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Stone Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Laurel Fork District

Location: Laurel Fork Community

Directions: Beside Rt. 645 (Stone Mountain Road) 1.4 miles from Rt. 58 (Danville Pike).

GPS Coordinates: N 36.699282 W 080.529092

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson, March 14 2015;

Comments: The cemetery is inside a small fenced courtyard beside the church and is in excellent condition. I was told that because of the rock formations in the area that there will be no more burials here.

Stone Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
MARSHALL, Nancy Miller 26 Aug 1894 01 Sep 1980 d/o Henry L. Miller & Lena Avant; w/o George E. Marshall
MARSHALL, George E. 25 May 1880 03 Jun 1945 s/o Granville Butler Marshall & Eliza Ruth Chaplin
MARSHALL, Ethel Louise 06 Jul 1920 11 Jul 1920 Shared stone with next; d/o George E. Marshall & Nancy Miller
MARSHALL, Nancy Miller 19 Jul 1922 19 Jul 1922 d/o George E. Marshall & Nancy Miller
MARSHALL, D. Cabel 25 Jun 1875 23 Jun 1937 Dennis Cabel; s/o Granville Butler Marshall & Eliza Ruth Chaplin
Row 2
CHAPLIN, George H. 23 Aug 1826 09 Jan 1897 George Henry; CSA Veteran; s/o William R. Chaplin & Elizabeth Jones
CHAPLIN, Frances S. 18 Jul 1817 23 Oct 1893 Frances Jefferson; d/o Zachariah Strong & Ruth Smith; w/o George Henry Chaplin
MARSHALL, Granville 15 Oct 1848 30 Dec 1941 Granville Butler; CSA Veteran; s/o Edmund W. Marshall & Elizabeth T. Bolt
MARSHALL, Eliza C. 11 Mar 1851 10 Dec 1917 Eliza Ruth; d/o George Henry Chaplin & Frances Jefferson Strong; w/o Granville Butler Marshall