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Cemetery Index for Smyth County, Virginia

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order. Family cemeteries are listed based on the surname, given name is used in the cemetery title. Note many cemeteries are known by more than one name.

Cemetery Index for Smyth County, Virginia
Cemetery Graves Year Location
Allison Cemetery [1] 33 1905 South of Surber’s Creek Road, .35 mile east of SSR 633, Saltville
Allison Cemetery [2]    
Anderson, John Sanders Cemetery 4 1891 Nebo
Anderson Cemetery [2] 134 1851 Across the road from the Adwolfe Fire Station
Anderson Cemetery [3] 13 1884 Mitchell Valley
Anderson Cemetery [4] 18 1910 In Mitchell Valley, North of Marion.
Brown Cemetery 8 1879 East of Possum Hollow Road, in North Holston Community.
Cleghorn Baptist Church Cemetery 141 1942 West of Chilhowie; East of Saltville, South of Rt. 107
Cooper Cemetery 6 1870 Near Possum Jaw Creek, north of Nebo; Northwest of the end of Shady Grove Road, near Wythe County line
Copenhaver Cemetery 31 1856 Seven Mile Ford
Cox Cemetery 11 1837 East side of Haven Ridge Road, Nebo area
Cregger Cemetery 21 1862 North of Nebo , South side of VA 42, .14 mil west of Haven Ridge Road
Crouse Cemetery 14 1881 North of Wassum Valley Road, Marion
Davis Cemetery [1] 43 1911 Mill Creek, Chilhowie
Davis Cemetery [2] 12 1835 North of Valley Road, in Nebo Quad
Denton Chapel/Hull Cemetery 11 1849 Near the Cedars, South of Marion. Cemetery moved to Rose Lawn
Ebenezer Church Cemetery 260 1847 On Old Ebenezer Road, west side of Marion
Elizabeth Cemetery 668 ~1830 Located beside Virginia Route 91 in the Corporate limits of the Town of Saltville, Virginia, next door to the local elementary school.
Gollehon Cemetery 27 1879 Near the end of Caspian Lane, east of Chestnut Ridge Road, Seven Mile Ford
Goodman Family Cemetery 18   West side of Old Wilderness Road, Nebo
Goodman Chapel Cemetery 130 1862 South side of VA Rt. 42, Chatham Hill
Greenwood Cemetery 276 1870 Marion
Greever Cemetery 17 1825 NE at the end of Double D Drive in the town of Chilhowie
Grosses Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 159 1913 West side of Grosses Creek road, north of Grosses Creek Baptist Church, South of the town of Chilhowie; access from St. Clair’s Creek Road (Route 600)
Harmon Cemetery 26 1802 South side of Old Rich Valley Road, Nebo
Hays Cemetery [1] 22 1825 End of lane off Sunset River Road, Nebo
Hays Cemetery [2] 2   Wassum Valley
Hester Cemetery 9 1854 Marion
Hubble Cemetery 10 1848 South of Old Rich Valley Road, Nebo
James Cemetery 15   Located in the Sugar Grove Community of Smyth County on Route 601 [Teas Road} between the Sugar Grove Elementary School and the Maple Leaf Park. Sugar Grove.
Kell Cemetery     The cemetery is .4 miles east of the Cleghorn Valley Baptist Church and .1 Miles north of Cleghorn Valley Road on a knoll.
Laurel Cemetery 234 1878 Located a few feet from the intersection of Whitetop Road [Rt. 600] and Crab Apple Lane in the Konnarock Section of Smyth County, Virginia.
Laurel Springs Cemetery 144 1890 East side of Laurel Springs Road, Southwest of Marion
Lowman Valley Church of the Brethren Cemetery     Scratch Gravel, Marion
Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery 249 1955 East side of Rt. 600, St. Clair’s Creek Road, South of Chilhowie
Mays Cemetery 2   Wassum Valley
McClure Cemetery 396 1881 West of St. Clair’s Creek road, south of Chilhowie
Middle Fork Baptist Church Cemetery 507 1847 East side of Apple Valley Road, Tattle Branch, Chilhowie
Mountain View Methodist Church Cemetery 521 1895 Off the St. James Road, South of Chilhowie
Mount Zion Church Cemetery 338   Marion
Phipps Cemetery 52 1887 .11 mile west of Bengal Lane, Seven Mile Ford
Poston Cemetery 1 1972 Walker Mountain
Ridgedale Cemetery     South of Ridgedale Road; Chatham Hill
Riverbend Cemetery 39 1794 North side of Riverside Road, near intersection with Redstone Road; Adwolfe
Riverside Cemetery 402 1891 East of Redstone Road, South of Chilhowie
Robinette Cemetery 9 1834  
Roland Cemetery 55 1884  
Round Hill Cemetery 2334 1857 West side of Cemetery Street, town of Marion
Rowland Creek Cemetery 77 1887 East side of Rowland Creek Lane, Stoney Battery
Saint Clair’s Bottom Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   1775 Exit I-81 at Chilhowie, take Route 762 South, turn left on Route 600 (Old Airport Road) or turn left on Route 660 (Riverside Drive). The church is at the intersection of Routes 600 and 660.
Scott Cemetery 6 Located on the north side of Route 601 at Teas, not far from the Shuler Cemetery along the same stretch of road.
Sheffey Cemetery 25 1843 Marion
South Fork Baptist Church Cemetery 254 1879 North side of South Fork Road, Adwolfe
Spratt Cemetery 9 1853  
Saint James Lutheran Church Cemetery 449 1862  
Sulphur Springs Cemetery 332 1824 East side of Rt. 107, Chilhowie
Sunset Community Cemetery 17 1970 Chatham Hill
Thomas Cemetery 360 1820 East side of Thomas Bridge Road; Thomas Bridge
Tilson Cemetery 12 1838 Nebo
Umbarger Cemetery 6 1841 Laurel Springs
Walkers Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery 107 1900  
Ward, E. B. Cemetery 2 1881 Chatham Hill
Wassum Cemetery   1867 Atkins; South side of U.S. 11, North side of I-81 near Exit 50.
Wassum Valley Church Cemetery 18 1900 Wassum Valley
West Cemetery 259 1865 Thomas Bridge
Westwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery
aka Beattie Cemetery
aka Town House Cemetery
222 1819 West of Rt. 107, Town of Chilhowie
Zion Methodist Church Cemetery 449 1854 Nebo