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Southern Claims Commission

Southern Claims Commission Files were filed by those who had property destroyed or taken by the Union army during the late unpleasantness. Most of these claims were rejected as “fortunes of war” but contain some interesting stuff on occasion.

There were no claims filed by anyone in Ashe or Alleghany Co., NC or Grayson County, VA, there are some however for some surrounding counties which might connect with someone.

Southern Claims Commission
County Name Claim Disposition
Surry County, NC Mary Brown $118  
Surry County, NC John Cordel $135 allowed
Surry County, NC Abraham Macon $150  
Surry County, NC Wylie Riggs $80  
Surry County, NC John Tilley $112 allowed
Surry County, NC Jacob Tise $150  
Surry County, NC Wm. B. Woodruff $282  
Watauga County, NC Allen Adams $117  
Watauga County, NC Rittenhouse Baird $190  
Watauga County, NC Samuel J. Bishop $69  
Watauga County, NC Wyatt Carlton $150  
Watauga County, NC Jesse Councill $150  
Watauga County, NC Sally L. Councill $427  
Watauga County, NC Louisa Doughtery $150  
Watauga County, NC James Dula $150  
Watauga County, NC Reuben Farthing $395  
Watauga County, NC John W. Floyd $425  
Watauga County, NC Enoch Fletcher $150  
Watauga County, NC William M. Gragg $100  
Watauga County, NC Nelson Gregg $208  
Watauga County, NC Adam Hix $110  
Watauga County, NC Hollan Hodges $375  
Watauga County, NC Louisa Hodges $350  
Watauga County, NC Willey Holsclaw $120  
Watauga County, NC John Horton $1,553  
Watauga County, NC John Jones $150  
Watauga County, NC Mary Kernels $165  
Watauga County, NC David Lewis $216  
Watauga County, NC James H. McGuire $150  
Watauga County, NC Silas Morphew $395  
Watauga County, NC David Norris $165  
Watauga County, NC Solomon Presnell $325  
Watauga County, NC Josiah Smith $210  
Watauga County, NC James Ward $210  
Watauga County, NC Simon Ward $475  
Watauga County, NC George W. Watson $150  
Watauga County, NC L. D. Whittington $1,482  
Watauga County, NC Joshua Winkler $252  
Wilkes County, NC Solomon D. Barnes $150  
Wilkes County, NC James H. Brown $125  
Wilkes County, NC John A. Church $250  
Wilkes County, NC Rachel Dancey $125  
Wilkes County, NC Wilson Fairchild $156  
Wilkes County, NC Harrison Felts $125  
Wilkes County, NC William T. Furgeson $650  
Wilkes County, NC Susan M. Gibbs $150  
Wilkes County, NC John Glass $241  
Wilkes County, NC Wesley Hamby $220  
Wilkes County, NC Rufus D. Horton $300  
Wilkes County, NC Edgar Jennings $153  
Wilkes County, NC William Jennings $117  
Wilkes County, NC Moses C. Johnson $120  
Wilkes County, NC Stephen Johnson $2,676  
Wilkes County, NC John W. Kindall $150  
Wilkes County, NC James Kelley $150  
Wilkes County, NC Abner S. Madley $150  
Wilkes County, NC John B. Miller $351  
Wilkes County, NC William Prophet $150  
Wilkes County, NC Estate of Enos M. Redding $150  
Wilkes County, NC Benjamin Rose $125  
Wilkes County, NC Robert Sale $110  
Wilkes County, NC Martin Shores $248  
Wilkes County, NC Edmond Simmons $350  
Wilkes County, NC Adam Staley $292  
Wilkes County, NC Alfred Staley $119  
Wilkes County, NC Joseph Staley $168  
Wilkes County, NC Samuel Steelman $150  
Wilkes County, NC Rebecca Triplett $200  
Wilkes County, NC James F. Tugman $175  
Wilkes County, NC Wilson Walker $100  
Wilkes County, NC Samuel Walsh $241  
Wilkes County, NC John Welborn $150  
Wilkes County, NC Mary M. Welborn $455  
Wilkes County, NC Thomas V. Welborn $150  
Wilkes County, NC Michael WIlliams $505  
Wilkes County, NC Anderson Winkler $225  
Carter County, TN Samuel A. Cunningham $510  
Carter County, TN Daniel Ellis $3,070  
Carter County, TN Robert E. & Lawson Goodin $930  
Carter County, TN Solomon Hart $125  
Carter County, TN John Hughes $460  
Carter County, TN W. F. M. Hyder $3,885  
Carter County, TN Joseph N. Klippon $7,085  
Carter County, TN JOhn W. Lacy $785  
Carter County, TN William Lewis $2,274  
Carter County, TN B. M. G. O'Brien $875  
Carter County, TN Caswell C. Taylor $658 allowed $326
Carter County, TN William S. Thomas $2,975  
Carter County, TN A. J. Tipton $200  
Carroll County, VA James Alderman $150  
Carroll County, VA Allen Daulton $284  
Carroll County, VA John C. Lamb $625  
Smyth County, VA James Cox $3,975  
Smyth County, VA John Johnson $273  
Smyth County, VA Estate of John A. McGhee $250  
Smyth County, VA John Miller $1,102  
Smyth County, VA Sylvester D. Spainhour $886  
Smyth County, VA Gustavus A. Mitchell $443  
Smyth County, VA Hiram Phipps $219  
Smyth County, VA Joseph S. Rimer $150  
Smyth County, VA Harold S. Scott $174  
Smyth County, VA Francis Smith $125  
Wythe County, VA Andrew J. Brally $150  
Wythe County, VA Ephraim & Francis Corvin $225  
Wythe County, VA Charles Edwards $361  
Wythe County, VA Margaret Harkrader $500  
Wythe County, VA Elijah Tartar $325  
Wythe County, VA J. P. & William Umbarger $150  
Wythe County, VA Mary M. Wall $125  
Wythe County, VA Joseph Warrick $125  
Wythe County, VA James W. Yerion $535  

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