Virginia Agricultural Council of Safety — 1917—1919

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Personnel of the Virginia Agricultural Council of Safety — 1917—1919

Note: No councils were appointed in urban areas. Counties with no organization listed presumably had none.


Dr. Jesse M. Jones V.P.I. Blacksburg, Va. Chairman
B. C. Moomaw Director of Marketing Richmond, Va. Secretary
T. O. Sandy V.P.I. Blacksburg, Va.  
Miss Ella G. Agnew V.P.I. Blacksburg, Va.  
Mrs. B. B. Munford President - Cooperative Education Society Richmond, Va.  
Dr. H. B. Frissell Hampton Institute Hampton, Va.  
B. M. Shepherd Business Manager of Southern Planter Ashland, Va.  
Dr. R. C. Stearns State Superintendent of Public Instruction    
Dr. J. D. Eggleston President of V.P.I. Blacksburg, Va.  
A. B. Thornhill President - Farmers' Union Gladstone, Va.  
B. F. Purcell Dairy and Food Commissioner Richmond, Va.  
V. Vaden Farmville, Va.  

Accomac County

B. T. Gunter      


C. H. Chilton Onancock    
J. H. Jones Temperanceville    
W. J. Matthews Chincoteague    
W. A. Burton Onley    
J. W. Bowdoin Bloxom    
J. Harry Rew Parksley    
G. G. Joynes Onancock    
Miss Susie C. Lecate Onley    
Merritt Chandler Parksley    
Levin J. Hyslop Keller    
William T. Crockett Tangier    
Ashton Fletcher Jenkins Bridge    
Roy D. White Parksley    

Albemarle County

Supt. H. M. McManaway Charlottesville Chairman  
C. Purcell McCue    
Mrs. Murray Boocock      
M. L. Walker      
George Omohundro      
R. T. Minor, Jr.      

Alleghany County

E. M. Nettleton Chairman    
J. R. McCallister      
Lee H. Dressler      
G. R. McPherson Iron Gate    
Mrs. Margaret King Low Moor    
J. G. Jeter Covington    
Frank Simpson      
T. M. Kyle      
W. O. Tuke      
Dan Callaghan      
James King      
R. C. Stokes      
Mrs. Mary Proctor Low Moor    
G. M. Bennett Rich Patch    
B. O. Bradshaw Covington    
J. H. Drury      
Mrs. F. U. Humbert      
Mrs. Allen Persinger      
C. P. Jennings      
J. H. Jamison      

Amelia County

H. C. Warriner Chula, Va. Chairman  
Prof. G. C. Outland Amelia    
J. C. Courter Jetersville    
McGuire Morris Amelia    
E. J. Stuckey Amelia    
M. O. Wilson Jetersville    
Wm. Wrigglesworth Blackstone    
G. K. Taylor Amelia    
R. C. Elliott Amelia    
J. A. Sydnor Amelia    
W. J. Elam Jetersville    
H. E. Jackson Jetersville    

Amherst County

C. L. Scott Chairman    
Edward Meeks Amherst    
W. K. Smiley Amherst    
James L. Davis Sandiges    
W. W. Hill Amherst    
Miss. E. W. McVea Sweet Briar    
Rev. A. H. Moore Amherst    

Appomattox County

B. G. Anderson Appomattox Chairman  
C. W. Smith Appomattox    
S. H. Martin Stapleton    
C. A. Higley Pamplins    
Prof. L. Crawley Appomattox    
J. W. Cawthorne, Jr. Appomattox    
R. L. Burke Appomattox    
L. F. Smith Appomattox    
W. H. Ligon Pamplins    
N. R. Featherston Vera    
Mrs. R. C. Wagner Appomattox    
A. B. Thornhill Tower Hill    
A. L. Ferguson Appomattox    

Arlington County
(Alexandria County)

George H. Rucker Rosslyn Chairman  
J. L. Shipman Ballston    
Mrs. S. C. Sutton Rossyln    
Mrs. B. C. Fischer Cherrydale    
Fletcher Kemp Rosslyn    
J. B. Sellers Glen Carlyn    
H. D. Moyer Clarendon    
Mrs. H. D. Moyer Clarendon    
H. B. Peffers Cherrydale    
Dr. E. R. Hagan Clarendon    
Miss Lula Tayman Washington D.C.    

Augusta County

W. S. Campfield Staunton Chairman  

Bath County

H. H. Byrd Warm Springs Chairman  
W. A. Glenn Warm Springs    
Miss Mary Johnston Warm Springs    
Mrs. Frank Hopkins Hot Springs    
Mrs. C. R. Faircloth Williamsville    
Mrs. L. Withrow Millboro Springs    
Rev. J. A. Norris Hot Springs    
Hon. Wm. M. McAllister Warm Springs    
Dr. C. M. Thomas Hot Springs    
R. C. McClintic Green Valley    
H. A. McLaughlin Millboro    
Bruce R. Richardson Hot Springs    

Bedford County

P. K. Arthur Leesville Chairman  
C. M. Abbott Bellevue    
L. Dillon Bedford    
Mrs. O. C. Bell Bedford    
A. J. Gillespie Leesville    
Sam Huddleston Thaxton    
S. F. Patterson Bedford    
O. L. C. Radford Forest    
T. S. West Bellevue    
W. P. Moore Forest    
O. A. Thomas Forest Depot    
Rev. Horace Wilkerson Bedford    
S. H. Saunders Bedford    
Will Hubbard Moneta    
W. O. Arrington Big Island    

Botetourt County

Col. Cary Breckenridge Fincastle Chairman  
C. B. Camper Fincastle    
Rev. J. D. Utt Nance    
Mrs. Cora P. Penn Buchanan    
T. H. Potter Troutville    
G. W. Layman Troutville    
U. H. Hyde Buchanan    
Jas. Godwin Fincastle    
R. F. Moomaw Cloverdale    
O. E. Obenshain Buchanan    
M. R. Morgan Eagle Rock    
John J. Rader Nance    
F. J. Shelton Troutville    
J. C. Dill Buchanan    
M. R. Morgan Eagle Rock    
E. W. Reynolds Troutville    
J. Garland Hopkins Troutville    
J. T. Wickline Buchanan    
W. A. Reid Oriskany    
F. D. Bolton Fincastle    
Alfred G. Preston Amsterdam    
S. L. Heck Buchanan    
J. H. Stull Bessemer    
Miss Annie Spencer Fincastle    
Mrs. Mary S. Pechin Buchanan    
Mrs. Jennie Rudisell Salt Petre Cave    
E. E. Worrell      
Anderson Firebaugh Troutville    
Richard Alphin Buchanan    
William Peck Fincastle    
M. M. Padgett Hollins    
W. P. Barley Buchanan    
J. B. Buhrman gala    
R. G. Layman Cloverdale    
Mrs. G. W. Bowyer Fincastle    
Mrs. John A. Cronise Nace    
Miss Margaret Price Gala    

Brunswick County

R. Lee Chambliss Rawlings Chairman  
Miss P. Ashmead Lawrenceville    
C. R. Matthews Charlie Hope    
John B. Lewis Lawrenceville    
T. H. Dugger Meredithville    
Miss Annie Flournoy Charlie Hope    
R. Turnbull Lawrenceville    
William Peebles Lawrenceville.    

Buchanan County

Charlie Looney Leemaster Chairman  
R. W. Williams Grundy    
F. M. F. Boyd Leemaster    
J. T. Montgomery      
E. E. Smith Grundy    
Mrs. George W. Mullins Grundy    
William L. Ownby      

Buckingham County

Sands Gayle Gold Hill Chairman  
J. A. Twyman Wingina    
Monroe Johns Farmville    
E. W. Hubbard Buckingham    
A. F. Howard      
Mrs. R. S. Wllis Wily    
James L. Anderson Dillwyn    

Campbell County

W. E. McDonald County Agent  
W. L. Garbee County Superintendent of Schools  

Caroline County

Capt. C. T. Smith Croxton Chairman  
L. E. Martin Bowling Green    
J. W. Guerrant Upper Zion    
L. J. Head      
Dr. C. M. Gravatt Port Royal    
A. F. Turner Port Royal    
John Washington      
Mr. Hodges      
E. B. Travis Bowling Green    
Maj. T. D. Coghill Bowling Green    
George R. Lyon Woodford    
D. C. Smith Woodford    
Alexander Boyer Maryton    
Miss Cora B. Kay New London    

Carroll County

W. D. Tompkins Hillsville Chairman  
S. F. Landreth Galax    
Prof. J. Lee Cox Woodlawn    
John Webb Hillsville    
W. A. Hawks Lamsburg    
John Collier peck    
Miss Alma Wilkinson Hillsville    
E. E. Worrell      
E. M. Cooley      
J. P. Carrico Galax    
R. G. Wilkinson Hillsville    
O. C. Jones Galax    
Amos D. Goad Laurelfork    
Mrs. T. L. Felts Cliff View    
Miss Cora Jennings Hillsville    

Charles City County

L. M. Nance Roxbury Chairman  

Charlotte County

W. H. Byrne Charlotte C.H. Chairman  
G. B. Russell Drakes Branch    
H. C. Marshall Saxe    
E. W. Pettit Clarkton    
L. E. Rogers Charlotte C.H.    
J. C. Carrington Charlotte C.H.    
Dr. C. W. Tucker Drakes Branch    
Mrs. J. H. Norvell Charlotte C.H.    

Chesterfield County

J. B. Watkins Midlothian Chairman  
W. A. Horner Richmond    
W. P. Payne Winterpock    
L. S. Thacker Drewry's Bluff    
Miss Lula Powell Midlothian    
Dr. A. J. Hurt Chester    
R. M. Trout Ettrick    
Mrs. R. A. Justice Chester    
T. D. Burfoot Richmond    
P. M. Tyler      
Miss Jessie Logan      

Clarke County

John D. Richardson Gaylord Chairman  
Battletown District      
W. T. Lewis Berryville    
W. A. Bradford Berryville    
John B. Neill Berryville    
Archibald Cummins Berryville    
Maurice Castleman Berryville    
Samuel McCormick Berryville    
J. E. Barnett Berryville    

Chapel District

Hon. Kenneth N. Gilpin Boyce    
Rev. B. D. Chambers Millwood    
Lacy Hunston Berryville    
Clay Carr Boyce    
J. L. Carper Boyce    
A. L. P. Reed Boyce    
Jacob S. Garver      

Longmarsh District

Dr. L. A. Allen Gaylord    
John A. Fishpaw Berryville    
John C. Rutherford Berryville    
Herbert Clevenger Swimley    
John D. Richardson Gaylord    
J. T. L. Jones Berryville    
Hugh Pierce Berryville    

Greenway District

R. G. Mitchell Boyce    
C. E. Koontz White Post    
R. S. Bryarly White Post    
H. Wise Sowers Stone Bridge    
John C. Lee Stone Bridge    
J. H. Funkhouser White Post    
Leslie D. Kline Stephens City    

Craig County

William O. Martin New Castle Chairman  
O. W. Eanes New Castle    
W. B. Rayhill      
Miss Cora Johnston      
J. Watson Hypes      
G. W. Snodgrass Springs    
W. P. Smith      
W. B. P. Lipes Looney    

Cumberland County

Judge William Smith Cumberland Chairman  
Donald McRae Cumberland    
A. F. Treakle Farmville    
Fred Rhodes Cartersville    
A. F. Howard      
C. M. Smith Farmville    
C. R. Sanderson Cartersville    
C. W. Dickenson, Jr. Cartersville    

Dickenson County

J. A. Montgomery      
J. M. French      

Dinwiddie County

J. H. Duane Ford Chairman  
J. Sidney Cobb Church Road    
John R. Doyle McKenney    
Miss Lucy Cleaton Butterworth    
J. P. Lambert Blackstone    
Lawrence Clifton Sutherland    
George Baskerville Zehmer McKenney    
S. P. Spain Church Road    
Mrs. J. P. Atkinston Champ    
P. B. Halligan Carson    

Elizabeth City County

Arthur D. Wright      
John M. Willis      

Essex County

William G. Rennolds Center Cross Chairman  
Hon. James M. Lewis Tappahannock    
Dandridge Sale Occupancia    
G. M. Trible Dunnsville    
J. P. Wilkerson Dunnsville    
A. L. Lincoln      
M. D. Hall      
Miss Kate Rauzie Beazley  
W. J. Parker Mt. Landing    
Dr. J. M. Goulding Tappahannock    

Fairfax County

C. L. Fowler Clifton Station Chairman  
M. D. Hall      
F. S. McCandlish      
Frank Williams      
D. S. Mackall      
Ormond Stone      
Mrs. George King      
Miss Edith Thompson      
M. E. Church      

Fauquier County

E. Albert Smith Warrenton Chairman  

Floyd County

I. L. Epperly Floyd Chairman  
B. S. Pedigo Floyd    
C. W. Vest Floyd    
J. M. Dickerson Willis    
Judge W. D. Vaughan Floyd    
E. F. Strong Indian Valley    
W. L. Reed Copper Hill    
E. P. Simpkins Camp Creek    
Rev. R. G. See Floyd    
G. W. Agnew Floyd    
P. G. Lester Floyd    
W. A. Sowers Floyd    
Charles G. Burr      
A. G. Proffitt Floyd    
Miss Grace Dobbins Floyd    
Miss Bessie Willis Willis    
Miss Lena Lawson Floyd    
Miss Clyde Wade Willis    
Miss Mary Hall Pazarro    
Miss Mary Winter Floyd    
A. L. Canady Pizarro    
J. E. Burwell Floyd    
Dr. M. L. Dalton Floyd    
Dr. R. T. Akers Alum Ridge    

Fluvanna County

J. O. Shepherd Palmyra Chairman  
L. E. Mosby Columbia    
J. B. Underhill Fork Union    
W. B. Huckstep Holmhead    
C. G. Snead Fork Union    
A. W. Haden Antioch    
C. A. Keck Carysbrook    
W. E. Bourne Troy    
T. H. Shepherd Wilmington    
T. J. Wood Wildwood    
Pembroke Pettit Palmyra    
M. H. Parrish Wilmington    
T. L. Kent Scottsville    
C. E. Jones Carysbrook    
Hon. J. Alston Cabell Columbia    
W. W. Wills Palmyra    
Frank Thompson Palmyra    
J. R. Kirkpatrick Kents Store    
J. W. Mundy Union Mills    
William Nicholson Wilmington    
Malcolm Holman Bremo Bluff    
George A. Bowles Tabscott    
Mrs. Wilmer White Wilmington    
Mrs. Sallie C. Baker Kents Store    
Mrs. J. O. Shepherd Palmyra    
Mrs. W. A. Haden Antioch    
Mrs. B. A. Burgess Fork Union    
Mrs. J. Alston Cabell Columbia    
E. Burnham Smith Palmyra    
Henry Davis Holmhead    
J. J. Vernon Palmyra    
J. H. Philips Antioch    
O. L. Kent Kents Store    
J. F. Omohundro Troy    
W. E. Loving Palmyra    
W. N. Willis Palmyra    
A. L. Seay Shores    
H. P. Kent Wilmington    
Alma Haden Troy    
Lindsay Burgess Scottsville    
B. M. Snead Carysbrook    
J. W. Perkins Kents Store    
W. R. Fox Scottsville    
G. H. Kent Kents Store    
George Farrar Palmyra    
X. L. Saddler Wilmington    
B. W. Ancell Bremo Bluff    
S. R. Ranson Bremo Bluff    
T. B. Wood Bremo Bluff    
Miss Jennie Seay Wilmington    
Miss Vera Pettit Palmyra    
Mrs. Dudley Wilson Bybee    
Mrs. T. L. Kent Scottsville    
Mrs. C. E. Jones Carysbrook    
Mrs. P. G. Seay Shores    

Franklin County

G. L. Bowman Boone Mille Chairman  
Abe Hopkins Rocky Mount    
N. P. Angle Rocky Mount    
J. L. Sink Boone Mille    
R. A. Prillaman Venton    
Mrs. Willie Wade Rocky Mount    
R. A. Sink Wirtz    
J. H. Tyree Sontag    
F. A. Turner Wirtz    
I. T. Cannady Endicott    
C. M. Turner Henry    
Rev. J. S. Poteet Boone Mille    
Rev. E. Y. Poole Rocky Mount    
Mrs. L. V. Ramsey Henry    
J. L. Waid      
Rayman Davis Rocky Mount    
A. B. Preston Glade Hill    
J. H. Furgison Wirtz    
Mrs. Sarah McGuffin Nola    
W. L. Hopkins Rocky Mount    
C. R. Bennett Rocky Mount    
J. T. Hodges Glade Hill    
J. Bowman Callaway    
C. D. Bowman Callaway    
Dr. S. S. Guerrant Callaway    
Dr. B. M. Beckham Ferrum    
Rev. S. M. Ikenberry Wirtz    

Gloucester County

L. A. Catlett Bridges Chairman  
R. A. Folkes      
J. T. Pierce      
W. C. Lambert      
W. D. Hudson      
I. B. Weaver      
W. S. Field      
B. R. Harwood      
Todd Robins      
W. A. Haywood      
E. S. Edwards      
J. M. Stubbs      

Goochland County

P. G. Miller Goochland Chairman  
Miss. Belle Burke Maidens    
E. M. Jordon Tabscott    
Richard Harris East Leake    
French Boggs Island    
Thomas S. Turner Goochland    
M. S. Bowles Cardwell    
Mrs. J. T. Rutherford Rock Castle    
Mrs. H. G. Buchanan Venita    
T. D. Stokes Elk Hill    
Dr. S. K. Leake East Leake    
A. F. Howard      
C. C. Gathright Goochland    
Jos. T. Trice Hadensville    
J. T. Rutherford Rock Castle    
B. R. Cowherd Columbia    
S. A. Clarke Manakin    
Sidney Nuchols Johnson Springs    
Mrs. L. A. Starke Manakin    
C. W. Dickenson, Jr. Cartersville    
George A. Cary Sabot    

Grayson County

R. W. Wiley Independence Chairman  
G. F. Carr Independence    
L. F. Porter Fries    
Henry Graybeal Spring Valley    
Mrs. S. M. Mitchell Elk Creek    
C. H. Edwards Old Town    
J. M. Parsons Independence    
I. B. Bryant Independence    
Mrs. John F. Greer Troutdale    
M. O. Cornett Elk Creek    
R. C. Fielder Spring Valley    
Ms. C. H. Higgins Old Town    
E. L. Lundy Independence    
W. S. Barbery Independence    

Greene County

Elija Durette Standardsville Chairman  
N. P. Early Dawsonville    
A. F. Dulaney Dawsonville    
Frank Storey Standardsville    
Ben Shotwell Ruckersville    
C. A. Stall      
Jos. N. Miller      
R. C. Powell Dawsonville    
B. M. Bushong Standardsville    
Miss. Lily White Standardsville    
Mrs. Willie Davis Standardsville    

Greensville County

C. P. Grizzard Drewryville Chairman  
Miss Gertrude M. Button Emporia    
J. S. Wren Emporia    
Miss Fannie Cook Emporia    
B. W. Wyche Emporia    
Miss Annie Perkins Jarratt    
Henry Maclin Emporia    
J. C. Lifsey Emporia    
Pres. Demmick Jetts    
W. T. Tillar Emporia    

Belfield District

Mrs. W. A. Mahood Pleasant Shade    
Mrs. Alet Rae Jarratt    
Mrs. Jet Wood N. Emporia    
Mrs. G. E. Watkins N. Emporia    
Mrs. J. E. Everett N. Emporia    
Mrs. W. H. Chambliss N. Emporia    
Mrs. J. L. Powell N. Emporia    
Mrs. George Grizzard Waubay    
Miss Emma Webb Pleasant Shade    
A. S. Jones Radium    
Verney Hubbs N. Emporia    
R. M. Owen N. Emporia    
J. W. Webb Pleasant Shade    
W. H. Purdy Purdy    
George W. Field Jarratt    
F. X. Fisher Waubay    
Jim Prince Jarratt    

Zion District

Mrs. W. M. Stykes Emporia    
Mrs. J. M. Bryant Emporia    
Mrs. Buck Thorp Emporia    
Mrs. W. E. Allen Emporia    
Mrs. Emmett Lifsey Emporia    
Mrs. Richard Taylor Emporia    
Mrs. G. B. Ligon Emporia    
Mrs. W. E. Newsum Emporia    
Mrs. Mollie Harris Jett    
Mrs. J. H. Slagle Jett    
Mrs. J. H. Slagle Emporia    
Moses Thorp Emporia    
George E. Ogburn Emporia    
George Harris Emporia    
Turner Allen Emporia    
Henry Newsum Emporia    
J. T. Bryant Emporia    
W. B. Connor Emporia    
George Murphay Emporia    
C. M. Grizzard Emporia    

Hickford District

Mrs. Willie Ivey Emporia    
Mrs. Ike Ramsey Barley    
Mrs. R. L. Smith Garysburg    
Mrs. R. L. Pair Brink    
Mrs. R. D. Pair Brink    
Mrs. H. L. Taylor Emporia    
Mrs. Ed Moss Emporia    
Mrs. Percy Rook Garysburg    
Mrs. P. A. Fox Emporia    
Miss Mary Taylor Emporia    
A. M. Potter N. Emporia    
W. R. Hunt Emporia    
R. L. Cato Emporia    
R. D. Pair Brink    
J. L. Ferguson Brink    
Tom Pat Allen Ante    
Ike Ramey Barley    
George Jestis Jetts    
D. E. Robinson Skippers    
G. M. Robinson Brink    
Neiley Allen Brink    

Halifax County

W. W. Wilkins South Boston Chairman  
H. W. Watkins South Boston    
R E. Jordan South Boston    
Mrs. A. P. Gilbert South Boston    
R. C. Beasley South Boston    
W. R. Boswell Clover    
Miss Della H. Terry News Ferry    
C. L. Slate South Boston    
Gan Craddock Houston    
G. H. Gibson Clover    

Hanover County

S. W. McChesney Beaver Dam Chairman  
C. T. Johnson Beaver Dam    
Mrs. M. C. Wilkie Beaver Dam    
J. A. Reese Atlee    
J. C. Stiles Ashland    
Miss Sylvia Slocum      
Benjamin Purcell      
W. L. Foy Ashland    
Tom E. West, Jr. Old Church    
John H. Wickham Beaver Dam    
C. B. Hall Beaver Dam    

Henrico County

W. C. Saunders Glen Allen Chairman  
C. T. Friend Dumbarton    
Hon Julien Gunn Richmond  
John A. Archer      
Mrs. A. O. Zimmerman Meadow    
F. T. Sutton, Jr. Richmond    
J. D. Harris Richmond    
Harry C. Beattie Richmond    
George J. Stoneman Richmond    
Washington Bottoms      
Mrs. M. P. Pearce Richmond    
W. M. Milam Richmond    
Miss Sylvia Slocum Richmond    

Fairfield District

J. A. Draper Chairman    
J. L. Graber Highland Springs    
H. W. Harris Highland Springs    
Dr. M. Schoenbaum Highland Springs    
W. E. Knight Highland Springs    

Brookland District

Sidney Trevett Glen Allen Chairman  
Rev. E. E. Osgood Brook Hill    
A. A. Harvey Laurel School    
Mr. Jones Taylor's Crossing    
Mrs. J. Branch Cabell Dumbarton    
Mrs. W. H. Merritt Taylor's Crossing    

Henry County

Jack Hutcheson Blacksburg    
William D. Gates      

Highland County

G. Lee Chew Monterey Chairman  
R. H. Crimmett Monterey    
Mrs. R. L. Waybright Crabbottom    
W. P. Moore      
Bruce Richardson      
George W. Waybrigh Monterey    
I. W. Nicholas Crabbottom    

Isle of Wight County

Dr. Gavin Rawls Carrsville Chairman  
Mrs. P. P. Deans Windsor    
Mrs. Charles Jordan Benns Church    
P. D. Gwathmey Smithfield    
Miss Bruce Hodsden Chuckatuck    
A. B. Scott Smithfield    
A. C. Lyon      
J. J. Joyner Walters    
J. R. Jordan Smithfield    
Frank Barlow Zuni    
F. T. Leahters Windsor    
Miss Bessie M. Hodsden Chuckatuck    

James City County

A. C. Cooper Toano Chairman  
M. E. Slauson Williamsburg    
S. L. Graham Williamsburg    
W. O. Strong Williamsburg    
J. B. Vaden Williamsburg    
Mrs. J. C. Cutler Norge    
Miss Frances Micon Toano    
Clifton Stewart Diascund    
T. H. Geddy Williamsburg    
Mrs. J. B. McCoy Jamestown    
F. C. Ayers Williamsburg    
Mrs. L. C. Phillips Norge    
D. Warren Marston Toano    
Mrs. M. L. Cottrell Diascund    

King and Queen County

E. N. Helsabekc Stevensville Chairman  
C. H. Martin Owenton    
C. F. Knapp Little Plymouth    
M. C. Burke St. Stephens Church    
A. Lucius Lincoln    
Robert Hart West Point    
R. D. Allen King and Queen    
W. G. Reynolds      

King George County

William J. Rogers Osso Chairman  
Thos. Lomax Hunter King George    
J. Cleveland Grigsby Index    
Miss Kate Owens Shiloh    
Weston Jones Shiloh    
Mrs. H. A. Mason Comoron    
Mrs. Lewis Rollins Dogue    
Mrs. H. T. Berry Weedonville    
Mrs. J. F. Jones Berthaville    
Mrs. Frank Taylor Comorn    
Miss Edna Arnold Dido    
W. T. Hodges      
H. T. Garnett Tetotum    
Mrs. Silas Redman Alden    
Miss Edna Grigsby Index    
Hansford Grymes Weedonville    
J. R. Strother Nocam    
Bladen T. Tayloe Comorn    
James A. Arnold Dido    
George C. Grymes Chatterton    
Lee J. Graves Fredericksburg    
D. F. Copely      

King William County

A. Lucius Lincoln    
H. Ragland Eubank      

Lancaster County

Walter E. Hathaway White Stone Chairman  
R. R. Dunaway White Stone    
F. G. Lankford Morattico    
Joseph Pierce Nuttsville    
C. C. Chase White Stone    
W. R. Rowe Irvington    
R. D. Carter Kilmarnock    
Miss Emma Flippo Kilmarnock    
Mrs. M. C. Oldham Lancaster    
C. D. Dillen Monaskon    
Col. T. J. Downing Lancaster    
R. L. Bass      
Charles L. Shackleford Ottoman    
W. T. James White Stone    
Loyola Leland Irvington    
William H. George Kilmarnock    
Mrs. J. E. Blakemore Ottoman    
Mrs. W. M. Pinckard Lancaster    
Frank W. Lewis Morattico    

Lee County

W. H. Burruss Jonesville Chairman  
W. P. Allen Gibson Station    
C. L. Vaughan Jonesville    
W. W. Jessee Dryden    
J. T. Musick Pennington Gap    
E. E. Skaggs Jonesville    
John H. Russell Jonesville    
R. S. Orr Pennington Gap    
J. C. Boatwright      
W. A. Wygal Dryden    
J. Marion Smith Pennington Gap    

Loudoun County

E. M. Hunter Lincoln Chairman  
J. V. Nichols Purcellville    
Mrs. E. B. White Leesburg    
Mrs. John Hirst Purcellville    
L. W. Wortman Ashburn    
W. S. Jenkins Leesburg    
W. S. Lindsey Lovettsville    
H. L. Keen Bluemont    
Mrs. J. T. Jones Ashburn    
Mrs. Walter Cummings Hillsboro    
Miss Hallie L. Hughes Hamilton    
Mrs. George C. Carter Leesburg    
W. H. Frasier Lovettsville    
Fred Framer Middleburg    
W. G. Edmondson Purcellville    
V. B. Harding Ashburn    
D. C. Sands Middleburg    
F. C. Monltrep Ashburn    
Mrs. Robert Walker Waterford    
Miss Eliza D. Lunceford Bluemont    

Louisa County

J. H. Quisenberry Fredericks Hall Chairman  

Green Springs District

F. P. Wills Trevillians    
C. H. Nolting Trevillians    
James H. Woolfolk Louisa    
A. E. Murphey Gordonsville    
Charles Wagner Thelma    
J. P. Dennally Louisa    

Mineral District

J. H. Kennedy Mineral    
H. H. Walton Pendelton    
J. E. Smith Vigor    
M. B. Quisenberry Mineral    
W. J. Coleman Mineral    

Louisa District

W. J. Melton Bells X Roads    
C. W. Donally Louisa    
Ellis Daniel Louisa    
J. S. Purcell Louisa    
Robert Saunders Louisa    

Cuckoo District

Dr. E. B. Pendleton Cuckoo    
J. W. Herrick Fredericks Hall    
R. N. Harris Mineral    
H. J. Harris Apple Grove    

Jackson District

R. A. Ware Shelfar    
L. H. Anderson Hopeful    
H. R. Terrell Buckner    
John A. Duke Bumpass    
John Hill Bumpass    

Additional Members

F. T. West Louisa    
Miss Dorothy B. Seward Louisa    
Mrs. H. R. Terrell Buckner    
Mrs. A. M. Beale Fredericks Hall    
Mrs. C. Danne, Jr. Trevilians    
Mrs. Frank H. Harris Apple Grove    
Rev. W. S. Hoye Louisa    
J. M. Griffith Louisa    
James West Louisa    
James W. Wright Louisa    

Lundenburg County

N. S. Turnbull Victoria Chairman  
George Reith Victoria    
J. R. Bacon Kenbridge    
Isaham T. Wilkinson Kenbridge    
Mrs. W. C. Clarke Victoria    
Mrs. W. C. Howard      
W. P. Reed Victoria    
J. C. Potts Dundas    
Mrs. A. K. Downes Kenbridge    
H. C. Gregory Kenbridge    

Browns Store District

W. S. Irby Kenbridge    
L. A. Hardy Kenbridge    
John Hethorn Kenbridge    
Dr. T. C. Harris Kenbridge    
J. Ben Jones Tree    
Mrs. Garland Mitchell Kenbridge    
Mrs. E. G. Bagley Kenbridge    

Columbian Grove District

J. I. Ragsdale Kenbridge    
J. E. Hardy Kenbridge    
W. C. Hawthorne Whittles Mill    
Lucas A. Bell Whittles Mill    
Mrs. J. G. Harris Whittles Mill    
Mrs. Walton E. Bell Wilburn    
Mrs. Theo. B. Hardy Reedy    

Lochleven District

R. E. Blackwell Kenbridge    
B. L. Wilkinson Kenbridge    
Emmett C. Rash Dundas    
J. T. Neblett Woodend    
Dr. Robert L. Ozlin Kenbridge    
Miss Marianna Hite Kenbridge    
J. H. Featherstun Kenbridge    

Lewiston District

W. E. Nelson Lunenburg    
L. A. Gee Lunenburg    
J. L. Yates Lunenburg    
J. L. Yates Lunenburg    
Mrs. T. F. Williams Lunenburg    
W. H. Perry Victoria    
W. P. Smith Victoria    
Miss Mamie Taylor Green Bay    

Plymouth District

J. A. Banks Victoria    
Dr. E. L. Kendig Victoria    
Rev. D. M. Austin Victoria    
W. J. Bragg Victoria    
Mrs. W. C. Moomaw Victoria    
Mrs. K. A. Furnstrom Victoria    
E. W. Marshall Victoria    

Rehoboth District

P. H. Dodson Ontario    
W. T. Robertson Ontario    
W. A. Bigger Ontario    
Miss L. M. Hailey Ontario    
Mrs. C. C. Hatchell Ontario    
Miss Delma Spencer Ft. Mitchell    
Herbert Spencer Ft. Mitchell    

Pleasant Grove District

W. C. Winn Keysville    
M. E. Gee Meherrin    
Mrs. L. M. Grymes Meherrin    
Dr. W. S. Snead Meherrin    
C. S. Barnes Keysville    
Mrs. West Wallace Meherrin    
A. B. Arvin Meherrin    

Madison County

J. M. Miller Haywood Chairman  
J. W. White Madison    
F. Smith Madison    
W. J. Payne Madison    
Mrs. Bertha D. Close Criglersville    

Mathews County

S. G. Miller Mathews Chairman  
W. H. Minter Mathews    
J. P. Nottingham Mathews    
Alexander James Mathews    
L. M. Travers Redart    
W. R. Stoakes Moon    
W. B. Smith Mathews    
J. M. Pugh Mathews    
Mrs. Sallie Hunley Mathews    
Mrs. L. M. Travers Redart    
Miss Bernice Machen Cardinal    

Mecklenburg County

J. E. Brame Boydton Chairman  
F. C. Bedinger Boydton    
Miss Mabel Massey Boydton    
Mrs. John T. Lewis Clarksville    
N. H. Williams Chase City    
C. P. Smith South Hill    
T. R. Harrison South Hill    
H. N. Beales Boydton    
C. M. Gordon Baskerville    
L. J. Peoples Townsville    
Lucius Gregory Chase City    
J. E. Brame Chase City    

Middlesex County

James Healy Streets    
R. H. Stubbs Saluda    
Dr. B B. Dutton Lot    
E. S. Finch Lot    
Mrs. Fannie Woodward Saluda    
Mrs. J. S. Richardson Church View    
R. B. Segar Saluda    
R. Y. Blake Locust Hill    
L. N. Weaver Urbanna    
Frank Eastman Saluda    
Mrs. A. E. Segar Lockleys    
Harold Gray Saluda    
George McKann Church View    
Dr. A. B. Evans Church View    
Mrs. W. H. Ryland Urbanna    
Mrs. B. J. Cornelius Deltaville    

Montgomery County

W. E. Gilbert East Radford Chairman  
G. S. Ralston Blacksburg    
J. W. Shelbourn Riner    
Mrs. D. K. Lucas East Radford    
Charles Surface Christiansburg    
Miss Edna Cox Christiansburg    
Chas. I. Wade      
Mrs. Mark Reid Radford    
W. B. Palmer Childress    
E. S. Hagan Christiansburg    

Nansemond County

P. S. Blanford Driver Chairman  
E. E. Jones Suffolk    
B. R. Fulgham Suffolk    
C. E. Byrd Holland    
T. V. Arthur Whaleyville    
N. G. Norfleet Suffolk    
E. T. Holland Holland    
J. C. Byrd Holland    
L. F. Ames Driver    

Nelson County

T. A. Withers Roseland Chairman  
S. B. Whitehead Lovingston    
George P. Dodge Lovingston    
B. M. Wailes Schuyler    
Mrs. Lucy Martin Fabers    
W. S. Heith Lovingston    
H. D. Mowyer Lovingston    
Mrs. R. S. Martin Greenfield    

New Kent County

M. H. Barnes Providence Forge Chairman  
T. N. Harris New Kent    
Mr. Southall Quinton    
J. A. Potts Barhamsville    
A. C. Cooper Toano    
Mr. Apperson Tunstall    
Mr. Christian Tunstall    
Miss Bertha Herman Tunstall    

Norfolk County

F. L. Portlock Berkley Station Chairman  
Maurice G. Long Norfolk    
W. T. Old Norfolk    
Thomas Black South Norfolk    
Miss Fannie Wilson St. Brides    
Miss Lucy Keeling Norfolk    
Charles Old Portsmouth    
H. L. Alexander Portsmouth    
Henry Norfleet Port Norfolk    
J. H. Parr Berkley    
J. M. Eby Fentress    
C. N. Burgess Norfolk    
J. B. Eason Hickory    
J. F. Waterfield Hickory    
Dr. John W. Buchanan Norfolk    
A. H. Foreman Norfolk    
Dr. L. L. Sawyer Berkley    
L. M. Nichols Hickory    
A. S. Jones Berkley    
T. B. Griffin Portsmouth    
L. W. Silvester Portsmouth    
D. W. Lindsey South Norfolk    
George W. Brown Portsmouth    
George E. Wood Fentress    
H. C. Gornto Norfolk    
C. T. Shumadine Lamberts Point    
K. S. Gammon Hickory    
C. J. Duke Portsmouth    

Northampton County

G. C. Hamilton Franktown Chairman  
D. W. Peters Cape Charles    
Mrs. R. C. Jacobs Machipongo    
J. L. Haley Cherriton    
E. G. Tankard Nassawadox    
W. G. Coleman Cherriton    
F. B. Bell Machipongo    

Northumberland County

C. J. Rowe Heathsville    
Asa S. Rice Heathsville    
T. H. Hall Lottsburg    
S. A. Whittaker Hardings    
Mrs. J. R. Atwell Wicimico Church    
Mrs. Trudie Thrift Lottsburg    
Col. E. Hugh Smith Heathsville    
Miss Elizabeth Anderson Heathsville    
Frank W. Lewis Morattico    
M. W. Rowe Heathsville    
John B. Hinton Lillian    
Edwin Brown Brown's Store    
H. Gordon Blundon Reedville    
Mrs. L. F. Slaughter Lottsburg    
Mrs. A. M. Douglas Lottsburg    
Miss Genevieve Smith Heathsville    
Miss Katherine Nelms Heathsville    

Nottoway County

J. A. Hardy Blackstone Chairman  
S. R. Bivens Burkeville    
William Wrigglesworth Blackstone    
E. W. Hudgins Burkeville    
R. M. Williams Crewe    
Stewart Agnew Burkeville    
W. G. Reed Blackstone    
Mrs. F. L. Overton Burkeville    
William Sheffield Burkeville    
J. M. Jones Crewe    
Mrs. M. P. Bradshaw Burkeville    
Mrs. F. L. Dunn Nottoway    
W. A. Land Blackstone    
Mrs. Wallace Coleman      
Mrs. Jno. Wallace Blackstone    
Frank White Blackstone    
W. P. Bostick Burkeville    
A. C. Beville Wellville    
E. E. Anderson Crewe    
J. B. Morgan Blackstone    
J. R. Agnew Crewe    
S. L. Barrow Blackstone    
Mrs. J. M. Kidd Crewe    
Mrs. R. C. Barrow Blackstone    
J. B. Meadows Crewe    
Mrs. R. M. Willliams Crewe    

Orange County

W. L. Kirby Gordonsville Chairman  
Miss Emma Shannon Orange    
Mrs. E. V. Huffman Orange    
G. L. Browning Orange    
C. W. Grimm Orange    
J. F. Vanderhoff Orange    
Mrs. Maude Row      
Mrs. George Shackleford Orange    
C. P. Cowherd Gordonsville    
Col. E. F. Golson Somerset    
Dr. L. S. Rickets Orange    

Page County

C. B. Foote Stanley Chairman  
J. H. Booten Luray    
F. S. Kibler Stanley    
C. A. Sheeler Stanley    
Rev. C. J. Gibson Luray    
C. C. Louderback Stanley    
John Shaffer Luray    
John Shaffer Luray    
S. M. Huffman Shenandoah    
J. M. Miller Rileyville    

Pittsyvlania County

Lee Paul Chatham Chairman  
W. M. Perry Danville    
P. M. Comer Danville    
T. J. Cole Chatham    
D. H. Norman Chatham    
Miss Mary Fitzgerald Ringgold    
E. P. Crider Chatham    
J. Hurt Whitehead Chatham    
G. Thompson Chatham    
Mrs. Mae Ellis Campbell Danville    
Ollie P. Ramsey Chatham    
Edwin S. Reid Chatham    
Mrs. F. C. Beverly Whitmel    
Gilbert East Chatham    
C. E. Terry      
J. W. Collie Chatham    

Powhatan County

W. Frank Michaux Jordan's Store Chairman  
J. R. Reynolds Powhatan    
Mrs. W. E. L. Thompkins Fine Creek Mills    
M. P. Bonifant Powhatan    
H. W. Goode Powhatan    
William W. Michaux Michaux    
Miss Fannie Brown Clayville    
Dr. J. S. Henning Jefferson    

Prince Edward County

R. W. Fuqua Prospect Chairman  
Fred Herzig Meherring    
P. Tulane Atkinson Hampden-Sidney    
V. Vaden Farmville    
Miss Claudia M. Hagy      
Adam Cook Burkeville    
C. W. Mason Green Bay    
Mrs. J. L. Jarman Farmville    

South Buffalo District

E. M. Terry Pamplin    
J. H. Payne Pamplin    
Mrs. N. T. Dillon Pamplin    

North Buffalo District

T. B. Hix Prospect    
Mrs. B. T. Taylor Prospect    
T. R. N. Cocks Prospect    

Leigh District

W. B. Thompson Green Bay    
S. S. Coleman GreenBay    
J. H. Ward Green Bay    

Lockett District

E. T. Bondurant Rice    
C. M. Rice Rice    
R. E. Jenkins Burkeville    

Hampden District

R. E. Stokes Felden    
Mrs. Chas. Redd Meherrin    
G. W. McGehee Charlotte C.H.    

Farmville District

Roy Matherson Farmville    
Mrs. Robert Large Farmville    
H. Richardson Farmville    

Prince George County

A. B. Bristow Hopewell Chairman  
J. O. Faison Disputanta    
R. C. Burrow Disputanta    
G. A. Shands Carson    
Miss Belle Webb Prince George      
Richard Eppes City Point    
C. Lee Wolfe Disputanta    
Allen Temple Prince George    
Miss Mary C. Webb Prince George    
W. P. Allen City Point    
F. S. Farrar      

Princess Anne County

B. W. Shelton Lynnhaven    
Hon. A. O. Baum Vine    
B. F. Opwen London Bridge    
Dr. R. A. Nicholson Creeds    
John Words Norfolk    
R. L. Smith Lynnhaven    
George Bratten Princess Anne    
R. H. Gordon Oceana    
Miss Edna Davidson Lynnhaven    
Mrs. C. B. Ryan Lynnhaven    
A. E. Ewell Lynnhaven    
S. W. James London Bridge    
W. B. Duling Back Bay    
Dr. T. B. Luxford Pungo    
O. B. Mears Norfolk    
David Dawley Pleasant Ridge    
C. T. Ingram Lynnhaven    
Mrs. B. D. White Lynnhaven    
Mrs. Ida D. Thomas      

Prince William County

C. A. Montgomery Manassas Chairman  
Charles R. McDonald Catharpin    
B. K. Watson Manassas    
Miss Lillian V. Gilbert Manassas    

Dumfries District

Rev. D. T. Showalter Dumfries    
Walter Keys Dumfries    
J. T. Syncox Dumfries    
Mrs. Graffin Dumfries    
Mrs. J. E. Tapscott Joplin    

Occoquon District

J. I. Glascock Agnewville    
W. A. Kidwell Hoadley    
Mrs. George Davis Hoadley    
J. L. Dawson Occoquan    
Alfonso Calvert Agnewville    

Gainesville District

R. A. Rust Haymarket    
O. C. Hutchinson Haymarket    
W. L. Heuser Haymarket    
Bailey Tyler Haymarket    
Miss Mildred Ewell Haymarket    
Mrs. W. L. Sanders Catharpin    

Coles District

R. R. Hayes Manassas    
T. M. Russell Manassas    
James Luck, Jr. Independent Hill    
Michael Oleyer Independent Hill    
Mrs. J. A. Hill Independent Hill    

Brentsville District

Walter R. Hooker Nokesville    
W. B. Kerlin Nokesville    
Rev. J. R. Cook Nokesville    
McDuff Green Nokesville    
Mrs. William Dulin Nokesville    

Manassas District

J. J. Conner Manassas    
Boston Steele Manassas    
W. I. Steere Manassas    
John E. Barrett Manassas    
Miss Emily Johnson Manassas    

Pulaski County

D. M. Pitts Pulaski Chairman  
Miss Edna Cox E. Radford    
G. H. Gilmer Draper    
J. F. Wysor, Jr. Pulaski    
K. E. Harmon Pulaski    
E. L. Darst Dublin    
Mrs. Franki Bell Dublin    
Mrs. D. F. Agnew Pulaski    

Rappahannock County

L. H. Dudley Washington    
John J. Miller Washington    
R. W. Luttrell Amissville    
R. L. Miller Ben Venue    
Goerge P. Browning Flint Hill    
J. Jas. Miller Hawlin    
B. R. Miller Smedley    
Carroll Menefee Sperryville    
H. B. Miller Sperryville    
Mrs. W. L. Keyser Washington    
B. L. Stahl      
C. R. Wood Washington    
James C. Cropp Amissville    
R. E. Luttrell Amissville    
Georger W. Settle Flint Hill    
W. L. Turner Flint Hill    
R. M. Menefee Hawlin    
J. Hill O'Bannon Woodville    
James H. Fletcher Sperryville    
Mrs. P. A. Hughes Amissville    
A. F. Howard      
Peyton Rome      

Richmond County

A. N. Welford Warsaw Chairman  
W. S. Tyler Warsaw    
Mr. Ralston      
R. S. Davis Tidewater    

Stonewall District

J. H. Balderson Naylors    
Miss T. G. Snyder Foneswood    

Marshall District

W. H. Welford Warsaw    
Miss Sue Bezley Warsaw    

Washington District

F. C. Mullin Sharps    
Mrs. B. B. Mitchell Emerton    

Farnham District

N. Z. Oakley Simonsons    
Miss Mary Betty Booker Farnham    

Roanoke County

G. M. Gish Roanoke Chairman  
Miss Margaret Gravatt Roanoke    
Hon. J. S. Brown Roanoke    
W. E. Medley Salem    
T. L. Engleby Roanoke    
F. B. Walters Roanoke    
J. A. Turner      
W. H. Horton      
Roland E. Cook Salem    
Mrs. Robert K. Temple Roanoke    
Mrs. J. H. Whitner Roanoke    
Mrs. Henry Oakey Salem    
B. W. Locan      
Gilbert Wood      

Rockbridge County

J. McD. Adair Lexington Chairman  
J. W. McClung Lexington    
Paul M. Penick Lexington    
W. A. Kinnear Lexington    
John L. Hottinger Murat    
A. E. Fultz Lexington    
W. M. Kirkpatrick Lexington    
Miss Frances Dillon Lexington    
Mrs. Rufus Patterson Brownsburg    
Miss Mary P. Barclay Lexington    
E. K. Paxton Lexington    
E. T. Robinson Lexington    
Daniel Welsh Murat    
Hugh S. Wade Lexington    
Jonathan Herring Lexington    
Miss Jennie Wheat Lexington    

Rockingham County

S. L. Hoover Harrisonburg Chairman  
T. P. Beery Harrisonburg    
John H. Hoover Timberville    
E. J. Suter Dale Enterprise    
C. L. Hedrick Elkton    
C. H. Chandler Harrisonburg    
Mrs. John S. Funk Singer Glen    
G. H. Hulvey Harrisonburg    
C. B. Kiser Bridgewater    
C. A. Crenshaw Linville    
C. G. Harnsberger Harrisonburg    
Miss Frances Sale Harrisonburg    

Russell County

E. S. Finney Lebanon Chairman  
E. R. Combs Lebanon    
J. T. Smith Elk Garden    
Mrs. Gussie B. Meade Mentola    
W. R. Gilmer Lebanon    
E. W. Coffindaffer Lebanon    
H. W. Fugate Lebanon    
Mrs. Walter Dickinson Castlewood    
Aaron Russ Honaker    
J. B. Kennedy Cleveland    

Scott County

W. J. Rollins Rye Cove Chairman  
A. J. Wolfe Speers Ferry    
W. D. Smith Gate City    
W. P. Kenady Gate City    
James F. Sutton Mendota    
Nelson Horton Gate City    
A. W. Hedrick Gate City    

Shenandoah County

B. A. Warriner Woodstock Chairman  
Mrs. F. P. Williamson Mt. Jackson    
Miss Laura Kipps New Market    
Mrs. H. H. Ramey Strasburg    
Mrs. Katherine Foster New Market    
Rev. John P. Jacobs Woodstock    
C. W. Hepner Mount Jackson    
Mrs. Lawrence Hottel Toms Brook    
Miss Grace McInturff Strasburg    
Miss Mabel Walton Woodstock    
Rev. Benj. K. Hay Mount Jackson    
Rev. F. B. Chubb Toms Brook    
Harry Kagey New Market    
John H. Pifer Strasburg    
S. B. Hepner Mauertown    
M. H. Bowman Woodstock    
C. N. Hoover New Market    
Josiah Wisman Woodstock    
L. T. Stoneburner Edinburg    
C. V. Shoemaker Woodstock    
F. M. Fravel Woodstock    
C. F. Headley Woodstock    
J. D. Harpine Mt. Jackson    
J. C. Hutcheson Edinburg    
Capt. J. H. Grabill Woodstock    
E. E. Keister Strasburg    
Elon O. Henkel New Market    

Smyth County

N. B. Rue Marion Chairman  
B. E. Copenhaver Marion    
T. B. Rector Seven Mile Ford    
T. B. Porterfield Broadford    
J. A. Eller Marion    
R. G. Goolsby Marion    
Mrs. W. L. Wilder N. Holston    

Southampton County

J. L. H. Johnson Franklin Chairman  
J. L. Barham Newsoms    
Stanley Babb Ivor    
Mrs. B. W. Sebrell Sebrell    
Dr. W. E. Snipes Franklin    
J. Dudley Woodard Branchville    
Dr. R. L. Raiford Sedley    
Mrs. John Z. Harris Branchville    
E. B. Prince Capron    
F. E. Pope Drewryville    
J. B. Vaughan Franklin    
W. C. Hodges      
H. B. McLenmore Courtland    
Mrs. E. N. Johnson Ivor    
Paul Scarborough Franklin    
Mrs. Jennie Norfleet Franklin    
J. William Ridley Courtland    
R. E. L. Watkins Franklin    
Mrs. Percy Barham Capron    
Miss Belle Pope Drewryville    
Mrs. I. Q. Wiggins Franklin    
Mrs. R. N. Darden Newsoms    

Spotsylvania County

K. C. Moore Spotsylvania C.H. Chairman  
Robert L. Jones Massaponax    
William Orrock Fredericksburg    
Henry Warden Fredericksburg    
Mrs. B. R. Harrison Fredericksburg    
T. E. Thomas Fredericksburg    
Judge Alvin T. Embrey Fredericksburg    
Dr. W. J. Massey Post Oak    
James Ashby Falmouth    
F. C. Baldwin Fredericksburg    

Stafford County

S. L. Cole Stafford Chairman  
James Ashby      
Whitt D. Peyton      
Rev. William Welch      
Judge Chichester      
Mrs. H. W. Daffin      
John R. Henderson      

Hartford District

D. J. Schopoff      
John L. Beale      
L. R. Young      
C. A. Truslow      

Rock Hill District

W. S. Cox      
F. P. Embrey      
Edward Pritter      

Aquia District

R. A. Cole      
R. L. Moncure      
Newman Knight      

Falmouth District

H. A. Patten      
W. T. Sullivan      
W. T. Berry      

Surry County

P. O. Goodrich Surry Chairman  
L. M. Savedge Alliance    
A. W. Bohannan Surry    
Mrs. J. L. Huber Dendron    
Mrs. Devaney Dendron    
Dr. W. W. Seward Surry    
Prof. A. T. Lewark Claremont    
Mrs. E. E. Harry Claremont    

Sussex County

K. N. Ellis Waverly Chairman  
Miss Mary Dobie Sussex    
R. F. Moss Stony Creek    
F. L. Birdsong Homeville    
R. D. Owen Stony Creek    
J. M. Tyus Stony Creek    
F. E. Poole Stony Creek    
J. E. Moss Waverly    
W. F. Richardson Wakefield    
J. E. Frederick Waverly    
A. B. Bristoe Hopewell    
W. T. Parker Stony Creek    
George H. Blood Homeville    
Miss Mary Savedge Littleton    
J. L. Gilliam Yale    
B. F. Jarratt Stony Creek    
W. M. Carpenter Waverly    
L. W. Tyus Waverly    
T. L. Moore Wakefield    
W. T. Blow Yale    

Tazewell County

Dr. Isaac Pierce Tazewell Chairman  
W. A. Thompson Tazewell    
Henry Preston Tazewell    
J. A. Leslie Tazewell    
R. S. Moss Burkes Garden    
D. B. Daniels Horsepen Cove    
W. L. C. Burke Jewel Ridge    
Rev. Wolfe Tazewell    
Mrs. J. H. Hardy Graham    
G. T. Denton Tip Top    
R. R. Wall Tazewell    
Mrs. W. G. Harrison Tazewell    
A. J. Steel Tazewell    
George Brown Richlands    
W. G. O'Brien Tazewell    
L. A. Tynes Tazewell    
E. K. Crockett Tip Top    
Peery Brittain Tazewell    
J. D. Peery N. Tazewell    
Mrs. Solon Boach Pocahontas    
C. H. Peery Indian    
J. S. Gillespie Tazewell    

Warren County

B. L. Stahl.      
A. H. Howard      
Peyton Rome      

Warwick County

A. J. Renforth Grafton Chairman  
Mrs. Nettie Clements Lee Hall    
Robert P. Holt. Newport News    
J. C. Curtis Denbigh    
A. D. Wright      
Mrs. H. L. Ferguson Newport News    
George F. Barnes Morrison    
Annie E. Sale Denbigh    

Washington County

W. J. Edmondson Lodi Chairman  
W. H. Ashton Meadow View    
J. W. Bell Abingdon    
T. J. Bondourant Abingdon    
A. F. Buchanan Glade Spring    
W. P. Buchanan Glade Spring    
James P. Mason Glade Spring    
J. E. Miller Wyndale    
Mrs. W. E. Mingea Abingdon    
W. J. Minnick Emmett Tenn.    
S. L. Mock Damascus    
E. C. Buck Abingdon    
J. C. Carmack Bristol    
Mrs. A. C. Cole Chilhowie    
H. M. Cox Damascus    
L. D. Crawford Mendota    
L. C. Hassinger Konnarock    
A. J. Huff Fleet    
Rev. E. K. Kahle Abingdon    
S. P. Legard Bristol    
James H. Mongle Holston    
W. T. McConnell Abingdon    
A. A. McFadden Alum Wells    
James McSpadden Chilhowie    
J. L. Nester Abingdon    
T. A. Ratcliffe Abingdon    
W. N. Shearer Lodi    
H. H. Spahr Benhams    
C. W. Steele Meadow View    
H. F. Vail Damascus    
Mrs. J. H. Hassinger Abingdon    
Henry W. Withers Abingdon    
Charles Cunningham Abingdon    
J. G. DeBusk Glade Spring    
C. V. Dickenson Wallace    
D. A. Duff Lodi    
Newton Widener Lodi    
Mrs. A. G. Williams Emory    
J. W. M. Witten Abingdon    
Dr. T. D. Hutton Glade Spring    
J. H. Kaylor Benhams    
J. D. Kelly Meadow View    
J. R. Litton Holston    

Westmoreland County

W. R. Linthicum Montross Chairman  
Clara E. Delp Montross    
Blake T. Newton Hague    
C. P. Frue Montross    

Wise County

J. H. Montgomery      
J. J. Kelley      

Wythe County

C. W. Gleaves Wytheville    
George R. Huffard Wytheville    
H. G. Robinson Max Meadows    
M. H. Jackson Foster Falls    
T. S. Shupe Wytheville    
J. A. C. Hurt Wytheville    
Mrs. H. C. Lambert Rural Retreat    
Mrs. A. A. Campbell Wytheville    
W. P. Moore      
Jack Hutcheson      
W. S. Poage Wytheville    
J. Stanger Brown Rural Retreat    
George A. Lambert Rural Retreat    
A. L. Porter, Jr. Speedwell    
W. S. Wilkins Wytheville    
Mrs. H. M. Heuser Wytheville    
Miss Mary S. Oglesby Max Meadows    
J. A. Whitman Wytheville    

York County

A. J. Renforth Grafton Chairman  
D. S. Harris Williamsburg    
E. A. Sinclair Tabb    
Howell Hogge Odd    
A. D. Wright Grafton    
Miss Annie E. Sale Denbigh    
George L. Smith Tabb    
Mrs. De. S. G. Cooke Yorktown