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Senter District Primitive Baptist Association — 1946

Minutes of the Ninety-third Annual Session

Held with the Church of North Fork, Ashe County, North Carolina

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 6, 7, & 8, 1946

Elder Ed Davis, Moderator
G. E. Kilby, Clerk


Friday, September 6, 1946

The Association met pursuant to adjournment of last year, and was called to order by praise and prayer by Eld. C. N. Tilson, a correspondent form the St. Clairs Bottom Ass’n.

The introductory sermon was delivered by Eld. Ed Davis, Text 2nd Titus 2nd chapter and 11th verse.

After a short intermission the messengers assembled in the church house and were called to order by prayer by Elder G. L. Walker, a visitor from the Indian Creek Association.

  1. On motion received and read letters from all our churches and seated the messengers.
  2. On motion, called for petitionary letters. Received none.
  3. On motion, organized the Association by electing Eld. Ed. Davis, Moderator and G. E. Kilby, Clerk.
  4. On motion, called for correspondents from Sister Associations. The following came forward and were seated and aided in council.
    1. From St. Clairs Bottom: None
    2. From The Mountain: Eld. C. B. Kilby
    3. From the Abbott’s Creek: Eld. D. P. Broadway.
    4. From the Roaring River: Eld. E. A. Long and Bros. D. F. Whittington, Fosco Pruitt
    5. From the Upper Mayo: None
    6. From the Fishes River: None
    7. From the Indian Creek: Elds, B. T. Jenkins, and H. P. Slemp.
  5. On motion, called for transient and visiting brethren from sister Associations. The following came forward and were seated:
    1. From the St. Clair’s Bottom: Eld. C. N. Tilson and Bro. J. G. Perry.
    2. From the Mountain: Bro. Bob Gambill
    3. From the Indian Creek: Elds G. L. Walker, L. V. Hatcher, and Bros. Arthur Dickson, Elmer Weaver, L. T. Cochran, J. R. Browning.
    4. From the Abbott’s Creek: Bro. J. W. Williams
    5. From the Roaring River: Eld. C. D. Hall
    6. From the Upper Mayo: None
    7. From the Fishes River: None
  6. On motion, that we seat the corresponding and visiting brethren from Sister Associations.
  7. On motion that the Moderator make all temporary appointments during this session. He appointed to the stand today, Eld. C. D. Hall.
  8. He appointed a committee on the ministry as follows: Bros. Felix Bare, P. T. McNeill and C. N. Davis, together with the messengers of this Church. For Saturday morning, 1st Eld. G. L. Walker, and 2nd Eld. L. V. Hatcher.
  9. Appointed a committee on finance as follows: Bros. W. W. Miller, T. E. Hartzog, and F. T. Miller
  10. Appointed a committee on arrangements as follows: Elder G. D. Roten, Bros. Tom Severt, J. F. Hartzog, Callie Severt, and B. O. Dolinger. Together with the Moderator and Clerk, transient and visiting brethren to be seated with them.
  11. Appointed as follows: Eld. G. D. Roten; Bros. Carl Ball and J. C. McNeil.
  12. On motion that the committee on arrangements sit at Bro. W. W. Miller’s.
  13. On motion, that we adjourn until 9:30 tomorrow morning.

Saturday, September 7, 1946

The Association met pursuant to adjournment of yesterday and was opened with prayer by Elder D. P. Broadway, a correspondent from the Abbott’s Creek Association.

  1. On motion, called on the committee on arrangements to report. Report received and discharged the committee.
  2. On motion, called the roll and erased absentees.
  3. On motion, that we omit reading the constitution and rules of decorum.
  4. On motion, that the correspondents that were appointed to Sister Associations report. Received the report and excused those that failed to go.
  5. Called on the committee that was appoint correspondents to Sister Associations to report. Their report follows:
    1. To the Mountain: Eld. Leo. V. Bagley, and Bros. J. C. McNeil and F. T. Miller
    2. To the Roaring River: Elder G. D. Roten and Bros. T. E. Hartzog, J. C. McNeil, and Callie Severt.
    3. To the Abbott’s Creek: Eld. G. D. Roten and Leo V. Bagley, and Bros. J. C. McNeil and Callie Severt.
    4. To the St. Clair’s Bottom: Eld. Ed Davis and Bros. Carl Ball and C. N. Davis.
    5. To the Indian Creek: Eld. Ed. Davis and Bros. C. N. Davis and J. F. Hartzog.
    6. To the Upper Mayo: Eld. Ed. Davis and Bro. J. C. McNeil
    7. To the Fishes River: Eld. Ed. Davis and Bros. T. E. Hartzog and Tom Severt.
  6. On motion, that we continue to correspond with the New River, Fishes River, Washington, Ebenezer, Ketocton and Powell’s Valley Associations by Minutes.
  7. On motion that we omit printing the Constitution and Rules of Decorum in these Minutes.
  8. On motion, that we appoint the Clerk, Treasurer to superintend the printing of these minutes, to have 1,000 copies printed and distributed as usual.
  9. On motion, that the next association of this Association be held with the Church at Bear Creek, eight miles southeast of Jefferson, N.C. on Highway No. 16 to commence on Friday before the second Sunday in September 1947 and that Eld. G. D. Roten preach the introductory sermon.
  10. On motion, called on the Finance Committee to report. The report is as follows:
    Carried over from last year $4.50
    Rec’d from all our churches $166.20
    Total $170.70
    Allowed the Moderator $10.00
    Allowed the Clerk $10.00
    Allowed for printing Minutes and postage $50.00
    Allowed the Correspondents $100.70
    Total $170.70

    Given at Stand on Sunday for correspondents and visiting Elders by Brethren, Sisters and Friends, $132.50

  11. On motion that we have an obituary of Bro. Alex Miller printed in these minutes.
  12. On motion that the Minute be Received.
  13. On motion that we return thanks to God for His mercy and to the brethren, sisters and kind friends for their kind hospitality during this session and that we adjourn with prayer by Eld. B. T. Jenkins.

Eld. Ed Davis, Moderator
G. E. Kilby, Clerk

Order of Preaching

  1. The introductory sermon was delivered by Eld. Ed Davis, Text 2nd Titus 2nd chapter and 11th verse.
  2. For Friday at Stand, Eld. C. D. Hall, Text, 2nd Timothy 2nd chapter and 2nd verse.
  3. For Friday Night at North Fork: 1st Elder E. A. Long, Text The 69th Psalms of David and 18th verse, 2nd, Eld. C. N. Tilson, Text Psalms 66th chapter and 16th verse.
  4. For Friday night at Beaver Creek: 1st Eld. H. V. Slemp, Text Romans the 9th chapter and 16th verse. 2nd Eld. D. P. Broadway. Text: “Father glorify Thy Son, etc.”
  5. For Saturday: 1st. Elder G. L. Walker. Didn’t get text. 2nd Eld. L. V. Hatcher, Didn’t get text, 3rd Eld. D. P. Broadway, Text: St. John 5th chapter and 25th verse.
  6. For Saturday night at North Fork: 1st. Eld. H. V. Slemp, No special text, 2nd Eld. C. B. Kilby. Text: I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, etc.
  7. For Sunday: 1st Eld. C. N. Tilson, Text John, the 3rd chapter and 16th verse. 2nd Eld. B. T. Jenkins, Text: James the 2nd chapter and 14th verse. 3rd. Eld. C. B. Kilby, Text: The 1st Chronicles, 21st chapter and 13th verse.
  8. The Moderator to close
Ordained Elders and Their Post Office Address
Elder P.O. Address
Eld. Ed. Davis Tuckerdale, N.C.
Eld. G. D. Roten West Jefferson, N.C.
Elder Blair Kilby Rugby, Va.
Eld. Leo V. Bagley Crumpler, N.C.

Distribution of Minutes to Churches
Association # Minutes Clerks Post Office
Senter 85 Rex P. Jones Crumpler, N. C.
Roans Creek 60 F. T. Miller Wagoner, N.C.
Bear Creek 35 S. J. Miller Wagoner, N.C.
Beaver Creek 35 P. T. McNeil West Jefferson, N.C.
River View 30 T. E. Hartzog Idlewild, N.C.
North Fork 65 W. W. Miller Clifton, N.C.
Pond Mountain 85 J. H. Eldreth Tuckerdale, N.C.
Horse Creek 45 Carl Ball Lansing, N.C.
Big Helton 85 W. L. Perry Whitetop, Va.
South Fork 25 Kemper Douglass Crumpler, N.C.

Distribution of Minutes to Sister Associations
Association # Minutes Clerks Post Office
St. Clair’s Bottom 30 Eld. C. R. Dancy Marion, Va., Rt. 1
Mountain 50 J. M. Rector Galax, Va., Rt. 1
Indian Creek 60 J. I. Bowling Beckley, W.Va.
New River 50 Eld. J. S. Harris Willis, Va.
Fishes River 50 G. J. Keys Ararat, N.C.
Washington 40 M. C. Sutherland Haysi, Va.
Ketocton 30 Eld. C. W. Miller Roselyn, Va., Box 86
Ebenezer 20 O. F. Carpenter Brightwood, Va.
Powell’s Valley 30 Dewey Burnette Knoxville, Tenn.
Abbott’s Creek 25 T. R. Freeman Steeds, N.C.
Upper Mayo 25 J. W. Moorfield Winston-Salem, N.C.
Roaring River 20 Fosco Pruitt Laurel Springs, N.C.


Of Alex B. Miller, Idlewild, N.C.

Alex B. Miller was born Dec. 19, 1860, died Feb. 10, 1945, making his stay on earth 84 years 1 month 21 days.

He was married to Elizabeth Miller Dec. 1881, and to this union was born 5 children, 1 boy, Hamp Miller, of Idlewild, N.C., 4 girls, Mrs. Clem Miller, of Obids, N.C.; Mrs. Bazel Bare of Wagoner, N.C.; Miss Maggie Miller of Idlewild, N.C.; and Mrs. O. Hartzog of Concord, Tenn. Later he was married to Mary Ann Whittington in March, 1897, and to this union was born 4 children: Webb Miller of Bristol, Va., Fender Miller of Othello, N.C.; 2 preceded him in death. One brother, W. S. Miller, Concord, N.C.; one sister Mrs. J. F. Hartzog, Idlewild, N.C.; 16 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren.

He joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Beaver Creek in August, 1893 and in 1898 he got a letter of dismission and was one of the constituting members of River View Church. He lived a consistent member until death, always filling his seat as long as he was able to go. He was loved by all who knew him. We feel our loss is his eternal gain.

Statistical Table
Churches Names of Messengers Pastors Membership Contribution
Senter Felix Bare, Harley Blevins, and John Reeves Elders Ed. Davis and G. D. Roten 70 $19.00
Roans Creek F. T. Miller, Tom Severt and Fred Weaver Elder Ed. Davis 54 17.00
Bear Creek Callie Severt and George Severt Elder G. D. Roten 33 5.50
River View T. E. Hartzog, J. F. Hartzog, and Clifford McNeil. G. D. Roten 25 9.00
North Fork Elder G. D. Roten, W. W. Miller and B. C. Miller Elder G. D. Roten 48 36.50
Big Helton G. E. Kilby, B. O. Dolinger Elders Ed Davis and Blair Kilby 78 35.00
Horse Creek Carl Ball, Millard Davis, and Arthur Eldreth Elder G. D. Roten 27 5.00
Pond Mountain Elder Ed Davis, J. H. Eldreth, and C. N. Davis Elder Ed Davis 67 17.50
South Fork Kemper Douglass Elder Leo V. Bagley 3.00
Beaver Creek P. T. McNeil, B. R. Dillard, and Woodrow Burgess Elders Ed Davis, G. D. Roten and Leo V. Bagley 30 18.70

Articles of Faith, Senter District Primitive Baptist Association

  1. We believe in one only true and living God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and these three are One.
  2. We believe that scriptures of the Old and New Testament as translated in the 1611 King James version of the Holy Bible, is the written work of God and the only rule of faith and practice.
  3. We believe in the doctrine of election by grace.
  4. We believe in the doctrine of original sin and in Man’s impotency to recover himself from the fallen state he is in by nature by his own free will or ability.
  5. We believe that sinners are called, converted, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and that all who are thus regenerated and born again by the Spirit of God shall never fall finally away.
  6. We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God only by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.
  7. We believe that baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances of Jesus Christ and that true believers are the only subjects of those ordinances and we believe the only true mode of baptism is by immersion.
  8. We believe in the resurrection of the dead and a general judgment and the joys of the righteous and that the punishment of the wicked will be eternal.
  9. We believe that no minister has the right to administer the ordinances of the gospel except such as are regularly called, and come under the imposition of hands by the presbytery.