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Scott Cemetery

Teas, Smyth County, Virginia

The Scott Cemetery is located on the north side of Route 601 at Teas, not far from the Shuler Cemetery along the same stretch of road.

This 6-grave cemetery is well fenced with a cyclone fence, and is well maintained. This cemetery was surveyed by Jeff Weaver and Sadie Stamper Greer on June 23, 2003.

General view of the Scott Cemetery
General view of the Scott Cemetery
Scott Cemetery, Smyth County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
Scott, Charles R. Jun. 26, 1920 Oct. 18, 1988 World War II Veteran
Scott, Thelma Roselle Jun. 15, 1923 Mar. 9, 1954 American Legion Aux.
Row 2
Eller, Earl Montgomery Nov. 29, 1922 Aug. 28, 2000 World War II
Scott, Bessie Leora Mar. 26, 1897 Dec. 28, 1956  
Scott, Charles B. Aug. 6, 1887 July 28, 1962  
Scott, Ruth Mae Jan. 15, 1897 July 5, 1943