1838 Smyth County, Virginia Free Persons of Color Personal Property Tax List

Government Tax File

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The 1838 Smyth County, Virginia Free Persons of Color Personal Property Tax List

Transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver, July 2, 1998

The table below lists the free persons of color property tax payers of Smyth County in 1838. A list of the white property tax payers is at 1838 Smyth County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List

1838 Smyth County, Virginia Free Persons of Color Personal Property Tax List
Name Race Age Residence Tax
Davis, Jesse B 30 Marion
Jackson, John M 66 Rye Vallley
Guinn, Anne M 32 Rich Valley
Guinn, Sally M 15 Rich Valley
Guinn, Polly M 12 Rich Valley
Guinn, Viney M 10 Rich Valley
Guinn, Fanny M 5 Rich Va
Guinn, William M 2 Rich Va
Smyth, Lusinda B 16 South Fork
Scott, Nancy H. B 31 Cripple Creek
George B 17 Cripple Creek
Listina B 15 Cripple Creek
Preston B 13 Cripple Creek
Jefferson B 18 John Dutton
Stuart, Calvin B 21 Jas. Hubard
Stuart, Thoams B 15 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Michael B 11 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Hannah B 41 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Elizabeth B 18 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Lousia B 11 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Lusinda B 9 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Poley M 20 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Salley B 2 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Nancy B 40 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Elizabeth B 16 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Catherine B 8 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Cassie B 7 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Preston B 4 Cripple Creek
Stuart, Samuel B 9 Cripple Creek
Thompson B 17 Cripple Creek
Estte, Peter M 19
Davis, Tabitha M 28
Jain, Nancy B 12
Lusinda M 9
Jefferson, Duet M 8
Henderson, William M 6
Morgan, Calvin M 3
Crockett, John M 1
Poston, Richard B 55
Thornton B 35
Broody, Charles B 42
Broody, Fanny M 26
Broody, Sarah Ann M 11
Broody, John M 10
Broody, Charles H. M 8
Broody, Anilza M 7
Broody, Darthula M 3
Broody, Duncan M 1
Broody, Henry M 36
Broody, Patsey M 26
Broody, Mary E. M 6
Broody, Ann Madar M 4
Broody, Caroline M 3
Broody, John C M 1
Broody, John Sr. B 75
Broody, Milly M 60
Broody, Darcus B 14
Broody, Elizabeth M 38
Broody, Sally M 35
Broody, Nancy M 25
Broody, Susanna M 27
Broody, Catharine M 24
Brunch, Aggy M 29
Bunch, Miley C. M 1
Bunch, Hutsan M 1
Broody, Isaac B 22
Broody, Louisa J. M 13
Broody, James Munson M 7
Broody, John M 7
Bray, Alexander M 2
Cassel, Mary Jane M 3
Brodddy, Sarah E. M 6
Brody, Fanny Jane M 3
Gess, Elizabeth M 39
Gess, Sarah Ann M 17
Gess, Elizabeth M 11
Gess, William M 8
Gess, Aggy M 7
Gess, Morris M 3
Estte, Isaac B 28
Estte, Peter B 30
Broddy, William M 48
Logan, Joseph M 40
Fleming, Thornton B 32
Fleming, Susannah M 28
Fleming, Martha M 5
Fleming, Louisa Jane M 3
Jackson, Anderson M 33
Jackson, Jane M 30
Jackson, Peggy M 15
Jackson, Fanny Jane M 11
Jackson, William M 8
Jackson, Alexander M 7
Jackson, Sarah Ann M 2
Lunce, Samuel B 56
Lunce, James M 52
Lunce, Moses L. M 18
Dow, Lounzo B 33
James B 18
Viney B 16
Smyth, Jane B 48
Swain, Jane B 75
Swain, Nancy M 27
Swan, Sophia M 9
Swan, Ambrose B 7
Swan, Mary Jane B 6
Swan, Hanah M 5
Swan, Poley Ann M 3
Swan, Nancy M 1
Swan, Sally Caroline M 1
Beverely, Ambrose M - .16
Dolton, John - -
Jackson, William - -
Jones, Nelly M 35