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“Should All Men Tell the Truth?”

by B. C. WADDELL August 22, 1929

Rev. S.C. BLACKBURN a well known Baptist preacher, Sunday School lecturer and leader of the Baptist of Ashe County, North Carolina, circulated a piece of poetry and I was the subject of this piece. The title of it is, “The Cap On The Bridge.” He took a lot of pains to get this poetry before the public by sending it through the mails and handing it out himself. He also stated to a number of good citizens of Ashe County he could prove Dr. WADDELL hung the cap on the bridge for him. THIS I DID NOT DO.

This occurred about eighteen months ago at Healing Springs Baptist Church. About twelve months ago a large number of the members of this church signed the following statement:
“We have been reliably informed that Rev. S.C. BLACKBURN has been making statements he could prove Dr. WADDELL hung the cap on the bridge for him. We, the undersigned are members of the Healing Springs Baptist Church but we believe this to be a malicious and false accusation as we find no evidence whatsoever that D. WADDELL did this.”

A large number of citizens living near the church signed the same testament who are not members of the Baptist Church. Rev. S.C. BLACKBURN knows all about this charge but he has laid down behind the screen. Now I ask Rev. S.C. BLACKBURN to come out from behind the screen and bring his evidence if he has it. If not to straighten up this accusation before the public as BOLD as he brought it. It is a duty every man owes to himself and his country when an accusation is brought against him to vindicate himself. I bring no charges against any man I cannot substantiate by good citizens of my country.”

Very Truly,