Upper New River Time line for the Revolutionary War

Date New River Elsewhere
May 1771-1772 Founding of the Chestnut Creek Community by participants of the Battle of Alamance Battle of Alamance, defeat of the Regulation 16 May, 1771
1774 Local militia participates in Lord Dunsmore’s War against the Shawnee. Osborne’s militia company is formed from Cox’s company.  
Jan 1775 Fincastle Resolutions are passed. The future Montgomery Co., militia leaders such as Wm Preston and Wm Campbell are signers.  
June 1776   Isaac Thomas sent to the Indians to maintain peace. The Cherokee attack the Watauga settlements in NE Tennessee
July 1776 Indians attack settlements in the Clinch River valley in Fincastle Co. & kill 2 men American Independence Declared
Oct 1776 Col. William Christian’s leads a retaliatory attack on the Cherokee.  
1777 Osborne list – Quaker Ruddicks refuse to sign. Roving bands of Tories from eastern Virginia and North Carolina cause disturbances in Southwest Virginia (robberies, horse thefts, occasionally murder). The militia is called out to respond.  
Apr 1777 to Dec 1777 Troops under Wm Christian resume the Cherokee campaign, destroying their towns and making all but the Chickamaugua faction sue for peace.  
Sep 1777   Indian Attack on Ft. Patrick Henry, Wheeling VA is unsuccessful.
1778 Wm Campbell on tour against Tories in present day Grayson and Ashe Co. (James Keys deposition). Capt. Gambill leads troops in pursuit of Tories in the Spring through “Cox’s Settlement” (Amos Church pension app) & execute an Ingram. Col. Charles Lynch (of present day Campbell Co.) beats off an attack at the lead mines (month unknown to author).  
4 Mar 1778 The Capt. John Henderson company is formed by dividing Capt. Cox’s company.  
Sep 1778   Siege by Indians on Ft. Patrick Henry; Siege by Shawnee of Boonesborough, KY -both unsuccessful
Oct 1778   Daniel Boone acquitted of treason.
June 1779 Capts. Cox and Osborne are captured by men from their own companies (mutiny) and are later freed unharmed. Tories assemble at Round Bottom.  
July 1779 Col. Wm Campbell at the lead mines. He breaks up a large body of Tories at Baywood. Col. Wm Ingles to march against mutineers and Tories in the New River settlements.  
Sept 1779 Swift’s Company is formed.  
May 1780 Capt. Swift escapes from Tories and warns of an impending Tory attack. Buford Massacre (So. Carolina), 29 May
June 1780 Militia are needed to guard the frontier from Indian attack (Collier pension app). Swift’s company defends lead mines from Tory attack. Battle of Ramsaur’s Mill, June 20
July 1780 Tory insurrection. Instructions for disarming of Tories on the New River (letter, Crockett to Preston). Greers company goes after Indians. James Cox is captured and escapes. Battle of Huck’s Defeat, July 12
Aug 1780 Walter Crockett to march with 250 men on the Tories on New River and in adjoining North Carolina Defeat at Camden, SC, 16 August.
Oct 1780 Cleveland in Ashe/Alleghany area looking for Tories. Some New River men have left with Campbell for King’s Mountain. Cleveland hangs Edward Sizemore. Battle of King’s Mountain, Oct. 7 Battle of Shallow Ford (Yadkin Co.) Oct 14
Jan 1781   Battle of Cowpens, Jan. 17
Mar 1781   Wetzell’s Mills, March 6 Guilford Court House, March 15
May 1781 New River Tory William Riddle hung on the Tory Oak by Benj. Cleveland  
Oct 1781   Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown.