Smyth County, Virginia Marriage Licenses 1832 - 1850

County Marriage Records

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Smyth County, Virginia Marriage Licenses 1832-1850

Smyth County, Virginia Marriage Licenses 1832 - 1850
Groom Bride Date of License
Aker, Benjamin T. Sanders, Sena A. 10/21/1845
Aker, Jonathan Armstrong, Rebecca 9/18/1838
Aker, Joseph Morris, Jane 8/29/1838
Aker, Phillip Aker, Ann 12/31/1834
Akers, Thomas Suit, Mary 10/23/1845
Alcock, Marshall Henry Tate, Susan Eliza B. 2/6/1845
Allen, Henry Copenhaver, Anna 3/13/1837
Allen, Moses Hall, Eliza S. 3/24/1849
Allen, Robert B. Killinger, Pauline J. 5/10/1849
Anderson, Abraham Gillispie, Dolly 1/21/1834
Anderson, James Graham, Catherine 1/13/1839
Anderson, James Hysinger, Jane 8/13/1850
Anderson, John Gilbert, Sally 7/21/1832
Anderson, William Deckard, Martha 7/25/1842
Arden, Abraham Burksell, Kesiah 4/1/1848
Asbury, Wyatt Smith, Emaline 11/20/1850
Atkins, Alfred H. Davis, Margaret E. 8/23/1847
Atkins, Joseph Shugart, Elizabeth J. 1/31/1843
Atwell, James Anderson, Isabella 8/31/1850
Aydlott, Jesse Hill, Susan M. 5/23/1848
Ayers, John P. Whitteaker, Mary 6/30/1836
Baber, William Copenhaver, Sarah 3/13/1837
Bales, William Harmon, Nancy 11/16/1847
Balis, John Hubble, Elizabeth 12/2/1848
Barbary, Ousbin Surbur, Jane 6/15/1847
Barbary, Quinbeau Robinson, Sarah 1/21/1846
Barber, Mideck Robinson, Rebecca 3/17/1836
Barker, John McCormack, Mary E. 4/19/1845
Barlow, Chaffin Jacob, Artelier J. 11/17/1843
Bates, William H. McDonald, Eleanor S. 1/11/1839
Beaber, John Rigsbee, Annis 9/29/1843
Beagles, James M. Settle, Mariah 3/6/1850
Beagles, John J. Johnston, Salina D. 8/17/1847
Beasley, Peter Edward, Hannah 11/27/1850
Beattie, Absolom Davis, Eliza 6/12/1832
Bell, John Porter, Martha Ann 2/20/1838
Bell, William Williams, Sarah 8/22/1833
Belton, Thomas Moore, Sarah 4/14/1845
Bennet, James W. Humphrey, Margaret E. 12/14/1841
Bennett, Thomas Comer, Hannah 7/18/1840
Betts, Abram Paxton, Matilda 10/10/1833
Bice, Gregory Crewy, Eleanor 6/13/1837
Bileter, Joseph Davidson, Nancy 8/25/1838
Bise, Gregory Whitt, Mary 12/28/1844
Bise, Louis D. Crewry, Polly 3/8/1842
Bise, William McIntyre, Nancy J. 11/2/1850
Bise, William Pritchett, Polly 1/21/1834
Bishop, Andrew Bishop, Mary 8/10/1833
Bishop, Drury S. Wolfe, Ruthy 2/6/1849
Bishop, Hellans Call, Malinda 12/10/1832
Bishop, Hellans Tilson, Nancy 9/5/1840
Bishop, John B. Bishop, Mary 5/21/1836
Bishop, Joseph Williams, Elizabeth 3/7/1842
Bishop, Madison Gross, Eunice 2/21/1848
Blackwell, Benjamin Clare, Elizabeth 7/25/1833
Blair, Algernon S. James, Mildred M. 11/23/1850
Blair, L. D. James, Emaline 7/4/1843
Blankenbeckler, Andrew J. St. John, Eleanor 3/1/1841
Blankenbeckler, James B. Lampie, Priscilla A. 10/2/1837
Bonham, Hezekiah C. Killinger, Sophia 8/1/1838
Bonham, James S. Bishop, Rachel 12/8/1840
Bonham, Robert S. Baker, Elizabeth Jane 8/17/1846
Bonham, William Bishop, Sarah 6/7/1847
Booth, William Musselwhite, Margaret 4/11/1839
Bough, John F. Sanders, Naomi W. 2/22/1848
Bouldin, Richard C. Farris, Nancy 7/20/1832
Bourne, William Scott, Margaret S. 1/4/1836
Bowman, Benjamin Goof, Polly 8/25/1834
Bowman, Stephen Barbary, Alpha 4/5/1841
Bowsen, Lewis Ferguson, Delphia J. 5/11/1850
Bracken, Henry Fuqua, Mary 4/4/1839
Brooks, Archibald Scifer, Eleanor 9/3/1836
Brooks, Basil Baber, Rebecca 12/20/1849
Brooks, Harrison Gillespie, Ibry 9/20/1844
Brooks, Moses Smith, Eliza 3/19/1840
Brooks, William Ferguson, Sarah 7/22/1841
Brown, Granville H. Snavely, Jane E. 10/4/1849
Brown, Henry Tooten, Rhoda 2/14/1849
Brown, Hiram Crow, Mary Ann 4/16/1843
Brown, John Griffitts, Elizabeth 2/11/1840
Brown, John Carter, Matilda 8/12/1841
Bryant, Epperson Betts, Elizabeth 2/14/1833
Bryant, Joseph Snavely, Sally 11/24/1833
Buchanan, Archibald T. Young, Mariah 10/13/1836
Buchanan, David Doan, Patience 10/20/1850
Buchanan, George W. Buchanan, Eliza J. 11/20/1850
Buchanan, Henry C. Osborne, Zilpha A. 5/11/1850
Buchanan, James Patrick, Mary C. 2/22/1845
Buchanan, James A. Thomas, Mary Glenn 10/13/1842
Buchanan, John Atkins, Elizabeth 8/14/1834
Buchanan, John Hayes, Mariah 1/21/1840
Buchanan, Patrick, Jr. Graham, Rachel 10/1/1839
Buchanan, Thompson Southern, Lucy 3/20/1847
Buchanan, William C. P. Brown, Julia 5/23/1840
Bunch, Ledwell Brodday, Agnes 11/22/1833
Burger, Jacob Bishop, Sarah 12/19/1832
Burgess, Mitchell Cleghorn, Mary 10/16/1844
Burgess, Mitchell T. Taylor, Martha Ann 10/30/1847
Burkhart, Ephraim Call, Eliza 12/4/1833
Buskill, Richard Holmes, Ann 10/2/1841
Butt, Thomas Garner, Mary E. 2/13/1847
Byars, George J. Thompson, Minerva 1/11/1837
Byars, James T. Snider, Mary Elizabeth 12/30/1850
Byars, John B. Snider, Emaline J. 1/19/1847
Byars, William Taylor, Sally 3/26/1842
Byars, William B. Oury, Sissan B. 9/9/1850
Byson, David Bice, Mariah 10/31/1839
Cahill, James Buchanan, Jane 8/31/1833
Caldwell, Andrew Eastridge, Elizabeth 7/10/1834
Calhoun, Joseph Kegley, Nancy Jane 11/28/1849
Call, Elijah Roberts, Mary C. 1/17/1837
Campbell, Charles C. Books, Louisa 5/1/1839
Campbell, Hugh M. Shannon, Elizabeth Ann 9/4/1837
Campbell, Jerome B. Humes, Margaret 10/22/1835
Campbell, Lysander S. Bradley, Emily J. 7/15/1840
Campbell, Robert Ewell, Francis A. 12/24/1834
Campbell, Spottswood M. Campbell, Nancy D. 8/12/1834
Campbell, Spottswood M. Pratt, Nancy F. 1/16/1846
Carter, Elisha Davis, Elizabeth 5/15/1841
Carter, Reese Hunnel, Susan 1/28/1847
Carter, Smyth Sanders, Polly 5/21/1850
Carter, Solomon Baber, Lucy 8/28/1843
Carter, William R. Parson, Rachel 8/25/1836
Cassel, Joseph Cormany, Christena 11/7/1842
Cassel, William Hubble, Mariah 2/28/1842
Cassell, Jacob Kinser, Catherine 5/10/1848
Cecil, John G. Mitchell, Malinda S. 2/25/1840
Chapman, Andrew Reynolds, Catherine 11/30/1837
Chapman, James Mize, Eleanor 11/4/1840
Chapman, Joseph Phipps, Sarah 3/10/1848
Chapman, William Caldwell, Matilda 3/2/1842
Chapman, William Calwell, Matilda 3/17/1841
Chienholl, WIlliam C. Blackenbeckler, Rosanna 10/12/1839
Clair, John Walker, Mary 6/1/1832
Clear, Henry Blackwell, Sarah 10/13/1832
Clear, William Asbury, Hannah H. 8/9/1845
Clemonds, Joseph H. McReynolds, Mary A. 8/4/1848
Cole, David Hubble, Martha E. 2/28/1846
Cole, David Quisenberry, Jane 1/23/1843
Cole, Francis M. Roberts, Marjory J. 10/14/1850
Cole, James James, Elizabeth 11/7/1836
Cole, James, Jr. Tilson, Polly Ann 2/18/1845
Cole, Josiah B. Brown, Sarah 5/27/1845
Cole, Samson Cole, Eliza 1/26/1836
Cole, Sapron Cole, Elizabeth 6/26/1836
Cole, William F. Crabtree, Elizabeth 6/26/1836
Collins, James Dungan, Malinda 6/10/1833
Collop, Jacob Johnston, Margaret 2/10/1841
Conwell, Alexander Mead, Susan 5/27/1841
Cooper, William E. Totten, Druscilla 5/4/1847
Copenhaver, Abraham Crigger, Elizabeth 2/12/1835
Copenhaver, David Anderson, Jane 6/29/1832
Copenhaver, Jacob Dean, Mary 4/10/1834
Copenhaver, John Brown, Mary 11/5/1842
Copenhaver, Samuel Tilson, Eliza Ann 3/21/1837
Copenhaver, Thomas Tilson, Rachel 10/28/1833
Cormany, Michael, Jr. Hutton, Sarah A. 10/25/1850
Cove, Francis M. Turner, Sarah A. 10/25/1850
Cowden, Calvin Snavely, Polly 6/7/1836
Cowden, John Wolf, Ruhanna J. 8/20/1844
Cox, Andrew H. Umbarger, Mary 2/3/1835
Cox, Calvin Kincannon, Keturah 12/20/1836
Cox, James Harley, Louisa T. 9/5/1840
Cox, Nash L. Sexton, Hannah E. 12/9/1848
Crabtree, Charles S. Grimes, Margaret 1/10/1844
Crabtree, Gabriel Joplin, Sarah 12/6/1839
Crabtree, James Henegar, Elizabeth 4/27/1839
Crabtree, James B. Young, Levica 8/30/1832
Crabtree, Reese H. Cowden, Catherine 9/17/1849
Crabtree, Ruben Reynolds, Sarah 4/1/1839
Crabtree, Solomon Toplin, Malinda 10/20/1836
Crenshaw, George S. Buchanan, Margaret 3/21/1844
Crewy, Charles Indman, Elizabeth 9/19/1850
Crewy, Hamilton Wood, Harriet 10/23/1850
Crewy, William Bise, Eliza 12/12/1837
Crighead, John Martin, Jane 2/10/1850
Crisenbury, Willoby Handy, Elizabeth 9/18/1834
Crockett, John S. Taylor, Margaret B. 3/19/1833
Crothers, Henry Love, Elizabeth 9/6/1841
Crow, Jefferson Comer, Mary Ann 2/17/1844
Crow, William Musser, Jemima 10/14/1845
Cullop, Frederick Henderlite, Juliann 12/3/1833
Cumming, James Brown, Mariah 5/21/1844
Currin, Allen Minton, Vince 12/25/1832
Currin, Hugh Deatherage, Ruth 3/17/1847
Currin, James Blessing, Nancy Ann 2/12/1843
Currin, John Snyder, Elizabeth 5/12/1840
Dailey, Hiram Pruner, Sara A. 11/10/1846
Dailey, James C. Newland, Susannah W. 9/25/1846
Dale, Green P. Cregar, Swisey 8/31/1833
Davenport, Juluia T. Wassum, Sarah 7/20/1847
Davice, Noah Betts, Mahaly 8/23/1832
Davis, Addison Schoolfield, Lucy M. 4/18/1833
Davis, Harold P. Snavely, Ann 1/16/1834
Davis, Henry Hooser, Eleanor 2/0/1846
Davis, James Gullion, Rutha A. 9/29/1849
Davis, Thomas J. Humes, Elizabeth 10/25/1832
Davis, William Crouse, Susan 9/7/1842
Davis, William Copenbarger, Catherine 9/15/1836
Davis, William, Jr. Keen, Ann 4/9/1844
Dean, Gideon Bishop, Hannah 12/8/1838
Dean, Henry Anderson, Susan 9/8/1836
Dean, William, Jr. Wolf, Catherine 4/8/1845
Deatherage, William Pickle, Elizabeth 7/10/1832
DeBoard, James Booth, nancy 9/20/1838
DeBoard, Reuben Roland, Demy 7/5/1850
DeBord, Harvey Herron, Mary 12/18/1841
DeBord, John Herrin, Jemima 12/22/1845
Debusk, John G. Pickle, Rachel 12/20/1847
Debusk, Samuel McClure, Dorcas 2/10/1845
Deckard, Joseph Wampler, Mary 7/25/1842
Denniston, Leander Quinley, Mary 3/25/1834
Denniston, Philip Justin, Sara 2/2/1846
Denniston, Samuel Barlow, Nancy Ann 11/27/1846
Denton, Jame Fletcher, Nancy 8/9/1832
Dickerson, Absolom Crese, Eleanor 9/14/1841
Dills, Robert Newland, Amanda 1/21/1846
Dinkins, S. Gilpin, Nancy 9/12/1833
Doak, James R. Haller, Mary S. 12/10/1844
Dousson, William Moore, Malvina 11/14/1839
Dungan, Absolom H. Tilson, Anna Eliza 1/25/1842
Dungan, George W. McClure, Ann 10/26/1844
Dungan, James Gollehorn, Sarah 9/17/1833
Dungan, John Farris, Nancy 10/17/1848
Dungan, John H. Hunnel, Julia Ann 9/9/1843
Dungan, Thomas W. Faris, Anna 12/18/1838
Dungan, William P. Jones, Martha E. 11/22/1843
Dyer, Harvey Davis, Eliza M. 9/14/1835
Eads, David Sherwood, Eunice 9/5/1850
Earles, Jesse S. Collop, Ann 1/5/1846
Earls, Lemuel Snider, Barbara 12/30/1837
Earls, Lemuel Snider, Barbara 1/4/1848
Earls, Thomas L. Jones, Almira B. 3/1/1837
Edmiston, Moses James, Nancy 10/24/1840
Edmondson, William C. Rhea, Susan 8/1/1848
Ellet, William Quinley, Hannah 1/14/1840
Ellis, Samuel Henderson, Margaret 1/19/1842
Faker, Daniel Killinger, Eliza S. 6/25/1840
Falkie, Christian Wolf, Elizabeth 9/7/1836
Farinsworth, John Comer, Catherine 12/27/1845
Farris, Levi Moore, Amanda 11/23/1850
Farris, Mark Dale, Delila 11/28/1833
Felty, Nicholas Taylor, Susannah 9/15/1846
Fleming, Rufus M. Byars, Louisa 9/29/1835
Fletcher, John Davis, Mary Jane 9/30/1837
Fortner, Daniel Foster, Elizabeth 1/15/1846
Fortner, James Robinson, Ellen 8/9/1849
Fox, Abraham Goodman, Elizabeth 8/27/1832
Fox, John Neff, Margaret 3/27/1839
Freeman, Beverely Bishop, Cassander 1/15/1850
Freeman, James H. Bishop, Catherine 8/15/1850
Freeman, Joseph H. Bishop, Jane 9/18/1847
Fudge, Conrad Thompson, Louisa Jane 12/2/1833
Fudge, William Thompson, Elizabeth 1/21/1837
Fuller, William W. Musser, Christina 8/12/1845
Fulton, Creed Taylor, Mary S. 11/24/1836
Gilbert, Felix G. Snavely, Jemima 1/23/1839
Gilbert, James A. Wallace, Jane 3/10/1842
Gill, James Staluss, Elizabeth 1833
Gill, Thomas Robinson, Eleanor 1/25/1842
Gillespie, Robert Gillespie, Patsy 1/3/1848
Gillespie, Thomas R. Kincannon, Nancy 5/19/1840
Gillespie, William H. Newton, Joannah 3/23/1844
Gilpen, James James, Mary 4/8/1832
Gilpin, Uriah Barnes, Malinda 1/11/1845
Gollehon, George Dungan, Mary G. 2/10/1842
Gollehon, James Scott, Margaret A. 9/26/1849
Gollehon, Thomas Dungan, Sara 3/18/1840
Gollehorn, John Bonham, Mariah 12/22/1833
Goodman, Adam Wassum, Margaret 9/2/1834
Goodpasture, A. H. Humphrey, Sarah 11/26/1833
Goolsby, Robert Brown, Susan T. 8/22/1848
Gordon, Kennedy Baler, Polly 10/3/1833
Gose, George Groseclose, Catherine L. 9/16/1846
Grady, Churchwell Rimer, Margaret 5/11/1846
Grantham, William Wassum, Mary A. 11/12/1846
Grayson, Franklin Tate, Nancy Louisa 5/5/1840
Greer, Jess F. Surbur, Sarah 2/19/1848
Greever, Charles R. Senter, Martha J. 7/18/1844
Greever, Hiram A. Scott, Rachel 2/17/1834
Grimes, John Crabtree, Louisa 12/22/1836
Grinstead, William A. Vaught, Rajina 10/7/1834
Groseclose, John H. Ashlin, Lucy Ann 7/15/1847
Grubb, Jackson Engleton, Eliza 8/2/1837
Gullion, John Wolfe, Malinda 8/29/1845
Gullion, William Jones, Mary V. 3/16/1848
Hall, George P. Buchanan, Mary 12/29/1836
Haller, Richard J. Thompson, Susan B. 7/4/1845
Halsey, George W. Cress, Elizabeth 10/10/1839
Hambrick, Jackson Pritchett, Susannah 7/10/1840
Hancock, Louis D. Aker, Elizabeth F. 9/7/1840
Hanes, james Tailor, Esther 9/28/1839
Hankley, C. S. Musser, Catherine 1/6/1844
Hankley, Clayborne Musser, Catherine 2/9/1845
Harley, Basil C. Thompson, Marry Ann 6/4/1833
Harman, Henry Leedy, Catherine 5/31/1849
Harman, James H. Atkins, Jane H. 12/12/1849
Harman, Jezrell Edmiston, Mary 1/16/1845
Harold, Calvin Ashley, Luthena 1/3/1842
Harrell, Byrum Hubble, Sally 6/11/1837
Harris, Henry Chapman, Lucinda 4/16/1834
Harris, James Heninger, Nancy 12/8/1846
Harris, Nathan Cowden, Rachel 4/15/1834
Haten, Richard R. Dove, Catherine 8/24/1846
Hathorn, John Cole, Mary 9/10/1838
Haynes, Willilam Homes, Mary Jane 2/28/1844
Hayter, George Copenbarger, Elizabeth 2/21/1839
Henderlite, Jeremiah Currin, Nancy Ann 9/30/1846
Henegar, George W. Young, Margaret E. 3/31/1845
Henegar, Hiram G. Harris, Caroline B. 9/3/1849
Henegar, John Henegar, Eliza 3/22/1847
Henegar, Samuel Totten, Sarah 2/9/1833
Henegar, Thomas Thomas, Ann 12/28/1837
Henegar, Thomas J. McGhee, Dycy K. 9/26/1843
Henegar, William Ashley, Eliza 9/18/1847
Hentritze, William Nunn, Matilda 10/14/1846
Hester, Thomas Ford, Nancy 2/0/1834
Higginbotham, James G. Scott, Isabelle 3/8/1847
Hill, Thomas Byars, Sarah 9/4/1833
Hoback, Jacob Mimps, Martha 2/26/1834
Hogsden, John Taylor, Susannah 5/31/1842
Hogsden, Thomas Burgess, Eliza 2/12/1842
Hogsden, Thomas Burgess, Eliza 7/6/1841
Holliday, William Crigger, Sally 3/5/1835
Holmes, James Talbot, Elizabeth 12/20/1850
Holmes, Nathan Grogan, Nancy 10/11/1847
Homes, James Chapman, Margaret 4/27/1846
Hoofnagle, Daniel, Jr. Killinger, Emaline 4/7/1838
Hoofnagle, Jacob Killinger, Eliza 4/12/1842
Hooser, Francis M. Brumfield, Saphronia A. H. 1/11/1849
Hopkins, Charles Rowland, Elizabeth 4/6/1847
Hopkins, Charles Sherwood, Abigail 6/5/1832
Hopkins, Charles E. Keesling, Mary A. P. 11/4/1848
Houndshell, Andrew Cregar, Sarah 5/27/1842
Houndshell, Andrew Levina Bryant 12/1/1834
Houndshell, Samuel Surginer, Elizabeth 12/4/1837
Hounshell, Francis Crows, Sarah 5/28/1835
Howell, Paul Bowlen, Elizabeth 12/26/1838
Hubble, Henry Blessing, Freelove A. E. 8/18/1846
Hubble, Justice McClelland, Rachel 12/1/1838
Hubble, Levi Williams, Elizabeth 1/10/1835
Hubble, William McCready, Nancy 11/7/1832
Hubble, William H. McClelland, Elizabeth 11/7/1836
Humphrey, John L. Smith, Lavica A. 8/20/1849
Hunley, George W. Ballard, Polly 5/6/1842
Hunnel, Abraham Prater, Mary Ann 5/14/1849
Hurley, William R. Thompson, Louisa Jane 3/21/1837
Hutsell, Robert Totten, Sally 5/8/1838
Hutton, Abraham Slemp, Mary 2/15/1847
Hutton, David Rice, Sarah 8/24/1840
Hutton, Dixon Wolfe, Elizabeth 1/9/1837
Hutton, Edward Wolfe, Elziabeth 10/17/1833
Hutton, George W. Slemp, Sarah Ann 1/20/1845
Hutton, John Wertham, Polly 11/30/1842
Hutton, Robert Copenhaver, Polly 1/14/1836
Hutton, William Williams, James 12/29/1847
Ingleby, Francis Robinson, Elizabeth 4/6/1842
Ingram, Hiram Richardson, Sarah A. 10/21/1834
Irvin, John Crouse, Sarah A. 9/27/1842
Jacobs, Anderson C. Wheeler, Nancy 8/28/1843
James, Benjamin F. Scott, Mary M. 12/12/1839
James, James Y. Scott, Elizabeth P. 8/8/1840
James, Martin Buchanan, Martha 10/9/1833
James, Thompson Porter, Susan 9/2/1836
Johnson, Andrew Moore, Catherine 7/30/1835
Johnson, Daniel Buchanan, Margaret 8/4/1836
Johnson, james Burgess, Martha 12/1/1840
Johnson, James Davidson, Nancy 9/17/1844
Johnson, James Wolf, Amanda 11/11/1844
Johnson, John H. Williams, Helen 12/2/1836
Johnson, John W. Sander, Eleanor 8/28/1840
Johnson, Marshall H. Dailey, Pamelia R. 9/25/1849
Johnson, Richard L. Wears, Polly 3/14/1837
Johnson, William Phillips, Christena 1832
Johnston, Calvin McVay, Margaret 1/19/1841
Johnston, Daniel Atwell, Eliza J. 5/7/1845
Johnston, John Smith, Lydia 9/11/1843
Johnston, John Snyder, Rachel 12/4/1832
Johnston, Richard Thompson, America C. 8/14/1849
Jones, Andrew M. Jameson, Mary 12/18/1849
Jones, Archibald M. Dailey, Susan C. 1/4/1847
Jones, David James, Frances 11/28/1840
Jones, George W. Pearson, Sarah Ann 5/22/1838
Jones, Nathaniel Hutton, Martha 6/23/1840
Jones, Nathaniel Wolf, Dray Jane 3/9/1846
Jones, William A. Scott, Assenath Ann 9/10/1850
Joplen, Coleman Pritchett, Eliza 6/7/1844
Keesling, David D. Gore, Rosannah 6/21/1845
Kegley, Daniel Helt, Polly E. 5/25/1846
Kegley, David Totten, Mary 7/10/1850
Kegley, John Helt, Sarah A. 12/28/1842
Kelly, Patrick John Duncan, Lucinda 7/2/1850
Kesner, Andrew Bryson, Nancy 12/3/1836
Kesner, Philip Davis, Jane B. 10/13/1845
Keys, Benjamin Dungan, Elizabeth 12/10/1832
Killinger, George W. Sprinkle, Matilda Jane 12/16/1850
Killinger, John Hoofnagle, Mary 7/21/1837
Killinger, Joseph Sprinkle, Naomi S. 4/19/1842
Killinger, Peter Atkins, Minerva 4/23/1833
Killinger, William Fulcher, Sarah Jane 6/20/1849
Kimble, William Deboard, Elizabeth 12/6/1832
Kincannon, Andrew A. Ashlin, Francis E. 12/21/1841
Kincannon, Francis Blessing, Martha 5/23/1836
Kincannon, Francis S. Harmon, Rhoda 1/28/1845
Kinder, Abram Wolf, Rossanna 7/12/1838
Kinder, Daniel Baler, Elizabeth 3/10/1842
Kinder, Jacob Cornwell, Elizabeth 3/18/1839
King, William Porter, Lousia Dorcas 9/17/1839
Kirk, George W. Kincannon, Leah 5/24/1845
Kirk, James Griffiths, Susannah 9/12/1839
Kirk, Ptolmy Nichols, Emily 12/16/1848
Kitts, Joseph Bales, Elizabeth 12/16/1846
Kline, John M. Williams, Martha 5/30/1845
Lambert, James Wolf, Elizabeth 6/13/1844
Lambert, John Worrel, Elizabeth 5/1/1845
Lambert, Joseph Keesling, Catherine 10/21/1843
Lambert, Stephen Doan, Priscilla 3/30/1848
Lamie, John C. Johnson, Mariah 8/12/1844
Lampre, Jacob Wassum, Priscilla 4/3/1832
Lanford, Elijah Farris, Ann 10/7/1850
Langley, James Burgess, Eliza 8/10/1847
Laramon, Andrew McClure, Isabelle 10/26/1833
Lavingham, Jeremiah Gillespie, Jane 10/19/1849
Lawrence, Thomas Dane, Elizabeth 8/2/1844
Leonard, William Sanders, Jane D. 5/9/1844
Lester, John C. Dickerson, Sarah Ann 9/1/1849
Lewis, William Hogston, Ann 9/30/1839
Little, Alexander Browning, Eliza Jane 8/12/1833
Lloyd, William McGhee, Nancy 2/11/1842
Lloyd, Woodson Moore, Sally 4/1/1841
Locke, James A. Kincannon, Malinda 12/11/1841
Long, Daniel Richardson, Elizabeth 11/16/1841
Long, Levi Cress, Catherine 9/27/1838
Losson, George Gusy, Rachel 10/10/1848
Losson, Stephen Losson, Sarah A. 12/23/1848
Louder, James P. McClellan, Sally A. 2/6/1835
Love, Andrew E. Wassum, Sarah E. 11/29/1833
Love, James C. James, Sedelia 2/1/1847
Love, John W. Snavely, Remember Ann 2/16/1847
Love, William Cooper, Elizabeth 5/23/1839
Lunsford, Alexander Holmes, Sally 9/16/1839
Lyon, Jacob Elsey, Elizabeth Ann 10/21/1833
Lyon, John S. Claghorn, Patsy 3/8/1841
Lyon, William James White, Louisa J. B. 10/15/1847
Mantz, Isaac L. Smith, Elizabeth H. 9/20/1849
Marafee, George Henegar, Sarah 1/14/1834
Maties, George W. James, Susannah 3/3/1849
Maxwell, john Bishop, Margaret 10/23/1847
McCarter, Philader Williams, Thursey 12/6/1832
McCarty, Calvin M. Spotts, Mary A. T. 10/8/1838
McCarty, William H. Page, Amelia T. 12/30/1849
McClellan, James Clamonds, Jane R. 2/11/1833
McCloud, James McGrady, Elizabeth 6/27/1840
McClure, Joseph Dubusk, Patience 8/22/1833
McCormick, John W. Stalcup, Harriet 10/5/1848
McCormick, Micajah James, Malitha 6/16/1846
McCready, Chalres Oury, Catherine 8/8/1839
McCready, Charles Love, Jane 12/13/1832
McCready, David Whited, Nancy E. L. 12/18/1849
McCready, John J. Williams, Susannah 10/24/1843
McCready, Thomas Jameson, Susan 12/31/1845
McCready, William Oury, Rhoda 4/16/1839
McCready, William Roberts, Elizabeth S. 4/20/1841
McDonald, Columbus F. Sexton, Charity C. 10/5/1846
McFatridge, Ephraim Myers, Samentha 1/8/1835
McGhee, Anderson Earl, Martha 10/21/1835
McGhee, Joseph C. Porter, Catherine 9/18/1849
McKee, Henry Ogden King, Sally C. 7/3/1845
McKinney, Fleming McCrady, Darem E. 12/25/1833
McMillan, Roebrt Sayers, Mary 1/12/1846
McVay, James Crenshaw, Mary V. 3/27/1843
Meadows, Joel Brown, Elizabeth 4/2/1833
Medley, Nathaniel Pierce, Lydia 3/5/1846
Meek, Steven Tilson, Lydia 8/16/1842
Miller, Humberron Snavely, Catherine E. 6/24/1841
Miller, John Campbell, Cynthia 9/30/1841
Miller, John Trigg, Elizabeth F. 1/17/1833
Moffett, Abram G. Davis, Sarah Ann 1/28/1841
Montgomery, Isaac Rainey, Martha Ann 4/20/1839
Montgomery, James Brown, Phoebe H. 11/25/1849
Moore, Asa R. Johnson, Lucinda 1/12/1850
Moore, Charles Smith, Mary T. 10/26/1844
Moore, Lawrence P. Myers, Margaret 7/11/1844
Moorehead, James T. Shannon, Sally 12/12/1848
Mosely, Thomas Boss, Malinda 7/30/1838
Mountain, James Sesser, Easther 5/16/1842
Musick, Fleenor Crabtree, Mary 6/20/1843
Musser, Daniel Cates, Emaline 4/3/1843
Musser, Peter Kegley, Elizabeth 4/9/1846
Musser, Rufus Helt, Elizabeth 3/24/1842
Myers, Solomon O'Bryan, Minnie 7/7/1840
Necessary, Wesley Chiddix, Anna 8/15/1835
Neff, Abraham Goodman, Catherine 3/16/1842
Neff, Addison Wynor, Frances Ann 5/10/1850
Neff, Daniel Scott, Amanda Jane 6/20/1843
Neff, Jacob Copenhaver, Mary 10/30/1843
Neff, James Currin, Elizabeth 7/28/1849
Neff, Joseph Killinger, Nancy C. 12/18/1849
Neikirk, George W. Bishop, Louisa Jane 7/2/1845
Nelson, James W. Whisman, Elizabeth 12/22/1846
Nelson, John T. Williams, Catherine 12/15/1848
Nelson, William C. Neikirk, Mary Ann S. 4/29/1846
Newton, Wiley K. Coley, Phoeba 10/23/1850
Nickels, Mathis Robinson, Mary 3/17/1836
Nieghbors, Andrew Jackson Crouse, Nancy 9/12/1839
Nipper, William Whited, Rhoda 7/8/1833
Norris, Joel Griffiths, Mary 9/6/1841
O'Bryan, John Edwards, Mary 10/9/1839
Oury, Robert C. G. Blessing, Susannah C. 11/11/1848
Overbay, Howard Kirkland, Martha 9/10/1845
Palmer, David F. Thomas, Martha Jane 5/19/1841
Parks, William C. Porter, Louisa F. 4/22/1845
Paston, William Johnston, Louisa 9/3/1841
Patrick, Harvey G. Kincannon, Ludema 7/7/1841
Patrick, Henry S. Young, Dorcas 12/29/1836
Patrick, Hezekiah Denniston, Rachel S. 8/30/1843
Patrick, Thomas M. Patrick, Celia 8/29/1846
Patterson, Benjamin Sanders, Sarah Ann 9/15/1835
Patterson, Sampson Cole, Harriet 12/5/1839
Paxton, Arthur W. Fulcher, Jane 8/2/1842
Paxton, Isaiah Fulcher, nancy 9/11/1843
Peck, John Crouse, Catherine 4/6/1847
Peck, John Doan, Polly 1/22/1839
Peck, John D. Rowland, Catherine 4/6/1847
Petts, John F. Carter, Louisa 11/28/1847
Phelps, George H. Sexton, Julian P. 2/13/1834
Phillips, John Collup, Elizabeth 4/21/1836
Phillips, Samuel Thomas, Nancy 10/20/1843
Phillips, William Thomas, Martha 1/10/1842
Phipps, Hiram Wheeler, Catherine 10/20/1834
Pickle, John Pickle, Catherine 12/5/1842
Pickle, Peter Goodman, Christena 11/14/1850
Pickle, Phillip Aker, Ann 1/1/1835
Pickle, Thomas Sinock, Sarah 2/3/1833
Pierce, Alexander Shupe, Mary Ann 6/21/1836
Pierce, David Ellis, Matilda 3/21/1844
Pierce, Rufus K. Scott, Eliza Ann 2/19/1850
Porter, Isaac Miller, Jane 4/28/1836
Porter, Robert Williams, Eliza P. 11/21/1833
Porterfield, James C. Davis, Eleanor H. 8/21/1849
Powers, Noah Sipple, Permelia 1/31/1847
Prater, Fountain Wolfe, Mary E. 10/24/1849
Prater, Thomas H. Copenhaver, Rebecca 8/22/1839
Prater, William Wortham, Martha A. 12/10/1845
Pratt, Henry Johnson, Julia Ann 9/10/1841
Pratt, Isaac T. Pritchett, Nancy 4/3/1850
Pritchett, James Fulcher, Mary Ann 9/18/1836
Pritchett, Napoleon B. McIntire, Elizabeth 12/21/1850
Pritchett, William D. Fulcher, Barbary 9/22/1849
Pruner, William D. McGhee, Mary Elizabeth 8/14/1843
Pruner, William G. Dailey, Rebecca J. 1/20/1848
Pugh, David James, Frances 11/28/1840
Pugh, Franklin Shupe, Elizabeth 7/18/1833
Pugh, George W. Kirk, Martha 7/28/1834
Pugh, Lee Ellen James, Nancy 3/11/1841
Quisenberry, William Anderson, Frances J. 11/11/1845
Randals, Benjamin Dean, Frances 10/10/1840
Ratcliff, Weyman Leedy, Polly 6/17/1850
Rector, James Edwards, Rachel F. 4/18/1844
Rector, William Goodpasture, Margaret B. 5/19/1842
Reedy, David James, Sarah Ann 11/1/1838
Reedy, George Farris, Sarah J. 5/9/1844
Reese, Joseph C. Young, Eliza 6/14/1849
Repass, Elias Tilson, Eunce S. 4/3/1850
Rice, Lewelen McGhee, Sarah T. 11/28/1832
Richardson, Evan D. McDonald, Catherine 7/3/1843
Richardson, James Mullins, Sarah 9/16/1845
Richardson, Thomas J. Atkins, Susannah 11/16/1847
Ridings, Matin Crawford, Malissy 7/24/1849
Rigsbee, Thomas Baber, Mary 1/25/1845
Roark, Hiram McCord, Margaret 4/9/1836
Roark, James Bridgeman, Sophia 8/15/1849
Roberts, James J. McCready, Anna 6/20/1837
Roberts, John W. McCready, Martha 4/23/1847
Roberts, Oswald C. Scott, Elizabeth 3/6/1837
Roberts, Wiilliam C. Shumaker, Jane C. 11/22/1848
Roberts, William C. Jameson, Nancy 8/13/1845
Robinson, George W. Hopkins, Elizabeth 12/3/1835
Robinson, Samuel Wolfe, Mahala 4/3/1843
Robison, Nathaniel Sipes, Mary 10/10/1848
Robison, William E. Sutton, Rebecca J. 2/7/1848
Rogers, John C. Sexton, Nancy J. 1/8/1848
Roland, Thomas Newman, Margaret 5/21/1847
Rolland, William Sutton, Susannah 2/27/1833
Rouse, Andrew Bishop, Rhoda 12/14/1841
Rouse, John M. Welch, Elizabeth 12/23/1843
Sanders, Robert St. John, Susannah P. 5/11/1844
Sanders, Thomas G. O'Bryant, Mary Ann 9/22/1850
Sanders, William B. Swingle, Susanna B. 4/3/1832
Sanders, William G. Hutton, June H. 11/2/1841
Sandford, James H. Byars, Ellen 11/9/1846
Scall, John Miller, Polly Ann 5/28/1842
Scott, Andrew P. Williams, Malvina 2/28/1839
Scott, Edward A. Davis, Mary Jane 5/18/1843
Scott, George W. Cox, Susanna S. 8/22/1833
Scott, George W. Wampler, Christine 7/12/1843
Scott, Harold S. Snavely, Mary N. 2/1/1844
Scott, Hugh Roark, Mary C. 7/3/1843
Scott, James C. Williams, Elizabeth 11/8/1849
Scott, James M. Scott, Sara Elizabeth 11/17/1846
Scott, Larkin R. Watson, Sarah 1/5/1833
Scott, Robert H. McFatridge, Susan 6/8/1841
Scott, Stephen H. Campbell, Elizabeth H. M. 6/6/1845
Seabolt, Jacob Thomas, Sarah 7/13/1850
Seabolt, John Vaught, Malinda E. 1/28/1842
Seabolt, Wayman Gillispie, Margaret 1/24/1843
Seaver, William C. Pruner, Elizabeth A. 6/24/1845
Seay, William F. Seay, Rebecca 1/8/1834
Seeper, John D. Rouse, Sallie 3/17/1847
Sells, Daniel B. Bryant, Sarah 8/30/1841
Sells, George Silcox, Martha 6/21/1832
Senter, James Gandey, Elizabeth Caroline 4/12/1841
Senter, William Rector, Sarah B. 11/3/1847
Settle, Henry P. Silcox, Jane 5/27/1841
Sexton, James B. Kinder, Sophia 9/29/1849
Sexton, John G. McDonald, Sarah 2/16/1836
Sexton, Thomas K. Thomas, Freelove E. 12/15/1847
Sexton, Zadock Harris, Susan 3/24/1840
Shannon, Charles J. McDonald, Elizabeth B. 11/19/1839
Shannon, Francis M. Buchanan, Helen 4/17/1849
Shannon, James G. Hays, Sophia S. 2/19/1835
Shaver, Stephen Kincannon, Elizabeth 8/3/1846
Shelton, John H. Herron, Catherine 12/23/1840
Shelton, Joseph Surbur, Ruth 10/11/1844
Shepherd, Harvey Scott, Matilda G. 1/1/1839
Shepherd, Hugh H. Hickman, Frances Ann 8/17/1849
Sherritt, John W. Roark, Martha Ann 7/19/1843
Sherwood, Adiah, Jr. Dean, Nancy A. 10/26/1849
Sherwood, Joseph Bishop, Orpha 7/21/1841
Sherwood, Micajah Robison, Julia F. 4/18/1833
Shores, Francis H. Musser, Eliza Jane 8/26/1837
Simon, Jesse Mayes, Kisiah 11/24/1839
Slade, Hawson Phipps, Eliza 12/25/1832
Slemp, Jacob H. Porter, Margaret Jane 8/1/1843
Slemp, Rufus K. Williams, Sally J. 6/1/1844
Smith, Abraham Lintecum, Sarah 4/27/1844
Smith, Eli Anderson, Sarah 9/13/1833
Smith, Francis Galliher, Elizabeth D. 6/3/1843
Smith, Green Allen, Elizabeth 5/3/1838
Smith, John Snavely, Eve E. 5/24/1845
Smith, John W. Neff, Catherine 5/10/1832
Snavely, Abraham Deatherage, Elizabeth 7/6/1832
Snavely, Adam Kirk, Anna 10/3/1848
Snavely, Elias G. Thomas, Remimber A. 8/11/1844
Snavely, Joseph Williams, Susannah 7/14/1836
Snavely, Peter Leedy, Mahaly 5/20/1837
Snavely, Philip T. C. Musser, Nancy A. 5/24/1850
Snavely, Thomas J. Aker, Eva Jane 1/20/1842
Snavely, William Killinger, Elizabeth 12/12/1839
Snider, Abram Musser, Margaret 2/5/1840
Snider, John Wassum, Elizabeth 1/19/1847
Snider, Phillip Johnston, Remember Ann 1/2/1839
Snider, William B. Earls, America 6/17/1847
Snodgrass, Joseph R. Thompson, Susan P. 1/9/1833
South, John Dickenson, Mary 12/12/1850
South, Tilman Stalcup, Rachel 8/23/1841
Spotts, Chapman A. Scott, Mary F. 10/25/1832
Spratt, Thomas H. McDaniels, Amanda S. 2/28/1848
Spratt, William P. Davis, Elizabeth 12/30/1844
Sprinkle, A. P. Copenhaver, C. 1/6/1846
Sprinkle, George W. Fulcher, Emaline D. 1/9/1849
Sprinkle, Henry E. Collup, Nancy 12/12/1838
Sprinkle, Jesse H. Wampler, Sally 9/14/1848
Sprinkle, Sylvester D. Killinger, Emaline 3/18/1845
Sprinkle, William E. Richardson, Jane S. 4/11/1842
St. John, John Blankenbeckler, Elizabeth 5/4/1846
St. John, William Tilson, Rachel Jane 10/1/1849
Stafford, Edward Buchanan, Minerva J. 8/27/1842
Stafford, Immanuel Wolf, Anna 9/18/1844
Stafford, John E. Buchanan, Susan 12/11/1841
Staley, David Hubble, Margaret 5/7/1846
Staley, Francis P. Aker, Jane M. 5/16/1833
Stallard, Joseph Forester, Mary Ann 12/1/1843
Starrett, John P. Campbell, Sarah N. B. 9/20/1844
Steen, Joseph Packs, Nancy 6/9/1837
Steffey, George Byars, Kasander A. 10/6/1845
Steffey, John Shaver, Polly 8/15/1836
Stephenson, Arthur L. G. Senter, Rebecca 1/13/1849
Stephenson, Joseph H. Anderson, Martha M. 12/24/1849
Stone, James M. Anderson, Sarah F. 9/21/1835
Stuart, William DeBord, Susannah 10/18/1843
Stump, Christopher Scott, Sarah B. 11/14/1843
Sturdivant, Thomas Sandford, Caroline 10/23/1850
Sturgess, William Green, Ann 2/26/1850
Suit, Pleasant Akers, Mary 9/7/1843
Swingle, Michael M. McFatridge, Mary 5/31/1834
Talbert, Boswell Pratt, Elizabeth C. 7/2/1839
Talbot, Charles Holt, Catherine 3/21/1840
Tate, Leonidas H. Bradley, Mary Caroline 7/29/1839
Tate, Stephen F. Bryson, Susan B. 8/1/1848
Taylor, John W. Tate, Mary J. S. 5/16/1840
Taylor, Michael S. Patrick, Nancy 1/14/1845
Taylor, Robert Golding, Catherine 7/29/1846
Taylor, Samuel Dameron, Cynthia A. 3/10/1848
Taylor, Stephen Patrick, Millia 9/15/1836
Thomas, Abijah Scott, Priscilla C. 6/2/1836
Thomas, Adam Stallcup, Margaret 8/4/1842
Thomas, Andrew Caldwell, Mahala 7/2/1839
Thomas, David M. Tilson, Eunice 5/8/1844
Thomas, James Bonham, Rachel 8/3/1848
Thomas, James Barlow, Sarah 10/24/1833
Thompson, Henry Harris, Margaret J. 11/12/1845
Thompson, Rees B. Morgan, Susannah 6/8/1841
Thompson, Robert Crow, Jane 1/21/1836
Thompson, Thomas G. Buchanan, Martha A. 7/20/1841
Thompson, William Harmon, Nancy 3/17/1845
Thompson, William Overbay, Sally 9/11/1848
Thorn, James R. Scates, Sarah Ann 1/19/1846
Thurman, John G. Townsend, Catherine M. 6/8/1843
Thurman, John G. Thompson, Amanda 5/4/1841
Thurman, Robert Canaway, Priscilla C. 9/6/1837
Tilley, James Winn, Mariah 11/24/1834
Tilson, David Cole, Elizabeth 1/20/1833
Tilson, David Wassum, Crecy 5/28/1849
Tilson, Jacob R. Miles, Susan 12/5/1839
Tilson, James Gollehorn, Eliza 2/10/1834
Tilson, Peleg Mizle, Polly 5/26/1832
Totten, Alex Harris, Susannah 7/13/1846
Totten, Samuel Catrow, Catherine Jane 5/22/1846
Townsend, John M. Nelson, Frances 8/2/1847
Trubb, William West, Rosanna 1/8/1834
Tuell, James H. Riddle, Nancy E. 9/18/1847
Turley, Allen Young, Jemima 1/20/1849
Turner, George Edwards, Sarah A. 2/14/1849
Turner, William Hall, Phebe 10/19/1848
Tutor, Benjamin Stalcup, Jane 12/29/1848
Umbarger, Michael Keesling, Mary 11/21/1842
Ustick, Charles Carson, Susan Elizabeth 1/2/1836
Vance, Samuel McFatridge, Sara M. 2/24/1846
Vaught, John Kirk, Mary 2/2/1839
Waddle, Daniel Harmon, Margaret 2/24/1840
Walker, Daniel Gilpin, Elizabeth 8/16/1836
Walker, James Cregar, Hannah 8/3/1841
Wall, Burwell Suit, Nancy 11/29/1832
Wall, Stephen Grossclose, Sarah 1845
Walls, Washington Blankenbeckler, Malinda 4/11/1845
Wampler, John Grogan, Catherine 4/1/1844
Wampler, William C. Cates, Sarah 11/21/1837
Ward, Alexander Buchanan, Polly Brandon 4/1/1833
Ward, Archibald T. Hubble, Waitstill 8/6/1849
Ward, William W. McDonlad, Nancy 4/25/1843
Warden, William Collins, Ann 5/14/1833
Warren, Elijah Smallwood, Susannah 3/18/1841
Wassum, David Neff, Susan 9/21/1847
Wassum, Harry Helt, Christena 6/13/1840
Wassum, Nicholas Myers, Mary Ann 4/25/1847
Wathan, Richard Abbott, Mary Eliza 5/20/1840
Watson, Matthew P. Pearson, Adaline O. W. 7/1/1845
Weddington, Henry Smith, Mary Jane Sue 9/22/1847
West, Peter Buchanan, Martha 10/6/1837
Wheeler, James Miles, Nancy 3/3/1839
Wheeler, John Bishop, Mary 2/3/1849
Wheeler, Nathaniel Jacobs, Mary Ann 8/4/1840
Wheeler, Stephen Wheeler, Susannah 12/30/1841
Whisman, Abram Shupe, Catherine 8/25/1837
Whisman, Jacob R. Shupe, Alpha 8/21/1844
Whitaker, Calvin Helt, Phebe 3/30/1843
Whitaker, James Johnson, Elizabeth 2/24/1843
Whitaker, James S. Petts, Nancy 2/27/1843
Whitaker, John Fulcher, Martha 9/26/1849
White, John A. Atkins, Elizabeth W. 2/25/1834
White, Newton Gillespie, Sarah Ann 7/13/1850
Whitely, Samuel Brown, Rebecca A. 6/14/1849
Whitely, William J. Doan, Mary Jane 5/4/1848
Whitsell, Martin L. Totten, Amanda 7/4/1844
Whitteaker, James McReynolds, Nancy 12/15/1832
Whitten, Ezra C. Buchanan, Rosanna T. 7/10/1848
Whitten, James S. McCall, Francis J. 5/2/1846
Whitten, John T. Thomson, Caroline V. 7/18/1842
Wilbourn, Isaac J. Call, Mahala 1/11/1841
Wiley, John Ustick, Sarah 10/9/1833
Williams, Alfred C. Hooser, Sarah Ann 9/26/1837
Williams, Andrew Joplin, Rebecca 1/26/1836
Williams, Evan Bates, Eliza 1/24/1837
Williams, George F. Wassum, Barbara 9/25/1834
Williams, Granvill H. James, Salah 1/30/1841
Williams, Harvey N. Jones, Christina 9/25/1850
Williams, Hugh Halsey, Jane 9/5/1837
Williams, Jenkin Buchanan, Ann P. 10/8/1846
Williams, Joseph L. McGhee, Susannah P. 11/29/1849
Williams, Lilbun J. Blankenbeckler, Elizabeth 1/23/1849
Williams, Madison Scott, Thursey G. 10/14/1836
Williams, Rufus K. Thomas, Elizabeth J. 12/2/1837
Williams, William Richardson, Rutha 12/29/1847
Williams, William H. Lyon, Ann S. 1/7/1833
Wilmore, James C. Myers, Savina Jane 2/3/1843
Wilson, David Grimes, Drucilla 10/29/1832
Wilson, Thomas M. Totten, Druscilla 12/22/1840
Wilson, William Crutchfield, Susan 12/7/1849
Wilson, William A. Williams, Margaret 7/16/1833
Wilson, William D. Williams, Susan 9/15/1849
Winniford, William R. Hutton, Easter 7/26/1846
Wise, James Dalton, Jane 10/28/1850
Wolf, David Wolf, Aspelina 5/5/1840
Wolf, George W. Moore, Millie 12/16/1846
Wolf, Isaac Hoofnagle, Julia Ann 1/1/1844
Wolf, Israel Copenhaver, Sarah 5/28/1832
Wolf, Jacob Umberger, Lydia 1/8/1848
Wolf, Josiah Johnson, Elizabeth 9/22/1840
Wolf, Roland Goodpasture, Elizabeth 9/20/1848
Wolf, Silas Farris, Elizabeth 8/14/1844
Wolf, Simon Snider, Jane 4/26/1838
Wolf, Solomon Cowden, Polly 10/13/1834
Wolfe, Jacob A. Byars, Adaline 10/15/1847
Wolfe, James D. Green, Mary Ann 9/1/1845
Wolfe, Michael Rowans, Nancy 5/12/1848
Wolfe, Wayson Goodman, Rachel 6/22/1841
Wood, Burges Hale, Matilda 9/19/1848
Wood, Samuel Patrick, Sarah 8/12/1846
Worrel, William Shinault, Mina 6/27/1844
Wright, Calvin R. McClellan, Mary 10/15/1849
Wyatt, Aaron Faddis, Sally Jane 2/21/1843
Wyatt, Chambers Smith, Mary 12/0/1843
Wyne, Martin Moore, Carin Ann 12/5/1833
Young, Absolom Shepherd, Matilda 4/21/1836
Young, John Patrick, Mary 10/20/1835
Young, Lewis Patrick, Leveniah 1/16/1843
Young, Nathan T. Chiddex, Elizabeth 9/5/1840
Young, Pleasant S. Graham, Catherine C. 12/19/1843