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Russell Family of Carroll County, Virginia

Contributed by Judy Alley

Subject: Russell family of Carroll Co Va
Date: early 1940s
source: unknown but probably the Galax Gazette


Claiming a record for living males – five generations – the Russell family of Carroll County is anxious to know if their record can be equaled, or exceeded.

The oldest member of the living Russells is the Rev. W. R. Russell, Woodlawn, who is now 89 years of age. He is a minister of the Christian Church and he has served the churches of Carroll County for the past 50 years, or more. The eldest Mr. Russell is fairly active for one of his age, he takes a great interest in church work and still preaches often. He is also a singer and enjoys both preaching and singing.

The Rev. Russell’s son, the Honorable J. W. Russell, who lives a short distance from Galax, is 69 years of age. He is a farmer, cattle raiser and lumber dealer. He re presented Carroll County on the State Legislature for two terms, ending six years ago, and is very active in all of his business affairs. He is a member of the Galax Christian Church and is active in its affairs also.

C. Elmer Russell, son of J. W. Russell, is an out-and-out farmer. He has a good farm, raises some livestock, and is also farm manager of the Carroll County farms of B. C. Vaughan. He is regarded as one of the best farmers and cattle raisers in this section of the state. His age is 44.

Gleaves Russell, son of C. Elmer Russell, who is 24 years of age, makes his home in Lynchburg where he is connected with the Walgreen Drug Store. He worked on the farm with his father when he was younger, later went to Lynchburg to attend Lynchburg College and while there married and connected with the company by which he is now employed.

Steven Russell, age 2, is the son of Gleaves Russell, and naturally, makes his home with his father and mother in Lynchburg.

Another son of J. W. Russell, H. Gray Russell, is a missionary of the Christian Church and is now serving his fourth term of four years in Africa. He is head of the college of the Christian Church, the Belgian Congo Institute, at Bolengo, Africa. His wife is with him in Africa and they have two daughters in school in the United States. The elder is Eoto, a cadet nurse, while the younger Jeannette, is in college.