First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

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First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry 1898

HTML, © 1998, 1999, 2000, Jeffrey C. Weaver

The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, which has been in the National Guard of Pennsylvania since the organization of the Guard, is the old military organization in continuous active military service in the United States, dated back to November 17th, 1774. In compliance with General Orders No. 7, Headquarters National Guard of Pennsylvania, this troop assembled at their Armory at 5 o'clock A.M., April 28th, 1898, and at 5:45 A.M. left the Armory mounted, armed and fully equipped, and embarked on the cars for Mount Gretna, Pa., for the purpose of volunteering in the United States Service during the War with Spain. They arrived at Mount Gretna, Pa., at 2:30 P.M. April 28, 1898, and on May 7th the troop was mustered into the United States Volunteer service, as the First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry and consisted of three officers and sixty enlisted men, every officer and enlisted man having volunteered. The Troop remained at Mount Gretna until July 7th, during which time the War Department directed that the troop be recruited to 100 enlisted men. On June 17th Captain Groome, as the senior officer of Volunteer Cavalry of Pennsylvania, formed the First Troop, the Sheridan Troop and the Governor's Troop into a squadron and assumed command thereof. On July 17th, under orders from the War Department, the squadron proceeded to Camp Alger, Virginia, arriving July 18th, and was attached to Headquarters Second Army Corps. At his time the First Troop had ninety-eight enlisted men on the rolls. While at Camp Alger, Government arms and equipments were issued and the troop arms and equipments werer returned to Philadelphia. Under order from the War Department, the Squadron left Camp Algeron on the evening of July 24th and proceeded to Newport News, Virginia, arriving on the evening of July 25th, when the First Troop received orders to proceed to Porto Rico. It embarked on the United States transport Massachusetts, which sailed at noon July 28th, 1898; three officers and nintey-nine enlisted men, 105 horses and 16 draft mules, and four drivers. On August 3rd the transport arrived off Ponce, Porto Rico, and ran aground on a coral reef, delaying disembarkation, but the Troop, with their arms and equipments, were taken off in lighters, landed at the Playa of Ponce, and bivouacked about the Cathederal Virgin del Carmen, being the first Cavalry landed at Porto Rico. The following morning the work of lightering the horses commenced and was not completed until August 6th.

The Troop having received orders to report to Major General Brooke at Guayama left Playa, of Ponce, August 8th, and went into camp about ten miles beyond Ponce. August 9th the joined Troop "H," of the 6th U.S. Cavalry, and acting as escort to the Hospital train, signal service, headquarters horses and wagon train, marched to Arroyo, arriving there August 10th and reported to Major General Brooke, and went into camp about one miles from General Brooke's headquarters. On the evening of August 12th orders were received from General Brooke for the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry and Troop "H," Sixth United States Cavalry, "To be on the road to Guayama at 6:20 A.M., the following morning." The two Troops proceeded to Guayama the following morning. August 13th, and reported to General Brooke about two miles beyond the town on the road to Cayey, where they were ordered to take position on the right of the line formed to attack the Spanish entrenchments at Aybonito. About 11 o'clock A.M., just as the artillery were ready to commence firing, General Brooke received orders to suspend all military opertions as a Peace Protocol has been signed. The two Troops were ordered to return to Guayama and go into camp. On the 14th of August a cavalry outpost was established, two miles beyond the infantry outpost, on the road to Aybonito, overlooking the enemy's works on the mountain-side, and the two Troops alternated in furnishing the guard. Captain Scott, Sixth U.S. Cavalry, having joined "H" Troop, relieved Captain Groome of the command of the two Troops and assumed command. August 25th the First Troop received orders to return to Ponce, and take transport for the United States. Arrived at Ponce August 26th and went into camp--on September 2d embarked on the U.S. transport "Mississippi," which sailed for New York 6 o'clock A.M. September 3d, arriving at Jersey City 7:25 P.M., September 10th. The Troop was furloughed for sixty days and on November 21st, 1898, was mustered out of the service of the United States.


[All ranks are private, also known as "trooper" unless otherwise noted.]

Armstrong, Edward M., Res. New York City, N.Y.
Barclay, Henry C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Bates, William E., Corp., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Promoted to Sgt. 5/30/1898.
Biddle, Alexander M., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Promoted to Corp. 7/20/1898.
Bower, Frank B., Res. Phildelphia, Pa.
Bright, Charles C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Brinton, Ward, Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 10/7/1898.
Brooke, Benjamin H., Res. Radnor, Pa.
Brossman, Charles, Jr., Trumpeter, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Browning, Edward, 1st Lieut., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Butcher, Henry C., Jr., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Prom. To Corp. 6/17/1898.
Cadwalader, Thomas, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Cadwalader, William B., Res. Philadephia, Pa.
Cann, Barry B., Res. Harrisburg, Pa.
Carpenter, Edward, Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 7/24/1898 at Camp Alger, Va. To accept appointment as 2nd Lieutenant 2nd U.S. Arty.
Chew, Samuel, Res. Germantown, Pa.
Coates, Benjamin, Res. Berwyn, Chester Co., Pa.
Cornell, John H., Res. Perth Amboy, N.J.
Coulston, Joseph W., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Cramp, Francis L., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
DeKay, James E., Res. New York City, N.Y.
Denckla, Hermann A., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Farnum, George L., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Farnum, James E., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 7/24/1898 at Camp Alger, Va. To accept appointment as Captain in the Commissary Dept.
Farr, William H., Res. Philadlephia, Pa.
Fell, Robert J., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Forbes, William I., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Frazer, Persifor, Jr., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 7/2/1898 at Mt. Gretna, Pa.
Gibbons, Michael, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Gleason, Harry E., Res. Camden, N.J., joined at Camp Alger, Va., 7/24/1898, transferred from Co. K, 6th Pa. Vol. Inf.
Glendining, Robert E., Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Glendinning, Henry P., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Godfrey, Henry S., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Goodman, Samuel, Jr. Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Goodman, William E., Jr., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Green, Francis E., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Gregg, Robert C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Joined by transfer from Co. A, 12th Pa. Vol. Inf., on 7/23/1898.
Griffith, Robert E., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Groome, John C., Capt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Halberstadt, Charles M., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Hart, William H., Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Heckscher, Gustav A., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Promoted to Corp. 5/30/1898.
Hodge, Carroll, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Huidekoper, Thomas W., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Jacobs, Douglass H., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Janney, Francis A., Res. Germantown, Pa. Discharged 11/2/1898.
Kirk, Albert A., Res. Philadelphia, Pa., joined by transfer from Co. K, 6th Pa. Vol. Inf. On 7/24/1898 at Camp Alger, Va.
Lennig, Charles K., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged on 11/8/1898.
Lewis, Charles Borie, Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 11/8/1898.
Lord, John Walterhouse, Res. Baltimore, Md., enlisted 7/21/1898.
Lott, William C., QM Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 10/15/1898.
Madeira, Percy C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged on 7/20/1898 at Camp Alger, Va.
Martin, Jonathan W., 1st Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
McFadden, George, Res. Philadelphia, Pa., Discharged on 9/29/1898.
McFadden, James F., 2nd Lieut., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
McMichael, Campbell E., Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 5/29/1898 to accept appointment as Asst. Adjutant General with rank of major.
Merrill, John H., Corp., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Mills, Samuel F., Res. Campbridge, Mass. Enrolled 6/11/1898, discharged 10/2/1898.
Neilson, Frederick B., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Nilon, James E., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Orbison, Thomas J., Res. Bellefonte, Pa.
Pardee, Alfred D., Res. Germantown, Pa.
Pemberton, Clifford, Jr., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Ransom, William W., Res. Delphi, NY., Enl. 5/1/1898, joined this unit 7/24/1898 by transfer from Co. C, 3rd NY Inf.
Rawle, Edward P., Res. Byrn Mawr, Pa.
Rawle, Franics, Jr., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Reath, Benjamin B., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Reeves, Samuel K., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Rhodes, James M., Res. Philadelphia, Pa., Discharged 11/8/1898.
Ridgway, Thomas, Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 11/8/1898.
Riley, Henry D., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Risley, John N., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Robb, Thomas, Jr., Res. Philadephia, Pa.
Rogers, Charles S., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Rosengarten, Adolph G., Res. Philadelphia, Pa., Promoted to Corp. 6/17/1898.
Rosengarten, James C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Rowland, Edward K., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Shober, Reginald K., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Singer, Richard, Trumpeter, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Smith, Charles H., Corp., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Promoted to Sgt. 6/17/1898.
Smith, Henry A., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Smith, William B. D., Res. Torresdale, Pa.
Smyth, Carroll, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Starr, James, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Stetson, Edward E., Res. Reading, Pa. Discharged 11/8/1898.
Strawbridge, John, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Taylor, Edmund C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Taylor, George C., Res. Philadelphia, Pa., promoted to Corp. 6/17/1898.
Thibault, Francis A., Corp., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Thibault, Frederick, Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Wagner, John, Jr., Sgt., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Warden, Nelson B., Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged on 11/4/1898.
Warden, William G., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
West, William, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Wetherill, Herbert J., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Wetherill, John L., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Wharton, Bromley, Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Discharged 9/20/1898.
Wheeler, Charles, Res. Byrn Mawr, Pa.
Wheeler, Stuart W., Res. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Died on 10/18/1898 at Boston, Mass of typhoid fever.
Wilson, Charles G., Res. Deckertown, NJ.
Wister, Alexander W., Jr., Res. Philadelphia, Pa., promoted to Corp. 6/17/1898.
Witmer, Lightner, Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Woodman, Henry G., Res. Philadelphia, Pa.
Zimmerman, John E., Res. Jenkintown, Pa.