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The Maryland Directory — 1878

The following county links will lead to the individual county accounts contained in the 1878 Maryland Directory, published by J. Frank Lewis & Co. of Baltimore. The preface to this work reads:

“Being a descriptive compilation of the counties, towns, villages, and post offices and names of merchants, manufacturers, professional men, farmers, tobacco planters, peach growers, mechanics, churches and pastors; also price and quality of farming and other lands, and amount produced per acre; mountain, valley, and river scenery; suitable points for emigrants and others to locate; mills and mill owners; country merchants, and general stores; state, federal, judicial, municipal, town and county officers; hotels and summer resorts; shipping, express, postal and freight routes, taxable property and rates of taxation; newspapers, banks, bankers, benevolent societies, colleges, schools, and other new and valuable information never before published.”