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Southwest Virginia Miscellaneous Death Records

by Jack Hockett, Collegeville, PA

3114 Bristol 204 2nd Taylor Dist.: Louvinia COLE, 204 Taylor, white female, single, b. TN, d. 08 Jan 1921, d/o John COLE, b. TN & Mattie BOWREY, b. TN

3116: Mrs. Dara (Dora?) SMITH, 709 Ann, Negro female, married to John SMITH, b. 01 Jan 1886, 36y 7m 8d, d. 09 Jan 1923, of labor pneumonia, d/o Trigg EWING, b. VA & Lizzie GIBSON

3117: Wm. Daniel STOUT, 317 Mary, white male, married, 52y, laborer, b. VA, d. 10 Jan 1923, s/o Samuel STOUT, b. VA & (blank) ROBERTS, b. VA (Check Samuel & Hannah Stout)

Amy REDMAN, Abingdon, colored female, widow, b. Jan 1832, d. 14 Jan 1923, abt. 91y, no parents given

Andy WYATT, white male, married, 56y, b. NC, s/o Monroe WYATT, b. NC & (blank) STARNES, b. NC, d. 21 Dec 1922, bur. family gr. yd.

Angelina Susan SHUTTERS, white female, single, about 79y, b. VA, d/o John SHUTTERS, b. VA(?) & Malinda RUST, b. VA, d. 31 Aug 1924, bur. Family grave yard

Angus Filmore McGLAMERY (?), 5 (or 9?)m, d. 04 Feb 1923, s/o (blank) McGLAMERY & Caroll MOORE, bur. ?

Ann THOMPSON, colored female, widow, abt. 95y, b. VA, d/o William PIERCE, b. VA & Jane THOMPSON

Arabella DAVIS, white female, widow of H. W. C. DAVIS, b. 08 Dec 1832, 90y 24d, d. 01 Jan 1923, d/o William HILL, b. VA & (blank) HILL, b. Ireland

Arthur JOHNSON, white male, single, b. 15 Mar 1901 d. 06 Jan 1923, b. KY, coal miner, parents Unk.

Beulah Katherine JOHNSON, white female, b. VA, d. 26 Jun 1922, 2y, 9m, d/o Jas. R. JOHNSON & (blank) WRIGHT

Boddie Larruis STIDHAM, white male, single, b. 29 Nov 1902, d. 08 Jan 1923, d/o Davied L. STIDHAM, b. WCV & Martha PERRY, b. Scott Co. VA

Buckingham Co. VA, Slate River: Sarah Francis AYERS, white female, wid. of James E. AYERS, b. 22 Sep 1836, 91y, VA; d. 12 Jun 1928, d/o Roland M. RICHARDSON, VA & Lucy Ann LAYNE,

Caroline ELLIOT, white female, widow, b. 29 Sep 1846, 77y 4m 14d, d. 10 Feb 1923, d/o Wm. MULLIS (Mullin?), b. NC & Sallie HOOVER, b. NC, bur. West Jefferson (?)

Celia MUSICK, b. 11 Feb 1861, RCV, d. 07 Jan 1923, d/o Elexious MUSICK, b. RCV & Mary HATFIELD, b. Pike Co. KY (1860c, RCV, HH 267: MUSICK, Elexious, 33; Polly, 30; Emely, 8; Nancy, 7; Granville, 2)

Chas. W. WAMSLEY (or Mamsley — note: “Wamsley” is (properly) “Wormsley” —jh), white male, married to Ethel Burr WAMSLEY, 29y, b. Staunton, VA, d. 28 Nov 1924, s/o J. H. WAMSLEY, b. VA & (blank) WILSON, b. VA

Conilly (?) JENKINS, white male, married, b. abt. 1859, 63y, b. Westmoreland Co. VA, s/o Hopkins JENKINS & Unk.



Dallas Ramsey HARTLEY, white male, married to Eunice HARTLEY, abt. 45y, b. NC, parents not known, d. 12 Dec 1922, bur. Shipley Gr. Yd. “See Note: Dr. W. A. PLECKER, Richmond, VA, Dear Sir- Replying to the above questions, this man fell astride a board walk injuring his deep uretha (sic); the cocaine solution was inserted in the uretha (sic) for the purpose of preventing a resulting stricture, and was done by our urologist. The patient evidently was sensitive to the drug and died immediately after the anaesthetic was employed. Yours truly, P. S. SMITH.”, Cocaine Poison

Dan LONG, 816 Russell, Bristol, white male, widower, 76y, b. VA of bronc. pneumonia, s/o Dan LONG, b. Ireland & Matilda GOLLYHIDE, b. VA

Edgar BANKS, Negro male, single, b. 20 Mar 1923 (info same as directly above)

Edward ROBINSON, white male, d. 02 Jan 1923, 8m, father: illigit. & (blank) ROBINSON

Eliza Pauline PEAK, b. 08 Aug 1911, WCV, d. 18 Jan 1923, s/o Ray PEAKE, b. WCV & Mary TAYLOR, b. CCVA (as written)

Elizabeth Ann BROWN, colored female, single, b. 17 Sep 1922, d. 18 Jan 1923, d/o Fred I. BROWN, b. Selma, AL & Minnie Lee HOLLAND, b. Atlanta, GA

Elizabeth GREER, white female, mar. (?) to E. M. GREER, b. 16 Nov 1857, Sullivan Co. TN, 65y 1m 6d, d/o William STUFFLE, b. Sullivan Co. TN & Katie WEAVER, b. Sullivan Co. TN, d. 25 Dec 1922, bur. Mtn. View Cem.

Elizabeth J. SAMPLES, white female, widow of William SAMPLES, b. 28 Apr 1839, 82y 3m 13d, b. RCV, d/o John T. HOWARD, b. RCV & Jane FLETCHER, b. RCV, d. 11 Aug 1922, bur. Family Cem of her daughter, Mrs. Isaac RUST (See 1850c, RCV, HH 1348: HOWARD, John T., 34; Jane, 30, Elisabeth, 11…)

Elizabeth KAYLN (?), 89y, d. 01 Feb (1923?), d/o Frank WORLEY & Clara (?) WORLEY (Kaylor?)

Elizabeth SOUTH (?), white female, widow, abt. 62, b. VA, d. 14 Dec 1924, d/o George MURRAY, b. VA & S(—) TAYLOR, b. VA, bur. GARRETT Gr. Yd. (Likely related: Mack Murray, 21, b. Grayson Co. VA, s/o G. w. & Susan, m. in WCV, 02 Sep 1893, Martha Vaughn, 22, d/o Caroline)

Eula Lee THAYER, white female, single, b. 01 Sep 1919, 3y 2m 26d, b. WVA, d. 26 Jan 1923, d/o R. L. THAYER, b. VA & Maude LESTER, b. VA

Geo. Robert TROXEL Jr., white male, married to Flora FENTRES, b. 07 Dec 1893, 28y 6m 25d, d. 02 Jul 1922 of TB, s/o Geo. R. TROXEL, Sr. & M. E. HENNEGAR, bur. LKECUM (?) Cem., Chilhowie (?), VA (Robert Troxell, 18, s/o Geo. W. & Isabella, m. in WCV 14 Mar 1880, Margaret Henegar, 18, d/o Wm. & Eliza)

George F. ARCHER, white male, married, b. Jellico, TN, 18 Dec 1879, 43y 10m 8d, s/o Sampson ARCHER, b. Jellico, TN & Susan SMITH, b. Whitley Co. KY, d. 27 Oct 1923

Glades Victoria STRATTON, white female, no status listed, b. 13 (?) Jan 1918, d/o Maichel STRATTON, b. WCV & Etter HENDRIC, d. 04 Mar 1918

Grayson Co. VA: Jane TAYLOR, white female, wid., b. 22 Mar 1870, 42y, b. Ashe Co. NC, d/o Noah C. BALDWIN, Ashe & Mahalia BLEVINS, Ashe; d. 08 Jul 1912

Hattie M. MOORE, white female, married, b. 15 Sep 1897, d/o J. C. PRICE, b. VA & Nancy KEITH, b. VA, d. 22 Jan 1921

Henry JOHNSON, colored male, single, about 53, d. 11 Jun 1923, parents Unk.

Henry Langdon BOWYER, (white male), married to Mary Kate BOWYER, b. Franklin Co. VA, 05 Oct 1858, 69y 3m 23d, physician, d. 28 Jan 1923, d/o Henry I. (J.?) BOUYER, b. VA & Mary Louise WEBB, b. VA

Herman Howard PIPPIN, white male, b. VA, “06” (? 6M?), b. VA, d. 02 Jul 1922, s/o A. N. PIPPIN & HOWS(cut off), bur. SUSONGs

Isaac JACKSON, colored female (sic), married to Florence MUSSER (?), b. 22 Feb 1871, d. 01 Jan 1923, s/o Unk. & Winnie (?) JACKSON, b. Westmoreland Co. VA

J. R. WEST, white male, married, 80y, b. VA, parents not known, d. 05 Nov 1921, bur. SHARRETTs (cannot read)

James Alexander PENDERGRASS, white male, widower, 86y, b. VA, d. 29 Dec 1924, s/o (unreadable or blank) HENRY or HARVEY (This might be the given name —jh) & Anas PERKINS, b. not known, bur. Liture (?)

James H. LASSERR (?), white male, married, b. 11 Nov 1854, 68y 2m 28d, d. 09 Feb 1923, s/o Wm. LASSER (?) & Julia GARRETT, bur. Bethel (Try Sasser.)

James Henry JENKINS, white male, married, b. 15 Jun 1854, d. 18 Jan 1923, parents not known, reported by Lorrie Anna JONKINS (sic), in mercantile business

James Lee COMER, white male, 0y 2m 26d(?), d. 22 Feb 1923, found dead in bed, s/o J. E. COMER, b. WVA & Poly (?) MALONE of Blountville, TN

Jane DISHNER, white female, married to H. Martin (?) DISHNER, d. 29 Jan 1923, b. NC, d/o Robin HARDIN, b. NC & (blank) CAMP (?), b. NC

Jane DISHNER, white female, married to Martin (?) DISHNER, b. NC, 80y, d. 29 Jan 1923, d/o Robin HARDIN, b. NC & (blank) CAMP (?), b. NC (Other recs. Say Martin Dishner m. Matilda Wellan —jh.)

Jas. D. RODEFER, white male, married, 70y, s/o Emanuel RODEFER, b. VA & (blank) BUTT, b. VA, 14 Jul 1923, bur. Glenwood Cem. (Emanuel Rodefer & Frances Butt —jh)

Jas. Wright WILIAMS (as written), white male, married to Harriet V. WILSON (as written), 82y, b. NY, s/o Henry WILLIAMS, b. Ireland & Jane JOINT, b. England, d. 19 May 1924

Jessie SHAFFER, white female, 3y, d. 22 Feb 1923 of bronchitis and a lowered vitality following a severe extensive burn by fire, s/o Geo. SHAFFER & (?) McCRACKEN

John C. ROUSE, white male, married (?), b. 05 Sep 1866, 56y 5m 3d, b. in Smith Co. VA, d. 08 Feb. (?) 1923, s/o John C. ROUSE & Frania (?) ASHLEY, bur. Cleveland

John Esser BAILY, white male, married to Thelma H. BAILEY, b. PA, 19 Apr 1896, d. 15 Jan 1923, s/o Louis J. C. BAILEY, b. Canada & Annie Elizabeth ESSER, b. PA

John F. HEATH (?), white male, married to Elizabeth HEATH, b. 13 Mar 1856, 66y 3m 21d, d. 04 Jul 1922 s/o (blank) & Sarah HEATH, bur. PEARY (?) Graveyard

John S. BROWNE (?), white male, widower, b. 17 Feb 1848, NC, 76y 6m 13d, farmer, s/o Daniel BROWNE, NC & Sarah DAVIDSON (marked through), d. 27 Aug 1924

L. D. EARLS, white male, married, b. 26 Oct 1857, 65y 2m 1d, s/o Andrew Jackson EARLS & Oct— Allen HOWELL, d. 26 Dec 1922, bur. Family Cem. Note: “Accidental falling from wagon — followed by broncho-pneumonia” in back of certificate.

Laura Jane FRENCH, white female, married, b. Jul 1896, 27y, d. 15 Feb 1923 of acute suppurative peritonitis (puerperal), d/o James CHILDRESS of RCV & (not recorded), bur. Family graveyard

Lillie Dell SMITH, white female, married to Carlton B. SMITH, b. 28 Nov 18(cut off), 28y 3m 0d, d. 28 Feb 1923, d/o Frank LINSEY & Rosy NUNLEY

Lucinda WIDNER, white female, married to Mike WIDNER, abt. 70y, d. 16 Jan 1923 of accidental clothing fire — an article by newspaper, b. not known, both parents Unk.

Lucy HOPKINS, white female, married to C. E. (C.?) HOPKINS, about 64y, b. VA, d. 22 Dec 1924, d/o David GOODPASTURE, b. VA & Lydia MOORE, b. VA, bur. Campbell Gr. Yd.

Mandie ROBINSON, white female, married to H. J. A. ROBINSON, d. 01 Jan 1923, about 77y, father & mother Unk.

Margaret S. SIMCOX, white female, married to Wm. SIMCOX, 77y, b. NC(?), d. 14 Nov 1924, d/o Wm. WALKER (?), b. NC & not known, bur. Shown (?) Fam. (Cem.?)

Maria E. CARSON, white female, married to R. P. CARSON, b. 07 Jun 1836, 87y 8m 11d, d/o Henry B. ASTON, b. RCV & Margaret HARISON, b. RCV, d. 19 Aug 1924, bur. Walnut Grove Cem.

Martha B. DALTON (?), white female, widow, 92y 4m 9d, b. Lee Co. VA, d. 06 Jul 1922 of concusion of brain (after fall), d/o Joseph DUFF & Nancy MITCHELL, bur. (?) G. Hill City

Martha Ellen CUMBO, white female, married to Wm. CUMBO, b. RCV, 03 Aug 1870(?), 52y 3m 16d, d/o Venson (Vincent) JESSIE (Jesse), b. RCV & Virginia A. GILMER, b. RCV, d. 19 Dec 1922, bur. family grave yard

Mary Ann (?) HARTSOCK, white female, single, 3y, d. 24 Jan 1923, d/o F. J. W. HARTSOCK, b. VA & Mattie ROSE, b. WCV

Mary Buchanan HAYES, white female, married to J. N. HAYES, about 44y, b. Smyth Co. VA, d/o Jas. C. BUCHANAN, b. Smyth Co. VA & Sallie CAMPBELL, b. WCV, d. 15 May 1924, bur. Plesant Grave yard (Jas. C. Buchanan, 28, s/o Wilson & Eliza, m. in Smyth Co. VA, 21 Dec 1870, Sally H. Campbell, 22, d/o Hugh & Betty Ann)

Mary Cary TAYLOR, white female, married to Geo. H. ESSER, b. MD, 10 Aug 1894, d. 01 Jan 1923, d/o Jefferson Randolph TAYLOR, b. Jefferson Co . WVA & Mary HUBBARD, b. Bruce, VA

Mary E. SMITH, white female, married, 63y, b. VA, d/o (blank) SMITH & Susan CARVER (or Carner?), d. 18 Apr 1919

Mary FEATHERS, white female, married to J. H. FEATHERS, b. 22 May 1854, 67y, 6m 20d, b. Alexander Co. NC, d/o Joel SHOEMAKER of Alexander Co. NC & (blank), d. 12 Dec 1921, bur. MINTON Cem.

Mary HOBB, white female, single, age Unk., d. 11 Feb 1923 of pellagra, employed poor house, bur. Poor Farm

Mary Jane HALL, white female, married to Lance Ralph HALL, b. Norton, VA, d. 17 Jan 1923, s/o Thomas G. TILLEY, b. Patrick Co. VA & Billie BAINE, b. Taswell, VA

Mattie JOHNSON, Negro female, married to Cefus (?) JOHNSON, b. Smith Co. VA, 40y 11m 6d, d/o Sam MICHAER (?), b. WCV & Rachel MATHISSON, b. WCV, d. 01 Jul 1923

Mike L. LARGE, white male, married to Amanda LARGE, 42y, b. WCV, s/o Elkaney LARGE, b. WCV & Ellen SMITH, b. WCV, d. 12 Dec 1921, bur. Family Grave Yard. Note on back: “Fell from a cliff while coon hunting.”

Miss Martha STATZER, white female, single, b. 22 May 1880, 49y 6m 22d, b. VA, d. 14 Dec 1924, d/o Albert STATZER, b. VA & Sarah JUGLE (sic: INGLE), b. VA, bur. Memorial (1880c, WCV, Kinderhook, HH 577/577: STATSER, Abram, 30; Sarah 24; Lula, 5; Martha, 1/12, May; INGLE, Rebeca, 14, sister-in-law)

Miss Mary LUCINS (Luchini —jh), white female, single, b. 20 Jan 1871, 52y, d. 20 Jan 1923 of paralysis cont. cause trouble of her father possibly S., d/o Martin LUCHINS (Luchini —jh), b. Italy & (blank) OLIVER, b. VA

Miss Willie ROOP, white female, single, 22y, b. Montgomery Co. VA, d/o Thomas B. ROOP & Emma LESTER of Montgomery Co. VA, d. 09 May 1921

Mr. Shack RATLIFF, white male, married, Lizzie RATLIFF, b. 20 Mar 1830, age 91y 11m 2d in Tazewell Co. VA, parents not known, d. 13 Mar 1922, bur. Family grave yard (I read this in Richmond as “Me Shack” = Meshack — jh; Meshack Stone Rat(c)liff, b. 20 Nov 1832 (date varies!), d. 01(varies!) Mar 1922, s/o Lydia Ratliff & Richard (also) Ratcliff, m. (1) Lucinda R. (also) Ratliff, 31 Jan 1850, Tazewell Co. VA, d/o Shadrack Ratcliff & Elizabeth Matney; m. (2) Mary J. Buchanan; (3) Eliuza Jane Peake; see Virginia and Virginians)

Mrs. C. M. FLEENOR, white female, married to C. M. FLEENOR, 82 (?)y, d. 01 Feb 1923, d/o Allen (?) VANCE, bur. DECK (?) Cem.

Mrs. Carrie Miller MUSICK (?), white female, married to John E. MUSICK, b. 06 Sep 1876, 48y 3m 8d, b. TN, d. 14 Dec 1924, d/o William H. MILLER, b. VA & Melissa M. BURKE, bur. Hyndale (Wyndale?) Cem. (See Descendants of John Burk of Middlesex Co. VA… Greever et al., 2000)

Mrs. Francis MASON, white female, widow, b. VA, 29 Jan 1845, d/o did not know & Mary Elizabeth SALLY, b. VA, d. 19 Apr 1924, b. BOOHER Cem. (Note, in WCV 1880c, Glade Spring, there are in HH 99/100: MASON, Chas. W., 36; Harriet F., 38 – ?)

Mrs. Hanna BARLOW, white female, married to Dan (?) BARLOW, 73y 1m 7d, b. WCV, d/o Van (?) HANSON (?), b. WCV & Mary WYSONER, b. WCV, d. 20 May 1924

Mrs. Helen Maria THAYER, white female, widow, b. 12 Oct 1829, Millbury, Mass., 92y 7m 1d, d/o Rev. Luman BOYDEN, b. Mass. & Mary DUDLEY, b. Mass., d. 13 Mar 1922, bur. South Woepole, Mass (Walpole — jh)

Mrs. Judith S. BLACKBURN, white female, married to H. M. BLACKBURN, 60y, b. Ashe Co. NC, d/o Lige CALLOWAY & Nancy SUTHERLAND, b. TN, d. 10 May 1921

Mrs. Marianna K. M. SP—- (or TP—-), white female, widow of W. R. M. T—-(?), b. 01 Aug (????) 71y 4m 9d, b. WCV, d. 10 Dec 1924, d/o Jas KELLEY (?) & Margaret BUCANAN, bur. KELLY Chappel (Prob. James E. Kelly & Margaret Buchanan — jh)

Mrs. Mary HICKSON (?), white female, married to W. K. HICKSON, 52y, d. 21 Feb 1923, d/o James BLAIR & (blank) JOHNSON, bur. ?

Mrs. Mitis-(?) THOMAS, female, colored (?), 77y 8m, b. Abingdon, married to William THOMAS, d/o Washington GAYLE (?), b. WCV & Rachel COTES, b. WCV, d. 04 Aug 1924

Mrs. Mollie Beatrice PARSONS, Abingdon, white female, married to N. C. PARSONS, about 36(?)y, b. NC, d. 13 Jan 1923, d/o J. S. BROWN, b. NC & Lois BLACKBURN, b. NC

Mrs. N. M. NOLGR, white female, married to N. M. MOLGR, Death Certificate signed by R. R. PARSFIW (?) MD (no further info)

Mrs. Nancy HALL, white female, married to Ellis HALL, b. 01 May 1866, 55y 7m 7d, b. NC, d/o Edward ROBERTS, b. NC & Unk., d. 07 Nov 1821, bur. Clear Branch

Mrs. Nancy HARMEBURG, widow of Geo. HARNSBURG (as written), b. VA, 79y, d/o John ALLEN, b. Ireland & Nancy FLOYD, b. Ireland, d. 28 May 1924

Mrs. R. W. COWAN, white female, married to Hickman COWAN, b. 03 May 1839, 85y, b. VA, d/o W. M. GOBBLE, b. VA & Nancy HORNER, VA, d. 27 Apr 1924, b. GOBBLE Cem. (Richard W. Cowan, 33, s/o Nancy, m. in WCV, 13 Oct 1867, Rhoda Gobble, d/o Wm. & Nancy; see also 1850c, WCV)

Mrs. Ruth HARLESS, white female, widow, 95y, no occupation, d. 02 Jul 1922, bur. Fall Hill Cem.

Mrs. Virginia RAY, white female, widow, 70y, b. VA, d/o Joe HILLIARD, b. VA & Elizabeth MAYES/MAGEE (?), d. 14 Apr 1918/1919

Mrs. W. M. WOLFE, white female, married, b. 05 Dec 1873, 51y 8d, b. WCV, d. 13 Dec 1924, d/o Jas. (?) WHEELER, b. Smyth Co. VA & Jane WOLF, bur. Mt. Olivet (William M. Wolfe, 17, s/o Frank & America, m. in WCV, 08 Jun 1896, Sadie A. Wheeler, 21, b. Smyth Co. VA, d/o James & Jane)

Mrs. Willie FLEENOR, white female, married to Robert FLEENOR, b. VA, 07 Jun 189?, 30y 6m 19d, d/o Robert McCROSKEY, b. VA & Mossie(?) ROCK, b. VA, d. 28 Dec 1922, bur. Memorial Cem.

Nada (?) May HARIS(?), (white female), b. 30 May 1907, 15y 7m 23d, d. 25 Jan 1923 of TB, d/o James (?) HARIS & Riatre (?) CHURCH, b. NC

Nancy Jane PEARSON, white female, married to Rufus PEARSON, b. abt. 1838, 83y, b. Hawkins Co. TN, d/o James MINK, b. Smyth Co. VA & Daley (?) THOMAS, b. Smyth Co. VA, d. 06 May 1921 (Of note: 1850c, WCV, HH 679: MINKS, James, 30; Betsey, 34; Nancy, 10…-? According to other death info., this spouse was Betsey Spraggs (Spriggs?))

Nancy VESTAL, white female, widow, d. 24 Jan 1922, about 95y, d/o F. H. McCRACKEN, b. WCV & Anna FARRIS, b. WCV (Note: 1850c, HH823: McCRACKEN, Hugh, 45; Mary A., 30; Nancy, 13… – ?; Solomon Vestal m. Nancy McCracken, 07 Jun 1853, no parents of either couple given.)

Nannie Mae CAMPBELL, colored female, b. 05 Mar 1920, Morristown, TN, d. 12 Jun 1923, d/o Harmon CAMPBELL, b. TN & Julia SMITH, b. TN

Nettie OVERBY, white female, married to H. J. N. OVERBY, b. 22 Mar 1823 (as written), White Top, Grayson (Co.) d. 04 Jan 1923, 39y (as written) 9m 16d, d/o F. W. H. BLEVINS, b. VA & M. GRADY (or Grody), reported by Chester BLEVINS

Niewah Coleman PARSONS Jr., white male, 1y 12m 13d, d. 03(?) Jan 1923, s/o J. N. C. PARSONS, b. NC & Mollie B. BROWN, NC

Paul WITHERSPOON, white male, divorced, born 1902

Peter J. B. KENNEDY, white male, married to Emma KENNEDY, about 54y, b. VA, s/o J. W. KENNEDY, b. NC & Martha WOLFE, b. VA, d. 26 Aug 1924

Polly TRIPLETT, white female, widow, about 92y, parents b. NC, mother (blank) GREEN, d. 01 Apr 1924, bur. Walnut Grove Cem.

R. T. TURLEY, white male, married, b. 14 Oct 1839, farmer, b. VA, 82y, s/o Dan (?) TURLEY, b. VA & Anna CRABTREE, b. VA, d. 04 Sep 1921

Rachel Elizabeth SNYDER, white female, widow, 81y, d. 07 Feb 1923 of “no disease, just old age & debility”, d/o (blank) HURST & Frugato (?), bur. Ebenezer Church.


Rebbisie GROSECLOSE, wh f, wid, b 04 Mar 1843, 90y 1m 17d, d 22 Apr 1923, b WCV, d/o Vallentn. (Valentine) ROSENBALM, WCV & Pollie FOX, SCV, bur Old Lutten

Rebbisie GROSECLOSE, wh f, wid, b 04 Mar 1843, 90y 1m 17d, d 22 Apr 1923, b WCV, d/o Vallentn. (Valentine) ROSENBALM, WCV & Pollie FOX, SCV, bur Old Lutten

Rebecca FLETCHER, white female, widow, 68y, b. Oct 1851, Denton Valley, Johnson Co. TN, d/o John Calvin MAIN, b. Johnson Co. TN & Polly POTTER, b. NC, d. 02 Jun 1919 (Published mar. recs say John J. Main m. Johnson Co. TN, 24 Feb 1842, Mary Potter.)

Rebecca FULLEN, colored female, widow, wife of Jasper FULLEN, midwife, born a slave in GA, d. 28 Jul 1922, the cause of death unknown — broken down constitution, father & mother Unk., bur. Home (Cem.)

Rebecca RINGLEY, white female, married, b. 29 Jun 1844, 77y 3m 1d, b. VA, d/o Elijah RINGLEY, b. VA & Rebecca RINGLEY, d. 24 Feb 1921, bur. SPROLES Cem. (1850c, WCV HH 1843: RINGLEY, Elijah, 47; Sarah, 4 (Sarah Hunsucker)… Rebecca, 8…)

Robert A. DOBYNS, white male, married to Ollie SPARKS, 49y, b. VA, d. 01 Nov 1924, s/o Robert A. DOBYNS, b. VA & Retta HOWELL, b. VA

Robert Jerry RUSH, white male, single, b. 02 Mar 1906, 16y 11m 15d, farmer, d. 15 Feb 1923, s/o V. (?) A. RUSH & Mary Sue WHITEAKER, bur. WHITAKER Cem.

Robert MOORE, white male, widow, b. 06 Mar 1861, 63y 27d, b. VA, s/o Isaac MOORE, VA & Sarah STOPHEL, VA, d. 27 Mar 1924

Robert R. SANDLIN, white male, b. 15 Nov 1919, Dorchester (Dickenson Co. —jh), VA, d. 19 Jan 1923, s/o Andy SANDLIN, b. VA & Sarah (blank?), b. KY

Robt. J. POORE, white male, widower, b. TN, 81y, s/o Jno. POORE & Mary (blank), d. 28 Jul 1921, bur. Paperville, TN

Rosa Ann WILSON, Dark Female, married to John WILSON, b. Scott Co. VA, 61y, d/o Jas. McDOUGALD & Unk., d. 09 Jul 1923

Rosie L. FRANKLIN, colored female, married to Jessie FRANKLIN, b. 05 Oct 1891, Westmoreland Co. VA, d. 11 Jan 1923, d/o Austin MAIDEN b. Westmoreland Co. VA & Mariah MISSON, b. Westmoreland Co. VA

S. F. PRESTON, white male, widower, 81y, farmer, b. VA, s/o Samuel PRESTON, b. VA, d. 08 Apr 1924, bur. Walnut Grove

Sallie BROUDY, colored female, married to Chas. BROUDY, 44y 10m 24d, b. 06 Mar 1877, Wythe Co. VA, d. 30 Jan 1923, d/o Unk. & Sallie GOARGE (?), b. Wythe Co.

Saltville: Garnet SWORD, wh m, single, b 28 May 1923, d 22 Oct 1925, 2y 4m 24d, b Saltville, VA, s/o M. A. SWORD, RCV & Cillie HAYES, RCV, bur Saltville



Samuel PATTON, white male, married to Octavia PATTON, 64y, physician, b. KGPT (Kingsport?), s/o George E. PATTON, b. TN & Nancy MORISON, b. VA, d. 11 Jul 1923

Sandy SCOTT, colored male, widowed, about 40y, no occupation, d. 22 Dec 1924, “Attending physician found him in (portion cut off page)… to death”, parents not given

Sara WARD, white female, married to Jack WARD, b. 14 Feb 1861, TN, d. 11 Jan 1923, d/o Jack MAINES, b. TN & Polly POTTER, b. TN

Sarah C. MUSIC, white female, married to Simon P. (Peter —jh) MUSIC, b. WCV 1864, 58y 7m 2d, d/o (blank) MOORE & Sarah MOORE, b. WCV, d. 16 Dec 1922, bur. Vallie View, VA

Sarah FIELD, colored female, married to Alford FIELD, d. 17 Jan 1923, about 60y, parents unk.

Sarah INGLE, white female, widow of Joseph INGLE, 76y, b. NC, d/o Jas. JACKSON, d. 04 Apr 1921, bur. GOBBLE’s Cem. (Ingle; Engle)

Senea (?) BUNN, white female, widow of Calvin BUNN, about 92y, b. Grayson Co. VA, d/o (blank) ROBERTS, b. Grayson Co. VA & (blank) WRIGHT, b. VA, d/o 02 Mar 1922, bur. Zion Cem. (Check Burn; Burns; Bourne -?)

Serry Jane LAND, white male (as written), married to Wm. (?) LAND, b. 26 May 1861, 62y 26d, s/o Rillery(?) AGERS (?), b. NC & Lillie OLINER, b. NC, d. 25 Jul 1923 (Try Akers & Olinger?)

Sidney King WILLOUGHBY, white male, widower of Mary Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY, b. 29 Nov 1852, WCV, s/o Andrew Nelson (?) WILLOUGHBY (next line) Jesse Mior RUSH, b. WCV & Matilda KING (next line) Rebecca RUSH, b. WCV, d. 19 Oct 1923, bur. RUSH Cem. (S. K. Willoughby, 26, s/o A. J. & Matilda C., m. 23 Oct 1879, Mary E. Rush, 33, d/o Jere & Deborah)

Solomon PIPPIN, white male, married, 74y 8m 12d, b. 12 May 1846, h/o Ellan PIPPIN, farmer, s/o Lige PIPPIN, b. VA & Patsey SCOTT, b. VA, d. 12 Jan 1921, bur. Riverview Cem. (See 1850c, WCV, HH 1881: PIPPIN, Elijah, 45; Mary, 45… Solomon, 8 — other records (death of Jame C. Pippin) call her Polly.)

Sophia Dela McNEW, white female, single, b. 03 Jun 1898, 20y 11m 25d, d/o J. D. McNEW, b. WCV & Alice ABLE, b. WCV, d. 28 1919. (Saltville Dist.) (Della Sophia McNew, b. 03 Jun 1898; bur. Thos. McCullough Cem., WCV, d/o Jackson D. McNew &Alice E. Abel —jh)

Susanna STANLEY, white female, widow, b. 28 Mar 1842, WCV, 72y 4m 6d, d/o William DINSMORE & Ann Eliza BOWERS, b. Unk. for both, d. 20 Aug 1924, bur. POSTON Cem.

Susie MILLER, white female, widow, 84y, b. VA, d. 12 Dec 1922, parents not known, bur. BOOHER Cem. (Of note: 1870c, WCV, Goodson TWP, HH 587/609: MILLER, Henry H., 37; Susan, 28 & 5 ch. — Boohers are nearby – ?)

Susie Suit CRUTCHFIELD, white female, married, b. 23 Apr 1892, 32y 3m 8d, b. WCV, d/o J. R. PRUIT (?) HURT (?), RCV & Missouri R. YELONG, b. Smyth Co. VA, 31 Jul 1924

Thomas Franklin MUSICK, white male, single, b. 18 Dec 1922, d. 12 Jan 1923, 24d, s/o J. G. W. MUSICK, b. VA & Mamie HENRY, b. VA

Thomas H. (?) APSHIRE, colored male, married to Sallie APSHIRE, preacher, b. Apr 1851, GA, about 73y, s/o Davison APSHIRE & Amandy APHIRE (as written), d. 18 Aug 1924, bur. Abingdon, VA (Abshire)

Thomas J. CLARK, white male, widower to Mary ROBINSON, b. 29 Apr 1842, WCV, 79y 10m 22d, s/o Job CLARK, b. WCV & Lucinda LEONARD, b. WCV, d. 21 Mar 1922, bur. KELLER Cem.

Thomas M. PRESTON Sr., white male, married to Martha A. PRESTON, b. WCV, 27 Oct 1847, 75y 1m 23d, s/o Thomas M. PRESTON, b. WCV & Evelyn GRAY, b. WCV, d. 20 Dc 1922, Rock Springs Cem.

Thomas WORLEY, white male, widower, 76y, b. VA, s/o Liander WORLEY, b. VA & not known, d. 19 Mar 1922 (Goodson Dist.)

Tilden (?) ELKINS, white male, status married, b. 30 Jun 1895, Wise Co. VA, d. 06 Jan 1923, s/o Elias ELKINS, b. WCV & Belle MILLER, b. WCV

Trigg Delp (?) FLANAGAN, white male, married to Mary Jane FLANNAGAN, ab. 15 Mar 185(blank), 71y 3m 17d, b. TN, d. 02 Jul 1922 of Gastric Hernia, s/o John FLANNAGAN, b. TN & Lizzie McCRACKEN, b. TN, bur. MOCK Graveyard (An Alexander Trigg Flanagin, 21, s/o John & Eliza, m. in WCV, 09 Oct 1869, Angeline Lunsford, 19, b. Johnson Co. TN, d/o Lucinda -?)

Vada Maude JACKSON, white female, single, 2m 4d, d. 24 Jan 1922, d/o F. C. O. JACKSON, b. VA & Ella JACKSON, b. VA

Viola SLAGLE, white female, single, 32y, b. TN, d. 04 Jul 1922, d/o John SLAGLE, b. TN & Susie HENSLEY, bur. Walnut Grove

Virginia KAYLOR, white female, b. 13 Oct 1920, d. 28 Jan 1923, b. VA, d/o F. L. A. KAYLOR, b. VA & Margaret DISAES (possibly Dishner — jh?), b. VA

W. M. MOORE, white male, widower of Sarah A. MOORE, 75y 2m, b. VA, s/o Thos. MOORE, b. VA & Latina FLEENOR, b. VA, d. 22 Feb 1921

W. R. (?) MONGLE, white male, single, b. 10 Mar 1858, 64y 11m 1(?)d, d. 24 Feb 1923, s/o J. B. MONGLE & Sarah HUGHES of Arcadia, TN, bur. MONGLE Cem.

W. W. McCLOUD, white male, married to Nannie McCLOUD, b. Glade Spr. VA, 01 Apr 1875, d. 08 Jan 1923, 47y 9m 7d, farmer, s/o F. A. C. McCLOUD, b. VA & Mary EDMONDSON, b. VA

Washington Bailey WILLIAMS, Moore St., white male, widower of Rebecca STONE, 90y 1m, b. 14 Dec 1820(?), d. 30 Jan 1923, s/o Samuel WILLIAMS, b. VA & Jane MOORE, farmer & harness maker

WCV: Wiley B. PETERS, white male, married to Anna M. PETERS, b. Giles Court House, VA, s/o Jacob PETERS, b. Giles Co. VA & Elizabeth McFADDEN, b. Lexington, VA, d. 27 Dc 1921, bur. Emory, VA

WCV: William E. STEVENS, white male, married to Nancy STEVENS, abt. 73y, b. VA, s/o Shocklin STEVENS, b. VA & not known, d. 24 Oct 1923, bur. Holston Valley (Abingdon)

WCV: William H. WATERS, white male, married to Doshi WATERS, b. Ash Co. NC, 09 Apr 1867, 56y 6m 8y, s/o John WATERS, b. Ash Co. NC & Elizabeth MABE, b. Ash Co. NC, d. 17 Oct 1923, bur. WRIGHT Chaple (Damascus)

Wesley BUNCH, black male, single, 69y, b. SC, d. 21 May 1924

William E. WITHERSPOON, white male, married to Rhoda WITHERSPOON, b. VA, 42y, d. 14 Jan 1923, s/o Samuel WITHERSPOON & Unk.

William F. McCREADY, white male, married, b. Apr 1848, 73y 10m 11d, b. VA, parents not known, d. 11 Feb 1922, bur. ROBERTS Cem.

William H. KENT, white male, widower, b. 17 Jul 1849, 78y 8m 22d, b. TN, s/o James KENT, b. TN & Sallie BIRLEY, b. TN, d. 01 Feb 1924, bur. Walnut Grove Cem. (James D. Kent, 27, s/o Jacob B. & Martha A. B., m. in WCV, 02 Jun 1880, Cordelia M. Denton, 33, b. Amelia Co. VA, d/o Alford R. Deaton (as written)

William L. MITCHELL, white male, married to Margaret MITCHELL, abt. 54y, b. VA, s/o Joe MITCHELL, b. VA & (blank) HARLESS, b. VA (Of note: John Mitchell, 22, s/o Hiram & Nancy, m. in WCV, 01 Mar 1855, Emily Harless, b. Kanawha VA, d/o John & Lucretia -?)

William N. HALSEY, white male, married, abt. 61y, b. NC, s/o (blank) HALSEY, b. NC & Belford (?) DIXON, b. NC, d. 02 Aug 1924, bur. Piney Creek Cem.

William Patterson GRUBB, white male, married to Harriene (?) GRUBB, b. 31 (or 01?) May, 1865, 59y 6m 15d, b. WCV, d. 16 Dec 1924, s/o Jacob H. GRUBB, b. WCV & Louisiana CARTER, b. Scott Co. VA, bur. Home, Glenford (1870c, WCV, North Fork TWP, HH 299/304: GRUBB, Jacob H., 37; Louisiana (Louisa Ann Carter), 40… Wm., P., 5…)

William SMITH, white male, widower of Fannie SMITH, b. Smyth Co. VA, 16 Jun 1843, 79y 11m 18d, s/o Abram SMITH, b. Smyth Co. VA & Sallie LINCAN (Linthecum; Lintecum —jh), b. Smyth Co. VA, d. 03 Jun 1923. (Abram Smith m. in Smyth Co. VA, 24 Apr 1844, Sarah Lintecum)

Willie B. MERCER, white female married to R. M. MERCER, 45y, b. 14 Aug 1877, Wythe Co. VA, d/o Wm. MOORE, b. Wythe Co. VA & Lucy HARRELL, b. VA, d. 29 Dec 1922, bur. SHARETT Cem.