earnest M. Corp. Salisbury KIA
Evans, Frank L.   Doonaha DOD
Evans, James N.   Spray DOD
Evans, John   Milton DOD
Evans, John   Newbern DOD
Evans, Joseph C.   Jalong KIA
Everett, Albert   Margarettsville DOA
Evers, Charles R.   Lumberton KIA
Ewing, Arthur L.   West Durham KIA
Ewings, Willie   Durham DOD
Ezzell, John P.   Rocky Mount DOW
Fair, Robert K.   Asheville KIA
Faircloth, Archie   Fayetteville DOW
Faircloth, John E.   Roseboro DOD
Falls, Robert Pressley   Kings Mountain DOW
Fargis, Ivey J.   Elon College DOW
Farmer, Joshua   Wilson KIA
Farmer, Robert E. Lt. Anderson KIA
Farmer, Joe O.   Biltmore KIA
Farris, William   Madison KIA
Faucette, John M.   Durham DOW
Fefel, Edward S. Corp. Wilson DOW
Felton, Flavis L. Sgt. Charlotte DOW
Fender, John L.   Wilson DOD
Fennell, Jenkins   Ivanhoe KIA
Ferguson, Ruby   Moravian Falls DOD
Ferguson, Wilbur   Murphy DOD
Field, Bascom L. Lt. Greensboro KIA
Fields, Tillman   Concord DOD
Finison, Frederick Lee   Ramseur DOD
Fleming, Vincent Ambrose Mechanic Salisbury DOD
Flinchum, Laura E.   Madison KIA
Flowers, Bergis R.   Taylorville DOD
Fogleman, Otis B. Cook Rockcreek KIA
Ford, Earl W.   Pilot Mountain KIA
Formyduval, Jack   Hallsboro DOD
Forrest, Samuel P.   Spencer DOD
Forrester, William O. Sgt. Ramseur KIA
Foster, Albert F.   Congo KIA
Foster, Mann   Louisburg DOD
Foster, Roy W.   Sanford KIA
Foster, Demos C.   Mocksville KIA
Fowler, Lewis H. Mechanic Cardenas KIA
Foy, Leslie   Verona KIA
Frady, George Henry   Skyland KIA
Francis, Charles M. Sgt. Waynesville DOW
Francks, Mallum   Trenton DOD
Franklin, Manly W. Sgt. Alleghany KIA
Frazier, Warren Sgt. Planes KIA
Frazier, James C. Corp. Asheboro DOW
Fretz, Enos H.   Wilson DOW
Fry, John V.   Newton KIA
Fuett, Abe L.   Warne DOD
Fulford, James I.   Morehead City KIA
Fuller, Boyd E.   Yanceville DOD
Fuller, Roy H.   Durham DOD
Fussell, Raymond David Sgt. Rosehill KIA
Gallion, Eugene B.   Benson KIA
Gallops, James   Elizabeth City DOD
Gardner, James H.   Fountain KIA
Gardner, John Martin Corp. Dunn DOW
Gardner, Wayland A.   Angler DOW
Gardner, William J. Corp. Pikeville KIA
Gardner, William S Corp. Magnolia DOW
Garland, Thomas A.   Gastonia DOD
Garland, John L.   Monroe KIA
Garrett, Rufus E.   Greensboro DOD
Garver, John P.   Lawndale DOW
Garwood, Roy Sgt. Salisbury KIA
Gaskins, Claude M.   Merritt DOD
Gaston, Lacy   Sanford KIA
Gatlin, Ben L.   Erect KIA
Gavin, Charles L.   Warsaw KIA
Gay, Roy   Zebulon DOD
Gay, William R.   Fountain DOD
Geer, Doctor V.   Glikey KIA
George, Willie Jenkins   Harlowe DOA
Gerringer, Charlie M.   Gibsonville DOA
Gillespie, Archie   Red Springs DOD
Gillis, Fred   Lumber Ridge DOD
Glass, James Cook Wilmington DOD
Glazener, Branch L.   Brevard DOD
Glenn, Charlie E.   Greensboro DOD
Glenn, Verle   Charlotte DOD
Glover, James C.   Zebulon DOW
Godwin, Marion   Selma DOD
Godwin, Maudious A.   Selnia DOD
Goforth, Colon   Marshall KIA
Gpant, Joseph M.   Battleboro DOW
Grady, William Mckinley   Jackson Ville DOD
Grady, John K. Corp. Kinston DOW
Graham, Erwin C. Corp. Gastonia DOW
Grainger, Henry J.   Ferry Bluff DOD
Grant, David S. Lt. Asheville KIA
Grant, John   Brickton DOD
Grant, John D.   High Point KIA
Grantham, Adrian H.   Mount Olive KIA
Grantham, William W.   Fayetteville DOW
Gray, James Samuel   Ronda DOD
Gray, Solomon   Wilmington DOD
Green, David   Elizabeth City KIA
Green, Herberg M. Musician Star DOD
Green, Herbert L.   Jackson DOD
Green, Milton Asbury   Blowing Rock KIA
Green, Wallace Sgt. Eure KIA
Green, Arthur   Elk Park DOW
Green, Joseph L.   Gay KIA
Greene, Gardner Capt. Charlotte KIA
Greer, Edmond Brown Corp. Legerwood KIA
Gregory, Martin   Bartlet DOD
Gregory, Thurman M.   Shilnh DOA
Griffin, Benjamin S.   Monroe DOD
Griffin, Jesse B.   Monroe DOD
Griffith, John W.   Winston-salem DOD
Griffon, Simon S.   Williamaton KIA
Grisdale, Jesse D.   North Charlotte KIA
Grogan, William H.   Price DOW
Groner, William B.   Gastonia DOD
Gross, Buford Mailer   DOW
Guffey, Baxter   Union Mills DOW
Hadley, Samuel   Goldsboro DOD
Haithcock, Sidney A.   Durham DOD
Hall, Charles B.   Ogreeta KIA
Hall, Charles C.   Red Springs KIA
Hall, Henry H.   Hope Mills KIA
Hall, Thomas L. Sgt. Fort Mill KIA
Halshaw, Fred L   Murphy DOD
Halton, Ernest   Carthage DOW
Ham By, Thomas E.   Wilkesboro DOD
Ham, Lester   Lansing KIA
Ham, Luke   Henderson DOD
Hamilton, Arthur   Laurinsburg KIA
Hamrick, Broadus O.   Ellenboro DOW
Hansard, Eddie   Noline DOD
Hardesty, George R.   Baylau Heights DOD
Hardin, Samuel C.   Fleetwood DOD
Hardwick, Clinton J.   Chadbourne DOW
Hardy, William Esca   Silcam DOW
Harell, George   Eabgood DOW
Hargraves, John   Greensboro DOD
Harmon, James C.   Sugar Grove DOW
Harmon, William B.   Seagrove KIA
Harrell, Roland   Aulander KIA
Harrell, Wesley P.   Colerain DOD
Harrelson, Charles E.   Whiteville DOD
Harrington, Cordoza   Osborn DOW
Harris, Alexander   Blanche DOD
Harris, Andrew J. Jr. Capt. Henderson DOW
Harris, Edward C. Lt. Wendell DOW
Harris, Faison Mechanic Goldsboro KIA
Harris, Hammet D.   Thomasviile KIA
Harris, John   Kinston DOW
Harris, Loyd   Marahallberg KIA
Harris, Macy D.   Mason KIA
Harris, Pealie H. Corp. Smithfield KIA
Harris, Sandle   Harrisville DOD
Harris, James   Wadesboro DOD
Harris, Jerry   Roanoke Rapids KIA
Harrison, William H.   Draper KIA
Hart, Earnest F. Corp. Oxford DOA
Hart, Samuel C.   Mooresville KIA
Hartin, Glenn D.   Wilmington DOD
Hartis, John   North Charlotte DOW
Hartley, Gaither H.   Valmead DOA
Hartsell, Alfred H.   Locust KIA
Hartselli, Charles W.   Allen DOD
Harwood, Walter Mckinley   Weaverville DOD
Hassell, John W. Lt. Williamston KIA
Hastings, George W. Corp. Shelby KIA
Hastings, Charles L.   Kernersville DOW
Havens, Alonzo   Newburn KIA
Hawes, Stephen J. Lt. Belhaven DOD
Hawkins, Fred   Harrisburg DOD
Hawkins, Raymond   Dove City KIA
Hawley, William A.   Cooper KIA
Hayes, Claud L.   Whiteville DOD
Hayes, Clifton T.   Manson DOD
Hayes, Frank B.   Shelby DOW
Hayes, Samuel E.   Whiteville KIA
Haywood, William H.   Charlotte DOD
Headen Eugene, Cumnach   Cumnach DOD
Hecht, Felicita W. Nurse Charlotte DOD
Helms, Clifford Corp. Allens DOW
Hemmingway, William J.   Dunn DOD
Henderson, General E. Sgt. Canton KIA
Henderson, Harlie   Geneisa KIA
Henderson, Paul M.   Odessa DOD
Henighan, Samuel   Matthews DOD
Henley, James E.   Franklinton KIA
Henry, Cecil E. G.   Asheville KIA
Henry, Castillia   Newbern KIA
Henry, Fred C. Cook Currie DOA
Hensley, Robert J.   Nealsville DOW
Henson, Joseph G.   Carthage DOW
Herring, Sears   Seven Springs DOD
Hessee, James L. Corp. Durham KIA
Hewett, Willie C. Supply   DOW
Hewitt, William G. Sgt. Southern Pines KIA
Hicks, Burl   Candor DOA
Hicks, John   Staley DOA
Hicks, Burton C.   Francisco KIA
Higgins, Andrew J.   Ennice KIA
Higgins, Herman E.   Smithfield DOD
Higgins,jim   Spring Hope DOD
Higgins, Elmer J. Corp. Newbern DOW
Highsmith, James E.   Clinton DOD
Highsmith, Richard   Williamston DOD
Hill, James Arthur   Newbern DOD
Hill, James   Goldsboro KIA
Hill, Walter B.   Albemarle KIA
Hinkle, Freeman I.   Stanley KIA
Hinson, Charlie R.   Clarendon DOD
Hinson, Sidney W. Corp. Goldsboro KIA
Hobbs, James R. Corp. Marion KIA
Hobbs, Vaden   Clinton DOD
Hoce, Joseph Wallace Cook Salisbury KIA
Hockaday, Roger M.   Wake Forest DOW
Hodge, Oliver   Sparta DOW
Hodges, Lindsay D.   Washington KIA
Hoffman, Horace C.   Reepsville DOW
Hofler, Charles W.   Sunbury KIA
Hofler, Emmett V.   Gatesville KIA
Hoggard, Joe W. Corp. Windsor KIA
Hogsed, Paul   Andrews KIA
Holbrooks, James Nathaniel   Culberson KIA
Holcombe, Reginald Nathaniel   Candler KIA
Holden, Joseph   Selma DOD
Holder, Joseph L.   Severn DOD
Holder, Arthur Sgt. Wilkesboro DOW
Holder, William C.   Pickens DOD
Holland, James T.   Nebo DOD
Hollingsworth, Joseph   Reaford DOD
Holloman, Albert Corp. Aulander DOD
Holloman, Alex S.   Hookerton DOD
Holloway, James E.   West Raleigh DOA
Holloway, John   Swan Quarter DOD
Holman, Filo   Kings Creek DOD
Holmes, Alex A. Corp. Henderson KIA
Holmes, James H. Capt. Hendersonville KIA
Holmsley, John O.   Lincolnton KIA
Holt, Thomas L.   Sanford DOW
Holyfield, Early L.   Rusk DOW
Honeycutt, Daniel E.   Albemarle DOD
Honeycutt, William C.   Huntley KIA
Hooker, Claude E. Sgt. Mount Airy KIA
Hooker, Karl M. Sgt. Salisbury KIA
Hooks, Grady B.   Mathews KIA
Hopkins, Nicky M.   Thomasville KIA
Hopper, Barney H.   Forest City KIA
Hoppes, Kesley Mechanic Woodlawn KIA
Hord, Marion B. Sgt. Shelby KIA
Horne, Benjamin   Wilson DOD
Horne, Victor H.   Franklin KIA
Horton, William H. Mechanic Walstonburg KIA
Houlston, Leopold H.   Windsor DOD
House, William R.   Speed DOD
Howard, Olcr   Ashton DOD
Howard, Aurenus T. Lt. Salemburg DOD
Howell, Charles E.   Greenmountain KIA
Howell, Oliver W. Corp. Durham KIA
Howell. Arthur R.,   Thomasvllle DOD
Hoyle, Amherst William Wagoner Charlotte DOD
Hoyle, Warren Findley   Shelby KIA
Huff, Jim   Spray KIA
Huggins, Reid T.   Worth DOW
Hughes, Rexter   Windom DOW
Hull, George   Clinton DOD
Hummell, Samuel G. Sgt. Goldsboro DOW
Humphrey, Isaac J. Sgt. Verona DOD
Humphrey, Charlie H.   Roxboro DOW
Humphries, Oser   Grover KIA
Huntley, Clarence O.   Durham DOD
Hunsucker, Alexander   Catawba KIA
Hunt, Thomas G.   Alert KIA
Hunt, Lennie   Fairmont DOW
Hunt, Thomas G.   Alert DOA
Hunter, Charles   Neuse DOD
Hunter, Jones W.   Charlotte KIA
Huntley, Robert E. Corp. Rutherfordton DOW
Huntley, Joseph L.   Rutherfordton KIA
Hussey, Walter B.   Ashboro KIA
Hutchins, Walter   Yadkinville KIA
Hutchinson, Henry A.   Charlotte DOD
Hutton, John D. Sgt. Hickory KIA
Hyatt, William S. Corp. Barnsvlile DOD
Hyatt, William S. Corp. Bainesville DOA
Hyman, A.   Quitsna DOD
Hyman, Alexander   Quitsna DOW
Hyman, Ernest   Palmyra KIA
Ierrv, Christopher C.   Kitty Hawk DOD
Haynes, Dempsey R.   Kenley DOD
Howell, Jason   Norwood DOD
Ingram, William C.   Richfield KIA
Ingrms, John R.   Garysburg DOW
Irby, Clifton   Winston-salem DOA
Irvin, Loyd C. Corp. Huntersville KIA
Isaacs, James C.   Dobson KIA
Jackson, Burwell C.   Kinston KIA
Jackson, Martin A.   Dunn DOW
Jackson, Howard J.   Washington KIA
Jacobs, West   Marion KIA
Jam Erson, Ewart S.   Swiss DOD
James, Arthur   Lemon Spring DOD
James, Thomas J. Lt. Ferguson KIA
James, Earl R.   Parmele KIA
Jamison, Furman   Canton DOD
Jeffreys, John H.   Greensboro DOD
Jeffreys, Moses   Milton DOD
Jen Kin, Samuel F.   Covington DOD
Jenkins, Emmett Joshua   Newbern KIA
Jenkins, Herbert   Stonewall DOD
Jenkins, Paul Burton Sgt. Franklinton KIA
Jenkins, John   Belmont DOD
Jennings, Beaman   Cullasaia DOD
Jensen, Aston   Asheville DOA
Jester, Alton Kirk   High Point KIA
Jethro, James E.   Mackeys KIA
Johnson, Cornelius   Merry Hill DOD
Johnson, James A.   Angler DOD
Johnson, James H. Corp. Madison DOD
Johnson, James R.   Fletcher KIA
Johnson, John   Buies Creek DOD
Johnson, M. Clark Sgt. Winston-salem DOD
Johnson, Richard   North Wilkesboro KIA
Johnson, Samuel   Charlotte DOD
Johnson, William B.   Kernersville KIA
Johnson, Atlas C.   Barnesville DOW
Johnson, Clyde D.   Winston-salem DOW
Johnson, German L.   North Wilkesboro DOD
Johnson, Henry W.   Graham KIA
Johnson, Troy Fletcher   Ivanhoe KIA
Johnsow, Badger M.   Mount Holly KIA
Johnston, Alfred M.   Derita DOD
Johnston, Joseph H. Lt. Chapel Hill KIA
Jones, Albert F.   Greensboro DOD
Jones, Cleon R.   Mount Olive DOW
Jones, Ira   Waynesville KIA
Jones, James Clyde   Edenyville DOD
Jones, Jess B. Sgt. Mount Airy KIA
Jones, Smithfield   South Gretna KIA
Jones, Walter L.   Franklinsville DOW
Jones, William F.   Dunn DOW
Jones, Carl O.   Kannapolis KIA
Jones, Charles P.   Wadesboro DOD
Jones, Thomas J.   East Flat Rock KIA
Jordan, Charles Fletcher   Cooleemee KIA
Jordan, William A.   Middlesex DOW
Journey, James Britt Lt. Charlotte KIA
Joyner, Jesse J. Corp. Louisburg KIA
Joyner, Lewis   Rocky Mount DOW
Judd, Jerry   New Hill DOD
Judkins, John N.   Pantego KIA
Justice, Roy A.   Hudson DOD
Kalonnishiskie, Joe   Cherokee DOD
Kapp, Sid V.   Rural Hail DOD
Keeter, Waverly Corp. Littleton KIA
Keith, Bernard C.   Durham KIA
Kemmerlinn, John F.   Cameron DOD
Kendall, Jean Corp. Elkville KIA
Kerr, Fred   Durham KIA
Kincaid, Bruce Horace   Morganton KIA
Kincaid, William   Cobern DOD
Kincaide, James W. Sgt. Lenoir DOW
King, Arthur   Laurinburg DOD
King, Cecil F.   Kernersville DOD
King, Dudley   Laurenburg DOD
King, Ernest Newton   Burlington KIA
King, James   Dover DOD
King, John B.   Asheboro DOW
King, Robert B.   Statesville DOA
Kington, Joe H.   Sandy Ridge KIA
Kington, Willie E.   Madison KIA
Kinion, Henry   Curric DOD
Kinney, Linde S.   Winston-salem KIA
Kirby, Rom Dixon   Kings Creek DOW
Kirkpatrick, Roy S.   Bluff DOD
Kirkpatrick, Thomas H.   Fayette Ville DOD
Kivett, John H.   Ashboro KIA
Knight, Thomas D.   Corapeake DOD
Knott, Hobson K.   Charlotte KIA
Lane, Charles F.   Winston-salem KIA
Laney, John C.   Rhodhiss KIA
Langley, Edmund   Asheville DOW
Langley, Henry   Princeton DOD
Lash, James P.   Southern Pine KIA
Lassiter, Eugene T.   Henderson DOW
Lattimore, Roy J.   Shelby DOD
Lawhon, Francis Parker Sgt. Clinton DOD
Lawrence, Joseph Randolph   Come DOD
Lawrence, Andrew   Weldon DOW
Lea, Ruifin   Leasburg DOD
Lea, John   Caswell County DOD
Leazer, John W.   Landis DOD
Leazier, Albert R.   Landis DOD
Ledwell, Harvey M. Sgt. Randleman KIA
Lee, Lawnis L. Corp. Colerain KIA
Lee, Norman B.   Coleraine DOD
Lefler, John P..   Richfield DOW
Lemon, Marion D.   Sanford KIA
Lennon, Willie D.   Whiteville DOD
Lentz, Charles G.   Salisbury DOD
Leonard, William C. Sgt. Cedar Falls KIA
Lewellyn, Thomas E.   Round Peak DOD
Lewis, Amos C.   Candor KIA
Lewis, Brant   Creston DOD
Lewis, Claud   Chadborn DOD
Lewis, Jesse T. Corp. Mills Springs KIA
Lewis, Julian Eugene   Morven DOD
Lewis, Raymond   Ivanhoe DOD
Lewis, Sam James   Raleigh DOD
Liackney, William G.   Morrisville DOD
Lilley, Charles H.   Pantego DOD
Lilley, Edgar T.   Roducko DOD
Limer, Archbald W. Lt. Wilson KIA
Lindsey, Crawford   Joe DOW
Lineberry, Cyrus   Climax KIA
Linenberg, Albert Lawrence Corp. Stanley KIA
Link, Carl   Thomasville KIA
Lisenby, John T.   Albemarle DOD
Little, Ranzey B.   Stanfield KIA
Livingston, Willie   North Station DOD
Lockey, Addinell H.   Pembroke DOD
Locklear, Preston   Red Springs DOD
Locklear, Winslow   Pembroke DOW
Loder, James C. 2nd Lt. Wilmington KIA
Loftin, Bidwell   Long Shoals KIA
Loftin, Preston B.   Grifton KIA
Lofton, Wright   Pollocksville DOD
Logan, Hugh G.   Hickory KIA
Logan, Carl   Brickton DOD
Long, Fay E.   Ellenboro DOD
Long, Leonard J.   Roxboro KIA
Long, Samuel R.   Ellenboro KIA
Long, Ralph P.   Bug Hill DOW
Lookabill, Fred C.   Southmount KIA
Loring, David W. Lt. Wilmington DOW
Loughlin, Joseph J. Capt. Wilmington KIA
Loughran, Lawrence S. Lt. Asheville KIA
Love, John I.   Concord KIA
Lovin, Fred S.   Osborne DOW
Lowe, Walter   Lylesville DOW
Lowe, William J.   Farmville DOD
Lowery, William C.   Cana KIA
Lowrye, Gerfield   Pembroke KIA
Lucas, Perry A.   Hobgood DOD
Lumsdew, John C. Lt. Wilson KIA
Lynch, Adolph Henry Sgt. Morgantown KIA
Lynch, John E.   Durham KIA
Mabry, Robert K.   Henderson KIA
Macon, Willlie G. Corp. Louisburg KIA
Macy, Willie Ernest   Kernersville KIA
Madison, Claude C.   Olin DOD
Mahala, President T.   Ashland DOW
Malloy, Frederick Fagg Lt. Asheville DOD
Malpass, Willie F.   Wallace DOD
Malpass, Meredith T.   Currie DOD
Manning, Frederick C. Lt. Raleigh DOD
Marshall, Lee   Jacksonville DOD
Marshburn, Jacob A.   Durham KIA
Martin, Charles T.   Spray KIA
Martin, Ernest F.   Mount Airy KIA
Martin, William R. Sgt. North Charlotte KIA
Martin, Augburn D.   East Bend KIA
Martin, Frank R.   Faison DOD
Martin, Marvin B.   Durham DOW
Mashburn, Benjamin H.   Gay KIA
Mashburn, Ernest L.   Judson DOW
Mason, Lorn F. Corp. Wilmington KIA
Mason, Samuel   Rotia KIA
Mason, William Sgt. Forney DOW
Mason, Walter   Chapel Hill KIA
Massey, John R. Wagoner Princeton KIA
Mathis, Fred   Pariah KIA
Mattews, Milton A. Sgt. Angier KIA
Matthews, James O.   Cooper DOD
Matthews, Loften   Angier DOD
Matthews, William H.   Kipling KIA
Matthews, Thomas H.   Dunn DOD
Maxwell, Charles H.   Concord DOA
Mayes, Ivan S   Oxford DOW
Maynard, Ernest M.   Durham DOD
Mayo, Ezra A.   Selma KIA
McAllister, Everett Corp. Mount Pleasant KIA
Mcarthur, Roland F.   Carthage DOD
Mccall, Claudie H.   Shallotte DOD
Mccallum, Lacy H.   Maxton DOD
Mccauley, Charles Corp. Asheville DOD
McConnell, Fred Y. Lt. Concord KIA
Mccoy, Oscar L.   Statesvllle KIA
McCoy, Joe   Morven DOA
McCoy, John W. Mechanic Statesville KIA
Mcculloh, Ernest   Mocksville KIA
Mcdaniel, Joe Henry   Winston-salem DOD
Mcdeese, Melvin   Monroe DOW
McDougald, Charles Austin Sgt. Aberdeen KIA
Mcdowell, George E.   Rowland DOD
McDowell, Thomas J. Sgt. Asheboro KIA
McEntire, Ezor Sgt. Gilkey KIA
Mcfadden, Frank   Dallas DOD
Mcfarland, Hugh Cook Durham DOD
Mcgowan, Hester C. Mechanic Warrenton DOD
Mcgraw, Charles M.   Concord KIA
Mcintyre, Roy S.   Altamahaw KIA
McKay, Albert G. Corp. Hannapolis KIA
Mckee, Ira H.   Rougemont DOW
Mckinney, Homer   Toecane DOD
Mckinnie, Richard   Holly Springs DOD
Mckinnie, Sam Sgt. Salisbury DOD
McKnight, Willie N.   Mount Airy DOA
McKoy, Herbert E.   Shaken DOA
Mclaughlin, Archie   Shannon DOD
Mclaughlin, Sam   Maxton DOD
Mclaurin, William Mechanic Fayetteville DOW
Mclean, Allen B.   Lillington KIA
Mclean, John A.   Lumbereon DOW
McLeod, Arch   Eagle Spring DOA
Mcmillan, Charles G.   Raeford KIA
Mcmillan, Samuel A.   Asheville DOD
Mcneill, James   Pembroke DOD
Mcphail, Robert A.   Jonesboro KIA
McPhail, John D. Corp. Hope Mills KIA
McPherson, Charles H. Corp. Franklin KIA
Mcrea, Henry   Ellerbe DOD
Mcswain, Baxter C.   Earl DOW
Mcwhorter, Arthur C.   Waxhaw DOD
Meadows, William C.   Hubert KIA
Meggs, David P.   Camden KIA
Melton, John Wesley   Lenoir KIA
Melton, William Baxter   Caroleen DOW
Merrill, Henry C.   Gastonia KIA
Merritt, Fletcher W. Sgt. Roxboro DOW
Mickey, John A. Corp. Tobaccoville KIA
Middleton, Owen Williams   Kenans Ville DOD
Miles, Herbert M. Corp. Warrenton KIA
Miley, Hugh L. Sgt. Davidson DOA
Miller, John C. Lt. Fairview KIA
Miller, Wade H. Corp. New London KIA
Miller, William A. L. Corp. Lexington KIA
Miller, Ballard   Winston-salem DOD
Miller, Gaither   Johnlen KIA
Milliken, Elijah   Rocky Mountain DOD
Minish, Walter R. Sgt. Lenoir DOW
Minor, Henry   Madison DOD
Mitcehll, Robert L. Lt. Durham KIA
Mitchell, Frank B.   Kittrell KIA
Mitchell, Thomas H.   Lillington DOA
Mitchell, William R.   Dover DOW
Mitchell, Thadius   Pittsboro DOD
Mizell, John D.   Williamston DOW
Mobley, James H.   Williamston KIA
Moffitt, Barney C.   Sanford DOD
Monday, Thomas Sgt. Weaverville KIA
Montague, Jack W.   Elm City KIA
Montague, John M.   Elm City DOW
Monteith, Walter L   Glenville KIA
Mooney, Clarence   Gastonia DOA
Moore, Alfred E.   Lucama DOD
Moore, Ezra   Goldsboro DOD
Moore, Hubert Lee Corp. Canton KIA
Moore, James O.   Scotland Neck DOD
Moore, John W.   Clinton KIA
Moore, John W.   Moncure KIA
Moore, Leonard N. Corp. Durham KIA
Moore, Marvin C.   Mount Gilead DOD
Morgan, Emmett L.   Kinston KIA
Morgan, Ernest   Statesville DOW
Morgan, Jesse C. Sgt. Asheville DOD
Morgan, John H   Edenton KIA
Morgan, William Corp. Reidville DOW
Morgan, Loman   Andrew KIA
Morris, Charlies M. Sgt. Concord KIA
Morris, Columbus S. Corp. Columbia KIA
Morris, John H. W.   Carrboro DOW
Morris, William C. Lt. Concord DOA
Morrison, Alexander S. Jr. Corp. Wadesboro KIA
Morrison, Carson R.   Laurinburg DOD
Morton, John T.   Page KIA
Morton, Tazewell N.   Oxford DOD
Morton, William L.   Hubert KIA
Moss, Robert E. Sgt. Locust KIA
Munford, William   Jacksonville DOD
Murphy, Claude   Comfort DOD
Myers, John A.   Thomasville DOD
Myers, William J.   Jennings DOA
Myers, William J.   Jennings DOW
Nan Ce, Thomas C.   Thomasville DOD
Nance, Henry F.   Peachland DOW
Nance, Thomas G. Wagoner Thomasville DOD
Neal, Algernon S. Corp. Mciver DOD
Neal, Dave S   Fairfield DOA
Neal, James L.   Grover DOW
Neill, Robert W.   Lancaster KIA
Nelson, Eratus I.   Leland KIA
Nelson, Oscar E.   Patterson KIA
Neugen, Lee   Summerville DOD
Nimocks, Robert G.   Winston-salem DOA
Nixon, Lester G.   Round Peak DOD
Norman, Doctor T.   Marion KIA
Norman, Isaac C.   Mount Airy KIA
Norris, John   Jackson DOW
Norton, Gus   Maxton KIA
Norton, Eli   Lourtnburg DOD
Norwood, Charles T.   Raleigh DOW
Oakley, Thomas L.   Oxford KIA
Oates, Howard G. Corp. Bessemer City KIA
O'brien, Ottis B.   Maxton KIA
Odom, Arcy R. C.   Bolton DOD
Odom, Marvin J.   St. Paul KIA
Olive, Collier C. Lt. Greensboro DOD
Oliver, Alfred A.   Lumberton KIA
Orr, Joseph L.   Matthews DOW
Orr, Isaac M. Sgt. Wallace DOD
Outland, Cecil P.   Tyner KIA
Outlaw, Kendrick W.   Winnabow DOD
Outlaw, William   Weldon DOD
Overby, George P.   Macon KIA
Owens, Harry   Garland DOD
Owensby, Jacob D.   Rutherfordton DOA
Owensby, Lola L.   Fletcher DOW
Oxendine, Golden   Robertson DOD
Oxendine, Harvey   Fairmont DOA
Oxendine, William R.   Bums KIA
Pace, Cumbee   Saluda DOW
Page, Allison M. Corp. Aberdeen DOW
Page, Curney   Wilson DOA
Paris, Frank S Lt. Canton KIA
Parish, Millard T.   Smithfield KIA
Parker, John T.   Sunbury DOD
Parker, John W.   Wingate KIA
Parker, Walter   Rocky Mount DOD
Parker, Moses   Wilson KIA
Parks, Eddie   Seaboard DOW
Parrish, Andrew P. Corp. Mccullers DOW
Parrish, George W.   Roseboro KIA
Parrish, David   Lucama DOD
Parsons, Edgar   Obids KIA
Parsons, Walter L. Sgt. Rockingham KIA
Partin, Raymond J.   Willow Spring KIA
Pate, Clarence R.   Monroe DOD
Pate, Douglas W.   Wilmington DOW
Patillo, Roy Annison   Union Ridge DOD
Patrick, Leland A.   Gufton DOD
Patterson, Bronzie R.   Roseboro DOD
Paylor, Bennie H.   Roxboro DOD
Payne, Herbert L. Sgt. Charlotte KIA
Payne, Hugh B.   Lake Landing DOD
Pearce, Archie B.   Youngville KIA
Pearson, Dillard S   Moravian Falls KIA
Pearson, Henry Floyd   Gibson KIA
Pearson, Will Z.   Elkville KIA
Pearson, Joseph M.   Black Creek DOD
Peel, Boss   Jamesville DOD
Peeler, Lawrence Tatum Corp Hickory KIA
Pegram, James W. Corp. Winston-Salem KIA
Peloubet, William F.   Asheville KIA
Pendergrass, Charlie T.   Henderson DOD
Peppers, Charlie   Middlesex DOD
Perkins, Brumett   Clarkton DOD
Perry, Cardon O. Corp. Council KIA
Perry, Jesse   Wendell DOD
Perry, John W.   Mccullers DOD
Perry, Seth E.   Okiako KIA
Perry, Thomas J.   Belvidere DOW
Perry, Thomas L.   Eure KIA
Perry, Macy B.   Ranford DOD
Petteway, Claude   Snow Hill KIA
Petteway, Samuel W.   Jacksonville DOD
Petty, Stowe   Bessemer City KIA
Petty, Thomas F.   Stratford KIA
Pfaff, Carl C.   Winston-Salem KIA
Phelps, Tom A.   Milton DOD
Phifer, Monroe   Concord KIA
Phillips, Claude F.   Boardman DOD
Phillips, George   Matthews DOD
Phillips, Samuel J.   Bear Creek DOW
Phillips, Isaac C. Corp. Bears Creek DOW
Pierce, Charles R. Sgt. Hallsboro KIA
Piercy, Robert L. Chauffeur Andrews DOD
Pigott, Harry L.   Shillotte KIA
Pinex, Henry   Burlington DOW
Pinex, Henry   Burlington DOD
Pitman, James Worth   Kannapolis KIA
Pittman, Ephriam   Micro DOD
Pitt, Edward C.   Rocky Mount KIA
Pittman, Philip W.   Scotland Neck DOD
Pittman, Randolph   Tarboro KIA
Plyer, George Espy Corp. Mount Ulla KIA
Poole, William E.   Asheboro KIA
Poplin, Daniel Casper   Charlotte KIA
Poplin, Luther   Mount Gilead KIA
Porcell, Robert Bugler Fayetteville KIA
Potter, Harry   Wilmington KIA
Pourch, Iaaac P.   Granite Falls DOD
Powell, Hamit N. Corp. Henderson KIA
Powell, Leon L. Corp. Marmaduke KIA
Pressley, Henry W.   Monroe DOW
Prevatt, Watus   Kannapolis KIA
Price, Edward R.   Lattimore DOD
Price, Eula   Ashland KIA
Price, Milan O.   Grifton DOD
Price, Raleigh B.   Hollis DOD
Price, Walter H. Corp. Mathews KIA
Price, John W. Sgt. Charlotte DOD
Proctor, Homer S.   Nashville DOD
Pruitt, Walter   Henderson KIA
Purcell, Douglas B. Sgt. Maxton DOW
Purcell, Douglas B. Sgt. Maxton DOD
Purdie, Willie   Tar Hill DOD
Purser, William O. Corp. Charlotte DOW
Purvear, Bonnie   Durham KIA
Pyatt, Samuel E.   Nealsville KIA
Quffn, James Robert   Smokemont DOD
Rachel, Eugene   Spokane KIA
Ramsey, Harvey J.   Ansonville KIA
Ramsey, William F.   Bakersville KIA
Ranson, John Oliver Lt. Charlotte KIA
Raper, Henry A.   Kenley DOD
Rasberry, Archie C. Corp. Fayetteville DOD
Ratcliff, John   Graham DOD
Rawles, Henry C.   Tarboro KIA
Rawling, Claude M.   Durham DOD
Ray, John F. Capt. Raleigh DOW
Ray, Swanna   Revere KIA
Ray, Walter E.   Elk Park KIA
Rayfield, Nelson   Lexington KIA
Rector, Grant W. Sgt. Mount Airy DOD
Reed, Fred   Goldsboro KIA
Reid, Wilborn   Jennings KIA
Reynolds, Levi   Scotland Neck DOD
Rhoads, Alexander F.   North Wilkesboro KIA
Rhodes, Gordon L. Sgt. Kinston KIA
Rhyne, Ralph O.   Shelby DOD
Rich, Carmel   Robinsville DOW
Richardson, Coficld   Elsex DOD
Richardson, Hal E.   Star KIA
Riddle, Charlie C.   Candor DOW
Rierson, Ernest H.   King KIA
Riggs, Clem M.   Kinston KIA
Riggs, Robert H. Lt DODson DOW
Rigsbee, Ike J.   Durham KIA
Rimmer, Dallas S.   Hurdle Mills DOD
Rinehart, Melvin E.   Clyde DOW
Rippy, Forest A.   Shelby DOA
Ritteri, Charles M.   Leamon DOD
Roach, Robert N. Sgt. Hayesville DOW
Roark, Clefton   Newland KIA
Roark, Hedric   Ashland KIA
Robbins, Robert E.   Sharpsburg KIA
Robbins, William E.   Wilson KIA
Roberson, Annanlas   Williamston DOD
Roberts, Festus Sgt. Rutherfordton KIA
Roberts, James A.   Raleigh DOD
Roberts, Joseph W.   Bolton DOD
Robertson, Benjamin C. Corp. Arcola DOW
Robinson, Carl   Marshall KIA
Robinson, Galen   Atlantic DOD
Robinson, James   Delway DOW
Robinson, Sidney J.   Magnolia KIA
Robinson, Leo   L.aurinburg DOD
Robinson, Travis   Harvard KIA
Rodgers, Monroe   Oxford DOD
Rodwell, Lonnie Thomas   Lewisburg DOD
Roe, Elwood G. Corp Surry KIA
Rogers, Hardie   Robbinsviile KIA
Roland, Lawrence D.   Franklin DOD
Roscoe, Joseph E.   Osborne KIA
Ross, Ben   Kings Mountain DOD
Ross, William B.   Kannapolis KIA
Rossman, Charles O. Sgt. Enfleid DOD
Rountree, Joseph D.   Kinston DOW
Rouse, Pinkey   Soow Hill DOD
Rowe, Depp   Croatan DOD
Royster, Edward   Henderson KIA
Ruffin, Jesse J.   Seven Springs KIA
Ruffin, John Hardy   Lewiston DOD
Runyon, Joseph W.   Shelby KIA
Rust, Sidney R.   Bridgewater KIA
Sadler, Thomas M.   Fairfield DOW
Saintsing, Vance H.   Warren Plains DOD
Salley, John G.   Salleys DOD
Sanderlin, James L.   Elizabeth City DOD
Sanders, Dewey M.   Biscoe KIA
Sanders, Ozzie T.   Stackhouse KIA
Sane, Charlie L.   Rutherfordton KIA
Sasser, Henry Wagoner Wadeville DOD
Satterfield, Ira L.   Bruce KIA
Saunders, Rowan   Wilkesboro KIA
Sautter, Harry R.   Whitesboru DOW
Savage, William T.   Oak City KIA
Sawyer, Anderson M.   Mantee DOD
Sawyer, Joel R.   Ansonville DOD
Scates, Edward M.   Hazelwood KIA
Schutt, William   Advance DOD
Scott, William M.   Whitehead KIA
Sealy, Montgomery A.   Gordo KIA
Sears, Claude Corp. Rockingham KIA
Seay, Doyle   Clyde DOA
Settlemyre, Frederick Sgt. Mooresville KIA
Shackelford, Herman P.   Fremont KIA
Shackleford, Roscoe A.   Ararat DOD
Shankle, Vance C.   Kannapolis KIA
Shankle, Willie W. Corp. Rockingham DOW
Sharp, Harrold   Harrellsville DOA
Sharp., George   New Hope DOW
Shaver, Charles D.   Goldsboro DOD
Shaw, Collin C.   Benn Level KIA
Shaw, Duncan C. Corp. Lumber Bridge KIA
Sheets, William L.   Ludux KIA
Shepard, Joseph W.   Leatherman DOD
Shepard, William Sgt. Durham KIA
Sheppard, Clyde M.   Peachland DOD
Shore, Paul E.   Winston-salem KIA
Short, Jurney L.   Fremont DOW
Shuler, Findley M.   Bryson City DOW
Shuler, William A. Sgt. Bryson City KIA
Sidbury, Theodore   Wilmington KIA
Sigmon, Orin N. Lt. Hickory DOD
Simmons, Clan   Comfort DOD
Simmons, Frank   Gates DOW
Simmons, George W.   Zebulon DOD
Simmons, Samuel J.   Danbury DOW
Simmons, Willie   La Grange DOD
Simmons, King D.   Dudley DOD
Simons, Ellis   Leechville DOD
Simpson, Ed   Ruffin DOW
Simpson, Samuel J.   Fairfield DOD
Slagle, Alfred M. Corp. Franklin KIA
Slaughter, Morris L.   Winston-salem KIA
Sledge, Edward L.   Asheboro KIA
Sloan, John   Asheville DOD
Sloop, Clarence H. Corp. Mooresville DOD
Small, Lsham F.   Albemarle DOD
Smith, Albert E.   Pilot Mountain KIA
Smith, Benjamin B.   Ash DOW
Smith, Clannie W. Corp. Etowah KIA
Smith, Dalton E. Lt. Trinity KIA
Smith, Fred J.   Statesville KIA
Smith, Hilery J. Corp. Francisco DOW
Smith, Hubert M. Lt. Hendersonville KIA
Smith, James T.   Lamberton KIA
Smith, John I.   Lenoir KIA
Smith, Leo Leonard   Robersonville KIA
Smith, Lester L.   Campbell DOD
Smith, Lonnie Lester   Shicod DOD
Smith, Lonnie W.   Calahan DOD
Smith, Luther R.   Bethel DOD
Smith, Morris E.   Charlotte DOD
Smith, Novitzy   Creek DOW
Smith, Oscar   Proximity DOD
Smith, Richard L.   Salisbury DOA
Smith, Spencer   Heaton KIA
Smith, Turner   Gibson DOA
Smith, Vaughan E.   Wilmington KIA
Smith, Vernon   Durham DOD
Smith, Walter N.   Unionville KIA
Smith, William C.   Buffalo KIA
Smith, Hall J.   Concord DOD
Smith, Radford   Dunnham DOD
Smith, Samuel W.   Spencer DOD
Smith, Thomas   Burnsville DOD
Smith, Turner   Gibson KIA
Sneed, John A.   Eagle Springs KIA
Snell, Harry E.   Harrisburg DOD
Snow, Charles R.   Mount Airy KIA
Snowden, Basil S. Capt. Elizabeth City DOA
Soles, Council   Tabor KIA
Sorels, Heleon V.   Union Mills KIA
Sosni K, Jake   Winston-salem KIA
Southard, Henry Corp. Kenly KIA
Southard, Percy E.   Reidsville KIA
Spainhour, Robert L.   King DOD
Spainhour, Roger S.   Pinnacle DOD
Spangler, Joe L.   Shelby DOD
Speaks, Thomas B. Bugler Jennings KIA
Spears, George W.   Clemmons KIA
Speas, Charle Augustine Sgt. Cana DOW
Specner, Ralph G.   Fairfield KIA
Speight, Andrew Thomas   Stantonsburg DOA
Speight, Samuel   Whitaker DOD
Spencer, Dwight L. N.   East Durham KIA
Spencer, Elmer Corp. Salisbury KIA
Spencer, Abe   Pee Dee DOD
Spivey, Fred E.   Maggie DOD
Spivey, Raymond E.   Sanford KIA
Spivey, Stuart F.   Tabor DOW
Spratt, Grover K.   Belmont DOD
Sprill, Joe   Newburn DOD
Spurill, Peter A.   Littleton DOD
Squires, James W. Capt. Charlotte DOD
Stafford, Fred J.   Ophir DOD
Stallings, George J.   Waxhaw KIA
Stallings, Martin L.   Waxhaw KIA
Stallings, Paul   Belvidere KIA
Stamper, Gurney A.   Statesville DOA
Starr, Clayton W. Wagoner Greensboro DOA
Staton, Jesse Corp. Cranberry KIA
Stegall, Henry N.   Draper DOD
Stephenson, William Berry   Judson KIA
Stevens, Foster B.   Goldsboro KIA
Stevenson, Adlai E. Sgt. Thomasville KIA
Stevenson, George W.   Weeksville DOD
Stewart, Clark R.   Middleburg DOW
Stewart, George F.   Carthage DOD
Stewart, George   Mocksville KIA
Stillman, J. Leslie   Andrews KIA
Stillwell, Keller H.   Huntersville KIA
Stokely, Royal J. Sgt. Asheville DOD
Stokes, Johnnie P.   Chinquapin DOD
Stowe, Charles G.   Belmont KIA
Straughan, Henry H.   Rowland DOD
Street, Addic B.   Union Hills DOD
Street, Odus P.   Shelby DOW
Strickland, Henry N.   Louisburg KIA
Strong, Henry G.   Leaksville KIA
Sttmlin, Posey   Edgecomb KIA
Stuart, Lawrence Wagoner Greensboro DOD
Stultz, Walter W.   Dillard KIA
Styles, Andy   Wesser KIA
Suddreth, Thomas Lee Sgt. Lenoir DOD
Suggs, Henry L. Lt. Spencer DOA
Sullivan, Harrison E. Corp. Thomasville KIA
Summer, P. Sgt. Burgan KIA
Summerlin, James G.   Mount Olive KIA
Summerlin, Zollie Avery   Hendrix KIA
Summerville, Gary L.   Charlotte DOA
Summey, Roy A.   Dallas DOD
Surratt, William P.   South Point KIA
Surratt, James R.   Newsom DOD
Sutton, Linton J.   Elizabeth City DOD
Sutton, Mitchell Mcpherson   Elizabethtown DOD
Sutton, Robert   Graham KIA
Swain, David S. J.   Washington DOA
Swanson, Harry M.   Nashville DOD
Sweet, John D.   Laurinburg DOD
Swink, Max   Connelly Springs DOD
Swinson, James   Magnolia DOD
Syke, James J. Lt. Pee Dee KIA
Talbert, Bruce R. Cook Graham DOD
Tarkington, Daniel H.   Elizabeth City DOD
Tate, Millard F. Sgt. Marion KIA
Tate, Robert Carroll   Winston-salem KIA
Tayloe, Jonathan   Windsor KIA
Taylor, Edward Winfield Corp. Oxford KIA
Taylor, Harry R. Corp. Greensboro KIA
Taylor, Jeff   Elmore DOD
Taylor, John P.   Jamesville DOD
Taylor, Martin   Paintrock KIA
Taylor, William   Blowing Rock KIA
Taylor, Ben I.   Goldsboro DOD
Teachey, Robert M. Corp. Raleigh KIA
Teague, Marvin D.   Gastonia KIA
Terrell, Charlie   Ruxboro DOD
Terry, Avery C.   Brevard KIA
Tetterton, Julius Lonzer   Washington KIA
Tew, Columbus Dee   Clinton DOW
Thaggard, Waymon Tolar   Cedar Creek KIA
Thigpen, Alpha   Hallsville KIA
Thomas, Brink   Tarboro DOD
Thomas, Lonnie J.   Polkton KIA
Thomas, Newton P.   Polkton KIA
Thomason, David G. Corp. Edward DOD
Thomason, Jasper Winfleld   Newbern KIA
Thomason, Oliver   Lexington KIA
Thompson, Frank M. Lt. Raleigh KIA
Thompson, John W.   Charlotte DOW
Thompson, Lawrence E. Corp. Thurman KIA
Thompson, Roscoe Isham   Grassy Creek DOD
Thompson, Travis   High Rock KIA
Thompson, Dewey S   Durham KIA
Thompson, Grover C.   Mill Spring DOD
Thornton, Nathaniel K.   Bentonville KIA
Thornton, Willie J.   Statesville DOD
Thorpe, Lottie R.   Charlotte DOD
Tiiompson, Acy A.   Efland DOD
Tillery, Jesse   Halifax DOD
Tilley, Austin W.   Thurman KIA
Tilley, Royal W. Corp. Durham DOD
Tiney, Eason   Macclesfield KIA
Torrence, John   Mooresville DOD
Torrence, William   Charlotte DOD
Towery, Willis E.   Forest City DOW
Townsend, Louis F.   Connelly Springs DOD
Tracy, Cecil W. Lt. Jamestown DOA
Trexler, Marvin   Salisbury KIA
Triplett, Elija W.   Durham KIA
Troutman, John T. Sgt. Statesville KIA
Tucker, Harley L. Corp. Concord KIA
Tucker, Willie M.   Mount Pleasant DOD
Tucker, Millard   Advance KIA
Tucker, Osco   Laurel Springs KIA
Turner, David D.   Wilson KIA
Turner, Robert H. Lt. Statesville KIA
Turner, Robert Lemay   Garner DOW
Turner, Sam   Woodland DOD
Turner, Willie M.   Wilmington KIA
Turner, Arthur L. Corp. La Grange DOW
Turrentine, Herbert S   Winston-salem KIA
Twiford, Dennis S Corp. Eastlake KIA
Twine, Earnest L.   Tyner KIA
Tyner, Alvester M.   Murfreesboro DOD
Tyner, Ellis   Buies DOW
Umphlett, Clauci L.   Eure KIA
Underwood, Willie L. Sgt. Trinity KIA
Vann, Lewis P. Corp. Wilmington DOW
Varner, William A.   Greensboro DOD
Vaughin, Thomas   Madison KIA
Vaughn, Charles   Coalfield DOD
Vaughn, Pressie   Murfreesboro DOD
Vaughn, Robert   Murfreesboro DOD
Venable, Paul C. Lt. Durham KIA
Venters, Leslie   Shelmerdine KIA
Vernon, Jesse A.   Madison DOD
Vestal, Frank H. Cook Waxhaw DOD
Vester, James B.   Nashville DOW
Vickers, James W. Wagoner Rutherfordton DOD
Vinson, Frederick P.   Gneiss KIA
Vogel, Thoedore K. Jr. Lt. Jacksonville KIA
Wade, Bryant   Rocky Mountain DOD
Wade, Henry Corp. Winston-salem DOD
Waldroop, Robert V.   Sylva KIA
Walker, John Henry   Maxton DOD
Walker, Richard H. Corp. Littleton KIA
Walker, William T.   Roaring River KIA
Walker, Julian C.   Durham KIA
Wall, Robert O.   Trinity KIA
Wall, Claude   Ararat DOD
Wall, James H.   Randleman KIA
Wall, Joseph W.   Selma KIA
Wall, Trossy G. Wagoner Walnut Cove DOD
Walls, James T.   Altamahaw DOD
Walser, Albert H.   Blowing Rock DOW
Walsh, Thomas I.   Boomer KIA
Walston, John F.   Speed DOD
Walston, Lafayette   Elm City DOD
Walston, Robert   Elm City DOD
Walston, Willie   Stantonsburg KIA
Walton, Edmund L.   Beulahville DOD
Ward, Herbert W. Corp. Ash KIA
Ward, Robert F.   Asheville DOD
Ward, Winthrop   Weldon KIA
Ward, Dennis W.   Greensboro DOD
Warnkr, Nathan W.   Troy DOD
Warren, George T.   Elon College DOW
Warren, Willie F.   Topnot DOD
Warrick, Linwood   Jackson KIA
Waterfield, Loyd L.   Knotts Island KIA
Waters, Clarence L.   Cherryville DOW
Watkins, James R. Corp. Manson KIA
Watkins, Olinny   Merry Mountain DOD
Watson, Isam V.   Altamahaw KIA
Watson, John D.   Englehard KIA
Watson, Marshall F.   Darby DOD
Watson, T. H. Lt. Raleigh KIA
Watson, Walter F.   Kenly DOD
Watts, Grover C.   Blowing Rock DOD
Waycaster, Burley   Black Mountain KIA
Wearn, John M.   Charlotte DOD
Weathers, Will   China Grove DOW
Weaver, D.   Durham DOW
Weaver, Frank Corp. Warrenton KIA
Weaver, Lee   Durham DOW
Weaver, William B. Corp. Piney Creek KIA
Webb, Eddie   Jackson DOD
Webb, Isaac L.   Mount Airy DOW
Webb, Oscar   Macclesfield KIA
Webb, William Wiley Corp. Macclesfield DOD
Webb, Vernon F.   Monroe KIA
Weeks, Youmans Z. Corp. Cedar Point KIA
Welborn, Lonnie C.   Statesville DOW
Welch, Fred   Lexington KIA
Wellons, Wilbert F.   Selma DOD
Wells, Isaac   High Point DOD
West, Tenny B.   Oxford KIA
West, Waiter   Hope Mills KIA
West, Walter Mechanic Fayetteville DOW
Wethington, Howard   Grifton Ton KIA
Wheeler, Commie D. Corp. Creedmore KIA
Wheless, Robert L.   Spring Hope DOD
White, Gilbert B. Sgt. Trinity DOW
White, Grover   Morrisville KIA
White, Oscar W. Corp. Edenton KIA
White, Ross L. Mechanic Seagull KIA
White, Samuel   Raleigh DOD
White, Sidney W. Lt. Elizabeth City DOA
White, William E.   Elizabeth City DOD
Whitehart, Bert   High Point KIA
Whitener, Marion C.   Hickory KIA
Whitley, James   Huntersville DOA
Whitley, James S   Jonesville DOD
Whitley, John C. Corp. Concord KIA
Whitmire, Robert C.   Spartanburg DOD
Whitson, Joe S   Rose Mary KIA
Wi Ngate, Jesse C.   Lincolnton DOD
Wicker, Willie W.   Sanford KIA
Wiggins, Grover C.   Goldsboro KIA
Wiggins, John W.   Bryson City DOW
Wilborn, George T.   Woodsdale KIA
Wilburn, Anderson A.   Meryville KIA
Wilburn, Johnnie   Denniston KIA
Wilcox, Robert E. Corp. Hendersonville KIA
Wilder, John N.   Castilla KIA
Wilford, John C. Lt. Asheville DOA
Wilkerson, Willie E.   Roxboro KIA
Wilkins, Charlie V. Mechanic West Durham KIA
Willett, Frank R.   Bear Creek DOA
Williams, Abner   Old Trap DOW
Williams, Alonzo L.   Bailey KIA
Williams, Chester C. Sgt. Hickory DOA
Williams, Dewey A.   Stateville KIA
Williams, Dewitt M.   Grifton DOW
Williams, Frank   Bertie DOD
Williams, Frank Lenox Lt. Elizabeth DOW
Williams, Herman   Fountain DOD
Williams, Horace   Littleton DOD
Williams, Hugh A.   Roxboro KIA
Williams, James F.   Vineland DOW
Williams, James   Raeford DOD
Williams, John A.   Rosemary KIA
Williams, O'brien H. Sgt. Fairview DOD
Williams, Robert Frederick   Rutherfordton DOD
Williams, Rufus M.   Whittakers KIA
Williams, William   High Point KIA
Williams, Dennis J.   Grifton Ton DOD
Williams, Ernest W.   Gorman KIA
Williams, Major   Seven Springs KIA
Williams, Rogers   Wade DOD
Williamson, Robert C.   Winston-salem KIA
Williford, William R. Sergeant Major Harrellsville DOD
Willifrod, William R. Sgt. Moriah DOW
Willis, Benjamine T.   Williston KIA
Wills, Charles B. Sgt. Chapel Hill DOD
Wilson, Clifford C..   Zionsville KIA
Wilson, Frank B.   Stony Point KIA
Wilson, Fred   Pairmount DOD
Wilson, Perry A.   Louisburg DOW
Wilson, Ziba   Mill Spring KIA
Wilson, Ernest V.   Asheville DOD
Wilson, Samuel A.   Scotland Neck DOD
Winchester, Benjamin H.   Bryson City DOW
Winn, Danzie   Dudley DOD
Winningham, Richard F.   Graham KIA
Winslow, Clennie   Corapeake DOW
Winstead, Guy J. Lt. Roxboro KIA
Winstead, Samuel   Spring Hope KIA
Winters, Arthur   Elk Park KIA
Wise, Jasper L.   Fontaflora DOD
Wise, Sherman   New Bern DOD
Wood, Charles Corp. Durham KIA
Wood, Ralph   Kyle DOW
Wood, Julius A.   Kipling DOD
Wood, Lovett J.   Dunn KIA
Woodard, Jacob Sgt. Wilson DOD
Woodard, Preston   Pine Level KIA
Woodcock, John A.   Ivanhoe DOD
Woodlief, Joseph B.   Wake Forest KIA
Woodly, Charlie   Oxford KIA
Woodsby, Norman   Barnard DOA
Woodside, James L. Sgt. Statesville KIA
Woodward, Crowell   Selma DOD
Woolard, Lafayette   Washington DOD
Wooley, Bill   Badin DOD
Wren, Guy   Middleburg KIA
Wright, David N.   Lincolnton KIA
Wright, Edward   Jacksonville DOD
Wright, Raymond H.   Ivanhoe DOD
Wright, Samuel W.   Jacksonville DOD
Wright, Simon P.   Rural Hall DOA
Wyke, Charles S. Sgt. Andrews KIA
Yates, Charles O.   Pomona DOW
Yelverton, George R.   Stantonsburg DOW
Young, Harmon G.   Asheville KIA
Young, John W.   Rural Hill DOW
Youngdeer, Steve   Cherokee DOW
Yount, Roscoe V.   Hollis DOW
Yow, Elcane   Spies DOD